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i put behind bars so many people have gone to jail as a result of my work we want on al jazeera. women. as strong warning from iran aid says there is a great risk of conflict with israel. watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead israel implements a controversial law that penalizes the palestinian authority for supporting the families of jails palestinians the u.s. special representative for syria says the withdrawal of troops will be done in an orderly way and in consultation with allies. the
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saudi crown prince arrives. on a regional tor designed to see investment deals and beast relationships with asia. thank you for joining us a three day security conference in germany has ended with the foreign minister warning world leaders that there is a heightened risk of war with israel mama jobs are eve says israel's actions and those of the u.s. are increasing the chances of a new conflict in the region highly for some unique. on the third and final day of the munich security conference it was iran's turn to talk about the challenges facing peace and stability around the world its foreign minister david zarif telling leaders it was american and israeli policies that threatened international security and not those of his government at the recent meeting of let me just call
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it the underbidding. and you open the quest in war so the u.s. vice president. and the secretary of state both blasted europe on european soil. put even attempting albeit without much success to abide by its obligations under the j c p o a and under security council resolution twenty two thirty one yesterday right here in munich. mr pence repeated this course when he added again to be demanded that europe must join the united states in undermining its own security and breaking its obligations one of the main discussions at the conference was about the true thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal and even though the u.s. on the president donald trump has withdrawn from its senior american politicians continue to stand by the agreement as when he was
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a strong supporter of. the nuclear agreement with iran and have we want to stick with supporting. their rainy and foreign minister however fail to address to her policies in syria and its support for president bashar assad both are accused of killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and now that's iran and said seems to have won the war it seems that syria is being welcomed back into the international fold but not everyone is happy about that we are seeing countries are running back to normalize with the sierra james inviting this year jim to come back to the public and we raise the question what. what the syrian regime has done in order to be rewarded by normalization rewarded by coming back to their leader for ups's another edition of the munich security conference has concluded yet many of the reasons for insecurity around the world remain critics say those include some of the leaders who themselves were present at this conference now new
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challenges were also discussed such as cyber security but it is new solutions to old problems that many are looking to world leaders for. munich meanwhile iran has unveiled a new submarine which it says is capable of firing cruise missiles present has an rouhani introduced the latest addition to its naval fleet in the port city of bandar boss dubbed the conqueror iranian media says it's the country's first semi heavy submarine rouhani says the domestically produced vessel is state of the out when i speak some more about this not to mahmoud bronte who's an iranian affairs analyst and a professor at the university of tehran he joins us live from iran's capital thank you so much for being with us on al-jazeera the timing of the end veiling of this submarine certainly very significant coming on the heels of foreign minister zarif saying the chances of war with israel are great at a time also of heightened tensions with the u.s.
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what message is iran sending here. i think it's pretty clear after the u.s. invasion and destruction of libya u.s. involvement in syria and supporting extremist groups according to the defense intelligence agency document to two thousand and twelve the us role in. starving the yemenis alongside the saudis and the constant rip repetition of the phrase all options are on the table by successive american presidents and threats made by the israeli regime to attack iran or the saudi crown prince and b.s. mama bin someone saying he want to take the war inside iran i think the iranians feel that it would be silly and foolish if they did not have a robust defense capability and the iranians believe that it is because of it defense capabilities and its defense industry and its high tech capabilities that
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the united states has refrained from any aggressive aggressive act towards iran this latest submarine is said to be one of the most important projects iran's military has undertaken in the last forty years how does it change the country's military capabilities precisely. well one of the things that the iranians have done is that they've developed a very. capable missile defense capability and both surface to surface surface to sea surface to air and sea to sea and therefore it's made it much more difficult month many of iran's defense in sedations are deep underground this is the experience of the two thousand and six war between the israeli regime and hezbollah when the israelis invaded southern lebanon and were soundly defeated i think that experience really is part of iran's defense strategy in other words taking all of your sense of it installations
