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written around age fifty eight the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contraptions science from a golden age with. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm has a seeker this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i find we should to deliver to the british people to resign may warns of a bleak future for the u.k. if m.p.'s reject her plan to leave the european union. canada's prime minister justin trudeau condemns the death sentence of a canadian man by a court in china. and the international criminal court set to announce
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a verdict in the war crimes case against former ivory coast president long by the book. and in sport the latest from the australian open as raina williams starts strong her quest for a record twenty four at the grand slam singles title. i . follow all eyes are on the united kingdom and the all important briggs's vote later on tuesday members of parliament will votes on teresa mayes deal to leave the european union the prime minister has been warning m.p.'s to back the agreement or risk no breaks it a talk all sides are bracing for turmoil because parliament is widely expected to reject a plan john a whole starts us off from. the three less than. eighty days to go until
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briggs's day and the odds are in favor of britain actually exiting the european union on march the twenty ninth lessen by the day. two and a half years since britain voted to neve the country is run by a government that lost its majority in an ill judged election going on to secure a brink's a deal with brussels that by prime minister to resume a loathed by many others critics see it as a surrender of british sovereignty a trap binding britain to the e use customs union i know this is not everyone's perfect deal it is a compromise but if we may let the perfect be the enemy of the good then we risk leaving the region. and while the prospect of no deal was demonstrated with a fake traffic jam by the department of transport who promised long queues and lengthy customs checks and u.k. borders others in government of warned of grave consequences if the p.m.'s deal is
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voted down what is more like. it is that we have the risk of paralysis and. when that happens no one happened the government says that would destroy the public's faith in democracy not that there's much of it around we are closer. than ever. hello freeze over before she gets that deal through parliament how do we get out of this mess or not post or just accept the world trade organization leave on those terms no deal and britain will be fine this is a deal world trade organization is a deal it's a deal the whole world these are extraordinary times in the history of this ancient democracy a country bitterly divided a government clinging to power by its fingernails and a parliament that doesn't seem to want the deal on offer but can't agree on very much else and an opposite. leader himself
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a lifelong euro skeptic determined to do what the e.u. says it won't renegotiate the brakes deal but first jeremy corbin must also pull off the near impossible when a vote of no confidence in the government forcing a general election i can think of no greater example of democracy in action than for this house to reject a deal that is clearly banned for this country. the uncertainty could mean delaying the u.k.'s exit from the bloc extending its article fifty notice period and that would be the very moment when those in favor of a second referendum unlikely to strike campaigners for a so-called people's vote believe the time is close when britain will have no other option. let's go live now to john in london so john all the indications are the government will be soundly defeated in tonight's vote the question is by how much.
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by how much that's absolutely right i mean some talk about this vote is the most important in parliament since the early years of the second world war others wonder whether very much will change at all with suggestions the reason may will simply try and bring another vote on this deal if she fails on tuesday night one man who may have a little insight is defense minister tobias elwood joins me now here on college green outside parliament thanks so much for your time first of all let me ask you is this a good deal for britain. it's the best deal that we can that on as the referendum result and as you say in your introductory piece it doesn't get bigger than this in peace time i'm all in peace very conscious of the of the the burden the weight of shoulders the decision that we have to say and in addition to trying to honor that referendum result i'm also saddened today because if we do take a step away from the european union it will reflect badly on on everybody including the european union and i just wish the european union had done more to allow
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a little bit more flexibility and transparency and accountability in the democratic processes and in competition as well because what you see happening in australia in poland in basically in hungry and so forth what's happened here in britain might be repeated and the european union has been very inflexible in recognizing that we as one of the most oldest democracies like to have more sovereignty than they were appreciating to leave us with all of that said do you accept that the deal is likely to go down and go down heavily tonight well this is what every m.p. needs to look at in the mirror to say if you don't vote for this deal you will not get bracks it so the brics it projects the people that wanted this in the first place need to ask themselves that say do they really want to risk it because the choice is if you don't support the prime minister then you would end up with no deal which i can't support i think that would be irresponsible for britain to walk away as an internationalist out when the country actually break away from our closest allies in this way or you end up in
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a no bricks it situation where article fifty is then delayed and who knows what will happen in referendum and so if the big question of course is what is true is my going to do next if as we expect she will lose you're a minister you must know surely she's telling you it doesn't work that way you have seen you know that as well what will happen is that every is working to ask every single m.p. to say is the compromise does this actually represent and on to the referendum result was now took place seven three years ago my. almost three years ago my concern is that my district where they voted to leave is that i refer. if a snapshot today is the same opinion as it was almost three years ago if we don't on so that if we don't reflect on that if we don't action the results of the referendum then will be many people saying actually it's out of date so all the more important that we try and get a result today to support a second referendum i will support this to this vote here today if we end up
