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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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impossible they're certainly not warm cairo is a maximum just getting degrees for the west we've got a few showers just making their way on to the coast about geria as we head through friday on saturday a top temperature of around fourteen degrees but the central west of africa that has plenty of sunshine here is still holding call to about thirty two degrees but watch out for the gold shower in uganda and also.
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top stories this hour the african union has called on the democratic republic of congo to postpone its final presidential election results saying there are serious doubts over the vote constitutional court. decision on friday. activists say three more people have been killed in confronting police and protesters thousands of people. demanding president omar al bashir resignation. and u.s. president donald trump says he wants to explore space based weaponry that could shoot down missiles. at the pentagon.
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the chairman of the u.s. house intelligence committee says allegations donald trump instructed his former to lie to congress is one the most serious accusations against the president so far buzz feed news is reporting trump told michael cohen to lie about a building project project. democrat adam schiff says his committee will do all it can to find out the truth. examining whether a chance campaign colluded with russia during the twenty sixteen presidential election bruce fein is a former us associate deputy attorney general and joins us live from washington d. c. the how potentially devastating claims for donald trump. well i think this takes the impeachment. prospect to a new level what mr cohen is testifying to if it's true from buzz feed is that
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a crime to which he is already pled guilty lying to congress was really part of a conspiracy with the president to mislead and frustrate the oversight function of the legislative branch. that clearly in my judgment would be a high crime and misdemeanor justifying impeachment based upon articles of impeachment voted against richard nixon and william jefferson clinton remember this is a case where the president is alleged now to obstruct in the functioning of a co-equal branch of government it's not necessarily a payoff to a porn star but this goes to the heart and soul of our separation of powers an institutional integrity here and that is what i believe makes it far more likely to push an impeachment i think we can expect the chairman of the house judiciary committee to shoe a subpoena after mr cohen testifies asking that mr trump under oath rebut anything
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that mr cohen may have alleged is because of the case that is cohen's were against donald trump i mean who decides who to believe. well that's true but i worked through in the watergate impeachment and there was a lawyer and john dean was president nixon's lawyer and it was john dean's word against president nixon and then we had the nixon tapes as well but ultimately it was john dean that was believed more credible even though he was a convicted felon and that's what we have with mr cohen moreover the media has documented literally thousands of flagrant lies that mr trump has told from the beginning of his inauguration including things relating to this particular investigation he's given several different versions of why you fire james kone told me he has stated that a june two thousand and sixteen meeting with the russians was over adoptions when it was over getting dirt on hillary clinton anyway the american people will have to
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make up that decision or members of the house and that's why i believe that mr trump will be forced to testify under oath pursuant to a subpoena as as the heat builds up on donald trump how could we expect him to react. well the first thing you'll do is attack the integrity and character of mr cohen i'll call him weak and indecisive and a liar that's the way in which he has responded to all of his critics he responds with ad hominem attacks i do think that this now gets into the range because this is combined with now the statement of his chief lawyer rudy giuliani who no longer is saying that mr trump's campaign didn't collude or conspire with the russians to influence the election but just mr trump didn't know about it and that's a if after mr trump has repeatedly stated it's all fake news there was never any collusion and now is chief lawyer saying well he's not going to deny there was
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collusion but mr trump didn't know about it that doesn't necessarily exculpate mr trump because he's responsible for his campaign and his recklessness in letting his subordinates deal with the russians even if he didn't know about it but i do think that mr trump is going to be under very very heavy pressure to actually negotiate maybe he will run for two thousand and twenty but he's in very desperate peril as we speak right now it's not safe as they sing to speak to you bruce fein thanks for joining us there from washington d.c. thank you oh donald trump has counseled a delegation to the world economic forum in davos next week sizing the government shutdown he will say scrap house speaker nancy pelosi is upcoming overseas tour it was called deadlock between trump of the democrats and his proposed border wall is now this twenty seventh day i see earliest suggested to lay his plan state of the union address if the m. pos doesn't end this week this senseless shutdown is inflicting
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great pain and every part of our country every day the impact spread impacts spread reaching the lives of hardworking americans these are the people who deliver services to the american people. we should respect what they do for our country many of them are veterans who have translated their military patriotism into civilian patriotism working for the government well there are warnings that the shutdown is slowing economic growth across the u.s. government workers who are getting paid a spending less and that's having a ripple effect has more from washington d.c. . for me lukyn serger the political fight in washington has not only shut down the government but also tim god cafe his popular coffee shop the cafe sits on the ground floor of a federal office building just a few blocks from the white house but now with thousands of employees not working
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during the shutdown tables sit mostly empty in the water there are no lines at the register since the shutdown says he's lost seventy percent of his business you have a business they spin doing well and you're working you will invest in your business time and money and you have. a college in this business and you can lose everything the shutdown has meant washington d.c. is eerily empty in a city driven by a federal government workforce when they are not around it has a spillover effect less people restaurants cab drivers with people or customers city officials worry about the little guys the longer this lasts does the greater the likelihood that we will see some of the restaurants the small restaurants closing and other small businesses you know the card shop to try cleaner but in d.c.
