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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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governments would send a message to the saudi authorities that acts such as the murder of jamal has sochi will not be tolerated and that they will be met with the full measure of justice we demand the trumpet ministration pursue true justice perjury model and provide the public with an accounting of what the us government knew about this hideous crime thank you. hi good morning my name is mcveigh dear i am. the president of or the founder of the justice for jamal khashoggi campaign my name is spelled age i mean. and the last name is b u r. the death of jamal khashoggi is not a mystery we know when it happened where it happened and who did it that's not a mystery. the mystery says his death is why the white house is helping saudi
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arabia. cover up one of the biggest murders in this past year the murder of jamal khashoggi. in any other place in civilized world when someone is kilts. the killer is held accountable and so far this white house has responded by providing excuses and providing cover up for the murders of jamal khashoggi. the united states recently announced that their withheld with holding weapons sales to cameroon because of their human rights violations they need to do the same thing in the case of saudi arabia until the killers of jamal khashoggi are brought to justice. there's a saying that says justice delayed is justice denied. the friends of jamal khashoggi the family deserves justice and justice has not been provided in this
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case. one of the founding principles of this nation is the freedom of the press this white house has constantly attacked the press has demonized the press and now even when the press is killed by one of our allies they're providing excuses and justification. it's time that the white house and the trumpet ministration stops providing cover for the killers of jamal khashoggi specifically muhammad bin son of man and bring those responsible to justice and we understand that muhammad bin some a man is not representative of the people of the great people of saudi arabia and it doesn't mean by holding muhammad bin son of man accountable and the people behind this murder holding them accountable does not mean we have to cut off ties to saudi arabia but if the government of saudi arabia continues to deny justice for
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jamal khashoggi and his loved ones then those people need to be held accountable. we should not provide any weapons sales we should not provide support for saudi arabian till the killers of jamal khashoggi are held responsible and not acting accordingly sends a chilling effect to all those journalists and the people in the middle east and in the arab world that basically even in the united states when someone is a resident of the united states writing for one of the biggest publications in the world that they can be killed by a government and nothing is done about it so if someone as prominent as jamal khashoggi is killed and nothing happens what does that say for other people who are seeking justice. and what does that say about the thousands tens of thousands of prisoners political prisoners are rotting away in saudi prisons and in the u.a.e. prisons and in the presence of egypt and throughout the arab world journalists and
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others that are seeking freedom that people that show that she was speaking up for that he risked his own life for it would be a great disservice to just let this issue go if we don't prosecute if this white house does not hold the killers of jamal khashoggi responsible and accountable that sends a wrong message to the entire populations of the middle east those people that participated in the arab spring and the people that are risking their lives the men and the women who are risking their lives every day for freedom and democracy in that region for years our country here was seen as a beacon of freedom. in fact even going as far as exporting and promoting freedom when invading iraq and launching other wars. but when jamal khashoggi is killed and chopped up in an isis like attack by one of our allies and nothing is done about it than that what does that say about our own values and our principles here is sends
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a hypocritical message to those populations and it says that the united states government will stand with dictators over freedom and that's unacceptable. we can't be complicit in this crime because of who provide cover up then were complicit in that let's provide justice for jim out there thank you very much. so that's a news conference happening outside the white house in washington d.c. from the c.p.g. the committee to protect journalists hash tag justice for jamal as we heard the advocacy director courtney raddatz say earlier these are her words nobody is safe from saudi arabia's brutal reach and she also mentioned that the c.p.g. had put out an foia request a freedom of information request to find out what the united states knew about the attack earlier than they ever said we will talk to of course one of the moment i want to go through something again that courtney was mentioning there and this was to do with
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a deadline that is coming up four months ago there were twenty two senators in the u.s. who triggered what is known as the magnet magnitsky act which gave the president those one hundred twenty days to respond to their demands for tougher action in the coming hours donald trump is expected to tell congress if sanctions will be imposed or not a white house report outlining where the sanctions will follow due to be delivered to a group of u.s. senators who submitted the inquiry despite a cia assessment linking the saudi crown prince to the murder trump has continued to support mohammed bin so man human rights groups and groups like the c.p.i. keeping a close eye on whether trump will respect the deadline or simply brush it off so that it is there in washington d.c. for us. patty tell us more about what well i guess the timeline here i've outlined it a little bit there but what could actually be done with regards to this magnitsky act. well we're going to be watching as you mentioned to see if the white house
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doesn't fact produce a report on friday and then we'll look at what their suggestions are now the president has gone out of his way to say that the relationship and he is equated the u.s. and saudi relationship with close ties the conference been solomonic so what senators are going to be looking for is whether mr bin solomon is actually mentioned if the white house does produce a report but we've already seen u.s. senators react and say even if they don't get a report they're going to move ahead and stop prominent democrat just yesterday in the senate basically say he's putting forward legislation that's going to do a couple of things it would end up weapons sales to saudi arabia it would permanently banned u.s. military from planes in the war in yemen and it would sanction some people involved in the murder of jamal khashoggi he did say the senator did say that he would single out the crown prince but he didn't say exactly how whether or not they'd go after his financial assets in the united states now this is a bill that already passed the senate by
