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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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as the future of whaling in iceland the quarter machines decided. people in power killing we all know just. cost and tensions on both sides as india waits for the release of its captured by pakistan. we shall carry this is al jazeera life until coming up. south korea's leader offers to help the u.s. and north korea reach a deal on denuclearization after another round of talks fail. the sheer steps aside as head of sudan's ruling party has more than a dozen protesters are sentenced to jail. and then security council rejects rival
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resolutions pushed by world powers over the crisis in venezuela. and is awaiting the release of its pilot captured in pakistan prime minister iran cause announced they are mental be set free on friday as a gesture of peace comes after india and pakistan said they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region on wednesday as ahmad says it down to indian planes and arrested one pilot in delhi said it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own tensions have been escalating since february fourteenth when a suicide car bombing by the pakistan based group mohammed killed forty soldiers in indian administered kashmir a day later india was true its most favored nation status which it had granted pakistan since one thousand nine hundred six opting out of the trade pact means new delhi can now and hands customs duties to any level. it's coming from pakistan on
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tuesday india said it launched a preemptive air strike on what it called a terror training camp in pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir as ahmad warned it would respond never porters covering the story from both sides of the border so how raman is live in the indian capital new delhi first let's go straight to canal hiders and the pakistani capital islamabad so what what do we know about when this pilot is supposed to be released. we've been hearing since morning. it's going to be nice and then handed over to the indian retarded across the border wog off however so far we have no confirmation of that move expected to happen within the next few hours while your son has already made it clear that this is the overture. we have off it and then again skepticism even and follow them and read members of parliament have been speaking
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sangat instead of the appreciating that move by a thought just on the indian prime minister narendra modi is now saying that it happened there is just a beginning and that. sort of thing is going to go on forward progress on the raging phone from india the bunker sons overture to be focused on their dead wants to deescalate the crisis and is now waiting for india to fly but in the meantime the country is on a heightened state of alert we have been heading across although i. did read that signing into maintaining constant trolling and all day should interfere in our goal was intense diplomatic efforts and now we need a real go order that the board member. supposed to land in islamabad with an important message from the sody the focus on the foreign minister also said that
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the protests focus on is not going to be attending that meeting and not with dobby of the foreign minister ordered ministers of the organization of islamic conference . because the indian foreign minister is going to be deaf i guess on one zero i keep saying. membership until it is indeed now and then there's inflation that perhaps maybe some diplomatic effort that made sense but the crisis that is not told what a good grade dangerous and the throne. coming out of india a garden. here is very threatening hackamore hider life and islamic i thank you that's going to delhi now is standing by live for us so it's clear and report there is still a little bit or can you send mixed messages about what is happening with this pilot how it is being received what are you hearing there in new delhi.
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they did michel it seems that the indian government is on message when it comes to the foreign ministry and foreign ministry and the defense ministry that keeping quiet exactly about how they think the pilot if and when he is released will arrive back in india as far as the indian media is concerned they are quoting various internal sources saying that the pakistanis wanted to release the command via a land border just outside of lahore it's called the whacker border it's the atari border the indian side the indian said no they want to keep that military officer incommunicado once they get him back into their custody they'll want to deep grief him intensely about what went on what happened and how he was treated in pakistan india had offered to send a plane to pakistan to pick him up pakistan has said no apparently to that so we wait and see according to the chief minister of punjab the wing commander should have been or will be released within three to four hours so we waited until the
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patient of that but as commercial said from islamabad the tension continues here across the border in india the diplomatic efforts do continue but the issue of how these two countries are going to get to talk resolve their issues is a much longer process which is going to take a very long time and also the bigger questions will be who could actually help facilitate this it has to be said that so. from the indian side there is a suggestion that imran khan might to be pressured by regional neighbors to release that officer to deescalate the situation that hasn't been confirmed but it's certainly one theory that's being thrown around and yet from our side whether flight those planes flying over pakistan india is also on a heightened alert to specially in the kashmir region it's still a debility lockdown and curfew so for the moment the indians not letting up on
