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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 12  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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the name of this small fishing boat sums up the mood and by tragedy survived the waves as high as palm trees on september twenty eight well many other boats were destroyed like the one owned by hamidi for months he has not been able to earn a living. because my bota nets are damaged i cannot work and just sit here doing nothing i'm disappointed but i can only wait and see what the government will do for me. others are not so patient has started to rebuild his house right by the sea after his village was destroyed his community moved to the hills many now have returned to restart their business selling dried fish despite a government plan to relocate them to safer areas. when i'm in the hills i can only eat and sleep here because krishna is already been coming in i have to work. the government plans to build temporary houses for fifteen hundred families but
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survivors complain the construction process is too slow after living in tents for months of. growing impatient extreme heat and the rainy season making it unbearable to live here despite the outpouring of help viber say it's taking too long for their life story to. aid from all over the world has reached the area but some promise donations have yet to arrive a government adviser was in charge of rebuilding after the indian ocean tsunami in two thousand and four blames a lack of coordination and too many regulation is. still like this. because. they see. wrong. but the government denies that rebuilding is slow and says it's very capable of deal. in with the aftermath of the disaster in contrast from the relief efforts
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after the tsunami and this one is relying less on foreign aid organizations and is trying to involve local communities as much as possible in this case we were only asked to support them with support services in terms of logistics base camp support . for us because we have many other services that we could provide a stronger the national society the more they will shift towards the support services. for many does new approach shows that indonesia has come a long way since previous disasters and his neighbors say they are beginning to restart their lives with or without help from the government steps fast and al-jazeera. now after two hundred sixty two years one of america's founding fathers alexander howerton has made it home to the caribbean in the form of the broadway musical hamilton which is premiered in puerto rico. transported from
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broadway to a performing arts seem to in san juan and new audiences experiencing the pop culture phenomenon hamilton was moved a lot of that was. the spirit with the people tonight the response when you speak with. the story has come full circle alexander hamilton left the caribbean after it was devastated by a hurricane in the eighteenth century he became an american founding father and the first treasury secretary in the musical has returned to support puerto rico still reeling from hurricane maria and twenty seventeen nearly three thousand people were killed and much of its infrastructure destroyed being how this island has come out of devastation and come out of really just nothing and rebuilt and coming alive again i feel like. the math on was so powerful i get emotional
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this thinking about. hope no enclosure or hamilton has taken politics from the stage to the president creation in man well miranda has used the success of the play winning a live in tony awards in the pulitzer prize for drama as a platform his the cost addressing vice president elect mike pence and twenty six sting urging the administration to our poll americans values. diversity. and if they do new administration take a census broadway debut in twenty fifteen miranda a new york native of puerto rican descent has lobbied for the u.s. territory he joined a chorus of criticism of president trump accused by. many of not doing enough to help the victims of hurricane maria and on friday reacted to tromp suggestion to reallocate funds from hurricanes and floods to bewitch the southern border wall.
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the fire started those lives the worst in a british accent sounds like a saying the prophet but. i'm going to. let the first right there right so tonight i think that's absolutely monstrous it's an emotional homecoming for miranda who's bringing politics to life raising money for puerto rican arts over the show's two week run. out as they are. still head figure on the suzanne sports news with some of the iraqi teenager inspiring his team to place minako out rounds of the asian cup that story and more to the. russian filmmaker andre neck rosol travels across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin the russian economy is in crisis sanctions unstable oil
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prices fluctuating currents half of the country struggles to make ends meet in soviet times doctors were in charge now economists calculate everything we don't want to think what will happen when the bank takes away our flags. in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks in a poll just out sixty five percent of people said that they think it would do a great or a good job with details coverage is the second time this year doctors walked out on strike the government is funded by issuing suspension. from the around the world increased warning level causes a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return.
