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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 44  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2019 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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or to attack you on well let me ask you a little more about that kind of restructuring of power in the middle east as american influence is appearing to weigh in is russia trying to step into that void absolutely i think in so many ways as i said despite the many challenges president putin with a stroke of brilliance understood that this is the was the best time to bring turkey and iran together back in two thousand and seventeen because turkey needed some new alliance of sorts because it was alienated from nato so bringing turkey and iran in moscow in order to find out what could be the future of syria is a stroke of a brilliant imperial architecture for a post-war effort something that the united states used to be good at but it's no longer especially since the end of the cold war so what we have now is the united states being a spoiler in more so and a spoiler in israel palestine a spoiler in the gulf the united states not able to be the architect it used to be once especially under president trump what the person that basically launched
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a war in syria against the the syrian opposition is now playing the architect in the post serious of war. senior political analyst thank you so much for your insights. well there have been some developments from those talks in such a between russia and iran and turkey out of there as imran khan joins us via telephone from ghazi untap on the techie syrian border. yeah that's why what we're hearing is that there are now joint patrols that are in place between turkey and russia and the countryside now for a number of months has been clashes between the syrian democratic and the free syrian army both of. the clashes between those two people who have really been. the russians and the turks who've been in the goshen for quite a long time now to get the patrols going to try and bring from them the peace to the countryside that quite apart from. the last the
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imran khan speaking to us from ghazi untapped and we'll be bringing you more on that as it happens. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution to end american military involvement in the saudi and he led war in yemen the measure now faces a contentious fires in the senate and president on trump says he'll veto it she had to tansey reports from washington d.c. this is a five minute. this is the vote that the house of representatives then controlled by the republicans refused to allow last year with control having shifted to the democrats passage of a resolution demanding u.s. involvement in the yemen war it was never in doubt nearly the bombs that have fallen say the same thing made in the united states of america they fall on weddings they fall on hospitals and on homes they fall on funerals rep refugee
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camps and school busses i am mindful that this debate is taking place a day after the president disregarded the law and failed to report to congress who was responsible for the murder of journalist jamal to shoki. the murder of last october has mobilized members of congress against the saudi led war in yemen in fact as one republican noted democrats didn't seem concerned when the previous president began helping the bombardment of the country and would have been nice if our friends were equally concerned with president obama actually was committing us to kinds of activity we're talking about but things have changed and if anything anger has grown on capitol hill for several reasons the white house's refusal to meet a congressional deadline to definitively conclude whether crown prince mohammed bin solomon was responsible for the killing a new york times report that revealed u.s. intelligence had intercepted
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a phone call in which the crown prince threatened to put a bullet into the journalist reports that despite having been officially fired as a result of his role in the killing of south alcatel he remains a close aide of the crown prince and the report that u.s. weapons supplied to saudi arabia have ended up in the hands of al qaeda fighters in yemen but it was seen as a split between conservative and progressive democrats the republicans did manage to get bipartisan support for an amendment to the bill allowing the president to continue what it calls appropriate information sharing with the saudis last year a similar resolution was passed in the republican controlled senate an unprecedented assertion of congressional authority limiting the powers of a president to make war under the war powers act the resolution sponsors are hopeful it will pass again in the senate however without a two thirds majority from both chambers of congress president trump can and has indicated he will veto the bill the first of the two of his terms and the administration maintains it is acting appropriately america's not caring for
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america taken more action in response to the tragic murder of jamal khashoggi i will continue to take more action but if the white house had hoped that opposition to saudi arabia would dissipate in washington in twenty nineteen they've been disappointed she ever tansey al-jazeera washington. the world's largest passenger jet is having its life cut short says it'll stop production of the a three eighty in just two years time the super jumbos largest customer emirates has announced a drastic reduction in orders the dubai based carrier one smaller more fuel efficient aircraft instead airbus says that means it can't afford to keep its a three eighty production line in southern france open putting thousands of jobs at risk while the european aircraft manufacturer had high hopes for the double decker when it first took to the skies in two thousand and five singapore airlines passengers were the first to fly the new giants two years later but aircraft sales
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failed to take off the a three eighty was designed to overtake the aging seven four seven jumbo jet built by boeing and america although popular with both pilots and passengers airlines struggle to fill the five hundred or so seats needed to make a profit and the huge size of the four engine jets means they're more costly to maintain than twinge it natasha has more from chilis when their boss bosses here and to do say that this is a very disappointing and painful moment for them they have announced the end all of the a three eighty jet they say will end its production in twenty twenty one now this is a plane that school the super jumbo by aviation funds it is the world's biggest passenger jessica carry more than five hundred forty people is a double decker a feat of engineering but over the years it has been plagued by delays and delivery rising costs and fooling orders the final blow to the it was the fact that the divide based airline emirates decided to reduce one of its orders by thirty nine
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planes not simply meant that the a three eighty could not survive. what we're seeing is. a large four engine aircraft and that is really disturbing there's been speculation. for years that it we were to use. three eighty three becomes clear when we were probably at least ten years too late or more but in retrospect it's it's all easy however let me stress one point and i hope you appreciate because i know many of you love to fly and that really we are talking about the end of the production of the free in twenty twenty one we're not talking about the end of the program obviously will support these what is it two hundred twenty something aircraft that are in operation or where with many airlines or back in two thousand and five when the a three eighty was first in the works with lots of fanfare at the paris air show us boston said then that they
