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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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when the indian home minister was carrying the coffin of one of the fallen soldiers so that speaks volumes there is a kind of moral dividend on part of india that it has managed to garner thanks to this attack so if we go beyond this blame game of whether pakistan did it or whether india is going to go for surgical strikes what we need to ask is what is going to happen to the spirit since they've cast memories of peace in class mia in the long run and that is something that has been tossed into the long grass or kicked into the long be something that no one is talking about we've already seen that there has been since this if there is no internet there's a lot. in the valley and that is going to get. one is not saying that things are pretty good in the valley jumpman classmate in general but this has given the hardliners in india a free hand to do whatever they want to do in the disputed region of past may second the political establishment in india is also joining ranks together of the
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arch enemy of the ruling whatley then a party of the congress the leader of the congress party mr rollo gandhi has already said this. with the current government so all this doesn't go down well for the people of caste met and also if you look at what's going to happen to the india pakistan are lessons in the long grown pakistan already. only friend in the region happens to be china and because of the economic interest that it has because of the part it plays in the china pakistan economic program so that would sort of sustain pakistani economy clearly but it is going to be a blowback effect on pakistan in turn especially we have already seen the white house condemning the attack in cast me in heavily on digital undeservedly at the same time they were already given. indicates thems that i need to do something from
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the european quartus also we are witnessing something similar that our c.e.o. who was coming lynch him closer to pakistan in recent years in terms of produce arms do is also reluctant to be a partner in any kind of to at least strikes in india so it doesn't walk down when on pakistan in the long run it doesn't bode well on the customary eskridge instance in the long run want to do is going to do is keep the indians march is to control the territory much stringently primary. amma lendu. electorate in south asian politics from lancaster university thank you for your time well spain's prime minister has called the general election after losing a key budget vote hadra sanchez once the snap poll to take place on the twenty eighth of april this will be the third election in four years on wednesday politicians who support independence for the catalonia region were among those who
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voted against the proposed budget they were angry about the trial of twelve separatist leaders on sedition charges. weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera the film is telling the stories of unsung heroes who risked their lives to record crimes against humanity. hello we've not quite done with that wintry weather across parts of japan at the moment we've also had a little bit of snow just making its way across the korean peninsula this bag of clouds swept its way through things well quieten down over the next several area of high pressure pushing its way across the sea of japan comment on the possibility want to see when flurries and into that western side of honshu into hokkaido but temperatures in tokyo getting up to
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a pleasant twelve degrees celsius sheltered by the mountains ten celsius if a sunday again la-z. dry for those wintry fly was easing away looking around for celsius there for so four celsius as well for beijing it should be dry closely pos of more than a shot of central china different story on the other hand wet weather here once again shanghai at around six degrees celsius there will see temperatures at around four celsius that will happen with some snow and more of the same really as we go on through sas day into the south you might catch a few showers into the southwest i suspect hong kong will stay dry but temperatures no woman that are around twenty two degrees try to across much of the philippines. lovely sunshine coming through always a chance of wanted to showers more so into malaysia but also across a good part of those northern areas of indonesia.