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the whole situation stinks in more ways than one with garbage collectors not working because of the shutdown trash started piling up well it's the responsibility of the federal government to pick up the trash around the museums monuments and he even here on the national mall once the trash started piling up it was the city of washington the decided to step in and clean it up but now some are saying maybe that was a mistake. i kind of feel like we should let the trash go to show how dysfunctional the federal government has become back at the cafe hoping the unthinkable will happen. so we have to close down and i don't know. want. to guess but you know there is a possibility more possible every day until the shutdown is over and the customers come back problem is nobody knows when might be thank you ma'am.
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washington. who the rebels have rejected the role of an expanded u.n. group of monitors to oversee the ceasefire in yemen the un team tasked with supervising the troops came under fire in the city of her data on thursday they were leaving a meeting with a yemeni government delegation when shots were fired no one was harmed that came a day after the u.n. security council approved seventy five new on. yemen the arab economic summit is already being seen as a failure even before it begins on friday in beirut and several heads of state of. qatar and the king of bahrain countries involved have huge disagreements issues such as syria's future and efforts to contain iran. an investigative journalist who helped expose corruption in african football has been shot dead in ghana's capital. was part of an undercover probe to expose corruption there by
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award winning journalist and us r m a your investigation led to the resignation of the head of the ghana football association. report was from. relatives and friends gather at the family home of the murdered journalist ahmed hussein. he was shot multiple times just outside his home in accra and what appears to be a targeted killing almost all do is from the north the other family from this place is all here morning you know it's something very shocking and what people were even intending to do we have big. moms who come to talk to us not to take the law into our heart because we don't know who is responsible. of this unfortunate incident i'm that worked closely with the award winning investigative journalist and us army together they expose corruption in the gun in you to sherry health sector and most recently saw several hours after the killing and asked posted
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a video on twitter showing a member of parliament making threats against ahmed in june last year after the latest exposé on soccer that led to a lifetime ban from the sport for the head of ghana's football association for bribery and corruption ghana has a very good track record of press freedom not only in west africa but across the entire continent and that's what's made this murder all the more shocking media and civil society organizations are concerned that that environment could be changing and this has come to. that which we need to do something extra not only to maintain our position but also to ensure their rights atmosphere is governed sheet for their participation as an england fan as president has called on the police to act quickly to bring to book the perpetrators of what he called a heinous crime as the family prepares to bury ahmed and mass and his team say they are devastated but unshaken in their resolve to continue exposing corruption. i'm
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up working out as they are across. now if you live in a shack in south africa what are your rights that's the question being asked by millions of shanty town dwellers in the eastern province of kwazulu-natal one rights group says hundreds of people are being thrown out of their shacks and that it's illegal unless that provides us with a permanent alternative home for me the miller has moved them. just below the main road on a hillside in keto christe in durban these people have built a makeshift homes the shacks at the canano settlement are made out of plastic wooden boards and metal sheeting providing little protection from rain and the intense humanity. has lived here for two years after losing her job and not being able to pay rent elsewhere she built the shack after her previous one was burnt down she says by police. in the rubble with. but when they
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got here they started shooting from the top and then came down and continued shooting we asked what the problem was and they told us to leave and that this was in our place they got into our homes and burnt everything down this community leader says forty six shacks were demolished and some burned down during the vixens . despite repeated evictions dozens of families have returned and continue to live in the k'naan a settlement many say it's not by choice but necessity the areas close to schools clinics and places of work but they say they live in fear worried police will come back and evict them again schachter as association. dollars says the vixens i legal because the city doesn't have a court order and as required by law it's not provided alternative accommodation for those it's evicted the group says the rights of people living in two thousand three hundred shack settlements across the country are being ignored we have been receiving interrupted seeing the number of every sin in the city i mean just before
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this one seven communities have face of action so we have to alter court just last year top ten interdict against the city which involves more than twenty to forty one fabulous the municipality refused to speak to al-jazeera saying the matter is still before the courts but earlier issued a statement saying some land is not meant for human the occupation according to government statistics fourteen percent of the africans live in informal settlements the government provided three point two million free houses for the poor in the last twenty five years but the people's environmental planning organization says about twelve million south africans don't have adequate housing people living at the canano settlement say there's some relief after the court stopped any further the vixens they say what they need is a permanent solution for me keto crist was a do not tell. cattery rally driver has been crowned the winner of the dakar rally