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a pretty strong majority but partly not enough of a majority to overcome a presidential veto when it was passed in the last session it didn't get taken up in the house because republicans are in charge and they said they were going to bring it up democrats have been pushing for this legislation so it seems likely that it will now be brought up either both in the senate and the house and then we'll have to wait and see what president trump does of course first they were looking for is that all of the deadline i did want to point out what. they have put forward that is highly unlikely to work there is basically the law says that they can the government information if it's cost five or jeopardize sources and getting anything out of the cia through the foia yeah that's pretty tough ok maybe we can just go back quickly patty and think about the last time we were waiting for a u.s. reaction i remember this being just before thanksgiving i think it was and donald trump i said he came out and said yeah it might have happened or might not have happened but. effectively his stance is that it doesn't matter because we'll always
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support saudi arabia. i lost you for a little bit there where you broke up just a tiny bit. but yes the president. is not in favor of doing anything that would jeopardize a relationship with roberts and saw him on a lot of this has to do with his relationship with. the president's son in law really stake the middle east siding with saudi arabia as it works to isolate a red so you see from the senators both republicans and democrats and what you just heard they don't think the relationship is all about muhammad and solemn on. president senator lindsey graham call for regime change they'd be kicked out of the leadership roles in saudi arabia but the president has shown no signs of backing down on this and that has raised the concern of some house democrats who are in charge of the committees just yesterday we saw the house the leader of the house
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intelligence committee say that he basically wants to investigate whether or could have financial ties to saudi arabia that are making them take this unusual response from a u.s. presence. outside the white house they are a news conference from the committee to protect journalists about. remember there is an investigation into jamal khashoggi to going on it's led by the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions that is that lady that man who was in turkey last week on a fact finding mission you can see an in-depth discussion on what she may or may not be able to achieve with the inside story there are episodes of course in the show's section about dot com. now so if you've heard this one before but the president of the european commission has told britain's prime minister that the brig's that deal she negotiated can't be renegotiated junko younger and theresa may have agreed to meet again this month but it's not looking good for tourism a protesters actually greeted her as she arrived in brussels trying to get to her
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car there she was there to urge e.u. leaders to accept changes to the break that agreement britain of course you to leave the european union on the twenty ninth of march but the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland remains a major sticking point to my going to look at but soon things did have the potential to get a beer don't quit today largely because of what the european council president donald tusk said yesterday if you missed it here's a little reminder by the way we've been wondering what that special place. in her looks like for those who promoted it was out even a sketch of how to. safely. here's knave barkha now in brussels i know that wasn't directly aimed at theresa may but i mean it's uncomfortable sort of stuff when you're trying to go there and make some sort of negotiation what's happened today. yeah right is not exactly conducive to constructive dialogue donald tusk comments
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were very unusual over the past couple of years he's gone through a process of a verb or she's always begs the certain occasions to remain part of the e.u. this appears now to be anger one only assumes that acceptance may well follow this reason may in a very brief statement she gave when she left the european council a few minutes ago she said that she did dress that issue directly with donald tusk she believed that it wasn't particularly constructive we have heard though in response to that comment a comment from the d p the northern irish political party that's been heatedly in the midst of all of this debating over the future of the backstop they referred to donald tusk as a devilish euro maniac so not the kind of political environment that one would expect when britain is attempting to make a last ditch attempt to secure a deal just calling each other names at the moment something else happening back in the u.k. navan this was german leader of the opposition talking about support for a soft brigs that it seems can you rudely explain that for us and how significant
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it might be. yes that's absolutely right he have suggested five different options additions that if the british government backed and worked into its withdrawal agreement he's promised that his political party the opposition labor party with them supports it among that long list of inclusions there are things like a u.k. wide customs union closer and alignment to the single market u.k. ongoing participation in the e.u. agencies these are exactly the kind of things that the hard line breaks it is do not want included in a would draw agreement this these suggestions would bring the u.k. closer to a norway plus style relationship with the european union but if you mention any closer alignment between the u.k. and the e.u. if you even mention the idea of some sort of similar arrangement to the single market then it does raise the prospects of what it will mean would it mean that the
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e.u. would demand to continue to be for the people to the u.k. exactly the kind of things that bric city is didn't want to included so i mean this is very much a wish wish lists from the on the labor party they are keen to show that they're actively engaged in setting forth their vision for brics it but whether or not it will have the backing of the whole of parliament very unclear most certainly not among the hard line breaks it is ok thanks for that move back in brussels there at the heart of all this discussion at the moment is something and actually i'm not sure if need actually mention it which is incredible the backstop we do talk about a lot we are conscious that not a lot of you will necessarily understand it so i'm going to try to explain it bear with me have a look this is our scenario right now you've got great britain ireland northern ireland all in europe everything's fine no limitations on travel or the movement of goods but when you start talking about break that you have to change your thinking a bit it is not so much great britain ireland and northern ireland it is now if my i pad will cope operate let's get rid of it so we are. there we go it is the united
