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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 52  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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eighteen year old phyllis and father magnus still bear the scars of the new implants student how her having is also freshly chipped and now just needs to program it so open doors although importantly for a future career it does already connect to her linked in some people. but people have been putting these tips for twenty years so i'm not worried about. the long term goal is for the new chips to help provide medical care in remote communities that are already getting under the skin of the swedes or may soon become just another normal part of modern life of the human body paul reese al-jazeera and sweden. others now a new smartphone that you can bend in half samsung's next generation device promises to open a whole world in your fingertips but will the galaxy fold help the industry leader
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boost sales in a shrinking market krista salumi reports from new york. the next generation samsung smartphone will also serve as a tablet. has a four point six inch display it's compact and perfectly portable. but when the device opens up your world does too not surprisingly samsung's newest device is called the fuld and it was unveiled with all of the fanfare you've come to expect from the world's leading smartphone maker. but shares with things we call it goes on sale in april but it and samsung's new as tannen as ten plus are being released amid faltering worldwide sales people have a little bit of phone fatigue all the phones look the same they feel the same this new galaxy s ten is not really going to break the mold but we've seen some hints of things that are coming in the future that might get people really excited the issue whether buying samsung or an apple device is increasingly price with the fold
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costing about two thousand dollars samsung will have to convince consumers that they just have to have it pretty much all of the price to perform the performance of their own looking for. a replacement phone every three or four years i'm not within the eighteen to twenty four month update cycle i'm not rich enough or that the global smartphone market is shrinking after years of rapid growth with consumers waiting for the next game changing feature and major markets like here in the united states that saturation still smartphone sales are a vital part of the global economy. in two thousand and seventeen smartphone sales reached nearly four hundred sixty billion dollars but the rising price tag for the better known smartphones is not just an issue in the developed world and there is heavy headwind against the high and smartphones we saw that with i phone and the sales but not that great some macro issues as well china is slowing down. but
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europe is slowing down with the release of the full industry leaders seem convinced that continuing innovation and the ability to access five g. data networks in the near future will be enough to keep smartphone consumers coming back for more christian salumi al-jazeera new york.
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and again type of sport here's liam thank you has and will chelsea have the chance to book their spot in the last sixteen of the europe league later and ease the pressure on their coach but it's the oh sorry the blues lead to one on aggregate going into the home leg of their tie against momo unfortunately for them they've not been in great form lately chelsea were knocked out of the f.a. cup on monday by manchester united and they've slipped to six in the e.p.l. after three losses and their last five games which included a six mil thrashing by man city we need to win three four makes you seem to do. it so they'll leave the only solution i can understand that it will be for the station. because they use it to win. and now we are we are in trouble and so i can understand very well but. there isn't
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another way we have only to do a good berth for most is a good result a number of second like ties are already under way arsenal have come back in their tie they lead to one on aggregate napoli looked very safe and made four one over two legs that's a game playing in spain with villareal level with sporting. the man expected to be this year's number one pick in the n.b.a. draft has given potential suitors a real scare after a freak accident in a college basketball game zion williamson hsu literally exploded during duke's showdown with arch rivals university of north carolina on thursday the forward injuring his me after his foot slid out through the bottom of his sneaker it happened less than a minute in. would miss the rest of the game duke are yet to confirm the full extent of his entry however it's already impacted the maker of xi'an sneaker nike whose stock value dropped after the tear. now in
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a statement ninety seven we are obviously concerned and want to wish scientists speedy recovery the quality and performance of our products are of utmost importance to us while this is an isolated occurrence we are working to identify the issue. all right well let's cross over to our sports reporter marilyn payne in raleigh north carolina marilyn you've been covering this game you were actually bury yourself what kind of an impact does this have looking out at the n.b.a. since he was a potential first draft pick and maybe still is. i mean if this is an injury that cannot be come back from it it's not a recoverable injury if it's there's your oversimple damage done then it could dramatically affect his years and be a williamson expected to be number one overall and the financial ramifications of the players that with then come after him and certainly of his own . time when be impacted very significantly. will and how will