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underground so that the potential enemy cannot strike them and would not know exactly where your facilities are they run has extensive underground facilities and of course a submarine would be a part of that the new talk about ron's defensive strategy of course iran has enemies will see this as an offensive strategy this will certainly change cæsar tejas balance in the region are our does this get us closer to the war. well according to the international institute for strategic studies iran's military defense expenditures nineteenth in the world it is less than turkey it is less than the israeli regime it is less than saudi arabia it is less than iraq and is it is even less than the united arab emirates with a passport holding population of one million people so the reason why iran's defense capabilities are robust is because it is indigenous but they are but iran
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clearly does not spend nearly as much as its adversaries or potential adversaries and iran has never threatened to strike the united states or initially care a carrier initial strike against israeli regime or saudi arabia but all of these regimes the americans the israelis and the saudis have all threatened iran with with war and warfare so the iranians have no. option but to have a strong defense capability in fact the one reason why the iranians have had a presence in syria and in iraq is because of the extremists that the americans unleashed with the help of the saudis and others in the region and the iranians know that if they had not prevented the fall of damascus and baghdad the alongside government forces in these two countries and the black the black flags would have
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been raised there and we would have had to fight inside iran just as we saw this recent attack killing twenty seven iranian contras foot soldiers so you're right is being threatened by extremists it's being threatened by conventional forces and the united states is trying to strangle the country economically at the same time so iran really has no option to always be prepared thank you for sharing your views with us mohammad marandi joining us there from tehran. israel's government has put a controversial new law into effect it's known as pay for and this is how it will work the palestinian government pays compensation to the families of people convicted by israel on charges of carrying out attacks under the law israel will deduct an amount equal to that compensation from tax funds it raises on behalf of the palestinian authority that will cut revenue to the palestinian authority by one hundred thirty million dollars it speaks very fawcett in jerusalem for us harry why is this happening now. well certainly let's just
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dig into those those numbers for a minute first the the hundred thirty eight million dollars a year which is mentioned in the statement is different from what had been mentioned by some israeli think tanks what seems to be the money set aside for this entire prisoner payment system by the palestinian leadership which was three hundred thirty million dollars a year so they aren't clarifying this but they do talk about withholding money paid to attackers and their families so it may be that the israeli government the israeli security cabinet has decided only to withhold what it calculates to be money paid to those who have. the families of those who have attacked israelis in the past as for the timing well there was a piece of legislation that made it through the israeli parliament the knesset in july last year there had been. a timetable put in place that it should come
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into force at the beginning of this year twenty nineteen and as well as that we're in election season benjamin netanyahu is fighting for votes on the right of course that is his natural consistent constituency and he very much wants to shore it up and it's comes at the same time as there's been a huge amount of public outcry over a particularly grisly murder and indeed apparently a sexual assault of a nineteen year old israeli woman just outside jerusalem in a forest a palestinian suspect over that although it's worth saying that the indications from palestinian groups are that they are distancing themselves from him and so far there has been no offer of any official assistance to him and an indication that he would not get these payments if indeed he were found to have sexual assault at this go house going to ask you what the palestinian response to the harry. well it is one of
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outrage and fury so far this has been in the offing for some time the israeli prime minister said he would be doing this around this time last week the palestinians have accused the israeli government of piracy of coordinating this as part of pressure with the united states ahead of the publication of the trump peace plan which according to gerard krishna a few days ago is due to come out sometime after the april ninth election and so that is remains that their political stance as far as the the meat of the subject itself is concerned this is seen in a very different way in the occupied west bank that this these payments this system is seen as a part of life under occupation the people who carry out attacks are often seen as resistance fighters the same people that israel brands as terrorists and so for any palestinian leadership to abandon this practice especially on the israeli pressure
