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tv   The Ceska Murders Case Solved  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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you know it does sort of point also europeans can start being a bit scared oh my god if i open my mouth or i criticize israel's prime minister i might be. accused of being aggy sematic because at this sort of point you can use these blanket definitions over everything so how do you think that should be finessed if i can say that would. i actually support some of these legends that are intended to ban hate speech or or public expression of hate for it and that in several cases it really works now when it comes to anti-semitism there has been something to time for example a polish government tried to ban criticism of poland recently the famous holocaust low which led to the to the pressure to suppress some forms of open expression of it's a criticism about the behavior of ulster in the past towards us and so so you know there are some nuances here of course but what i really think is really crucial is
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the role of the leaders and the role of political leaders after the attack on the french philosopher i don't think a quote. amount of micro expressed very openly that there is no place for anti-semitism in france no i didn't have not hear such strong statements from the leaders of east european countries from either oregon or from from. europe from contains your under people there in poland and we really are. just people in a land of face very. strong care and he said tendencies that are not confronted by the leaders and psychologically we know that this statement of the leaders creates the norm and the norm is very essential for changing people's behavior yes i guess this is also a very confusing image. because on one's has and. the israeli government as we said earlier could be very intolerant toward any kinds of
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criticism but then on the other hand we see prime minister netanyahu cozying with people like viktor orban from hungary any and he comes from the far right and it's very confusing as an image. well if it's any help you're not the only one confused by this kind of behavior i'm confused too but you know that's a problem and it goes back to what the previous speaker was saying about the role of leaders and their bit consistency in coherent attitudes why you cozying up to someone that has such an extreme views against the against migron think is jews and and you know there is nothing i can say in favor of that anya is doing a thing that you opposed to news and think you can it can have both policies in the same time which which i think in the long even in the show term is wrong i think a lot of it is to actually use common sense and common sense most people understand
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when the criticism if you criticize the blockade on gaza or don't you patient or rest under arrest in the middle of the night of people keeping them we felt by this has nothing to do we feel we're fine to simitis and this is a to do we've we've got all of the occupation to be a view of the state of israel on the other hand if you say on the other hand that the state of israel is no i to exist as a jewish state this is completely different thing and this is one when the lungs called and most people understand but it's also fully the really to said the line and not to use it full as you i think imply to use for thought you knew steve reasons yeah but you see now i mean you know i had completely agree with your distinction between the two to two scenarios and but as you said if now anyone is going to criticize an incursion into gaza or you know the random raids in
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the way ok by d'huez bank they could be immediately slapped with this auntie zeituni as bill and they could be made little that they're illegal because they're too you know they did they went against the law by to by criticizing that. what this means that the low is badly phrased basically divides the los as to be divided in a way that will make it clear this distinction between between the two what is criticism legitimate criticism of israel as one of the previous speakers or saying this actually play into the hands of the far right if israel is above criticism and the jewish state's is not this place into actually custer and to some it isn't but this is control of other countries in the media this is not the point the lowest will be very clear where the line is drawn between between the two and then if it's not maybe it's better not to have a look at it go. now what really pushed president mccall to
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come up with this at this particular time. well as i showed that actually it's not the first time he's mentioned this he did mention this a couple of years ago when he was commemorating and d. to develop deaves which was as i said when the jews were parked the french jews were parked in a sports arenas in a north of paris before being sent over of center to concentration camps so it's something that's been there before and remember this is not the first time we've semitic kind of attacks and problems in france to a couple of years ago now or so there as it was last year excuse me was was an elderly lady that seem to have been killed because of an anti-semitic attack so it's not new and already back then he had said that maybe did it all had to be changed so so it's there obviously because it is usual and it's taken on a specific kind of. perhaps it didn't have before i think there's two things to add to it is that one is part of the law there is a question about the zionism but he's also there's an element against hate speech
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and the role that social media's play on that and i think it's important and interesting but i would add i think the political statement to say an ism is a new form of anti semitism although i completely agree with what's been discussed in terms of we need to make sure that we're defining to white terms here that criticizing some of the actions of state of israel is not the same as anti-semitism but at the same time it's true that a lot of anti-semitism today hides behind a critique of a criticism of the state of israel so politically i think mike was right to say that that's true however legally needs to be quite clear the separation there is between criticizing the state of israel and actually anti semitism which might not be exactly the same thing let me tell you in a place where there's actually a kind of a political route brewing between poland and israel but could you see if this bill really passes in france could you see that being repeated in other european
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countries. yeah i could imagine that did this form of legislation could could be transferred to another country sense since many years american jewish communities is fighting for implementation of the of the working definition of anti-semitism for example that there will be a shared agreement between countries about what these anti-semitism and what is not and also increase of criticism of this route like and understand that and this is what we also we distinguish in our research that the criticism that goes as far as to delegitimize the existence of this route so to say that israel has no right to exist or they wrecked they wrecked references to the holocaust or to direct state comparisons between what happens today in israel and between the third reich this is actually going beyond what can be accepted yes all this is already anti-semitic and i think that there could be a question agreement not only in europe in the maybe even into you know muslim states outside of europe because i believe that after
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hearing two hundred percent this panel and that there might be some some shared understanding of when when the criticism of israel transgressors the porters' of becoming kind of somebody well certainly the figures show that anti-semitism is on the rise as much as a phobia i would say around many countries but we have reached the end of this program so thanks to our guests yes the mecca book believe it or so and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story from about that hammoud and the whole team here by phone now.
