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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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stop so i want the democrats to come back to washington. from washington d.c. . reports indicate that some of jonell trump's closest advisers including his son in law jared questioner have been cautioning him against declaring a national emergency to get funding for the border wall it is seen as possibly setting a bad precedent and critics say a step toward authoritarianism if he were to issue that declaration also if he does it there's still no real understanding of where the money would come from trump wants five point seven billion dollars to construct the border wall between the u.s. and mexico and right now reporting indicates that that money may come from money set aside for disaster relief in the future which may be an idea that the american public is not so wild about trump himself has indicated that if he were to move forward with
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a declaration he'll likely immediately face court challenges that he says he would likely lose in the lower and appellate levels but all of that said this president who has wavered so much on whether or not to call a national emergency to build the border wall mais yet change his mind his latest indication to reporters at the white house was that if congress does not come together to fund the border wall and he indeed will still pull the trigger and declare a national emergency republicans are still squarely in the president's corner because of his popularity with the republican voting base and democrats don't have reason to relent on not giving trump the border wall citing polls that show the majority of americans oppose the border wall construction so where that leaves everyone is there's very little incentive to meet in the middle. whether is next but still ahead on al-jazeera questioning his legitimacy to rule for another six years how the venezuelan president is struggling
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a credibility. however gentle spell of winter throughout a good part of japan at least as clouds putting it from the south that usually means it's not as cold so you going to snow for the hills or rain at lower levels but typically it's going to be allowed to drive pictures throughout sunday moniz two is a hard subpar zero but above freezing now on the korean peninsula and certainly through homeshare evening beijing is now plus seven but the air is still rather stagnant here's a weak halti is not that good there's not a lot of difference come monday a drop in temperature by a little bit in beijing and the real cults' thinking about coming out again minus twenty that's a day maximum in or long but talk to the south and it's quite and out again here to the rain is gone through we've got increasing clouds a bit of
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a southerly breeze in you none on the ground all as well but it looks dry temperature was twenty three hong kong of course eleven in shanghai and then rain starts to gather around the x. event around you will honduras with eight degrees here it is largely a draw you pictures throughout southeast asia for cost wise if you see the green centers this is where the d.p.s. showers are going to be i think they look more lay off the next couple of days we will see more showers in the southern philippines and over borneo. maybe jakarta but the most places good chance of it being dry. twenty first century america i live off my credit cards when i don't make enough money the last couple of months it's been minimum balances can only keep their heads above water in a tough economic climate companies have had to lay off thousands of workers if you want to go to school he'll be for his classes and books and all that he can do that
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in the long. haul. welcome back. a reminder of top stories this hour the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is due to challenge the results and course most unfair to says he won with a landslide voters of more than sixty percent citing catholic church election of. the new york times reports the f.b.i. opened an inquiry to find out of president donald trump was secretly working on
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behalf of russia against u.s. interests the investigation was conducted off to trump's actions over the firing of former f.b.i. director james comey. syrian state media says israeli forces have fired several missiles at targets in damascus including the capital's airport syrian air defenses reportedly intercepted some missiles but one of them damaged an airport warehouse. well u.s. and kurdish forces are attacking the last stronghold in syria as strikes have stepped up on the town of hydrogen where remnants of isis holed up the coalition offensive against them could take two to three months the holiday reports. heavy fighting in this town said. the last leave overlong remaining within isis control is and are told. to cut its lead city and democratic forces as d.e.f. by in a final push to all eyes still fighters from their last remaining stronghold in
