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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 45  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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plug-in general motors is offering a twenty five thousand dollars reward for information about a string of racists writes one of its plants in the united states john hendren has more from toledo ohio. marcus boyd's promotion at general motors was followed by a warning the next day there was a news over in that area to any black man in america the meaning is clear and this is a sign of that this is a threat he said right subordinates refused to work for him one threatened him with a heavy clutch assembly and was suspended for one day the gun magazines were left on his desk these were. where. eventually he chose unemployment over harassment quitting his six figure supervisor
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position and going jobless for eight months nine black workers suing general motors for their treatment at its toledo ohio plant say secretly placed nooses barriers to advancement in racist graffiti and language were prevail they found bananas and monkey dolls on their desks to live on sledge says blacks were called boy and worse things in that war and i've heard some of the older older white. course of course all the time as nothing no. i mean. it's. swastikas and racist graffiti were so prevalent in one men's room that g.m. had to close it the company said it has responded working to end workplace bigotry i'm outraged our leadership is outraged that this kind of behavior might exist anywhere it's not who we are at general motors is not who we are in manufacturing and i think everyone is working hard to rid this kind of behavior from our
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workplace completely not everybody the ohio civil rights commission found but we do not believe that the company did enough to get to troll or to even stop this type of behavior we were thinking could not be that bad is that bad and it's worse she says the incidents have continued in twenty nine teams will hire civil rights commissions as moves only when they investigate a case like this the incidents stop but in this case they say nooses kept reappearing even after they launched their investigation marcus boyd says he's suing to change dmce corporate culture blakeney an all out hate crimes happen and right here in the plant and not the ones being brought in their response is you're management you're supposed to handle this this is what we hire to for general motors is in a privileged position right now they have an opportunity at this point to show that
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there are global leaders sledge says he hopes g.m. takes that opportunity he still works at the plant and at the end of each shift he says he fears what tomorrow might bring john hendren al-jazeera toledo ohio. and it's girls born in his early thank you so much as well a new organization is being set up by athletes want more of a say on how their sports are run global athlete as a response to a series of scandals most notably the russian doping crisis many competitors were unhappy that the international olympic committee lifted russia's ban after evidence of state sponsored doping was revealed the group is demanding better anti doping rules and more safeguards to protect clean athletes olympic and paralympic athletes from the u.k. usa germany and canada are among the first to get involved in global athlete described as an athlete led movement for change incidents of doping sex abuse and bullying have resulted in many leading athletes demanding more rights british olympic cycling champion callum skinner is one of those voices he hopes more will
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join him. i guess from the british point of view we kind of galvanized the community over the whole scandal and we got the likes of sir chris hoy caffein granger lizzy yarnold to sign a letter to what they please stick to the illusion of the month of compliance to make to bring back the show back into the fold but we didn't get it was all we wanted so what we thought would be best was to continue the movement the mobilization that we created a silver lining if you like to what was quite a disappointing result i think it's going to be something as quite unique an olympic and paralympic sport we haven't seen anything like this before an independent body that is really just going to give the athletes a platform to share opinions and we hope to come to consensus with athletes that are in the world to see how we can make sport better place and i think that feels bigger than just empty doping we want to target issues like welfare the commercial
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rights of athletes and also about getting athletes involved in decision making of sport because at the moment and this seems like there's quite a disconnect between the governance of sport and the athletes on the field water ski slope track whatever. well the rope latest taken on added significance for chelsea under pressure management shows sorry chelsea by malmo in sweden a little later on in the last thirty two last time out his team were beaten six nil by manchester city in the premier league that was chelsea's biggest defeat in close to thirty years and slide down to six place in the table we know they're. not really because. they were big because. we. saw the but. we want to be a parson journal can get for a place in the last states of the champions league after that suno away whenever
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manchester united on tuesday a result they managed without name or the world's most expensive player is instead working hard to recover from a broken bone in his foot an injury that set to kick him out of action and so at least april one that he seemed to briefly forgets while he was watching his team might score against united or the video assistant referee made a broadly positive impression of the world cup in russia last year but a decision is yet to be made on whether it'll be used at the women's world cup that's coming up in june the uncertainty hasn't stopped fema referees making some big moves forward ahead of that's four months in france i mean when reports from dollhouse. this could be the start of a new era in football an all male tournaments officiated entirely by women. the under seventeen teams from all major clubs like real madrid and p.s.g. are in qatar to compete for the all cast international cup and for the first time
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it's just women making the calls. this comes as an all female roster of referees and assistance was announced for the women's world cup in france this summer. the referees are using the tournaments to hone their skills on video assistant referee technology v.a.r. it was used at the men's world cup in russia and there's a good chance it will be introduced to the women's tournaments to our first goal is just to continue to improve the official so when we get to france that they are in top condition that we have support the tournament in a way that it deserves really the best referees and the best performances and i really expect nothing less and this tournament and seminar here that we're in qatar is really the way that we can fine tune but with only a few months to go until the world cup fever has yet to make up its mind on using v a r and that's raising concerns that the women's tournament won't have the same
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level of refereeing persuasion as their male counterparts perhaps one day will see a woman take charge of a match at the men's world cup the german bundesliga broke new ground in twenty seventeen when they used a woman referee for the first time but that's still a rarity it's a sport dominated by men and like the players women officials still have a long way to go before they draw a level fifa maintains that the training is to keep the same level of consistency among the male and female referees despite the very different challenges you have. you have to sacrifice your time. many things for being here because we are athletes as well many people things that they we are only different variables but the way that we have where we are in our competition as well it may still be a struggle but tournaments like this one increase the possibility of women
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regularly calling the offside rule to all major matches not just their own filming when al-jazeera joe hockey. in the last few minutes twenty four seemed champion some on how of his books a place in the. semifinals beating germany to go against in straight sets should be joined in the last four by three time grand slam champion angele kerber she survived a bit of a scarce who advance into the next round the germinated a final such hybrids are overcome her czech opponent for the stripped of all three sets of his first semi says she went to wimbledon last year. ok more sport for me through other nights but so that is it for now stuff things and he will look forward to that and that is it for this news hour with me has implicate thanks for your company our colleagues in london where more news into me .
