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and simplicity the last of the schools was in the german capital way then so being held this week to mark this movement came reports from berlin. it's very name is a watchword for daring design this was where the bar house movement found its expression a school of art that energized a generation of designers who threw out old fashioned frameworks and ushered in simplicity and mass production looking through those invisible war through the glass walls you get an idea of how an open society can be one hundred years on it's dean tells me the school is teaching the designers of tomorrow with an emphasis on the lessons of yesteryear remains of the past the legacy which really important is that our ass was a school all designed schools all over the world implementing the curriculum off the path i think that why the really is in every design decision in the world.
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from its inception this school had designs on more than architecture furniture was fashioned with mass produced steel as frames and supports there by creating simple streamlined forms that seem to define a changing world and now as the concept enters its second century germany is paying tribute to its first with a festival in berlin where furniture and architecture share center stage with the performing arts providing an experience its curator hopes will wire all who see it a lot of people approach contemporary art with this idea i don't understand it you know i don't know what these people are doing and i think this festival gives you a possibility to understand process is how art develops how it's emerges from certain ideas some of the exhibits at this festival concentrate on the synergy between man and machine robotics if you will and emancipator a form of expression that's helping to bring some parts about house out of the shadows and that's the aim of the entire festival to shed light on
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a movement whose essence was to abandon ostentatious outmoded ideas and embrace the modern world dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. not all companies around the world a streamlining and tightening their operations fully aware that their industry is changing fast they also want to be in pole position when it comes to new technology like the cars that drive themselves as john hendren reports now from the detroit auto show. this self driving car truly is a ride to these boxy four wheelers at the north american international auto show or autonomy is vehicles not of the future they're here now are in speed snap car lets you snap a passenger pod or a delivery pod onto what is sensually is a skateboard most are from small manufacturers but major manufacturers including ford plan to sell fully autonomy's vehicles in the next two years these fords are
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already being tested delivering pizzas groceries and people it's been more of an evolution than a revolution twenty one thousand cars are already packed with lane assist auto braking and other driver is cystic knowledge ease the autonomy that's available today is the autonomy that you see in your cars that assist you with the driving task you're going to see that today and tomorrow and the the the year after that you're going to see those technologies get better and better and better we're putting into our vehicles now the ability to stop on an emergency without you having any action on your own in a few years all of the vehicles ford sells will be connected able to communicate with other vehicles and objects on the road to help guide travelers and autonomy as cars this self driving fifteen passenger bus is already on the road here in the united states in about twenty other countries and when you're done you don't even have to tip the driver of this three hundred thirty five thousand dollars vehicle
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operates here on a waiver from the government because u.s. safety laws which require a steering wheel and pedals trail behind the technology. it's all electric self driving shuttle bus designed for shared use and last year in november navi also debuted our six passenger auden on taxi cab that's a six passenger vehicle which can operate within about a five square mile area and have all of your mobility in the out based. for car makers the ever evolving automotive future means more risk what all of that all of that translates to is additional risk and uncertainty for an industry they have to make these big investments to future with their business and in the same time we're looking at business model changes where people may not actually file the car but just by the amount of transportation or mobility needs that breaking that they need . that likely means more partnerships to share the financial risk among the latest this week ford said it will team up with folks walking to build electric vehicles
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and standard vehicles and of course some of them will drive themselves john hendren al-jazeera detroit. to head in sports a slam dunk becomes a case of why it might what might have been funny any people may have been hit with action from the end please stay with us.