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this town city. as they have commanders say they're making some progress backed by u.s. airstrikes which have been stepped up since donald trump announced the withdrawal of american troops from city problem of this storage is full of weapons and ammunition we took from i saw fighters after days of fighting here this assault on my sil is the final chapter of a conflict that began more than four years ago when the group says parts of it out in cities and declared a holiday for. it out to government forces declared victory over i still in december two thousand and seventy and despite analysts say their ideology is also very much alive in the region he truly believes it was pushed back. your logic there the sinequan place they have been totally run over and everybody is getting the. death ukraine should be still ready. and therefore radicalism
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over the i.s.i. already. has eat roots and. that's why it has been totally illegal the fighting between the as d.f. and i still is centered around the town of hygiene on the banks of the euphrates river close to the syrian border with iraq. the hygiene area was once home to sixty thousand people most fled to live in mexico becomes for the displaced as renewed fighting intensifies more people are joining them here dozens of the newly displaced wait for tents and blankets in the bitter cold some say they fled on foot because they heard the u.s. coalition warplanes bombed being vehicles. back on the frontlines as their fighters are preparing for a long stay long they estimate the fighting hygiene will last two to three months
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doc may seem like a surprisingly one time given the size of but any of them dealing with ice and how cities with populations three times greater fell within days the difference is that in both bottles also flight is statistically ripped through to choose and from one of them the present in order to close the day tom ridge this time the truth is not the most mohammed atta was either doesn't. the teenager who fled to saudi arabia because she felt she feared being killed by her family for announcing islam is about to land in her new home canada is granted asylum to rough one hundred hour corner she gained global attention for barricading herself in a hotel in thailand to avoid deportation to the kingdom john hendren has more in a desperate plea from a barricaded hotel room run half noon urged the world to come to her rescue i'm still in the room. and have no choice. this it i have to go
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tomorrow and. no one can have been right now on friday she got her wish and we have accepted the un's request that we grant her asylum that is something that we are pleased to do because canada is a country that understands how important it is to stand up for human rights to stand up for women's rights around the world the canadian prime minister's announcement ended a weeklong drama that drew worldwide attention the eighteen year old fled saudi arabia accusing her family of physical and psychological abuse but was detained by the authorities in bangkok who at one point threatened to send her back she launched a social media campaign from her hotel room appealing to the united nations high commission on refugees saying she would be killed if she returned i'm not leaving my own until i see it. i want. the
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un agreed in turn to canada saudi arabia already faces international scrutiny over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october that prompted canada to review its arms sales to saudi arabia and. the case has drawn global attention district guardianship laws that require saudi women to get a male guardians permission to travel or escape is said to have inspired other saudi women rajoub mohamed. mock my god is going to start a revolution in saudi arabia go on social media now and watch the accounts off so many young saudis see you have shown us that we can do this refused to see her father and brother who traveled to bangkok to seek or return in the end it might have been noon savvy use of social media that led her to a new life in canada. the saudi official reportedly told the timing authorities who
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seized her passport i wish they'd taken her phone instead john hendren. a fuel truck explosion in nigeria is feared to have killed dozens of bystanders police in cross river state confirm at least twelve people dead it's feared the eventual total could be as high as sixty a crowd was gathering fuel from the overturned tank when it exploded similar blasts have killed hundreds of the is cities and towns in france are on high alert for a ninth weekend of yellow vest protests thousands of police as well as on the vehicles are deployed in the capital and elsewhere you are watching live pictures now from paris demonstrators are again protesting against rising fuel taxes and president emanuel backgrounds leadership and staying in paris a gas leak is suspected of causing an explosion in a bakery emergency services treated several people for their injuries the blast
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blew out windows in nearby buildings. opponents of venezuela's president are challenging his right to a second term and countries throughout the americas are refusing to recognize his legitimacy to rule critics say his socialist policies have wrecked the oil rich economy and provoked latin america's largest ever migration crisis to raise the bar has more from caracas. thank god it's been a day since before the mother was sworn in for his second term in office and already members of the position controlled national assembly took to the streets to denounce him as a super of the executive office of the scene and that his daughter is one of the millions that have left been swimming in the past year she says families shouldn't be forced to leave apart as if we don't have a poly trail right there is the pole the guy in them because we don't have but maybe if you use our food to vote we don't have secret in the streets the
