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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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usually they can only go outside in groups so they can watch over each other. put in the market alleys of pool and the tall we catch sight of a north korean worker and he seems to be along. for the joke or too good. to look at it's a two. room. wonder was it the real problem just. were there on. the digital t.v. tonight i often thought that by far the work of the phone was probably with. a bunch of sit. on the bottom level with the roof of the robot up
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for. tree. roots. still. i will cut you sir told just as a group in the us will i was out i'm not sure but your enthusiasm with us will. there are an estimated one thousand two hundred north koreans working in mongolia. the company's transfer the white is directly to the north korean embassy in berlin but. most is confiscated by the regime. the workers only be saved a small amount to send back to their families in north korea. construction workers are the only money makers. north korea supplies logons samas and medical practitioners. but no matter who they are the income goes to the stice.
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in lumberton there are three occupants and car a practically mix stopped by the north koreans. would they turn into north korean waters. here in the sky. i guess no story. oh yes and yes no question we want a new way gays are in the world did you hear for how long you've been here and when you go. to get your money and we've got to get it but how will i do something if there's just. things.
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it's estimated that north korea earns over the five hundred million dollars every year from its overseas workers. because. there are one hundred thirteen north korean restaurants worldwide. three of them are in all of the time. the model is always the same. smiling singing dancing for their customers every not encouraging them to buy so they'll spend them on. the white dresses lip. and sleep in the restaurants they can't go out the young
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women also sell alcohol cigarettes and upwards. and all of this income flows into the funds of the stice but there is no concrete proof of the secret bond transfers documents which could serve as evidence receipts bank transfers as well as internal notes a systematically destroyed by order of the kim family. that's how they hide the money flowing from the international community and how they can keep it secret from the workers who earn millions for the kim family. whose eat. you need is the middle of the terribly easy thing to get.
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it will be done in the. us with oh it isn't talking yes with tell you you needed three hundred questions around the room. comes course and all the other person signing you know them the honey. so i lived there when the family the house of my dose and i. we've waited five months to receive official permission to come to north korea and . we travel by train from the chinese border city of don dongles. cars off from the world since nineteen fifty three time same's to have stood still
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here. to see. the rule. no piece of land lies follow everything serves to feed the nation. as we travel through the fields on a seven hour journey it's clear that farmers have only basic tools to tend their land. uclear plants are also in the rages that we cross. we passed me a three year ronnie among its numerous underground constructions as well as the nuclear research center and beyond it's the center of the nation's nuclear program . escorts are accompanying us to the capital pyongyang.
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we enter a world that is population by the privileged johns. the streets are reserved for three million residents that's ten percent of the population the most loyal supporters of the studies. you can only enter the city with a. permis the guides accompany us day and nice. day job is to show us that despite u.n. sanctions pyongyang isn't an economically doom city full of suffering. and this is spanx to the new national hero. this architect studied in france for eight years he returned to north korea in twenty ten and he's one of the top architects in the capital today he build skyscrapers for the new a late.
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and. i. think. he said he would go over to look at a. lot of. it just says mass salesian to love it so not. just to do. so. cortical social a lot more to me saw. people saw her and i. think she saw all this. out and see
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it is one i think counting and it's interesting in the house when you eat. this woman's husband takes his fluid mechanics at the kim technical university the station has given them a thirty used two hundred square meter apartment well not everyone in pyongyang lives in such modern skyscrapers this family are the only ones. ever since kim jong un has brought in the country he's built a new district every year he built fifty new houses for the scientists and their families who have done a lot for the nation. for the architects it's boom time. on the streets the standard clothes of socialism have become more colorful in the past three years the mood seems almost relaxed the state still governs the nation with an iron fist even the smallest critical gesture lands you in one of the
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many camps the political prisoners but since kim jong un has been in power there's been a restructuring the order is to develop the economy at the same speed as the nuclear program. but on which alone we lose your to something. she's an amateur or. if. we go back to the mongols who. to the model for what i want to see you all through from good to fail to understand something you want to know see what our peril. on the world. they are going to come from his own thoughts you don't know. how they're going to actually
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from the phone so. it's about. time see how this will. go to him then i'm going to give you this check on what i have sold. to him for two titles you can miss i'm talking about somebody. more for the world is ok small town for his mother. shortly before we left north korea we were allowed to interview one of the country's most important economic scientists at the social studies academy in pyongyang. professor katie song. oh. oh. doing a good meeting. the woman would not i certainly don't lee came to me or snowden
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you would be supporting it and then you can see how many money satoru pilot program has so you know dancer true mass and of course if you go you. didn't talk songbook we'll book read to kuroki don't hunt we'll probably have no call it's time that is and when you will you have hagel kaji i'm as it aired all be when we can i will come to do what she says hear us all we were have a good share of our c.n.n. talk it is a money weaver jungle and her treatment in germany will be felt we really have it all your school or paul or tours or similar or no religion mom no call home doing hutchison or. or doesn't.
