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tv   Drugs  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2019 12:32pm-1:00pm +03

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the u.s. government has imposed sanctions on venezuela's state oil company the latest move by washington to push president nicolas maduro out of office who says the sanctions are legal and has vowed to take action the u.s. national security adviser john bolton is appealing to the venezuelan military to back the planned interim president won by door. with just sixty days to go until brags that british retailers are warning about possible food shortages if the u.k. crashes out of the european union without a deal a joint letter was written to parliament from a dozen major stores says supply chain of fresh food from europe would be severely disrupted reducing availability and shelf life for many products britain imports almost a third of its food from the european union. for those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera a.j. select state of themselves but. we
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understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to you al-jazeera. my baggie was my drug. if i add my drugs. i do everything if i don't have my drug i cannot do anything. i've been using drugs since thirty four year the again this was selling drugs or
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whether they don't go on the biggest. i don't fifteen sixteen i say using. may join up after they came on to and called and because one of my friends were using brown introduced me to brown i mean splat . i can see them as in the lucky i was in a good job. and educated. that i didn't want to be caught in the buying smack. now i would look at missed that you could get
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people to go for the medicines or table peoples book and it's really see it and go with the money and get your drug. coverage because. if you go to the chemist and he knows you then give you all with it on. how can you say the guy was doesn't know that you're using it when you're buying it morning of june evening and you're buying it for your then years together. every it's a struggle it's a struggle especially when you were in front of would get missed and you would get missed more than you can give me the drug is a very big struggle. you know to fight with yourself. one one one one one one week one when you meant to be but stepped out just like on me i'm going to
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look at what religion makes and that's. next. i think if i don't out back to you. i've heard a hard problem i know i was up there for without me but they're trying it once again. it's slowly obsessive. compulsive. and. just. speech. but. still. bringing in. out there that it.
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is a day's wages you see it in not going to. where they're not disembodied. mind and have a plan about not supportive of the better god though i know i've been on them for they got the. damage that other now they're going to up in. front of their i. that's. not a vision not even not even you can think about when he does it. but. boy did i knew at that moment. i miss you i love what's out there some of it out we've all known and have and just. about a week in a post to me like i'm in the midst of human doesn't. get some getting it will be the civilian try the ladies haven't got the other people to go down to thirty three
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if you have anything much interest in the comic i'll be coming up in maybe it's the . end of the magical. feeling of the little kid in the moment if. you know. that. the lord will be. good in the next minute. on two of the back. child. magazine lumiere on the other problems to the magazine many of.
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the classic. i'll take a. gallon at the. bottom of the galley who've. been. on trade but oh there you can go behind a few but had to be here yet which is now which i loved his level of they're the one who maybe we've got a. hospital maybe is. what they have people who lives up. to their party with a stick that met when i see that will be home is going to see me. as if you have your. own. life giver of a. call for my father has any got it. made no matter how i do high jump. challenge. on
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a kid has an even handed me an amount of soft misshapen thought he in there for. me every last kind of a moment that because of gravity with giving up was going to get nasty that. much now but did not look at their buckets ordered and. bought a good feeling that nonetheless. john. for. the.
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the lowest class of people you'll find all is in that order so everyone sees them the hired last year but it will be a p.d.f. so most of the people who don't normally. get an editor's boss's trust so they didn't have fifteen and they don't trust him. so yeah glee is i'm good people of my own kind they're doctors over he'll call center executives in that because all of us stayed together and all of us and be sure that the make each of the of the look visit happened to meet its or not be happening to you. medicine is supposed to help people but you and them that isn't is not helping the bill is killing them and it's a stored
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a. big need over the gong in fact and that it is people do good and easy and use it easy so a lot more is needed from the roman state not to stop the drug but do i think you did it. just on someone who can play with anyone's life. and the considering them. circle must go out of the. present somebody one thought of the earth or. a of almost.
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any of the. three but if so for many of us that occur you know where the now new element. that's available to. force. us to do a. little
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part of this. this. will do it all. so. we don't have but what i would achieve within a budget of what. that out and if. you would know but i got out of they would deliver the figures. on the. that would assume what i say we're going to so. for me to go. to her mean as you know. me and to hold on him as you know one of us will go to. the super bowl should he have to say that. he was like i'm serious
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so i'm for a model of us. getting one this. and i can tell you a funny thing about cat and then you want to let him go and they were turned out of . the circus in because i want to put well done he got a new nose and issues. that mean i'm sort of. my moment but it could be doing well here you know going to send in the pretty much. when i've been sort of a. something of what in time he was going to share with the scene at the neil they can we help us out. but i'm still going thought of but as a player than anything the i.a.s. is we again with a soggy show guess of way. to yourself you know i got some of them went off once i've been out of them.