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kingdom of great britain and northern ireland remember they are two but i just a race the border between northern ireland and island i did not mean to do that anyway you can see highlighted in pink it is the united kingdom and highlighted in blue imagine that border going all around there is northern ireland if i'm going to try to swipe through to another one. ok there you go so when you enter ireland you enter in europe when you enter northern ireland you're going into the u.k. and there in lies the problem we have got as we see here this land border between the u.k. and europe now tourism is original plan was for northern ireland to be a special exception it would remain in the e.u. customs union but the do you pay in northern ireland which need talked about and which is propping up the government didn't like that and if you go with the colors that i put on my map they've effectively said right we're pink your pink we all have to be treated the same that means all of the u.k. saying in that customs zone and therefore it could not form its own deals post
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brigs it so then we get to this scenario if you still with me this is the backstop in action of sort of remove that border there the entire u.k. yes it's in the customs union but here there are no checks there's no friction on this border there's no hard border between the two so that's quite important. now again sorry if you are still with me that is the issue with the backstop it doesn't suit the more hardline big city is who believe the entire u.k. needs to be out of europe and free of all the regulations and with the backstop in place it creates a different scenario once that's let's say that the u.k. imports i don't know some beef and that beef complies with u.k. regulations but not a one so it comes into the u.k. and it's no problem as long as it's in the u.k. which includes remember northern ireland but if the backstop is in place that means that beef can travel into ireland very easily into europe remember where it doesn't comply with the regulations and theoretically it can make its way all the way
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across to the continent as well ireland is still in the european union it will always be remembered what we think it will be it means that one land border is the key here if there's no deal if there's no backstop you're potentially looking at a hard border between those two countries or to terrorism that is one thing everyone can agree they do not want. my apologies that did not work brilliantly well i'm going to try to recall that and put it on twitter and our instagram a little bit later so we can explain a little more clearly i possibly confused you even more right we want to look now at the bold claim by u.s. president donald trump that i saw will be defeated one hundred percent within a week now putting aside the fact that he already said in december that the group had been defeated in syria it's a pretty big call and it's really actually one that is kind of hard to verify anyway now i see definite loss territory an influence if you look at this the who controls what map you can see that it is really just why the area way out in syria is a marked in black close to the border with iraq that is i still territory the rest
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of syria pretty much under government control in red if i switch to the iraq map it's a little more details but you see just a couple of tiny black areas there which are considered eisel hills a few areas mountain brown as well which have seen eisler tacks and then as a zoom out those sort of beige looking areas in the middle of the map now which have support but all told that's a really scattered looking map it's nothing like the hole that i salute used to have over iraq mosul is interesting it was once the capital of the self declared islamic caliphate was taken over by iceland twenty fourteen and still some of the fiercest battles before they were driven out three years later the fighting go live large parts of the city in ruins some estimate it could take ten years just to clear the rubble reporting from the iraqi capital on life post eisele wrote matheson. the iraqi government is very concerned that these comments by donald trump might be the precursor to the same sort of pullout that he's talking about
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from syria and the government doesn't want that but it's in a kind of cleft stick here is why there's a large section of the iraqi parliament which has ties and links to iran and makes no secret of the fact and iran does not want to see american troops or foreign troops on the ground on its doorstep in iraq as well there's a large block led by. the leading shia cleric who's describing himself as a nationalist he doesn't want to see any foreign troops on the ground in iraq but the government is in a difficult position as i say because on the one hand it has to reflect the views of those. members of parliament but at the same time it knows it needs the american and foreign troops to be able to deal with a potential threat from myself and also to be able to train its own troops to deal with cells and attacks around the country that meanwhile the city of mosul is
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trying to rebuild itself there's a big government program at the moment to try to move a lot of the rubble and people are starting to rebuild their lives but thousands are still homeless. vocally small shops are surrounded by devastation. the wreckage of the iraqi military's battle to regain the city of mosul from i saw a gunman as i said the other day. i still kidnapped and then killed my husband when they stormed the city back in twenty fourteen and ever since i've been struggling to end a living and feed my children i still sees mosul in twenty fourteen but after a hard fought battle the iraqi military won it back three years later this is all that's left of what's known as the old city. the united nations says it'll take ten years to clear the rubble but. it's a good sign the rubble is being removed it gives people like me a chance to go back to where their house was and start rebuilding their lives the
