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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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al jazeera. every year. the joint resolution is passed. the u.s. house of representatives votes to end support for the war in yemen. sam is a than this is al jazeera live from doha so coming up at least twenty seven revolutionary guards were killed in a suicide bomb attack in. racism and death threats led one group of people to sue u.s. car giant general motors'. thomas in the pacific island country of i'll be explained he was born funded infrastructure projects like this new wrote the
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battle between china and the west influence and power in the pacific. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution to end american involvement in the saudi led war in yemen a direct rebuke of the trumpet ministration support for the kingdom the measure now faces a contentious vote in the senate the us president says he'll veto it she have reports from washington d.c. this is a five minute vote this is the vote that the house of representatives then controlled by the republicans refused to allow last year with control having shifted to the democrats passage of a resolution ending u.s. involvement in the yemeni war it was never in doubt nearly all of the bombs that have fallen say the same thing made in the united states of america they fall on
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whether they follow hospitals and homes they fall in funerals reps refugee camps school busses i am mindful that this debate is taking place a day after the president disregarded the law. and failed to report to congress who was responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. the murder of dramatic showed you last october has mobilized members of congress against the saudi led war in yemen in fact as one republican noted democrats didn't seem concerned when the previous president began helping the bombardment of the country and would have been nice if our friends were equally concerned with president obama actually was committing us the kinds of activities we're talking about but things have changed and if anything anger has grown on capitol hill for several reasons the white house's refusal to meet a congressional deadline to definitively conclude whether crown prince mohammed bin
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salman was responsible for the killing a new york times report that revealed u.s. intelligence had intercepted a phone call in which the crown prince threatened to put a bullet into the journalist reports that despite having been officially fired as a result of his role in the killing of south alcatel he remains a close aide of the crown prince and the report that u.s. weapons supplied to saudi arabia have ended up in the hands of al qaeda fighters in yemen but it was seen as a split between conservative and progressive democrats the republicans did manage to get bipartisan support for an amendment to the bill allowing the president to continue what it calls appropriate information sharing with the saudis last year a similar resolution was passed in the republican controlled senate an unprecedented assertion of congressional authority limiting the powers of a president to make war under the war powers act the resolution sponsors are hopeful it will pass again in the senate however without a two thirds majority from both chambers of congress president trump can and has
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indicated he will veto the bill the first of veto of his term and the administration maintains it is acting appropriately america's not caring for america's taken more action in response to the tragic murder of jamal khashoggi i will continue to take more action but if the white house had hoped that opposition to saudi arabia would dissipate in washington in twenty nineteen they've been disappointed she ever tansey al-jazeera washington. at least twenty seven members of iran's revolutionary guards have been killed in a suicide bombing near the border with pakistan it's acker drove a vehicle filled with explosives into a bar scaring the guards local media say the suddenly armed group has claimed responsibility tak happened as a u.s. sponsored two day summit gets under way in poland the focus is middle east security but it's widely being labeled an anti iran conference thousands of iranians use the meeting as an opportunity to call for
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a change in leadership israel's prime minister meanwhile of course control the sea with his explanation of the summit because. we've gotten the message this meeting is not in secret this is an open meeting with representatives of leading arab countries that are sitting down together with israel in order to advance the common interest with iran. representatives from sixty nations are meeting at that meeting in warsaw including the u.s. secretary of state and vice president but russia isn't attending the e.u. is only sent low level delegates demolish our reports from warsaw. representatives from sixty nations but almost no head of state the much anticipated u.s. led conference to promote peace and security in the middle east convened on wednesday evening in the polish capital warsaw with a little clarity as to what it's in to achieve initially washington had said the conference was being organized to confront what it described as the iranian threat that didn't sit well with several european countries forcing president donald
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trump's administration to rename the meeting. despite this a small yet well funded the iranian government's protest was held in warsaw addressed by one of america's most ardent pro israel politicians former new york mayor rudy giuliani well i believe there has to be complete change or i have a change of regime there has to be a democratic regime that respects human rights that for a non-nuclear iran that's for a peaceful around and then we can solve the problem the middle east the absence of world leaders and a trumpet ministrations perceived pro israeli bias when it comes to dealing with the middle east is proof the iranians say that the meeting will fail on the course of war so conference i believe it's dead on arrival or dead before arrival i don't think it would do any think it's another attempt by this stage to pursue an obsession with iran that is not well founded and i think the fact that. they're not