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see the roads is still eerily empty. but there is splashes of color. if life is hot it's aims less hard than before. thanks to the money coming through office thirty nine. has a nuclear bomb the protects him beyond the border. now the young dictator is also spending to strengthen his power within the country. while his ancestors built
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statues he's building trying bowling center swimming pools museums and they police and they know them got just the links. it appears north korea's secret foreign funds a defacing the sanctions and helping to live a prosperous and science economics and last stop perhaps enough to ensure the kim family dictatorship survives its third generation. aboud. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone one of the nice needs girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera the dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea. for news of her
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missing son numerous young tom three men have disappeared following her arrest these disabuse other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in two thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine we formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president of the mir putin were unhappy with this. russian is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing occupation russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. on this week's counting the cost the prime minister's brags that deal
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is rejected as britain how it feels towards a messy exit why zimbabwe's government wants people to buy less fuel plus classy models called last call because worries about the trade will. counting the cost on al-jazeera. the white house says president donald trump will meet north korean leader kim jong un for a second summit next month. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up at least twenty people were killed and
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dozens injured after a pipeline explosion in mexico. mourners turned on sudanese police at the funeral of a man killed during anti-government demonstrations plus. i'm stephanie decker invent the ad in the occupied west bank will be showing you what impact israel's restrictions and check points out on the lives of palestinian. us president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong un will meet next month at a location still to be confirmed and outfront comes just a day the pentagon ripped off the pentagon report saying still poses an extraordinary threat plans for a second round of talks were confirmed with north korea's top nuclear negotiator kim yong cho during his visit to washington d.c.
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he met donald trump states. on friday after the first summers in singapore seven months ago trying to quiet the nuclear threat from north korea to be over but they. have stalled since then and there have been disagreements over security guarantees and u.s. sanctions more now from washington d.c. . this move for the cameras quickly and then got back to the talks u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o a north korean negotiator kim. then went off to the white house behind closed doors ninety minute meeting with president donald trump the white house claimed progress. the united states is going to continue to keep pressure and sanctions on north korea until we see fully and verify denuclearization we've had very good steps in good faith from the north koreans in releasing the hostages and other moves and so we're going to continue those conversations and the president looks forward to next his next major that the white
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house says that will be at a get to be disclosed location at the end of february the state department announced the discussions continued for hours after secretary pompei o treated the north korean delegation to lunch at their d.c. hotel the last time the two leaders met the president declared the problem solved north korea did nuclear but since then satellite images show work continues on their missile delivery sites but the white house says the focus should be on what the north hasn't done test any new nukes or missiles the problem wasn't solved after the first summit so now it appears the two sides will try again and soon. washington. south korea says the summit will hopefully be a turning point of peace on the korean peninsula for us though he has more from seoul. while a lot of hope is being pinned on this upcoming summit i mean the u.n. chief said on friday that it was high time that negotiations between north korea and the u.s. on denuclearization start again seriously in japan and said it welcomes the news of
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this second summit as well we have to remember that the first summit really achieved nothing much apart from a vague commitment from north korea that it would work towards denuclearization so there's a lot being pinned on the upcoming second summit and as we know the first summit there was really very little progress according to analysts north korea is probably going to want to get a clearer message from the trumpet ministration on what sorts of concessions it may be ready to offer and for the u.s. it wants to try and wrangle a more detailed road map as well as a detailed inventory of what new clear and missile assets north korea has something that it has yet been able to obtain and it's important that there is some sort of result that we see from this upcoming second summit or will risk being criticized as nothing more than a publicity stunt by the two leaders and he's twenty people have been killed in the pipeline fire in central mexico and it happened in her dollar goes state north of
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the capital mexico city and state all companies as people are trying to fill contains with fuel from and legal tapping of a pipeline when the explosion happened dozens of people are believed to be engines that's because there was john home and now he joins us from mexico city and john just update us on what we know of this accident. well the stay or company pemex have now put out a statement saying that this was an and legally tapped pipeline when you see the videos of this the gasoline is really sort of springing out like a fountain and there's lots of people around trying to figure out where plastic containers video that we've seen as well that's been sent to us from the mets konami you can see soldiers the been sent to guard presumably this pipeline just sort of watching as villages lots of the dozens of people really can see it's sort of
