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tv   Hong Kongs Rooftop Rebels  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2019 6:33am-7:01am +03

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on the middle east. the crusaders fought for olshansky because they failed to recognize the moment clearly you had arrived now it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploded religion in the name of the cross of the crusades an arab perspective the final episode liberation at this time on a. oh . oh.
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oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh. i don't say rules but sometimes it was i just. sometimes i'm late to prevent people from doing bad things but sometimes rules are made to protect privilege.
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to call hong kong girls dong two things by their is like this crazy adventures. this topic mr thomas new istream sparked a mine young people. that knew this was home and eating all. the stuff it's possible that. my heart is always pounding and my hands spread thin but i try to overcome this fear.
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my rooftop and friends they all have same to me. i think they're only about this. and they also think that the tough mind is not something the people. they just want you to be obedient. dollhouse they're all for all our going. they get me also. i don't want to see any police because i have a habit with a fight with me today you can say you like it.
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because maybe there will be. demonstration tonight maybe i don't know protests about. the police and government officials so maybe i would be better for me to gather how the first. ok handle all. that i saw you just. thought. far far away father joe. hey you are all like. don't have. control how we don't believe you the most you want is a high i. know you don't want don't see it i'll take my tests and fighting oh i am i am sick when i come from dr who i think did not know your suit you got. from all battlefield are they time time in my absence. so much.
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i want to. be. really do not. think oh they are. all there. was right. i sure don't want to get famous from will stop but. it's just as. i thing the protests inspired. they were not satisfied with the electoral system in hong kong so they started demonstrations here. the police didn't know what to do so they used tear gas to make people go. we use umbrella to protect us and that's why the protest was called
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. i felt like on the move and that when following hong kong talk about that photo to anyone they know about that photo. by those playing nothing to. do that changed the society to. so i had this family. i love to use cameras to record this city for our some disappearing landscape.
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and u.k. i agreed to our handover hong kong to china china has agreed. living star in hong kong is not going to be changed in fifty years but we cannot see china as a feeling it has promised. us suddenly though you got. to one hundred. got that way. could they. got you know issued with a million hygiene should. i don't think we can change the situation now
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maybe we can do is show us taking photos and keep those memories in these. words. i am quite lucky that i can't leave my parents it is too expansive to buy a flat in the future. the he's on the whole with all they gave. her my idea what i had been single guy. so to say were of his i hope you know his i hope johnny the. so could they you are joe
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the i'm a the we are the only our it's a hung up. take. me there must be. hong kong is now the least i thought the both the king. i still live not trans when we always have conflicts in a small flat you see every day there because let's face it. i think that on this day miss is almost as if.
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hong kong if it's going to say i just have to it's very expensive. i cannot do it this. is free. let's try that one you can see the street. there is the phone line hong kong. find a good job get married have kids speak grandparents and die. if you don't know anything oh you don't contribute to society i think such
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a kind of life this meaningless to me. let's just. say i want to thank you all right let me thank you thank you i thank you i. thank you for the month this has been i think a good thing time because i got my post all the time to cons on all sides are going to. the same. also to you. since i was on things you know all the. all the you're
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calling a whole dog joint why you call you know i wanted something i was on the yeah. yeah cause i going to guess i'm going. to. see. you give and as soon as they run the fullness you guys have got the fullness. and sights in the legislative council. they don't have an atrocity and.
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there isn't going to by the way. in fighting for democracy but also.
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was. was. was. was was. was. was was was
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. i was shocked when i saw the news at home i was like what i feel imagine but people hong kong people could. do such violent things on the street like burning stuff throwing bricks attacked the police because it's such a by contrast to umbrella protest it was really peaceful but that night was really fallen. and i think. people try. other ways other peaceful peaceful ways already and they realized that it doesn't work so they had to do it. is the kind of the stock government forced people to be following.
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time cycle because. it's just too ridiculous. it's like a cook off release to the people who are controlling the city. on the roof you can see a lot of working robots. walking around with oh and the purpose. then you think was life or just work. when i see zero boss i would think i don't want to be one that that's why i'm on the roof a single look. a sense that many people don't know the meaning for their lives you put meaning in that you have to find a meaning for. oh
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. i don't suppose. if you try to. set all fire with fire then you get more fire could be joined with an injured man i will a type and idea through the engine. see that will fasten a high they've put it. on you know let's go with the car or they don't i don't have time to go call one or they will say it will be good to return to my field i'm trying to hook. me i'm up all night on.
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top of me on my own with so i. am going to try here time and the guy you know say we're going to the turning out for you. lie you which was something. i'm going to. i'm going. to come to him with. his team on who won't go saying no i'm going to paint on. things and when the home heating cooling will come but i'm not going. to have. to go home early table but i. think
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those whom. i'm going to buy you know. only today is the election day and we have. the kind of. ah there is really not no i found. that. he is not going to win tonight but it is like our referendum for people to show the real the why and there is one other thing. is that if you support the ryan plan for the wire for the mistakes.
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ah. ah ah. ah ah. ah ah ah ah ah ah. ah ah ah. ah ah ah ah ah on coauthors are used to be our hearts a comin to friends but now you can see that is changing. we need to
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give all our best to make some change when we think we still cause maybe it's never too late. self-expression. know it in hong kong. just a financial center we have a lot to. do. so that in photos. this is true. which. we have paid for. maybe in paper and we've burned before and so. they receive it in the other world.
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like for money. you know they also have so i phone. i pad everything in cambridge and things and often you know. a condo identity. we can change home by change ourselves. more speak more kindness child to discolor we always start from ourselves. small little things we need to change just like both of life. in my books i always write i say shut. up enjoy life be yourself again that.
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i think the future is will be getting better because. i don't think. i think just. because. to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind four siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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shadowy financial operations are propping up north korea's economy pampering the
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elite and fueling the nation's missile impishness. want to win east investigates north korea's secret money on al-jazeera. the day for a divisive deal as the u.k. parliament gets ready to vote on the agreement. they're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm doubting obligates are also ahead from threats to a conciliatory phone call the leaders of the u.s. and turkey to discuss a security plan for northern syria protests deaths and defiance people in zimbabwe demonstrate against a rise in fuel prices let the talks begin the french president says the.


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