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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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right now on amendments to prime minister to resign may's brags it plan the opposition wants the government to give harlem and either a vote on a revised breaks of feel or a range of debate on the next steps by the end of this month let's go live now to lawrence lee in london so lawrence what is the significance of these votes. if you caught your mind back a few weeks ago when sarees m a lost her of votes on her plans to leave the european union by three hundred twenty votes the biggest ever in british political history she was left with no choice but to say it's parliament's ok then you tell me what else you want to do and so since then and this is the second the case this happened she's put forward what are called neutral motions just saying effective this is how things are so far and it's allows opposition m.p.'s who don't like the plans before amendments so it's with a view to seeing if anybody else has got to that as actually got a better idea and but the only things that come out of that so far have been a government have been a majority in parliament staying back to the european union renegotiates and
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a majority in parliament ruling out the idea of no deal and so when some reason may put all this as a neutral motion to which would bring in the being voted on and lights that's cause so much anger among the angry squat in her own party that the hardliners who want to leave the u.k. that leave your opinion without any sort of deal it's all that they snow say they're going to abstain which will mean that theresa may will actually lose her own folks none of his binding it doesn't mean anything in law but ultimately what it suggests in symbolic terms if this is going to happen the next half hour or so is that once it's a reason why it has lost control entirely over her own process but at the same time there is no other plan the m.p.'s from other parties can coalesce around to provide an alternative strategy five go forward so it's complete chaos basically in the european leaders must be thinking what what on earth are these people playing all right lawrence leamer live for us there in london thanks lost now
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a bus said it is made the painful decision to stop building the world's largest passenger jets the last a three eighty will roll off the production line in two years' time that's because airlines are buying smaller more fuel efficient jets instead reports one to lose in france. aviation fans call it the super jumbo the airbus a three eighty is the world's biggest passenger plane when it launched in two thousand and five bosses of the european plane maker hoped it would revolutionize long haul travel but now their land is production in twenty twenty one i mean there's been speculation. for years that we were ten years to create the becomes clear when we were probably at least ten years too late or more powered by four engines the a three eighty double decker can carry more than five hundred forty passengers but since its creation its been plagued by delivery delays rising costs and falling orders bosses say the final blow came after to buy based airline
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emirates reduced an order of the model by thirty nine planes because of a fall in demand bosses of call the decision to end the a three eighty painful and disappointing but they admitted it made no financial sense to continue with such a large aircraft when the trend in airline travel is toward smaller planes like these trained between when airlines expected superjumbo to be the flagship of that fleet that switched very fast to airlines recognizing that actually there are smaller aircraft that seat a good amount of passengers but a far more efficient and it's the efficiency that is king. shareholders have welcomed the end of the a three eighty considered by some as a financial drain indeed the company also announced a jump in profits on thursday but workers will be concerned as some three thousand five hundred jobs across the company are likely to be affected will now focus on smaller planes but there will be many people who'd be sad to see the end of an
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aircraft widely regarded as a feat of engineering natascha al-jazeera to lose france or to why it is an aviation consultant and director at cowen aviation consultancy joins us now from hamburg thanks for being with us so. it's there's no doubt that the a three eighty was very popular with air travelers wasn't it but it was just felt that it wasn't economically viable anymore certainly from the point of view of the airlines why is that. i think most allies simply operate the aircraft lot and that way how it was intended to be used so if you take for example emirates. and four hundred fifty five hundred people but to sacrifice those up to eight hundred fifty people and that was the biggest advantage so transporting people on the seven four to seven and that was an economic point if you will so that you can
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transport people at about the same cost which in the end though it's a cost proceed. and we had a very frank admission there from the air bus c.e.o. in natasha's report saying this this whole thing may have been ten years too late do you think that's true. yes maybe even so when they started a three eighty project then it was simply a gamble. a look into the crystal ball by the front spots lets us stay in with the hub and spoke system wasn't a pasta or mole want to point connections which actually was what happened in the past and yes so on but we have a lot of how congestions. the outhaul it's. a limit to. how much across they can handle and i'm pretty sure possibly ten ten years ahead then the a three eighty would be the right across the
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again so where does a bus go from here then what's the future for them. wow allison has developed the extra fifty richest about the same size. triple seven or seven eight seven there's some to go was it was small our wide body out croft like these and they were also concentrated close up in their body croft for the shoulder it's all flights what's this going to mean then for air travelers because as i said one of the reasons people like the a three eighty was was because they were larger and there was more or more leg room more and more space in business class and so on is going to mean more or more crammed scenes for for passengers when they when they get on board flights now well i doubt that because even the triple seven provides for us in business not sufficient leg room and suffer space and equipment