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a team of chinese scientists embark on a daring deep sea mission searching for rare resources and new species one of the nice reveals china's underwater hunt. on al-jazeera. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from the air boss over the risks of a no deal breaks in sharing casanova stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and we'll go explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire resilient people are truly afraid the world
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is watching on al-jazeera a story of revolution defiance and murder i'm told i look like a major figure in the war against the french occupation bulgy the french one whose bravery even impressed him and i'm truly inspired others in the fight for independence after his death that you could be getting a lot of b. ben mcgeady the algerian revolutionary on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera.
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the presidents of iran russia and turkey meet in sochi to decide how to carve up syria after the u.s. troops withdrawal meanwhile in warsaw the u.s. that its efforts to isolate iraq. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london thanks for joining us also coming up on the program indian forces suffer their deadliest attack in kashmir in seventeen years as a car bomb targeting a military convoy kids at least thirty nine people air bus says it's scrapping production of the a three eighty after its dream of donating the skies of the world's largest airline or fails to takeoff plus.
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britain's prime minister suffers another defeat over her breaks its strategy. to competing meetings have wrapped up both of them addressing stability or the lack thereof in the middle east insult russia's president hosted his turkish and iranian counterparts for talks on how to end the war in syria and what comes next all three countries are vying to be the key foreign players in syria once the u.s. leaves meanwhile in poland the u.s. stepped up its efforts to isolate iran at a conference attended by sixty nations israel's prime minister was the only foreign head of state to attend with many european countries sending low level representatives well let's start with the summit insults and this report from center holder. the so-called guarantors of the syrian peace process the presidents
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of russia iran to turkey our partners in the ass to the negotiating framework the leaders met to find consensus on how to carve up syrian territory. following the planned u.s. would draw of american troops from an area under the control of the kurdish group the wipe it was clear even before these sorts began that they didn't agree russia and iran told turkey that the syrian government should we gain control of northeast syria wants us troops leave any plan to set up a safe zone in syria along its borders would need the consent of president bashar assad's government the turkish government's concerns should be taken into consideration we believe cooperation with the legal government of syria and deployment of syrian soldiers alongside international borders is going to be more sustainable iran continues to be willing a long side russian friends to play its role in order to ensure friendship between syria and turkey turkey's president. once
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a close friend of the syrian president has been a staunch supporter of the opposition since the uprising began in two thousand and eleven. recently acknowledged that there have been low level contacts between turkey's and syria's intelligence agencies the turkish government wants. its border it considers the group a terrorist organization and a threat to its national security iran and. turkey security concerns but they want the agreement. which means damascus will reign in the y p g and provide the guarantees turkey seeks russia and iran also have another demand they want turkey to clear a demilitarized zone from fighters in the province the province is under the control of. a group many in the international community consider linked to al qaida . i'd like to stress the creation of the deescalation is
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a temporary measure the rest of the rebels shouldn't go unpunished. that may be a threat of a russian backed syrian government offensive that turkey. wants to prevent so as not to cause a humanitarian crisis on its border. syrian people especially and our brothers and sisters are trying to stay alive they've suffered enough and they paid significantly we will continue to do what we should be doing based on the memorandum we're determined not to make the situation worse the strategic interests of russia iran and turkey not just in syria means their differences are unlikely to affect their alliance but turkey's feeling the pressure that occurred to her. well at the two day conference in warsaw the u.s. called on the sixteen nations attending to put more pressure on tehran and vice president mike pence his house at some of america's traditional allies singling out
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the european countries standing by the iran nuclear deal the time has come for our european partners to stand with us and we remain in people. to stand with our allies and friends in the region the time has come for our european partners to withdraw from the around nuclear deal and join with us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary to give the arena people region and the world the peace security and freedom they deserve. in warsaw and sent us this update. despite the generic title given through the gathering here in warsaw want to discuss peace and security in the middle east the conference seems to focus very much on the on iran and the perceived iranian threat as it's constantly referred to by the us administration and its allies who has israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu talking about a possible war with iran the section of states might compare as well as vice
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president mike pence spoke also of a confrontational approach towards run mike pence said that she was saddened that the policies pursued by european allies with the browser on thing was high time for them to depart from the nuclear deal now the europeans obviously sense low level representatives here because they very much want to hold tight to that's nuclear deal and in fact have been looking at ways to maybe circumvent the sanctions that have been imposed by washington on iran in order to maintain that diplomatic approach that they had been pursuing for several years now with the iranians but aside from iran one of the key issues here has also been the continued occupation of palestine by israel as well as the conflict there the palestinians didn't attend this gathering here in warsaw they say that that's because of the bias pursued by washington as they describe it particular friend to the fact that's the u.s.
