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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 6  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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zero zero zero zero many people here have seen a tiger by the. movie. hello i'm mr hall with the top stories on al-jazeera fighting is taking place between suspected separatist gunmen and security forces in indian administered kashmir reports say at least three soldiers have been killed in the battle security services say the area is under a cordon with several fighters trapped inside a twenty four hour curfew is currently in force after a suicide bombing killed forty four security personnel on thursday phase jamail has more from new delhi. well details are just trickling in as firing has resumed in the past thirty minutes now what we do know is that this began late sunday night
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local time and went on until monday morning as security forces encountered two or three gunmen and a gun battle ensued four soldiers were killed with along with at least one civilian but the gunman escaped this comes just a few days after that major attack last week it actually happened in the same area of an interest in the administered kashmir now this will only further add tension between india and pakistan and will only further push india likely to continue its campaign to isolate pakistan diplomatically and economically in a response now as for any military action india is taking they're going to restrict that to india to mr kush mir and take against these armed groups itself there but as far as attacking these armed groups in pakistan india blames baucus on for harboring these groups in its territory that likely won't happen any time soon now that's because saudi crown prince mohammed bin somani is visiting the region this week now coincidentally this is also the same day monday when india and
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pakistan will have a case heard in from the international criminal justice international court of justice rather in the hague now the centers around indian man convicted by a pakistani military court and sentenced to death box on says he's an innocent businessman but pakistan says he's a spy so there's a lot going on today iran's foreign minister says the risk of a war between his country and israel is rising serif made the comments during his speech on the final day of the annual munich security conference so we've called the united states a destabilizing force whose actions are increasing the chances of a new conflict in the middle east. the u.s. special envoy for syria has reassured allies that the withdrawal of american troops from the country will not be abrupt speaking from the munich security conference james jeffrey insists it will be a step by step process. members of the european parliament invited to visit
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venezuela have been refused entry to the country they would usually meet with the country's national assembly and opposition leader to discuss the ongoing political crisis according to the opposition and members of the delegation they were denied entry at simone bolivar airport and then expelled meanwhile u.s. republican senator marco rubio has visited the columbia venezuelan border a day off to tons of american aid arrived in the city of kuta it's the second shipment of american supplies that's been sent this month paid a major role in convincing the trumpet ministration to increase pressure on president maduro. what is happening here today without being politically what you seem to me writing the report. calls for an absolute disaster by manmade a criminal regime going to start to kill its own people or gives them power we are inspired from evil but what it reminds us of valuable liberty freedom in. your mind
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is our borders the only reason. why we are willing to fight for dark matter how long it takes the head of the united nations mission monitoring the ceasefire and yemen's port city of her data has been meeting with ruthie and yemeni government representatives tentative agreements have reportedly been reached between the two sides over the withdrawal of troops but both parties postponed discussing an actual date elsewhere anti-government demonstrations have been taking place and sanaa these have been protesting against what they believe is the normalization of relations between yemen's government and israel it's in response to yemen's foreign minister sitting next to the israeli prime minister during the warsaw summit those are the headlines they'll be more news here off the heart and do stay with us.
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previously on hard earned my father sees some to me tour me down. on. the tip if i can afford a. chance on like i am going to school to speak publicly with choirs the manager should be certified to use me to pass the test whatever it takes to build those. padlocked life on such a thing as he has so far.
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so good guys. who go forwards are. told. what. rock n roll. twenty eight twenty seven selfless with. deliver strike.
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mannesmann no legal right to come out and strike. t.g. jackson quit his retail job at walgreens and now works as a union organizer campaigning for fifteen dollars an hour. today he delivers notices to inform employers of an upcoming strike. as far as the near greyish drag notice you get it any way possible. if you don't get their name you write down ok i gave it to a blue shirt which means a manager. got it. see act like she didn't know what it was a reason this is why this is a strike. it's why they see their
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faces oh my god. you just gotta give them straight facts or something clicks in our mind when they say anough is enough i mean more for my family. but the union job also brings a new financial stress to deejays life. when i first started we had a sit down explain how i needed a car because you may have to meet this person. this other person at three thirty minutes to travel. first car. i have no idea how going to fix this situation with me getting a car and not getting fired from my job. to even have like two thousand dollars least took me for word if. mine's.
