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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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from on route to australia so really what we don't have is any data how about a significant and fundamental shift in this trend policy such that if some savers were served their rights that is children families men and women were to assert their fundamental human rights under the refugees convention other human rights treaties triggered seek asylum in a strata epa be granted refugees but we don't it is not turn our policy to make good vote rights and obligations that are stronger signed up to and of course there are still more than one thousand asylum seekers in these detention centers do we know anything about what their fates going to be. well i think first point is very important to point out here that sam they were asylum status until they're a system that many of those in fact the vast majority of us that are still on. public guinea having been sent by strata it sure does arlen's. majority of those people have been assessed as refugee status paper with unfounded well founded fear
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is because you cannot return to their home countries to the dangers that fires and yet under the restraining policies they are not entitled to resettle in australia and so they are continuing to languish locked that you are now being like the two hundred children that have been resettled society there are a thousand men and women. continue after years and years of banco to the sime cruel and inhuman conditions and i think. they are starting by still languishing because under strong his policy they will not raise their home and they are only other alternative at the moment as it stands he is resettlement the us under the deal the destroyed he did with us traceable up to twelve hundred fifty refugees and if we just go back to the children finally i mean as they say it's good news that they've been released but they have been held for a number of year is in these conditions and what are the likely long affects of
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such attention on a child. well medical experts who have been able to closely examine the health of the health and the impact of. these policies beyond the children ever overwhelmingly reported very very significant levels of a question of anxiety. and other very serious very serious many who conditions the trauma the suffering has been very dated and a lot of the prognoses are really for for the suffering and the long term so the lasting in many eyes that is the damage to have very profound and lasting effects on children so we can only hire that now grace a whole society that these children can be given the health on a good counseling mandate and to be able to rebuild their lives after such trauma
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is still face many challenges and said david mann thanks very much take it out on is there for meldon. sarah has her own al-jazeera chilling rhetoric from an armed group accused of bombing a cathedral in the philippines hours zero speaks exclusively to one fighter. the taliban promises not to attack vaccine workers in afghanistan but those still fear and resistance among parents. hello there we've got a lot of snow over parts of europe at the moment the satellite picture is showing this huge area of cloud that's making its way steadily towards the north and swerving around here it's giving us a lot of heavy snow over the out some places here could see around half
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a meter of snow in the next twenty four hours or so and as it works its way further south you can see you are turning to rain his is in heavy downpours are likely in italy and across the other side of the adriatic too or of this snow pushes its way northwards as we head through the night and into monday and then it will be parts of the northeast and of europe where we see the wintry weather as we head through monday for the south still a lot of cloud dragging behind it and still some more outbreaks of rain across parts of the mediterranean and the next system is also making its way in from the atlantic so heavy downpours here but a lot milder than it has been london should make it to nine degrees for the other side of the mediterranean then here are those areas of cloud making their way across the north coast we're seeing some areas of wet weather parts of our area and then as we head through into monday we'll see some of that over the mountains ten increasingly wintery to do expect to see a fair amount more snow as we head through the day on monday across the northern possibly right on the coast of course here will see mostly rain and the top temperature of around twelve degrees. who would sponsor
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a town. as politicians and want. fight over the border will we talk to the people at the center of the story many up then just said oh no it's very dangerous because since the many guns are there and it's not it's a very safe place migrants smugglers and people who live along the border. are all just zero. again you're watching al-jazeera has
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a reminder of our top stories this hour venezuela's president nicolas maduro has offered to hold all men treat elections as he fights demands to resign his rival his supporters at home and abroad are demanding a presidential vote. a peace deal between agreements aimed at ending six years of fighting trim muslim christians in the senate african republic government leaders struck the deal with fourteen armed groups after a week of talks and saddam backed by the united nations and the african union. and the last four child refugees held in australian run detentions under the pacific island of nauru up being resettled in the us with their families as government says it won't send any more children to. a member of an armed group suspected of carrying out last week's bombings and the philippines has spoken exclusively to al-jazeera eisel claimed responsibility for the cathedral attack which killed more than twenty people but the military says it was the work of a smaller group called john john john allen dogan reports from the island of hollow