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that finished in peru on friday the first time the cattery has been crowned champion of the off rolling off road race ran a sanchez reports from pisco in southern peru. cheered across the finish line. the winner once again of a race which demands so much of vehicles and their drivers you know it's really very difficult is not. always that. you know it's really hard. but i am really quite happy with that in the forty eight year old qatari beat spain by forty six minutes a man regarded as a rally race legend. and i've got it i will do it i will be it's been a very difficult day but we happy to have reached a finish line. competing as a woman is about overcoming challenges. perhaps in march a cycle it's more difficult for women because we have less physical strength and
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you need to be strong she was not alone seventeen women competed in the race this year the largest group of women yet to take part in the competition. driver says men have an unfair advantage at the dakar backout is not for ladies this is really for boys and every day ladies fight of a story no show or. some peruvians criticised event organizers for the decision to run the race through challenging it fragile southern desert region. a peruvian driver says the rally puts people on the world stage. being one hundred percent peruvian it's a chance for the world to know our genes it's a window on peru. albert is another say those sandy dunes made the recent very tough one many drivers here say it's been one of the most challenging duck cars
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more than twenty five percent of competitors pulled out but many here say they will do it again. for his victories a chance to show young people around the world the good of doing sports i wish you know for all that to do. to keep. himself. you know some think you know for a for his life you know. and for the followers of the release the closing of yet another adventure where simply reaching the finish line counts as a victory mcginnis and just. there are these are top stories now african union has a democratic republic of congo to postpone the announcement of its final
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presidential election results saying there are serious doubts over the vote provisional results were released last week declared runner up cans at martin for you had filed a court challenge demanding a recount he insists he won sixty one percent of the vote in contradiction with official results are declared felix the winner. in sudan for the protests demanding the resignation of president omar al bashir are expected following friday prayers nationwide confrontations between police and protesters on thursday killed three people thank you a child a doctor. a sit in at a hospital in khartoum. u.s. president donald trump says he wants to explore space based weaponry that could shoot down missiles and make the announcement unveiling a new defense strategy at the pentagon. they were obvious president has canceled the delegations the world economic forum in davos next week citing the government shutdown is also scrapped house speaker nancy pelosi upcoming overseas tour
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a political deadlock between trump of the democrats over his proposed border wall is now in its fourth week. of this senseless shutdown is in thirteen great pain and every part of our country every day the impact spread impacts spread reaching the lives of hardworking americans these are the people who deliver services to the american people we should respect what they do for our country many of them are veterans who have translated their military patriotism into civilian patriotism working for the government the chairman of the u.s. house intelligence committee says allegations donald trump instructed his former lawyer to lie to congress as well the most serious accusations against the president so far news is reporting trump told michael cohen to lie about a building project and moscow democrat adam schiff says his committee will do all it can to find out whether the allegations are true or. not with all the headlines
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and back with more news here on al-jazeera that's off the inside story. more than two thousand five hundred leaders from governments businesses and international organizations will meet at the next economic forum to discuss the global political and industry trends one twenty nine t. dam special coverage on al-jazeera. security in the spotlight again in kenya after fighters attacked a hotel complex in nairobi can these assaults be prevented and what's the message the armed group is trying to send this is a story. hello
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and welcome to the program i'm dead. long threatened kenya security with attacks targeting civilians and members if its military its latest assault is raising questions about the country's ability to keep people safe dozens of people were killed on shoes they were in five gunmen attacked a hotel complex in nairobi the armed group has been fighting kenyan and regional african troops and it's home base of somalia will bring in our guests in a moment but first this update on the how mother though in nairobi. details are now getting really tucked up was cut it here in this complex behind beautiful to riverside drive by al-shabaab just last tuesday. there were five touches on that it took them up to ten months to plan the whole portion as well say to be frequent visitors to the compound up in the middle east and west around inside and also having coffee they are while they plan to see how they will be cutting out the
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other talk and in a departure from pasta tots like the one the top and he can and. i'll clips to the security forces for the whole rescue operation and how it was cut it out the number of people who were rescued was far greater than pasta a toxin such as the one that's happened here but also how swift they walked in on the reacting but also and the the whole all politician. is saying that they cut out the talk here because it was in retaliation for trump's the coalition of jerusalem that couplet all of israel something many people here say that would have been more pool simple to say. it will sort of tell the issue and for a tox against them by boat on u.s. forces but also somali special forces twain by the united states and also been given logistical and support by the u.s.
