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they are elected to help like war everybody is focusing upon this absolute farce that is happening in westminster which will possibly devour us all nobody is paying attention to the ongoing collapse of services in this country nobody it's over in fact it makes you think if brecht's it is serving any function at all it is as a matter of door version the market square tells of a long forgotten past where northampton was a proud thriving market town was going to tell a good month in france or there will be i'm good friends good british service they said look these losses are all i tell all the traders here told us things have never been worse there's barely a customer in sight northamptonshire county council which is in charge of public services here is effectively bankrupt as it is the projection of a no deal breck's it is that they could shrink the british economy by getting on
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for ten percent more than after the banking crisis of two thousand and eight that could wipe billions of dollars off what central government is able to give to local authorities the fear is that places like this that are close to rock bottom already could find they have far further to fall. on the main shopping streets the homeless live in tents outside an abandoned one psychotic british department store no doubt the status quo has failed northampton out in frustration fifty eight percent of people voted leaving the bricks at referendum but it is genuinely hard to see how grands talk among politicians in london of rex's allowing britain to trade with the rest of the world will do anything to help people in this abandoned england lawrence leigh al-jazeera northampton. thanks for watching al-jazeera we're back in just a moment with the news hour all senior that by. in
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the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be grateful to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic of finding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the forest in very high fidelity street techno all knowledge is here with. the latest news as it breaks the difference is that google is bottles awesome
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flightless that authentic in the roots with that this time though truth truth is to not come up with detailed coverage though has already said that he's ready to take over as interim precedents and call for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. on counting a cost plenty of no shows in dabbles but lots of talk from leaders there about an economic slowdown what the chinese president said about gray rhinos and black swans boss at the cost of holding the u.s. budget to ransom. counting the cost on al-jazeera. each year childhood ends for an estimated fifteen million girls globally omeri before the age of eighteen. young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in syria
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share their stories and talk to al-jazeera. al-jazeera this is the opportunity to understand a very different way where their before something happens and we don't live up to. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes down in fact the air travel in the u.s. flights were delayed at some major airports because unpaid workers are calling in sick dueling speeches from venezuela president nicolas maduro says he remains the head of the government and opposition leader has no off already why do appeals to the military to support him plus. or is disrupt
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a news conference held by longtime donald trump confidant roger stone who faces criminal charges linked to the russian investigation. progressed to the asian cup semifinals for the first time ever a defeat so. more coming up. but we begin with donald trump because he's expected to make a speech on the partial government shutdown that's now in its thirty fifth day so the president's facing increased pressure to end the stalemate it's seen eight hundred thousand federal workers miss their second monthly paycheck the dispute is over his demands for a five point seven billion dollar wall along the mexican border alan fischer joining us from washington d.c. what do we expect the president to say. ok let me tell you what we know we know
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there is going to be an event in the rose garden at the white house we knew that because the podium is in place the mike is in place the tele promp ter which puts the president's speech in front of him that is also in place the exact details of what he's going to say we're not entirely sure what is being reported is that we are going to get what is known as a continuing resolution a c.r. you might hear that from donald trump in the next few minutes that is all about funding the government for perhaps the next three weeks we suspect which will allow them to have continued talks about the possibility of increasing border security not least donald trump's demand that they build a border wall how is this all come about well you'll remember that in the senate in the house of representatives there are a number of motions put on the floor yesterday in the senate and neither got through the there so that completely died but senators from both parties realizing the difficulty of the situation and the problem is that the shutdown is causing
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something we're seeing in the last few hours with the lives that airports well they have decided that they would sit down and see if they could come up with some sort of deal that lindsey graham is very close to donald trump he is a republican senator he said unless there were some sort of prorated money for the border wall unless he got some cash for the border wall then the president wasn't going to sign this but the president has been told look if there is a major disaster because the f.b.i. aren't being paid the airport security isn't being paid air traffic controllers aren't being paid if there is a problem you're going to own this this is going to be all done to you so that has accelerated the need from all parties to try and come up with some sort of solution given that this event is going to be held in the rose garden that would suggest what ever has been agreed by these senators and will probably go through the house seems to be enough for donald trump the exact details stay tuned we should find out hopefully very soon here because allan for those people that have been affected by
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the shutdown some of them are now heading into their second month without a paycheck it has been very difficult for those it hundred thousand workers going without pay. exactly right now here in the united states things are done slightly differently a lot of people get paid by the week but here in the united states the tradition tends to be that you're paid every two weeks rather than say for example the united kingdom where you get paid monthly and so that's two ph checks that have no going past no you might think it's eight hundred thousand what curs that have been impacted by this partial shutdown but there are numerous contractors who won't get any money when the government goes back either and they're losing money too and this is hitting the greek to the economy and so all of this is building pressure on the president and then as i see it as we've seen in the last couple of hours delays at airports because traffic controllers have called in sick but the f.b.i.
