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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 5  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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most people just buy. real estate from. your assumption loosens hoop dreams of possible. i do not support. the marina in limit so is filling fast with the luxury yachts of the oligarchs but there will always be room for more definitely yes i would say that god is always welcome to cyprus. for some time already is that activity addiction for our passports but its attention i believe will help but until we can see the cyprus once again the e.u. commission is warning that such golden passports will allow organized crime gangs to infiltrate the block and that could cause problems with tax evasion money laundering and corruption and russian businessman already well established in cyprus see it as a threat to their own interests you know mostly people living in these floats it's going to be
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a week ago stone awards the sun may be coming down though on the days of the golden passport because of pressure from both the e.u. commission and the united states that threatened catastrophic sanctions on any bank involved in money laundering david chaytor al-jazeera the missile. also ahead for you on the program we meet a female historian in washington he's breathing new life into old defunct telephone boxes. and in sport the celebrations continue as cattles football heroes return home after winning the asian cup. in recent years the sawhill of north africa as witness the so-called war on terror . but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow
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war in the sahara. until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was a cover included todd's tragedies of quakes and that was it but not the how couple feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding it when it's occasional system that was introduced to. latin america i was as near as i have to fill a void that needed to be filled. time
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now for with peter. thank you very much the day after winning the asian cup cutters heroic footballers have been given a royal welcome when they returned to doha moments after their plane touched down they were greeted by cutter's emir shaikh tom him been a model for army japan three one in the final on friday to secure their first major football title they scored nineteen goals and conceded only one all the more impressive considering that the tournament was held in the united arab emirates one of four countries that's imposed a blockade on twenty seventeen once the party at the airport died down our correspondent andy richardson reflected on the council's remarkable achievement. now when the cats or national team left the start of last month they really were rank outsiders to win the asian cup a tournament in which they've got no track record of success they returned having
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beaten all previous champions on my way to that final win against japan and the young striker i'm always early who scored nine goals in the tournament a player the footballing world is talking about now it has to be said at a global level asian football does struggle to punch its weight in the twenty fourteen world cup no asian teams made it beyond the group stage and last year in russia only japan made it through to the last sixteen but there are many reasons to feel optimistic about what is happening with this has r.t. for the last fifteen years a huge amount of work has gone into developing young players at the national academy here the aspire academy and now we're seeing those home grown players finally performing at senior level the historical jiving council as national team resembled the united nations of football can now largely be put to bed the next big test of these players is going to the copper america in brazil in june where the group's alongside argentina colombia in paraguay another huge test of their
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footballing credentials but their success is real and it's a huge boost as well as the organizers of the twenty twenty two world cup desperate to move the focus away from sports politics and backgrounds what's actually happening on the football page. we saw the players getting on the bus there in the celebrations when through the night they lift where andy was in getting down to the halls waterfront the cornice with thousands of fans turned out to greet them are reported also jabari brave the crowds and did well to get it right next to the bus . thousand nineteen champions of the asian cup i finally arrived in joe hockey the fans here have been waiting to catch a glimpse of these players for hours i spoke to say they are extremely proud was he not only of the results that they managed to achieve winning the championship but also how boys they were under very difficult circumstances that referring to of
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course the blockade that is taking place between unite and qatar and three other countries. here did not attend many of the games that were speaking place in abu dhabi despite of all that they say that this team is made them extremely proud and they are looking at the world cup in two thousand and twenty two. we're just a day away from the super bowl in atlanta where the dominant team from the last decade the new england patriots will play the los angeles rams and federal law enforcement officials have become involved the f.b.i. say the use of private and commercial drones flying near the venue for sunday's big game is a security concern there is a temporary flight restriction in place but this has not deterred drone uses. if these drones go out of control or the pilot loses control of one they can go into a crowd and cause serious injury and the other of course is when we look up into the air we see a drone flying in the air we have no idea if it's friendly or if it's someone that