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pakistan at all they are still focused on trying to get international efforts international support for their position they want the perpetrators of those that planned the attack on those forty paramilitary personnel in mid february to be brought to justice and they want the that to be the main focus of where they stand right now so how do you know this this push to make sure that things are not normalized until there is some sort of justice for what happened how was this affecting also they were trying to just live their everyday lives. indeed when you have conflicts between governments and between countries as we often report not just on this channel but channels across the world it's always the ordinary person on the street that gets hurt in the midst of any conflict and this is no different the issue of kashmir and its division has been ongoing for nearly seven decades the line of control which is supposed to be under the supervision of
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the un continues to be infiltrated and it is people in indian administered kashmir that seem to suffer now there was a woman who died on thursday in the town of poonch she'll be buried today that was due to shelling not not because of the of the air attack in the last seventy two hours and yet we also have the muslim communities the reason in india. often coming out onto the streets to demonstrate against the government in new delhi what they allege is military brutality on consecutive days to second which has been ongoing for years now so that tension that. inability to try and find a solution is bubbling under all the time until the solution until a solution to that anger is found india and itself. be settled
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until the politicians themselves can actually find a way forward to appease those in kashmir and find a solution that brings peace to a very troubled region which would also. be received very well by the international community a solution could be found so helen thank you so much live for us and telling. the embattled president of sudan omar al bashir has stepped down as leader of the ruling national congress party but the main call by protesters has been for him to resign as president the move comes as thirteen protesters in sudan are to go to jail for between six months and five years. they've been sentenced by a court established under the country's recently impose state of emergency law earlier this week bashir outlawed public gatherings in a bid to stop the demonstrations to morgan joins us via skype from khartoum so what is the latest people with this state of emergency. well rachele overseen is that
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people defied the state of emergency that was all start over at least a week ago on friday when president bashir came out and announced that he wants to dialogue with the people who are demonstrating on the streets but he also now says state of emergency that is set to last for a year now since it's been announced we've seen people going up the streets protesting at expressing their frustration saying that they did not recognize the state of emergency that has been promised yesterday was no different except thousands coming out saying that they still plan to go on with their demonstrations they still plan to demand that president obama should step down and his thirty year rule he said he's not going to do that when he imposed a state of emergency introduce their measures that was going to fix the economy which started the village protests are more than two months ago but people are saying that it's gone beyond the economy now and if terry to the fact that he's been governance the thirty years and of they've seen is the economy in a downward spiral so they want to see change and i don't it's not clear how far as we go let's remember that the state of emergency is set to last for
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a year and as for the measures that have been introduced after the state of emergency people should not be protesting and are gathering in public without a proper parameter and therefore it's these people are saying that they're not going to sit there for and what they're going to to is just go out in the streets as they've been gente for the past ten weeks to continue demand that the president step down something he said he's not going to do so stepping down as the as you said he's not stepping down as president but as we said a good step down as party leader he delegated his powers to to a deputy what does this mean for what his position still is. well at the moment with the person who is in control of the military obviously it's difficult we get he gela get it last night let's remember when he was the state of emergency he said that he's going to try to be the president of the people not of his ruling party but it's there also questions about why he's doing this now let's remember when just before the state of emergency was announced that the head of secure national security in suggests brief journalists and setbacks with
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a state of emergency president bashir was going to step down who's going to make who's going to hold any amendments to the constitution that would bar him from running again if the amendments are army if the limits are halted what we heard him say on friday was that he's going to hold amendments but he's also suspending the constitution and that they will do state of emergency so his announcement of delegating powers to his that deputy is not unexpected it just came a week later than we were expecting to hear it but the question is why now and what is it called for the ruling party's future and for the future of the country let's remember that there was supposed to be a general convention for the ruling party a pro that has been postponed indefinitely and there should be elections next year so the ruling party should have a chance to the question is will president bashir each take back his power before the convention will there be a convention and will there be elections tend to judge which in twenty twenty these customs are all waiting to be answered in the from me as the state of emergency continues and sports the team you've even more here live for us and carcillo thank you.