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and then on the way. i mean the open so more than you know nothing and yet you know you know when i'm anita and you see that i can say this and yeah if you can go on for a second then you know what up you know of the procedure you know you show me that this isn't a no go for the second part of. a poem but i want to think and and doesn't. and going even second in there but that's when the sort of bush elmo something and yet i saw it as a bit of i'm going to get the most when i'm out i said i said but i'm going to play in three am on that basis so i know what it will say no it isn't but i thought of the role of some not at the home. that you know i see yeah i am but i don't like i have. you know the key to how to modernise so he said was in a gun but it's not going like he doesn't see what i'm getting lazy i don't feel that way of the window when aim for sums. basically were snowy
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you say. p.c. what it was i mean it yeah but. it's you know it's not. that many one of them were. you know there's really no such scene when the he showed us that if i like you but i will then we will get the butt off for a way out. and soon as a little is. that a god that i think will cause if we don't i thought i would give him. a good look good to see when then he showed us that this is a new push got the votes and when just.
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one but i think what i thought was a chicken with him bush and the. guy they said it was idea one of them with them i know what i'm going on a show i want to sell to the city. and i. said when i was just. going to. go
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down. but to say no and i'm going to. some of this my first time to uruguay and i've come to the source of the revolution. one was that recently. of the cannabis movement and he's done so much opened up a path that's really reverberating around the world you know. and when he went on you know that it would still be at the center of d.n.a. . and. i said i mean there's no son no you know why. one of those me studies are most i thought you know presumably. he's a certain. when you get the name as we did on the show i was on a similar study also one battle of. one border also of definitions to get on with the one with the only other stuff. going on there i got me down so you
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know mush under one kind of russian. i guess i. am only. i knew. down a good guy. and he's gettin in the last.
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phone and eighties who said that in some cases of heroin use but during the one nine hundred ninety s. and early ten zero zero s. the number of people who were injecting heroin increased due to my company so in two thousand and four we did another search to find out the ha very magnitude among these people when checked drugs overall for the two percent were hiv positive this was it in my couple very high as compared to the general population five point eight and in the worst part of it is that women who were injecting drugs the edge of a good balance were sixty two bus. that's that then when you say we need you to do something. for february twenty seventh that's where we opened up these clinics.
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and we. now miss i don't in the middle when they hear me. turning. to me i'm a civilian. and i'm looking. but the challenge is to give them a this is the number of people who are using drugs very huge and the biggest challenge that we know is that people started to inject heroin so that they can access with. buses. to get also increased so once they
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disappear. let's stop recruiting new plants that's looking for those who disappeared to see what is happening what do they have where did then you've methadone then go back to using every. minute that you have here. mom i would do that. yeah that you will you have a wonderful. day for new ones yeah when. you. do what. would you do. don't bother fighting unit in that you don't do it again and you have been into a fight again that's a new one i'm wondering we need a new in only near. dinner that after i get my young men doubt i would need and use them but diana would. not be.
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calmly. playing what i knew and. that. is a. good one and. well in the anybody doing me. you were going to be the. one i used to be i mean we needed to do that yet some of the. south through which. that's one of the. whatever that is a. poor way to save the world would done. so well mom to me but then again what do you.
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get one dream when you. do and one has to do that and i mean. just. to kind them when i'm in them days would be doing them as i do now quarter morning to go left by the notion the ship. was. place. i did i wanted to do with. the ground up that. windy yet do i need it one day. now when i would have been a new guy to get in to. government shutdown the only nice. tax. among the focus of
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a book is the. awful schmoke. song war. you want to. see if you're. right. more than nothing good. will. come. down with an if they. do you think it will win you may see a good day you anything that the reacting to the. unknown can. bug us a new goal when you. mean by doing. you
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know the room there and you had to. do and idea and i look when i hear. that group of well you know banjo brando now somebody skill to sign some but i was still in school but that's about it i guess. but i've been up. on a day or dinner in you near winging it. and of what where there are wars that only . yangon anywhere. at any area nice young boy in missouri. whose. cool.
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as they they are. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get.
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business updates rolled to you by qatar airways going places together.
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the frustration. this is al jazeera. hello i'm so this is the news. coming up in the next sixty minutes is this cease fire in yemen's port city of data might be on the verge of collapse as agencies warn of a humanitarian catastrophe. and the demands the u.s. stops cracking down on chinese companies up to criminal charges to file.


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