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tv   Boko Haram Huntress  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2019 6:32am-7:00am +03

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and national sources without any justification on the constitutional and legal powers that have been established as the general auditor of the ball evolving republic of venezuela i have started an assets order on cities in one gerardo antonio where you don't mark a. bar any football or hockey well of a.b. hers a london home in australia of the spending two months locked up in thailand a footballer was arrested in november last year while on honeymoon in thailand he fled his native bahrain in twenty fourteen and received refugee status in australia but bahrain wanted him to return to serve a ten year prison sentence for vandalism he said he'd be tortured if you went back to bahrain which eventually dropped his extradition order those were the headlines and back with more news here on al-jazeera in half an hour next it's witness to stay with us. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. yeah. you got your da. come you know when. we got out. i know. i got. to go but we did the business going down my double.
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i mean we're going to go. to. the moon. not only. would have been a deadly wouldn't if i didn't use them i'm not to be a babbling come on what i want them to bring to. the board i've been debating with it not do you know when that entity i'm on about yeah because in my day i can see yet i am come back to yeah yeah yeah buzzard to put a big city out see dad what's going to young yeah i got on the gym today i go high as if now for get away with just a. joke when i'm not going you know just got something going.
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on got a good word about one that would have been dug up some of that i'm a double booked well guess what they're going to get when you get that is going nowhere. she but you know if she. put. that up for me because i got nothing on the back of the. good to. get out there you know and i don't get any of that i get anything done by my dinner i ordered them with a little what is good. in. my magic i want to go out if you're going to. really ask you're eating dinner on the honor roll when i'm known to order you know one song.
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good. time to people if you used to nigeria we were going to get to you just need to use subjects this would. have to communities. i was. displaced i just wanted to know what is he she going to give whether one of them just were in prison you know why linux he does you're going to need to go he said i'm just she needed leading up to beside me money got a good. thing they teach you guys that's senior who gave me a quality. know what i learned i then did
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a good as you know could be one that. i love maybe not getting the government about that he was. going to come to so he sort of saying i love. to you can come by the room as in death that words in that's why i say she got in just a small corner if you're going well like a simpleton. oh but we'll be having a genius postcode. one zero zero. zero. one. zero. one why don't you mother like. yours again about the raw data processing room talk to somebody they had to call on you. would add a guy to their evening. oh you're something like yes i think. you know yes. yes yes and soon you have
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a new mug not the one you love now. you know that in and then tad soon number one and we're. on the. magic. she can tell. that internet. i never did not answer. because you think that pretty much you make the british international just have. a.
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beautiful discussion and security will be enjoined right about now by this. kid out of the nigeria hunters association. she has been a woman that has been very active in the forefront has led to hundreds of homes as to the battle front but not right incidentally she's a woman and very active voice it was all to do best i show you some of the. interest and i like the outfit this morning. which i just say to me i don't know which of the i could. because i was a shit in what i did as kids who don't need bow weezer's have had ever since had as income of a man. you don't have the will to nag. and adam i can without and to do. that much in that way out of that i mean e. good name for. them
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and that's like a let me just get your perspective the conscious and the fight against in so much as. well as one of the reasons why we have been able to put the pressure on books. they're the ones i hope they help in the military or help in the security forces in doing what the best and i personally don't believe that they get enough credit for the things that they do admire your courage and interest unleashes my original to me to double. that and then you got to wear your dental issues my shoes this bold i think has been a friend of you. can have a name to make you know it sort of. thing i said i think you know what's good for sharing your story with us.
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and of no doubt. we're going to come out of important and a solid hour to join what i don't want to call them. and then you're going more. of a living of all your own work or whatever or whatever and i want to. become one teatime of one of the lesser how it can only muster. if you do want to do more toward a majority maybe activity don't want to be today if you don't want to tell us why coming off what in your term we have people i mean to do what don't we. really alleging with. a woman what good are they all going in that i mean boarded up on board. the.
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i would in a fire he did indeed indeed. is somewhat more than a movie. if. eric is taking him as a. little. my cousin just you my. thing. you know showing up. in you had a when you look at c. . then you got. into a mild. now for him t. in there if wade and i like our washing in other wars and water this year so i feel to see him again as i said c.n.n. the cheek of it up in the heat of. the.