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economy if it was a lot of blood and if you're flying and a three eighty because a crimp you're in there as well or if you're fly on the if you're fifty or more triple seven so i think it was a comedy presenter nothing changes for first class passengers might be a disadvantage for ages will disappear because it provided a level of comfort sure but for some it is i'm right but good to speak with you tobias joining us from hamburg out of the world's largest car maker is offering a twenty five thousand dollars reward for information about a string of races threats and one of its plants graffiti and nooses were found at a general motors factory in ohio nearly two years ago and now the company is being sued by former employees who say it did little to combat racism john hendren has more from toledo. they were sure marcus boyd's promotion at general motors was followed by a warning the next day there was
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a news over in that area to any black man in america the meaning is clear and this is a sign of that this is a threat he says one subordinates refused to work for him one threatened him with a heavy clutch assembly and was suspended for one day gun magazines were left on his desk these were. good violets eventually he chose unemployment over harassment quitting his six figure supervisor position and going jobless for eight months nine black workers suing general motors for their treatment at its toledo ohio plant say secretly placed nooses barriers to advancement in racist graffiti and language were privy sieve they found bananas and monkey dolls on their desks live on sledge says blacks were called boy and worse than that and i've heard some of the older older white.
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corners of course all the time as will happen no. and move. swastikas and racist graffiti were so prevalent in one men's room that g.m. had to close it the company said it has responded working to end workplace bigotry i'm outraged our leadership is outraged that this kind of behavior might exist anywhere it's not who we are at general motors is not who we are in manufacturing and i think everyone is working hard to rid this kind of behavior from our workplace completely not everybody the ohio civil rights commission found but we do not believe that the company did enough to get to troll or to even stop this type of behavior we were thinking could not be that bad is that bad and it's worse she says the incidents have continued in twenty nine teams will hire civil rights commissions as moves only when they investigate
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a case like this the incidents stop but in this case they say noose is kept reappearing even after they launched their investigation marcus boyd says he's suing to change dmce corporate culture blakeney all out hate crimes happen and right here in the plant and not the ones being brought in their response is you're management you're supposed to handle this this is what we hired you for general motors is in a privileged position right now they have an opportunity at this point to show that there are global leaders on sledge says he hopes g.m. takes that opportunity he still works at the plant and of the end of each shift he says he fears what tomorrow might bring john hendren al-jazeera toledo ohio. police in turkey have arrested three people over the collapse of a nice than ball apartment building last week that killed twenty one people it's thought the suspects were involved in the construction of the building they're being charged with criminal negligence inspectors say three stories were added
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illegally rescue teams in turkey pulled more than a dozen survivors from the rubble. this is al jazeera let's get a roundup of the top stories rival meetings in taking place to address the bill a tea in the middle east in sochi russia's president has hosted turkish and iranian leaders for a fourth round of talks on the war in syria putin an ally of president bashar assad says he is ready to drive fighters out of italy the iranian president also said the presence of the u.s. in the middle east harms countries in the region. regarding the first issue i.e. iraq is takes we do not have any optimism about what the americans are saying if the united states leaves syria completely this will be good news for the people of syria are. the united states leaves iraq or afghanistan or other
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regional countries they decide to leave it will be good news for the nations of these countries at least thirty nine people have been killed in an attack on a military convoy in indian administered kashmir it happened in the district of paul warmer india's prime minister has called the bombing despicable the senior democrat on the us senate foreign relations committee has called on the trumpet ministration to turn over all documents related to the killing of saudi journalist john mauser shelby senator bob menendez wants records on whether any senior saudi official including crown prince mohammed bin sandman was responsible for for her death. bus will stop making the a three eighty in two years time and that's threatening thousands of jobs production of the world's largest passenger jet will end because of a fall in orders from airlines and britain are
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voting on amendments to prime minister to rescind bragg's it plan the opposition wants the government to give parliament either a vote on a revised briggs it deal or arrange a debate on the next steps by the end of this month. in egypt have overwhelmingly approved a constitutional change removing term limits for president to his c.c. until twenty thirty four it still has to go through several stages of approval before being put to a national referendum. is just to stand down in twenty twenty two when his second four year term ends those are the headlines you can find lots more on our website c.n.n. dot com as always. we're back in half an hour the news continues now after inside story.