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everything you do is being. measured to sort of those insurgents. to do things in secret that are a little politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that are you knew chose to retire from. we could not steer by all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents. zero. hello again i'm. with a reminder of the news this hour venezuela's president has accused the u.s. of trying to destabilize his country in an interview with al-jazeera nicolas maduro
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also criticized european nations because the porting u.s. military intervention. india's government is promising a strong response against pakistan but it blames for the worst attack in indian administered kashmir in decades at least forty four indian soldiers were killed by a car bomb. pakistan denies supporting the group that claimed responsibility for the attack. spain's prime minister has called a general election after losing a key budget vote as well as the snap poll to take place on the twenty eighth of april on thursday politicians who support independence for the catalonia region were among those who voted against the proposed budget. britain's prime minister to resign may has suffered another defeat after m.p.'s rejected a motion to endorse her government's approach to brecht's that the u.k. is choosing leave the european union on march the twenty ninth from london reports the ice to the right two hundred fifty eight was the news of the last three hundred
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three. a humiliating blow for the british prime minister she hopes for a straightforward parliamentary vote reaffirming her efforts to renegotiate a revised breck's a deal with brussels so the nurse have it. but many m.p.'s within her own party abstained from voting claiming the wording of her motion implied no deal directs it would be ruled out a possible no deal remains for many back city is the u.k. strongest negotiating position the prime minister was absent from the chamber the opposition labor leader wasn't the government cannot keep on ignoring parliament or plowing on towards the twenty ninth of march without a coherent. she cannot keep on just running down the cock and hoping that something will turn up that will save her day and save her
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face the government's initial withdrawal agreement was rejected by a record majority of m.p.'s last month the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two forcing the prime minister back to brussels to renegotiate the controversial backstop insurance policy in the deal designed to avoid customs checks between northern ireland and the republic of ireland this latest vote isn't legally binding but it's a huge embarrassment for the government especially was trying to secure concessions from brussels. before the vote britain's breck's secretary said the government's main goal is to produce a deal the whole of parliament to support. as we prepared to exit the european union this government is focused on its most pressing task to deliver a legally binding change to the backstop and we are committed to delivering on the key demand to resume is promised parliament will have another chance to express his opinion on how breaks it plans at the end of the month before that it's
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a race against time to find fresh common ground with the e.u. . the hopes of a significant breakthrough are slim brussels insists it will not reopen the original withdrawal agreement or change its position on the irish border. theresa may still believes there's a battle to be won in brussels a growing number of british m.p.'s don't the view from europe is of a nation increasingly at odds with itself. london. is trying to help joins us now live from london china where does last night's debate leave the holdbacks that process. well on the face of it is need was explaining there it's another in a string of defeats for the government for that reason may on the brakes it strategy albeit because of the abstention over a part of the right of the party it's the sort of vote the governments of the past
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might have struggled to survive yet series of may shows no sign of changing course nor any sign of course of stepping down in addition to that it's also a signal to the european union that the prime minister doesn't have the sustainable majority mandate for change that she claimed to have so you know why should they give her what she wants anyway but on top of all of that it's the latest episode in a sort of long running mystery tragedy some say fos in which to resume a once again is rebuffed not just by her own parliament but likely to be rebuffed by the european union as well it's a plot that gets darker and dense in which more and more suspects emerge all the time just this morning a government minister insisted that the u.k. would never be allowed to leave with no deal or a senior conservative party m.p. the leader of the commons andrew led to by contrast said no deal had to remain on
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the table as a threat to the e.u. to focus minds in brussels and members of that right wing of her party the progress the distal insist that no deal that what many people believe would be an economic calamity is something the u.k. could happily survive and so many of them pointing the fingers at the labor party on the opposite side saying it's all their fault because they've got another idea entirely again about how briggs it should look it's its this murder mystery idea that's been long running it still has a weeks left to run but nowhere in sight is the great detective who might turn up and solve it there is china there for us and thank you for that update. well u.s. president donald trump is on a collision course with democrats in congress have to saying he well declare a national emergency to secure funding for a border war with mexico a bill to avoid another government shutdown was passed by both houses on thursday but it denies trump the money he needs to build the barrier john hendren has more
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from washington d.c. i actually think it's bad politics as president trump ended one showdown with congress he set off another the yeas are eighty three nays are sixty ending the threat of another government shutdown the senate and house of representatives passed a spending bill that does not include the five point seven billion dollars president trump wanted for a border wall with mexico but as the president signaled he would sign that measure the white house said trump will also declare a national emergency on the border giving him access to contingency funds that congress has already approved he will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time and i've indicated to him that i'm going to prepare to support the national emergency declaration democratic leaders immediately promise to challenge president trump couldn't convince mexico he couldn't convince the american people he couldn't convince their elected