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let's get a check on your sports news now with simon thank you very much to come out while three time champions in iran are into the knockout rounds of the asian cup the tournament a top ranked team is securing their place and with a win over vietnam iran followed up their five nil victory over yemen with two more goals in abu dhabi both was called to a by so that as known as this was the second straight defeat for vietnam while iran are looking good in their effort to win the title for the first time since ninety seventy six at two nil the final score. and a stunning individual goal of from teenager man that in die league put iraq on their way to victory over yemen iraq were behind twice in their opening game against vietnam before recovering to win three two this time out to the two
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thousand and seven champions were three nil winners and they join iran in the last sixteen. of vietnam in yemen still have an outside chance of progress in as one of the best placed teams iraq iran in the final round of group games on wednesday that match will decide who finishes top of the group. in-group is saudi arabia have become the latest team to advance to the knockout stages that they beat lebanon to nil and dubai to head in the lead to put the saudis ahead just twelve minutes into the match. up top of the midway through the second half. of the teams in this group are qatar and north korea they face each other on sunday. liverpool have gone seven points clear at the top of the english premier league a penalty from a homicide was enough for liverpool to beat brighton one nail it with a last seventeenth goal of the season in all competitions second of the table
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matches to city play wolves on monday and chelsea have the chance to move within a point of third place tottenham their game against newcastle is into the second half and it's two on to chelsea also lost ground in the effort to finish in the top four and qualify for next season's champions league they were beaten one nil by west ham but he seemed to listen is by the side we lost a bit he had to purchase. two days sleep ons and continue closer than the gun shows he then another themes in the four but the last two of india's leading cricketers have been suspended from the national team off to make inappropriate comments about women on the t.v. show hardiker and caleb rahul have been sent home from the tour of australia indian cricket board says it has begun inquiry into misconduct and decide. the dallas
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cowboys are looking to reach the n.f.l.'s conference playoffs for the first time since one nine hundred ninety six when they went on to win the super bowl or they've traveled to l.a. to face the rams in the divisional playoffs late on saturday that has made it to this stage by beaten the seattle seahawks in a wild card game. engine apis calls to have been braving cold conditions as they prepared to face a top sees kansas city the colts beat the houston texans in their wild card game is the lineup for saturday whoever comes through these games will head into the conference playoffs on sunday the l.a. charges so will be at the new england patriots send offending champions the philadelphia eagles travel to new orleans to face the saints at the superdome for teams not in the playoffs this is often the time when those in charge of lose their jobs
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a recent round of eight firings including five african-american head coaches that leaves only three minority coaches in the thirty two team league that's the lowest number and almost two decades rob reynolds reports. can to go to how it got out what about the lack of minority head coaches is a glaring discrepancy in a league where approximately seventy percent of all players are black this happens every year you know probably a quarter to a fifth the coaches turn over and some of those are racial minorities and we were visit the conversation about whether or not there is a racial disparity in opportunities for minorities and whites to become head coaches in the n.f.l. the minority coaches fired were the cleveland browns huge jackson the new york jets todd bowles vance joseph of the denver broncos the arizona cardinals steve wilkes and the long time coach of the cincinnati bengals marvin lewis and in
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deliberate what do you know number one goal is nasty world champions and we did not get that. opening day of that and a fall season for your arizona cardinals due in two thousand and two under the threat of lawsuits that would have accused league owners of racial discrimination the n.f.l. adopted a rule that at least one minority candidate had to be interviewed for each head coaching vacancy despite the rule the number of nonwhite head coaches continues to lag behind prompting criticism from commentators like dallas sportscaster dale hansen getting fired at one place and getting another chance isn't the problem but young talented coaches have cover not getting the chance that's a huge problem the author of a statistical study of all coaching positions in the n.f.l. says the real problem is not overt discrimination at the very top of the coaching ladder but
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a conspicuous lack of opportunities in lower level coaching positions that can lead eventually to the head coach's office. there's a huge racial disparity in promotion rates from. coaches and the promotion of corps nater and in particular promotions the office of cornet or so on we're talking about head coaches we're missing the big picture here hundreds of black athletes putting their bodies on the line every sunday thank you but a tiny handful of black coaches and general managers something about that score doesn't add up rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. proof that even the world's best ski jumper can occasionally struggle to stay on two feet to passer by yes it won the latest well cup event in its city but didn't quite pull off the perfect landing the last week of bias if you came on to the fed jump in history to complete the fields. and
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that's always fulfilled we'll have more for you later on but for now i had you back to come out of the thank you and that is it for me is our team here and don't know about your company more news from the team in our london news sector after this break and come all santamaria thanks for joining us. with your child. everyone all together right that's already going places together.