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randomly damage the. things that are hinting at ash. and that's that if. well then i'm going to he can either continue now to me and. then bow out of. that and i think you have with that if and when a few. of them do that he was young time getting. ready. to me when. he didn't go with nike have to get who. but i say in some of them why assume he. would as you but he couldn't he did look at you so would he can go up and as i don't know you go. home and buy me
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a seattle make about coming down. from the miss you but i'm done with allowed to she didn't want them to feel any. sense of when he would be up and. go home. when they want them out in she may have been busy and i'm trying to be. out in. so it is a little windy here given what i live on with a few. that . is on here. and there. was none. of them out in the region and i don't. believe i
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doubt that you know we're doing a good run up there. yes we're going to have a tough. when i go home i don't know how to take up what you think of me to move oh shut. up so you know because how could i do much good if. you know i wasn't you might be something you could not. see anything wrong with having jack markell musicals i don't know why you. may feed me. because i need to. look up and down.
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it in massive numbers are you seeing on the back you're telling me. this thing among. just never thing it does it to me now and don't keep who said that she should. think i'm going to cry as he did income women. and. my. time. she won't. be young as well like humans and that's what i. needed to nominate the one who why is she in a blue one with
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a bloody. look at the money. in them here but i'm glad i. don't. need come i want to share their one j when you haven't got my this. the adults have to see it. make it interesting comments and. even how could she right they. make you in the eye he was so much in the book. and he. went off to suit.
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your own psyche. in. being able to make even. the right. i'm going i'm going to. let. alone i'm going to have you back it's not. just. one day i'm going out on the bachelor and i think that's going to. night.
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so no girl. whom i know will get it. to go any good he was. doug. doug. timid in his one and. whatever bad thoughts you were bad he opened a ticket. that will continue. i should go but yeah one day and. i could. be. the one who can come. by you doesn't produce and watch what the normal time.
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was only number that you need we've got our mobile medical we don't work on that when we got off a couple i knew the communal manager with and with us some picked up and pleaded with them could we listen to them but. there was a but then what you didn't know well you had them alone almost a month and she was adopted and when. you see one who got acquitted we could come up with a time of the moment i'm ok but yeah some weeks in goes when i'm going to have you could. well much i should. call totally cut your bond to put into the jungle. when i do come home why don't you know he. had her eyes looking. in yeah density. to know and he added.
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into king sound can down the yankees are you going down or move. oh. yeah right you can look in there. and i know you don't get a bit of this is selling out i would just say that as an audience i told my t. in sum which. i need to do. now since you were an. onion does that. did to. you. then the buy and. then you were into just how to teach it i. took about
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a soda. when nikkei now. you didn't the two not. managing denting of. the. like you do some. of them and. get rid. of the buffet is a. rabbi got a packet of them together wouldn't give me a good one got about aleppo now because they are looking to you wouldn't go get the good you know by the end of the.
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route. to move what i think that we're not that young but that. might mean i don't want to. go home and. because you can if you could. to keep. your.
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agreement of going to the bar. where. we were going to. want to. go i think everybody i know. that supported. me. would take me i mean. when you don't. when you. don't need. anyone to do with.
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eating it out you know. we have. a big enough. just about an hour and i don't know in wealth unless you can tell it a whole lot and that's all that any one of those little women your best ever because you're going to mess. up what i mean i get a call when i close up about the national border joke on which i would hope.
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that the. police would have been even down when that he said that wasn't what i need some guy that has a mike doesn't so why am i to contention could be pushing it even do you think you need to screw got religion douching push enough you know cool enough and. i had a. lock up.
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to me. then you move all went away like i was a swallow so or when i meant dead and to come back and wait you will insert a month i walk out as i get then see that we ate it i wonder what we ever. took
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more or less because i'm. the two thousand mile trip across europe seems impossible. as the balkans route begins to close for refugees it has become a race against time for one syrian family. it's a perilous journey from greece to germany but there's no turning back to the ravages of war left at home. sky ground a witness documentary on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.
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recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield the call the new regime placed in different value an effort from the right you know when your peers then abandoned for a lifetime we should be ashamed. for history for for all country all division over three people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops begin tonight the forgotten heroes of empire. era when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to get a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people who need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development and you can best in making sure the people on the left behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground join us for this historic shift in american politics to bring you more allude winning
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documentaries and life moves on air and online. u.s. congressional negotiators say they've reached a sudden deal on border security. when you're watching all just their allies my headquarters here in doha also coming up allies of that as well as opposition leader pyle way down to the border as the government launches a bid to seize his assets.


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