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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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xerox. we should live for the british people. to resume a warns of a bleak future for the u.k. if m.p.'s reject her plan to leave the european union. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up canada's prime minister justin trudeau condemned the death sentence of a canadian man by court in china.
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zimbabweans vent their anger against the president after the price of fuel doubled overnight. shiny new models in the spotlight but we'll tell you what's overshadowing america's big. in less than twelve hours british m.p.'s are due to vote on trees amaze deal to leave the european union the prime minister's warning politicians to back the agreement or risk no breaks at all but all sides bracing for turmoil because m.p.'s are widely expected to reject the plan let's go to john hall in london joiner it seems the prime minister is on course for a possible historic defeat. that's right i think the fact of to reserve may's defeat later on tuesday is all but certain now barring last minute concessions. the interventions she's made so far to try and win over
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wavering employees have not massively succeeded notably of course including reassurances finally received from the european union on monday about the controversial northern ireland backstop reassurances that are of questionable legal weight and crucially don't include a cost on a date to the backstop if indeed it is triggered. we appear to have lost their will return to him very shortly but to me as i'm a has been lobbying for her votes for had planned to be passed today let's listen to what she had to say people will look at the decision of this house tomorrow and ours did we deliver on the country's vote to leave the european union. did we safeguard our economy our security and our. or did we let the british people down. we should deliver for the british people and
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get on with building a brighter future for our country by writing this deal tomorrow and i commend this statement to the house. while it appears that jonah jonah i'd like to ask you about the brakes a deadline and it is naming on march twenty ninth and time's running out. yeah sorry about that odio breakup their time is indeed running out for the prime minister if she loses the vote on tuesday night will then a vastly accelerated program of events comes into play as a result of votes she lost last week in parliament she'll have to come back on monday with a version of plan b. whatever that may be her own cabinet don't know what that may be it could involve rushing straight off to brussels looking for further concessions it might involve really vote on her deal at some point or even a snap general election and fees at that point will be able to say what they want
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to see happen next and have their plans voted upon anything from a softer form of breaks into so-called norway plus customs union single market arrangement or the nuclear possibility of a second referendum all of which will take time and it is inconceivable really at this moment that there is enough time for those things out before march twenty ninth so an extension of that article fifty deadline looks all but certain the e.u. has indicated already it's willing to give britain an extension until july march the twenty ninth there for your question as the day that britain breaks it's looking extremely unlikely if indeed britain breaks its actual it is a fine mess that britain has got itself into take a listen to my report. that they are less than eighty days to go until briggs's day and the odds in favor of britain actually exiting the european union on march the twenty ninth lesson by the day. two and
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a half years since britain voted to leave the country is run by a government that lost its majority in an ill judged election going on to secure a brink's a deal with brussels that number five hundred is to to resume a known by many others critics see it as a surrender of british sovereignty a trap binding britain to the e.u.'s. customs union i know this is not everyone's perfect deal it is a compromise but if we let the perfect be the enemy of the good then we risk leaving the e.u. which only. and while the prospect of no deal was demonstrated with a fake traffic jam by the department of transport who promised long queues and lengthy customs checks at u.k. borders others in government of warned of grave consequences if the p.m.'s deal is voted down what is more likely if this deal is rejected is that we have the risk of paralysis and. when that happens no one happened the government says that would
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destroy the public's faith in democracy not that there's much of it around we are close to solving rex's than ever she hell will freeze over before she gets that deal through parliament how do we get out of this mess or. just accept the world trade organization leave on those terms no deal and britain will be fine this is a deal world trade organization is a deal it's a deal the whole world these are extraordinary times in the history of this ancient democracy a country bitterly divided a government clinging to power by its fingernails and a parliament that doesn't seem to want the deal on offer but can't agree on very much else. and an opposition leader himself a lifelong euro skeptic determined to do what the e.u. says it won't renegotiate the brakes deal but first jeremy called in must also pull
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off the nearly impossible we know vote of no confidence in the government forcing a general election i can think of no greater example of democracy in action than for this house to reject a deal that is clearly to this country. the uncertainty could mean delaying the u.k.'s exit from the bloc extending its article fifty notice period and that would be the very moment when those in favor of a second referendum unlikely to strike campaigners for a so-called people's vote believe the time is close when britain will have no other option so how al-jazeera london china's foreign ministry is calling for the immediate release of huawei executive meng's or as a dispute with canada gets worse the move follows prime minister justin trudeau saying he's very concerned about the death sentence given to a canadian citizen by a court in china canadian officials say the verdicts retaliation for the arrest of