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headed to a mechanic. make an appointment. to see about getting the fish he kicked in and. got to have meat in his car. rest in a week. i got to figure in my head you know what i won't pay. i'm already down and i need not going to further. just hope it's a few hope of the feel. good. news is a good. sense of what is right. about the job as it were to go in the. back and know how much it is. usually. pumps three hundred fifty books i'm not exactly.
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ninety five for the war on the world. and nineteen for the labor i'm going to take a little over an hour ok can i go to the bank and get the money sure ok. i'm a printed picture but that now and you know did it go throw the ball to think again that. i will. well can't beat this one to stick. that's the main thing. you know take much know she can take it as well or take my car. go slow down. there needs. me as her.
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now only that cane is just not going to help. when i see you walking compared to twenty years ago is the mad difference she's as they walk slow or she's more cautious about her steps and make sure it's not in front of her that were causing the trip or flown. to medical bills and i had a stroke in november i think i have a probably about a dozen co-payments in any surgery co-payments probably about three thousand. and then i retired in may sixteenth. when beverage tires and starts relying on social security the couple's income will fall way short of covering their bills at a time when their house is already in danger of foreclosure.
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in a time. that may matter. following the miscarriage of her twins and a true. to mexico to visit her mother diana gonzales gets her first job i don't local market you teach me and. i think if i'm going to be in life i mean i've been to most of them because they. know that. she's not. going. to be.
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seen. as. one but i'm so i mean yes. well ms must let it go but i mean it will get. a lot listen to the moment. you already. see. me is just what i was but i could do a little mother and asked. what i see a. leave. the demanded a male it. was
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a higher boss. used to mr young like a ticket to a gig just on the. d.v.c. list that i. was gay in this gig to get us on i. think you're. so lucky to get us a kiss i didn't do any. good i think it was you know to look good but i missed it by a. i mean. i got this. lesson my left. arrow my boss told me what i think that also meant that i think it's. a bunch of monkeys didn't do it. very. well
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the spotted seventy six. all of. them. look good. but you see good. helton kennedy has been promoted to junior manager at sweet tomatoes after passing his food safety exam on the second try this is me sort of typical. of that but i was a. washer it's almost everyone to. see some of that could have been. invited to this type of model. it's a big deal for what was kind of like good days here for me to run the restaurant on my own. now as a marriage or. as a car. going to completion i feel like. hilton was also working as
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a dishwasher at google but quit because he saw no opportunity for advancement so magnificent it would seem to have us. hell now try to make it on the income from this one job where he'll be earning twelve dollars an hour. i think that he has the potential. to move up and become a salaried manager. being maybe one day my shoes. i mean that's the same. basic. that is to the best of my simple from the end of the summer. the second.
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there's. this whole process took almost a year from the first thought i wanted about to look at listings to go into open houses now it's real. elizabeth and jose marino bought their first house a few weeks ago now it's i when i'm at school i'm thinking about all the things i want to do and enjoying the space with my wife and my son there's no. one friend who has some footballs. group aboard here but you can do whatever you want you know elizabeth or not how it will get all but i made
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a mistake in the side to bring it home anyways i caught a lot of flak for it but that's how we got to. his name structure. right now that we own the house it's getting harder and harder managing our money before we had just our own each our own account now we have a joint account and so we put twelve hundred dollars a month for the mortgage for any bills. or thing for the for you get less pressure groups are going to do the very. first thing you give them for came in. the couple is refurbishing the basement for elizabeth's parents to live and she's been helping them pay their mortgage but can no longer do so now that she owns her own home take a run with it because i'm going to regret getting that check for a while. i suppose and i think the other day and he's
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like you know what's going to i was going to get many excuses i was like i'm not studying you know. that's obvious why are you here jose needs to pass one final math class to graduate with an associate's degree in radio communications i'm not apply myself are not the same as a. it's a make or break semester. right now i'm breaking the. master's only subject that's holding me back. you get paid on the diplomas you have. this is just a piece of paper. but that paper is so much. after