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this hurt nineteen they're wrapped up in this do you see a potential dispute there happening between duke in one as a whole with their stock market having a bit of a dip since a scam. yes a nike dropped about a but tween a point a percent and a percent and have overnight after really having a strong calendar year as well as start two thousand and nineteen in terms of its own competition versus other sneaker brands adidas and under armor two brands that have already been if it from this globally and just overnight both of their stocks rising as well but it's all a matter of how nike continues to respond that you read the statement they issued and they will have to follow up on that as they navigate the future of their contracts with schools like two and many of the other biggest names in college athletics and this was on a really big stage i mean the duke u.n.c. game is
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a huge national rivalry brock obama was there and what what do you think that this means for design himself like he i mean he is the player that everyone there was waiting to see. yeah zion williams that missing all that thirty four seconds is presumably only game versus north carolina and cameron indoor is a natural to the rivalry which many at least in this part of the country view as the biggest in college basketball you have the former president of the united states there and what it really means for zion though beyond missing what is a marquee match up is that he has to watch his future and the injury is a minor nice brain in the head coach mike shish esky is generally pretty transparent about out injuries and about timelines for players but he didn't give a timeline after the game wednesday night they don't know how long he's going to be out do plays again on saturday but beyond that just looking at how important the
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future of a name that will be internationally known for a long time in basketball if he recovers what his future and health looks like even outside of just one very big game well he's definitely a name to watch we'll keep an eye on the story thank you so much marilyn pain for joining us from north carolina thank you. now the england and west indies cricket teams have played out a record breaking game england produced their biggest ever chase in a one day international they claimed a six week it went over the west indies who themselves had some star performance for performers in barbados any richardson reports. one of the all time greats of limited overs cricket can sense a world cup is round the corner was thirty nine chris gayle is still leading the west indies batting and familia style was with twenty three sixes in the west indies innings a one day record show hope contributed to that number in his rapid sixty four was
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gayle hit twelve in his innings becoming the most prolific six it's a in international cricket on his way to a twenty fourth one day century as it's he was eventually out for one hundred and thirty five as the west indies finished on three hundred sixty four eight the biggest ever total on home soil. in the will host this year's world cup and all the games top ranked side that batsmen are about to show why this side has a chance of winning the title for the first time was jason roy smashed a century. from just sixty five deliveries was it's his fun was ended on a hundred and twenty three yards was but by this point the west indies were already on the back foot. captain owen morgan has overseen the regeneration of his team
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since the last world cup he hit sixty five's it's. while joe root scored his fourteenth one day centuries it's all but see the team over the finish line is it's such it's it was just butler who hit the winning runs was. his england completed their. highest ever one day run chase. and the richardson al-jazeera. formula one world champion lewis hamilton recorded his best time of the week at pre-season testing in barcelona the briton tested his new car for the first time last week and admitted it's quite a bit big difference to the previous model and although he was quicker on thursday he didn't have trouble at the top the time sheets alex albon was quickest thursday also saw a return for robert the pole become comes back after a rally an accident in two thousand and eleven and completed forty eight laps but
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was four seconds off the pace and slowest on the grid it doesn't feel like they fall off the same boat that it is felt like they won so. easy for twelve labs to get a feel of the god. which is of course but yeah at least most of the stuff we achieved. it wasn't easy morning. but was it american no lisle says he will replace you saying goal as the fastest man in the world the twenty one year old has yet to compete at an olympics but hasn't lost a two hundred meter race since twenty sixteen he's now building up to the world championships will take place here in doha later this year while says his career target is to break the world record set by bolt in the one hundred and two hundred meters. they're always going to be looking for the next thought that i cheerfully just say wait somebody is going to pull it out somebody is going to pull it out think both of those records oh well stephanie i didn't think that i would be here
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right now well that's all yours for now heads back over to has thanks so much and that is it for this news hour for me hasn't think it thanks for your company our colleagues in london will have more news for you in a couple of minutes. to old involves. a soviet era automobile manufacturing book ebooks. with a decades old blue book is being torn up and really written by scientists. and