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agents who arrested roger store and the president's confidant that you talked about in the headlines they aren't being paid at the moment either and all of these groups separately have said in the last few days get this shutdown ended because it is causing problems and the difficulties that are building up could cause really significant substantial problems in the next few days and also you've got to remember too that senators members of the house of representatives they're hearing from their constituents many of them who are government employees and saying we are struggling to make ends meet and things aren't helped them when you get a senior government official someone who is very close to the president larry kudlow turning round and saying well you know something i don't understand why people aren't going out and looking for loans and getting loans that way i don't understand why the food banks that food banks because they're struggling to feed themselves and their family that sort of pressure eventually takes its toll and as you see we're known to the longest partial shutdown of the u.s.
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government and it's obviously the politicians want to get something done even if it is as we suspect them we will get the details soon just a three week. continuing resolution a resolution to fund the government for three weeks to more talks but maybe this might concentrate everyone's mind in trying to get a longer term solution in the united states ok alan we're just hearing that president trump is expected to speak in just under ten minutes time so we will cross over live to the president when he begins and allan will bring you in shortly after that well the shutdown has been causing delays at several major airports in the u.s. east coast departures from new york's la guardia philadelphia and newark new jersey were all affected the f.a.a. says an increasing number of workers have been calling in sick. joining us from reagan national airport in washington d.c. what are you seeing there any delays going on. it to rain at the
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moment there is a quite a placid atmosphere you can see behind me it appears that there isn't many delays the official word from the airport is that operations are continuing as normal but just a few hours ago you wonder if something happened that was really the straw that broke the hamp camel's back and maybe influencing donald trump's reasoning for coming out to speak with the nation in a few minutes time and that was a ground stop at a nearby airport live or near airport in new york city the f.a.a. at that time said that it was because there were too many air traffic control employees who had simply not shown up for work today they've been going now close to the fifth week of working without pay focusing on that incredibly difficult and and detailed job of making sure that airplanes do not crash into each other as they approach the nation's airports and that brief ground stop though it's already been
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called to an end caused headaches across the region including here at ronald reagan airport in washington really when you looked at the map of the country you saw that the weather radars welcome. clear but this government shutdown is similar to a storm hitting the nation's airports and that because of its impact on staffing in a few key hubs like new york and like chicago then that ripple effect this is felt in this region and throughout the country so there has been a herculean effort to minimize the impact on the traveling public the t.s.a. administration said that it try to move around staffing to make up for those air traffic controllers who didn't come to work today they've had to route some flights as well as increase the space in between planes which is why we're seeing those delays and there are still some minimal gently is going on around the region but that does not that's only
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a band-aid covering up this truly abnormal sense of operation because these workers are not getting paid they're protesting there this week and the union for these workers representing the air traffic controllers flight attendants and pilots released a startling statement two days ago saying that they are warning they cannot they don't even have a way of assessing the risk of this situation in their risk averse industry they don't know at what point the system will reach a breaking point and they call this completely unprecedented ok thank you for that from reagan airport in washington let's speak to chris garcia he's a political commentator and former official at the u.s. department of commerce under president trump he's joining us from washington thanks for speaking to us what do you think when you hear the what our reporter was reporting from the airport the f.a.a. warning in fact the this is going to happen you're going to cause delays at
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airports and it's going to cause a ripple effect if the shutdown is not dealt with and that's what we're seeing happening. yeah that's exactly right it's a busy news day today a lot of news coming out we just saw the white house make an announcement that the president will be speaking at one thirty live from the rose garden but this is something that both republicans and democrats have tried to avoid real tangible effects such as air traffic control t.s.a. agents slowing down at airports you know things that americans may not care much about is for example i.r.s. tax filings of course they're going to want their refunds quickly but filing not so much but this is something that republicans and democrats are grown very weary of in congress and the white house is also feeling the pressure from the president's advisers to end the shutdown so i expect that there's going to be a major announcement made today in which the president will address that you know what do you think the announcement is going to be when he comes out and speaks in just about twenty minutes time now. in the it looks like there's a couple reports that come out the first of which which is perhaps