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her shift at walgreens to keep it a conspiracy up her kids and they spend an hour commuting home. and. her boyfriend d.j. works long hours at his union job often getting home after the kids have gone to bed. so i. said. ok. marty does a dime past that i'm even though he was late as one and she's supposed to be sleeping he supposed now he's in big school now. have to work today. oh there ok now we have a problem but he is like a paki ok when i got to give him another packet because he finishes paglu too quick
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then me this need to be chosen is still kicking my butt. and i'd ask. ok stuff today i was helping a little bit but it was you know i had a steel cable. hopefully i could try to make up one me for wednesday when i'm off hopefully i can get in if not i'll probably go to the emergency room. to quito is dealing with an undiagnosed abdominal ailments i don't give sick very often but when i do get sick it's like. like we hope and i don't like my kids to see me like that i want them to feel like i'm a superhero at the same time i have a lot going on with my body. i was supposed to go to a doctor and while growing student in the time all days are wednesdays and sundays when i call up there and of course the box office is. day and sundays it's not open
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so i have not been to the doctor yet. i don't want any more paid sick days and i feel like they don't care about the well being the people who work there well you know you're stretched thin when you're at the corner work out time and. not pharmacists at work because that's pretty much a close as i would get to a doctor and i accept what's the best medicine is to take the corner of happy and healthy. but i'm scared if i call i'm going to go to work the next day and i have a job. or you don't. know. brittany percy has settled
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into his new job at a small family owned machine shop. i don't already. got him back to work out an add on diet mary jo brand. the one i gave. mars one last. you do it is more going to go for. what i can see the really bad. what a treat employees i really like. i know been to a place where the general manager comes out the floor speaks every employee individual about their family and how they're doing. percy is still employed through a temp agency he's hoping to change the syringe and.
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i'm still. working through an agency that spawns me to do their manual labor. the way they're going now this company here they're talking to me about working through them. made me a little more money for me. when i fall over. to. take over the rent but they're saying there aren't give me one second. it's thursday i resent the part time job that's been
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a constant on cod his life for several decades i saw my song once again tony you want to hear. her one shift a week attracts friends and family including her daughter nicole sister simona and grandson anthony. weiner oh yeah and then i learned. that. nicole who used to work at rosie. angela's son liberates her twenty ninth birthday . yeah. i liked working here i'd love to come back and. i did the fact that i was a phone girl is what we're called. we always worked together fine and i usually like i was going to be in trouble for something or if i didn't like i got my tongue pierced and i decided to wait till i came here to tell her because she couldn't beat me in public. just like the play of
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a mistake the supposedly or. i know the book let's not look last place you know you were just trying to see people. i. was my daughter i was not a good boy. today she's my best friend. amelia has been in recovery from substance abuse for twenty three years when her daughter was born and drug use caused her to miss the first six years of nicole's life. it's over and it's been over she hasn't made bad choices like i'm a long time. and i think she's grateful that i've forgiven her i think even more importantly she's forgiven herself. and now we can go because she still beat herself up for it. i mean he has been invited to a weekend retreat to speak to high schoolers about her experience of substance abuse. i'm not ashamed of my past i'm nervous talking about it with strangers
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because i get all the good youngsters and yeah you don't want to you don't want their job one kid listens and get something out of it you succeeded all right. she's lucky that she made it out of that time period alive. and i think for her using those experiences to help other people can do some great good. operation snowball is a peer to peer suppose. network that helps kids navigate the pitfalls of teenage years. they'll be up there. so what are we don't talk like. i. think. i know
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your job it i'm going to go if i'm going to give the introduction i want to set an expectation early that this is a real life experience you can't get more law than this so it will be no meaning. to me just move. you find. a story of revolution defiance and mud on. my a major figure in the war against the french occupation. whose bravery even impressed him and i'm too inspired i'll see the fight for independence day and give that a good home because it is a lot to be ben mcgeady the algerian revolutionary on al-jazeera.
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and the reported world on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the war. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. but in the meeting. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them no matter what lead when they. will be.