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would be all but politically unthinkable so it is a bit of a rorschach test as depending on on which side of the divide you stand and this is something that the israelis have been threatening for a long time the question now is exactly how the palestinians will respond benjamin netanyahu has done this in the face of warnings from his own security establishment according to widely reported leaks in the israeli media that doing this could risk making the situation more unstable thank you harry harry fox that live for us in jerusalem still ahead here on al-jazeera maybe a mosque eight years seems more market awful reza removed from power. hello has been a lot of rain in afghanistan in the last day or two rain of course snow as well to
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bring your height above sea level as you can see it's moving away the cloud suggests it's going northwards and the forecast for monday reflects that once it's gone through the weather is fine it's find a way back through iran through the event indeed even in the eastern med spot the showers there are virtually none i think we might be seeing a slow change of season they run you overnight the following day nothing much happens here there is a curl of plaid that runs down through the caspian sea and you have got rain or snow from tehran northwards that's the next frontal system which will move slowly probably enhanced the rains to afghanistan again but to the west over the levant of the middle east and in the arabian peninsula or the northerly breeze is briefly picture of the shemale for two or three days it's not particularly cold war nor particularly dusty one and the showers have already finished ahead of it now we have seen is a very wet river weather recently in the eastern side of south africa more especially in mozambique and you might see why when the suggestion circulation in
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here has said in the forecast in mozambique and once again in madagascar more than one circulation suggest once more in housetrain and therefore local flooding. at the time it was the worst environmental disaster in brazil's history but it was also a tragic for taste of what was to follow. people in power investigates claims of warnings that. i'm the disturbing ties between lawmakers and the mining industry that. being on trial. just brazil.
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and watching al-jazeera remind our top stories this hour iran foreign minister has warned the world leaders of a heightened risk of conflict with israel he also criticized what he called washington's obsession with his country after u.s. vice president mike pence called on each to withdraw from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. a controversial new tax law has come into effect in israel with the government withholding millions in transfers to the palestinian authority over its payments to prisoners jailed for attacks on israelis. and the u.s. special envoy for syria has reassured allies that the withdrawal of american troops from the country will not be abrupt speaking from the munich security conference james jeffrey insists it will be a step by step process imran khan reports near the turkey syria border.
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it was designed to reassure european allies the u.s. special envoy to syria said this on the planned withdrawal of troops from syria first of all this is not going to be an abrupt or rapid withdrawal it's going to be an author step by step. and each point we are going to look at our underlying goals that i just laid out ensure that we have means capability and partners that can carry them out for us this still no plan at least one that is public on the details of the withdrawal however there did seem to be differences with turkey on what to do about the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces led by the kurdish group y p g. at the same conference in munich the turkish defense minister reiterated his country's view that the y.p. g. is a terrorist group the main body main issue of. security so the to get rid of.
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terrorists. regardless of who. they are whoever they are the syrian democratic forces will be concerned the us has plans and some of the groups that the u.s. may abandon them once the fight against isis last enclave in booze in southeastern syria is over with one of the syrian democratic forces most from bali has. he says there are about a thousand civilians that are trapped in the village also says fighters have dug tunnels underneath the village and the vast majority of their fighters are hiding in. the u.s. president donald trump says his pull u.s. forces out of syria when the ice will caliphate is defeated with a battle in both was approaching a stalemate he may have to wait a few more days before making the victory declaration he's promised iraq does or doesn't it saudi arabia's crown prince has arrived in pakistan his first visit to the country since he was appointed to the throne officials say mom had been salman
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has signed investment deals worth more than twenty billion dollars to eight pakistan's crippling economy amid been salman also known as. and b.s. arrived in islamabad a day after he was originally scheduled to land he was greeted by prime minister iran khan and given a red carpet welcome with a twenty one gun salute so we believe that pakistan going to be very very important country in the coming future and you want to be sure that we are part of that so we are waiting for that kind of leadership to partner with and to build a lot of things together today we signed them or use we believe it's the amount of that kind of investment is twenty billion dollars it's big for phase one and definitely. every month to be in a bigger numbers and it would be beneficial for both countries. we've talk about tourism and mr prime minister of whom i can because we plan to announce that