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where the bombing happened. well not just because. he got in our car nervous but defiant he claims he doesn't have a name just like the more than twenty other members of the a john a jungle group in sulu province on the island of mindanao. just. we want to kill christians this is our gold we don't want them even if we've blown to pieces that is the best way to get the better days are you trying to say you want to become a suicide bomber. we will do whatever we can because that estimate that was given to us by the arabs you know mom it says we must get read the piece chance the agenda john is an offshoot of the armed group i would say you have which has been operating in the area for decades i so claimed responsibility for the bombings at a cathedral in law
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a week ago but the military dismissed that and blamed john john for the attacks the group was originally called lucky nine when it was formed in two thousand and nine by children and or friends of abu so your fighters later on the group renamed itself i junk a junk which means lost command. and there's ten million passes from kidnapping we keep the two million for our group we also extort money from rich families if they don't give it to us even if they are muslims we kill them too . it's a rhetoric that shocks many here despite a previous attacks on places of worship the mindanao region was never sharply divided by religion days after the cathedral bombs there was another attack in a place of worship this time a mosque in some born the city it happened at midnight eleven people were asleep
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here when the grenade was thrown inside it killed people instantly this is a second attack in a place of worship within just a matter of days and according to the philippine government it seems as though there are efforts to cause the divisions between the different religions but people here reject at the. say they will never let that happen muslims here tell us they are hurt and differing with. christians and muslims are more than just neighbors here we enter marry we all grew up together we all love one another. there is concern here that last week's bombings will be the last. but in a heavily guarded mosque preachers for some hope love the sea is stronger than violence dogon al jazeera holo salusa southern philippines algeria is ailing
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eighty two year old president is expected to seek reelection the ruling coalition is the same. as a candidate april's vote but he's yet to confirm if he'll run impala since one thousand nine hundred nine was a figure was partly paralyzed from a stroke six years ago and has rarely seen and public team still see as a senior fellow at the un school of international studies he says is really just a front. essentially. as he's beautifully case a convenient. formal figure as a symbol if you wish which allows the powers that be in algeria to invade having to jockey for a new car can do that at a time that the country is facing economic issues social unrest as well as a security threat and obviously if any of these threats come to the fore and the government does not prove to be well in handling it he also could be
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a fall guy he served with his health problems for the last five years six years now obviously he is not in full control in many ways he is a figurehead and the country is of effectively run by those who are supporting him . and there is no reason why that could not continue in the sense that it has until now now that is also part of our algeria's problem it is also why he has offered us perceived by many in the country to not have to live or die on a sense national is adding egypt's security services to cooperate for the mud and destination of an italian student of brazil for a junior resume was held in egypt's embassy in london on saturday he studies in the u.k. before going missing in cairo in two thousand and sixteen his body was found for signs of torture tips intelligence agents not a any involvement of the bomber has more from the till and london. this event was
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called by different groups of amnesty international but it's also been attended by personal friends and former colleagues of julio rigidly and in their speeches they've not only called for the egyptian authorities to fully cooperate in an investigation into his killing but they've mentioned what they call all the other julio's they've are highlighted the fact that hundreds of people have been either incarcerated in egypt or simply disappeared in recent years people like journalists for example they've said simply for doing their job as they say julio was doing there are clearly pressures on the italian side pressures to sweep this under the carpet as well as put it out into the open and our task as recent national friends of julio here and everybody concerned with basic freedoms is to make sure that it's the inquiry the impartial investigation and the evidence that wins out in the end over the attempts to cover this up well last november italian prosecutors
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named five members of egypt's security services who they said were officially subject to investigation but so far there's been virtually no reaction from the egyptian government and these activists clearly want pressure to be put by it's really only egypt to start cooperating tribal chiefs and clerics in afghanistan so the taliban went to target a new paleo vaccination program like it has previously doctors say children and highways care is need to be vaccinated that's anybody reports from kabul many parents from maine suspicious. this is all it takes just a couple of drops of vaccine and this baby has protection from polio the highly contagious virus attacks the nervous system and can lead to paralysis mainly in children under the age of five. daughters all vaccination program in the capital kabul is relatively straightforward but in rural afghanistan threats against