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has nefarious plans and is weaponized close to the ground level is where the pats and rams will play for the sport's biggest prize the vincent lombardi trophy one of the interesting subplot sees forty one year old tom brady face jared goff who's only twenty four brady is already the oldest quarterback to start a super bowl with these opposite number among the youngest now the patriots have won five super bowls the century already where the rams haven't won the championship since two thousand that was when they were still playing out of st louis now they offend say they ready to take over from new england you know i'm looking for. tom brady to be upset and looking for disappointment in his face. a good reaction shot where you know he's defeated he's he's he's been a top long enough he's a legend let's let some let's new guys make it up to the top. i mean they've had their run they've had one ten plus years almost think it's time for new kids on the
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block young head coach young ford about sort of a modern day bella checked in tom brady so why not move it into a new building so now it's time to do it those rams fans are not alone other supporters outside of new england have also had enough of the pats dominance. i'm so sick of the pictures but mainly because they beat us two years ago cypriano my roommate so if you're not going to lose an atlanta fair land of fans to get some kind of you know some kind of closure here to the end of the super bowl in it so that we can have a chance of a future just be nice to see it loose. we haven't got out of step on me like. i think everything is as if i can reach. i think. i'm from one of the sports youngest fans to some who are slightly more experienced and well traveled don't chrisman tell me henschel and gregory eaton the only maine
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to have attended every super bowl going all the way back to nineteen sixty seven back then they got in for twelve dollars they take it for sunday's game or someone pricea at two thousand dollars apiece. sometimes i feel reading the run of the people who say you know you can just go to one interview or god i've already been there all of them it's kind of unfair but here i am. i don't know we just love the game and we got addicted to it england's rugby team made an explosive start to the six nations comprehensively beating the reigning champions ireland in dublin england same to henry slade scored two decisive tries late in the game as a t. jones a side took a thirty two twenty it's their first win in dublin for six years and breaks ireland's fourteen game winning run at home great news saying the rugby side but another terrible day before they cricketers they were skittled for just one hundred
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thirty two in the second innings in only forty two overs against the west indies the windies then quickly knocked off the fourteen runs needed for victory to also ensure a series win. tennis australia is backing their davis cup captain lleyton hewitt and he's row with player bernard tomic hewitt seen here banned tomic from the team after claiming he physically threatened him and his family tomic denies the allegations but tennis australia's chief craig tiley says they've now withdrawn all support for tomic accusing him of permanently trying to damage the culture of the sport in australia we're used to seeing sergio garcia in a good mood out on the golf course but he's been kicked out of the saudi international tournament for losing his temper and damaging greens the former masters champion was disqualified during the third round because of what the european tour called serious misconduct garcia accepted the decision and said in frustration he damaged a couple of greens and assured his fellow players it would never happen again the
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golden girl of slalom skiing goes from strength to strength became a shifrin has racked up thirteen victory of the season which is a personal best the american was so far ahead after her first run in slovenia that she could afford to take things a bit slower a second time around and comfortably finish top of the podium next up it's the world championships in sweden and it would be a brave person to bet against her taking gold. and that's all the sport back to merriam peter thanks very much and i washington d.c. is hoping to turn hundreds of now defunct call boxes into street art that will serve to inform and educate millions of tourists coming to the u.s. capitol every year a female historian explains how she wants to give nine downtown core boxes a second life as public art that celebrates the city's women. i'm right your task i'm much historian in d.c. and i am working with charles burton are stronger than stumptown
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a box in which. there are hundreds of they is all over the city they're on every block and they were used in d.c. when people before people had telephones and over time they stopped using them because of the telephone and now everybody carries a cell phone for nobody in. the city was talking about these structures and what to do with them they are beautiful and they should be saved and. art and history could go in them the parameter of the project. was to put our in call boxes and the call boxes are here and if there's art in them they are there's more reason for them to remain i thought well this is a good opportunity to get women depicted in sculptures because there's hardly any in the district i just see it as the history of women being overlooked and credit going to man there's eleanor roosevelt and there's mary mcleod the
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throne and then there's like mary and jesus and and some saints and then there's a lot of women or female figures but they're allegorical so that's a dozen. these two paul bob to see you so to be on the thomas well known do you see artist who is in the color school and the other one could be for flora moulton who is a street musician from the forty's and through the eighty's people will be thrilled to see a tribute to her. katharine graham of a life in college this one elizabeth hamilton was the wife of hamilton alice paul suffered just for a box that's kind of near the parade route there was a big suffragist parade and just a few bottler was one of the heads of the statehood party and then there's a list of it correctly who was born in slaves and was mary todd lincoln seamstress mary church carol was twentieth century civil rights activist and at age ninety.