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ministry of course the group is up against the proof to the world at the moment that they are on the receiving end and losing ground very fast is somebody of s.t.l. a force to reckon with and such a tux would come in really hunting for them to prove that this kind of steel a talkin kind of altus much damage possible muhammad i don't feel inside story. let's take a closer look at al shabaab which was formed in two thousand and six after a brief civil war in somalia. took control of vast areas in two thousand and nine including the capital mogadishu and major ports in twenty eleven an offensive by twenty two thousand ethiopian and african union troops pushed out fighters from mogadishu and a year later military action forced the armed group to leave the vital port city of my o. but by twenty eight teen had lost substantial territory yet it still poses a security threat now the targets kenya for sending troops into somalia in two
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thousand and twelve that was in response to a series of abductions of western tourists and aid workers in parts of kenya near the somali border in twenty thirteen attacked the westgate mall in nairobi sixty seven people were killed two years later one hundred forty eight people died in an attack at a university in garrison in eastern kenya and in twenty sixteen the armed group struck a kenyan military base in somalia killing at least one hundred soldiers. let's bring in our panel in nairobi we have security analyst list if i use a folly in oslo we have to figure out the hanson he is the author of the forthcoming book hornets and rift fault lines of the african jihad also in nairobi is. she's a political analyst she's also the executive director of c.s. a place that's an ngo that works to encourage women and young people to participate
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in politics good to have you with us on inside story thanks for joining us the most obvious of ali it's now being reported that some of the attackers were in fact kenyans what does that say about al shabaab in kenya and their operations and their ability to strike this way. fast of all these these of course not homegrown terrorists these terrorists that were recruited by al shabaab which is a group operating in somalia what i was shabaab has been doing has been recruiting from among. to sooth your peons british from the united states of america and many other nationalities to fight in their horrible course in some of the well it's not the first time that they've tried to recruit kenyans to fight for their cause think you're on their hands and you're nodding along talk to us about this recruitment and how concerning it is. no i was noting because these type of
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operations also wisc it there in general planned in somalia and stuff by people trained inside of somalia but as the previous speaker said shabab has been highly successful in the past in recruiting kenyan stands on the ends and indeed no we didn't see dozens one of the attackers from in the westgate was actually on the wheaton seats and so they have been quite successful in recruiting old side of kenya especially outside of somalia story is specially kenya but i suspect these people to be seen the past trained in somalia a part of the core organization of the ship and this mission must have been planned for quite awhile and what is it that makes them so successful at this recruitment i think there's a lot of. things inside kenya that creates fertile groans for recruitment it is poverty it is use a youth employment in addition to that you have a distrust between youths and the police all of these things have to be worked with
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but i also have to say that there has been a lot of progress on the kenyan site in doing counterterrorism and also these softer side so for the radicalization in the country while an extremist and a lot of it is handled by the civil society but there has been progress inside kenya and curtailing these efforts by the shabab and this month the kenyan that works. according to reports by western and regional security officials intelligence services in kenya were in fact warned back in christmas that and shabab was planning some sort of attack in the country on high profile targets and these reports also seem to say that. the intelligence officials were frustrated that they hadn't gotten a greater response from kenyan authorities do you think this attack should have been preempted by security forces in kenya. i think that we have to. and the kind
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of situation that we're in because when we talk about terror attacks in kenya they happen quite frequently and for our country within this region where the ones who attacked quite the most so when we talk about warnings we are always receiving warnings there is always. i also remember when we were having our people were traveling they were being warned about terror attacks not just in their role be but we're also talking about malls and also offices and things like that so when you hear people crying wolf for setting alarms often off course people will not take that seriously so it's unfortunate that that did happen but i do have to say with that with a security forces handle the situation this time around on tuesday we can see quite an improvement as compared to what happened in twenty thirteen with west yes we do hear. that security forces were in fact on the scene in the hour of when this
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attack was taking place but it does still beg the question about the effectiveness of the security of parents in kenya seeing that and she was able to carry out such an attack and kill a number of people. that is true because even when we look at when we drive around they will be for instance a lot of the lights have security cameras were constantly being told to be aware you cannot enter more or any public building without first very fein your identification metal detectors we have security guards who practice down so people our where that this situation is tense people where that we do need high security within that country but it is unfortunate when we talk about i've had the previous panelists talk about the high unemployment treat and the high number of young people what we're seeing is young people being ostracized we're seeing that they're trying to find a grouping whether it's extremist groups or whatever to feel that they fifteen to