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from sunrise to sunset across asia. and the pacific explore untold and fascinating stories one on one east on al-jazeera. and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already
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a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. on line. to the ship for them. or if you join us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion based is a diana talking about a legal front you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the posse or twitter and you could be on the stereo join the global conversation. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no
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matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. donald trump as told of a special bowl with kim jong un. now the u.s. president a north korean leader ought to meet again this time in vietnam were both very bonded to eight months after making history in singapore and they strike a deal on nuclear weapons. and finally and the korean war followers on the twenty seventh of february for special coverage on al-jazeera. hello i'm don jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera venezuelans trying to take
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a day in across the border from colombia have faced violent opposition from security forces at least two people were killed in fighting along the border with brazil as police tried to block the aid of zeros latin america and its on the sea and human reports. opponents of an battled president nicolas maduro had vowed nothing would stop them from bringing tons of food and medical donations into venezuela on the colombian side of the border for truckloads of supplies tried to breach the heavily fortified simone believe an international bridge into venezuela but they never made it across the national guard was waiting at least two trucks were set on fire. was on the in israel inside opposition supporters prepared to continue trying to open the car door it was it back i mean they must have thought when we planned to walk to the bridge where the humanitarian aid will into and then form an extraordinary human chain to bring it into venezuela. they remained
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confident earlier three soldiers had commandeered armored vehicles and ran them through the bridge barricades before deserving into columbia dozens more followed throughout the day with a surprise on. the. bridge it was was was. was. that. they nearly made it to the customs building despite the rubber bullets and the tear gas fired by the national guard. that's when the so-called public divorce or heavily armed pro-government gangs were brought him shooting live ammunition at. we'll. the day ended with hundreds of unarmed protesters injured by
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the colombian border on venezuela's border with brazil the violence turned deadly as indigenous pin one tribesmen tried to get aid in and despite the defections opposition leader flung wide those pleas to the military to defect on mass were not heard. the same in benghazi i am asking the international community to keep all cards on the table i'll be meeting on monday with the lima group and u.s. vice president mike pence. sounded triumphant president nicolas maduro announced he was cutting diplomatic ties between colombia. i can't continue putting up with this we can continue putting up with colombia lending itself to an aggression against venezuela that is why i've decided to break in the political and diplomatic relations with the freshest government of colombia and all its ambassadors and general consuls have to leave it as well within twenty four hours get out of here oligarchy but my voter will unlikely be savoring his victory for very long economic
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and political pressure from the international community will surely increase as his countrymen watch the images of the food and medicine so many desperately need go up in smoke. you see in human san antonio actually given his way. votes are being counted in nigeria where president my model biharis hoping for a second. there were some reports of irregularities during saturday's delayed election just before polls opened a town in the northeast was attacked by suspect a vocal haraam fighters. voting is underway in senegal as people choose their next president incumbent leader much as campaigned on a booming economy his opponents say corruption unemployment and debt still major problems. the head of the roman catholic church has called for an all out battle against the abuse of minors pope francis has been speaking from the fourth and final day of an unprecedented conference on sex abuse within the church francis called it an abominable crime which must be erased an explosive device has killed
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at least twenty four people in syria's central hama province went off as a van packed with workers passed by syrian state t.v. says the device is one of the many left in the area i still fighters. but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after others are world stage and that's watching.
