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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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morgan has the latest from khartoum. once again i've seen people come out after friday prayers today to protest against president obama and bush years twenty nine year old now they've been chanting slogans like downfall of the regime and they've been calling for change and this has been happening for three weeks now now the government has been condemned for using what has been termed as brutal excessive force on wednesday when people came out to protest the police responded using tear gas and live ammunition three people were killed in the protests and today once again the police used tear gas to try to disperse the crowd but the protesters have been very defiant they say that they will not stop doing street on the streets and told president obama to show your steps down now rights groups have come out and said that at least forty people have been killed since the protests began on december nineteenth the government is disputing that figure and they're saying about twenty two people have been killed while over one hundred eight hundred have been arrested a lot of people have also been missing since the protests began and there are concerns about their safety and well being from relatives and from rights groups they're saying that there are concerns that the government would use torture to try to get these people to back off from protesting again but people have been very
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defiant and they are more protests planned people are saying they won't come out again on sunday and they will be coming out again in the coming thursday to make sure that the president is stance that they want him to step down he said he's not going to try to do that he's going to try to improve the economy and the living standards and try to reduce inflation but people have been saying that they've heard these promises over and over again and for the only solution for them to stop demonstrating is for him to step down elections are coming in twenty twenty and there are concerns that these protests and these demonstrations will continue until elections combat is if it's been if it's possible to hold elections with the demonstrations out on the streets. so i had here on al-jazeera and paying their dues should muslims in germany join jews catholics and protestants in paying the so-called worship tax. class will tell you why iraq is highly fortified green zone is turning blue.
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hello again and welcome back we are across china things are looking much better than they have been over the last few days we're not seeing as much rain on the forecast map actually just really partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions politically down here towards the south and even in vietnam we do expect to see overcast conditions here in hanoi for hong kong though it is going to be a clear day for you with the tempter there about twenty four degrees here on saturday seeing some more clouds coming into your forecast as we go towards sunday over towards taipei twenty one degrees will be your high for show maybe a few showers with a temperature there of about seventeen degrees well here over towards india we are looking quite nice across much of the area maybe some clouds and maybe some higher elevation snow in the forecast there but down towards the south it is sri lanka that it continues to see those rain shows particularly on that southeastern coast for colombo about thirty degrees as your high up towards tonight it is going to be a partly cloudy day with the temperature there about twenty nine degrees and here
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across much of the gulf and into the arabian peninsula feel the clouds here across much of the region we could be seeing some imbedded rain across that area so we watching that very carefully but for doha on saturday it is going to be a cool day for you at twenty two degrees w. will be out of the clouds at twenty three and as we go towards sunday the clouds continue for much of the area with us in temperature of twenty three. online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us. there was a rush of adrenaline would be this is the moment but it. is a dialogue the government has. a protest and instructed police to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice. reasons what's the difference. join the global conversation on how does iraq.
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and the. top stories this hour two thousand u.s. troops withdraw from syria but commanders aren't giving details on all. operations underway three weeks. to pull out. the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential elections plans to appeal the results. more than sixty percent of the votes. another. security forces have used. the crowds at anti-government protests. demonstrations
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calling for president. groups are accusing security forces using excessive force. the u.s. president has threatening to declare a national emergency if democrats continue to refuse funding for his plan to build a wall along the border with mexico. to drum up support for the three weeks shutdown of u.s. government departments continues. for macallan texas. this is one of the places u.s. president donald trump wants to build his border wall mccallan texas the busiest stretch for illegal crossings from mexico into the united states i want to thank everybody trying to make sure all the progs run display like drugs and weapons seized at the border as he met with officials macallan for a photo op designed to convince skeptical americans additional money for his border wall is necessary trying to argue those organizing the illegal crossings are the
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real criminals victimising the migrants they have women tied up they have tape over their mouths electrical tape usually blue tape they call it. powerful stuff not good truck has been criticized for calling the latest influx of migrants into the us a crisis at the border on thursday truck tweeted the speech of president obama also calling the situation a crisis in twenty four teeth as waves of children arrived in the united states we now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the border that only underscores the need to drop the politics and fix our immigration system once and for all it's certainly not impossible to enter the united states illegally especially here in mccalla texas while this fence is very very tall this one right beside it is not if you're physically fit if you can swim across a river through this thick brush scale a four metre concrete wall over the razor wire you're in should be happening in our country that's what trump says he wants to stop but his push for five point seven