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feel that they are part of a community and they can contribute to that so that government not only needs to look about security and securing the country it also needs to look at its young people what is the government doing to make this environment conducive for them so when we do see instances of recruitment when we talk about recruitment of extremist groups such cases are reported although they have started having initiatives we've had lindane cheesy and things of that sort they haven't quite grown when we talk about people reporting incidences of neighbors acting suspicious and things like that so those are some of the conversations that we need to have not fully realized when our security agencies only mostafa. after the westgate assault of course that took place and twenty thirty in kenyan security forces really cracked down some would say indiscriminately on muslims and as well as ethnics or mollies on the premise that many of them might be members and that in turn so the anger among the
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community which some say leads to recruitment is there a risk that the same thing happens now after this attack considering that the president has come out and spoken but he also did say. that he's going to go after other words everybody who carried out this attack first of all before answering the question and recruitment you need to be careful what what actually what causes you know terrorism and and hate and recruitment if we compare with twenty thirty in the way the security agencies and forces responded to this particular can do sits a deed to heart they were efficient swift and they overwhelm the terrorists within minutes the terrorist were put on the defense mode meaning that they were able they were able to to you know immediately carry on the offensive and achieve the lift polity that they had hoped for now this comes as a result of the largely the the reforms that have taken place i've been carried out
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within the security sector in the country it's of that the proper coordination a better coordination this time and within a very short time they were able to contain the situation pinned down the terrorists to a corner and then rescue of a seven hundred kenyans talking about the big government recruitment now compared to day in twenty fourteen when you had these groups controlling the narratives they kind of were controlling the ideology the robust ideological push but engagements and programs and interventions that kenyans have put in place of make sure that these guys no longer control the narrative the their ideology is part of the fact that al-shabaab today can actually see that they carried out the attack because of a lawful reason the united states of america has shifted its embassy from tel aviv
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to jerusalem to see that this is a group on its back foot is not coordinated and that its leadership has been the carpeted and this is this is a large extent as a. out of the security agencies on one side and the communities in kenya watching together to address the challenge of terrorism of course recruitment will always take is it happens in the united states of america and britain in norway there will always be these bought up walls that will be recreated to do this kind of thing going to come over to you in a second because you want to jump. on well one more point. you're saying that they are on the back foot but here is the assessment by the international crisis group they're saying that al shabab has proven as resilient across parts of east africa as in somalia itself adapting one under pressure by relocating its operations and reorienting its recruitment you don't agree thank you i just want to
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read to read that for a terrorist group to remain relevant and to prove its resilience they simply need to carry out you know an attack in a year or an attack after every two years for them to to stage a comeback and this is typical of any terrorist organization al shabaab has been active inside somalia has been active on the fringes of the kenyan borders in monday but it has never carried out a major terrorist or other it has never staged a major terrorist attack in the capital city of nairobi scene's twenty thirteen when the attire whisk it ok well they have been trying to attack kenya but most of their plans have been thwarted by security agencies meaning that unable to penetrate the country as they used to before or right think please go ahead because i see you want to jump in and also tell us why this. particular. no i just need to. also comment up on the previous speaker because i agree with him
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that the shape of has been weak in the inside of kenya but the predictions of bob's death very premature and they stable able inside somalia for that to last years they've been slightly is growing in fact i would say in their influence inside somalia and that's the big dilemma of kenya this has to be sold to a force inside of somalia also its old site of of kenya where these attacks are actually planned and staged into kenya so kenya has done a lot inside their own country and they are not safe yet but there has been progress but when you have these things going on inside somalia then there there is bone to be several attacks in the future and some of them might just sleep through that happens quite easily and in fact some of the kenyan success in some of the courses for the shabab attacking we saw you know that the shape of a bear had one statement blaming the united states and the fact that they
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recognized the rousseau lemmas the headquarters of. the capital city of east right but at the same time shabab locally sit do it did and distributed several videos talking about kenya and the kenyan intervention because again an intervention was crucial in the defeats that the shave off they're all suffered in the period two thousand and eleven until two thousand and fifteen where it kind of stopped allies itself basically they were offensive against its mio the kenyan intervention kenya has been very important inside somalia in the countering shabby influence but as i say no share will be stable and i don't say that this is that trolls of this. organization i don't believe that ok i know rima al shabab however was active in kenya even before it intervention in somalia but to what extent have actually bob's activities escalated in your opinion since kenya's intervention in somalia.
