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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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right for exploitation. and migrants on. a call for more demonstrations and has anger grows over the police crackdown on protesters. slowing down jordan this is live from doha also coming up zimbabwe's human rights group accuses police of brutality and to government protests as the president calls for national dialogue. under arrest venezuela detained soldiers accused of planning an uprising against the president nicolas maduro. and the british prime minister unveils another version of that plan but it looks a lot like the one m.p.'s already rejected.
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there's widespread anger inside than against the government and its crackdown on protesters thousands rallied in the dorm on following the death of a student protester twenty four year old trainee engineer died of his wounds after he was shot during protests on thursday the opposition says forty seven people have been killed since demonstrations began last month when the government raised the price of bread or the morgan joins us live now from the capital khartoum so more demonstrations planned for today but how much concern is the about the way the government's cracking down on protesters. well there and first thing we have to know is that from last night after a fight at home or passed away from his wounds during pro which here is sustained during protests on the seventeenth of january more protests have started today in the university of north any and undermine where there are people came out again protesting against president i want to share security forces once again responding
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using tear guys now people are saying that they will continue to protest but as you've said there are concerns that more lives would be lost people have been complaining about how the security forces have been responding to their demands and to the fact that they've come out to the streets to express their frustration with the government they say that security forces have been using live ammunition and tear gas the opposition says as you've said at least forty seven people have been killed but activists say they've recorded more than fifty people now the government is disputing that figure they say that only twenty six people have been killed so far and it's people who are protesting say the number is much higher and there are concerns about who is doing the shooting our security forces are involved in trying to put to stop the demonstrators that the military is also involved and there are people who are not known whose identities are not known. the home of dr bao because . you know a constant stream of mourners since he was shot during an anti-government protest on thursday his house has also become a meeting place for supporters and sympathizers. of my five
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children he's my only son he never had a problem with anyone but he was always wanting to help those in need. three of our sisters are also doctors they say he was shot by members of the security forces are to makeshift clinic that he set up in the capital. the family showed us a photo of a man in civilian clothes pointing a gun to words the house while their brother was teaching the wounded. those sorts of video of a shooting nearby on the same time at least two protesters were want to. buy a colleague try to rescue the doctor who was shot. a messy oh you've heard. the word that the people who were killed in sudan look killed because they did anything wrong you know well look i think it's got broken not a single house broken the people who are going out. to say you know if you screw it
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. i'm. a forensic expert says the doctor was shot from behind. we found pieces of metal in the room and in the lower part of his lung they'll be studied to determine the caliber and the type of weapon used a. sedan a security forces and police deny any role in the killing of protesters with the. us police never used any law of fire to any protest sites or any other occasion we never use live bullets in any situation. the same denials have beery eatery today by the head of intelligence and the target of the protesters anger president on bashir. the governing securities and kill people the weapon that's being used to kill dr about europe the home it is not of any type that our police possess or any that existence today. by god i say it's the regime that killed my
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son i will never doubt my certainty about it but i give in on what i mean i'm sure they purposefully decided to kill doctors but my sister was arrested with the others they detained this told them that they were specifically looking for doctors who helped protest. the type of force being used by the government to quell the protests is adding to the controversy and confusion about the killings the government has employed militia to help the army combat armed groups in sudan for decades what's attracting attention now is militiaman our mosque in their faces while attacking an armed civilians in the streets of khartoum and other major cities and i think what they what they think it then there is a very dangerous and unprecedented situation now when men in civilian clothes can carry guns battens a mass their faces to confront protesters this proves the existence of a shadow army which is seen years ruling party leader talked about and yet you see
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him move anyone with him who do. as protesters chant peaceful peaceful they are drowned out by gunfire and tear gas scenes of collective punishment like this are say the government's opponents at the local us. so is the breaking into homes security forces severely beat anyone suspected of hiding protesters. the government says twenty six people have been killed so far in the month of protests to demand the better life rights groups say the total is at least double that the government's announced the setting up of an official commission of inquiry but protests that broke out over the rising of the cost of living last month continue to intensify and spread across the country and with every new protester killed hundreds more turn out demanding an end to the thirty year rule of president bashir . dizzier. now more protests are expected in the over the