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along. some of the boxset this is year. on al-jazeera. hello i'm mr doha with the headlines on al-jazeera fighting is taking place between suspected separatist gunmen and security forces in indian administered kashmir reports say at least three soldiers have been killed in the battle security services say the area is under caution with several fighters trapped inside says jamil has more from new delhi. what we do know is that this began late sunday night local time and went on until monday morning as security forces encountered two or three gunmen in a gun battle ensued four soldiers were killed with it along with at least one civilian but the gunman escapes and this comes just
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a few days after that major attack last week it actually happened in the same area of interest in the administered kashmir now this will only further add tension between india and pakistan and will only further push india likely to continue its campaign to isolate pakistan diplomatically and economically in a response iran's foreign minister says the risk of a war between his country and israel is rising mama job and zarif made the comments on the final day of the annual munich security conference zarif called the u.s. a destabilizing force whose actions are increasing the chances of a new conflict in the middle east the u.s. special envoy for syria has reassured allies that the withdrawal of american troops from the country will not be abrupt speaking from the munich security conference james jeffrey insists it will be a step by step process the head of the united nations mission monitoring the cease fire and yemen's port city of her data has been meeting with ruthie and yemeni
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government representatives tentative agreements have reportedly been reached between the two sides over the withdrawal of troops but both parties postponed discussing an actual date members of the european parliament invited to visit venezuela have been refused entry to the country they would usually meet with the country's national assembly and opposition leader. to discuss the ongoing political crisis according to the opposition and members of the delegation they were denied entry at the airport and then expelled. haiti's prime minister has announced budget cuts for himself and other government employees in an attempt to end mass rallies over corruption people have been demonstrating for the past ten days demanding the president step down those are the headlines now back to hot and. cold the must move hussein has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in
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this case is he detained because he's a journalist as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence voices of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of our colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. so. i haven't seen my father.
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for the last six months i've been going through a lot losing my grandmother losing my uncle did i lived in a house with and i just felt like i'll be sick to my stomach if something happens to my father so i have to learn to put my pride aside in just say ok dad we have our issues but we have to speak. and also i have to get a car i could keep my job and he knows a lot of people. d.j. and his dad have had a rocky relationship they haven't seen each other in fourteen months. i said. and did my dad come to the game today it's like feel like i'm in high school all over again. i watched college again. the same errors are so
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caustic. it's a. new quick. period. that. nice sorts of. things to be doing. we've had so many to do. but his mom became young parents way too early they don't necessarily get your handbook when you know you leave the hospital when the kid is like yeah. we're learning on the fly and i think that's all pulled so many punches with very deep. much children. he as a young man hasn't always been able to absorb them like if they have gone that's. right i get back on track of that even with the situation with the current emu i'll
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be the person to help him out of the situation my part is to try to show him there are ways to make him. pay attention to the little things the details do which you need to do when you need to keep. a positive that came out a loser knows very important people to me just. may me. just wake up. times not jewish. all the other stuff is. at want to stand for things i used to. people places things. the opposition. we have not always agree and we still are trying to find ways to fix things. there's no point to talk about
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in oh there's no point at all. when the. children remain i will say flooding. the beach. and st. louis in here and i will not be my kids not. you a big boy now an ass time thing. now you x. four and this is was going to happen. well they're going to put a little water is just like swimming the whole go get right back up in that there is no no no. honestly it takes two seconds ok
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come on let's do this as we've. my brother we baptize you in the name of the five in the name of the son yeah the nerve. of the holy ghost. the are that. somewhere out of. the cover up there are they. giving you a break when it was like it was just going to just. come along really really proud
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of marshalling the day to watch to grow up to do it exactly and d.c. church home that he feels relieved because. he's just acting like a big book. i need for medicine to think. that i've been out of work for about three. years to keep those undiagnosed ailments continues to trouble her she recently made a trip to the emergency room first time first time it's ever happened that's mine and now it's gone i know i was having a heart attack. back was hard and i didn't know what was when i. hope it never ever physically. can afford to keep coming. and they don't care about the wellness stuff now you don't. like i mean we had the big call they can amplify what about. like seriously they they thought that i was spanking and i'm like it's three o'clock i get off in four so i would have me thinking to myself you know what i'm
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saying and i have been going on with my right now in the really don't want this baby and i was born no. but i just basically right now but i don't have time because i'm going to fire and you know. as we all believe it. is that is why i did speak up because i can't see when able to work so well. but i'll be alright i'll just stay strong my family. with. me here. i'm going to you. to look. after are. not scientific so it's a good idea where we knew so there we go somewhere we know what's wrong with it and then i just say no this and this and this and. i'm going to. push
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comes to shove we're just going to this works. sucks when you don't have money for emergency use. this card this seems seems a lot on the plate. last week was my final format. what i'm waiting for the great. ground is a group of three and the concert we make real of the american dream if you worked while attending him see stand up and say i am him see. you experienced having to choose between paying for licensing shows and buying tickets books stand up and say i am insane.