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time to catch up on sports thank you folly qatar's nasir a just won his third a rally in peru this is third time winning the race this time with toyota he led
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the rankings in nearly every stage as several of his contenders were forced to wait facing major car issues ninety roma came in second forty six minutes and forty two seconds later mariana sunshines is live for us at the finish line mariana what's the atmosphere like there for you. well the other race is over and as you were saying. the qatari pilot house won this race crown himself as the third time winner first in two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fifteen we spoke with him after the rays and he told us that he would have been a very tough one although he comes from qatar where there's a lot of sound and it had been a very challenging race for him as well that he lost five kilos at least in the race but that he was very happy to have worn this very very difficult rally
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you were saying and came. almost a legend in this very most important category which is the car race. from spain who came in more than forty six minutes after. the course was way way ahead of the second also i think it's important to highlight that to the motorcycle category was won by. toby price. of course the motorcycle drivers telling us that it had been very difficult because it's very tough to drive in the one another highlight in this race house been the fact that. the largest group of women participated not all of them reached the finish line but seventeen women were part of this part of this race and several of them telling us that indeed it is a very tough one it's really
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a race the signed to four men there well it's no doubt a tough race but it's also one that has had quite a bit of criticism throughout the years what's been the biggest bit of criticism this time around. that's right there's been a lot of criticism around this race especially from people who let's call them the romantics who want to to race to be a long adventure like the ones that used to happen in africa where there were long plains and long deserts and now it's been a lot of a lot of the same a lot of dooms seventy percent of the raise has been sound and dunes and a lot of loops around the same area so there's been criticism from some drivers on that end but others like the peruvian driver who i spoke to this morning said that to he's used to. and that in fact it's been
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a very interesting race where have learned of many new and different places new doom's moves us you put it that gives the opportunity for the world to see the wonders of peru. think you can go find shape. now there's been another win for qatar they'll go to the last sixteen of the asian cup in the united arab emirates as a group after defeating saudi arabia two nil on thursday and given the current fifa matic blockade of qatar by the saudis this had the potential to be a highly charged affair but after the pre-match handshakes passed by fairly normally the players kept things professional there were only three zero cards and one of them was for time wasting now what mattered most was the score was the man that put the ball in the back of the net twice for the qataris both sides had plenty of chances but ability to keep his calm and front of the goal was what actually ended up making the difference and a lot of happiness at the end for qatar but still quite
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a long way to go they need to win another four in a row if they are to win their first asian cup title they play iraq in the last sixteen. now in group f. action culminated with a japan win over who's back to stand to secure the top spot on overcame turkmenistan and the other game to also qualify for the last sixteen. twenty three time grammy slam champion serina williams powered her way into the australian open third round with a dominating went over at eugenie bouchard on thursday the american one straight sets over the canadian finishing six two six two williams moves on to a third round that meeting against ukraine's diana yes trims. world number one simone. was also a second round winner in melbourne there are many and came from a breakdown in the third set to beat unseeded sophia keenan six three six seven six four she will face venus williams next. and u.s.
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open champion naomi osaka had a relatively straightforward route into the third round so venus temora is a done this so down second six to six for osaka who seeded fourth here made the semifinals four of her last five turns. and men's world number one novak djokovic swept past joe wilfred tsonga it was a repeat of the two thousand and eight australian open final that gave the serb his first of six titles in melbourne djokovic twenty six three seven five and six. rain suspended play in the match between me and stan wawrinka forced the match into four tie break sets before booking his place in the third round with a six seven seven six seven six seven six victory over the swiss who won the open back in two thousand and fourteen. and ages tottering to men's player should corry had a five set battle with evo carla bitch who served fifty nine a says it took misha
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corrie just under four hours to finish off the big serving career way putting the eighth seed into the third round and bringing tears to the eyes of some of the japanese fans. the interim president of michigan state university resigned after making comments about the u.s. gymnastics sexual abuse victims john engler told a local newspaper that the gymnasts the gymnast who were sexually abused by former usa gymnastics and michigan state team dr larry nasser were quote enjoying the spotlight larry nasser was sentenced to more than three hundred years for sexually abusing young gymnasts. the milwaukee bucks could be heading further best season in years in the n.b.a. they took first place an eastern conference on wednesday night after beating the memphis grizzlies over in the west the l.a. clippers and the utah jazz are vying for playoff spots georgists nyang pegged the clippers back in the second with a block on patrick separately. there's
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a child korver was calling the tune for the jazz he ended up with nineteen points utah winning by twenty this is a fourth straight loss for l.a. . well that's all your sport now back to you ali thank you very much that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera from me for the home team in doha thank you for watching barbara starr is live from london next stay with us. whether online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for
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this is a dialogue the government has codebase and a legal protest and instructed police to use force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice and for votes and lots of different reasons why he different types of bricks or join the global conversation on al-jazeera shadowy financial operations are propping up north korea's economy. the elite and fueling the nation's missile into issues. one on one east investigates north korea's secret money on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the well and . so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera taiwan. a sovereign island state or
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a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies lies and prostrate toddies on a jersey. we will recognize that space is a new war fighting domain president trump unveils a revamped missile defense strategy with a focus on developing new technologies to protect the u.s. .