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i think that it does play a role because when we think about the attack that happened in. twenty sixteen then even after what happened on tuesday a lot of people are asking questions as to why are we still in somalia do we still need to be in somalia because in twenty sixteen they had said the reason for the attacks was because of our forces our security forces being installed mallya they have also been particular cases of where people feel in secure those who are living close to the border and we cannot forget that when they put a security crackdown within this city a lot of saw miley kenyans were put into. a stadium in treated like prisoners and they didn't have access to their basic rate so it created a lot of anger i mean more city and also in areas within our city where we can talk about which is an area that's not far from nairobi which is the c.b.d.
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a lot of citizens who are ten but of somali descent do not feel like they belong in the country so as much as we talk about internal. appraising we do have to recognize that there are people within our country who are kenyan but they do not even feel kenyan as citizens and that you need self can give them more to vision to join extremist groups and that in itself can fuel such things and just because the are linked to some extent a lot of kenyans feel that perhaps it's about time our government starts to begin to talk about exiting storm if in that case has anything to do with their text that happened on tuesday how likely is about the remark in soaring as well that the opposition leader in kenya rolo doing in the past called for troops to be withdrawn last year as well there was a lawmaker there petition the national assembly demanding the same so do you think
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that kenyan authorities now are going to be weighing the price that they're willing to pay in light of such attacks in terms of achieving what their objectives are in somalia. i did not think it's very likely but i do want to be optimistic because we are talking about this security of our country we also have to recognize that we do have a cabinet secretary who is known for being a man of action known for being a man who decides to take things into and use or not hand so it is something that we can all saw put up to the forefront and see put it on the table it's something that can be discussed especially as we talk about the sort of attacks that we're receiving should we be doing the things that we've been doing because at this same time is it working for the kenyan people and if it's not what sort of choices do we have to make sure that we change the direction that we're taking for the safety of the kenyan people must stuff via african union mission has recently said that it
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does aim to eventually exit from how likely it is that the forces will actually be able to maintain security with the support. these points and even in the next one it's highly unlikely that the somali national army will be able to contain. on their own. the people somalis the government of somalia will need this multinational force. to continue to support the somali national army to stabilize some of the cities to train the police the the security agencies this there on the somali national army until they are ready to be able to take on fully contain it without that i don't see that this somali national army and the somalis being able to actually contain al-shabaab on their own in the next six months or one year or even
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two years so we we are in this for the long haul i think stay give the kenyans withdrew from samaya hypothetically speaking here would that then remove one of the main reasons why al-shabaab targets kenya. do you agree with the people who say that the kenyan intuition prompt a lot of attention from the shabab but we draw no i don't think will be sold and the problems because as the previous speaker said the somali army is not ready to take charge and as i said previously decent techs in the past have been planned in suicide somalia and they've been staged by core members of the group trained inside somalia so somalia isa major problem for kenya and the ship a presence unfortunately i also think that there's something wrong with the strategy inside somalia firstly you have to provide some kind of security and safety in the countryside what happened though is that the shabab has been able to
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operate relatively freely in the countryside in supposing liberated areas so they can harness a support from the local population or force the local population in but so writing that proof and if you haven't they say they have suffered step by family and they have they have suffered they they suffered setbacks in the period from twenty eleven until twenty fifteen after twenty fifteen they didn't have that much of setbacks they stumble ised if you look at their attacks for example in mogadishu it stable slightly growing so for the last years this is a stable organization it's not those organization on the verge of collapse but what i don't show me i predicted to collapse many times for the last eighteen years i'm left ali you're shaking your head you don't agree. al-shabaab has been reduced to a criminal gang but extorts somalia not reduced to holding to a level where they're just basically competing with isis in certain parts of somalia
4:44 pm
to talks so my least the illegal types and the somalis are paying this time because if they don't pay they are threatened in a way let's buy our banners were running out of arms i think you know angry with it is true i think my all star will run you know it is knowledge of us the folly running out i think the final from here it is true that i was shot i think you can just look at that you just look at the tax rates in what they should to prove that that is wrong you can look just look at the time they managed to hold the territories in bill you by this organization have suffered setbacks from two thousand and eleven to two thousand and fifteen no they're stable and they're not going to be defeated and they're quite powerful in numbers compared to for example all their affiliated organizations so i don't think we will see that disappearing this is not the drunks i do think kenya has improved but i think the solution is actually inside somalia one final lot of good things what kind of numbers are you
4:45 pm
talking about iraq what you mention numbers what kind of numbers are you talking about estimates put them at between seventy one thousand is that correct. i would put the estimates likely over between five and seven thousand but still very powerful still able to attack inside on that issue still able to hold territories and still able as we saw today to hit kenya and they will be all right so on that note we'll have to leave it there we've come to the end of the show i thank you very much for joining us. from nairobi from oslo and. from nairobi as well thank you very much and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for its last day inside story join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story from myself the whole team here in the house but i don't know.