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towards that then there will come a point where yes the second referendum. this place can't decide we are polarized we're in gridlock if the government is in gridlock you don't have to take it back to the people but the big question about a second referendum is if the result was flipped fifty two forty eight does that take a s. into any better place or the reason why m.p.c. look carefully in the mirror and say i actually voted for the prime minister's deal almost a referendum result and does move us forward devised a minister intrusive government thanks very much for those insights and just illustrating that whatever happens on tuesday night it is far from the end of this breaks it drama merely the beginning of a new process in deciding what on earth happens next all right for the moment on a whole life force in london. china's foreign ministry is calling for the immediate release of hawaii executive main one jew as a dispute with china gets worse that follows the death sentence given to
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a canadian citizen by a court in china robert lloyd's schellenberg was appealing against his fifteen year prison term for drug smuggling canadian officials say his sudden increased sentence is a retaliation for the arrest of man in vancouver in december. it is of extreme concern to us as a government as it should be to all our international friends and allies that china has chosen to begin to arbitrarily apply death penalty in cases facing me as in this case facing a canadian or china's foreign ministry hit back at the canadian prime minister's criticism of the death sentence jeff are you going to issue the remark that the most basic awareness of the legal system urged the canadian side to respect the rule of law respect china's legal sovereignty correct its mistakes and stop making irresponsible remarks a katrina you has
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a reaction more reaction now from beijing china's foreign ministry has hit back at canadian prime minister justin trudeau his comments this afternoon saying that any implication that china has arbitrarily enforced the death penalty is just wrong now the foreign ministry spokesperson quaternion told reporters at a news conference this afternoon that the chinese court found that all evidence points to the fact that canadian robert schellenberg was attempting to smuggle more than two hundred kilograms of methamphetamines from china to a stray liya she reminded reporters that in china these crimes are treated very harshly and in china or people are equal before the law she also said that china really hopes that canada will stop these irresponsible comments now this has that the soured relations between china and canada in december canada detained while way tech executive an heiress among one joe which has been the cause of much strain
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between the two countries and china itself continues to detain two canadians former diplomat michael corporate and business consultant michael spiral now in terms of robert schellenberg he has ten days to appeal the sentence and his lawyer has said today that they fully intend to do so. on a tang in is a china political analyst and government advisor he joins us now from beijing so wore about this thanks very much for being with us so was this death sentence justified in this case well what's actually surprising is that he wasn't sentenced to death the first time around and under the chinese law. only fifty grams is necessary to invoke the death penalty he was smuggling a half a ton that is quite something he has a record that goes back in canada for drug related offenses and this remember he was arrested in two thousand and fourteen so this had nothing to do with anything
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that has happened lately i mean there is this desire to connect these two but the fact is he did the crime china does advertise that it has a death penalty for this both the us and every country around the world has asked china to be more vigilant on the export of methamphetamine and now of a sudden when they do that it seems to be that there is a national outcry that it's a political ploy if as you say in this case that the crime justifies the sentence why why wasn't he given a death sentence back in two thousand and fourteen. well that's a good question he was given fifteen years he chose to have a retrial now the dispute right now is that he says there was no new evidence introduced by the prosecution that's the defense attorneys the prosecution said they they were able to introduce additional facts which warranted a much more serious sentence now remember this is not the final court on this this
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matter will automatically go up through two appeals process and one will lead directly to the supreme court that's that's a right afforded everybody it's and has nothing to do with politics china has seriously reined in its capital punishment scheme because they were concerned about provincial courts or lower courts arbitrarily handing out these things so there's been a lot of progress on that i think you can check with most of the agencies around they they believe that china is making progress they may not agree with the death penalty but that is a matter of sovereign law you saying china use it or it's also the law in many other countries including singapore you say you say that that politics has nothing to do with this but let's let's just recap and look at the basic facts here days off the main that the while away executive was apprehended in vancouver canada the chinese authorities detained two canadians michael covering and michael spann over who who were living in china on suspicion of endangering national security they