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alone barbara starr you're watching our jazeera live from london also coming up in the program a car bomb explodes inside a police academy in the colombian capital killing at least nine people battered and bruised the zimbabwe security forces are accused of using excessive force to crack down on fuel protests and why you at least sixty percent of the world's wild coffee species are at risk of extinction. thank you for joining us u.s. president donald trump has unveiled the revamped missile defense strategy among the concerns highlighted in the pentagon review on north korea iran china and russia and in a throwback to ronald reagan's one thousand nine hundred star wars initiative it recommended studying experimental technologies including space based weaponry that coud could shoot down missiles our goal is simple to ensure that we can detect and
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destroy any missile launched against the united states anywhere anytime anyplace we will recognize that space is a new world striding domain with the space for such leading the way my upcoming budget will invest in a space based missile defense layer. new technology. it's ultimately going to be a very very big part of our defense and obviously our offense. particular plane joins us live now from from the pentagon patty very interesting there at the president focusing initially on defense but also literally at the end of that clip mentioning a fence as well and what is this new missile strategy exactly. what you know i
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think that remains to be seen i mean this is a very big deal if you was to get his way lots of countries have been reluctant to weaponize space obviously that would be a big concern across the globe the president put that in there before that they had really been sending the message that this was much more about defense but the president saying no we want to look at all fence of weapons now he said my budget will put that in well that doesn't matter the president sends a budget to congress and they can say sure well funded or you know we're not going to fund that and there's literally nothing he could do about that there was a briefing after the president left the pentagon and the question reporters kept coming back to is how much is this going to cost i mean think about it they want to invent a laser that can go on a drone that can shoot down a missile that technology doesn't exist they're talking about retrofitting the f. thirty five fighter to try and take down missiles and then of course they are the goal of having a satellite that has sensors in space and also creating some kind of weapon that can go into a satellite in space that could fire take down any one them
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a missile soon after it was launched this is really sort of a science fiction sort of stuff how much is that going to cost and interestingly they said here you know we're not going to get into that so although the message surprises trying to send as we're doing this we're going to weaponize space that is so far from certain that we should keep that in mind when talking about it. so it seems strange then as to why it's sold being announced in this way now. well because congress has said to the pentagon you have to come back from time to time and review our defense of missile posture this happened under barack obama president barack obama in two thousand and ten before that as you mentioned ronald reagan and this trip. actually bit long delayed much speculation in washington that they were sort of keeping it out of the mainstream media because they were hoping for some breakthroughs with north korea they didn't mention north korea directly about this but this is the president also trying to look presidential let's keep in
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mind where we are right now the government is partially shut down polls show he is losing popularity the wall is unpopular the shutdown is unpopular and he's being blamed for it this gives him a chance to come to the pentagon and project an image of straight it'll be covered like that in much of the conservative media so it's not just about the message he's sending internationally it's also about what he wants the people domestically to be talking about right now that elaine with the latest there from the pentagon patty thank you well trump also offered his condolences to the families of four american service members killed in a suicide bombing in syria claimed by eisel while he was speaking french president emanuel in the crown was addressing french soldiers and said the u.s. that showed that the battle against i saw in syria would continue it is new year's speech to the armed forces in toulouse mccrone said france would remain militarily involved in syria this year regardless of the u.s. intention to withdraw its troops from the country. well staying in the us the
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partial government shutdown there which is now in its twenty seven states is affecting donald trump's approving ratings with research indicating a shift in disapproval among his own supporter base a new poll suggests that fifty seven percent of people would vote against the president in twenty twenty it comes as a shutdown is intensifying the impact on american people were large queues at major airports across the u.s. on wednesday due to the absence of security staff thousands of federal employees are either working without pay or simply not working at all let's talk to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett kimberly for a long time it sort of seems that trump can do no wrong when it comes to the support of his big so why is this proving that you know why is this causing a shift now. money matters and when you're not getting your money you start to get angry about it look for someone to blame and the polls do show not only do a majority of americans blame the president for the shutdown but this is