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coming hours people are saying that they will not stop demonstrating against president obama and bashir the president is not in the country at the moment he's heading to qatar to talk to the qatari emyr and to try to discuss ways to get this country out of the current crisis it's in but he's repeatedly accused the protesters of being traitors he said they've been infiltrated by people who have foreign had an agenda is now they've also the government has also announced it has arrested people from from the group. who is one of the dire for a rebel leader as they've been accusing darfur rebel groups of trying to infiltrate the protesters and killing the protests to protesters to try to destabilize the country there's no solution right now and it doesn't seem like this demonstration against the president is ending anytime soon but the president has been very defiant the people who have been protesting have been demanding that he step down but he says he's not going to step down until elections come in twenty twenty so it's not clear how long this will go on for and where it would end already but more
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when god's will be better thank you. as human rights commission is accusing security forces of systematic torture after recent protests that turned violent as well. as return home from a trip abroad and called for a national dialogue to address the protests over rising living costs activists said in the time he was away twelve people were killed and one got to use twitter to condemn demonstrations which he said were not peaceful but he also criticized the police saying. violence or misconduct by our security forces is unacceptable and a betrayal of the new zimbabwe chaos and insubordination will not be tolerated misconduct will be investigated if required heads will roll well for more on this to speak to david money a senior political analyst at the university of johannesburg in south africa and zimbabwe's president has called for a national dialogue in the face of these protests but can zimbabweans trust this man with the government's also talking about cracking down hard on the protesters i mean seems to me there's
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a big contradiction in terms here isn't there. indeed i think them but when they have no choice other than to dialogue the situation has deepened to an extent that there are no goods on the shelves in our in all other areas there's a shortage of food all the currency situation has reached a point that the country has to do something else and running out of options i think what is required is to step back a line is the politics by bringing in the opposition to a negotiating table and try to salvage the situation bringing in stability and deal with the deep crisis which is more economical than political yeah i mean much of the public despair has been about the rise of fuel prices but is there a much wider anger as you've been saying about the dire economic situation in which the country hasn't improved under the new president.
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yes and the situation is that they had elections and it appears that the opposition has quite a number of complaints containing the presidential part of the elections while the parliamentarian elections the zanu p.f. controls much gerrity so the contradictions in terms of. the rule of law the constitution itself let go for reforms whether it's in the military or other institutions such as the electoral commission itself there is a need to bring wins to discuss and buy time in terms of having. changes tweaking the constitution and ensure that they deal with the economic issues at the same time until the proper elections next five years david just
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a final thought from you you mentioned the opposition there i mean the m.d.c. claims that many of its party members have been detained including four members of parliament is there a sense the government is perhaps using the current crisis as a way to crack down on the opposition itself. no doubt about it i think this is what the zanu p.f. government has been doing all along. this leg of speaking with one voice within the government itself it appears that when ever the president leaves the country they seem to be disturbances and these options are not working i mean the need for a proper solution that is discussions are bringing all stakeholders on board they would money thank you very much indeed for talking to al-jazeera. now a taliban attack has killed at least sixty five afghan intelligence and security personnel southwest of kabul the suicide and gun attack happened in the maiden shah the capital of wardak province the attackers drove a truck packed with explosives into
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a training center run by the afghan intelligence agency well after the explosion other taliban fighters dressed in police uniforms stormed the base and the taliban has resume talks with american officials the group released a statement saying its representatives met u.s. diplomats in qatar where the group has a political office the u.s. appointed special envoy zalmay khalilzad to lead the negotiations in september the taliban insists the u.s. must leave afghanistan seventeen years after its invasion in response to the september eleventh attacks in a sticking point in the talks is the inclusion of the afghan government itself in the peace process the taliban regards it as illegitimate and says it will only negotiate directly with washington so terry a con is a political analyst an expert on taliban affairs he says the latest talks in doha seem different from previous ones. i think now the americans and their they have realized did they have a dan mistake to shift the talks from doha to first to you see