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billion from congress to reopen the government and direct to steel border wall has become a dueling narrative for or against the president. along the streets of macallan there were signs of protest but there was plenty of support for the president as well. trump says he still hopes for a deal in congress to pay for his wall but he's not ruling out declaring illegal immigration a national emergency freeing up already approved funds to get what he wants can really help kids al-jazeera mccallan texas. high court judges in mammo have rejected an appeal by two reuters journalists serving seventy prison sentences. convicted of breaking the official secrets act or reporting on all mean massacre overhang giovanna just the reporters say they were framed by police who came from classified documents scott hired the has this update from bangkok. the high court
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in yangon announced that it had rejected this appeal in the afternoon on friday they said that there was not enough evidence that these two gentlemen were innocent so they were saying that the conviction was upheld and also is when it comes to how long they would spend behind bars they were sentenced to seven years back in september there was a possibility with the appeal that that sense could be reduced but the court's on friday the high court in yangon saying that there was a suitable punishment of seven years because of the severity of what this case was about that it threatens to harm national security so these gentlemen for now will stay behind bars according to the high court in yangon for seven years now very soon after the word came out about this on friday the editor in chief of reuters made a statement today's ruling is yet another in justice among many inflicted upon why lone and. they remain behind bars for one reason those in power sought to silence the truth reporting is not
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a crime and until meehan maher writes this terrible wrong the press would mean maher is not free and the inmarsat commitment to rule of law and democracy remains in doubt now for the future what could happen to these two journalists now that their appeal has been rejected the defense can appeal to the supreme court in myanmar's capital neighborhood or there's no indication or word that they will do that yet and then the only other option for them is if unsung suchi the state council or the leader of myanmar issues a pardon but again there's no word if that's going to happen either. using live fire against them because of. a minimum wage was set by the government last year but many says not forced at least one person has been killed and dozens of. time. without. most of the protests last five days by governments and textile
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workers took place in this area. now there are also reports of. abuse we have interviewed many people in this area they said the police raided their home and started beating them up in some cases showed them with shotgun pellets in their legs. they dragged me out of my room first they beat me up. later they made me pull my legs apart and they shot in one of my legs. in another incident we found police shot libel at the home which kind of saved. and severely injured a woman who wasn't even involved in the. protest she is now hospitalized seriously injured in our investigation we found that list of cases like this but people were petrified to talk to us in the camera then narrated that story police along with
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some thugs raided their home and started beating them up mercilessly without questioning. the members of the workers' union the government owners and the government bodies to resolve this crisis but they decided to sit. there failed to result this crisis there could be more protest in coming days this would be the first major challenge for. who took office last week as the fourth time a prime minister of bangladesh. the un special rapporteur for human rights in north korea has described the country as a prison for him sold. confirmed the presence of political prison camps after speaking to north korean defectors he says hundreds of thousands of inmates are held in these facilities and subjected to a continuing past of ill treatment and torture china says it's highly concerned about the dissension of a businessman and poland a polish national and chinese director at the tech giant huawei
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a big accused of spying president says the chinese arrest is linked to his own behavior not his employers us intelligence agencies have alleged that huawei is technologies could be used by the chinese government for espionage germans officially registered as jews that catholics or protestants for decades been required to pay what's called a church or worship tax the money is then given to the relevant faiths now one leading christian democrat politicians as muslims should be brought into the sick range went to free them from the influence of foreign states government came explains. this is the go to mosque in berlin one of the newest and considered by some to be one of the most liberal in germany from the outset the emphasis here has been on inclusion driven by its founder syrian artist her decision to allow men and women to worship here together polarizes opinion now she says she wants the muslim
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community to help itself by agreeing to pay to finance itself. the time for a kind of mosque tax is long overdue the most communities in germany and in europe must become independent from the so called countries of origin and thinking about it gave me the idea of saying communities should finance themselves and that can be done through a kind of mosque attacks and in this way it makes me think of one of the five pillars of islam zach at. but that view is not universally shared among muslims here many believe the suggestion is counterproductive by induction financing in germany the mosques already finance themselves there are a few that used foreign money to build and finance the purchase but that's a handful ninety nine percent are funded by membership fees and donations so if you bring the model of the mosque tax then you once again take the tax from muslims themselves. the idea of taxing religious worship is not new in germany for many
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years the jewish catholic and protestant faiths have accepted some form of levy or tax the person a dental fires as a christian and once their income tax bill has been worked out a further proportion is deducted and given to their chosen faith to disperse as it sees fit in the political sphere the idea of a mosque tax appeals to many christian democrats for two reasons sealant in talk or didn't just in court on the one hand it's so the growing muslim community in germany gets a stronger domestic connection aligns itself with german society i makes a contribution to integration and on the other hand it's so the influence of foreign donors can be resisted. mosques funded by foreign states or individuals have been growing in number in recent years many conservative politicians here have raised concerns over the role of the turkish government and of some of the gulf states. the idea of a mosque attacks has been raised here in germany before but nothing substantial has