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demonstration was small compared to the massive ones that happened in two thousand seventeenth one thousand still to the streets to protest against models attempts to disregard the national assembly for most of the people here and this is the first step towards opposing what they call the dictatorship of precedent because a lot muddled up there also calling on the armed forces to rebel against the government even though the military has played a crucial role in a war child the socialist revolution. the precedent of a national assembly is one why though he was elected last week and now says he's ready to become the interim president and called for new elections he told al-jazeera he first needs the support of the armed forces and the venezuelan people to hand them the guy uniforms or the strength of the people is crucial in this process when as we have people that were forced to leave the country and others to teams murdered and even tortured nothing to stop us it has not been easy for us we
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are survivors and we are in resistance he was at the end of the. well your position has called for a demonstration in january twenty third and promises the national assembly who is considered to be in contempt by the administration will be in charge of defending democracy in this country international pressure may also help but analysts say it is not enough then the most assume politico. the need to force the government to negotiate the international community plays an important role but it's not enough there has to be a true leader that can connect to the masses to force majeure to negotiate you need a population ready to defend their rights. he says this is another attempt orchestrated by the united states to generate chaos if. this is a show to try to destabilize the country they are a group of kids who control the opposition and want to play to create chaos it's the same group that carried out the street protests and every day they will have
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a new show. but many of those opposing the government are desperately looking for someone that will show them a way out of the crisis that has forced millions of venice winds to emigrate in search of a better life. it's three months since a devastating earthquake and tsunami destroyed parts of the indonesian island of st away see thousands of survivors are still living in tents and aid has been pouring into the region but there are complaints that a lack of coordination is hampering distribution and relocation has been slow step bassam reports from polar. the name of this small fishing boat sums up the mood and by tragedy survived the waves as high as palm trees on september twenty eight well many other boats were destroyed like the one owned by hamidi for months he has not
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been able to earn a living. because my boat and nets are damaged i cannot work and just sit here doing nothing i'm disappointed but i can only wait and see what the government will do for me. others are not so patient has started to rebuild his house right by the sea after his village was destroyed his community moved to the hills many now have returned to restart their business selling dried fish despite a government plan to relocate them to safer areas. when i'm in the hills i can only eat and sleep here because krishna is already been coming in i have to work. the government plans to build temporary houses for fifteen hundred families but survivors complain the construction process is too slow after living in tents for months of five. growing impatient extreme heat and the rainy season making it unbearable to live here despite the outpouring of help the bible say it's taking
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too long for their life to. aid from all over the world has reached the area but some promise donations have yet to arrive a government adviser was in charge of rebuilding after the indian ocean tsunami in two thousand and four blames a lack of coordination and too many regulation is. still like this. because. something wrong. but the government denies that rebuilding is slow and says it's very capable of the. the disaster in contrast from the relief efforts after the tsunami and this one is relying less on foreign aid organizations and is trying to involve local communities as much as possible in this case we were only asked to
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support them with support services in terms of logistics base camp support. this is somewhat new for us because we have many other services that we could provide but a stronger the national society the more they will shift towards the support services. since previous disasters and his neighbors are beginning to restart their lives with or without help from the government. and these are the top stories the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is due to challenge the results in court and is now calling for a recount most unfair to says he won with a landslide voters of more than sixty percent citing catholic church election observers has more from the capital kinshasa. what's going to happen.