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a far stretch which would signal the republicans in the white house of caved would be some type of a formation of a committee in exchange for opening the government with a continuing resolution for three weeks but the formation of some type of a committee again would be the president caving a committee that would study or commission that would study the need for a border wall what's more realistic is perhaps a down payment that the president had suggested would be required in exchange for opening the government back up again the down payment on the border wall if you recall just yesterday the senate voted down two bills one of which would open to the government with out for funding one of which would have open the government with border funding both of those bills failed so the president at least it seems today has some type of breaking news perhaps the rumors that he was going to declare a national emergency this is a breaking news that was that came out yesterday by c.n.n. that the president had formed and it drafted an announcement that he would declare a national emergency and would find seven billion dollars appropriated funds
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through agencies like the department security department defense in which he would be able to. draw from to build the border wall without congress' approval so that is something that is also on the table but it remains to be seen how politically bruised is the president from all of this according to a reuters ipsos poll it found that more than half americans are blaming him for the shutdown. yes so this is a you know several polls have come out with the reporting saying that that president trump because of that oval office meeting that he had with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi in which he said he would own the shutdown is now being blamed for the shutdown i think that much of what the president's strategy has been so far is to delay and extend and show that democrats are unwilling or a reasonable in the negotiations for the border wall for border security it appears that the white house is starting to battle a little bit more of the media expecting that there will be more fair reporting but
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i expect that that bruising if you will as you said of the president i think that that that that some of the present take into consideration but remember during the campaign and during the first two years in office every time the president was hit he would hit back twice as hard and that's his that's his philosophy now expect it to change any time soon chris garcia we thank you for speaking to us from washington well the u.s. president close ally roger stone has been arrested as part of special counsel robert muller's investigation into possible russian collusion in the twenty six thousand election stunt was taken into custody in florida after a grand jury indictment he's facing seven charges including obstructing official proceedings making false statements and witness tampering stone says he will fight the charges. i would not give to these charges i will defeat them or i believe this is a politically motivated investigation i have trouble by the political motivations of the prosecutor. and as i have said previously there is no circumstances
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whatsoever under which. will bear witness against the president nor will i make that. for myself so i knew you were listening in to that press conference and he seemed to be very defiant in saying that the charges are all politically motivated yes that's pretty much typical roger stone he told the president a lot of you knows it as the last guest just mentioned when the president gets hit he hits back harder that's what you see roger stone do and i think it's important to point out when he says it's a political motivation let's remember special counsel robert muller is a life long republican but that is something that the trump administration and its allies are really trying to cast doubt on i can tell you in polls it's not having the effect that they might have hoped because vast majority of americans or least a majority of americans believe that he is pursuing
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a righteous investigation that said this is a really big box for robert mueller this is the closest person to president trump to be indicted and it's the closest he's come to a line in what could be considered a conspiracy there roger stone is not charged with conspiracy but basically they're saying that he was the conduit between wiki leaks releasing all of those hacked d.n.c. e-mails and the trump campaign and then he was basically communicating for both with both this is the charges most of them stem from his testimony before the house committee he basically under oath said you know there's no communication to ever talk to him and basically said the reason i was able to tweet out in advance all of these things about wiki leaks is the other guy told me well then the other the other guy said you better tell the truth because i'm going to because i've been subpoenaed and he went on to tell him that he was going to kill him and his dog in text messages which are easily recoverable allegedly according to the f.b.i. so those are the seven charges that roger so now faces very very serious charges and. that he's