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a roading support that up till now had appeared to be pretty solid and that is the the president's supporters that helped him win the election in twenty sixteen what i think the white house has miscalculated in all of this is the economic impact of the government shutdown of the white house is even acknowledged that visors have said you know they didn't realize that this was going to hurt so many people across the board particularly when it comes to contractors that will not be getting their back pay so this is significant because there is this fact that you know the congressional democrats say look we are not going to fund this wall the sticking point is the five point seven billion that donald trump is looking to build along the southern border he needs that money from congress and democrats say they refuse to provide it at the same time the president is not giving in on his asis insistence that he get this money so that as you point out the stalemate now is
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twenty seventh day it doesn't appear that this is going to break and why is this a problem for the president well it's a long way away but there is another election ahead in twenty twenty and given the fact that the economy was really donald trump's kind of signature achievement the fact that this is now starting to have an impact certainly is going to make that campaigning tactic and boasting about the economy the economic success bit of a challenge. can really i guess the economy is hurting is base support but of obviously another hugely controversial issue of his presidency has been the separation of immigrant children from their parents and actually an internal watchdog said the u.s. government may have separated thousands of all migrant children from their families than previously sold what more do we know about this. yeah well the bottom line in all of this is the government is still shut down because donald trump says there's a humanitarian situation and crisis on the border essentially the flood of illegal immigration needs to stop with the construction of this border wall and that's why
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he's dug in his heels but the flip side in all of this is with the illegal immigration and parts that are still easily crossable a lot of children have been separated from their parents this is not a new headline what is new is the fact that the numbers seem to have been downplayed or the administration simply doesn't know the true numbers at all that's what an internal watchdog report has revealed now this is certainly frustrating because we know there is a spike in the summer of two thousand and seventeen when these families were increasingly separated as a result of the administration's ciro tolerance policy in terms of criminal prosecutions if you enter the united states illegally you were going to be prosecuted you would be able to keep your kids so now what we're hearing is that the number is even greater of those families that were separated and well a federal judge did order the unification of these families it appears that didn't always happen so you're right there is a humanitarian crisis on the southern border according to the president but it seems to have been exacerbated by the poor implementation of some of the
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president's own policies over the hurricane with releases from washington can really sink you. yes. at least nine people have been killed in a car bomb attack at a police academy in the colombian capital it's the biggest attack against a police or military facility in the city in over a decade. had any ground shattering the windows of apartments in the area around the building president even rushed back to the capital from the west of the country where he'd been attending. a lesson there and joins us live now from bogota so the son of the president has just been talking what did he say. well he first called for a minute of silence and then described this attack as a cowardly attack against. the students he said the young future policemen's
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about are studying. cademy that were prepared for this kind of attack you also said that. he is united against what is the described as terrorism he says that colombia has defeated terrorism in the past and the thing will happen will happen in this case also the attorney general spoke of giving a number of new details starting with the alleged attacker demand i was driving there as you be that ran inside to this school and then exploded his name was to the attorney general has there been my rock as you also died in the attack and he said that the car he was driving was registered and had the last mechanical rich vision in the region this is the region of colombia near the border where it with
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minister and i were a number of criminal groups operate among them the only rebel groups still parade. in the country they yell and the national liberation army ready game know the details of who might be behind this attack to be the person was driving the car and alexander it's the biggest attack against a police and military facility in bogota in over ten years so what impact has to be you know the atmosphere the people there how have they been reacting to this. that's correct barbara this kind of attack on the colombian stock that they have closed there this chapter in their history that these kind of attack at least these this big. was not going to happen any more there have been bombed by attacks in the last day even here in the capital. where victims of the last one.


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