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tv   50 Feet From Syria  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2019 11:32pm-12:00am +03

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sometimes when women make them saves make themselves available to be elected there's a lot of pressure and violence which sometimes discourage women but nevertheless you still see women in every election in many countries making themselves available to be elected so we also need to encourage society to recognize that if we don't change the look in fear of politics the look and feel of the security institution we will not be able to have in the course of security force an inclusive and inclusive parliaments that can look after the interests of everybody . who will be able to address issues from different perspectives if we continue to allow these institutions to be dominantly led by men we had to do we are denying ourselves that richness of the contribution that can come from women and i'm not saying that women or women are perfect that they will make the right
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decision but in the interests of for men means that we give us a chance to have more women that will stand for other women but also we need to engage the majority of the men who are there so that amongst them we can have those that are concerned about broader society is encouraged to stand up and to also lead from the front you talk about women putting themselves out there. encountering pushed or in some cases violence i'm thinking of the saudi women drivers pushing for more equality in a very modern day skill that you and i take rather than women campaigning for. stronger domestic violence laws in russia and finding themselves imprisoned. when it be easier to say oh my gosh i don't want to go to prison i'll just put up
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with the status quo. can we accept that the truth of the matter is that said to is only change because some people. believe in a purpose that is bigger than them and they put themselves out there to to make the changes we continue to need people like that in our societies we also need young people is also to be initiated into activism so that they too are able to take a stand and to fight for the rights of their communities and to save their their own future than you yourself have done that you have been a word disloyal or you were just really president of south africa you know what the pressure is and what the responsibility people placed on you when you serve and what it was for was gratifying about you know i think the important thing about making yourself a public representative is to know that you are not there for yourself you are not
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. in order is to serve so you have to gauge your success by the number of people whose lives are changing because of the work that you do you also need to understand that for that kind of a job is a no one has to thank you it is a thankless job you have to keep on trying even if they are and people who are the cheering you. you also need to know that it is not about self and richmond very important it is a lonely it is a life of sexual highs but it is very gratifying any many of these official posts that we we undertake the institutions actually provide you with enough platform and support. to to live a descent life saw for so much. for people that so much. is
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is being given much more is expected so that you can serve people we have much less than what you have in knowing their chair not there for yourself there being a public service is not being a public master actually there to serve always has to be has to be paramount and i think as leaders we really have to lead. by example it is not as difficult as the sometimes make it to be it can be done how important is it to have women such as cory aquino indira gandhi merkel theresa may. running a country what message does that serve to all of society it tells especially girls that this job can be done by someone who looks like me first job can be done by. there is a story i don't know if it's true but it's interesting never the same where boys
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were asked in germany if they would want to be head of state and one boy says well now in germany you can be a head of state only guilds can be heads of state because for the time that seven year old had lived they only knew one person who was a head of state and it was it was a woman so they begin to shape how he says this role can you imagine how many roles in society where girls never see women or girls in those position and what and how that must shape the way kells a aspire in choose the their careers the diversity and the presence of men and women in positions of authority sends a message to boys and girls that this is for you to we are actually even challenging private sector in the my kids in advertising industry to ensure that we
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have good. change studio types in marketing and in advertising we have companies that have come together and partnering with us and we have formed and stereotype alliance and our our focus is to change the way the marketing and advertising industry projects both men and women in the best interest of creating a society where everyone can be a fair amount but isn't that a problem isn't that easy for companies to do with three percent of the biggest u.s. corporations are run by women the women get to middle level professional status but can't seem to get into that upper. shouldn't the pressure be there as well. absolutely. not we have to take and do
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everything. we have to get them to project to society through their marketing and advertising we have to engage directly with shareholders with c o's to change their boards one of the complaints that we are pushing forward is young women is fifty fifty representation of men and women incorporate in corporate boards because next year we are going to be twenty five years after the adoption it's going to be twenty five years after that ocean of the beijing platform which is one of the most comprehensive agreement that exist amongst nations for supporting gender equality and the fact that we're still talking about such dismal numbers in the presentation of women means that we actually have to be very direct about interesting that a presentation of women in boards i saw that even the churches now are calling for