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even aiming to produce any agreed text rather they're just attempting to make a statement by themselves on behalf of everybody indicates to you that they don't even believe it's a serious affair palestinian leaders to have been critical of the meeting urging federal arab nations to downgrade their representation at the conference they remain angered that the u.s. is decision to move its embassy to illegally occupied jerusalem and are questioning its ability to act as a mediator for peace secretary of state pompei or has said participants will also focus on discussing the wars in yemen and syria and combating groups like i. so but when it comes to those conflicts true there is a lack of diversity in representation with russia and the forty's for example not attending for all the high expectations held by the us for the warsaw. just as much cynicism being expressed by countries who continue to a few of us are role in the middle east and if they believe in rather than positive now the trumpet ministration will point to the fact that the israeli prime minister
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will be meeting with representatives of arab regimes in public but that will have little impact on the daily reality of the millions of arabs who continue to live there under illegal occupation or trying to drive and destruction. work for now the u.s. has issued new iran related sanctions or ninety three and two companies it's also charged a former us air force officer with spying for iran it comes as the international court of justice ruled iran can proceed to recover billions of dollars of assets from the u.s. the money was frozen by the supreme court three years ago and the u.s. judge says the transformer campaign chief has breached his plea deal by lying to investigators full manifold has been found to be in violation of this agreement with the special counsel robert muller is investigating russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s.
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election the judge ruled metaphor lied about his contacts with a russian associate mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . this represents a significant victory for robert miller's team the judge has agreed with prosecutors that paul monophysite has violated his plea bargain by lying on a number of occasions to the f.b.i. and to prosecutors themselves he will face sentencing in the same court before the same judge on the thirteenth of next month and clearly he could face extensive jail time one must remember too that manifold is also facing sentencing in a separate case this one concerning financial crimes sentencing in that particular case was postponed pending the outcome of these pre-budget hearings but very clear that the special counsel's investigation is continuing apace not clear when or whether his report is going to be publicly released in the near future. well the
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world's largest car maker is offering a twenty five thousand dollars reward for information about a string of rice's threats at one of its plants graffiti and nooses were found this a general motors factory in ohio almost two years ago now the company's being sued by former employees who say did little to combat racism john hendren has more from . how they were marcus boyd's promotion at general motors was followed by a warning the next day there was a noose over an area to any black man in america the meaning is clear and this is a sign of that. he says white subordinates refused to work for him one threatened him with a heavy clutch assembly and was suspended for one day the gun magazines were left on his desk these were. eventually he chose unemployment over harassment quitting his six figure supervisor
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position and going jobless for eight months nine black workers suing general motors for their treatment at its toledo ohio plant say secretly placed nooses barriers to advancement in racist graffiti and language were prevail they found bananas and monkey dogs on their desks live on sledge says blacks were called boy and worse than africans and i've heard some of the older older white. chorus of course all the time that's nothing new. i mean. swastikas and racist graffiti were so prevalent in one men's room that g.m. had to close it the company said it has responded working to end workplace bigotry i'm outraged our leadership is outraged that this kind of behavior might exist anywhere it's not who we are at general motors is not who we are in manufacturing and i think everyone is working hard to rid this kind of behavior from our
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workplace completely not everybody the ohio civil rights commission found but we do not believe that the company did enough to get to troll or to even stop this type of behavior we were thinking could not be that bad is that bad and it's worse she says the incidents have continued in twenty nine teams will hire civil rights commissions as moves only when they investigate a case like this the incidents stop but in this case they say nooses kept reappearing even after they launched their investigation marcus boyd says he's suing to change dmce corporate culture blakeney an all out hate crimes happen and right here in the plant and nothing was being brought in their response is your management you're supposed to handle because this is what we hired you for general motors is in a privileged position right now and they have an opportunity at this point to show