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western style management and social is at work and you appear destined for a car show. the russians on a witness documentary on al-jazeera. donald trump as told of a special bone with kim jong un. now the u.s. president a north korean leader ought to meet again this time in vietnam were both very honored to eight months off to making history in singapore and they strike a deal on nuclear weapons. and finally end the korean war follow us on the twenty seventh of february for special coverage on al-jazeera. he was sent to jail but under two different prime minister as. now he is set to become the next prime minister of malaysia. and was abraham and discusses what
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direction his country will take on talk to our jazeera. al-jazeera. swith every. signs of significant progress in the latest round of trade talks between the united states and china. hello i'm maryanne demasi oh with al-jazeera live from london also coming up venezuelan president says he's shutting down the border with brazil as tensions
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deepen over the police for a. moment or. two separate blasts in syria as u.s. backed forces fight to gain last remaining territory. and the pope calls on bishops to take concrete action against predator priests as the catholic church convenes a global summit on sexual abuse. welcome to the program our top story the u.s. and china are reportedly close to agreeing the broad outline of a deal which could end a seven month trade war high level talks are continuing in washington to end the standoff which has seen washington and beijing imposed tit for tat tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of goods to go she says are drawing up six memoranda of understanding on issues including cyber theft agriculture and currency
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well let's now speak to shabba tansey who is following the story from washington what do we know about the agreement. well as you said six member and of understanding on these very positive signals are coming from both u.s. and chinese sources i don't think anyone suggesting that a deal will be reached this week in the talks we're going to friday but very positive signals from both u.s. and chinese was an interesting the in the last year as i'm seeing a lot of needs from various trade hawks suggesting both in the u.s. and china that their respective governments might be giving too much away so people are certainly taking these signals very seriously those memoranda of understanding their. imports donald trump very concerned about the balance of trade deficits which the u.s. has with china we had a report this morning that china has offered to buy thirty billion dollars more of agricultural products we're now hearing that that might be proposals for a merican liquid natural gas us conduct is as well so that's one key sticking point
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also force technology transfer that's the u.s. accusation that u.s. companies have to hand over sensitive technology technological information to china in order to business to do business in china which on china uses to compete against u.s. companies. theft currency also on the table and then this is the most interesting i find the non-tariff barriers to trade. the u.s. at least that's what china's view has been saying the that the u.s. has been demanding china basically abandon its main industrial development policy the china made twenty to twenty five made in china policy which seeks to subsidize high tech high service industry in china so it can compete globally in these in these areas the u.s. is saying this these these are basically these market distorting subsidies and china has to stop trying as weight as those sovereign trade policy leverage to see whether they do come to some some some agreement on that one because i did seem to
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be the most intractable we know that they are trying to reach a deal by march to fuss that's an important deadline and tons of an escalation in these tariffs and they likely to meet that deadline chad. it's very difficult to say there's only a lot of incentive for them to meet that deadline robert litan eyes of the u.s. trade representative in charge of the negotiations saying this is a deadline but dollar trump says it's not a magical date that a lot of rumors that this could extend that the devotions could extend for sixty days also if they are they seem to be going well but both sides do want to reach reach an agreement donald trump clearly doesn't want this to fail certainly because it was it will suggest that he is a terrible deal maker and that's the opposite of a message he wants to give there's also a great deal of pain in the u.s. agricultural heartland which also happens to be the republican heartland because of the decline in u.s. agricultural exports to china and there will be further economic pain going to the
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twenty twenty alexion of no deal is reached similarly for china they will be economic consequences president xi is under pressure to show he can be a good steward of the chinese economy at a time of downturn and also we understand some chinese sources are saying that they're worried that if the negotiations fail now having got so far apparently that if you have to start again then the u.s. will will be even tougher in the talks thank you very much for now shavar tansey with the latest from washington. well now to venezuela where the president has closed his country's vast border with brazil just days before opposition leaders plan to bring in foreign aid that he has refused to accept nicolas maduro made the announcement while surrounded by military leaders in caracas on thursday immature also blocked and see travel with the nearby dutch caribbean island of krakow where aid is being stockpiled he's also considering whether to shut down the border with colombia the u.s.