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mang in vancouver in december robert lloyd schellenberg was sentenced to be executed while appealing against his fifteen year prison term for drug smuggling it is of extreme concern to us as a government as it should be to all our international friends and allies that china has chosen to begin to arbitrarily apply death penalty in cases. as in this case facing the canadian choice of chang is a political analyst he joins us now live from hong kong joseph as we've just heard china is reiterating its calls for mangoes release does that mean there's room for negotiation around schellenberg sentance. well we don't know enough about the details of the court case but we understand quite clearly that the judiciary in china is not independent it follows the guy nines of the party on you porton cases and in this case the chinese leadership certainly takes
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into consideration our son who can aid in relations in general and especially the detention and potential the extradition of one one chill the top a top executive of weiwei technologies one of the very deeding firms of internal communications in china apparently the tinies leadership believes that canada is toeing the line of the united states of the donald trump administration trying to exert pressure on issues including trade and protection of intellectual property rights and so on and it therefore adopts retaliation mashes trying to teach kind of the lessons so to speak and to create a deterrence effect chose that china also rarely allows foreign journalists into
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court proceedings usually but they were invited into this one does beijing want this trial used as a showpiece that they try to send a message we don't know all there is of course. the tazer one shows extradition is still developing certainly the after the present patient of the requests for extradition by the united states a ten need in dutch will pass a verdict on the case and then the word it will be considered by the ten need in government and in this process there will be opportunities for man's lawyers to see . delays and even rejection of the extradition and certainly we do not expect the rapid execution of the death penalty the
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chinese judiciary probably to wait for for we wait to examine the developments in the broader context of sino canadian relations and just have two other canadians remain in detention in china and now we've obviously seen and this whole situation with schellenberg is this becoming a trend is this now an escalation. it can be excused and escalation you've mom is quite rapidly extradited to the united states and being prosecuted in the united states are but there are there is a lot of room for compromise if the situation cools starring the chinese authorities can always choose to expel all of the port the ten need in citizen's tuss diffusing the controversy in the eyes of the chinese authorities
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of canada as as as a resource exporting country cannot grant china. this immense and very large market and therefore it believes is pressure will succeed naturally the chinese leadership also understands that it has to paid a price in terms of the image of china and the fact that the international business community is increasingly aware of the risks including political risks of doing business with china joseph chang a political analyst speaking to us there from hong kong thank you for your insights . well a second day of strikes are expected to begin and then by the way in the next few hours after fuel prices doubled several people were killed on monday as police five bullets and tear gas at anti-government protesters call to judge and reports. frustration over zimbabwe's worst economic crisis in
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a decade ignited rights and prompted a three day strike by unions protesters tried to shut down the capital harare and the southern city of bull away oh by erecting barricades and burning tires police responded by shooting live rounds trying to disperse rioters with water cannons and tear gas the uproar began over the weekend when zimbabwe's president. announced that fuel prices would more than double digits someone just wakes up and decides to increase the fuel price we have demanding that the price be reduced to its proper price the information minister tweeted clever people know what to do avoid fuel guzzlers cancel unnecessary trips and use bicycles do not protest in the streets you can lose a limb in skirmishes that unprecedented increase is seen by qana missed as a way for the government to control an economy that is once again in danger of freefall not only is there a shortage of cash and fuel but eighty percent of the population is unemployed or
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not is good you know who has a career as a date anyone above eighteen years of age is standing at home without a job the government should do something because we've had for them. lack of fuel barricaded roads and burning tires have prevented people from going to work and school protesters are demanding the government meet with opposition leaders to figure out how to end the economy's downward spiral others are resorting to looting for overpriced basic goods and drivers are queuing for hours to try to get fuel at petrol stations that have mostly run dry but i wonder why we can't say we are a country where we are paying five dollars for public transportation and spending more than five days in a fuel queue and when the president appears on t.v. not saying anything useful inflation rose to thirty one percent two months ago that's the highest it's been since two thousand and eight when the international monetary. fund reported it at more than five hundred billion percent the president
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at the time robert mugabe abandoned the currency his government adopting the dollar and the crisis wiped out people's savings and pensions ten years on president emerson man on dog was touring russia europe and asia hoping to lure investments into his mineral rich country and avert an economic disaster. john al-jazeera. weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera thousands of teachers in los angeles go on strike for the fast time in fact. and no relief in sight with the economy on life support at the state of health care in venezuela. by the skyline information home. or off the coast of the italian riviera.