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international committee of the red cross says there are about one point eight million people in iraq who can't return home often that's because their homes simply don't exist they've been destroyed in the fighting between the iraqi military and i saw but the i.c.r.c. also says it's not enough just to build houses it says people need a wide variety of different types of help before they can start again it is important that they are protected from further harm and their basic needs in housing in health in education and work in finding jobs are met. there's also pressure on iraq's government to give more financial help. in the old city of mosul there are more than sixteen thousand destroyed homes the government needs to do more to compensate people and support them to rebuild mosul . opened her shop using donations from charities she and her two sons have taken
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their first steps towards a normal life thousands more like he's still have nowhere to go lot matheson al-jazeera baghdad on skype from beirut now rami clearly is a senior fellow and professor at the american university there was nice to see your army. i feel defeated in a week is donald trump's claim it's a pretty wild claim in fact because well can you quote unquote defeat i still feel that we've had these conversations in the past with the likes of al qaeda. you didn't just say says shown over the last seventeen years or eighteen years whatever it is since the nine eleven attacks that the. the united states doesn't quite understand what people like of. iceland others like them actually represent there is a territorial by mention sometimes and that is the easiest one to defeat which they
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did the us and many local militias in arab and other countries defeated are still in northern syria and iraq but the groups like these schools have been spreading all across the middle east and further afield for instance west africa nervous ahead an area where there's a big growth area for us we've seen the should and some of the other places so that they phenomenon that i salute represents is not really well understood in the united states that for people like george bush i'm an obama trump and they all talk about well we defeated them militarily now we can pull out and that's group into the fall so this is a another moment where the united states shows its inability to understand the nature of the kinds of militarism and political activities and social religious cultural ethnic activities that take place in the middle east which the u.s. confronts mainly through military means does it provide another almost opening for
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al qaeda or al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in the magreb all these other groups there i mean does that give them impetus as well to know that while military is leaving u.s. military is leaving they seem to think that the base in the least groups and that it creates a hole for them as well. these groups and others who are involved in a more traditional kind of military or political resistance against the u.s. and other foreign powers they will assume and rather correctly that the foreign power is going to leave one day like they left vietnam like they left afghanistan like the british left india like the french left cheerio the foreign military power will eventually leave and they just wait them out that's one strategy that they used the other strategies that these groups are using i was trying to embed themselves with local governance mechanisms in places like yemen and libya and other places where they can act more like a traditional role
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a traditional group that helps societies protect themselves and develop themselves and meet basic services so they're learning different techniques to use rather than the one of that they used in the last decade or so which is aggressive military religious based you know action and creating the so-called islamic state and they have been they're continuing to evolve and they will use the american withdrawal to continue that kind of evolution on tend the underlying issues that give life to these kinds of groups are dealt with by the governments and societies in the region primarily these are socio economic political developmental issues rights to dignity opportunity that these governments almost totally have not provided sufficiently for their people and therefore some extremist groups come to
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life and some desperate people in some cases millions of them support this from a hoary always a pleasure talking to you thanks for your time thank you. a building on the story has been taking a look at the impact of airstrikes in areas in syria and iraq and elsewhere as well well there is a lot of information out there but we have managed to collate some of it now tomorrow will be a key from the syrian war daily says despite our solution almost all this territory beyond group is still able to launch attacks in some areas and he said this interactive map detailing i selective ety in iraq and syria and also extending to some other places like nigeria egypt and afghanistan each dot you see here tells you when and what attack eisel has claimed he concludes there were three hundred forty eight incidents that being twelve a day last month alone a cycle less than november last year and there was
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a sign that monitors conflict and their impact on civilians has tracked and mapped two thousand u.s. coalition. and artillery strikes from twenty fourteen to twenty eighteen this site says the coalition stop saying where and when it dropped bombs back in december so it's calling on operation inherent results as the military is known for the operation is done for to be more transparent about its strikes that iraq is in syria and it is considered to be the city to have suffered some of the worst destruction in recent times the u.s. led coalition is military campaign to destroy arsenal has killed and injured thousands of people it was an amnesty international have been conducting field investigations since twenty seventeen to look into those strikes. we just international must do everything now to pressure the government that constitute this coalition to take responsibility and seriously investigate what happened yeah
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. it is ironical that the us led coalition was able. to ensure that hundreds of isis fighters were able to leave with. and with impunity while not being able to offer the same care to civilians who have suffered so greatly well amnesty is calling on everyone to get involved by becoming what it calls a strike track and to help investigate the bombings that left rocca and ruins volunteers can use their computers all mobile phones to sift through pictures information and documents this one decode satellite imagery of rock over such an period of time people can narrow down the window when damage was caused and also built buildings destroyed and thousands of digital volunteers from more than one