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said then schellenberg case comes to light not long. after that how do you square that with your contention that politics has nothing to do with this is all just coincidence then that they all happen to be canadian. well i think you're missing the point that every day there are hundreds of foreigners who are detained for not having the proper papers either for business or visa for improper access for drugs and they are dealt with very very very quickly to say that because three canadians were involved i mean i think if you go back and ask the canadian embassy how many people are routinely picked up on in a yearly basis just from canada you'll find that this is not surprising at all but that there's an inference being drawn that is political if these people committed crimes in china what would should they do say well they're canadian we're involved in is therefore we won't arrest them or we won't convict them the only thing that
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was a little bit surprising surprising that was of note is that during that prior to the retrial the government's opened up the court and said look we want media here we're going to allow media in here and i think that was because they want to make sure that it was open to the public and no one said that this trial was in secret so let's see where the appeals go and then decide whether or not this is political all right well let's see where it does go then let's say there is movement in the main case and she is eventually released from from canadian custody and then. death sentence is. is is revoked. how does that how does that fit in with your contention at the moment that the politics has nothing to do with this that political leaders did not get involved in this. well first off you're arguing facts that aren't in evidence as we say in the law we
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don't know what's happening in her case she's scheduled for a another hearing in in march this particular case will will go on its own way remember this this was from twenty fourteen we don't know that his death penalty will be. kept on they have a number of different things they could do so we'll have to see but that that's a domestic matter for the courts i mean are you suggesting perhaps that he go free because this is something i'm just not. the issue with the man cases it does seem political. the main case seems very political you have the president ited states saying that he was willing to use her as a bargaining chip if he could get his way on the things that the the timing of it was very suspicious in terms of they were doing it while he was actually talking to paying about trying to get something worked out. there have been no real
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cases of c.e.o.'s of big corporations big banks insurance companies manufacturing companies both in the u.s. and in europe where this kind of action has been taken so it's kind of odd but that's a separate case i don't know what you do about a criminal case where somebody is trying to take a half ton of methamphetamine which is now becoming one of the largest killers in the world especially among developed countries and export it to australia i'm sure that they would not appreciate that if they knew that this was being handled leniently appreciate talking to a sour on a tang and in beijing thank you. oh aye plenty more ahead on the news out. and we all saw it with our or who performed a very decent work. and we'll tell you why many say this exhibit in israel is offensive to christians. plus another
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violent day in zimbabwe as more people are killed during protests over a fuel price increase. transport agony for india's football as the asian cup will be here with that still. have a first donald trump is trying to defuse a growing dispute with turkey over the future of kurdish fighters in northern syria president spoken to turkish media wretched type on the phone that follows the tweet from trump on sunday night warning he would devastate turkey's economy if its forces attacked the kurds turkey's foreign minister responded saying nothing would be achieved by threatening his country his government seems kurdish y p g fighters as an extension of the p.k. k. which turkey considers a terrorist group if. we can see the difficult situation that mr trump is in now there are serious pressure on him he took the decision of
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withdrawing however the security divisions are putting constant pressure to stop and we know that the latest tweet is a domestic policy message is. we have said several times that we are not going to be afraid of any threats and will not bow down to it nothing can be achieved by threatening turkey economically and mike hanna has more on this now from washington. well the phone call appears to be an attempt to pour oil on the deeply troubled waters of the u.s. turkey relationship a relationship that was further deteriorate to buy president trumps tweets sunday in which he threatened the economic options against turkey should it take action against kurds when the u.s. troops withdraw from north eastern syria but the phone call in the course of the day went ahead reports both from the white to us and the turkish presidency indicate very satisfactory talks there was
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a broad base of agreement on what is happening in north eastern syria and it would appear some agreement as to what happens next when those u.s. troops withdraw now importantly there was no mention in the original white house statement about a safe zone being established in northeastern syria this despite the fact that in the turkish presidency statement there was reference to a safe zone to be established that would not infringe on syria's territorial integrity however in the course of today president trump has now tweeted saying that it was a very satisfactory conversation with the president earlier one and making mention of a twenty mile safe zone not specifying exactly where it is but matters may clarify in the course of the week when the chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff holds talks with his turkish counterpart that will be tangible discussions one would expect as to exactly what happens when the u.s. forces go ahead and leave northeastern syria. a young saudi woman who fled her
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family and was granted asylum in canada says she hopes to inspire change in her first t.v. interview a half says she wants to use her freedom to campaign for others the eighteen year old arrived in toronto on friday afternoon received global attention when she launched a social media campaign from her hotel room in bangkok pleading for help. marilyn full of the husband of c. i want to be free from abuse and depression i want to be independent in saudi there's control over a woman's life her job and position. as well but the still i have to suffer the army can't even travel on their own they're treated like children even if they're fifty or sixty years old they are free or equal to their male counterparts i think the number of women fleeing from the rules in saudi arabia and the abuse will increase. and i hope my story encourages them to be brave and free