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hoped that this plane would revolutionize long haul travel the idea was a big plane that would carry the maximum amount of passengers from hop to hop but it is the trend of a nation's actually being toward smaller planes more fuel efficient aircraft not something the air boss will now focus more on in terms of the impact on the company will bosses say some three thousand five hundred positions across the european playmaker could be affected and they will be in talks with unions and representatives to see what will happen to those jobs in the future in spain the rejection of the government's budget is raising the possibility of the third general election within four years prime minister pedro sanchez is expected to make an announcement after meeting with government ministers on friday catalan separatists helped defeat the socialist prime minister's draft budget on thursday after the government's refusal to discuss catalan calls for independence a trial of twelve separatist leaders charged with sedition is now in its third day
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. venezuela's all important oil revenues are wanted by the opposition controlled congress opposition leader has named a new board of directors for the state well company and its u.s. subsidiary the u.s. imposed sanctions on venezuela's oil industry last month president nicolas maduro described the sanctions as criminal. well donald trump says madeira is making a terrible mistake by blocking deliveries of foreign aid and the u.s. president says all options are on the table to force majeure out it's in human reports from the capital caracas. opposition leader one white door sounds confident that nothing will stop him from bringing food and medical aid into the news walen for every twenty third from across the colombian and brazilian borders. but president nicolas maduro vols to use the army to block it calling the main the
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usaid an imperialist trojan horse. so what is plan b. of an israel is an army remains loyal to mother little. one suggestion from opposition coalition leader. is to accuse me of little of crimes against humanity if he blocks the aids passage when there is a genocide or crimes against humanity the world cannot stay in the front when we are asking is. peace a peace mission that helps these. being delivered to those who are mostly need she couldn't say whether that meant using military force but on wednesday u.s. president donald trump refused to rule it out when he met colombian president even a key ally and staunch opponent of mud i just want to thank the president for working with us and we're working together our militaries are very focused on working together. let's see how it all turns out. my little
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strongman near the colombia border says that business is ready to defend itself from what he believes is the likeliest threat military aggression from colombia freddie but not argues colombia's leader is taking orders from his mentor former president. a sworn enemy of my little. buddy basis colombia doesn't need the amir. to invade venezuela because the colombian armed forces are ready to do it all they need is logistical support from the us. why the law insists he wants to avoid a military conflict but he's hoping the threat of one might convince venezuela's military to turn on muddle this as more calls for dialogue appear to fall on deaf ears the clock is ticking and there are absolutely no signs of a compromise on either side and significantly for the first time the opposition appears to be united in that the only thing it's willing to discuss with president
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my google is the time and manner of his departure. and that something must insist is not negotiable as the high stakes power struggle as collates. see in human i'll just see to that act us well president maduro is urging the world to stand in solidarity with his country against threats from the us. again today the president of the united states is threatened venezuela with a military invasion i am asking the whole world the homelands of the world for their solidarity. thirteen gay couples in japan have launched a lawsuit to try to force the government to recognize same sex marriage they say current laws violate their constitutional right to equality and equal status japan is the only nation from the group of seven industrialized democracies that doesn't recognize same sex unions. the world's largest car maker is offering
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a twenty five thousand dollars reward for information about a string of racist threats at one of its plants graffiti and nooses were found at a general motors factory in ohio almost two years ago now the company is being sued by former employees who say it did little to combat racism john hendren has more from toledo. marcus boyd's promotion at general motors was followed by a warning the next day there was a new. over in that area to any black man in america the meaning is clear and this is a sign of that sort of threat he says white subordinates refused to work for him one threatened him with a heavy clutch assembly and was suspended for one day a gun magazines were left on his desk these were. eventually he chose unemployment over harassment quitting his six figure supervisor position and going jobless for eight months nine black workers suing general motors
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for their treatment at its toledo ohio plant say secretly placed nooses barriers to advancement in racist graffiti and language were prevail they found bananas and monkey dolls on their desks live on sledge says blacks were called boy in worse things than that and i've heard some of the older older white. corners of course all the time doesn't happen you know. and move. swastikas and racist graffiti were so prevalent in one men's room that g.m. had to close it the company said it has responded working to end workplace bigotry i'm outraged our leadership is outraged that this kind of behavior might exist anywhere it's not who we are at general motors is not who we are in manufacturing and i think everyone is working hard to rid this kind of behavior from our workplace completely. not everybody the ohio civil rights commission found but we
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do not believe that the company did enough to get to troll or to even stop this type of behavior we were thinking could not be that big is that it is worse she says the incidents have continued in twenty nine teams will hire a civil rights commissions as moves only when they investigate a case like this the incidents stop but in this case they say nooses kept through appearing even after they launched their investigation marcus boyd says he's suing to change dmce corporate culture blakeney all out hate crimes happen and right here in the plan in that the it's been their response is your management you're supposed to handle this this is what we hired you for general motors is in a privileged position right now and they have an opportunity at this point to show that there are global leaders sledge says he hopes g.m. takes that opportunity he still works at the plant and at the end of each shift he
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says he fears what tomorrow might bring john hendren al-jazeera toledo ohio. and ohio and these are the top stories we're getting reports of multiple casualties after a roadside bomb explosion in indian administered kashmir police say at least fourteen security officials have been killed but al jazeera sources on the ground say the number of dead could be much higher the u.s. says it's taking a new era of cooperation to confront threats in the middle east secretary of state's mike pompei i was speaking at a u.s. led meeting to discuss the region's future he listed iran as one of the challenges tehran was not invited to the event being hosted by poland. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution to end american military support for the saudi emirate he led war in
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yemen president donald trump says he'll veto the legislation if senators approve it venezuela's opposition controlled congress has its sights on the country's all important oil revenues opposition leader one has named a new board of directors for the stage oil company and its u.s. subsidiary the u.s. imposed sanctions on venezuela's oil industry last month president nicolas.


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