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hundred fifty countries have taken part in the research project to analyze one point seven million satellite images hoping to make a difference well if you are involved in this project or know of something similar to tweet us is the hash tag aging is great things for you the really interesting stuff there and also a really interesting edition of people in power here on the subject of our salute is about well hey the mohamed al jamail who led a militia fighting against eisel which used some pretty brutal tactics including beheadings and is a fascinating conflict here because she's fighting us so just like the government is but how do they condone her tactics have what for yourself i saw an eye for an eye in iraq from people in power at al-jazeera dot com egypt opposition has formed a coalition to oppose plans to extend the president's hold on power at least what's left of the opposition has resisted the move will see she's been president for nearly six years during which time he's ordered the killing of eight hundred protesters and the arrest of thousands more so is there really
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a functioning opposition in egypt or is this a significant move against israel we'll look at that in a moment first ash barrel with this report. its supporters say it's a crucial step to ensure stability opponents of. their country is moving to a talk or see egypt seems divided over a package of amendments introduced and approved by a pro-government block in parliament the changes extend presidential term limits to six years instead of four specifically mentioning the current leader of the fatah has sisi but they have to be approved by parliament and put to a referendum if the amendments get a yes vote it could pave the way for president sisi to stay in power until twenty thirty four. almost in one thousand nine hundred ninety six egyptian president
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mohamed and what outside that amended the one nine hundred seventy one constitution to the war we're going through a war that is more intense the warning sign i on the wars we are facing by other countries that i would like not to name. but the opposition is trying to rally support to block the changes president sisi who came to power in a military coup is serving his second and last a spur the two thousand and fourteen constitution which clearly states that he cannot run for office after his term and in two thousand and twenty two. o'clock in the transfer of power is a moral principle which was created by the revolutions of the twenty fifth of january and the thirtieth of june it's not allowed to tamper with this moral principle or else will be in a position that will cause people to remain with no morals or preservation of the principles. sissy's supporters have also introduced new changes creating the post of vice president reintroducing
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a second chamber of parliament and giving the minorities a bigger say the changes are likely to be approved by the path. element where c.c. supporters have an absolute majority but it's the referendum that will be a test of the president's popularity human rights groups are concerned about what they say is a widespread crackdown on dissent and arbitrary mass trials of presidency sees opponents. alyssa zero. here's my good mandarin our political analyst specializing in egyptian affairs on skype from zurich my god what's your view on the state of the egyptian opposition in the first place how cohesive how how functional is as well to be completely fair it's neither. nor is it functional it really lacks a popular base of support there are no structures there are no.
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organization that's going to be a very difficult and it and it basically after you are. repression so it's not that they don't want to oppose a bill federal c.z. in the government it's that they feel they can't well it depends on what you kind of do with the word. opposition when there are. different forms of it though there are the islamists there are the the secular law group there are the you movement those are the real opposition movement but there are what i would like to call the medicated opposition which would oppose the amendment but they don't want to believe that the changes in the current
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political system. we're just looking at some pictures from suez back in two thousand and eleven when the uprising began in fact it was because it's almost eight years to the day isn't it since mubarak was overthrown yet i look at these pictures and i'm going to do you think it could ever happen again i mean this was a incredible moment in egypt's history where people found their voice it's starting to feel now almost that things are more repressive under a bill father l.c.c. or at least at you know the same level of repression you know i would say it's much worse so yes there is a chance that this can. happen again however it's really hard to. to. predict that the problem is that when it happens what will happen on the day after that the big question now that the opposition is totally. decimated so there is no actual you should there be kind of take over my good man
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who are talking egypt with us from missouri thanks my god thank you for having me off the grid now to india where younger generations aspired to movement to get their voices heard by the government they have been concerned over policies that could affect their futures repeal or has been monitoring that one that's right kemal of thousands of students and union members from of the fifty organizations and universities demonstrated in new delhi. while there is the government to address concerns of education and calls for more employment opportunities for young people the protesters marched all the way to parliament there's already been a month long campaign across india with several student leaders accusing the state of failing to create jobs and to improving public funded education. well many are using the hash tag young india arrives and women in particular are expressing their
12:36 am
concerns about what they call core patriarchy in the system management board one of the issues are what you're matching. about the money government will spend ten percent of its budget on education and employment is boosted the body remains to any demands over women safety and they do we know who it was. there's a lot of incidents that happen in universities and we demand better protection. transport is an issue we demand the more government arrange transport for women many really even in places they have issues we demand that they be given proper transport but aside from the march in new delhi indian students in other cities are also taking action in mumbai a conference was organized on wednesday by the observer research foundation called the youth manifesto and many speakers were talking about employment and educational challenges the young people off. elections
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coming up soon. do you want to just stand there and watch it go by and do you want to participate and engage with your leave those. unemployment change can education is the big piece done so so do you have many. do you know why do you want anything in the us and only us to sing at times but if you are students in india we do want to hear from me as the tweet us is the hash tag antony's get thanks for here i'm sort of not been able to get to many of your comments it's been a very very busy show but i just want to dress a couple first of all i know we're talking about president c.c. then saying extending rules term seems to be a global trend putin's been in power for over a decade china is approved for president xi to stay as president what's going on what's going on is that powerful people want to stay in power i think is the simple answer to that one lot of you also asking about the jamal khashoggi case now that it's back in the spotlights. cindy was asking what can we do to support you can