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shadowy financial operations are propping up north korea's economy hampering the elite and fueling the nation's missile editions. one on one east investigates north korea's secret money on al-jazeera. good. luck mum. let. her mum. mum mum mum. mum.
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mum mum mum . to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of young children. with a mother behind bars full siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the ball a witness documentary. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but
4:48 pm
their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. in a rare intervention the african union calls on the d r c to delay the announcement of its final election results citing serious doubt.
4:49 pm
live from doha also coming up. hundreds of people protests outside a hospital in the sudanese capsule following the killing of a doctor and a child. our goal is simple to ensure that we can detect and destroy any missile launched against the united states anywhere anytime anyplace u.s. president outlines his new space based missile defense system. plus less of this and more of that scientists come up with an ideal diet for our health and the planet. the african union has a democratic republic of congo to postpone the announcement of its final presidential election results and there are serious doubts over the vote provisional results were released last week and declared runner up muslim for you
4:50 pm
know has filed a court challenge demanding a recount he insists he won sixty one percent of the vote in contradiction with official results was declared. the winner. although the situation on the ground has fortunately reminded generally commissar far it reminds holly were you to put it bluntly you have serious doubts about the results of the democratic republic of congo that's going live. in the capital can. we see any reaction to this ng intervention. with some additional have they that they all can please you see when you hear actually going to disagree about something they don't really do it publicly so people are saying what is going on with african leaders we heard that for example we saw this apparent confusion over the weekend them to issued a statement saying that they think that they should be a recount in a few hours later so africa issued a statement saying that is not all with us and we are saying that people should
4:51 pm
wait for the courts to make their announcements of people really wondering what is going on with the actually being a what is the way forward and they wanted some kind of clear line from the african leaders to what their stance on the deal he we know that some international players like france are out there all to demanding a recount but all eyes are now actually does what is the position where they stand on one page if they are divided what does that mean for the deal he if they need to intervene was already expecting from the constitutional court today that in the. judges there they hope to meet today friday and make some kind of announcement if they are a deal then maybe they could make an announcement sometime next week so what could they announce they could say that the kitty won the election which means he will be sworn in a couple of days they could order a recount or they could say the whole post is with the name the election should be done all over again which could take months maybe even years to plan and that means don't look at the last days president into those elections are held which could be
4:52 pm
a couple more years if people do take that route so all eyes will be on martin by you knew what would his reaction be he's not happy with the outcome of the court they are he is that he tells the court is going to the streets in it could be violent laura or. close eye in the coming hours there in kinshasa thanks very much harris. now in sudan for the protester mounting the resignation of president omar al bashir are expected following friday prayers nationwide confrontations between police and protesters on thursday killed three people they included a child and a dog deaths triggered a sit in at a hospital in khartoum and says that as at least forty people have been killed since the unrest began a month ago i speak to mohammed valley joins us on the line from. the extraordinary scenes of anger there overnight. that's right and that i guess has been exacerbated by the killing once again of one of the protesters including dr about the car behind me who was killed in
4:53 pm
association of doctors said he sustained ten rubber bullets in his what the one who was planned to help from other protesters were wounded but then a life bullet took his life and today this morning we had just being buried and after the but it also was so tens of test as they are chanting against the government at the cemetery over the night as you mentioned also there was a sitting duck. for most of the night and also this morning from protesters gathered around the hospital another another casualty was muhammad is a teenager was of. the protest and this morning casualty has. just learned he is a sixty year old man called maori and bashir he was killed according to our sources . because security forces accused him of helping purposes and hiding the. kids home or the casualties they said exacerbated the anger
4:54 pm
