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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2019 7:32am-8:02am +03

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if. there is no phone line hong kong. goes. on a good job get married have kids speak when parents and die. if you don't know anything oh you don't contribute. i think such kind of life this just. let's just. say thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for the month this has been i think
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a good thing time because i got my post all the time to cards on all sides are going to. all that you so you. know all the same. also. since i was on things you know all the. all day you call your new home with joy why you call you know i wanted something i was on the year call. you're going to have going to guess i'm going. to. see. you give everyone a very round the fullness you've got the fullness.
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and sights in the legislative council. he doesn't have an atrocity and. there isn't he's going to by the way. in fighting for democracy but also.
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was. was. was. was . was. was. was.
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was was was . i was shocked when i saw the news that home was like what i feel imagine that people hong kong people could. do such violent things on the street like burning stop throwing bricks attacked the police because it's such a by contrast to umbrella protest it was really peaceful but that night was really fallen. and i think. people try.
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other ways other peaceful peaceful ways already and they realized that it doesn't work so they had to do it. is kind of the stock government force people to be falling. like over it all. is just too ridiculous. it's like a group of really stupid people who are controlling the city. on the move you can see a lot of working robots. walking around with zero and the purpose. then you think it was life or just work. when i see zero boss i
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would think i don't want to be one to spy on the move a single book. the same set many people don't know the meaning for their lives you put meaning in it you have to find a meaning for. i have. oh. i don't suppose. if you try to. set all fire with fire then you get more fire could be joined with an injured man i will a type and idea through the engine. see that will fasten
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a high they've put it. on you know but let's go with the car where they don't like to hit on the ball one or they will say it will be good to retrieve my heart. i'm up all on. top of me on my own i hope so i. am going home tonight here time and the guy goes hey we're going to the turning out for you. lie you told something. i'm good. i'm good. i'm going to have all. these seem on who won't go saying i'm going to paint
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on him oh well you assume. things then when the home heating cooling will go but i'm not going. to have. him go home only tabled i. think those who knew how they are going to you know. only today is the election day and we have. the kind of. i don't come here in vietnam i found. that. he is not going to win tonight but it is like our referendum for people to show the real cross the wire there is one other thing. is that if you support the ryan plan for the wire on a six. month
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we'll. ah. ah ah. ah ah. ah ah. ah.
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ah ah ah ah ah um probably on thursday used to be our fights according to friends but now you can see that is changing. we need to give all our best to make some change when we think is still possible maybe it's not a good. self-expression. know it in hong kong. just a financial center we have a lot of. us. so that in photos.
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this is true. we have papers that. are maybe in paper and we've burned before and so. they save it in the other world. like for money. you know they also have so i phone. i pad everything in cambridge it. is a condo identity. we can change home by change of selves. more speak more kindness child ties and keep this culture we always start from ourselves. smaller
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things we'll need to think just like butterfly for. in my books i always write i say shut. up enjoy life. take up.
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i think the future is will be getting better because. i don't think. i think just. because. to be a child is to be innocent and caffrey but it comes to an abrupt end at the burden of young children. with a mother behind boss four siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to
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stick together. split the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary on al-jazeera. and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. taiwan. a sovereign island state or a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the
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tactics of those to whom reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies lies and prostrate. on a. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera. this is zero.
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by our shall carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. president and i both believe the ongoing dispute the region. a call for unity among countries and an end to the blockade of qatar for the sake of regional security. venezuela's opposition leader remains defiant after being arrested briefly for questioning. a missing. a longer on the run former communist activist. extradited to italy after decades as a fugitive. and anger and frustration in zimbabwe as the president doubles the price of fuel. your secretary of state has arrived in riyadh on the latest leg of his middle east tour. will be holding talks with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma qatar
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a few hours ago after calling on countries in the gulf to end their dispute saying it had gone on for far too long has more. mike bomb paling qatar where the message to the gulf countries and their dispute the west political crisis in decades for the gulf cooperation council president and i both believe the ongoing dispute in the region has dragged on too long and the dispute benefits adversaries and harms our mutual interests the emir of qatar shaped i mean been hammered out than he greeted bomb peo after discussions with qatar's foreign minister said mohamed but i'll get a fanny both countries say they are keen to consolidate trade and military cooperation that includes expanding the largest u.s. military base in the middle east and the date near the capital doha is home to the forward operating base of u.s. central command. and then we have discussed all the issues of interest for our
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countries regional issues starting with the gulf cooperation council and the peace process in the middle east as well as the reconsolidation in afghanistan as well as other issues such as syria and counterterrorism. landed in qatar from the united arab emirates after visiting egyptian and behave in his flying to sandy arabia which have all imposed their eighteen month long land and sea blockade on qatar the accused the title funding extremism allegations strongly dismissed by the qatari leaders. america's top diplomat has also visited jordan and is due in amman and kuwait on his middle east jaw it's being seen as an attempt to rally support among key players in the region to counterbalance the growing influence of iran and i don't think that the administration plans for dealing with iran by
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virtue of trying to organize a larger coalition are going to work simply because most states do not agree with us in our policies canceling the joint comprehensive plan of action that would have prevented iran if implemented from ever attending a nuclear weapon the u.s. is due to host a conference in poland next month to discuss ways to curb iran's activities in the region and ensure middle east stability the us is keen of building a bridge an alliance to counter what it considers to be a growing iranian influence in the gulf but that may be impossible as long as the diplomatic crisis in the g.c.c. continues. doha al-jazeera senior political analyst. and then tied into what might be discussing with mohammedan samana and why the u.s. secretary of state's visit is so crucial. in particular he is now secretary of