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hash tag it hashed out justice for jamal visit the journalism is not a crime page as well at al jazeera dot com and if i was makes a good point as well it's not just about jamal it's about a lot of other people in a lot of other countries who are in jails it is about freedom of the prius as well as justice for jamal one more quick comment from heavy who's in caracas nice to hear from someone directly in the middle of the story in venezuela who say it is no parties here it's a lie it's a thing of humanitarian crisis we are dying and we want our freedom back have a thank you for your comment the hash tag a.j. news good once again for the crew watching on facebook live you can see what i nigerian musician has to say about elections in his country and then far as here with your support as we count down to the n.b.a. as trade deadline we will tell you who's on the move and how young players are being affected first though a quick look at some international way. thanks
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greg. if you talk sports basketball today yes drama drama drama drama it's a big day in the n.b.a. trade deadline day has fans glued to their social media to find out who and where
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players are going few trades have already taken place but what hasn't been decided yet is the fate of pelicans forward anthony davis it's rumored that the l.a. lakers are prepared to trade half their roster for the twenty five year old star the lakers think davis playing alongside le bron james would be a winning combination but the trading window is a huge is a time for huge uncertainty for many players and teams. r.c.c. like trades happen something like that sometimes you do want to was going to have some experience but. for like for everybody. there's uncertainty i demand our summer temperatures coronets it's been like a century right here and we come together and try to come up you're going to try to win. or one deal that's already gone through was that of harrison barnes the twenty six year old was traded mid game from the dallas mavericks to the sacramento kings he was still on the bench when he heard the news barnes was trending on twitter as
12:42 am
fans were yelling out the details of the trade deal to him. so you can't talk about anything n.b.a. related without talking about le bron james the l.a. lakers forward weighed in on the barnes trade he posted this on his instagram account beside the video of barnes on the bench while braun criticized the way it all happened saying this man was traded while he was literally playing the game and had zero idea he went on to say i just want this narrative to start to change some took to social media to accuse james of being a hypocrite sports journalist skip bayless saying i can't remember a superstar having it made public he's willing to trade five of his team's best young players for another star if davis trade doesn't go through le bron will be stuck with this madness or brennan robinson is the host of scoop the radio podcast and senior writer at basketball society he joins me now live from new jersey the trade process seems quite ruthless to young players get
12:43 am
a say on anything. well it is a players only good good morning here that i think when you really look at this situation i would terrace in bars sitting on the bench being traded and actually acting playing despite the trait pretty much ninety nine percent done them one at but that's a car number two that's kind of just the way social media is now but you know campbell walker kind of punctuated it best i spoke to a colleague of mine after the game last night the hornets play the mavericks he told our reporter landon buford that you know it's a business the players got to get what they got to get and you know he goes into a situation in sacramento where he's actually going to be in that situation with guys like the on fox and others but you know that for years the owners have had say now players are trying to punctuate their their i guess the way that they want to do things and this kickback from fans and owners and more it's
12:44 am
a new day and i think you know i really did start with le bron back in miami with the decision kind of wanted to control his narrative and destiny a lot of people are happy about it i had i was hakkar at that anthony davis and there's so much hype around hand is he going to the lakers and how much influence does the le bron james have on bringing in their people that i've spoken to as of yesterday the last night in this morning it's about a fifty fifty split particularly because of the conversations that the new orleans public and then the los angeles lakers had just becoming regarding how much the pelicans wanted i mean they wanted the whole farm they wanted out who they want to bring in england they wanted josh hart. they wanted alonzo ball they wanted. they wanted the whole farm plus they wanted two thousand and nineteen draft picks all we have to two thousand and twenty three. so you know for the lakers they happen sad if that's what they want to do it's kind of similar to the situation with the brooklyn nets and the boston celtics when the nets trying to get kevin garnett and
12:45 am
paul pierce to your question about. the legal questions about do they get them and then your second question was how much influence does le bron have on bringing in their. he has a lot simply because clutch the agency that is run by the cross agent which all the friends of le bron's also represents anthony davis as well you know he represents john wall and so some could say there's collusion there i think it's just another situation where things are different and one things and different people question i think it's a bunch of friends who are entrepreneurs who just look around decided he want to invest in this foreign forces us past you know where a lot of players would just give money to their friends he actually invested in them and they started their own agency so look promising friend who happens to be an agent which hole has a lot of influence but at the end of the day the thing about dave's iran's out it
12:46 am
is that under contract all right sorry i'm going to have to leave it there but always good to talk to you brandon robinson fellows come on. yes man all right i'll hand you back to ok thank you so much for that yeah it's been a busy old newsgroup has and again politics not getting to more of your questions but i will hop on twitter that come i like to eat at night and on set some of those you can keep in touch with a news grid and we'll see you back here at studio fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow. the silence has been this to. believe this.