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really come of it the question now is how much support amongst muslims there would be for such a plan and what would wider society make of it dominant kane al-jazeera at the go to mosque in berlin. as well as president has promised to correct what he calls deep mistakes because majoris been sworn in for another six years thirteen american countries are refusing to recognize his presidency which many condemned as a socialist dictatorship as suffering hyper inflation and food shortages and many have fled causing lassen america's biggest ever migration crisis. getting around baghdad as the top uneasy if everyone these days the heavily fortified green zone happiness symbol of insecurity and iraq's capital for years now security forces are effectively declaring the city safe by removing checkpoints and barriers emraan com reports they call it the transition from green to blue where green army soldiers
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give up control to the blue berets of the iraqi police force traffic can now easily pass through baghdad's international zone also known as the green zone without checks and special passes a situation unthinkable just a year ago. under the old as a promised i'd love to lead the officials across major cities in iraq and remove checkpoints and concrete barriers designed to protect against suicide in tall bombs the prime minister even took a very public walk around baghdad on monday and transitioning from green to blue for iraq something inevitable this came after the end of the military operations against isola cross iraq there's a per tile ground for the iraqi police to handle security and leave other military forms outside the main cities the european union advisory mission to iraq is pushing into that direction in collaboration with the police force for several reasons on top of them getting rid from eisel threat. the green zone is home to
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iraqi political establishment and foreign embassies according to the american media the u.s. has its concerns over the green zone opening up its embassy in iraq is the largest of its diplomatic missions in the world the european union advisory mission to iraq is helping iraqi police deal with security but insists it's the iraqis who are leading the charge the mission is important because at the moment we are in a phase where in iraq after winning the war against there's the security forces police is in a transition phase from more paramilitary. force to a superior. local police force the people in the city it's been i think to drive around the green zone an area denied to them for the last fifteen years. when i first crossed the bridge leading to the green zone i was in tears for fifteen years we rockies were deprived from these roads we are so happy that. the green zone is
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open for the public families and employees can drive through now usually before this issue of mint gone are the days of roads being shut down with concrete walls traffic jams this is a relief for iraqi people in the end. keeping back that requires a large and coordinated operation which begins at four am with iraqi police forces finding out across the city. and it's not just the green zone over the city streets . as you can see the removal of these concrete barriers is quite a major operation but it is a crucial one not only does it ease congestion on the roads of baghdad but it gives people a sense that things are safe in the city and these things are being repeated across iraq al jazeera baghdad.
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top stories two thousand u.s. troops have begun to withdraw from syria but commanders i'm not giving. away three weeks surprise announcement. there. has been holding talks on the latest stop on his eight day middle east tool. also in the gulf will be promoting a plan for a new military alliance against iran. are the top u.s. diplomat allies to contain in the region. the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election plans to appeal the results was in full use says he's won more than sixty percent of the votes that for commissions declared another opposition council katie as the winner sidney security forces have used tear gas to disperse crowds as anti-government protests
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the latest weeks of demonstrations calling for president bush it to resign. high court judges in mammal have rejected an appeal by two voices journalists who were serving seventy prison sentences while known and george so who were convicted of breaking the official secrets act reporting an army massacre of range of the ledge is a passe they were framed by police today's ruling is yet another in justice among many inflicted upon while lone and. they remain behind bars for one reason those in power sought to silence the truth reporting is not a crime and until mean more rights this terrible wrong person mean mars not free and in march commitment to rule of law and democracy remains in doubt protesters are accusing bangladeshi police of using live fire against them garment workers have been rallying for several days demanding better salaries
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a minimum wage was set by the government last year but many say it's not being enforced at least one person has been killed and dozens injured since the volleys began on sunday. with all the headlines more news on al-jazeera after the street. counting the cost blame it on. really of dollars worth of assets shifted out of the u.k. change. and creepier the latest gadgets connected to the internet show would last vegas counting the cost. of. hi i'm femi ok and in the stream today we're discussing three stories right at the top of the week's headlines that are rooted in the struggle for human rights we would love for you to tweet us your thoughts or leave them in our live chat we
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begin at the us mexico border where u.s. president thursday to meet with border patrol offices in mexico thousands of white coping for asylum has our own home in. the central american president speech from the mexico u.s. my reaction was indignation as he once again depicted them as prospective criminals however. what he said is offensive to me because we're not all the same there are criminals everywhere he should give us an opportunity to cross the only thing we want is to work and support our family president trump hopes his message will help him get the funds for which he says will stop them along with drugs and terrorists despite the fact that overwhelmingly come through legal entry points joining us live from the border al-jazeera correspondent john home and mexico and kimberly how