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the end of the super jumbo dream airbus is killing off the production of the a three eighty in two years' time but as the demise of the world's biggest passenger plane tell us about the aviation industry this is inside story. now and welcome to the program i'm elizabeth purana passengers and pilots love it a line accountants dread paying the super sized which is why the a three eighty is having its ones clipped permanently bosses put in the plug on the world's largest passenger plane after its because customer emirates airline canceled dozens of
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deliveries when it first took off fourteen years ago a bus hoped what it called its giant cruise line in the sky would fly long into the twenty first century but twenty twenty one that's the date set for the final double decker to roll off the production line in southern france thousands of jobs are threatened in the european aerospace industry as natasha butler explains from h.q. and to news. well that bus bosses here in to do say that this is a very disappointing and painful moment for them they have announced the end all of the a three eighty jet they say will end its production in twenty twenty one now this is a plane that's called the super jumbo by aviation funds it is the world's biggest passenger jessica carry more than five hundred and forty people is a double decker a thing of engineering but over the years it has been plagued by delays and delivery rising costs and forwarding orders the final blow though was the fact that the divide based airline emirates decided to reduce one of its orders by thirty
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nine planes not simply meant for the a three eighty could not survive i think what we're seeing here is the end of a large four engine aircraft and that is what it is i mean there's been speculation . for years whether we were ten years to even three eighty three becomes clear when we were probably at least ten years too late or more but in retrospect it's it's all easy however let me stress one point g.m. and i hope your brief because i know many of you would love to fly on a three eighty we're talking about the end of the production of the free in twenty twenty one we're not talking about the end of the program obviously airbus will support these what is it two hundred twenty something aircraft that are in operation or where with many airlines or back in two thousand and five when the a three eighty was first in the works with lots of fanfare at the paris air show bosses said then
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that they hoped that this plane would revolutionize long haul travel the idea was a big plane that would carry a maximum amount of passengers from hub to hub but i think it is the trend of a nation's actually being toward smaller planes more fuel efficient aircraft and that's something the air boss will now focus more on in terms of the impact on the company will process say. some three thousand five hundred positions of course the european play maker could be affected and they will be tools with unions and representatives to see what will happen to those jobs in the future we talked about look for inside story in toulouse france. well let's bring in i guess now joining us from toulouse where is headquartered is aviation analyst alex the chair to us david lee amount is a consulting editor for flight global and he's joining us from london and andre switchman as managing director at the center for aviation competence at the
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university of st gallon in switzerland a very warm welcome to all of you missed i'm a chair so i'll start with you since you are into news that was that debuted with solid much fanfare in two thousand and five why do you think the a three eighty failed. well the a three eighty perhaps came a little too late this is a model of an aircraft that was able to get either black and us airlines wishing to store a lot of seating capacity in terms of passenger accommodation but also be home so luxury a sports class cabins or social areas and more but ultimately the productions hind is a craft actually tried to secure its place in the market airlines woke up and started its own manufacture out we want more efficient smaller aircraft as they worked out how that routes will pull me out similarly these aircraft like the a three fifty which more up and coming out they have secured a better market share than the a grade c.
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and they are much younger and as a result the production has now come to an abrupt end and this is the amount we hear from airbus c.e.o. who said that you know it was ten years too late for the a three eighty and was suppose to revenue shinai as air traveler didn't find that the skies had moved on well the skies were always going to move on. us or done a great job with this airplane it's going to be with us for a very long time emirates will be operating these aircraft for at least another twenty years and maybe another for maybe another thirty years because they are excellent technically they're brilliant passengers absolutely love them and they do carry an awful lot of people but the only of the only routes they're very good for .


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