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this might be what causes the change. a sculpture featuring saudi arabia's flag is being removed from the site of the nine eleven attacks in new york city the artwork called candy nations shows a series of large suites wrapped in the flags of the g. twenty nations but after criticism of thought these have decided to move the exhibit away from ground zero also judge body has more. french artist lawrence jenkins says she wanted to celebrate mankind with this work when she first created it in two thousand and eleven but many have criticized its proximity to ground zero in new york city as insensitive that's because fifteen of the one thousand hijackers on september eleventh were saudi nationals but the kingdom has denied any role following the complaints the port authority of new york and new jersey confirmed that they will move all twenty sculptures from the site in the world trade center complex in a statement to port authority said we have been in contact with the nine eleven
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memorial and various stakeholders and in full collaboration with the artists will relocate the exhibit from its current location we believe the solution respects the unique sensitivities of the sights and preserves the artistic integrity of the exhibits the exhibit will be moved next week the sculptures have been shown in more than twenty five countries and they were installed in downtown manhattan last month where they were to remain until the end of february i nearly three thousand people were killed in the nine eleven attacks on new york and washington hundreds of victims' relatives and injured survivors have sued the saudi government demanding compensation a group that represents the nine eleven victims has released a statement saying the exhibits relocation is the right thing to do door such a pari al-jazeera and another displayed in northern israel is causing outrage among the arab christian minority the artist who created the skull just
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says the museum and used it without his permission but the museum says that it's supports freedom of expression or a burger manoli has more. this is a sculpture that's caused so much outrage in titles macc jesus it displays a fast food outlets famous mascot hanging from across an important symbol in christianity haifa museum is added to disclaimer that it's not meant to cause offense but it has. on friday hundreds of protesters face off with police on the streets at a attempted to force their way into the museum to remove it themselves others are camping outside until the work is taken down. this is something i kneel for i redeem it with my soul i offer it with all the good things and what do you expect i first of all felt that this is a big insult a big insult i hope that everyone will stand with those in solidarity the heads of
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churches across israel a sickly a court order to have the sculpture removed. started with the heads of the churches have petition was offered to the judiciary to remove it will continue through peaceful rallies and vigils with the churches the museum and a municipality and we won't be quiet until we reach a solution. we need to understand that freedom of expression is interpreted in different ways in different societies we live today in israel if this work was directed against christians the world would be turned upside down it's not only the christian community that's angry but the artist himself he asked the museum not to use his work in september when he joined the boycott divestment and sanctions of israel he told israeli media israel uses culture as a form of propaganda to whitewash the occupation. but the director of the museum says he's defending the freedom of art culture and speech we understand
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fully understand. had feelings of christians here but we have to explain to them that this wasn't the meaning and we all saw it that they are. offended by this work the christian population makes up just two percent of israel and people in the community say it's a daily struggle to free practice that culture and religion they say the walk was put up against their will and gesture their minority status that concerns of being ignored durable manly al-jazeera. in a few moments we'll have the weather with staff go to what's still ahead on al-jazeera. we are in a fight for the soul a public education teachers in the second largest school district in the u.s. send a loud message walking off the job for the first time in three decades. and the n.b.a.'s most valuable player loses were the rockets were on fire in houston details later
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and. the nice thing sky spy the times. are is the sunset in the city of angels. hello there is a slight thought every parts of europe but there's still an awful lot of snow around in particular has some of the highest peaks it's still forming in fact this is what we saw in southern germany another little avalanche just triggered their course a few problems there but now the snow is working its way down towards the southeast so force in albania then we've also seen a lot of wintery weather and now that spreading over parts of greece and into parts of the middle east as well for turkey we've already seen plenty of cloud plenty of rain and as that system works its way eastwards as turning increasingly to snow so
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here are the pictures we've currently got out of the eastern parts of turkey you can see an awful lot of snow there now you're probably looking at the current thinking how deep it is rather look at the trees with a huge amount of snow in those trees and that's why snow is quite so dangerous because it can pull down trees because it's really quite heavy so a lot of snow there and there is plenty more still to come if the system gradually edges its way eastwards and as i say it is turning increasingly wintery as it marches its way eastward so at first you might see rain that turn quickly to snow and even if it stays slushy as the temperatures drop we're likely to see more of that turn icy and that rain also pushes further south for wednesday. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. it could be the biggest lie in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean twenty one geologists are secret borders.