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about what they've become the son told me and. the seattle langage his name. was a lot more time guys go to the. limit whatever that got to the flight they believe the first one you know you can't beat the love in it about you know i mentioned to get one about every night. in may two thousand and thirteen crowds in media gathered outside the munich high regional coltan various south in germany. the trial they were following was one of the highest profile criminal cases in europe in recent history and it was about to begin. it would involve fines defendants six hundred
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witnesses over fifty lawyers four hundred eighty eight pages of criminal charges and two hundred eighty thousand pages of interrogation read holds that. this was a milestone case for germany which are the already caused a great deal of social and political fallout. if not a shuttle to album out on an empty glumes and all shows i'll let you know understand all. this. is in full yeah well yeah. just this kid is my dad and it needs to be easy is. the call would hear the cases of those accused of involvement in the murder of eight ethnic turks one grief in a policewoman to bomb attacks and fifteen bank robberies in different parts of the country because. two thousand and two thousand and seven it'd look like it what would it look like to defeat. it.
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the ninth of september two thousand. come saturday in nuremberg in the german state the variance. and version check of flower wholesaler was on his way to deliver an order to league news history. while parked at the side of the road she was shot with a bullet from two different guns used in silence us. alive but seriously wounded she was taken to hospital but he died two times. he was thirty eight years old and the father of two children.
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nine months later in june two thousand and one two other ethnic turkish shopkeepers were also killed on the thirteenth of june also in nuremberg a tailor abdur-rahim also daughter was shot dead while sewing clothes then on the twenty seventh of june in hamburg a greengrocer silly man touched called through was shot three times and killed. nine months after the first murder german police came up with a clue. they'd identified that all the victims had been shot with the same type of gun an unusual check manufactured cheska eighty three a seven point six five millimeter caliber pistol and the cheshire murders.
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but the police investigation went down the road of organized crime they went into the personal lives. of the victims their supposed business connections and social backgrounds but they were singularly on able to establish anything in common between the individual cases than their ethnic origin and the murder weapon. on the twenty ninth of august two thousand and one two months after the murder of suliman touch called through another ethnic turkish greengrocer was found dead in shop in munich. hobby college had been working in a wholesale market for thirteen years he doped in his own shop with his wife seventeen months before. the family was understandably too traumatized to talk at the time but their friend in key with this and their bare hands spoke on their behalf. charlie said ben isn't
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a guy that them to have on the get to the member at them should have been around with the children to get a cure though i've evolved is not at them from then on i'm an obvious none can still lay so let them that highly political team is getting in there because although nigel garrison getting in is so with them that they no doubt going to charge when. they get them are on the album to be whole and actually make certain that intrigue keep an eye on them and they have not been asked by near. the get if you're in your book more than hydrogen their. ideal took even reassign chauffeurs sarkin meter marci i listen to children are saved by earth are thirty fourth the idea really shaky that i'm only there would be a good if it is not he she developed actual market actually shrunk you can situated on you guys took me to mars if i live overseas. in september two thousand and
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one the bavarian murder investigation was brought under a special commission called tellingly franson. but it continued to focus on the victims businesses and their alleged drug related connections this line was reflected in the media coverage of the case. maybe i took it to the out on the truck i just go around there is a look down there go there to rethink your marketing that's the sort of you make your chin hang in bush give a shit about. lead you know that encourage i get a reading along. under the i told you that i live it term older artist of your i did the ole nag a then he became a ditch. this is chaotic a village in a province in eastern turkey. it's where the fifth victim in the chest is serial
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killings men with two good grew up measurements and his brother eunice to recruit emigrated from here to rostock in northern germany in search of a better life. and kids can do any of us on a small and when you do anything with movies they. however unison messmate entered germany illegally when they arrived they tried different jobs before taking on a donor kabob shop in rostock. yabba dabba doo like them done with. the theft as well from a lot. of the law. because you are one in a jam is attacking. no use done it makes them. mad mad told good was murdered early in the morning while at work in the combat
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shop on the twenty fifth of february two thousand and four. the police found eunice to the good side density card in measurements pocket so they reported you this as the deceased. but by then the owner of the id card was already back in his home village in eastern turkey after his brother's death. to be denied. him a dog has been challenged and you can well i'm a dying out. in britain young thought of not because floodwater. and i'm not. and he should really get my miserable i. met my target was the fifth ethnic turkey four years to be killed using the same gun after the german intelligence service for the protection of the constitution