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my main page every week a new cycle going to see you recent breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welds jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the story so that matter. the most in bed is a free palestine listening post on al-jazeera. resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns
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young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation praveen old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago she'd only seen some missionaries say she's proved by the marriages but i couldn't reach it is a missionary who rescues girls the money goes to buy good outrightly. be trucked to gil before she's born there what if it takes fourteen years you get money the brother will get the money will. be on fabricated a deal sees presidential runner up goes to the country's top court seeking a recount of the election results. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al jazeera also coming up on the
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program president lost to report that the f.b.i. opened an inquiry in two thousand and seventeen into whether he was secretly working for russia this is the u.s. government shutdown enters its twenty second day becoming the longest in american history. and police fire water cannon and tear gas to break up a night saturday of yellow vests protests in france. a legal battle has started in the democratic republic. of congo over who the next president should be opposition leader martin for you lou has been at the constitutional court challenging the results of the presidential election after his opposition rival felix to shake a day was declared the winner the electoral commission gave to she k.t. thirty eight percent of the vote four percent ahead of he said his own figures show
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that he actually got sixty one percent and that to she katie just eighteen percent and now the commission says president kabila is ruling coalition has won a large majority of national assembly seats on the the constitution the president missed a point as prime minister from the party that commands a majority that's likely to fuel suspicions of a backroom deal to maintain kabila as influence how much faster reports now from can. martin for ulysses he has evidence to prove he won last month's election by a landslide sixty one percent of the votes and the presidential run up is challenging the result in the constitutional court bring it down to the court we called the electoral commission to. the ballot papers because that's what. we have to politicise agree with the results. as announced. they are fabricated nothing to do with the truth provisional results released by
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the election commission on thursday declared felix just a kitty the winner with nearly thirty nine percent of the votes his supporters if she accept the result. guys stop with we want it we don't she didn't she didn't we didn't make an arrangement arrangement this is just the result of the polling station and we make sure what because we do everything we don't want to go into a fight unlike previous elections voting day at the end of last month was relatively peaceful but growing suspicions over the count could derail. the first democratic transfer of power since independence from belgium in one thousand sixty constitutional court judges like you to meet on monday and tuesday to go through what martin félicie is evidence which proves he won last month's election if the judges say he has no case in felix's the katie will be sworn in as president of the influential catholic church is rejecting the official result so too is france and
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former colonial power belgium the african union and the southern african development community regional body are appealing to the people of congo to respect the eventual decision of the constitutional court judges and avoid a violent reaction out of a tosser al-jazeera. or another stories are following an overturned fuel tank has exploded in nigeria and is believed to have killed dozens of people police in cross river state say at least twelve people are dead but some residents say the death toll could actually be as high as sixty a crowd was gathering fuel from the overturned tanker when it exploded similar blast have killed hundreds of people over the years. the new york times says the f.b.i. opened an inquiry in may two thousand and seventeen to find out if u.s. president donald trump was secretly working on behalf of russia against u.s.
