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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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who portrayed the mad clean and in the favorite who walked away with the statuette for best actress and best actor no shock there it was rami malek for his impassioned for trail of the very talented but very tortured rock star freddie mercury in the film the me and rhapsody. has the same rob and there was a lot of controversy in the meet up to it to the to the sat morning with no host house moves was it all at the end. when it went quite smoothly there were no gaffes it moved along pretty quickly the goal was to have the broadcast run for three hours it went a little bit over but i think there are probably more controversies to come especially about green book already online some critics are saying it was. not a fitting best picture. award to be
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a lot of people in the family of don shirley the character played by. ali as a classical pianist travelling through the deep south said they were in the accuracies in the film that was full of lies and it's also been critiqued as a kind of feel good movie for white people showing that if you only get to know a person of a different race racism and prejudice and systemic racism somehow disappears so i think that there's going to be more controversies about this even though the show itself is over but as far as the host business that you asked about folly i think it went pretty well and maybe it'll set a precedent who knows maybe from now on there won't be any hosts for oscar telecasts thank you rob rob reynolds live for us in the sunshine it's. still ahead on al-jazeera protesters in sudan defy
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a saint every majesty as they keep up their homes for the president to step down last not so picture path thanks for problems not confronting some of iraq's historical not mobs. however the weather is lousy try and find across much of the middle east but it was at least the site of the med it is still a little on the disappointing side but some places the cloud just sliding out it's we could see some rather heavy rain for a time making its way towards cyprus last monday's pitch had generally five and dry beirut not doing too badly at around twenty two degrees will see some of the temperatures of baghdad and also for kuwait city further eastward fours and fives the full couple over the next day also lossy dry look behind me there they go he comes out whether it will be absolutely tipping down northern parts of syria see
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some heavy rain pushing up across the turkish mountains we're looking at snow eighteen degrees there for beirut there a bit some places a cloud also sliding down across northern parts of saudi arabia as we go on through the next monday not see bad twenty five celsius here in doha quite a keen wind fashion model wind setting in as we go on into choose day we will see ten which is hanging on to a similar value but there is that in place and that thick cloud just pushing a little further south with sun up and it could see one of two spots of rain as well a few spots of rain too into the eastern parts of south africa some wet weather on the cots a bit for much of the region it is fine and dry we have got some a lot of these showers continuing across east of madagascar. oh yeah and if you teach for all practical purposes yes i support science and truth one of the figureheads for the new atheist movement if you believe something without evidence then that justifies anything to do except that religion has done
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good things despite all of ahmad's beliefs no miracle if you believe that science hold on science to be a better place religion disappeared yet many years and goes head to head with richard. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera more people may have been killed in violent confrontations that long venezuela's border with brazil than previously thought at least twenty five people died in the town of santa and now when venezuelan forces try to stop opposition supporters from bringing aid into the country u.s.
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president dog is extending a deadline to increase tabs on chinese imports after what he's calling substantial progress in the latest round of trade talks with beijing and greenberg has been named best picture at this year's academy awards the film tells the story of a friendship between an african american concert pianist and his italian american driver in the one nine hundred sixty s. . iraq's military says u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have handed over two hundred eighty eisold fighters it says they're part of a contingent of more than five hundred iraqis in s.c.f. custody in syria in twenty fifteen i saw control huge swathes of syria and iraq linking the cities of raka and mosul kurdish forces are helping hundreds of. indians leave the armed groups last pocket of territory in the syrian village of beigels people are being used as human shields which has slowed the advance. now
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years of conflict in iraq have often made it too dangerous for international teams to help in the conservation laws equal sides but that's not all that's holding back restoration efforts but has a story from. erbil citadel in the kurdish region of northern iraq towers above the old city it was built by the ultimate in the nineteenth century but archaeological remains show civilizations dating back to the same marion's built fortifications here around five thousand years ago. from a distance the walls look strong and well preserved inside moisture has been seeping up into the brickwork for centuries. much of this fortress popular with locals and visitors alike has either already collapsed or could do so soon. as archaeologists we are facing many obstacles and preserving iraq's last citadels
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we lack funding there is government neglect there is no master plan with us and international bodies we face losing our heritage and with it part of our identity. war and political instability have often made it too dangerous for international conservation teams to come to iraq for the security situation isn't the only thing affecting the preservation and restoration of archaeological sites. throughout the long history of civilization in this region various ethnic and religious groups of often violently for control of iraq's three citadels now experts here say that conservation efforts are often held back by what they describe as the politicize ation of iraq's heritage. this is the citadel in kill cook also built by the ottomans on a site that dates to the assyrian empire three thousand years ago the intricately