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could his own macallan texas good to have you here join exactly what he says on a war that offends what is a. if. you want to. do that. all you have to be ready for i think. it'll be. kimberly your chris is with you and he shared this with us it's a little bit of a video so he's showing us what you're seeing behind you there we go explain away you all that looks like a fence and also a gate according to police a chorus yeah it's both and this is what the president is visiting maccallum texas to illustrate this is kind of symbolic of what he's trying to get and why he says there's a need for a border wall that's more fortified because as you can see behind me is my producer chris sheridan shared you know parts of it are easily scalable if you're physically
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fit unable to do so so that's why donald trump is here making this case of what some people call to sort of a mass of photo op but certainly there is the case to be made that there are places where it's easier to scale than others what are people saying that side of the fence a last line of the border came about the president saying when we're not doing any business right now and to give me money for this war. well we've been talking to some of the folks here in mccallum texas and you know there's a little bit of pushback they're not loving the fact that the media has descended on this town they say it's relatively quiet here it is predominantly latino those the people that speak live here a lot of them don't speak english i and they do very much resent how some of the their relatives some of their friends are being characterized as criminals that want to cross into the united states and commit crimes but certainly that's what the president is talking about right now he's he's at a photo op where he is sort of making the point that is the fact that the border
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patrol is very much in support of what he's arguing for because drugs come in and there's an illegal weapons coming in as women are victims of crime and john i think you might be able to speak to that better with regard to whether or not this is actually true or not the president's claims yeah john can i just can i just interject it was a she fois could see that he was thinking about. the us mexico border and she from the streets with who has more security because come tell drunk operations are becoming more sophisticated people are fleeing violence in their respective countries is that even to troops on twitter but is it true john. when they. broke. the law and you know i. think come in who has been very. thank.
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you a president. spoke well most of coming. so there's a lot of things claiming about quite but. one thing i wanted given. the question. on you will so i can play the american public. believing. worried about like. president bush. it's interesting you asked that john because i was looking at some polling numbers this weekend politico i believe had the numbers i don't have exactly right but about thirty seven percent did agree with the president that in fact this was a crisis and then there was another about a third that thought it was certainly a problem so when you look at the broader american public most people agree that there is a problem with illegal immigration and the president has already noticed in the
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american media got a lot of question back for some of his numbers and you know we know now that the president does play fast and loose with facts at times but the point he's trying to make about this being a crisis is certainly one that in two thousand and fourteen in fact on a tweeted this out today thursday in fact that this was called a crisis when there were about the same number of illegal entries under barack obama so what i think we've got here is is a wall that's become kind of a symbol of a dueling narrative whether you support trump or don't support trump and whether or not you see this as a priority i think both democrats and republicans see this is our priority making sure that immigration is reformed for congress over the last twenty years is failed to do that and they still disagree and this is why we've got this partial government shutdown in the united states right now is that they disagree on how to fortify the border some believe that it should be a physical wall i would marry americans believe you can do it with drones and things like that let me share this with you this is from
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a window bag and let me start with john i believe president trump is among the most influential while insisting on a border war with mexico shows a trade and thereby increasing limiting while peace and that relationship that defines racism that will remaining delegates in the heart of mexicans john. what i think we saw in our poll was of the rich people used to say read something to americans that would immediately. be picked. great as criminals try to carry the country that's one of the things he thinks going to push. our state one thing i think the interesting thing about the people trying. to move them off now but we're hearing about women on the come to be. the number of on the come men are actually going down so that's changing in terms of
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what i mean the people trying to get it. needs to be treated in a different way what a lot of people are trying to do now specially when the children they're going to venture and also he first saw them that way which is really slow or climbing over the phone. to get a move aside time to try to guess what. is and isn't of course the security it's a humanitarian crisis in terms of there's not enough for that immigration us to produce those types of this so i. get is getting it so i don't wish they should be. thankful and to jump in here for just a second john what we're starting to see in the media in the united states right now is the fact that people are noting when the same argument was made by barack obama twenty fourteen he didn't get the same kind of pushback that we're seeing
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from donald trump now one thing though that donald trump is getting some pushback on is whether or not to declare this and national emergency which would then allow him to access funds that normally would be appropriated for bigger crises in order to win this battle with within congress and get support of well bill so you both inspired some long. comment kelly kelly says needs mall security when is already existing possibly and then maybe need of repairs but definitely much more security at border for trucks and vehicles to scan for drug smuggling going to be both from the spall here just in the last few seconds of the segment present troubles visit just like his address on tuesday political stunt kimberly. oh boy. i think that sure there are some political theater involved in all of this i don't i think to be fair i don't think donald trump is the first one to utilize this but as a former reality show t.v. star i think you can utilize it more effectively than any president before him