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medical staff and deep rooted suspicions about vaccines have led to outbreaks of the virus more than i mean one formulae moment after in the main are not willing to have their kids vaccinated but a lot of effort to be usually convince them to allow it thirty years ago polio was rife in one hundred twenty five countries affecting three hundred fifty thousand youngsters annually today only three countries still suffer from the virus but i was twenty seven cases last year twenty one of them were in afghanistan a lack of access for vaccine teams because of the continuing conflict is a major reason of course for your. security. sometimes the threats they are freeze because during the companies doing these they have to move from security insecure yours to immunize our children. tribal leaders in clerics have told the government taliban fighters won't target medical teams and
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their families will allow their children to be immunised unless it's controlled and eradicated the world health organization estimates that up to two hundred thousand children a year could be affected by the polio virus but despite this people here especially in rural areas are still deeply suspicious manner move but no we are not vaccinating our kids because these vaccines are coming from the infidels and west to us it has bad effects on our kids and most of our people are against it. so we are not happy with these vaccinations because we heard stories that the polio vaccination is not good and it's used for spying and that the ingredients used are also not allow this these use started spreading eight years ago after a fake polio vaccination program was used as cover in neighboring pakistan to find some of bin laden now as a consequence of that in parts of south and east afghanistan medical teams are not
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allowed to go door to door only mosques to mosques and that's another reason why afghanistan's battle against polio may take some time to win tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. relics of a bygone era that's become unique straight to the u.s. capitol telephone call boxes became increasingly redundant in the mobile phone era but one historian is hoping to give the book says a new lease of life and celebrates the women of washington d.c. at the same time i'm right your task i'm just trying to see and i think. that's. hundreds of they is all over the city they're on every block and they were used in d.c. when people before people had telephones and over time they stopped using because of the telephone and now everybody carries a cell phone from nobody in. the city was talking about these structures and what
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to do with them they are beautiful and they should be safe and. art and history could go in them the parameter of the project. was to put our name paul boxes and the call boxes are here and if there's art in there there's more reason for them to remain i thought well this is a good opportunity to get women depicted in sculptures because there's hardly any in the history i just see it as the history of women being overlooked and credit going to man there's eleanor roosevelt and there is mary mcleod the throne and then there's like mary and jesus and and some saints and then there's a lot of women and female figures but they're allegorical so that's a dozen. these two call bob to see you so be. thomas well known do you see artist who's in the color school and the i want to be for flora
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who is a street musician from the forty's through the eighty's people will be thrilled to see a tribute to her. katharine graham of the often one. hamilton was the wife of hamilton alice paul suffered just for a box that's kind of near the parade route there was a big suffragist parade and just a few butler was one of the heads of the statehood party and then there was a list of a player who was born in slaves and was mary todd lincoln seamstress mary church terrell was twentieth century a civil rights activist and at age ninety. a lot of people. bad. government more of washington has become a bad word people all over the world make marks on the city government credible history.
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for watching on our top stories president nicolas maduro has offered to hold parliamentary elections as he refuses to moms to resign rival one of his supporters are demanding a presidential vote and in the military which remains largely loyal to majority to switch sides siegelman next door who do not use a hand remains outstretched to all government workers like the air force general who today took advantage of the amnesty law and put it into effect but we don't expect the forces to just make statements we don't expect just that we expect that they will stand up forcefully and powerfully and most respecting the constitution and saying that they accept military and aid and they are on the side of venezuela at the sales been agreed aimed at ending six years of fighting between muslims and christians in central african republic leaders struck the deal with fourteen armed
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groups after a week of talks in sudan banks by the united nations and african union. democratic republic of congo's opposition leader mohsin fi you lou is urging supporters to stop what he calls peaceful resistance lost the presidential election in december saying it was riggs strayer is sending the last child refugees held in a remote detention center to the united states four children will be resettled with their families under a deal struck by the obama administration and star label now stop sending children to the detention center on the pacific island of now. derrius ailing eighty two year old president is expected to seek reelection the ruling coalition has named abdul aziz beautifully as its candidate for april's vote but he is yet to confirm if he'll run. amnesty international is egypt's security services to cooperate with the murder investigation of an italian student a vigil for julia regina he was held outside egypt's embassy in london on saturday
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he studied in the u.k. before going missing in cairo and twenty sixteen his body was found with signs of torture those are your headlines more news after talk to alex is there. a face can tell a story without uttering a single one. and knowing god. can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the unconventionality of life witness through the mans of the human mind. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. when the american government first partially shut down migrants and asylum seekers along the mexican border continued trying to enter the country.