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decorated walls on which cling the last remnants of once stunning mosaics a crumbling sunni and shia arabs turquand and kurds a force over the city the centuries kidney sadly the preservation of the country's three set styles is at risk no one can agree how to manage them people think if you claim a stark all sight it gives you political and economic advantage he has like most recently killed cook was on the front line during the war against myself. it is of great strategic importance because iraq's second largest oil fields are close by. and this is all that remains of the citadel in heat in western province built on alcohol chicle site also dating back five thousand years the town on the banks of the euphrates river was occupied by iso until two thousand and fifteen but i still sleeper cells still operate in the surrounding desert the security situation has
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been so bad for so long that conservation efforts stopped years ago revenue from visiting tourists as is the case in kirkuk is also a thing of the past and this means thousands of years of iraq's history could soon be beyond repair. zero at a bill. anti-government protests as in saddam defying a state of emergency declared by president bashir i knew vice-president prime minister and more than a dozen governors have been sewn enough to he dissolve the government on friday. this is what's the new government of sudan looks like and president omar al bashir wants it to work on fixing the economy and a country that will now be in a state of emergency for an entire year basheer is to two presidential decrees appointing army and security officers to govern the country's eighteen provinces
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after dissolving both sensual and state governments a move seen by many as bush's attempts to consolidate his absolute power in the country the only people who still have a job five members of the outgoing cabinet including the foreign and defense and justice ministers the newly appointed vice president who already serves as the defense minister says security needs to be established you harmon has a huge market there is a crisis bought of it was economic and part of it was due to what the previous government did in trying to find solutions the security aspect of the country must be consolidated and we must prepare the general atmosphere for a political process and this is all part of. the. protesters meanwhile continue to take to the streets to demand that the president step down but she has called for dialogue but opposition parties say that's not
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reflected in his actions and activists say protests will continue. these anti-government protests started last december that anger ignited by neck and neck crisis on saturday the ruling party postponed is april convention were a nominee for the country's twenty twenty lections was to be chosen but its members say that doesn't mean a delay in the elections. to see what extent. the state of pregnancy can be implemented on the ground so that they know what the weather is that of many seem to be against the. government. the organization of the freedom of the people. a mile bashir has ruled sudan for nearly thirty is he came to power in a bloodless military coup in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine overthrowing a democratically elected government but. the latest round of protests have become the longest wave of anti-government demonstrations since the country's independence
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from britain in one thousand nine hundred fifty six and the opposition wants them to continue which will test how effective these days of emergency will be e.g. duke way. thousands of people gathered in moscow and st petersburg to march in memory of the former russian opposition leader boys themselves he was murdered near the kremlin in twenty fifteen members of was one of president vladimir putin's most vocal critics at the time of his death he had been working on a report looking into russia's role in the conflict in ukraine. oh francis is ordering an all out battle against the abuse of children by priests a call from the head of the roman catholic church follows a four day meeting of senior clergy at vatican city but abuse survivors ought happy with what they've heard chalons reports. a religious service in the painted splendor of the vatican marks the end of this extraordinary
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meeting then pope francis gave high ranking clergy his concluding thoughts he called paedophile priests ravenous wolves and tools of satan and insisted this is a problem everywhere not just in developed countries where most cases have been exposed were very. here i would reaffirm that the church will spare no effort to do war that is necessary to bring to justice those who have committed such crimes the church will never seek to hush up or not take seriously any case it is convinced of the sins and crimes of consecrated people offer the tainted by infidelity and shame they just take it the countenance of the church and undermine its credibility. words that seem to go down well with those presents i have a very good feeling. and also the speech pope francis cave after mass this morning. for the strength and so very resolute so i think
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this meeting is not a finish up it's a start. we know there are some still active at least but survivors of abuse were angry they wanted to hear the pope say that abusive priests and those who cover up for them will be thrown out of the priesthood. but all it's. just words words words avoided seven years for change and others have been waiting thirty years for change and because he needs to do something concrete to remove bishops who have covered things up if there's a pope for the media critic of the cory mob it. traditions are vital to the longevity and appeal of the catholic church such as the angelus prayer given by the pope each sunday in st peter's square but the traditional secrecy with which the church has covered up decades of sex crimes is a threat to its very future. while people still flock in their thousands to hear the pope speak in person at the vatican and there are hundreds of millions more
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roman catholics around the world but pope francis is aware that sexual abuse is a nexus tensional problem for the catholic church it's driven away worshippers and if it's not properly handled more will leave. the vatican never said this unprecedented meeting would solve the problem cardinals have called it a step on the road they must now produce follow up measures for clergy to take back to their countries and put into practice rory chalons how to zero the vatican. security and immigration are topping the agenda the first have a joint summit between arab league countries and e.u. leaders egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi governments to unite behind the goal of defeating terrorism leaders attending the two day meeting also discuss ways to tackle the migration crisis impacting several european countries britain's prime minister was also at the summit in egypt reset may says she won't be holding