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you are a veteran to say have m m c. m s i was today. struck i would have walked today with everybody you know jose decided to skip the graduation ceremony because he was unsure if he had passed his final math class applying for graduation or not nor graduating with. well must score lower grades all right hello. or. oh. i don't have a d a d a pass the class. check.
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i. got a. great deal. i'm a dame. one said master am i happy. and i. thank you i have. no. i'm a literature member. so here. long we're together we want to go speak for you today who's never done this in hollywood ever she's
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going to tell you stories of survival so you want to come out of here you can thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you i am really nervous. and i think because it's i need to talk to about my own struggles with drugs and alcohol and it all started your age i moved here from italy. i was ten years old i remember walking through the hallways and people would just walk by and hit my books you know and it would fall and i would just cry because i couldn't protect myself i didn't speak in english and. sometimes it still gets emotional but. it's. that set the tone for probably the next fifteen years of my life. when i went to middle school i remember to skid he was cool and yes me to want to smoke a cigarette and i. smoke a cigarette we went behind a tree and smoked
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a cigarette and then he said you want to hit off of this and it was a joint and i got to tell you i took a hit off that joint and i thought i was a different human being i went from smoking pot at but that kid to do an s. it anything that made me forget about who i was were was that and what i looked like was what i wanted i wanted what you had i want to your mom and dad i wanted your blond hair i wanted your blue eyes i want to get i wanted your legs if i could have all of that i'd been here and now why i need to be somewhere else i think i was always trying to commit suicide but i didn't have the guts to actually do it i got to tell you were drugs took me crack cocaine instantly took every single thing that i hear i had no morals left by the time i was done i had i was about seventy five
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pounds almost eighty pounds when i got sober i met a man in my dreams you know we all have one of those and two years later i am pregnant with my daughter and everybody asked me to abort because i was a drug addict and i said no i was going to have this baby you know because i'm just fine this is great i'm going to have this baby i have this baby. when. this gets a little tougher me. i remember when my daughter was six months old and we had no food for her she had meat in two days. and she had cried for about forty eight hours and. i finally took the bus took two buses to my mother's house it was that week before easter and my mother answered the front door and i said i can't take your point more and i left her there and and there she looked. my daughter was six
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years old when i got sober she hated me she despised me and. you know today i can tell you that i have a great relationship with her but i had to work off to gain that respect from her. i know i'm jumping back and forth but i just want to say that i want to say watched one of your groups and i'm going to tell you how envious i was to watch you guys interact i never had that kind of a group where you guys support each other and you tell each other how everything is going to be ok because i think ultimately it's all but that's what we're all looking for isn't it for somebody to say you're ok you're going to be ok you're going to make it no matter what happens maybe i can't do this alone but we can together we can do it and i think that that's what this group does it says we as a group can do this. and i honored to be here and thank you so much thank.
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you and. i. see no i'm sorry it was about you sure oh my god i don't and didn't you feel good when you said you had to feel like a million bucks look at your home even beyond your reach i mean are you kidding me yeah. i could go into the sitting room you did it once. the. new solutions we. see how strong you are going to be. a week later at the high school that organized the event amelia picks up letters of appreciation from the kids. and i think you're on and off for speaking at small ball to share every family member who struggles with addiction and your story really stuck with me. i'm from
9:49 am
a huge italian family so right from the start i can relate to you additionally my family has a lot of history with drug addictions there's a million hoops more opportunities arise to speak. to youth groups and i think the very thing that brought her down now she can teach people how to come back up. i love it. and mean now it could potentially be a way of life for her or all of us thank you once again samantha small ball twenty four teams pretty amazing. i'd love to be a part of it. but i have to get through my riding season first and i'm going to be on that motorcycle. a lot.