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south political stunt. yeah i think it can believe but there's a reason. you want. it but i think you have a ten minute rule but border protection why the. moment it's going to provide good pictures but media won't wait or another but isn't there an issue behind this. coming monday president from the comic. who put it on the well. as was in trouble so eloquently says bob i don't homan and kimberly how could you can find more of that reporting on al-jazeera dot com we move now to bangkok thailand where a saudi teen's plea for asylum has got an international support has a story. another live of my own i see you and i see our own land.
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of the earth first of. joining us to discuss this story from berkeley california we have brad adams he's the asia director with human rights watch hello there brad good to have you i'm just looking at raw halfs twitter feed you must get a sense of what she's feeling that moment to moment she says here pinned to the top of her twitter feed don't let anyone break your wings your free fights and get your rights where is she up to right now. well she's in a hotel in bangkok under the protection of the united nations high commissioner for refugees this took a long time she flew out of kuwait where she was on a family vacation to escape violence from
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a family she says that she complained of been held for six months in a locked room because she cut her hair in a way that her family didn't like that she's beaten by her siblings or brothers. and if she had still been in saudi arabia she probably would not have been able to get to bangkok because saudi has male guardianship laws that prohibit women from making their own decisions about how to travel you know where to go even to go to a movie or a restaurant any permission and so she took good advantage of the opportunity of being in kuwait where they don't have. to get in a fight and she was only intending to transit in bangkok to go to australia and claim asylum when the thais apparently allowed saudi officials into the airport where they took her passport away and then she watched this incredible social media campaign from the airport in thailand to garner support our office in bangkok stepped in and helped or and lots of international media converged on the airport you know
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a lot of journalists did something very creative about one way tickets from bangkok to somewhere else the cheapest ticket they could find to get past the security barrier is going to your port and to be able to endure this talk about that whole day ramya picks up a saudi adult woman is under u.n. n.c.r. protection for expressing a very basic human rights while her country is a u.n. men that she's an example of many saudi women and the window into the pricing environment that saudi women are living tell us more about that yes exactly right i mean this is the fruit of dictatorship in the gulf. and the fruit very impressive laws against women and girls you know that any guest says that he's going to modernize the country he has given some provisional. rights to saudi women to drive which many people mean you out of but that is such an elemental basic right that is still far ahead of other arrangement if you want to go to
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another country in your study would be to get rid of your father rather grand father in some cases receive the sounds your son we women are basically permanent legal minors. can if we are off who is executive director of human rights watch a in stumping off the back of this story. another person his name is kim al arabiya and he's a bahraini soccer star and he's a dissident in the hazing thai detention even though he has refugee status in australia where he is bahrain wants him back but he fears torture how these stories connect to a raw herself says hashtag same thing again please help him same story don't forget him i'm with you is this the same story. well it's similar i mean the team fled bogus charges in buffering he's a professional soccer player and he fell out with the head of the soccer federation
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and the right now happens to be of the phone number and a member of the royal family in bahrain and they filed phony charges against him to some of vandalism in a case where it was impossible that he was a vandal because he was playing soccer at the time he fled australia he got married recently has been there for a couple of years he's been identified as a refugee by the stray and he asked us trains would be safe for me to go on my honeymoon and he just got married to thailand they said shirt but the bar raiser unbeknownst to him had filed a notice with ample of fake notice what's called a red notice to ask even ties to arrest them they duly arrested him in or pulled out with drawn the red notice said it was an issue an error but the thais are still holding him and here's where there's a big difference from the cases. ross is in a very nice hotel under unix our protection hakeem is sharing a cell with fifty people in thailand's immigration detention center in bangkok he
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says he doesn't know not enough room to roll over when he's asleep that the conditions are terrible it smells terrible yes we'll see his wife and he's supposed to be on his honeymoon this supposed to be you know that the most magnificent trip of his life it's just been misery. dr adams we're going to leave it there brad adams is the age of the rights of the human rights watch thank you for jumping into the story now our last story takes us to the u.s. state of tennessee where this week the governor granted clemency to a woman sentenced to life in prison at the age of sixteen sometimes scinto yeah brown's case is the subject of an upcoming documentary have a look. this
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is a record story of transformation and. it's. a beautiful intelligent caring educated woman who can make things better for. the director of that film me facing life to a stand your berman and he joins us now from los angeles and in new york we have mr potter she is the head of social impact and communications for odyssey impact that's an organization helping to shine light on youngsters in the juvenile justice system melissa daniel it's good to have you here let me just quote back a documentary to you don your beautiful intelligent caring educated woman you first spent fifteen years documenting some toyah story what can you tell us about her as