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that there are global leaders sledge says he hopes g.m. takes that opportunity he still works at the plant and at the end of each shift he says he fears what tomorrow might bring john hendren al-jazeera toledo ohio. well still ahead on al-jazeera was. a legend systematic corruption and rising living costs leads to return to violence in the streets of haiti. the fight to save their dignity hundreds of thousands of african men for whom died for britain during world war two now the last survivors are hoping for compensation. well as
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a last winter system and scrapes through bringing rain and snow to took mr and afghanistan there's a bit of a gap before the next one's already developing developing over turkey will swing through into the west and levant during says say dropping temperatures bringing cloud and rain and some snow ties up to call system it might well be aware when once again and here is the big gap so even afghanistan looks fine during services and friday but there's the rain spreading right across northern syria northern iraq and the cold front will sweep down picking up the winds ahead of it and behind it and change in the direction which usually picks up sun and the drones quite dampen moments the sun is going to be a big problem to be honest but the wind direction will be noticed had it suddenly means twenty four in riyadh the cloud comes across the border occasional showers are breaks of rain lasting hour or so and that's heading down towards bahrain and qatar maybe later on friday ahead of it warms behind it dropped yet in fact if anything riyadh picked up that nice little taste of water twenty eight before the following day it will certainly get cooler in the of the breeze. active weather has
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returned once again to this climatic line it's just drifted a bit east out of anger to say from zambia down towards mozambique and south africa big showers. the weather sponsored by. weather online. for the winter for them. or if you join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the fun and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice send us your thoughts here to twitter and you could be on the story and join the global conversation on out is iraq.
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but you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution to end american military involvement in the saudi led war in yemen it's a direct threat buke of the trumpet ministration support for the kingdom the measure now faces a contentious vote in the senate u.s. president says he will veto it. at least twenty seven members of iran's revolutionary guards have been killed in a suicide bombing near the border with pakistan the attacker drove a vehicle filled with explosives into their boss local media say the sunni armed group claimed responsibility. this came as a u.s. sponsored conference opened in poland for middle east security widely seen as an attempt to isolate iran israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu says the meeting
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will focus on what he calls a common interest in the war with iran. the u.s. treasury secretary is in china to try and end a trade war between the world's two largest economies suma nugent and u.s. negotiators are hoping to reach an agreement on terrorists before an early march deadline adrian brown has more from beijing well it may be valentine's day but there's not much love lost between trade negotiators from china and the united states the u.s. treasury secretary steve minucci in left his hotel in beijing on thursday morning saying he was looking forward to these talks but he wouldn't elaborate for these talks to succeed though there has to be some goodwill on both sides both sides are trying to reach a framework of a deal that they can put to president xi jinping and president donald trump for them to sign but there are a number of sticking points for the united states it's the issue of verification making sure that china sticks to its word on what is agreed here in beijing i
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understand that the two sides are discussing a mechanism whereby tariffs would be automatically raised if china didn't keep to its side of the bargain now of course the united states has other complaints it believes that the way china does business is unfair many of its trade practices it wants reformed in particular the vast subsidies that the government gives to domestic companies here in china and of course there's also the issue of companies here in the united states who went into joint venture arrangements with chinese partners being forced to hand over their intellectual property their know how as a condition for doing business here in china but these are big complex issues and it's doubtful that they can be resolved between now and early march so i think what you're likely to see here in beijing a best is a partial superficial deal on the issue of tariffs and the two sides would have to
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continue negotiations on those other outstanding issues. to counter china's growing influence in the south pacific a serious prime minister says he wants to step up his country's engagement recently scott morrison visited the tiny island nation of vanuatu where he discussed how the two countries can work closer together under thomas reports from port vila in vanuatu. most road works around atlanta watson are overseen by someone from china and it's money from china that is paying for this either through loans on generous terms or as a there by a huge convention center paid for by china is having its car park resurfaced across pacific island countries state link chinese companies accounting increasingly active china has been around for a long time but the nature of its engagement has definitely changed in the last few years both in terms of the quantity and the diversification analysts see projects