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as the struggle for resources been pencilled far as some of the world's most powerful scientists speak our. oceans manakin on a. discover a wealth of winning programming from around the globe. fearless journalist the governments will still have less cultural the balance of power in favor of the. debates and discussion you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.n. across the globe powerful documentary. see the world from a different perspective. only on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching obviously a reminder of our top stories this hour the countdown is on in the u.k. to a vote on teresa mayes deal to leave the european union the prime minister's warning politicians to back the agreement or risk no brags that a tall vote is expected later on tuesday. china's foreign ministry is urging canada to immediately release hallway executive mang wines you prime minister justin trudeau criticized the death sentence handed to a canadian citizen court in china. president donald trump has spoken to turkey's leader wretched type two and on the phone that follows a tweet from trump on sunday and sunday night warning he would devastate turkey's economy if its forces attacked syrian kurds. and the international criminal court has acquitted the former president of ivory coast of war crimes charges judges say
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a long bow will be provisionally released but was jailed for crimes against humanity three thousand people were killed during his time in office scott live now to nicholas hawke who is standing by in abidjan for a say in ivory coast so nicholas how are people reacting to this decision there. well i wasn't just minutes ago there was an uproar and i mean you go in which is a suburbs of. a popular stronghold for. women fainting people's reviewing now police in riot gear have been deployed throughout this area back in december eighteenth even by a boat had anticipated the news had announced that perhaps her husband would be released and people in they did the streets of the capital this is really a moment of victory who are supporters of their own but both who last saw him in
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the country in this she milieu the where we saw the former head of state in hiding in a hotel room being arrested the vice of quarter as our president wants her now we see him in the international criminal court. getting some sort of relief from the judge and the judges were very damning they said that the prosecution failed to provide evidence to satisfy the burden of truth. to present evidence or to fail to demonstrate that crimes against civilians were linked to laurent gbagbo now remember how the. around eighty witnesses. documents over an eight year period and it seems that the prosecution have again failed to provide enough evidence to. charge someone that's been accused of crimes against humanity this have been
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against. the president of kenya this has been against them by the vice president of d.r. see where these charges that were released so it's very damning to the prosecution but here in ivory coast at least in this area it's a moment of celebration. and nicholas in terms of what's likely to happen next because the judges of the i.c.c. in the hague are saying that. this case can be this decision can be appealed so presumably. those who want to see want to see justice prevail for them against the former president will be holding out hope for that. well yes there is an appeal that the prosecution will be put forward there's a series of steps that will happen before we can. come to ivory coast it's unclear whether this is a provisional. provisional intervention so that means that perhaps there will not
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be allowed to come back to ivory coast or either way there might be a third country where he will be allowed to say. those decisions will be made in the next months and weeks in the next weeks to come but once for certain this news here in i read it is going to bring back the old divisions and tensions that once. the civil war that had been in two thousand and two thousand and eleven during that contested election that left three thousand people dead that's the fear from many of the victims that we spoke to yesterday. during president why. as a mandate for the past several years he has successfully brought back the economy into place but has failed to bring back re conciliation there were two bishops put into place truth and reconciliation put into place there where. there were various
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promises made to the victims but those have not been fulfilled and many of the victims fear that now that. it's believed that they will not receive justice i'm just behind you i can see crowds are coming on to the streets invading the streets . right now and police in right in my dear are just coming to people with with so men and women that come out from their shops going to the streets celebrating this decision from the international criminal court all right for the nicholas. in abidjan i think is what geoffrey nice is a law professor at gresham college and a form i.c.c. prosecutor joins us via skype now from the hague thanks very much for being with us so what do you make of this decision that. i thought i was in the prosecutor the as he was at the us our tribe you know where i prosecuted not which this is
1:36 pm
a and an interesting and another disturbing decision so rare that has ever stayed a little what it ever could be released unconditionally after a long period of time in custody it's a decision that is split two to one which has consequences to which our will turn but the first thing that we all ought to recognize is that you set up legal systems with apparently experienced knowledgeable judges who should be able to reach decisions and then you have majority decisions which leave things in effect on resolved after seven years of custody and a couple of years of evidence and what sort of confidence does that give the ordinary member of the public and in particular victims of confidence in the international judicial system and the answer must be not very much confidence because it's a minority decision we haven't yet. been able to read the minority judge's view there must be a reasonable chance that the prosecution will seek to appeal the decision they may