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a person. so toure is a very gracious young woman she when i met or shoot she struck me as very intelligent and articulate and that intelligence and her ability to communicate with me over the years really helped to fuel a very important story. not radical enough says this on twitter melissa her case was a travesty of justice that has now finally been resolved she should never have gone through the trauma of the trial and sentencing if she was white a wealthy i have no doubt the case would have been abandoned is that a big leap of imagination or do you think there's something to that comment oh i think there grab something to that any day we have over ten thousand supernatural then two adult friends who think guidelines making up over two hundred thousand each year that are incarcerated as an adult for nonviolent crime so contorted theory is just one of many that we hope the satellite aren't and will have
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a national and international and means that a prequel to look at that and think guidelines for young people so that they have a chance truly lurched like there's something about some toy a story that touched so many people including a writer called fly a call this is what she told us in a bit of a look i decided to call the governor haslam she pardons and tell your brown because i was by her story i felt like it was wrong to charge a child as an adult but also that he. was being held in a sex trafficking world so i believe that he truly deserves another chance at life and that my column. will not and will not in minnesota had. yes absolutely i mean if he ruth to national attention and elaborate he corralled them well together to you you know like the media to raise awareness you have brown and that
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bird grass roots local attention and the and national attention b.t.l. that through the end tremendous work with telling the film and her story we're now able to take a closer look at the circumstances that led to where she is today the world very grateful that the governor of tennessee granted her clemency recently and in her thirty's now she has a second chance at life dan i'm looking at a tweet that your production company said last year about if you're wondering what the celebs are all talking about this was last year about some brownie talked about the document trail and where you can see it look at this face this is a can't i mean this this was fifteen sixteen years ago i am wondering in these cases stan when this happens if it's just about vengeance and punishing somebody she's obviously a k. head wind up what should be treated as an adult what conclusion did you come to
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where we're stepping into one of the most important discussions that happened with this documentary and through our thinking as we built it the there were several themes that we brought into the film just in toys family her biological family her adoptive family and all the issues surrounding her but the overarching picture is that a child goes into the system and may well be transferred to to be treated as an adult and that's not exactly right the problem for the system the justice system is that a child treated within a juvenile system probably has a chance of getting help by age nineteen and that's certainly was the case with in tennessee and so for the court looking at the possibility of first degree murder her she had to be transferred to the adult system and she was handled as an adult and but but our problem is that one size does not fit all we have lots of issues for kids. i am thinking about minnesota the
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criminal justice system in the way that it treats juveniles and where are we right now is them will empathy for kids even if they've done terrible terrible famous i think well you know i looking at the reports of and if there are racial and utilizing the power of film and story telling her the lies that and bring that into our whole whereas if we don't personally know someone that impacted you may not be aware of the right circumstances that people under the age of eighteen the daily you know us and now with the opportunity in social media and traditional media outlets of their own we can share the impact how they got to read the arc today and we're going to chance for rehabilitation than you know to yeah so you know i think that it's an important theme here and melissa is really touching on this is that
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you know we started out as i started looking at a story about one young woman and what her circumstances that led her into that mary violent situation we didn't do this force and toyah we did this because instantly and we hope to use our two films to help alumina eight a very very big issue that needs to be addressed in this country so this is why we're working with odyssey the odyssey impact program is going to help us propel this beyond just a couple of documentary films to really look at this from a very big big social structure you have been in touch a scintilla since you got in tennessee and she will be getting out of prison. this year can you recreate that moment that conversation is is that ok can you do that for us. well we're we're still she and i are going to be talking to you for saving it for the documentary so we had a very brief conversation she's pretty busy as you might imagine cos simply has
11:45 pm
grown up i mean she has a she has a little rounder now and she's got a lot of things a lot of responsibilities she's now about to transition to toward freedom that's a big thing so we haven't had exactly that conversation you know the legal right. melissa documentaries like dancers in the last few seconds of this program at how helpful are they they are extraordinarily helpful with the thick of our documentary by real if you will they saw the real eat the bear and walker prisoner in the car and then present them and barely show and now you are with a family and then the earth and at that moment holliday you can in many many years the power of documentary film is real and we hope you continue to magnify it as possible that you may have made dan blush thank you thank you when they say we really appreciate it thank you to all of us to you accuracy on the stream you can always find us at. twitter i listen when i take. the
11:46 pm
boxes will hate. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist. trying to bring to the world smaller and smaller we don't want to
11:47 pm
be so realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains coming soon. to. the foreign ministry. we have a news gathering team here that is second to none and they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once we want to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to them.