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expressed doubts about the drug trade line of inquiry police in rostock focused instead on the victim's families and friends. or dharma but also. i get the more they. are more poisonous. this man as. you have as for them you. can move one of those what i mean and this one's was. all of that. is funny studies them as if i knew them and bank and michelle's are on that initial i knew them in. a long war like on four die and i learned your ear. and. you are thinking the only other thing called the honest life plan the your plan the bomb. is dying and
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truth i give you is they're using used on people one morning. in the west of germany. the cheska case was quiet for four months in two thousand and four. but then on the ninth of june there was a huge explosion in the moon heim district. cope's thruster is well known for its total shops. a handmade cluster bomb a chub packed with thousands of nails destroyed the whole street seriously injuring twenty two people. start it keep each set all over the garland of her would you are lower each city getting omaha to the. coffin in
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the. east. john terry are the marshmallow. the. shells on the spot or the pump on one part of the year that b.p. and a whole lot of shader. and father saw all of a sudden develop trolls sauce but such was the shortage to carry economy on john lot of get in there year live in sun the year there they are till. the murders of the previous four years and the cologne bombing all seem to have targeted people of turkish origin. but the german state stuck doggedly to the line that the killings had a criminal rather than a racist motive. here came to city all those years feared to say but in the midst of it until it was just me into guantanamo if i could i know this
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mr. witnesses said the man in his thirty's wearing a hat left his bicycle with a bomb in front of the john headdress of. the cologne police decided the target had been john yielded in the owner of the sala. while some local people disagreed. e.b.'s not all that begun on him on know that it is here and then just did it well said lucian that you just said weekend it but you didn't get in on most of them to have us it wasn't that but she'll learn as it will do she already does and they will have. to learn to be. convincing them is a tough mean day them as all a billion live is a monsoon judge did they cheat
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a mafia cheat or shade a question for you to catch a line administered makes them little marks then that's when it's not like it has shaped up obama had. all wish no money. that is the enchanted yeah i want to go one question beyond control the shock that young of all hold up a little kid ya try. to troller the mother to get shit then. this serial killings continue. on the ninth of june two thousand and five is smiley a shot who worked in a combat takeaway in new timberg was murdered as he was opening the shop in the
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morning. witnesses said they saw two men near the scene over six foot tall wearing baseball hats on bicycles. then in june two thousand and five a new investigation commission called bosphorus was announced it comprised one hundred sixty experienced police officers. between two thousand and five and two thousand and six the bosphorus commission contacted around nine hundred trains men . but it still relentlessly search for clues to link the murders to organized crime in nuremberg and munich. and now the phantom moving undetected around german cities targeting ethnic turks acquired the name headlines now talked about the murderer and the kept bab killer even though only met him a total goodson ismailia shot actually worked in food outlets but the media like
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a snappy headline. media researcher fed the ottoman followed the coverage of the serial killings in both the german and turkish press. that meant to be a fountain on off on the law model it's a knock on this you and make at least the last course the four could cite is a. as in dallas to hell it's only the film that demands so put so much that one hundred thirty plus boss for the highest on it as well as vice all of their time again. this little shop belong to thought furries bulgari this is a great man who'd lived here in munich with his family since one thousand nine hundred seventy three. it was in trap and trace street and the great district of the city. in two thousand and
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five forty one year old bill goody this was shot in the head in his shop by a bullet fired from a gun and became the seventh serial victim. the murder investigation was stuck in a blind alley from two thousand to two thousand and five six turks and the greek had been shot dead using the same cheska pistol but the case was no nearer to being solved. and the death toll continued to rise when many tradesmen of turkish origin in dortmund became being a victim. of political when they had. a month out and i mean i took.
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on. a neighbor. off where i believe. that. divides. us and. i said to michael. in this act in my heart i asked him one of us how to feed. and. i would leave. this man and. when mehmet kobashi first came to germany he and his family lived in a house for refugees in dortmund for two years. then they moved to a rented home so that only four years old at the time could start preschool.
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here which one must be asked. why shouldn't sides here. and surely kill time to find all of us again how. we want our session.


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