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to the. court. that he won the election he has arrived late and we're not sure we knew that he going to show up at the court. but there really are more than anyone else here at the court we talk about going to happen today will be. a document. he has to the court the judges may only meet monday and maybe even the latest could be a while until they make the ruling. south africa's ruling party is beginning its campaign for the general election in may the african national congress is unveiling its manifesto in durban the election will be the first for president cyril ramaphosa since he replaced jacob zuma he was ousted while facing various corruption scandals a year ago. the new york times reports the f.b.i. opened an inquiry to find out of president donald trump was secretly working on
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behalf of russia against u.s. interests the investigation was conducted off to trump's actions over the firing of former f.b.i. director james comey counter-intelligence investigations were assigned to evaluate whether trump was a potential threat to national security they also sought to determine whether he had unintentionally been influenced by moscow or the twenty two day shutdown of the u.s. government is now the longest in history with no end in sight and eight hundred thousand federal employees missing their paychecks donald trump's urging democrats to give up their weekend and vote for his five billion dollars border war with mexico he's backed away from his threat to declare a national emergency over the controlled the sea. syrian state media says israeli forces have fired several missiles at targets in damascus including the capital's airport syrian air defenses are reported to have intercepted some missiles but one of them damaged an airport warehouse those all of the headlines they'll be more
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news here off the inside story do stay with us. remembering jamal khashoggi a hundred days after his marriage to turkey wants a saudi suspects to stand trial in istanbul will justice seven be served although diplomatic and trade links overall human rights principles this is inside story. would. get. hello and welcome to the program i'm fully back to will one
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hundred days since the murder of jamal high shoji friends politicians and human rights activists have all been honoring the saudi journalist they organized a vigil at the saudi consulate in istanbul where he was killed three months ago and a memorial service was held in the u.s. congress in washington some members are pressuring president trump to revaluate relations with saudi arabia and its crown prince mohammed bin solomon who is widely suspected of ordering the killing if we decide that commercial interest should override the statements that we make in the actions that we take then we must admit that we have lost all moral authority to talk about any atrocities anywhere any time we must carry a mission to defend the free press our strongest bulwark against injustice
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and friends and former colleagues of. a stepping up their demands for justice. the story is not just about the murder of one innocent journalist drawls killing is part of an escalating attack against press freedom that's being waged by tyrants around the world. and that's why we can't just let your mall story fade away his assassination in many ways i believe is a red line it's a threshold where those who believe in human rights and those who believe in free speech must stand firm against those who would callously snuff them out while let's look back at the main events in the murder investigation hi shoji was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second eight days later a technician vesa gauges identified nineteen saudi suspects they included a so-called hit squad the tech to say the fifteen man team killed her shoji and dismembered his body in november the u.s.
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treasury impose sanctions on seventeen saudis among them the royal court advise a saudi qahtani a few days later a us media reported the cia's conclusion that the saudi crown prince ordered the killing president donald trump defended mohammed bin salman saying we may never know all of the facts the u.s. senate passed a resolution last month holding mohammed been someone responsible songe arabia said it put eleven suspects on trial last week but didn't name them techies latest say the culprits should stand trial in istanbul and if the saudis refused to hand them over they'll be tried in absentia. well let's bring in our panel now from istanbul matthew brize a senior fellow at the atlantic council a former u.s. ambassador to azerbaijan and former white house official in beirut we have rami kouri professor of journalism at the american university of beirut and nonresident
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senior fellow at harvard university and from cornwall in the u.k. on skype david haye human rights lawyer and co-founder of the legal consultancy sterling hay and detained international welcome to you all thank you for being on inside story ronnie corey. was your friend has anything positive come about in the last one hundred days that make you hopeful that justice will be set for tomorrow i would say yes there are some hopeful signs as well as some negative ones the most interesting i think and significant thing is the incredible bred depths and continuity of serious international concern about what happened to her about the behavior of the so the government the apparent connections with the crown prince his office clearly him possibly and the lying that the saudis did for a month or two about this the cover up of these things have generated tremendous
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pushback internationally in the media and civil society some businesses and government actions in some cases postponing weapons deals and things like that so the intrusion into the governance system and the actions of the saudi government at the highest level of the crown prince levy of the crown prince effectively runs the country at the very highest level this intrusion is unprecedented it's continuing and it's going to probably get more intense when the american congress fully expresses itself with legislation in the coming weeks probably matthew bryza in istanbul your thoughts has anything concrete been done to bring justice to this gruesome murder. well nothing in the sense of a legal case that's seen the light of day in actual prosecution that's true one step that could be taken would be to renew calls for an international investigation an international tribunal to try those the perpetrators of this murder but the