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under president donald trump move this embassy from tel aviv to illegally occupied jerusalem however the big winners from this conference considering that the meeting didn't come up with any tangible actionable resolutions but it seems the big winners are the israelis benjamin netanyahu probably the most senior person at the event here in warsaw was center stage of the family photo as it's called over those representatives of the nations and also was able to meet publicly with representatives of several arab countries not to was seen as something very significant particularly considering that. these are nations that include for example side arabia and the united arab emirates so a lot of talk with regard to peace and security critics however will say that it has probably done the opposite considering it has pushed for more confrontation with the trend when it comes to iran and it has refused to engage with key stakeholders in the palestinian issue as well as other conflicts in the region.
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at least ocean and people have died in the war start tackling indian forces in kashmir since two thousand and two a car laden with explosives slammed into a military convoy in a heavily guarded highway in the poor woman district of indian administered kashmir india's prime minister has called the attack the spectacle one hundred points. multiple casualties after a blast along a highway in indian administered kashmir one of the worst attacks to hit the disputed himalayan region in almost three years according to reports the majority of those killed were indian paramilitary personnel when a car filled with explosives rammed into a military convoy in the district of full warm up the attack happened on a main road that connects the state capitol street a guard to the city of new pictures from the blast site showed bodies and body parts strewn across a wide area this is a really good now and the vet had thought i was sitting inside my shop and all of
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a sudden an explosion happened it was very massive and felt like the building would come down i came out on so smoke up the side of the explosion and debris is from vehicles in there. kashmir has been divided between india and pakistan since one thousand nine hundred seven both countries claimed the area i think we've seen this coming for a while because it is. just a group gesture what they've been trying to get our interest me running for the last few months especially because of a couple of indigenous. terrorist groups like in their being were less contained by the indian security forces specially so christian which is you know to go right in the last to go an obvious tens of thousands have been killed in the past three decades in the uprising against the indian administration this latest violence comes just a day after dozens of high school students were wounded when there was an explosion
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in their classroom in kashmir mammoth al-jazeera. production of the world's largest passenger jet is there and as a result of falling orders airbus says it will stop making the three hundred two years' time threatening thousands of jobs that live reports now from tools. aviation fans call it the super jumbo the airbus a three eighty s. the world's biggest passenger plane when it launched in two thousand and five bosses of the european plane maker hoped it would revolutionize long haul travel but now their land is production in twenty twenty one i mean there's been speculation. for years whether we were ten years to create the becomes clear when we were probably at least ten years too late or more powered by four engines the a three eighty double decker can carry more than five hundred forty passengers but since its creation its been plagued by delivery delays rising costs and falling orders bosses say the final blow came after to buy based airline emirates reduced
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an order of the model by thirty nine planes because of a fall in demand bosses of call the decision to end the a three eighty painful and disappointing but they admitted it made no financial sense to continue with such a large aircraft when the trend in airline travel is towards smaller planes like these trained between when airlines expected superjumbo to be the flagship of that fleet that switched very fast to airlines recognizing that actually there are smaller aircraft that seat a good amount of passengers but a far more efficient and it's the efficiency that is king. shareholders have welcomed the end of the a three eighty considered by some as a financial drain indeed the company also announced a jump in profits on thursday but workers will be concerned as some three thousand five hundred jobs across the company are likely to be affected their bus will now focus on smaller planes but there will be many people who'd be sad to see the end
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of an aircraft widely regarded as a feat of engineering. al jazeera to lose friends still to come in this half hour thousands for silent in florida a year after a gunman killed fourteen students and three staff at a school with parkland and we'll have the latest from haiti as violent protests against presidential really annoys.


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