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as afghan president says he will help washington and pyongyang reach a deal on two nuclearization after talks failed and vietnam the summit between u.s. president donald trump a north korean leader kim jong un was called off early on thursday after disagreements over sanctions. shocked you can go and you are i have high regard for president trump who has expressed his commitment to continuing talks an optimistic view i believe this is part of a process to reach a higher level of agreement now our roles have become even more important my administration will closely communicate and cooperate with the united states and north korea so as to help their talks reach a complete settlement by any means there's been competing narratives over why the talks failed trump says he had to walk away after can ask for all international sanctions to be lifted and that he has been reiterated by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh i think the president had it exactly right he said they basically asked for for sanctions relief that's true they basically did
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ask for that. that was in exchange for. some relatively undefined but the scope of the present trip didn't think was adequate to justify that level of economic sanctions relief or korea's foreign minister says the country only asked for a partial sanctions relief is accusing the u.s. of wasting an opportunity to strike a nuclear deal. you into the united states removes partial sanctions namely removes the articles of sanctions that hamper the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people in particular we will permanently and completely dismantle all of the nuclear material production facilities in the yongbyon area including plutonium and uranium in the presence of u.s. experts and by the joint work of technicians in both countries he was told me this proposal was the biggest denuclearization vision that we could take in the present state in relation to the current level of confidence between the d.p. r. k.
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and the united states south korea has been marking its one hundredth and dependence day it was hoped there would be more to celebrate after the vietnam summit robin pride is in seoul. celebrated in both north and south korea this event is a source of pride for all koreans marking the anniversary of when people rose up against the power that at the time was in control of the korean peninsula japan the one hundredth anniversary was always going to be especially significant even more so coming the day after what was meant to be the successful hanoi summit between trump and kim further advancing the improvement in into korean relations well obviously that narrative has now changed leaving south koreans including of course their president moon j.n. to put the best spin on this as possible insisting that the reconciliation process is still alive and well as he departed viet-nam president trump spoke on the phone
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from air force one with president moon welcoming his offer to act as intermediary between the u.s. and north korea to try to get things back on track it's a role of course the mood is familiar with having interceded a couple of times last year when the whole process seemed to have been stalled it remains to be seen if he can do it again. so head on al-jazeera take champagne and have in cigars the attorney general says he plans to indict a minister benjamin netanyahu. in opposition and said all or object has are not to silence when but find out why they aren't putting up a fight. hello the atmosphere is moving properly now in western europe where it's been still quiet
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and record breaking the warm the cloud is very obviously moving at some place through a good part of central europe that's not the temperatures bacchis brought rain down through southern france snow on the high ground as it was the northern sleights of the house it's still relatively moderate so to get level twelve degrees and ten in berlin the cold still confined now to this top right hand corner of europe the circulation more or less centered on moscow but the snow is really only on the higher ground and is still quite warm in spain and portugal think ok keep the same sort of motion in the atmosphere there was weather coming of the atlantic wet and windy frequently in the british isles in france the low countries and that's the picture but we're up in the teens it is not cold day twenty in madrid ten in vienna and even worse in particular unsettled recently around greece and turkey it's nothing like as bad athens up to eighty degrees ankara eleven and probably in the rain the snow the far east of to keep. hasn't warmed up the same degrees throughout
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the mediterranean there's no real action apart from these few showers still blowing into the west maybe north mean chips but temperature wise despite the large breeze we're only in the hard teams ninety five and twenty. the weather sponsored by qatar in. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. has this radical transformation occur. i mean nobody to me that actually shedding light on the remaining pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people on al-jazeera.