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another vote on breaks it this week we're having a good constructive with the european union we won't be bringing them in if you go back this week but we will make sure that that happens by the twelfth of march it is still within our grasp to have a deal with the european union that enables us to be on the twenty ninth of march with a deal people in japan's okinawa prefecture have voted against plans to relocate a controversial u.s. military base the local government says seventy two percent were against the move while nineteen percent were in favor campaigners say landfill work at heno kobe where the base would be relocated threatens a coral reef and they were worried the presence of troops could bring crime to the area. ballots are being counted in cuba after millions of people voted on whether to oppose a new constitution the government says it offers more freedoms while communism as the official political ideology but it's proving divisive as mariana sanchez
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reports some have ana. and mobilization in old havana more than one thousand volunteers are promoting the referendum. you have to tell people to come down and vote united. and also you have a way. to encourage people to go to polling stations. from house to house and last call before voting closed and. there's been a lot of negative campaigning against the proposal so we're here to explain the truth. the draft constitution recognizes limited private property opens the cuban economy to international markets and limits presidential terms and not guilty in cuba where the castro brothers held power for sixty years longer than the constitution we had was old now it's more futuristic based on the new ideals that have been leading us into
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a better country although many here say the constitution will officially recognize policies that are already in place critics saving and trying meant of socialism as the first guy of course will overshadow the modernist fashion if they bring to the country. the proposed social and economic changes may be modest but they signal an acceptance that change is needed to turn around cuba's stagnant economy but. it all seems to indicate the reality is taking center stage and that the cuban government knows it must fight the economic battle you know if he can do that with an inefficient state in the private sector drowned by regulations. there are opponents to the draft resolution some say it doesn't go far enough others say it is too socially liberal but they have the opportunity to vote no which in cuba is change indeed might be an essential just sida cuba.
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hello again i'm fully back to the headlines on al jazeera more people may have been killed in violent confrontation along venezuela's border with brazil than previously thought dozens of people are believed to have died in the town of santa ana as venezuelan forces try to stop opposition supporters from bringing foreign aid into the country but. at the moment we estimate there are twenty five people dead and eighty four injured we don't control the hospital the military controls that the people they killed they put them in an armored vehicle and took them to military bases that's why we're not sure of the exact number of did u.s. president donald trump says he's extending a deadline to increase tariffs on chinese imports after what he's calling substantial progress in the latest round of trade talks with beijing higher levies on more than two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products were due to be imposed from march first anti-government protesters in so don are defying
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a state of emergency declared by president omar al bashir a new vice president prime minister and more than a dozen governors have been sworn in after president bashir dissolved the government on friday. ballots are being counted in cuba after millions of people voted on whether to approve a new constitution the government says it offers more freedoms wasin embracing communism as the official political ideology green book has been named best picture at this year's academy awards it tells a story of a friendship between an african-american concert pianist and his italian american driver in the one nine hundred sixty s. it also won oscars for best supporting actor and best original screenplay in other categories a netflix production roma won three awards including best foreign language film and best director for mexico's alfonso quire on olivia colman was a surprise best actress winner for the favorites edging out seven time nominee glenn close and as expected rami melech took home the best actor oscar for his turn
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as a q. and frontman freddie mercury. when chinese authorities clamped down on what they see as unwanted were legal activity. they not only make arrests the pressure the accused to confess on television or the lawyers for the book publishers activists say. they've all been paraded on state media often before any formal conviction. i'm steve on
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this episode one east investigates china's public confessions are they real or just for show. their feelings for the syrian people. i apologize sincerely for this very. displays of contrition. works and i want to see that. you're eight years old. admissions of guilt i'll be hanged what happened he no why would he would have sufficient home. televised to audiences of hundreds of millions of people across china and beyond. since at least two thousand and thirteen chinese authorities have subjected dozens of alleged lawbreakers to this kind of treatment . the televised confessions are regularly presented as interviews and embed it in news programs. like
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a country in two thousand or some reports like this one featuring swedish citizen wayman high also repackaged for audiences outside china i got quite clear sense that he had been tortured for example when he or he was that hanged. it's a serious allegation. but quasars business associate lamb winkie says she too confessed under jurists. the middle of nowhere open. water. again do you know where you're going for you five as i'll be going into like that. they put me in this chair they locked me in it and locked the page where all these camera lenses proclaim through the bars of this cage i have myself been made of stars and planets television against my will. besides myself and mr humphrey i represent your corporate investigator peter humphrey and activist peter
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darlin have since been released they're now turning the spotlight back onto the platforms that aired their confessions accusing chinese state media of human rights violations the media are not just innocent bystanders forced through broadcasts these things they help make that help produce them to help extract them. it's no secret china has ambitions plans to extend the global reach of its stay toned t.v. network. but there are now growing calls for the international community to hold its journalism to international standards actually they are not media we are a part of commies and. yet thousands and yet you know. so well what i'm saying about lamb when key never intended to be an activist.