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is. that. in our. efforts by president trump to force the democratic party which controls the house of representatives to fund the border wall had reached an impasse meaning no agreement on a budget and the plan includes five point seven billion dollars for a strategic deployment of physical barriers or a war. in other words what happens here impacted the normal functioning of unrelated operations of the united states government. and have to carry was there. and at the center of all of this are of course the
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migrants themselves like they've been payers from guatemala and hector from a salvador will tell us their stories but then again. some simply jump over the wall. other specially men seek the help of smugglers to cross the border. jump said as he was the military to build a very high wall movie on. the crisis also affecting people in mexico who live alone to train migrants take to get from central america to do united states like alfredo no place who lives into a corner i always try to help the people that come here to move business or. just ask me for a. food or for a calling there was a little confrontation between residents feel like yes and the migrants of the
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birds live in fear they true rocks a lot of people think that you guys are invaders you are criminals if you had an american in front of you who thought that well would you say. today on talk to others iraq would be the people at the center of the crisis along mexico's northern border. it may seem like a difficult think but if you know the area this border is not that hard to cross at least that's the impression you get when you talk to people smugglers. according to have year a few days of carefully planned walk is all it takes for people who i do wise might not risk it to cross the border with his help and to do united states.
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but with helicopters above border patrol employing body detectors on the ground and with a partial reward to stop them this one bill during the george w. bush administration how do they actually do it. come here grew up in nogales along the border with arizona and has been doing this since he was fourteen for more than twenty five years. we wanted to know how it all really works none of them of korean almost come in and. we have everything coming over and. annoying and. president trump talking about the war with the u.s. soldiers that have been deployed along the border with helicopters and all of that
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is it more complicated. than i'm not good enough. for the other math. and i won't get the kind of. been complete ok come and pick with the money but there's always a new way right. but i am coming with you but i know move is a lot going on out of my. mind or out over these twenty six years how has it changed. there's a lot of those but i thought i'd ask what all this where is say's see it there which showed a. good thing of the with dean thing because if they thought a vein they would have yellow to. what end back when they think over to. them we all moved. to mass. and that.
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eventually. there were no not at the mc if it's going on of what. those that are the what the row the app with and and when and have you ever been caught they might have a. map of a port on the border and how much does it cost nip and then the. phoenix single me in the us that you will. or show me to my mid on that good business. in the middle and that's just for you is it for the whole and would. know no more for you some of roddy of. what i like and so you stop in arizona and then someone else takes it further you can see the water man in waco love ya got together when i want that.
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either one of them behind i find out if and. but i should go with him but i don't know i. will email. yeah i think that in the. end why do you do is a dangerous job when. yes the border at the moment the wall here how is it in this area. by the. by the. then the muslim mathematica with nothing. but a family and family so they just jump. in and they just walk over it's that easy thing we also heard about american
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people acting as vigilante is having weapons shooting at migrants or as ireland seekers are probably people like you know the whole throws the almost the photo memo but every pattern that they put it. on the case on. the stand in of a come on the what not all the animals for autonomy. every family the bottom of the foot and the corner of the thumb when i want to know what i saw a. little bit of them so you depend a lot on information on the ground basically and you have your own intelligence network underground to tell you where to go and. the plan is important. enough that what end of a bit of them one of them would have more than a plan so i just want to do a little bit more detail than to do logistics of crossing would have to happen at
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a day or at night when i wasn't at that event. that's going from one okas and a mother whether them and some of them among em a. rip and then the. symptom of that if you move one going to reality you know these that them but i'm not them but on you know this and not jen and knowledge they've been there that they would have them do you have to be armed for that. one of. them i like and is going to get that i like and what's the biggest group that you can take in one crossing. so you can do that alone you know. but it's almost what the romance and the male of the they're the is india and part of the money they pay is you provide also food and sleep and all of that security obviously it's gone on. and on and up on your list by way of the on
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a call me a. robot you know one of the nails i assoc i'm going to come anything i get them in there then grope on. the. phone and of them but i don't have these and that anything. have your words felt trapped was seen a lower cartel which controls this area on the mexican side and he says the cartel also controls territory on the american side of the. the cartel uses these rugged mountains to smuggle drugs and people both in close coordination but at the same time so it's the same route the drugs and and the people.
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but there is never together no hope for the safety of the drug operation and for the safety of the people there. since but if they would rather use it wouldn't of it but there's coordination. you know with with that on a plate and then at the cables that are once you cross that wall who is on the other side what territories that we're not going. to not going to and then going to put us in the at the moment on the threats of. and that's one of the three yellow van that i thought he would have but i can. think again that once you cross into does states how far from the border do you go. and then you come back. out of it so you get that she finishes in that point and then someone else take it to another territory and.
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in the last two to three months has it been more complicated defeat in that it. look at the person than the from then on the miliband it. must. jump said he wants to military to build a very high wall. so now on the war they i heat sensors their body movement sensors. their helicopters but trolling their border guards how did you get around all of that knowledge there that the. there he. this incident.


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