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state. but when the gulf crisis first broke he was the rector of the cia and i'm sure he would be looking and b.s. mohammed muscle man in the eyes and would say we know we know what you've done how you manufactured the crisis with qatar and went on to blockaded on the basis of false information and in the process tried to deceive or present meaning thrum in order to take your side against qatar i think it's very clear for secretary perform peo former director of the cia what exactly went down here just as it is. quite obvious for his successor mrs hasp all the director of the cia today how riyadh or who in riyadh is responsible for the murder of journalist in the saudi consulate in istanbul so all of that knowledge all of the information is available to the secretary of state when he meets his counterparts or when he
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meets the crown prince and the king of saudi arabia just as he did yesterday by the way when he met the crown prince and i would that be the question is whether he would be using that information the american leverage with the saudis and the him or ickes in order to end those misplaced to say the least those reckless policies carried by riyadh he's in riyadh pump as expected to bring up other sensitive issues many online are hoping that human rights will be among them and he will mohammad has more. well iran and the wars in yemen and syria are expected to be discussed so is the backlash against the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and this opinion piece in the new york times is attracting not so social media attention the sister of a women's rights activist jane who is currently in a saudi jail gives a detail account of assistance ordeal alia who's calling on pump to raise the
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plight of all activists in saudi jails she describes how a sister jane has spent months in prison without being charged with she says she's been beaten water boarded given electric shocks and threatened with rape now do jane was arrested last may along with six other well known activists for what prosecutors describe as posing a threat to state security she is well known for her campaign to lift the ban on women driving in saudi arabia and that ban was lifted a month after her arrest in the new york times article his sister accuses royal advisor the tunny of law offing while he watched the torture being carried out she says on various occasions he threatened to rape and kill her then throw her body into the sewage system qahtani has been accused of orchestrating the killing of jamal khashoggi. pressure is mounting on the u.s. secretary of state to do more and can draw from human rights watch questions
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whether mike pompei a will seek the release of jailed saudi activists during his meeting with the crown prince mohammed bin salon annecy international has also tweeted pump directly saying at least twelve saudi human rights offenders most of them women have been detained without charge since may twenty eighth in prison and many others are sharing the hash tag free lou jane and criticizing the saudi kingdom and one use the left because of what he calls oppression in the country and this was his message to the crown prince. and you put a lot of people in jail with them brazil atheists why do you talk to those who call for women's freedom why do you subject them to rape and her spent what do you exactly want everyone is scared every now and then a saudi has left this country because if you i left my wife because of the oppression more and more of saudis would leave the kingdom because of you you will destroy the country the syrian army is preparing for an offensive by
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a turkish forces on the kurdish rebel stronghold of monday syria's government has deployed soldiers artillery and tanks to the northwest suburbs of the city as u.s. forces apparently ankara considers the kurdish by a terrorist group. journalist who specializes in kurdish politics he says it's unlikely that turkey will strike if u.s. troops are still on the ground. the turkish president himself said they don't want to harm us soldiers so i think for now there's no turkey would attack but the kurds have been also talking with russia and also with the syrian government to find to find a solution to prevent turkey from attacking the north east of syria and that's why recently we saw russian military police suddenly patrolling the area outside of. so there's changes and the kurds they are also now talking with. the oscars because
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they are afraid that turkey could attack them if the u.s. withdraws its not just to us that is an orpheus of syria there are also french forces there there are forces from the u.k. so for instance if other countries are willing for instance to send more forces to protect this enclave then they would have more success but in general it's very difficult to do that without us because you know the u.s. they are the main contributor to the campaign against isis with the air force with two thousand more than two thousand troops in syria so i think it will be very difficult for countries like france or germany or educate to find an alternative to complete us. and that's why i think it's also that the kurds are trying to talk also with the muskets to try to find a solution so that they are not overrun by the turkish army as i saw faces defeat in syria some former fighters see risqué the front lines are getting a chance to return to a normal life and not everyone supports the rehabilitation efforts assam costello reports from northern syria. colleague is
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a former i still fighter. now he helps his father in the shop in my area when he's not at school. he joined i still three years ago when he was thirteen he's two elder brothers were also i still members they were both killed in the fighting ses he is lucky to have survived. shy and reserved he tells us it was isis reveals that persuaded him to join the group. there was everything in those videos to attract me fighting shooting there were calling god's name but i didn't expect they could ever be so unjust which i saw them slaughtering others using children as in their battle many innocent died because of them after escaping from i so holly spent a year in prison he was then allowed to join this rehabilitation center along with twenty five other former members of the group some of them foreign fighters. there
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were classes in religious beliefs and psychological counseling was mandatory. twelve months later he was given the chance to go back to school and be with his family but he'll be kept under surveillance. we continue to check on these who complete the rehab we insist they continue their studies the best way to fight terrorism goes through fighting extremism. the head of city council supports the rehabilitation project but when it comes to foreign fighters he thinks they should be treated differently. they are not like the sons of syria they came here to kill or people should be judged by international courts we have already taken off responsibility for their crimes. on the floor the back at his father's shop howley is like many other teenage boys he likes playing football watching t.v.
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shows and planning his future one of my dreams is to be arabic teacher and build the house and with. rehab in its original form or are still far churches in syria has not been without controversy while the process has seen success to return to which some into society and many others most of the foreign fighters have been rejected by their countries must remain in prison in syria soon on kosovo el to syria north and syria but more ahead in the news hour including compensation claims against pedophile priests we ask if there are in the catholic church in the u.s. could go bankrupt also macedonia agreeing to change its name has led to a political crisis for the greek prime minister. and in sports the big crash the cost chaos of the first major race of the new cycling season.
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the leader of minnesota's opposition has been released after being briefly detained this is believed to be the moment one window was taken by officers on a busy highway on so.


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