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like the u.s. as a way for china to win friends and with those recipient countries help project its power and influence we continue to try to maximise the opportunities for development for our country and also of course we are happy to support aspirations of friends when they need us to support them with boats and so on in the united nations they have been rumors that china wants to take a specific relationships further and establish a military base in the pacific island country there's concern too that china could strategically important assets if pacific island countries are unable to pay back the debts used to build them analysts in beijing though dismissed such concerns. even if these countries are in debt to china they can still make independent decisions they won't listen to china just because china is their debt collector that's very unrealistic even so the big western power in the south pacific australia is concerned its prime minister says his country should be the partner of
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choice in the south pacific mr. riley and prime minister brown often want a friday night in almost thirty years so morris in full face. stretching out in ration minutes a long. australian aid in vanuatu is more about human than physical investment in port vila australian paramedic. so training their counterparts but elsewhere in the pacific australia in partnership with the united states has just announced it will establish a naval base on papua new guinea's man a silent when you say hand on heart but this stepping up would be happening if china's presence wasn't being felt here we're here because we believe in the region and always have and we will continue to be here because we believe in the peace and prosperity and stability and independence and sovereignty of our region analysts say australia sees china's implodes as a potential threat to sovereignty independence stability and maybe even to peace
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which is why the battle for influence and power in the pacific has begun hundred of us al-jazeera. now aid remains blocked from entering violence while u.s. president donald trump says there is making a terrible mistake by not allowing it in here repeated all options are on the table to force the venezuelan president to step down xenu and reports from caracas. opposition leader one white dawsons confident that nothing will stop him from brings food and medical aid into than israel on for every twenty third from across the colombian and brazilian borders. but president nicolas maduro vows to use the army to block it calling the main the usaid an imperialist trojan horse. so what is plan b. venezuela's army remains loyal to mother little. one suggestion from opposition coalition leader. is to accuse me of little of crimes against humanity if he blocks
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the aids passage when there is a genocide or crimes against humanity the world cannot stay in the front when we are asking is. peace a peace mission that helps. being delivered to those who are mostly need she couldn't say whether that meant using military force but on wednesday u.s. president donald trump refused to rule it out when he met colombian president even a key ally and staunch opponent of mughal i just want to thank the president for working with us and we're working together our militaries are very focused on working together. let's see how it all turns out. another strongman near the colombia border says that business is ready to defend itself from what he believes is the likeliest threat military aggression from colombia
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freddie but not argues colombia's leader is taking orders from his mentor former president. a sworn enemy of my little. he bases colombia doesn't need the americans to invade venezuela because the colombian armed forces are ready to do it all they need is logistical support from the us. why though insists he wants to avoid a military conflict but he's hoping the threat of one might convince venezuela's military to turn on muddled all this as more calls for dialogue appear to four on deaf ears the clock is ticking and there are absolutely no signs of a compromise on either side and significantly for the first time the opposition appears to be united in that the only thing it's willing to discuss with the president is the time and manner of his departure. and that something mother insists is non-negotiable as the high stakes power struggle
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escalates we see in human i'll just see that access. six people have died after nearly a week of anti-government protests in haiti the demonstrators are calling on president. to step down. as more from port au prince. anti-government demonstrations have reached day seven in haiti clashes between demonstrators and police continue and we should mention that the that the situation on the ground is rather tense apart from tear gas police have been using live direct live rounds to disperse protesters we can confirm that at least eight people have been killed within the context of this current political crisis we most recently heard of a journalist that was shot in the arm earlier this afternoon now there have been attacks against the presidential palace there was an attempted attack outside of the airport today there's been looting of stores even just driving around the city of port au prince there's roadblocks scattered across the city there's dry wood and tires presumably waiting to be set on fire in the vent that more clashes take place
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and what we're hearing from people from locals here overwhelmingly is a call for the president to step down unfortunately we haven't heard any sort of speech or any or any statement from president of no more movies he says there was word that the government ministers would be meeting this afternoon although even there we still haven't heard of what that meeting was about or any sort of statement from government ministers members of the president's political opposition have joined in on the demonstrations that are taking part in these in these protests and once again there's a very unified call for the president to step down and there's one more thing that we should mention that that's very important is that port au prince itself the city is being brought to its knees it's pretty much at a standstill schools are closed shops are closed supermarkets are closed government services are halted and speaking to an economist earlier today he's told us that just in the last seven days the impact the economic impact of the political crisis could be measured in the tens of millions of dollars that's