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a lot of people think badly all the. government out of work walking home has become a bad word people all over the world make marks on the city about incredible history. well that wraps up the news out but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with much more of the day's news for you do stay with al-jazeera i'll see you very shortly by family. as politicians in washington the fight over the border will we talk to the people
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at the center of the story many up then just said oh no it's very dangerous because since the money guns are there and it's not it's a very safe place migrants smugglers and people who live along the border. are all just zero. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. the world's largest oil company fails to become public tap and. are the kingdom of the company inseparable here the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arab coke the company and the state on
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al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. venezuela's nicolas maduro proposes only congressional elections as he faces new pressure over his leadership. this is supporters of self-proclaimed president packed the streets of caracas demanding the duros that down.
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below i maryam namazie in london you know with al jazeera also coming up on the program a reciprocal were spalls flood damage pollution suspends russia's involvement in a major nuclear treaty following a similar move by the united states and tens of thousands of civilians from the fighting in northern syria the u.n. says they must be given safe passage. we begin this hour with the power struggle unfolding in venezuela where president nicolas maduro has proposed holding early congressional elections as he battles a challenge from opposition leader one why don't declare himself the country's interim leader just last month gaining the support of venezuela's neighbors and several western countries in venezuela's capital caracas the ante madieu
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a momentum is growing thousands of people have protested in support of the message is clear they want to do gone adding to the pressure a top ranking air force general declared his support for glider one saturday though he was later dismissed by the minute tree as a traitor. and that's the sort of you are referring to outstretch to all come and work like the air force general who took advantage of the amnesty law and put it into effect but we don't expect the armed forces just to make statements we expect they will stand up for sport of powerful. respect the constitution and thirty day except humanitarian aid of that they are on the thought of fairness while. but the president supporters of also been out in force they have been. demonstrating to mark the twentieth anniversary of the duros
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success. i'm in favor of the logistics of this country being legitimate or free elections and of the people deciding upon the new national assembly and not afraid of such a decision you want to lections early elections then we will hold legislative elections latin america and it's an easy and human has more now from caracas president last night little is offering to bring forward the just related elections the national assembly remember is controlled by the opposition that is certainly not likely to fly with his opponents who are calling for him to step down for a transition government to be put in place and for new presidential elections to take place under international supervision or has not offered back kind of supervision even for parliamentary elections remember that when they were the last ones the opposition won two thirds of that assembly body and the government response was to create a new alternative super body a constituent assembly that bypasses the national assembly and so clearly this is
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not expected to be an offer that will change things in any way in the meantime flung wide laws calling for his supporters to continue to go out onto the streets to hold another major rally on the tenth and on the twelfth of february as he calls for the international community to bring humanitarian aid to the border of venezuela with his with neighboring colombia and brazil and they're called on the armed forces to allow that to happen meanwhile the economic crisis in venezuela has forced millions to flee their homes they settled in neighboring countries and of help their own protests against madieu rose rule alessandra m.p.'s he reports from colombia's capital bogota. biggest residents of the broad have taken once again to the streets in a number of cities not cross the world in support of their combined threats to our inside minister who are protesting against the government nicolas maduro and in support of one of my dog the leader of the opposition movement and the
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self-proclaimed interim president of the country the protests here in bogota is actually smaller than the last ones we've seen but the people who are here are saying it's important to continue putting pressure internationally if they believe that this time will be forced to step down i think this is the only way and finally we found a way to get rid of my doodle acme's dictatorship i think large rallies are being felt in my dream capital of spain also in the united states in miami and washington only york a number of south american countries whether or brasil in chile where many business will answer for the left more than three million venezuelans have left since they have left their country since two thousand and fifteen third's or more than a million are here in an actual local actually local authorities are saying that