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has been delivering hundreds of tons of aid there but the door his main challenger has other plans opposition leader who is visiting the border town of could has called for tens of thousands of people to form caravans to help carry us into the country. jim is in the northern brazilian city of both vista close to where aid organized by is ready to be sent across the border into venezuela so we know mamma has been calling for volunteers to help bring that into the country what have you been seeing why you are. well maryam it's been very interesting the last few days when it comes to getting confirmation from the brazilian government you know they have been saying for a while now that they are determined to get aid into venezuela it was not clear until just a couple of days ago what exactly that plan might look like what we know at this point is that the brazilian government plans to set up an aid distribution point on
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the border not exactly clear exactly where that will be although many assume it will be the city of park i'm in which is about two hundred kilometers north of us which is just right on the border with venezuela and then venezuelan trucks directed by opposition leader why go would come into brazil get that aid and take it back into venezuela this all of course now becomes much more complicated of course venezuelan president nicolas maduro saying that the border with brazil will be closed tonight around eight pm local that's midnight g.m.t. that really up in all the plans that were being put in place by brazil's government we're still waiting for some kind of official reaction to president maduro as latest comments that he will close this border i can tell you though we had spent time in the past several days on the border and many of the people we spoke with there says that he said told us that on the venezuelan side there's been many times these are migrants we were speaking with they say there are many times that the
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border had been closed by the venezuelans they would not let the migrants leave in this way like come into brazil and many people thought that at some point this was going to happen in the days to come because they did not believe that nicolas maduro was going to make it easy for brazil's government to start getting aid into been as whale an area there is a desperate need to get aid supplies into that is why you know what does material say about why he was allowed these shipments and. well what we heard today from president maduro is similar to the rhetoric we've been hearing in the past few weeks basically. he's saying that this aid delivery plan is a cheap way of trying to make him look bad and he has said in the past that he does not want aid coming in from brazil but he does not like brazil's government stance toward him so really this isn't a surprise what's going to be interesting to see is how exactly brazil's government is going to cope with this when brazil finally made the announcement and confirmed
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a couple of days ago that they were going to start this aid distribution plan on saturday february twenty third they said that they were doing this in conjunction with and cooperation with the united states government so what exactly does all of this now do to that plan does that mean there is going to be a delay does that mean that they are going to stop their efforts until they can come up with some kind of a resolution we're going to keep checking with brazil's government and give you those details as we have them in the hours to come marian bank you very much from there in brazil mohammed. well now to syria where two deadly bombings have taken place in different locations a suspected car bomb has killed at least twenty people including oil workers now i should bail village and there is all an area held by the syrian democratic forces dozens of others have been injured another suspected car bomb exploded in the city of a friend which is out of the control of a turkish backed militia at least four people are thought to have died after the blast in the city center that was a minute trip parade in the city for new free syrian army recruits this comes as
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the s.d.f. battles to oust eisel from the last chunk of territory in the town of civilians who are being evacuated from the town in syria's east near the iraqi border that has been put on hold and ron cohen has more now from gaza on the tekkie syrian border. early on thursday morning it was announced by the s.d.f. spokesman for an old in syria most of the bali that trucks would be sent to alba whose village to pick up the remaining civilians now we're hearing reports of those trucks actually came back empty handed and we don't know why there's been no word from the s.d.f. as to the reason those trucks came back empty now at the very beginning of this conflict we saw the s.d.f. tell us that there were at least six thousand civilians in the village itself over those two weeks a number of those civilians have actually been able to leave the largest number was on wednesday when some two thousand civilians including some myself fighters were able to leave now what happens is when they reach s.d.f.
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safe areas the ice will fight as a taken to a prison where they detained and interrogated the i saw wives and children are taken to a separate part of a refugee camp where they are put and then the civilians of put on another side of that camp now the fight is incredibly difficult for village because of the civilians that remain there just to give you an idea of the sense of the village itself most of it's actually been destroyed there's a tented city on the outskirts of the village and that's where all of the civilians that remain allegedly. to be now the fight itself is going to be incredibly difficult because i still had a very long time to prepare for this the hard core of those fighters are now in tunnels waiting for the s.d.f. to come in but certainly there are enough civilians who remain in whose village to slow the fighting down and for the s.t.'s to be very careful about going into the village. pope francis is opened
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a landmark meeting on child sex abuse in the catholic church by demanding concrete action against predator priests one hundred ninety cardinals bishops priests monks and nuns are attending the four day event decades of scandals of rock the church but many catholic officials still either deny or downplay the problem pope francis called on the clergy to hear the cry of the little ones who plead for justice. basing the plea of sexual abuse by the church is made against minors i thought to consult you because all together we should hear the holy spirit and listen to the cry of the young who will justice the way to pass on ecclesiastic responsibility which forces us to discuss this together is a burden on our meeting about how to face this evil which afflicts the church and the whole of humanity the holy people of god are watching us and wait not just for simple and expect a conviction but concrete and effective measures are.


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