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and then. the u.s. and why he was interested to whore and at that meeting in pakistan but the taliban refused to meet him in pakistan saw because when the taleban last week issued a statement in the steadman they had threatened to stop these all negotiation with the us because and in the same statement they mention the that office two times are tough a short break here in al-jazeera when we come back. saying their respects families gathered to remember the victims of last tuesday's attack in kenya and blowing off steam we go to china where young people are finding ways to cope with a slowing economy and a lack of job prospects more in the stables. it
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really is a case of sunshine and showers across southeast asia said nothing unusual his still some lively show was affecting southern parts of the philippines usual rush hours there into malaysia stance was a south where they really have picked up across indonesia some more big downpours coming through here you can see that law and of heavy rain that we have just sliding outs of java pushing over towards up your new game or the same as we go one into third stay some pleasant sunshine in between but some rather lively showers from time to time you see a few showers there once again into southern parts of the philippines stows heavy rains that we do have across indonesia or course now affecting the. more than possible struggle monsoon slate's arrival bringing some rather big and heavy showers in here from time to time but the real big story i suspect over the coming
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days will be that building hate down towards southern possible adelaide gets up to thirty six celsius the all day further west says it could do cool with a perth with about top temperature just nineteen degrees or have some other lively showers here with this area of low pressure at all slots as well little further east woods and as it does move the winds talking like getting up to around forty degrees or possibly high was to go on through the next few days that increase five days to the southeast. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i prepared for today four hundred people why you know we had to beat one time say to young people at our own keep it up because if it everybody one al-jazeera
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selects. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on al-jazeera there's widespread anger and against the government and its crackdown on protesters thousands rally going on following the death of a student protester a twenty four year old was shot during protests some thursday. zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing security forces of systematic torture after recent protests that turned violent present and used twitter to condemn demonstrations which he said were not peaceful but he also criticized the police. and a taliban attack has killed at least sixty five afghan intelligence and security
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personnel southwest of kabul a suicide bomber on the a maiden shah the capital of border problems. the attackers drove a truck packed with explosives into a training center run by the afghan intelligence agency. now a memorial service is being held in kenya for some of the people who were killed in that attack last tuesday twenty one people died when al-shabaab fighters stormed a hotel complex in the capital nairobi police have released pictures of suspects they're still looking for five people arrested early on suspicion of assisting that soccer has appeared in court none of that though has more from nairobi. a memorial for six of the victims of the talk last tuesday in nairobi is taking place in my will be the first one to be hollowed out and people expect their body will top and . they was six workers working for tech company housed in one of the office blocks in the complex and in
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a statement the company they will walk you for said that they had put their lives on the line in an act of leadership on selflessness to save the lives of their colleagues of course these that plea deal will familiarity to what is happening now kenyans. moving their loved ones who have been killed by gunmen who want to come pain or hate and have a like album a toxic before they assumed to be much of a bleeding given free fall into with many people praising the security forces for not only the number of people they managed to save in a very short time but also bring into the whole question one and in a record time which is quite different from what happened is seventh about trying to teach when there was talk of the westgate mall and in twenty fifteen when i must
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like a one hundred i'm told to. students in a university in the northeastern part of the can she calls base also close samba kenya might be facing the threat of homegrown terrorism and the government is saying defeat is going to massive security operation to recover as many of the illegally held firearms os possible. a group of soldiers and venezuela's national guard has been arrested accused of planning an uprising against president nicolas maduro stories about expense and you notice that these are members of the body of aryan national guard in venice when they say they does not recognize the government of any. leader when i need the support of the people of venezuela take to the streets here we are this is what you wanted to defend the constitution you know here we are here the troop and if today i think that i mean what if it happened at
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a military base in got the second act ask the ministry of defense said forty people had been detained and people from the area took to the streets to protest they set of roadblocks some barricades the national guard responded with tear gas and rubber bullets seven hundred are there over. i have relatives in the house over there i have an aunt who's with her children they're practically kidnapped and showing right for them to die of hunger the people have to go out to defend their rights but i the incident took place stenches in venezuela increased once again after he was sworn in for a second time in office. the opposition and countries in the region including the united states say they won't recognize his presidency because the elections in may last year were filled with irregularities and that's why they have been calling on the military to rise up against the government. there offering immunity to all of