1:37 pm
not they may bite the bullet and say that's it we failed it and in which case i will leave it there but name must be a reasonable chance they will appeal the decision which means that the trial goes on effect a relief will be another couple of years and the uncertainty that follows on it politically and me ivory coast will itself also continue. the decision itself is i suppose not entirely unexpected i'm not at all familiar with the details of the case was my case but it's a it's a yet another decision where it's seen to be very difficult to prove the connection between things that happen on the ground and those at the top of the political military and chain of command and of that this is by no means the first time it's happened and because it happens so often. very serious consideration will have to be given to trying cases of this kind and at the cost of time and money
1:38 pm
they involved how strong do you think the link was there between people at the top in ivory coast like law and bad bo and they did the evidence that was was put forward because clearly the presiding judge said the prosecutors failed to prove that case beyond beyond a reasonable doubt but i certainly can't express an opinion on the strength or weakness of the evidence because i say it was in my case not in the evidence and indeed you haven't yet you know see the written decision of the majority or the minority but it has to be remembered by all those who engage in these cases now to prove the connection between the leadership and those committing what is probably undoubtedly serious offenses on the ground is always very difficult. for one of two reasons first people lower down maybe acting independently then me maybe acting independently up to a certain level of command people may be. getting their own back and making
1:39 pm
scores against one another second thing leaders in there ever to really avoid any direct and any paper trail any trail of their direct control and then there's a third factor and that is that control can actually be affected by leaders in very subtle ways rather in the way that it was said that hitler never gave instructions but people sort of guessed they worked towards hip and they knew what he wanted and therefore they were able to guess what he wanted and act accordingly so for these three reasons proving controlled in the way that it has to be proved to be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the man at the top committed or is in is responsible for me committing the offenses on the ground is always going to be difficult now that may leave. victims in particular in a very unhappy place because they may be quite sure that this person or that person
1:40 pm
was responsible by leadership for what she or he suffered but if the reality is that proving these things is going to be so difficult as to perspire own resolution to build up increasing on happiness then prosecutors are going to be very very sure before they launch these cases because although generally speaking in ninety two justice should always triumph over. pragmatic peacemaking here you've got to bear in mind the difficulties of proving a criminal trial are incidentally one last point the i.c.c. has been criticized perhaps unfairly in some ways being an anti african court but this is the first serious release from a very senior person on very serious charges if in the event he is released we don't know whether there's going to be an appeal is only going to add to that catch character of criticism of the court which may be unfair and unfortunate. i could
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speak with you geoffrey nice joining us there from the hague thanks for being with us our security officials in zimbabwe are using helicopters to drop tear gas on workers who've been protesting against the doubling of fuel prices there several people were killed on monday as police fired bullets protesters paul chandler jan reports. frustration over zimbabwe's worst economic crisis in a decade ignited rights and prompted a three day strike by unions protesters tried to shut down the capital harare and the southern city of bull away oh by erecting barricades and burning tires police responded by shooting live rounds trying to disperse rioters with water cannons and tear gas the uproar began over the weekend when zimbabwe's president. announced that fuel prices would more than double digits someone just wakes up and decides to increase the fuel price we had demanding that the price be reduced to its proper
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price the information minister tweeted clever people know what to do avoid fuel guzzlers cancel unnecessary trips and use bicycles do not protest in the streets you can lose a limb in skirmishes that unprecedented increase is seen by qana missed as a way for the government to control an economy that is once again in danger of freefall not only is there a shortage of cash and fuel but eighty percent of the population is unemployed he loved his good will for a career as a date anyone above eighteen years of age is standing at home without a job the government should do something because we farted for them. like a fuel barricaded roads and burning tires have prevented people from going to work and school protesters are demanding the government meet with opposition leaders to figure out how to end the economy's downward spiral others are resorting to looting for overpriced basic goods and drivers are queuing for hours to try to get fuel at
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petrol stations that have mostly run dry but i wonder that we can't say we are a country when we are paying five dollars for public transportation and spending more than five days in a fuel queue and when the president appears on t.v. not saying anything useful inflation rose to thirty one percent two months ago that's the highest it's been since two thousand and eight when the international monetary. fund reported it more than five hundred billion percent the president at the time robert mugabe abandoned the currency his government adopting the dollar and the crisis wiped out people's savings and pensions ten years on president emerson man on dog was touring russia europe and asia hoping to lure investments into his mineral rich country and avert an economic disaster. as they head.