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representatives to pay for his ineffective and expensive wall so now he's trying an end run around congress in a desperate attempt to put taxpayers on the hook for it make no mistake. congress will defend our constitutional authorities in every way that we can democrats say it's hard to argue that illegal immigration is a crisis when border arrests are at a forty year low we will review our options we have to respond appropriately to it i know the republicans have some an ease about it no matter what they say because if the president can to clear an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency and in the illusion that he wants to convey just think of what a president with different values can present to the american people democrats and even some republicans warn the president is setting a dangerous precedent opening the door for future presidents to achieve
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unilaterally what they could not get out of congress a future democratic president they say could one day declare global warming or gun violence to be national emergencies the democrats who control the house have already signaled they will vote on a bill to block emergency funding for a border wall but in the republican controlled senate that measure is unlikely to pass if trump can overcome a certain court challenge that would give him the chance to fulfill his promise to funded two thousand mile wall if not the promise that mexico would pay for it john hendren. washington. china's president xi jinping has met members of a u.s. trade delegation as part of efforts to end a trade war between the world's two largest economies u.s. treasury secretary steve michonne is in beijing to try to work out an agreement on tariffs the two sides are trying to reach a deal before march the first when the u.s. plans to increase levies on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese exports
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chinese imports i'm sorry. two men have been sentenced to death in myanmar for the murder of a prominent lawyer and a close adviser to the country's head of government on sun suchi the men were found guilty of killing kone adds youngun airport and twenty seventeen two other men received prison sentences kearney was working on reforms aimed at challenging the military's grip on power and his death was a blow for sushi's government which has promised to bring change after decades of military rule. flights were temporarily grounded at dubai's main international airport after suspected drone activity air traffic was suspended for over for a little over thirty minutes as airport authorities investigated the situation the incident caused delays and morning departures and arrivals in the region's busiest airport flying drones is prohibited within five kilometers of the airport and carries strict penalties. to films telling the little known stories of people who
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risked their lives to record crimes against humanity are being shown at the balland film festival one deals with the nazi occupation of poland and the other a manmade famine in the soviet union and a formulated choice of stalin in the reports. twenty third. street looks like on. everywhere you go you see. an entry from emanuel ringle blues diary he was instrumental in jews hiding a huge cache of documentation in the warsaw ghetto during the nazi occupation. to write. the largely young told story forms the basis of who will write on history showing at the berlin film festival. this documentary mixes contemporary interviews with dramatize ations to make the individual characters more vivid. the germans are
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spending. german succeeded in our early wiping out the jewish people but wiping out their memory and their culture. to bury the truth so that one day. the story of what really happened told from our own point of moscow one another genocide story which had its world premiere in berlin is mr jones it stars james norton as well as journalist garrett jones. proud again this time arranging an interview with style in the one nine hundred thirty s. the reporter battle to reveal what's known as the whole lot of all the manmade famine on the soviet leader joseph stalin which killed millions of ukrainians. i read. something. recently found. all the director says just as jones felt compelled to get the story out she felt
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compelled to tell his tale and she sees clear parallels with current events you know one thing it. does of the politicians the corruption of media and the indifference of the general public of the society as it is something creates opens the door for the disaster as we can see on the screen and where it's happened in twentieth century nowadays there's no shortage of reminders of the crimes of the nazis like this memorial to europe's murdered jews but the message from the filmmakers is that people remembering what happened shouldn't be taken for granted. and that's why they're hoping works like this get seen by as big an audience as possible. al-jazeera.
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hello i'm a star and these are the headlines venezuela's president has accused the united states of trying to destabilize his country in an interview with al-jazeera nicolas maduro also criticized european nations for supporting u.s. military intervention. you will go. i think that some europeans made a mistake when they supported the american war in iraq can you ask any of the coalition countries was it necessary to intervene militarily in iraq and divide it and kill millions of its people i think they also made a mistake when the bomb libya and killed more than one hundred thousand civilians can these errors be corrected i think they've made mistakes in their destructive policy approach in syria and are making more mistakes from venezuela. india's government is promising a strong response against pakistan which it blames for the worst attack in indian administered kashmir in decades at least forty four indian soldiers were killed by
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a car bomb on thursday pakistan denies supporting the group that claimed responsibility for the attack spain's prime minister has called a general election after losing a key budget voters head to sanchez once the snap poll to take place on the twenty eighth of april on wednesday politicians who support independence for the catalonia region were among those who voted against the proposed budget china's president xi jinping has met members of the u.s. trade delegation as part of efforts to end a trade war between the world's two largest economies u.s. treasury secretary steve nugent is in beijing to try to work out an agreement on tariffs the two sides are trying to reach a deal before march the first when the u.s. plans to increase levies on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports u.s. president donald trump says he will declare a national emergency to secure funding for a border war with mexico congress passed a spending bill bill without money for the wall to avoid another government
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shutdown. two men have been sentenced to. death in to death in myanmar for the murder of a prominent lawyer and a close advisor to the country's head of government. next up inside story do stay with us. the end of the super jumbo dream airbus is killing off production of the a three eighty in two years' time but as the demise of the world's biggest passenger plane tell us about the aviation industry this is inside story.