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the military personnel all polls modeled on that he says the opposition and the united states are trying to overthrow a legitimate government. this is not the first time a group of members of the security services rise up against. last year a helicopter pilot. was killed after throwing grenades at government buildings. model is believed to have the loyalty of his top military command that plays a crucial role in his administration and that's why the opposition is hoping it is the regular troops that will push change. there is how will. the british prime minister has outlined her new plan for how the u.k. will leave the e.u. just a week after polman rejected her initial agreement with time running out for a deal on bragg's that trees are made says she'll try to seek more concessions on the block or ban and reports. this was a prime minister in apparently conciliator remote i'm listening she said i will
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keep you informed she told m.p.'s but there is no plan b. for brics it's only more talks about salvaging her plan a we will be more flexible open and inclusive in the future in how we engage parliament in our approach to negotiating our future partnership with the european union second we will invent the strongest possible protections on workers' rights and the environment and third we were tried and if i how we can ensure that our commitment to no hard border in north nonet and island can be delivered in a way that commands the support of this house and the european union the opposition labor party leader was unimpressed the prime minister's invitation to talks have been exposed as a p.r. sham every opposition party politician wants to be a very opposition party politician came out of those meetings with the same response contrary to what the prime minister has just said there was no flexibility
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there were no negotiations nothing has changed. in brussels there's been a frosty reaction to the idea revisiting negotiations and is it too late for the system i don't know i don't really know change with the old they would see motor it to cool because no really miss it to open the door of books again and a polish suggestion about a five year time limit on the northern ireland backstop the insurance policy to avoid a hardboard on the island of ireland has been rejected by dublin i made it very clear of us putting a time limits on insurance mechanism mechanism which is what the backstop is effectively means there's not a backstop at all. at westminster several different groups of m.p.'s are now devising ways of using a variety of parliamentary amendments to force the prime minister to change course if we don't find a way forward the u.k. is leaving the twenty ninth of march announced basis of a new deal so let's legislate to stop that let's take that away take that risk away
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. hold a gun to the head of parliament which isn't to say to these that he's trying to do as march the twenty ninth looms the prime minister's strategy appears to be to go back to brussels and test to the e.u. is willingness to risk a no deal breck's it but he is also testing the patience of this parliament and it's not to talk clear which side will flinch first paul brennan al-jazeera westminster. pakistan's prime minister is holding talks in qatar imran khan is in the gulf state for a two day trip he met qatar's prime minister. at his private residence in doha is due to address council's pakistani community later on tuesday. amnesty international is demanding the pakistani government disclose the whereabouts of the human rights campaign a video has circulated on social media of police in karachi arresting the activists . i submit that for the past two and a half was movement to
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a few to the end who has been campaigning for security and rights for the country's over thirty million minority ethnic russians. now the annual meeting of the world economic forum will be held this week in the swiss alps known company by the name of a town which hosts it the meetings missing some big players this year who are staying at home to sort out their domestic issues difficult to get it said james bays is in the us. what is notable about this year's davos is not just who's here but who's not here and some of the key figures on the world stage not attending most notable among them of course is the us president donald trump but also not here is the british prime minister the reason may she has stayed in the u.k. i don't think she was ever going to come here because we're so close to that deadline for breaks it's emmanuel mccraw the french president trouble at home turmoil there with those protests he is also not at this year's doubles but of
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course all the attention is on president trump who a year ago was here doing a victory lap it seemed around the buildings here in davos the economy looking very different a year on he is not here because of the government shutdown in the united states but the whole economic climate looking different one year on and certainly there's be early talk here in davos about that about the figures that have come out in china worries about chinese growth worries about a possible trade war between the u.s. and china and of course that is a big worry for president trump who's now in that crucial part of an administration the last two years next year election year the nightmare of course for a u.s. president is to get a recession in his last year when he's facing reelection and that is something that now is a possibility now for the first time in almost three years china economy has slowed down that's increasing the pressure on the country's job market and young people in