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well again us don't u.s. president donald trump has rejected a call by members of his own party to temporarily reopen the government the partial shutdown is the longest in u.s. history and has left eight hundred thousand public workers without pay kimberly how could reports from washington washington at a standstill it's weekend snow fall only compounding the problems brought on by the historic partial government shutdown some federal workers off because of the
1:46 pm
shutdown or the snow are ending up at food banks the strain of uncertainty is evident it's bad. because you've got all these families that depend on this page. you have two little ones my wife who doesn't work. it's hard for single income families. in louisiana on monday u.s. president donald trump insisted there is widespread support for his bid to get five point seven billion in funding to build a wall between the united states and mexico to stop illegal immigration the key sticking point to ending the stalemate he suggests his democratic opponents are simply campaigning for the next presidential election they think that's a good thing for twenty twenty because they're not going to win. they think if they can stop me from building the wall that's good this is the reason why they don't want the wall built but over the weekend some top republicans including trump ally
1:47 pm
senator lindsey graham suggested temporarily reopening the government to restart border security negotiations with democrats trump's rejected the idea steady took jabs at some democrats who instead of negotiating attended a fundraiser in sunny puerto rico where government workers remain frozen out you want to shut eye on early in negotiations trump promised democrats take blame for the shutdown in order to make good on his border wall campaign promise i will take the man we were shutting down and he has new poll numbers show more than half the country fifty three percent blame president russian all republicans for the shutdown but even more sixty six percent believe the president should not the clara national emergency to break the stalemate that the border of urgency this is so simple he said not to go i have the absolute legal right to call it but i'm not busy to do that congressional members are back in session this week and could craft
1:48 pm
a deal on immigration to reopen the government. but they'll still need the president's support to get it done can really help get al-jazeera washington. but teachers in los angeles have walked off the job demand demanding better conditions and higher pay the strike is affecting more than six hundred thousand students and at least twenty thousand teachers protested outside city hall on monday the man says he hopes a deal can be reached soon rob reynolds reports. that. while sensualist public school teachers walked the picket lines in a downpour monday morning here we are in a fight for the song of public education many parents and students turned out in the show with support our teachers are heroes here for trying to do this every single that teachers want to pay increase controls for profit charter schools that receive taxpayer funds and more spending on support staff like nurses counselors
1:49 pm
and librarians above all they are demanding more spending to reduce class sizes. martha attwell has taught english at john marshall high school for twenty three years i have over forty students in the class and we have students teachers here who have classes that actually have over fifty students tens of thousands of teachers and their supporters rallied in front of l.a. city hall california is among the richest of the fifty us states but ranks forty third in terms of the amount of public funds spent per student half as much as new york no you want on the school board says it can't afford all the unions demands in part due to the heavy cost of pension and health benefits provided to retired teachers we are in discussions with the governor with the mayor with the state superintendent of public education because it is our desire to have all of our
1:50 pm
educators well supported while schools remain open during the strike staffed by administrative personnel substitute teachers and parent volunteers many parents are concerned about their children's safety and about the quality of instruction they'll receive while their teachers are manning the picket lines at el serino middle school in east l.a. students gathered in the library to work on lessons everything appeared quiet orderly and under control but about three quarters of the children who normally attend school were absent leaving usually busy whole ways oblate quiet principal joyce darragh says the school is well prepared these are our kids and they know us and they're comfortable with us so i think that anything that comes up will be able to support our students the l.a. strike is part of a growing movement teachers in several u.s.