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a staggering amount of money considering that haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere certainly the poorest country in latin america so the sense that we get is that not only will these protests continue in the coming days there's still room for the political crisis itself to worsen. during the second world war hundreds of thousands of african men joined the british army they were treated poorly and paid less than british soldiers that with the number of living african veterans dwindling there are calls to finally acknowledge the sacrifice they made before it's too late godzilla puzzled the army forts. just in khost survived the horrors of war at ninety four he is one of nearly six hundred thousand african soldiers recruited from british colonies who fought for the british army in the second world war he's been visited by prince harry who was in some yet to pay his respects to the african veterans just in hopes the prince will take a message home so he can trade who will be poured into who called mark
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to their g.r. this of course these rouses are good. readers and our thoughts. are going to given. out there when we come back no more forward to anyone you'll never forget me because we thought. at a war graves cemetery near mount kenya veterans like you say and gershon honor their colleagues who died they survived but weren't properly compensated for their service. or did when i got out they gave me nothing they should have known how much we'd help them they would have given something but that was not the case we were abandoned just like that. this document in britain's war archives reveals that african personnel could be paid three times less than their white counterparts and some soldiers weren't paid at all they didn't mean they gave me nothing. i says will go on as. the colonial regime placed
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a different value on an african wife when your parents memories of war are at times overshadowed by their life of poverty we should be ashamed. prince who fought for our country. living in poverty we have an opportunity in that twilight to go right and it's not too late we could still wake of the after being overlooked for years there are signs the u.k. government is now recognizing their service of supporting the british empire in two thousand and eighteen britain announced a package of about fifteen million dollars to help impoverished veterans and widows from commonwealth countries senior officials stress the money is eight not compensation it's not designed to attain what it is designed to do is provide some very practical support what my department does our core mission is to alleviate extreme poverty about hall of all the commonwealth veterans out there we're living
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what we consider to be extreme poverty war has taken its toll on these veterans a painful journey magnified by discrimination during the war and a sense of abandonment in the years that followed yet there is still optimism that their service will be compensated even if it's in the last years of their lives a hope that when they die this time in history will not die with them. katia llopis of the young al jazeera. this is al jazeera and these are headlines the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution to end american military involvement in the saudi led war in yemen it's a direct rebuke of the trumpet ministrations support for the kingdom the measure now faces a contentious vote in the senate the us president says he'll veto it. at least
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twenty seven members of iran's revolutionary guards have been killed in a suicide bombing near the pakistan border drove a vehicle filled with explosives into their bass local media saying so in the armed group has claimed responsibility this came as a u.s. sponsored conference opened in poland on the security situation in the middle east it's widely seen as an attempt to isolate iran because. we've got this meeting is not in secret this is an open meeting with representatives of leading arab countries that are sitting down together with israel in order to advance the common interest with iran. u.s. judge says donald trump's former campaign chief has breached his plea deal by lying to investigators oh man of four there's been found in violation of egypt remember the special counsel robert muller is investigating russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election the judge ruled that manifolds intentionally lied about his contacts with a russian associate manifold also made false statements to the f.b.i.
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and the grand jury venezuela's opposition controlled congress is named new board of directors new boards of directors rather to the state owned oil company opposition leader one way though announced the appointments of directors that petroleum is to venezuela and its u.s. subsidiary citgo petroleum the opposition is trying to gain control of the oil industry which venezuela relies heavily on. at least six people have died after nearly a week of protests in haiti the demonstrators are calling on president. to step down so i'm really about rising costs economic stagnation and corruption tuesday seventy eight. during protests. talk to. you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen you want to meet with relations with india that's not
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exactly my point we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. how can millions of young that's when politics by older generations i think. and the first of two special extended shows on nigeria's upcoming elections we'll hear from political candidates and activists who are part of a new youth wave then your questions and comments are twitter and the live chat. there just three days a.


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