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particular i think in the pinch a record number of new graduates been looking for work this year and those who have jobs say they're working longer hours for less pay your reports the capital beijing . taking a swing up lives pressures. i doubt chinese you'd like to come here to break things and blow off steam. i don't like the lifestyle in beijing is too fast i have to get up early and finish late gin story working long hours for little pay is common among customers at beijing smash room. opened by just willing gin and some friends last year she says china's economic slowdown is putting more pressure on young people so they didn't see that many people including my friends are feeling the pressure when the whole economy is slipping down many of my friends have to work for new jobs so many people are
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pressured from work so expect to see more clients after chinese new year the twenty eight year low slump and growth and uncertainty over the trade war with the united states are starting to be felt in china's job market. according to a joint report by remain university and job site job pin demand for stuff in the december quarter was down twelve percent compared to the previous year while the number of job seekers grew by about eight percent chinese students preparing to enter the workforce. petition this year alone about eight point three million are expected to graduate vera wang is one of them the massive student has been trying to find a job for when she completes his studies in june but so far she's had no success. after trial a lot of trials the interviews are the writing tasks i've gone through a lot but i haven't received any offers in the two. barrels optimistic she'll find
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something after the chinese new year in february but many of her friends have given up on beijing moving to smaller cities where it's cheaper and there's less competition for the new engine in the yard that young people and a lot of pressure i think the government is very worried about unemployment which may lead to social unrest the official unemployment rate is about four percent but that's way below the truth last week the chinese government announced new measures to stabilize the job market start ups will be entitled to bigger larns and companies with zero a few layoffs will be rewarded. with employment pressure in china set to continue drilling in sure it won't be long before she returns to the smash room china's bad economic news continue to pile up it's likely the glass here you will to. al-jazeera beijing. nearly eight hundred fifty former diplomats and academics have signed an open letter to china's president calling for the immediate release of two
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canadians michael coverage of michael space were arrested in beijing last month on allegations of espionage the signal true some nineteen countries warn president xi jinping that the detentions will result in greater distrust of china. believed to be retaliation account of his detention of waterway vice president at the request of the united states. it's not a quick check of the headlines here not just here with us widespread anger in sudan against the government and its crackdown on demonstrations thousands rallied in following the death of a student protester twenty four year old trainee engineer died of his wounds after he was shot during protests on thursday the opposition says forty seven people have been killed since demonstrations began last month when the government raised the price of bread even more when i was more from khartoum there are concerns that more lives would be lost people have been complaining about how the security forces have
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been responding to their demands and to the fact that they've come out to the streets to express their frustration with the government they say that security forces have been using live ammunition and tear gas the opposition says as you've said at least forty seven people have been killed but activists say they've recorded more than fifty people now the government is disputing that figure they say that only twenty six people have been killed so far zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing security forces of systematic torture after recent protests that turned violent president non-god has returned home from a trip abroad and called for a national dialogue to address the protests of a rising living costs condemned and strange which he said were not peaceful but he also criticized police. afghan taliban is holding talks on tuesday with a u.s. envoy in qatar it follows a major taliban attack on a base in a war that province on monday the government says sixty five intelligence and security personnel were killed. a memorial service is being held in kenya for six
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people who were killed in an attack last tuesday twenty one people died when al-shabaab fighters stormed the dusit hotel complex in nairobi early seventies pictures of suspects they're still looking for venezuela's government says it stopped a military volt after the arrest of twenty seven soldiers from the national guard the offices and posted a video on social media calling for president nicolas maduro to step down they're accused of taking over command post stealing weapons and kidnapping several officials in the capital caracas. in the event of a strike a christian are now though has appeared in a madrid court to face tax fraud charges related to his time at real madrid when i was accused of using companies outside spain to hide some of his income but those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after a.j. selects that's what. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls
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desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them and how does era. pleasant day you know they were a team all in office i learned that. the new. push the female when we're here if. you know much of the cement of. a ten k. in the last thirty dimensional does saying.


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