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a very close ally of president trump how worried the president be with this. well he was just said in the message to the president i'm not going to flip but everybody who has been indicted in the mall or probe has said that and pretty much every single one of them has flipped roger stone no doubling down said i'm not going to flip somebody basically flip meaning give evidence against president trump if there's any to be given and we was asked or do expect a pardon from the president he didn't really answer that but it's been misunderstood a little bit the president of the united states has absolute power to pardon anybody for anything but what he does if he does pardon stoat is he takes away his right to not incriminate himself it's his fifth amendment right he can basically go before a grand jury or any jury and say yeah i'm not going to talk about that i could incriminate myself if he's pardoned and if he's not facing state crimes if you get some unity from whatever states then he has to testify he has to truthfully say everything he knows about the president or he can be held in contempt and be sent to prison until a judge decides to let him out so he said
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a message to the president the president will see he is calling it a witch hunt on twitter especially if he's going to be on camera it seems unlikely that he won't react to it but we'll see it a little bit ok thank you. well the venezuelan opposition leader while you know has vowed to continue his campaign against president maduro claims he's done as well as rightful leader and is backed by the u.s. and several latin american nations has been speaking from us president maduro gave a televised address at the same time insisting he is the legitimate leader. they are never going to steal our dreams away from us again in the presidential palace they believe this movement will run out of steam those who assert the symbols of power believe we will become tired but we are going to leave here stronger no one is going to give in we are going to dream of a stronger venezuela. but as well as a republic is in a critical moment its existence and ongoing values at the moment we love and as
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well and we fight for its existence there has been an immense campaign of money and fake news director but the volley very republican venezuela there is similar tenuously they intend to make a coup d'etat against venezuela and a coup against our republic and our values there is even an intervention there wrecked it possibly by washington our lot in america at its embassy a new man is joining us live from the colombia venezuela border it's quite unprecedented lisieux when you have two men both claiming to be the president speaking at the same time. absolutely i can tell you though that the president you could ask my goto is still speaking so i need and he is continuing to speak and to attack the united states he has said over and over again now that the united states is an imperialist power that is organizing orchestrating and financing this attempted coup against his government now why do all the interesting thing about him he is still the president of the opposition controlled national assembly which
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is basically powerless it's not recognized by the my little government who controls every other which rather controls every other institution including and most significantly the army wide law says that he is going to the national assembly is going to pass an amnesty law and that it will be distributed to members of the armed points because miss me message was directed precisely at the army he's asking for the army to split on my google to abandon him and to quote move over to the side of the people and that is that there is no sign though how it got really in the however that this is about to happen president muscling still speaking as i said and he is going to he has been made clear and this is also very significant what he is going to do about this there hasn't been an arrest warrant issued yet again why the law he hasn't been incarcerated. there it's a real standoff at this hour and what we're also hearing from reuters is that russian contractors are on their way or have already arrived in that this will lead
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to beef up the personal security of president model so all these moving parts at this hour very interesting but no clear idea yet of pollard's this is going to how it's going to work out and be international community has certainly been weighing in with the different countries picking different sides basically. exactly and one of the main supporters of president the collapse of the google right now is none other than landing the head of food in russia has come out and in fact even warned the united states not to intervene and that is when president putin held a meeting of his national security council we understand earlier in the day ahead of a national the u.n. national security council meeting that's been called by the united states of saturday precisely to appeal to the international community to support this interim government russia has already said that under no circumstances will it do that china also has goal is sure to veto the move but at the same time we have another
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deadline that's sticking here and that is the expulsion or not of the u.s. diplomats here present in my google on wednesday broke diplomatic ties with the united states and gave diplomats seventy two hours to abandon the country we know some of the nonessential personnel have been leaving throughout this day but the means the main diplomatic staff has been ordered to stay in venezuela because the united states government says it does not recognize president doesn't rule any longer or his right to break off those diplomatic ties what's going to happen when those seventy two hours are up on sunday is the key question here now all right to see the newman thank you. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including greece's parliament approves a contentious name changing deal with macedonia the afghan taliban appoints one if its founders to join peace negotiations with the u.s. . and novak djokovic sets up another date with rochelle nadal at the australian open final peter will have the details on that later.