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political winds have shifted i think quite dramatically in washington again that's not bringing justice to to the murderer murderers but that is changing the climate dramatically we've already seen in the us senate a bipartisan vote fifty six to forty one condemning the murder and in south crown prince and i think what we've seen a precipitous drop in foreign direct investment into saudi arabia since. death so there are consequences but still not justice you say the political winds have shifted matthew but. the u.s. secretary of state delivered a speech in cairo on u.s. foreign policy on thursday with zero mention of jamal khashoggi the u.s. senate as you say pass a resolution holding the conference responsible and yet we have seen nothing else since so do you expect any further action from the white house or from congress i don't expect anything from the white house i expect the white house to resist this
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tooth and nail and try to sweep it all under the rug which is essentially what secretary pompei owes a speech in cairo tried to do but at the same time i definitely expect more action in congress as i said a moment ago that resolution enjoyed bipartisan support many republicans president trumps closest ally in the senate lindsey graham has been one of the most outspoken critics of mahomedan salmond for many things especially the murder of jamal so i think we'll see the house of representatives vote on that resolution in fact that was passed by the senate now that the democrats have taken over and i i think we may see further steps beyond what the congress voted in december two. to stop us aid deliveries for the war in yemen we made a we made our stop u.s. action in yemen sorry we may see an actual end of the weapons deliveries voted in by the congress right david haye in cornwall as a matthew says they're growing calls for an international investigation this international inside says the only thing that will guarantee justice is an
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international investigation under the auspices of the united nations what needs to happen for the u.s. to get involved is it just up to turkey or are other western countries also needing to be involved at the stage. and i mean i agree with that i think it's we only need to look at the fun of it phrases and even in international the game of thrones if you like of politics and commercial interests even in one country the us we see the president on one side the senate the cia on the other and when we then look at that and compare it to the legal side i agree that the united nations and some form of special tribunal involving turkey perhaps similar to the tribe you know used in lebanon is the way forward because clearly what is happening in saudi isn't hasn't been set up in accordance with international principles of justice and also when we look at turkey it's clear that saudi will not send the people to turkey so in terms
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of real justice for tomorrow holding court and hearing this in either country where the others are either never going to be extradited or on the present isn't going to get real justice yet so you believe that a trial in of sense here that turkey is calling for right now is not going to achieve anything. well it will it will achieve no doubt convictions against the individuals but the individuals who are main insanity now that you may be able to have you know who holds on that travel but if they don't intend to travel what justice is that to jim out let's bring back into the conversation rami on turkey's role here turkey many people will say has a responsibility to continue putting the pressure on the international community for justice to be achieved for jamaal for jamal khashoggi but is turkey in the current geopolitical context still willing to put that pressure is turkey still
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willing to be at the forefront of the quest for justice for democracy. it's not clear if turkey is going to keep the pressure up and if it's gonna keep demanding justice for. or if it's going to make deals with the united states and the saudis and others for things like containment of the kurdish militias or other issues but turkey is not on trial here the saudi killers and liars uncover uppers and assassins and butchers and body dissolving and acid there's those of the people who are on trial and this is really the central question that we have to keep our focus on and i would just add one point. the beginning you had a clip showing the people in the united states talking about press freedom and press freedom this is way beyond press freedom and jamal of knowledge of his life he was a journalist but this is about the dignity of four hundred million arab people men and women all over the arab world who simply want to live
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a decent normal dignified life not to be lied to and not to be threatened not to be curtailed in their human ambitions to live a normal decent life and the media is just one dimension of this and free expression but it goes way beyond that it's a question of decent citizenship in arab countries and this is a huge battle and one of the reasons that people are fighting back in saudi arabia and the emirates and behind and egypt and other places in the arab world they're pushing back against this is because they don't want to have normal citizenship for their people they want to maintain an autocratic authoritarian system of rule and they're they have a law allies and netanyahu and israel and trump and the united states so this is a battle that's going to go on for some time throughout the region in the world a battle that's going to go on for some time romney who he says matthew what do you see a standing in the way of an international independent investigation. well the main
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thing is a lack of leadership by the executive branch of the united states government and i think meeting president trump himself he is never going to show that leadership obviously he's going to do everything ass he possibly can to as i said to to hide the facts he is at war with the free press he calls it fake news he despises the washington post where jamal had his column so you get no leadership out of the white house if the congress does what i was predicting it will do as i said before that will generate some momentum and perhaps then perhaps turkey will feel that it's got sufficient political cover to to take a risk of further antagonizing saudi arabia with which it has poor relations and as we just heard with which.


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