9:50 am
for my degree i need a internship i guess he wanted three to like with a song me and so it hired me. are already doing my check could just warrants or jose's occasional work at the radio station supplements his full time clerical job i'm going for nine dollars an hour obviously the pay is better with planet up those reports on job what i mean is a lot of fun and if you have interaction with people it's how it goes by fast money . it's hard for me to believe that he's going to get a full time job in radio you know but i have to be supportive. as a clerical worker it's just hard for him because he feels as though it's very redundant work which it's true. like i enjoy what i do that's what he wants to feel italian to have but i got to think of my family. are there to serve the other brave baby no one else like me there is no baby number two here.
9:51 am
elizabeth is eight weeks pregnant. it makes me feel happy or sad. but essentially we just gain more responsibilities and now i can't afford not to make seventy miles an hour. maybe going to stone double masi. they will have the. most loyal. hiltons hope of being able to make it on just one job of shortland. in addition to car expenses hilton and diana just received the medical bills from the pregnancy and miscarriage. mayfield was like thirteen thousand two hundred. i don't have the money to pay. health ins now back to working more than eighty hours a week. disconcerted it all mental but it's also important. to look at will come up with almost. at
9:52 am
a very most of the middle. difficult almost all of it was a little bit. percy occasionally joins his retired friends to go fishing. with a bevy of the tab i'm going to keep on working part time at this moment i feel good . and i'm a put it this way this class of people you know to have and have nots. the have nots are on ones that are scuffling. and haves and don't want the have nots the head with a guy. i'm going to have nots. all ballroom which sneer at. current bull and. you've got to take the burger with the sweet and come to fruition.
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yesterday i think you called serving the no forty five. had the weight right back up and so fifty drafts make sure our stay with oprah for troy. been on the road every says there. it's strike day in downtown chicago for d.j. and the fight for fifteen campaign. last night after night. after night for five. and whatever i have. had to. use down i hope i'm still organizing because i'm getting really passionate about what i do. have. that.
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god. you have to have one voice. people saying the exact same thing. you give a chihuahua. i i i. i twenty six states raise their minimum wage in twenty fourteen mandated by voter and legislative action. seattle and san francisco voted to raise their minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour the highest in the nation. at the shop of her good friends and lori amelia gets her bike put back and. she
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hasn't been able to ride for eight months. now what was that one little wire was touching on. from you all the way. i am going to kill this mother i swear to you man if i beat up your dad. this should. act there won't be any money and there are a myriad negative one hundred six i don't care shit today i'm. screwed.
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we try to vote but a minimum wage increase on november the fourth time and so we all go i mean both. groups are safe in fact our bridges are back with the good works out. i do remember the rest of the bone marrow. for.
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the way. the money was going to get. some quasi weather pushing into the middle a still some but some places of brightness no pushing across iran into afghanistan
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. come behind this technique can be fine and dry has been a little disappointing to. around the levant recently fourteen celsius in the sunshine there then as we go on through monday for barrett assume the temperature to four lap struggling enjoys time with the top times to hit just eight degrees celsius to the fabric cloud and some wet weather to for a couple on monday off maybe go on into tuesday i could tell a little colder with some snow just not just some snow there just around the southern fringes of the caspian sea to run should be lousy dry temps here at around ten celsius just beside us awards western side of the race eleven on doing quite nicely at seventeen celsius getting up to ten celsius double figures at last that fortress them with a little more sunshine but no sunshine meanwhile across the river but it is set fair here over the next couple of days and a lot winds feeling quite pleasant wednesday just freshen up a touch here in doha on cheese day off need for the top temperature twenty three degrees meanwhile this must drive now across the good parts of south africa the
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heavy showers continue to central areas of mozambique will be down post to me to madagascar maybe. ard.
10:00 am
jews iraq. where ever you. deals was billions of dollars saudi arabia's crown prince off his asia tour with investments in pakistan. and i'm more of a says al jazeera live from doha also coming up at least four soldiers and a civilian killed in a gun battle with separatist fighters in indian administered kashmir. the report from brazil's border where hundreds about as well and arrive every day to seek medical help and claim asylum. i.


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