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after a few days or maybe ten days from today. we're not planning to announce that we're going to target one hundred million tourists so used to do some trick to announce you know a little number to achieve more but now we have to be committed to one hundred million tourists i kind of terms that in twenty thirty but we would reach that one one day a twenty four hour curfew is in force in indian administered kashmir after bomber killed at least forty security personnel on thursday india's government issued a safety warning following reports of people being targeted in response to the incident. mohammed month. worried that muslims from indian administered kashmir who study in new delhi they're watching a video shared on social media of
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a group in the eastern indian state of bihar attacking a shop owned by kashmiri since thursday a suicide bombing on a security convoy in indian administered kashmir attacks on kashmir is in other parts of india appear to have increased its outreach use in reaching because kind of this kind of violence is normalised back home but here. the weeds been joined out by whatsapp the propaganda primetime news channels chip just accompanying nationalists you know being for people's blood it gets really scary the students blame prime minister narendra modi's hindu nationalist b j p the stoking anti kashmiri and anti muslim sentiment ahead of elections in a couple of months government needs what government wants you to stay in place they want to stay in they want to stay put so how do you get the words that's how you do it you get up particularly you know sort of class you give them
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ideas people should actually realise and actually come to this sense of that what allows been happening to them and you know. but in english meetings by beating them up it won't get them anywhere in indian administered kashmir they've been calls for shut down to protest against the so-called revenge attacks. political leaders a calling for calm. with helpless procession so that communal harmony is maintained the monks hindus and muslims we also appeal to the indian government to protect kashmiri students who are studying in. government or in an attempt to bring calm the indian government has imposed a twenty four hour curfew but it's also stripped five separatist leaders of the government security protection one of those affected called it irrelevant are drastic i enjoyed this recruited to go out of guard. are
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a large group or not a day later i don't need as a good. with a gun of a policeman the pakistan based on group gesture a mohammed has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing the worst in the disputed himalayan region in three decades the attackers worsened relations between india and pakistan which both claimed the entire kashmir region and left many kashmiris including these students fearing for their safety victoria gates and be algis their people in libya have been marking the eighth anniversary of the start of the twenty levon revolution protests in benghazi eventually led to the toppling of longtime leader moammar gadhafi maybe and celebrated being free of a leadership that spanned four decades but one many say much has changed political divisions are still taking their toll on the country. venezuela now and bank
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accounts linked to the state oil firm vs a russian lender gas from bank have been frozen all transactions between the bank and the oil company have also been halted though it is news agency says gas from bank is trying to reduce the risk of falling under u.s. sanctions sanctions imposed last month are aimed at blocking president nicolas maduro as access to the country's oil revenues. now the delivery of aid to venezuela have added a geopolitical element to the ongoing crisis president nicolas maduro is rocking food and medical supplies sent by the united states though he's allowing in aid from cuba and china yet while a shipment of u.s. surprise remain stranded in colombia truckloads of good still cross the border every day. for some time. the image of oil tankers in shipping containers blocking this bridge on the colombian border has become the symbol of the standoff for control of venezuela. president nicolas maduro remains
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firm in his opposition to allowing the food and medical supplies from the united states into his country but the reality of the border is more complex than the blocking of a single bridge almost every night at eight o'clock the last venezuelans hastily make their way home over two other bridges in the city of. their open to foot traffic during the day and as they shut down at night trucks filled with projects appear what do you carry that's all that sugar is the answer. that september venezuela halted experts to colombia they kept importing much needed goods shipping agents say they've been a swale and government uses corporate thieves to buy food from colombia and then distribute it in food boxes for the four. weeks count to ten trucks lining up on this bridge they carry. sold chemicals among other things and exporters tell us that i. think there may well
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as hades being blocked hearing cope with that. and some of the products being brought are being used in the same way that aid might be used at this warehouse we found food kits being prepared to be shipped to an independent organization quietly providing aid inside venezuela exporter just sits at me and says that the u.s. aid could also be imported legally just like any import but there's a reason it isn't being allowed in but i do know many that i know it sounds paradoxical to talk about a blockade and the media shows that bridge but on the other two bridges merchandise goes through the issue with the political we could find a foundation willing to import it and we could. legally if they force it in the venezuelan government could argue that it's contraband and confiscated colombia's foreign ministry says trade with business will last fall in more than ninety percent in a decade in the us the aid should simply be let in for years working at this border