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hello there things have changed slightly across parts of europe generally now the air is coming in more from the west northwest and that is bringing some slightly milder air for many of us has so some of the snow that's on the ground is turning a little bit slushy now that's giving us a problem with some flooding in some parts but also across some of the high outs it's still snow and there's still a very deep snow to deal with as we head through the day you'll see more in the way of wintery weather gradually push its way towards the east so we will see a fair amount more in the way of rain sleet snow and also some freezing rain maybe mixed in with that as well towards the west it's a bit milder now for some of us here eleven degrees there in london eight in paris and even for vienna will be all the way up at seven there is more severe weather a bit further south that's making its way across parts of greece at the moment and as we head through the day to work its way eastwards and over parts of turkey heavy downpours out of this system and a lot of heavy snow was well and as we head into wednesday that will be pushing
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further south so we'll see more rain heading further south and into lebanon as well that could be up to fifty millimeters of rain here and that will cause more problems with some flooding but the west is just calling benghazi a top temperature just of fourteen also cool in robots been sunny here with a top temperature of a pleasant sixty. there with sponsored by qatar breeze. weather online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has cooled based on a legal protest and instructed police to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice people voted for lots of different reasons for such different types of bricks to join the global conversation on out to zero.
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welcome back i'm the star and a reminder of our top stories this hour the countdown is on in the u.k. to a vote and to raise the maze deal to leave the european union the prime minister's warning politicians to back the agreement or risk no breaks it's a tool. china's foreign ministry is canada to immediately release while away executive joe the move follows prime minister justin trudeau expressing concern at the death sentence handed to a canadian citizen by a chinese court. several people have been killed in zimbabwe during protests against the doubling of fuel prices another two hundred people were arrested during the fast of a planned three day anti-government strike on monday. the us president's trying to
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defuse tension with turkey over the future of kurdish fighters in northern syria donald trump's had a phone conversation with president. it follows a tweet from trump on sunday night warning he devastate techies economy if its forces attacked the kurds turkey's foreign minister responded by saying nothing would be achieved by threatening his country his government sees the fight as as an extension of the p.k. k. which tech he considers a terrorist group mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . well the phone call appears to be an attempt to poor oil on the deeply troubled waters of the u.s. turkey relationship a relationship that was further deteriorate to buy president trump's tweet sunday in which he threatened economic action against turkey should it take action against kurds when the u.s. troops withdraw from north eastern syria but the phone call in the course of the day went ahead reports both from the white house and the turkish presidency
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indicate very satisfactory talks there was a broad base of agreement on what is happening in north eastern syria and it would appear some agreement as to what happens next when those u.s. troops withdraw now in importantly there was no mention in the original white house statement about a safe zone being established in northeastern syria this despite the fact that in the turkish presidency statement there was reference to a safe zone to be established that would not infringe on syria's territorial integrity however in the course of today president trump has now tweeted saying that it was a very satisfactory conversation with the president earlier one and making mention of a twenty mile safe zone not specifying exactly where it is but matters may clarify in the course of the week when the chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff holds talks with his turkish counterpart that will be tangible discussions one would expect as to exactly what happens when the u.s.