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my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. it's very difficult to a restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good. sometimes. production drugs. are. us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing on the imported market. take note. on live from studio fourteen zero headquarters. welcome to the news grid at the
11:49 pm
u.s. military says it started to pull out military equipment from syria but the trumpet ministration is giving contradictory signals on an overall timeline worrying some allies and emboldening other. pales in the middle east tried to reassure allies the pullout won't hinder the fight against eisold democratic republic of congo presidential candidate martin lewis challenging the election results in courts he claims to be the winner. from the influential catholic church he's accusing the declared winner. of cutting a deal with the outgoing president will be live from. the united nations it's good to have been paid hundreds of thousands of u.s. federal employees but they're not getting any thing as a partial government shutdown drags on for twenty four hours a day many are struggling to make ends meet and thousands are filing for
11:50 pm
unemployment benefits will be live from maryland bordering washington d.c. with a large number of governments workbooks. and the climate thousands of students in belgium skip classes to march for a change i'm sorry it's you can get in touch me. anytime. you're with a news group or live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com as well the u.s. military says it's officially begun the process of pulling out from syria details are scarce at the moment the white house isn't really elaborate ing on locations or even a timetable president donald trump made the shock announcement last month that he was withdrawing all two thousand american troops in the war torn country after claiming victory over eisel. led to panic and concern from regional allies as well
11:51 pm
as both democrats and republicans in the u.s. congress. coinciding with the secretary of state michael payors visit to the middle east he's there reassuring allies about washington's commitment to what he calls the complete dismantling of eisel in syria on pale has been visiting behind rain on friday and his next stop is the u.a.e. well both countries last month reopened their embassies in the syrian capital damascus. jorn she's joining us from washington d.c. so we're saying that's the process has started to withdrawing u.s. troops from syria rosalind but lacking any sort of detail on location or a timetable is that expected. well certainly the military would be a bit reticent in describing just how and when u.s. forces would be pulling out of a forward deployed area in this case syria for the troops safety there is coming
11:52 pm
across the wires right now one report suggesting that according to a pentagon official this is a removal of u.s. military equipment not those two thousand or so troops themselves from syria we understand that there are about seven bases in north and eastern syria where these troops have been deployed in the fight against eisold but again this is just coming across the wires that according to a paragon official this is a removal of some equipment obviously we have been trying to get some sort of confirmation ourselves we'll pass that on as soon as we get it but really what is the bigger story here daryn is that there's been confusion coming from members of the trumpet ministration including from the president himself about just how much longer u.s. troops would be in syria donald trump has argued that the war against eisel largely is over has been won by the u.s.