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but first the un special rapporteur for human rights to me and mars calling for the head of the military to be charged with genocide yankee leigh's investigating alleged crimes against the roping of minority that have forced hundreds of thousands to flee the country least said cases are already being compiled for future prosecutions the independent mechanism that i recommended be established last year has been formally and funded and recruitment has started just for victims it's a. really good question about the. creation of the case files against alleged perpetrators the cases will be ready for prosecution credible international or international court meanwhile yankee lease says isn't
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interested in allowing the room to return of a name reports in dhaka the un special rapporteur is urging the bangladeshi government to prepare to host the migrants for the foreseeable future. the ruling the refugee crisis has become a fast growing regional problem with global repercussions that's the latest assessment of the un special rapporteur on human rights in me and mark young he cited the recent deportations of rohingya refugees by saudi arabia and india to me and mar a violation of international law in his young minds working to me in conditions of return yeah i'm. intimidated. it's neighbor bangladesh has been struggling to accommodate this predominantly muslim minority since august twenty seventh t. more than seven hundred thousand have sought refuge here it is clear it really into
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revenues in bangladesh cannot return to me in any of engine the government came to the gauge a longer time i'm paying the population for this yesterday bangladesh wants to transfer about one hundred thousand refugees to the remote flood prone island of bashar in the bay of bengal lisa says despite the government's quote tremendous efforts to prepare the island she's concerned about the security of refugees and isolation does. especially in the event of. natural disasters without. fully informed that. the bangladeshi government says the refugees who moved to boston shar would have access to health care and education be able to fish and farm and visit their families in the camps in cox's bazaar despite the challenges of living in the world's largest
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refugee settlement none of the refugees we spoke to want to move to a place they fear is dangerous and it's hostage in a xerox dhaka. the afghan taliban has named one of its co-founders to lead its political office in qatar dani birds are is expected to join to go see asians with the us which looked to be gaining momentum victoria again the reports abdul ghani baradar was the former right hand man of taliban found. he spent eight years in a pakistani prison before he was released last october analysts say his appointment as political leader of the taliban's of his thing cattle shows the armed groups commitment to the afghan peace process he is somebody who all was favored negotiations in peace talks and therefore the pakistani government put him in prison years back and here he has this anti pakistan narrative and at the
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same time favoring and a strong supporter of the peace process the taliban was pushed from power by u.s. forces in late two thousand and one discussions between taliban leaders and u.s. diplomats started last summer in an effort to end the seventeen year long war and establish a unity government the u.s. envoy recently toured the region seeking help from allies including pakistan the u.s. has repeatedly accused islamabad of providing safe haven to the taliban leaders accusations dismissed by the pakistani government so this is a major major change for the power back on and one that bodes very well for peace mullah baradar has been on the side of peace for over a decade and this is a sign that there is great hope that he things could go wrong but there has been no such hope for peace in afghanistan for the last twenty years almost. that peace
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would be easy the taliban doesn't recognize the government in kabul and demanding foreign troops leave afghanistan it's unclear if the parties are willing to make any concessions and degree on a unity government big gaited be al jazeera let's speak to michael semple he's a visiting professor at queen's university belfast and an afghanistan analyst is joining us via skype from belfast good to have you with us on al-jazeera once again why is it that the u.s. and some regional powers are supporting this particular man the co-founder of the taliban but i think we should be clear that the appointment of mullah brother is an internal decision by the taliban movement they. know they have to find out what to do with him after he'd been released from jail all other top positions are occupied they were looking for a replacement head of the the political office in doha and they decided this this is where they wanted to send him so it is an internal taliban decision something
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which they feel. recognizes his weight inside the movement but it is absolutely correct that many international. diplomats have welcomed it because they are hopeful that he will play a positive role so do you think that this is a positive move in terms of peace talks for all involved. i do think it is a positive move it's not a breakthrough but it's something which will be helpful in the the weeks and months to come and i think that brother has not yet proven himself to be the kind of sort of mahatma gandhi that was being pointed to with what by one of your previous contributors his last job in the movement as deputy was basically to run the insurgency he was here he was in charge of the fighting his significance is that he really is the most legitimate leadership figure who is left alive he probably has more legitimacy amongst the the members and fighters of the movement even than
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the current me or shake up so if they the conversations that we're seeing going on in doha if they proceed and if they start to outline a deal and if there's enough common ground if they manage to get on the same page with the afghan government and minute broader box it if he takes that back to the rest the leadership in pakistan and recommends support it's very difficult for them to say no whereas this is the diplomats of the taliban diplomats who have been doing the talking until now they really haven't had the way to move but they have been able to convince the rest of the their leadership so. they the prospect of broader hopefully joining the the negotiating team and brodeur gives a lot more weight to whatever will be discussed in doha in future what is it that's going to be discussed i know it's a bit of a broad question but i suppose i like to know from you what sort of guarantees you think the taliban will be looking for before engaging in face to face discussions
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are moving ahead with discussions. well i mean the of the taliban already engaged in very important face to face discussions with they hear the u.s. delegation they have of course they've held back from sitting with the afghan government and they have not given any public commitment to being prepared to do that about how what to they what both sides are looking at to go is what an overall settlement would would look like what is the agenda between the taliban and the u.s. what is the agenda between the taliban and the afghan government when they actually get to the table. which parties all have to be involved they're looking at sequencing when does a cease fire come up that comes at the start of the negotiating process they're talking about they're talking about what would a program for eventual withdrawal of u.s. troops look like. and is it something that the taliban leadership would be able to
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sell to their members who of course have given tens of thousands of dead supposedly fighting to push the u.s. troops out and then of course they have to. agree if this is to go forward how having you know talked about they talked about the prospects for us we.


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