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forces go ahead and leave northeastern syria. tens of thousands of teachers have gone on strike in one of america's biggest cities demanding pay rises and better conditions well sandra says the second largest school district in the country with more than six hundred thousand students it's the first strike by the l.a. union in fact he is robin reports. while sensualist public school teachers walked the picket lines in a downpour monday morning here we are in a fight for the soul of public education many parents and students turned out in the show with support our teachers are heroes here for trying to do this every single day teachers want to pay increase controls on for profit charter schools that receive taxpayer funds and more spending on support staff like nurses counselors and librarians above all they are demanding more spending to reduce
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class sizes martha attwell has taught english at john marshall high school for twenty three years i have over forty students in the class and we have students teachers here who have classes that actually have over fifty students tens of thousands of teachers and their supporters rallied in front of the l.a. city hall california is among the richest of the fifty us states but ranks forty third in terms of the amount of public funds spent per student half as much as new york on only wore on the school board says it can't afford all the unions demands in part due to the heavy cost of pension and health benefits provided to retired teachers we are in discussions with the governor with the mayor with the state superintendent of public education because it is our desire to have all of our educators well supported while schools remain open during the strike staffed by
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administrative personnel substitute teachers and parent volunteers. many parents are concerned about their children's safety and about the quality of instruction they'll receive while their teachers are manning the picket lines at el serino middle school in east l.a. students gathered in the library to work on lessons everything appeared quiet orderly and under control but about three quarters of the children who normally attend school were absent leaving usually busy whole ways oblate quiet principal joyce darragh says the school is well prepared these are our kids and they know us and they're comfortable with us so i think that anything that comes up will be able to support our students the l.a. strike is part of a growing movement teachers in several u.s. states who walked out last year and won higher pay and other concessions how long the l.a.
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strike will last no one knows with these children's education at stake robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has increased the minimum wage as part of a series of measures to help the struggling economy he is under pressure to step down after countries in the region denounced his second term as illegitimate cherry isabeau reports from caracas where public health services are crumbling. the hospital of the university of us was once one of the best not just in venezuela but in latin america but matters have deteriorated dramatically in the recent years as institutions and people deal with the impact of the ongoing economic crisis good morning eighty years old and fell in the subway she says she's barely getting any food. there is nothing here nothing look at what we are being fed it's cold and i don't want to eat it but what am i going to do also in the room there are patients
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who've suffered heart attacks and strokes others being treated for gunshot wounds employees from the hospital allowed us to come here to this emergency room to see the situation on the ground they see that they need many scenes hold for the patients but you can see here. last weekend electricity in the hospital went out for several hours at least two patients died during that time staff say the toll may be in fact higher so do you think it's on the butt solid you think it's on scene they said there were five in seven who died there are twelve bodies in the morgue and we're trying to find out when they died we have been telling the government that the generators were broken for months and nobody heard us. venezuela's president. blamed the blackout on the opposition describing it as a terrorist act with infrastructure feeling empty shelves and shortages of even the most basic drugs president maduro announce his latest economic recovery plan he
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told the country's constituent assembly that it was aimed at ending what he's described as an economic war there's a lot. the national minimum wage is going to be in half a petro and eight hundred thousand bolivars for the working class are three hundred percent increase he also pledged to distribute food supplies every fifteen days and said the country had now enough money to cultivate at least three million hectares of crops but many believe he's being unrealistic really important that words matter what you do two thousand and nineteen is going to be a year with brutal hyperinflation and the government's response is primitive because they are afraid of the potential costs of reducing public spending in hospitals and on the street it's the people of venezuela who are paying the price of an economic crisis which has left our country virtually bankrupt and unable to help those in desperate need. of us the former chairman of