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a sort of festival environment trying to get hold of as much gasoline as they can there's sure to do is at the moment in mexico and obviously after that the explosion the state governor for without go said that more than twenty people basically burned to death sixty one people that's the latest data that we've got have been taken to hospital with burns and the context of this is that mexico's government and the president are really trying to crack down on fuel there for years now gangs and corrupt officials and communities really across the country have been stealing the country's gasoline petrol from the pipes and what the president's done is to shut down quite a lot of few of those pipes and he's actually trying to transport gasoline in the meantime by tankers by road to many of the cities but obviously that's left quite a lot of communities and even some cities with shortages of petro we've heard from
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national media that this community did have shortages of gasoline so that's probably why people were so happy and willing to go there down by the pipeline to try and get it and obviously after that this happened the explosion ok why is that such a fill crisis in mexico. well it's not a few crisis in a way that the country was running out of fuel but it was a fuel crisis in which for example in two thousand and eighteen the army detected more than six thousand taps on the pipelines and obviously that's going to affect very much you gas your gasoline situation in the country and that's what the president under his mother lopez obrador has decided that he has to deal with now critics of his plan have said yes something has to be done to deal with this but it hasn't been rolled out in a way that was especially organized for example just today the president was saying
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that he was going to buy five hundred more tankers to try and distribute petro which is really an indication of the shortages and the fact that there hasn't been enough so far shortages in the country ok john holliman thanks very much for joining us from mexico. now in the u.s. so white former police officer has been sentenced to eighty one months in prison for murdering a black teenager and the case that sparked mass protests against police brutality plays dash cam video of a failed van dyck shot like kwan donald sixteen times four years ago john hendren reports from chicago. this video has spawned global outrage and now a prison sentence for a chicago police officer i thought of my findings are an appropriate sentence would be eighty one months in the illinois corrections two years mandatory it's jason vandyke was sentenced to six years in nine months the cost of gunning down
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a seventeen year old black man here this man has clearly committed murder and in the murder in which he has asked committed have been shown all over the world everyone up any civil and conscious mind knows that this is murder and the reality of it is we have to do something legislatively to change this. this sentence caps the trial of a half century in chicago where a police officer has not been convicted of murder on duty in more than fifty years van dyke's wife pleaded for mercy i would like to ask the court to please take into consideration that my husband is a man he's a human being he's a very was a very good dedicated officer please please he has paid the price already my heart and soul are broken they will not be mended until he comes home prosecutors on the other hand had brought in
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a series of african-americans who said vandyke physically abused and harassed them he was. saudi obscenities racial slurs when. you recall os specific leave what were the defendant used when he was yelling well i can't recall because i was quite nervous because he had his gun drawn on me this sentence was far more than the defendant had hoped for but it was also far less than the family of look on mcdonnell it wanted police and authorities in chicago hope it is enough to keep peace in the streets it took a year for the police dash cam video of the two thousand and fourteen shooting to surface when it did the images of a police officer shooting look one mcdonald sixteen times as he walked away knife in hand but apparently not a threat led black lives matter and other protesters to erupt into demonstrations across the u.s.
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. now perhaps setting a new precedent here it is the officer who finds himself on the wrong side of the law john hendren al-jazeera chicago. police have fashioned mourners at the funeral of a man shot dead joining anti-government protests in the capsule of suit done activists say at least fifty people have died since objections began last month lama divel has more from tossing. scenes of violence in the sudanese capital khartoum on friday morning as more people died at the hands of security forces police attacked mourners with gathered for the funeral of my honey a sixty year old died after being shot by police who had accused him of hiding protests as in his house in a suburb of the capital call to a police vehicle was overturned by the mourners as the confrontation. there had been another funeral this. hundreds turned out for dot but because he had been shot
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dead while trying to treat wounded testers. overnight one. protest of many are around the country focused on the hospital where the doctor and the boy died a spontaneous outpouring of anger and grief combined i believe many here still mourn i don't know what our demands are the demands of everyone and god willing we will continue on a group be successful our protest today is large and we are going in the right direction and after friday prayers a seemingly endless stream of people determined to make their voices heard three i think worry about the shoot to kill i didn't do and the fact that the bullet that was used seemed to be exploded when it touches the you know like an optic and therefore he said. this is impossible and don't you think it's high it's been full weeks since the uprising began at first it was over the tippling.


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