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but these days he's a regular at pro-democracy protests in hong kong and an outspoken critic of the chinese regime. up until two thousand and fifteen though lamb led a quiet lie. if managing this bookstore on a busy streets in hong kong. it served a nice market customers came looking for gossipy political books banned in mainland china but then one after another lamb and four men linked to the bookstore mysteriously disappeared. lam says his ordeal started when he went to visit his girlfriend in mainland china. one is your uncle some government guy her lover or some friend i just thought you know someone. summoned the whole. hour and i'm old. source of stop signs are going to knock your door it will
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go to no call. and. all of. back in hong kong speculation grew that the booksellers had been kidnapped and were being held in mainland china or. thousands of people took to the streets demanding answers. inside his cell in mainland china cut off from the outside world had no idea what was happening in hong kong could be anything yet. he didn't realize he'd appeared alongside three of its bookstore colleagues in a report produced by hong kong based phoenix television in it the men confessed to smuggling banned books into mainland china we. all unit usual. for months no one outside mainland china knew what had happened. then
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in june two thousand and sixteen he reappeared in hong kong chinese police had ordered him to return to the city to retrieve a hard drive containing information on his bookstores cus. dumars he used the opportunity to access the internet and what he read affected him deeply. you know how much i'm guy home. although you were one guy. you ladies are nothing more. i w. and what i. would like in one phone. instead of returning to the mainland lamb called a press conference where he spoke about his disappearance and t.v. confession oh yeah. yeah.
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yeah. yeah. beijing's response was swift china's ministry of foreign affairs issued this report all but day later you don't see szechwan what i mean pathogen within me we follow john what are family john what are your employment and mission your chair effects and. we've come to berlin to meet another accidental activist. for the past three years and you look away has worked on a difficult oftentimes exhausting campaign to compel chinese authorities to free her father lamb's fellow bookseller away main high a swedish citizen originally from china. i do think it makes a lot of sense into all advocacy here is my father is a resident. only here. and he has lived here for many years yes
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property. quaid disappeared from another of his overseas properties on october the seventeenth two thousand and fifteen. close circuit t.v. footage shows him returning to his condominium in the thai resort town of petaca. a man appears to be waiting for him. then unload his car before driving off again marking the start of a bizarre saga that is still unfolding here in the jungle so why do you mean you will die by the jungle call my wife saudi and all but when you're five for which she hasn't started in january two thousand and sixteen away appeared on chinese state broadcaster c.c.t.v. the report said he returned to china to time himself in for allegedly killing a pedestrian while driving under the influence of alcohol thirteen years ago really
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well as well so i just. got so worked very. hard for the. cultural good. or the old bit of the past and that's not why this through. that's a. way your sense of me and. his daughter angela spoke to one o one east shortly after the first confession and back then for security reasons we agreed not to show her face we are asked how she felt about her father's t.v. appearance i couldn't watch the whole thing because it was too missionary along. clearly the best that i saw seemed very scripted in october two
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thousand and seventeen two years off the way disappeared from thailand china's foreign ministry announced that he was a free man would be a high you don't you'll. be a parent with your with you humans are you treating one. you are eating each in years shirish it's your. volume you should up young human kong and all oh reading why for. three months later the bookseller was in the news again. he'd been seized by plainclothes chinese agents while on a train from shanghai to beijing with him to swedish officials. angela who had been allowed regular skype calls with her father in the months following his so-called release says she now believes the chinese government never meant to free him i got quite clear sense that he had been tortured for example when he was
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detained. and he also did tell me that they did not or the people or his friends that were. did not want him to leave china. he showed me a particular set of photographs taken of him as sort of smiling and sort of doing the peace sign with his fingers on some sort of a segue in a park. you know only told me that was taken by his by his friends and the. in the tone of voice in which he said that made you know i made it quite clear he's friends wire and i think you know that the setting of the image. also very sort of heavily suggests that the image was produced as kind of evidence that he was having a good time to turn in the fleet of china nearly three weeks off that being seized from the train away resurfaced smiling and in seemingly good spirits as he took part in an alleged interview arranged by china's ministry of public security
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chinese state media were invited to the event. which hong kong's south china morning post or i.c.m.p. was also present at the so-called interview and released this video so. they think they're c.m.p.d. handled this whole situation appallingly badly and they continue to do so i believe . they still haven't owned up to what they did which was to. john critically participate in the circulation of propaganda. in an e-mail to the newspaper's editor in chief angela wrote the interview scripted point by point rebuttal of the criticism against china's treatment of my father might as well have been a statement from the foreign ministry you still decided to run the story knowing
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these could not possibly.


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