1:51 pm
states who walked out last year and won higher pay and other concessions how long the l.a. strike will last no one knows with these children's education at stake robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. all right time now for sport his far hasn't thank you so much we start with the latest from the australian open serina williams has made a strong start to request for a record equalling twenty four grand slam singles title the thirty seven year old overpowered her opponent the unseeded german tatiana maria six six to win the first round williams is playing in her first grand slam since the us open where the now infamous rant against the umpire shocked the world the seven time champion last won the australian open when she was eight weeks pregnant with her daughter back in two thousand and seventeen and she faces eugenie bouchard of canada in the next round it will be a great match she plays really well. she does everything well and i
1:52 pm
really like that she doesn't quit you know people write her off and that doesn't she doesn't let that bother her and she continues to. to fight do it she needs to do so i think that's very much. serena sister venus is also through a shape a tougher time coming back from a track down to beat mchale at ask if. it wasn't a good day for one former champion chichen winner big torii as a rank a loss in three sets against four statement in the world number one to take the heat well it's her worst display at melbourne park since her first round loss in two thousand and six and it comes after missing the last two australian opens because of the birth of her child resulting in a city. building you know. i've been through a lot of things. sometimes i would rule. and
1:53 pm
i would have believed that. it would. palestine will attempt to reach that all cat rounds in the asian cup for the very first time later on choose day but they've got a difficult task on their hands the lines of command as they're known will have to be group leaders jordan who've already secured their spot in the last sixteen if palestine win it will be their first ever victory over their neighbors the sides of face each other four times before but this will be their first meeting at the asian cup finals i don't know when this but we will play against jordan as if we are playing the final of the tournament as i spoke to my place after our last much all the plays expressed their readiness the necessary sacrifice to qualify which would be historical. here's a group b. table the top to gain automatic qualification and a low palestine are at the bottom three points will be enough as they can even
1:54 pm
qualify as one of the four best third place teams and the other match syria play reigning champions australia the syrians also need to win to progress while the socceroos know would they all all they need is a draw. has. been made aware of the body to the preparation and to get change the thing. focus on a sow's and what we can do and. that's what we'll be. talking about speaking about and you know appliances on the training food for host nation the united arab emirates got the point they needed to progress into the knockout rounds on monday the u.a.e. drawing one one with thailand the result means both teams move into the last sixteen thailand or into the knockout rounds for the first time since one nine hundred seventy two. every group eight game was between india and bahrain a point for india would have seen them go through but an injury time penalty won the game for bahrain. it means india crash out while bahrain progress as one of the
1:55 pm
best plays teams it's a first time they've escaped the group since two thousand and four having failed on their last three attempts. manchester city boss pep ordeal admitted after monday's went over wolves in the english premier league that it's been difficult to reproduce the form that saw them run away with the title last season the champions beat wolves three no and are now just four points behind leaders liverpool it's a huge difference from this stage last year after twenty two games the title race was all but over with city having a fifteen point lead at the top you have to put pressure when you know where games. we have an incredible numbers we have done incredible numbers of the season again who is new to do and then these good seeds these incredible numbers that we had in the who is number three champion no problem at all but there were the four who. can do is been there been there. until the end
1:56 pm
the n.b.a.'s reigning most valuable player james harden led his team the houston rockets to win over the memphis grizzlies art and scored a season high fifty seven points to carry the water up to one hundred twelve to ninety four win over the visiting grizzlies it's the franchise record fourteen time hard in his bag forty or more points in a game this season the twelfth time in his career the fans show their appreciation harden received a standing ovation as he went back. over in utah the jazz beat the visiting detroit pistons for their fourth when their road donovan much over the top scored for the jobs with twenty eight points leaving them to one hundred two ninety four win against detroit utah are now ahead of the l.a. lakers in the race to seal the final playoff spot in the western conference. the us college football champions clemson tigers were dinner guests of u.s. president donald trump at the white house on monday but they didn't quite get the championship face they were probably expecting the players were treated to
1:57 pm
a candlelight supper with good ole american fast food that president trump said he paid for himself it would have been fancier but because of the partial shutdown the white house staff for all i hope. and so i had a choice do we have no food for you because we have a shutdown or do we give you some little quick salads that the first lady will make along with along with the second lady they'll make some salads and i said you guys are into salads so we actually that we've got a thousand burger king all american companies burger king wendy's and mcdonald's we have big macs we have quarter pounders which is we have everything that i like that you like. and i know no matter what we did there's nothing you could have that's better than that right. and that's all your support for now back to you has now a lot supply is this making me hungry that's for sure thanks for that is it for this news hour back with more of the day's news in a couple of minutes with my colleague mr see today and as always the last one our
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news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of bat you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're almost small on their own that's how that they're on the news and. that's the way al-jazeera is of all due to a true media network. portrays one of the. city's seen through the eyes of those who know it best they see birth certificate a few. al-jazeera world goes on the road with palestinian taxi drivers living and working at the heart of one of the most talky contested locations. jerusalem's
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a palestinian cabbies on al-jazeera. the prosecutor has failed to satisfy the burden of proof. the former president of ivory coast has been acquitted of war crimes and ordered released from jail in media. hello i am this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i. say we should to live by the british people to reason may want to have i believe a future for the u.k. if n.p.'s.


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