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there watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now india is awaiting the release of its pilot captured in pakistan prime minister and long consonants ehrman will be set free on friday as a gesture of peace while it was caught after the two countries said they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region soon as president omar bashir has stepped down as leader of the country's ruling party but will remain as president sure has been facing months of demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year rule south korean president has offered to help washington and pyongyang reach an agreement on two nuclearization after talks failed in vietnam a summit between donald trump and kim jong il was called off early after disagreements over sanctions. to get more now on our top story the tension between india. pakistan over the disputed kashmir region is
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a former government official and any administered kashmir is at the indian government's approach has made the situation worse. i think a kind of hardline approach to resolving the conflict by denying political space to those political formations who do norma settling agree with the dominant sentiment which is in the rest of the country i think that has been kind of counter product to the last seventy years of the conflict to be have seen many attempts muzzling the voices which are not necessarily in sync with what is of the majority in the rest of the country we have seen political space being denied we have seen these crackdowns in the past as well but our experience tells us that it's finally the enlarging of the democratic space that has helped in restoring normalcy in kashmir not to approach which is the military approach which is a hardline approach or a muscular approach. as attorney general says a plans to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu for bribery fraud and breach of trust and three separate cases
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and now who has dismissed the allegations as a politically motivated which time the announcement comes ahead of elections in april or expense reports unless. he is the first sitting israeli prime minister to be charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust benjamin netanyahu says he's innocent and will stay in his post and with him is a crucial uhm i am telling you citizens of israel this house of cards will collapse i'm certain about this i am four thousand percent certain about this i plan to keep serving you and the state as the prime minister for many years to come don't believe all the spin this depends on you it's not dependent on the officials or the analysts. there's no legal requirement for him to step down. peel to the supreme court say look at slow it's not logical the job of the prime minister is
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a very complicated job because those security issues and says that the comic issues you cannot the law serve spend days in. the court netanyahu is in the middle of an election campaign which if you wins puts him on course to be israel's longest serving prime minister but investigators say netanyahu made decisions to benefit a friend who is the main shareholder in israel's biggest internet infrastructure provider in return you get positive coverage from this friend's popular news website browse. netanyahu is charged with fraud and breach of trust because he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in lavish gifts and their allegations of a deal that would guarantee favorable coverage from a popular newspaper says of. the corruption investigation has been going on for years and doesn't seem to have dented netanyahu is popularity. says that guy only b.b. he's innocent these supporters are saying. they're all of the underdog in israel
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most of the media. the left wing. india's been using this to sway the voters of the likud that is the. name and. want to. redeem and they want to do vigil him benjamin netanyahu will now have an opportunity to argue his case before the attorney general who will then make a final decision on whether to go ahead with the indictment and that is months away what matters now in an election campaign has become quite tight is whether any new details emerge about the nature of the charges netanyahu faces whether the unsavory new details there are enough to put off currently loyal supporters bernard smith i'll just era west jerusalem the u.s. is offering a one million dollars reward for information about osama bin laden's son the state department says holmes a bin laden is emerging as
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a leader of al qaeda that says he could be on the afghan pakistan border and recent years homes of bin laden has released audio and video messages calling for attacks on western targets. pretty council has rejected rival resolutions on venezuela and the u.s. draft urged free and fair fair that as presidential elections and the delivery of aid but it was vetoed by russia and china an account or proposal by russia and support the government failed to get enough votes christine salumi reports. that as well an opposition leader traveled to brazil on thursday visiting president jarrett both an hour and a masters of european union states it was part of a tour of several nations meant to ratchet up international pressure on president nicolas maduro to step down. at the united nations knows allies attempted to do the same united states introduced a resolution calling for a free and fair elections in venezuela as well as humanitarian access but russia
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would not have it was opposed we are seriously concerned by the fact that today's meeting may be exploited as a step for preparations for real not humanitarian intervention and as a pretext for external intervention they vetoed the draft which was supported by nine other council members the us is special representative for venezuela said the biggest threat to the venezuelan people came from their government regrettably by voting against this resolution some members of this council continue to shield rural and his cronies and prolong the suffering of the venezuelan people. more than three million people have fled the country seeking food and medicine while others have taken to the streets in protest after an election widely regarded as illegitimate supporters of the resolution pointed out that it contained no authorization for military force but venezuela raised the specter of colonialism