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now and welcome to the program i'm elizabeth purana passengers and pilots. and accountants dread paying the super sized which is why the a three eighty is having its ones clipped permanently pulling the plug on the world's largest passenger plane after its because customer emirates airline canceled dozens of deliveries when it first took off fourteen years ago a bus hoped what it called its giant cruise line in the sky would fly long into the twenty first century but twenty twenty one that's the date set for the final double decker to roll off the production line in southern france thousands of jobs are threatening the european aerospace industry as the top explains from h.q. and to news. well that bus bosses here in to do say that this is a very disappointing and painful moment for them they have announced the end all of
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the a three eighty jet they say will end its production in twenty twenty one now this is a plane that's called the super jumbo by aviation finance it is the world's biggest passenger jessica carrying more than five hundred and forty people is a double decker a feat of engineering but over the years it has been plagued by delays and delivery rising costs and forwarding orders the final blow though was the fact that the divide based airline emirates decided to reduce one of its orders by thirty nine planes not simply meant that the a three eighty could not survive i think what we're seeing here is the end of a large four engine aircraft and that is what it is i mean there's been speculation . for years whether we were ten years too early but three eighty three becomes clear where we were probably at least ten years too late or more but in retrospect it's it's all easy however let me stress one point jim and i hope your brief
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because i know many of you would love to fly on a three eighty we're talking about the end of the production of the free in twenty twenty one we're not talking about the end of the program obviously airbus will support these what is it two hundred twenty something aircraft that are in operation or where with many airlines or back in two thousand and five when the a three eighty was first in the works and lots of fanfare at the paris air show last bosses said then that they hoped that this plane would revolutionize long haul travel the idea was a big plane that would carry a maximum amount of passengers from hub to hub but i think it is the trend of a nation's actually being towards smaller planes more fuel efficient aircraft and that's something the air boss will now focus more on in terms of the impact on the company will process say. some three thousand five hundred positions of course the european play maker could be affected and they will be tools with unions and
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representatives to see what will happen to those jobs in the future we talked about look for insight story into those fronts. but let's bring in i guess now joining us from toulouse where is headquartered is aviation analyst alex the chair to us david lee amount is the consulting editor for flight global and he's joining us from london and andre switchman as managing director at the center for aviation competence at the university of st gallon in switzerland a very warm welcome to all of you mr i'm a chair so i'll start with you since you are into news that was that debuted with so much fanfare in two thousand and five why do you think the a three eighty failed . well the a three eighty perhaps kane a little too late this is a model of an aircraft that was able to get either black and us airlines which means we store a lot of seating capacity in terms of passenger accommodation but also be home so
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luxury a spouse class cabins or social areas and more but ultimately the production's hind is a craft actually tried to secure its place in the market airlines woke up and started its own manufacture out we want more efficient small aircraft as they worked out how our troops will pull me out similarly these aircraft like the a three fifty which more up and coming out they have six of the better markets and then the eighth grade c. and they are much younger and as a result the production has now come to an abrupt end and this amount we heard from airbus c.e.o. who said that you know it was ten years too late for the a three eighty and was suppose to revenue shinai as air traveler didn't find that the skies had moved on where the skies were always going to move on. airbus has done a great job with this airplane it's going to be with us for a very long time emirates will be operating these aircraft for at least another twenty years and maybe another for maybe another thirty years because they are
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excellent technically they're brilliant and passengers absolutely love them and they do carry an awful lot of people but the only of the only routes they're very good for is the world's great trunk routes now as it happens most of the world's a lot of the world's great trunk routes go straight through dubai so we're still going to see lots of a three eighty s operating out of big hubs but meanwhile the smaller airplanes have just as long range and they're more efficient so they can bypass the hubs and take people from their own local airports to exactly where they want to go as to what air bus says at the last. three eighty s will be delivered in twenty twenty one as a mistily amount has pointed out to saying it's rather a saying that they're going to be using the a three eighty two at least the twenty thirty s do you think that that is likely and how do they use it in