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interests it was triggered by trump's actions over the firing of former f.b.i. director james komi counterintelligence investigators resigned to evaluate the trunk was a potential threat to national security the f.b.i. also sought to determine whether the president was deliberately working for russia or had unintentionally been influenced by moscow or trump has blasted that report in a tweet which said wow just learned in the failing new york times that the corrupt former leaders of the f.b.i. almost all fired or forced to leave the agency for some very bad reasons opened an investigation on me for no reason and with no proof after i fired the lion james komi a total sleaze. well according to resign a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general f.b.i. investigators could be subpoenaed by those eager to know more about thing quire reese and trump and no other president has ever done anything that skates close to the line of acting on behalf of foreign intelligence service or
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a foreign country it would necessarily constitute treason which under the united states constitution requires a living of war but certainly the evidence that was accumulated suggesting that there was some kind of collaboration between president trump and russia because the house democrats you know now control the house of representatives they can undertake an investigation issue subpoenas to those at the f.b.i. and even though this wasn't you know a crime necessarily it certainly bears on the fitness of the president for office and which means impeachment covers actions that are short of criminal activity but where does this go next and i can guarantee you that the house government affairs an oversight committee will probably issue subpoenas on monday to get the bottom of this why did the f.b.i. think the evidence was credible enough to suggest that mr trump was actually spying
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on behalf of the country of russia. the u.s. government shutdown has now become the longest in the country's history off to reaching its twenty second day more than eight hundred thousand federal employees haven't received their latest paychecks some way using food banks taking on the chops or simply selling that possessions the shutdown was ordered by president on a trunk off to he was denied money to build a wall along the mexican border in jordan has latest now from washington we know that the last round of negotiations ended in failure what is the plan now. that's a good question mario because both senators and representatives have gone home to their districts or to their states for the weekend and they're not due back at work until it's some point midday on monday and then next week they will end up leaving a little bit early to have a weeklong break to do what they call district work so that's really when the going
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to give them about four days to actually meet with the president donald trump has been on twitter saying that he's pretty much all alone at home at the white house and that he's willing to negotiate and that it's up to congressional democrats to try to break this impasse but democrats have been arguing that no matter how many laws or that they try to pass in the house of representatives the senate is still controlled by republicans and until the majority leader mitch mcconnell allows those bills to be introduced and to be considered by the senators if they can't get any progress in trying to reopen the government so they're blaming the republicans in turn really we don't know what's going to be the breakthrough but it does look as if for the next several days at least the eight hundred thousand or so federal workers across the united states and around the world are not going to be paid for their work and about how few of them have been told to stay home and not do
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anything not even contact their colleagues until they get direction from the federal government that their jobs have been funded and that they can go back to work and if the deadlock continues we'll try to be pushed into a position where he has to. use his executive powers to get funding for the border wall is that a scenario has administration is trying to now avoid. well the president himself tried to talk down the possibility that he would try to invoke some sort of emergency some sort of national emergency power in order to get the money to try to build the wall that's in part because he's getting pushback from some republicans particularly in the senate about the questions surrounding the legalities of taking such a move of what kind of president it would set whether this is really a way of trying to bypass congressional engagement on the sorts of issues and it could very well indeed up before
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a federal judge if not the supreme court on constitutionality grounds so there did seem to be a little bit of walking back of this threat to declare a national emergency but it's still very popular with the president's base so whether or not he has been backed and depends on which group of people he decides is more important to please his political supporters because he is running for reelection or those republicans in congress who stands oblio are needed to help him pass other parts of legislation so it's a very difficult question but some of his republican supporters are still saying it's up to the democrats to move that's really where we are a guy thanks very much from washington roslyn jordan. president trump is demanding the building of a steady concrete or steel wall that could eventually on to his border mari's reynolds reports now from the consumer electronics show in las vegas the screen i'm
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standing in front of could someday be an alternative to a physical barrier at the us mexico border it's bait by the company quander g.e. and basically uses laser technology that's the laser device up there to identify and track any people who are entering through a certain perimeter so in this. display each one of these green trying goals or diamond shapes are an actual person who is moving through the exhibit area here now in practical application our border this could allow officials from law enforcement to track individuals crossing the border and while each individual unit can only monitor an area of about two hundred meters on a ray of them could go a long way and in fact. a bigger array stretching the entire length of the u.s.
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border from the gulf of mexico to the pacific ocean according to the company quantity would cost only about one point five to two billion dollars considerably less than the physical border that's being discussed in washington and this would work night and day according to the company and be able to determine or distinguish rather between human beings and animals that are out there in the desert so it's possible some day that this could be an alternative in the company has been in touch in talks with politicians in washington and federal officials to make that someday a reality and he's from ecuador where a fire and a truck we have been a taishan has killed seventeen people and left twelve others injured a place in the country's largest city. was started by patients he set mattresses alight when trying to escape and he said looking to arrest the otherness and prices of the building.


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