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the power to this will has to do with having this one on solving at the end of an assault on people they behave like colonial east i'm not saying these approach yourself recall and i say shouldn't of latin america russia introduced its own resolution reaffirming the territorial integrity and political independence of venezuela but it only got four votes european countries which have also recognized quite doe accused russia of misrepresenting the us draft and venezuela of working against the interests of its own people and i said that it is not true that the dilemma in venice well is between war and peace as they have said it is not true that a dilemma in one ideology or another in venezuela it is between democracy and dictatorship . so the international stalemate continues. nicolas maduro remains in power and one by doa wonders if he'll be allowed to go home christine salumi al-jazeera the united nations and venezuela's office later is arriving in paris by building
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support among south american neighbors apollo's a meeting with brazil's president tire paulson are who promised to give one by joe his full support says he will return to going to sway law by monday despite the threat of arrest. come in better place than somalia's capital for hours after a bombing that killed at least twenty nine people they say a car bomb was detonated in a plot to assassinate a sure omar the chief judge of somalia's appeals court says it was behind that attack some calls president has won a second term in office for opposition candidates say they won't oppose provisional results the show macky sall to fifty eight percent of the vote reports in dakar. it's a victory they were expecting. declared the winner of sunday's presidential election with fifty eight percent of the vote there will be no second round much of the relief of his party supporters i am so happy that he won he deserves this because
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you were. a good many years to really show this in it's people who are. going to day to day guys do not have a right to be years out sorry decors university students protests the you know it's mit police firing tear gas to quell the angry crowd. it must be said that the incumbent candidate is going to skate at the will of the senegalese people and will be only one to bear the consequences in the face of the people and history. while the other candidates reject the results they say they want to peel the outcome. during the two week campaign being company president boasted of his achievements the economy is growing at an unprecedented rate of seven percent the number one jupiters has tripled so all promises to turn senate go into middle income economy thanks in part to the recent oil and gas discoveries estimated to be worth more than the fifty billion dollars but unemployment remains high and nearly half of senegalese live on less than two dollars
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a day thousands have attempted to cross the mediterranean flee not war but the lack of economic opportunities. candidate attracted mostly young voters frustrated with corruption the political system and calling for change the challenge for president is to address grievances of young people who haven't voted for him who are unemployed and struggle despite the economic growth. during his two thousand and twelve campaign promise change seven years later he's promising the same but the electorate has changed sinegal is now made up of mostly wanting action promises a load or no longer enough nicholas hawk the car a prominent philippine journalist re-arrest has filed a motion to dismiss the libel cyber libel case against her rapper found her publish a story about a business and two thousand and twelve argues that the law under which the charges
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were filed came into effect two years later she says it's just the latest in a string of politically motivated accusations against her. headlines for you now on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister says a captured pilot will be released on friday as a peace gesture a pilot was caught after n.p.r. and pakistan's have a shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region so how on the has reaction from new delhi. the issue of the diversion that india's that you just want to call the narrative that india doesn't want to continue is that this gesture of goodwill by releasing the pilots is in some way going to normalize relations relations cannot be normalized as far as into assistance still those that were behind the killing of forty one power abilities on the fourteenth of february a brought to justice or not it's
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a very adamant position by the indian government sudanese president omar al bashir has stepped down as leader of the country's ruling party but will remain as president made comes as thirteen protestors for jail for between six months and five years or a sentence by a court a stablished of the country's recently impose state of emergency law on the south korean president says he will help washington and pyongyang reach a deal on two clear ization after talks failed in vietnam the summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il was called off early on thursday after disagreements over sanctions for the. shock to go would you are i have high regard for president trump who has expressed his commitment to continuing talks an optimistic view i believe this is part of a process to reach a higher level of agreement now our roles have become even more important my administration will closely communicate and cooperate with the united states and north korea so as to help their talks reach a complete settlement by any means they had security council house rejected rival
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resolutions on the crisis in venezuela. seeking free and fair elections failed at the security council with russia and china vetoing the move and russia's resolution was rejected as well common battled police and somalia's capital hours after a bombing that killed at least twenty nine people play say a car bomb was detonated in a plot to assassinate bashir omar the chief judge of somalia's appeals court says it was behind the attack. the u.s. is offering a million dollar reward for information about osama bin laden's son the state department says homes have been laden is emerging as a leader of al qaeda and says he could be on the afghan pakistan border and said bin laden has released audio and video messages calling for attacks on western targets so the headlines to keep it here on al-jazeera for news throughout the day in the meantime the strain this next. with a new leader in brazil comes changes to how we deal with it in the u.s.
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brazil's vice president is playing an active role the president asked you not to talk to the press but you're still talking the president just told me to be careful the vice president of brazil. zero we are all in this together so let's do this together. i have a kid president i did. today i announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america. we need to create a wave in the rest of the country and bring that we've crashing down on their heads and i'm here tonight to ask you we. my daddy and enough it's the janitor but his little girl got the chance to be a public school teacher a college professor. state senator and a candidate for president of the.


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