12:47 am
is one of scandinavia some largest iron ore deposits. and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth. and those defending their way of life. gala a witness documentary on the jersey. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't
12:48 am
enough housing stock available. in the first thailand's of whom in mesopotamia with the first settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by and pollution outages or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. open to dialogue venezuela is nicolas maduro signs up to a new international plan aimed at finding peace and near lections but he ignores peace to open the border with colombia and let urgently needed humanitarian aid into the country.
12:49 am
live from london also coming up. the british prime minister goes back to brussels looking for a compromise on the e.u. withdrawal deal. and the dangerous rumblings of a crack at our volcano and the threat it poses to millions of people. fellow ministers from the european union and latin america a meeting in europe wise capital montevideo attempting to find a solution to the political standoff in venezuela they've offered president nicolas maduro a plan called the montevideo mechanism aimed at creating conditions for free transparent and credible elections within ninety days but through has thrown his support behind the group saying he supports dialogue as long as it doesn't threaten his nation's
12:50 am
sovereignty. i consent to the plan that the montevideo mechanism is proposing supported by mexico you require countries in the caribbean and bolivia we are ready to participate in a process of sovereign and constitutional dialogue to look for a national agenda of agreements peace and understanding. still are not done in montevideo where the newly formed international contact group of e.u. and latin american countries is meeting about what that weather hoping to achieve here. well they're hoping that because they represent to boards a broad spectrum of opinions over the venezuela crisis that they will be able to reach some kind of come up with some going to plan except of all to both sides in what is a very polarized situation seven of the eight european union countries are here have already expressed their support for why all of the latin american nations bolivia is very firmly behind nicolas maduro and both you require mexico have said
12:51 am
that they're neutral in the they have a neutral stance in the situation so they're hoping that by representing up or broad spectrum of views they can come up with this plan which will call for peaceful dialogue. and election new elections which will provide a fresh mandate for whoever emerges from that situation behind me we have a few. demonstrators their biggest concern is that they're worried about the u.s. interference a possible u.s. invasion of venice weyler so they're trying to ensure that their voices are heard while the delegates are inside the building to my left talking about this possible plan they have they first set up for ninety days if they don't reach any agreement within that ninety days they will disband they see this is their best possible hope in the short term of finding some kind of scape some kind of exit from what is proving to be an intractable problem and overall what is the likelihood of this
12:52 am
working. well as you mentioned nicholas my daughter has already said that he accepts the montevideo mechanism. he said that he obviously wants a peaceful dialogue he wants a peaceful resolution to the situation he cynical of what nicolas maduro has said he says that any acceptance of the plan that comes out of these negotiations is simply a delaying tactic a way of manipulating the situation for nicolas maduro to stay in power so really doesn't show much much hope from either side in the way of the two sides coming together. both hoping the others of the outside forces will be able to find a solution but really the only solution the solution is if it isn't with us is a vague hope of a if those two sides come to can come together but that does seem to be increasingly unlikely thank you very much indeed. meanwhile the un has warned venezuela against using humanitarian aid as a political weapon and the u.s.
12:53 am
says trucks carrying supplies arrived in neighboring colombia and are ready to head to the border but the opposition says the venezuelan military has blocked the bridge where the aid is meant to pass and sandra amputee reports from the colombia venezuela border. the promised a doesn't even reach the venezuelan border but the government of nicolas maduro is already taking steps to stop it entering the country fences huge shipping containers and armed soldiers are blocking crossings into venice where. the united states and neighboring colombia are leading an effort to move tens of millions of dollars worth of aid into linux well it includes desperately needed medicines and food. president has long denied this country faces any such crisis and regards the aid offer as the first step towards an invasion of the country in the eyes of venus well as opposition it's no more did an act of compassion.