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diversity in board these are really desperate times we only have ten countries in the world with cabinets that fifty fifty representation ten i mean choosing and putting together a cabinet is the prerogative of a prime minister any president you don't have to go to two to elections about it which is a much more complex activity so surely when you become a president and you have this amount of power it should be possible to consider using their to one power in the voted so that you have to change society by bringing in the strong the extraordinary women of your country to be in leadership and through them begin to change the way society perceive women that too is wonderful. campaigns we need fifty fifty cabinets in many more countries than we have now and we need fifty fifty boards in many countries than we have now but i
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also have to highlights the fact that we want this change at the top but we also need to look at change it's the bottom so that we also change things for those women who it may never sit in boards who may never be in cabinet so that is why things like minimum wage is important because it's for those women who are it's the bottom of the pyramid that is way policies that supports the women in the informal sector social protection in order to make sure that women in the informal sector have maternity leave have access to pensions have access to health care services. because for them these are just the basic things that make them leave from one day to the other so we need a bottom up as well as a top down approach what is the future. gender equality and what is
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human women doing to make that happen is there something out of the box coming here each year and women needs everybody because we are a catalyst for change we have a mandate given to us by member states to push them to bring about change is one way in which we are using this mandate is to push for the end of all discriminatory laws in every country so rights now we're focusing a specific countries where the laws are devastating to women and engaging with the countries to bring about changes in in those countries i have to say i'm thankful that they're number of countries that are willing to bring about changes but also they are countries where it is actually quite difficult where
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sometimes we even see the vessel of the gains that we made we are also pushing for countries who already have many good laws to implement the good laws because it takes a lot to pass a law it's a devastating disappointment when the laws are being passed we are also collaborating in partnering with a private sector for private sector to take on the responsibility of addressing the issue of equal pay because more money for women who sell their labor just as everybody else doing the same amount of work is men and then ending up with less money in their pockets that's an injustice so we're engaging directly with the private sector we have a coalition which involves member states private sector civil society human rights activists labor unions to call for for this for this change to happen we are also. actively involved in addressing the issue of financial
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inclusion and the use of technology in order to make sure that we can bring about services such as. more money to women in every part of the world because rights now two thirds of people in the world have access to two mobile technology and connectivity that's a lot of people but the number of people who are getting better services as a result of connectivity does lots with mobile connectivity and we are pushing for that we working with with partners in that regard because with global connectivity for instance you can improve the quality of health you can provide more money is going to get you can improve access to education you can reduce the number of travelling that people in rural and isolated areas have to. take
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in order for them to access services we need to make sure that we influence the way infrastructure is used we need to influence the way innovation directs itself so that it is in innovation that once to solve problems we have a lot of innovation but we can have more innovation which is about taking pictures of ourselves we need innovation to address poverty we need innovation to address access to energy access to water it is possible the technology exists now we need the will the political will to do it and we need foresight also in the private sector to recognise that it is important to make these investments really because there's a future customers if you get it right for them to get it right for yourself with the will to live level thank you so much for talking to al-jazeera thank you very
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much for having us we look forward to coming back again thank you. see. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how has this radical transformation occur. i mean no mother to me that she was shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain the people on al-jazeera. which is saying has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said journalists journalism become
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a crime. to silence while we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable in the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say an old journalist attained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. rewind continues i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best about just me or is documentaries the struggle continues book from. hughes distance revisiting. anatomy of an american city close friends who
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lost to the streets i can literally see the future of baltimore to the asthma school and it does not look rewind on al-jazeera. swear every. this is al-jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm kemal santa maria welcome to the news grid ground it boeing's the best selling airplane is in trouble up to china ethiopia and indonesia all order the
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seven three seven max planes out of the sky that is off to the ethiopian airlines crash which killed one hundred fifty seven people we've got updates coming from. nairobi as the investigation begins also on the grid me and. already enduring miserable conditions in the camps of bangladesh and they could now face a new crisis according to the un special rapporteur also wants me in my referred to the international criminal court for its treatment of the muslim population and global conflicts drag on one industry is definitely benefiting the latest global arms report shows how just five. now account for three quarters of world sales and how more and more of those weapons heading to the middle east. facing accusations of political bias on its part twitter says it will only allow certain advertisers to run campaigns head of india's general elections. tweet us your questions and comments throughout the show using the hash tag eighteen is good.