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i've seen the tragedy of thousands and thousands of kids and sick people in turbot conditions i'm convinced that there is no other option but helping the people in need humanity should be above any political and diplomatic tensions but with neither side in business well appearing willing to negotiate the aid shipment on the border will remain the flashpoint of the growing political struggle. and jarius military has rescued at least eighty people held captive by criminals in the northwestern state. and air force folks minute says men women and children from local communities were among those freed in the operation six spectate gang members were arrested rural areas in zamfara have been vulnerable to attacks by criminal gangs who have killed several people last year and the postponement meanwhile of the elections in nigeria has been a major inconvenience for millions of voters especially those who've taken long and
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expensive journeys to cast their ballots on saturday the election commission decided to delay polls for a week saying it needs more time to ensure a free and fair vote how has this report from the us. some nigerians say the postponement of presidential and parliamentary elections by a week is disappointing frustrating and a national embarrassment many people had to travel long distances to vote where they had registered long my family don't produce because of the election without all you've done. i've been the way you start to come on votes all suddenly we just all died electron was postponed it was in spain soon. the election commission announced a delay just hours before polls was due to open on saturday saying delays in transporting election material and sabotage are to blame get in here now to tell me the idea whether or not this when i go on living or tell you that i don't like it or not even you have to postpone why i was to come back to come on my last because
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it's my civic rights it's as simple as that but questions are being asked about how much it's going to cost nigeria to reschedule the polls nigeria is africa's the biggest economy but that hasn't translated into jobs it's estimated more than nine hundred million people live in extreme poverty the election delay will mean it will cost more money some nigerians say could have been used elsewhere nigeria has postponed elections before in twenty eleven and twenty fifteen economists say this is already affecting the economy. and the business community and that's why he's turned off costs you know and now we have to now see a situation where this really has to be repeated mystery and unfortunately between now and next week we're likely to see a lot. some of these first time voters insist despite the delay they are
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still determined to vote they hope whoever wins will create jobs. or not. i will say the delay caused doubt on the election commission's credibility and competence and that could affect voter turnout how demitasse. al jazeera like us. again i'm fully back to well with the headlines on al-jazeera iran's foreign minister has warned world leaders of a heightened risk of conflict with israel he also criticized way called washington's obsession with this country after u.s. vice president mike pence called on in your leaders to withdraw from the twenty fifty nuclear deal. certainly some people are looking for war we already syria who is looking we are in syria on the invitation of the syrian government for the sole purpose of fighting terrorism no other no other reason for our being the. last i checked international law while it in lebanon and shooting into syria is
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a violation of international law and the international community and of all people in europe which believes international law is the pound asians of international order is blaming also not blaming the israelis to violating international law so this wake up to the risk is great risk is great but risk will be even greater if you continue to turn a blind eye to severe while the issues of international law meanwhile iran has unveiled a new submarine which it says is capable of firing cruise missiles president has done rouhani introduce the latest addition to its naval fleet at a launch in the port city of banda bass a controversial new tax law has been enforced by israel it with holds millions in a transfer to the palestinian authority over its payments to prisoners jailed for attacks on israelis. saudi arabia and pakistan have signed joint investment deals
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worth twenty billion dollars the amount spent came at the start of a visit to islamabad by the saudi crown prince mana bin salman this is the first leg of his tour of asia that will also take him to india and china. a twenty four hour curfew is in force in indian administered kashmir after a suicide bombing that killed forty four security personnel on thursday india's government issued a safety warning following reports of kashmiris being targeted in response to the incident bank accounts linked to the venezuelan state oil for russian lenda gas from have been frozen all transactions between the bank and the oil company have also been halted news agency says gas farm bank is trying to reduce the risk of falling under u.s. sanctions those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story stocks now.
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u.s. president donald trump is promising to announce victory over iceland syria but what should be done with a little slower than feiss you've seen tough this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm. now the. so-called caliphate that's according to you.


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