12:54 am
humanitarian aid is humanitarian aid is to take care of the emergency it doesn't resolve the problem of food it's important to say that it's to attend to the most vulnerable that today are about to lose their lives. on wednesday the u.s. secretary of state in colombia's foreign ministers call them president maduro to change his mind and. we're going to have been as well and people are calling for this humanitarian aid to arrive and what needs to do is not impede our being as well and brothers from getting the humanitarian aid they need this is the entrance to that bridge the main entry point for the aid arriving from the capital but we're still days away from being ready to operate as a humanitarian corridor the building there you see behind me is being adapted to properly store food and medicine that will arrive for the first trucks are still on
12:55 am
their way from of over time they are expected here at some point on thursday and local authorities are telling us that even once all this will be ready they still don't have a clear plan and how to move this aid into venezuela under venezuela side of the border hungry families were anxiously waiting for news of the ship mints. and you've been hearing colombia fled their home country or hoping to receive some help . told we could receive some food and help here but no they're saying it needs to go into venezuela amadou will not let us in let's hope he will put a hand on his heart and yield something that at least for now seems out of the question alison that i'm just you know. in the last hour the committee to protect journalists held
12:56 am
a news conference in front of the white house in washington d.c. on the murder of jamal khashoggi journalist was killed in the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul last year i mean calls for the international community to put pressure on riyadh the most chilling message sent by the murder of jamal. is that no one is safe from saudi arabia's brutal reach. but this need not be true a strong response from the u.s. government and from president trump himself and other governments would send a message to the saudi authorities that acts such as the murder of jamal has she will not be tolerated. let's get a practical a news that live in washington d.c. for us so how much appetite is there for more pressure and to do something else on the affair in the u.s. . well down the road from congress there's plenty of appetite to do something the question is what are they going to say coming out of this building the white house
12:57 am
the president and his team have until tomorrow to respond to senator's requests they trigger basically the global nuclear which said you have one hundred twenty days to tell us who did this murder and how you're going to hold them accountable so that deadline is tomorrow and so the president so far has been willing to say some people involved in trying to protect saudi arabian crown prince mohammed bin solomonic the senators are wondering if that is going to continue in their own sending a message that if the president won't act they will there were reintroduced legislation that already passed. the basically says no more military cells in saudi arabia the military the u.s. military cannot help you in flights in and safe in those involved the senator behind it says he is going to name the crown prince it's not clear if he's going to also go after his assets through sanctions and as i mentioned it already passed the senate once and it is likely going to pass the house because now democrats are in charge and. the question is can they get enough senators to override any potential
12:58 am
presidential veto will they have to take those steps the reason they have the press conference here today is because in twenty four hours we'll know how the president is going to respond. thank you very much indeed. i want to not just aid convoys since the start of syria's war has reached a remote refugee camp on the border with jordan with one hundred trucks of food and medical supplies to foundations or syrians stranded in. the convoy was organized by the syrian red crescent and the u.n. aid workers will also provide an emergency vaccination campaign to ten thousand children. ukraine's prime minister is in brussels for yet more talks to try to change the terms of her unpopular brix it deal to resume a told you parliament members that there will be a backstop on the irish border in the final agreement but her demands for a renegotiation of the terms of the agreement were firmly rejected britain is due to leave the european union on the twenty ninth of march we've had robust
12:59 am
discussions but they've been constructive what i've set out is our clear position that we must secure legally binding changes to the withdrawal agreement to deal with the concerns that parliament has over the backstop and taking that changes to the backstop together with the other work that we're doing on workers' rights and other issues will deliver a stable majority in parliament and that's what i will continue to push for now it's not going to be easy but crucially president your uncle and i have agreed that talks will now start to find a way through this to find a way to get this over the line well that surround us is what the brics it backstop is and how it affects the our border are currently both northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland a part of the e.u. single market and customs union this means goods and services are traded between them with few restrictions indeed the border is barely noticeable brix it changes all this the irish border will become the only land border between the u.k.
1:00 am
and the e.u. the fair is a hard border will have to be created with physical customs checks and infrastructure both the u.k. and e.u. want to avoid this so trees amaze bricks and deal features the backstop it's a temporary arrangement which will keep the border unchanged until a solution to the customs checking issue can be found the foka has more from brussels. this is the first last ditch attempt by the british government to try and salvage a deal between the u.k. and the european union treason may was forced pretty much to come back here to the e.u. to try and rework withdrawal agreement after it was resoundingly defeated in a vote in the british parliament in the middle of january m.p.'s then tabled a series of amendments one of them had the backing of parliament calling for her to come back here to try and find alternative arrangements to the so-called backstop just to remind you that's the insurance policy to avoid the return of a.


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