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japanese motor company has been denied bail call of scorn was arrested and detained in tokyo in november he is charged with underreporting income and breach of trust for temporarily transferring personal investment losses to the company lawyers say it will likely take up to six months for his case to go to trial. well the biggest auto show in america is underway with high powered sports cars and s.u.v.s taking center stage but the trade war between china and the u.s. is overshadowing the event with some fairing a throwdown across the auto industry john hendren reports from detroit michigan. the most renowned auto show in north america opened with the drama glamour. and muscle cars descending from above auto makers ruled out those were the new models including cadillacs x t six utility key is telluride and ford shelby mustang
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g.t. five hundred the fast is street legal for down the road there were concept cars that might one day hit the road like the infinity q x inspiration in the lexus l c convertible. but the mood among the automakers at the twenty one thousand north american international auto show in detroit is somewhat somber global auto sales which boomed from two thousand and ten to twenty sixteen have slowed g.m. is closing plants ford is partnering with to make its cars in europe and sales in china have plummeted amid a u.s. trade war perhaps the contraction in the overall number of vehicles that they sell but they're shifting their production process toward producing more trucks and less of that and while some automakers brought the drama there are fewer of them here this year b.m.w. mercedes volvo porsche jaguar and land rover are all skipping the event this year opting to reveal new models online or at their own events instead their exit is has
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left room for other lights to shine and the winner digits. just may be known as the year when korean cars really came into their own. hyundai's co no one utility of the year and this is the car of the year the g seventy by genesis. price between thirty and fifty thousand dollars this car competes with entry level b.m.w.'s and mercedes showing that korea is now in the sports car market. the north american truck of the year is the ram fifteen hundred. and sit in sales slowing u.s. manufacturers retool to make electric going to tournaments cars sport utility and truck sales remain strong including chrysler's massive ram fifteen hundred the truck of the year we're very happy with the performance that we had in in two thousand and eighteen and now with this new pickup truck here this new heavy duty
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we're looking for even better things in two thousand and nineteen but amid the celebration in the motor city automakers here are fretting over forecasts that consumers will hit the brakes on new car sales in twenty nineteen john hendren al-jazeera detroit up to one hundred twenty million hindoo pilgrims are making their way to a city in northern india to be a part of one of the well two largest religious gatherings crowds are arriving at the confluence of two sacred rivets a dip in the waters prayers and other religious rituals organized by hindu holy men at the event but for three weeks. i'm a study attained doha and these are the top stories the countdown is on in the u.k. to a vote on to reason may's deal to leave the european union the prime minister's warning politicians to back the agreement all risk no breaks it at all. people will look at
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the decision of this house tomorrow and oh yes did we deliver on the country's vote to leave the european union. we safeguard our economy all security and dog. food huge we the british people drown. say we should do live for the british people and get on with building a brighter future for our country by writing stuart morrow enjoyed the statement to the house. china's foreign ministry is edging canada to immediately release well way executive show the move follows prime minister justin trudeau expressing concern at the death sentence handed to a canadian citizen by a chinese course canadian officials say the verdict is in retaliation for the arrest of maying in vancouver in december several people have been killed in zimbabwe during protests against the doubling of fuel prices another two hundred
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people were arrested during the first of a planned three day antigovernment strike on monday the us president's trying to defuse tension with turkey over the future of kurdish fighters in northern syria donald trump's had a phone conversation with president russia type beto on it follows a tweet from trump on sunday night warning he devastate turkey's economy if its forces attacked the kurds. victims of post-election violence and i recall eight years ago have protested against the possible prison release of former president laurent gbagbo the international criminal court is about to decide whether to acquit and free him after seven years behind bars accused of crimes against humanity those are the headlines join me for more news here after the stream. to. you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the
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case listen if you want to. that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. today it will a truth commission. will lead to justice the country has begun hearings on decades of alleged abuse. let us know your thoughts on finding truth and reconciliation in the gambia you can send us a chat live via you tube or twitter. and on your. and your friends.


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