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those numbers have increased since the beginning of this latest crisis more and more are crossing into colombia many on foot and walking for days to try and reach the capital of what that or other countries in south america. quickly will face is the author of changing venezuela by taking power he says u.s. sanctions have made the situation in the country even. the point is though that the united states is taking the lead on all of this and is the one that is are blocking venezuelan oil exports now and this is that's the real issue it's trying to make the economic crisis in venezuela even worse than it already is and it is precisely those measures that the united states is taking that are leading the these two forces in venezuela on a collision course this wouldn't be happening if the u.s. wouldn't be as involved as it is at the moment the madrid government carries
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a large part of the blame for the hyperinflation that has been going on in venezuela but my point is really that that the u.s. sanctions have made a bad situation even worse of course the fact that the majority government carries a large part of the blame has opened the opportunity really for the opposition and for the u.s. government to take this hardline position against me do in the hope that he will finally give in but like i said before if you look at the numbers of demonstrators the numbers of voters and venezuelans that still support him due to this is simply not going to happen. president lives imitation has announced that russia will withdraw from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty on friday the u.s. formally announced it was suspending its obligations under the agreement both sides of accuse each other alliance aging the treaty which was signed in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven always challenge has more now from moscow. vladimir putin
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held a meeting with his foreign and defense ministers on saturday shown on national t.v. and he explained what russia would do now that the united states has pulled out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty that's the solution. we will do it this way our response will be symmetrical our american partners stated they will stop their participation in the treaty so we will also stop they stated that they will do research and development of arms so we will also do the same he also said russia would not get into a costly arms race with the west that doesn't mean that russia won't pile into new weapons development just that initially at least it will try to do so with an existing defense budget years of military modernization have siphoned money away from social spending and with the real incomes of russians for lng for five straight years now more defense spending is unlikely to help me putin's
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falling popularity defense minister sergei showing who recommends a land based version of the caliber cruise missiles russian ships have launched against targets in syria also a land based medium range hypersonic missile the new frontier in missile technology and there's the land based cruise missile russia already has according to the us this has a range that broke the terms of the i.n.f. treaty and was the reason washington gave for pulling out of the agreement there will be more briefings with and we're going to travel to military sites and factories really produce these weapons to scare the europeans and the world public opinion that they should come to terms with russia should make deals with russia not ignore russia because russia has terrible things putin says the door is open for new disarmament talks but he's made clear that russia will not
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cause the. yes on this if there are to be any new treaties which we must go and washington hussein says it's washington that must break the ice to reach islands down to zero moscow. there i spoke to tom nicholls a professor of national security affairs at the u.s. naval war college he says washington's withdrawal from the nuclear treaty highlights how confused the trumpet ministrations policy is the russians now have the ability to look like the gracious and magnanimous party the americans are the ones that flipped over the table and walked away and let's be clear about something well as be clear about two things first i don't represent the us government's discussion. the other thing to be clear about is that the russians were cheating i mean there's no doubt about it the russians were in breach of the i.m.f. treaty and i think it was a provocation to first to menace the europeans and to see if they could beat the americans and the simply just walking away from this whole situation now the russians can afford to look like they're being diplomatic and magnanimous and
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leaving the door open for further discussion so i sure think it's possible they'd be happy to talk because one of the course skill sets of russian diplomacy is long dilatory diplomatic engagements that don't go anywhere and we've just pushed that horizon further out by dumping the treaty instead of trying to rescue one that's still in effect when all the stories we're covering a suicide car bomb has exploded outside the ethiopian military base in somalia killing at least four soldiers as the attack happened in the town of blood here in the south of the country al-shabaab has claimed to be behind the attack mamata doe has more on the story now from nairobi. the talk happened in the town of bottom the region solved and somalia al-shabaab already claimed responsibility for the up talk saying they were targeting an ethiopian peacekeeper base but the attack actually hoppin at the checkpoint not far away from the ethiopian peacekeepers base
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eyewitnesses spoke of a dusty minibus full of vegetables speeding towards the checkpoint forcing the ethiopian soldiers manning it to fire the minibus which did not stop until it exploded al-shabaab fighters in the past couple of months stepped up their tocs inside somalia and also outside they've cut it out attacks against somali national army bases they're also cut out on a toc last month in kenya in which they killed twenty one people but they've also been on the receiving end of u.s. forces who've been cutting out asterix against them inside somalia on thighs the u.s. forces said that killed twenty two fighters in hit on a region of southern somalia as well just two weeks ago they killed in a mass strike fifty two fighters who would just cut it all kind of talk on to some .


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