11:53 pm
and its coalition partners and that other countries in the region need to do much more to defend against any potential resurgence of eisel and that certainly u.s. would help but it's not going to be the lead country as it were in this fight against a group that wants to set up its own version of a caliphate and then there's this other point darley something which other secretary of state like pompei a noted during his speech in cairo on thursday he said that even though the u.s. is pulling back its active component it still reserves the right and it's still going to be prepared to carry out airstrikes which is really what the u.s. has been doing for the. most part since two thousand and fourteen these two thousand troops inside syria have been there primarily to train local syrian and kurdish fighters who then would go into direct battle against partisans and roles when speaking of pompei o he seems to be announcing an international summit focused
11:54 pm
on the middle east and particularly targeting iran that's supposed to be held in poland in the next couple of months what do you know about that. well the state department has put out a statement in the last hour of building on something which he first announced on one of the u.s. television networks he is organizing a conference on promoting greater stability and peace in the middle east but as you noted daryn this is focused on dealing with what the u.s. considers an existential security threat from iran and not from any other party the statement goes on to say that a number of countries have already said that they will be at this conference in warsaw poland on march thirteenth and march fourteenth we don't know what the deliverables are supposed to be coming out of this conference but the trumpet ministration has been trying to argue since it came to power in two thousand and
11:55 pm
seventeen that it's iran that poses the biggest security threat to the united states and to its partners and allies and not any other country or any other extra . extrajudicial organization they see that iran is trying to extend its influence across the middle east in ways that the u.s. thinks would be very harmful and so this would could be seen just as one more step or one more effort to try to isolate iran especially after the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal last summer all rights are also in jordan thank you for that update from washington d.c. and just back on the issue of the u.s. troops pull out so it's believed that that pullout will be mostly from northern syria and that's where the u.s. had armed and trained the kurdish why p.g. to fight i so turkey considers the y p g a terrorist organization and has hinted that operations could begin to attack the group let's bring in said i'm closer although she's joining us from jobless that is in northern syria what are you
11:56 pm
hearing about that offensive that the turks have pledged to take. well there in looking at the reinforcements to the turkish military bases by the army and turkey is the fence minister who is the former chief of staff looking at his statements it seems turkey is ready for this planned offensive which turkey calls that they will they will liberate members from the kurdish fighter group y.p. g.n.p. but of course deliberation process is always difficult turkey has experienced it to endure an unalloyed bob that's why uncle is also trying to keep the relations warm with the. kurdish tribal leaders opinion leaders inside men bitch and even and call banner to persuade them about this offensive and to have them engaged maybe after deliberation of course it will say it will take some time to establish these links but also there is one concern for turkey besides the answer to naji of the united
11:57 pm
states is the lack of support by moscow turkey turkey is concerned about a possible risk that pew id could rule least those more than one hundred one thousand prisoners that they have because they have threatened to do so and international coalition actually have some concerns as well but turkey believes that unite us is should be interfering now and dealing with idea about this risk but let's watch our package from a city which was liberated from eisel by the turkish backed free syrian army two years ago. the voices of innocent. children playing amidst a complex political standoff. these innocent lives are given a chance at life in a one size all controlled city well bob that was them rated by the turkish backed free syrian army after say two years ago. janet said today they would be
11:58 pm
for their dream was to carry guns like fighters because they were afraid now they want to become a teacher an engineer like regular children or a police officer to protect their country. look it took thirty kilometers south of his supporters turkey regard as a gate to its security after i saw was pushed out the turkish military now protects the local population. with the city becoming a sanctuary for internally displaced its population has increased to iran three hundred thousand people the local council begin distributing id cards in july at least sixty thousand residents have received them over crowding makes it more difficult to establish control and keep records local officials say there is in what you know when i still controlled here it first target to toast bittles schools i should leave in your civilians as a human shield during the liberation operations people lived in fear until they saw that they had an alternative us think they revived and we saw the smile on our
11:59 pm
people's faces. doctors here say local people trying to beat the also by having more children at this thirty babies are born every day. however life still holds many challenges for them people here and so i am live as normal lives as possible but life has become more expensive here it's time to look is there loses value against u.s. dollars to local businessmen raise their prices and this makes it much harder for people especially those living in refugee camps and so the problem here is everyone got used to consuming you can the public service workers i hope people soon begin to produce them looking for their own interest or waiting for aid boxes. some say nothing much has changed for them after i still left. one of the haters i still work even sometimes until one am in turn my living and surviving not enough but i
12:00 am
can't beg for money i have children to feel despite the services provided and a relatively secure environment and certainly to continue to do many of them wish to go back to their homes and i'm hoping and expect a turkish led military offensive east of the free cheese river may make that dream become reality so there are a lot of moving pieces here to make sense of it all our senior political analyst joining us here so the national security advisor john bolton has just said this in the past hour or so that u.s. turkey military to military talks will continue next week and he's also saying that he hopes that talks with turkey will produce results that are acceptable to both sides so what are the results that are acceptable to both sides and if i may add on to that because we have a viewer on facebook asking will the u.s. be able to ensure that turkey won't go after the y.p. gene which is one of the sticking points really well certainly it has this leverage
12:01 am
now than before.


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