of four sisters who have been getting out in the streets for a month now trying to convince the government of the shia to step down and it seems odd that the protests are the not cowed by this violence response from the all star teams with more process that to happen today. exactly particularly that a friday is the usual bay for those protests because one of the many problems for the progress is the ability to gather you know in one place to for security display them and most of the time when they try to coordinate a. gathering point because security there before them ahead of the time they planned and then they did not let people get together right a golden opportunity for these protesters to be in one place for the day and they go out in the streets so that today because of the killings yesterday and today and
4:55 pm
over the night we're expecting more under control by purposes of the obvious golden opportunity to get together yeah ok joining us there on the line from sudan at khartoum and see don thanks for masha right now u.s. president says he wants to explore space based weaponry that could shoot down enemy missiles that some is possibly unveiling of a new defense strategy aimed at a particular hane reports from the pentagon cost and technology could put the brakes on time space mission for decades american presidents have dreamed of creating a missile shield over america from ronald reagan's star wars you have to today u.s. president donald trump promising a full scale modernization of the military's missile defense systems but he's taking it further literally into space we will recognize that space is a new war fighting domain with the spaceports leading the way
4:56 pm
my upcoming budget will invest in a space based missile defense layer. its new technology. it's ultimately going to be a very very big part of our defense and obviously our offense that would be a shift felt worldwide but some experts were quick to point out what the president promised is not actually in the pentagon plan the review itself says the united states is very interested in seeking a three way or in space so satellites that could observe missile launches and detect them sooner but there isn't any mention of putting weapons in space yeah pentagon said that it would do another study over the next six months or the usability of that idea this sounds like science fiction and it would be exceedingly expensive they want to come up with a laser with the technology doesn't exist yet that they could put on drones to
4:57 pm
potentially shoot down missiles as they're being a lot so how much would all of that cost while there was a briefing here at the pentagon with senior officials the question was asked over and over again and they refused to answer. bottom line it's easy for the president to make big promises but the pentagon is a backdrop getting money to do it well that's a much harder thing to do politically al-jazeera the pentagon but also in the presence pentagon speech he describes pyongyang as an ongoing extraordinary threat as he revealed a revamped missile defense strategy this is north korea's top envoy arrives in the u.s. to discuss a possible second summit between donald trump and kim jong un kim yong cho left beijing on thursday has been leading. talks with washington and is expected to meet section of state my pompei or on friday. it's a head hair on al jazeera it makes me cry because it looks so pretty. the
4:58 pm
countryside that could pick homs up i don't transfer it's border war with mexico. i'm wayne hay reporting from phnom penh where european tariffs may be about to put a dent in one of the best performing economies in the world. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. in europe there's still a northerly breeze but it's not bringing very much in the way as snow turned all the knobs there is a lot of plug card obviously going to be generating hilarie of low pressure an asiatic so who would be slave in the croatia and the rest of balkan nations west snow seems likely a little bit further east in slovakia eastern parts of austria but it's not a huge sing anymore the re money more telling here at the same time running into what was a very pleasant indrawing quite warm spot in portugal us but
4:59 pm
a change for you rain is on the way quite significant stuff is only six in madrid that means some snow on the sierra nevada as well south of all this quiet ish where the now along the shores of north africa kili is going to be some impact from what's coming in to the western side of our bierria and that's life we'll curl of rain just touching north now dearie and to near zero the next day or so but the winds are particularly strong not really on shore so temperature hovering around the middle to high teens the most part this is cloud ahead of which there is a federal breeze that once again will pick up the dust in eastern libya and probably egypt north of the equator and there aren't that many showers as you might expect this time of year for tropical africa but there's still a hint that maybe in guyana while they are very coast you could catch something on the coast. the weather sponsored by cats on race. rewind returns can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates
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on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries in liberal i was the global floods and the like and the others through the rewind continues with children of conflict we'd love some peace in this world especially. children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching al-jazeera as reminder of our top stories this hour.


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