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a way that is economical. yes i think that's very likely i mean these planes that are the lead have been delivered just lately already delivered until twenty twenty one will probably be flying in the next twenty years even twenty five years. i also think that on the trunk routes very you have a lot of passengers on the on those big global transfer routes where the middle easterns especially are carrying passengers they will be able to to use those planes as in the past successfully. but the industry as a whole will move towards more flights to also secondary airports to have more point important direct connections mr much air as if the industry is moving towards more as we say point to point flights what does that mean for the dream you know so
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many airlines like emirates built the build the industry around being a hub. exactly the hub and spoke model is very popular especially in the middle east and you have to buy and who specialize in bringing passengers into that terminal to be able to pass through an exit within an hour or two predominantly on a three eighty s. actually but that happens spoke want to is a dying want to it's quite dated and with the introduction of these new aircraft ultimately there is no real needs to just stop even the airlines who are based in the gulf are waiting out it is just last week i was in the c.e.o. of that where is he it's going to be revealed that he will only keep the a three eighty s. until it's hang year mark and he told me after the ten year mark is replacing those with triple seven x. by boeing which he feels is a far more superior jet in terms of efficiency and economics which ultimately is the bottom line for every airline and slim and what does that mean then for air bus
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how damaging is this for the airline. well it's damaging it's frankly because the numbers of these are small even though the individual cost of each aircraft is large they're going to make a loss on on the on the project as a whole in that i reckon that is that being estimated about about five hundred million dollars they will never recover so it's a loss but airbus is just how it's published its. third quarter figures today and they are extremely good and what's more at the same time as the emirates announced that it was canceling the a three eighty s. it put in a massive order for a three thirty's and a three fifty s. so airbus is doing all right thank you very much it will survive this and mr went but what about the three thousand to three thousand five hundred workers workers
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involved in the a three eighty will they survive and their cross country is there not just until they're also in wales and they're in how birds are in bristol. and i think that everest will have to think about how to use the infrastructures they have built in the last decade for a forty year history eighty and as we see growth in the production of airplanes and growth in the market on growth for our airplanes like a three fifty s. and a tree thirty s. i think airbus needs to figure out how to reuse those infrastructures and also dose educated employees i think. will try to keep as many of those specialists for further growth of the company but you're never sure about whether all it can be the staying with the company of course and so much as you touched on this earlier on how specially those that you know whose home countries are
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a hub are going to manage the sort of changing trends and travel where people might not be likely to fly the super long hole or on you know jumbo jets like the a three eighty as much as most of point to point travel on smaller flights so again you know how do they go about navigating these these changes right now. well the airlines have been adapting to what is the current aviation climate in terms of the aircraft that they want ready an aircraft such as the airbus a three fifty of course manufactured here interludes in the south of france that a three fifty has already secured a lot of the market share that would have typically years go on to the a three eighty so that's how airlines prepare themselves that's haining killebrew objects like the well they take jets of the boeing competition not the triple seven x. which should end this this year because they're going to next year and automatically with that through that new deliveries and through that usually recycle of these more efficient jets they're able to improve their bottom line
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financials and they're over to look cannot smily the airlines that are still left with a three eighty s. plus the new wave of fifty's becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that three fifties or superior in terms of efficiency and economics but you should still have the fact that that three eighty is very much luck and ultimately when you speak to the average astronaut about that flight and within a day to messages of passengers we tell me that allows for that three eighty lives in your cabin plus it's so the three eighty will still you know hold that significant place in at trial and it was do we around for many many years to come there is a reason ongoing this year now we ain't a creative deliveries everest was taken on the scene and japan's largest airline and i say there will be the first japanese islands to take this year so there is still a milestone has to come but ultimately for production it has always been a leap.


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