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news live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live in the al-jazeera dot com and somber mood in ethiopia and in kenya this monday following the airplane crash on sunday which killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board people from at least thirty five nationalities in fact on that boeing seven three seven max jet which crashed just minutes after takeoff from. the united nations held a vigil for nineteen people who lost in the crash and they have been tributes held in other cities as well the focus there is to determine what happened to cause the crash and there are media reports in kenya that the black box flight recorder has been recovered so we can have more from mohammed in addis ababa shortly first catherine sawyer with this update from nairobi. a very somber mood here at the u.n. environment assembly some of the passengers in that flight were delegates were coming
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for this meeting there were also stuff members in that flight interpreters and other stuff members there were also u.n. workers who were in that flight as well this is a huge u.n. complex a regional hub with several u.n. agencies based here into u.n. headquarters are here as well so there was a moment of silence at the beginning of the u.n. flag here is flying at half mast very somber day but delegates here really gearing to go on saying that they're resilient this is an important meeting they'll be discussing climate change pollution and other issues that affect the environment throughout the week heads of state will be coming here in the coming days and they're hoping that commitments are going to be made on some of this very important issues that are being tackled but this tragedy really casts a shadow over the conference and we watch. the main airport in nairobi where
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relatives of those who died a still going to get more information most of those who died were kenyans thirty two of them and we spoke to one one family that says that their you know their their relative a dose of the man we spoke to was coming home on holiday from vienna so he was very distraught the government officials have told him to get information that they're going to get more information on thursday on whether some members are going to be flying to get to get more information from there and also how they're going to get the bodies of their loved ones for burial this is going to be a long process because. you know identification some of these bodies are badly charred so a lot of crew from the families they're asking a lot of questions and still trying to in time allies what happened what could have gone wrong with that flight. investigators have said that they are found two
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very cool szell equipments to the investigations thought is the cockpit voice recorder something that will give them an idea of the final moments before what actually to hop in before the plane crashed and also the digital flight recorder otherwise known as the black box and this is something that has created some sort of elation in if you appear but now a serial fishel over the open lines is see the black box east partly damaged and they will see what they can withdraw or what they what they can get from it and that is also sending some. of calls if your pin vientiane exploits and investigators been joined says sunday afternoon by united states and kenyan investigators today they were joined by israeli foreign
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sick exploits and together there comping through the wreckage which is spread across an area several kilometers a wide and also rescue workers continue with a gleam of finding the remains of the people which all true not on this particular area which is a farming community just thirty also kilometers outside the industrial town of the shelf to about fifty kilometers from where i am right now so the two tusks are going. ok so we've also got a situation where the world's or what is the world's best selling so far has hit further problems because china ethiopia and indonesia all grounded their seven three seven max jets and with that news boeing shares slid around ten percent in monday morning trading adrian brown with us from beijing. well in light of the ethiopian plane crash china has moved swiftly and decisively on monday morning the
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civil aviation administration confirmed that it had notified all of chinese airlines telling them that the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft had been grounded and would remain grounded indefinitely it so far affects ninety six aircraft you know the administration felt that there were similarities between the crash in ethiopia and one in indonesia almost six months ago that also involved a boeing seven three seven max eight it was also practically brand new and also crashed shortly after takeoff and for china that was one similarity to many now the the max eight is basically the latest version of the boeing seven three seven which is very much the the work course of the chinese airline industry now it's not just boeing that china purchases from china also buys from air bus but it's also developing its own version of the boeing seven three seven the co maxi nine one
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nine an aircraft that it hopes to sell not just domestically but also eventually overseas. and so of course a lot of this focus for boeing in fact on facebook has just asked does boeing have any response to what happened well the company's actually not said a lot yes it's offered condolences it's also sending a technical crew which will be helping with the investigation but given the popularity of this plane a lot of airlines and a lot of passengers are going to be asking a lot of questions no i showed you this on sunday's grid all of the airlines which operate the max seven three seven just want to be a little more specific today these are the thirty seven airlines which have actually taken delivery of the planes three hundred fifty aircraft so far in these thirty seven that you're saying but if we click view all and we actually see here the sixty nine airlines in total who ordered the seven thirty seven max and if you remember from yesterday there are around four thousand seven hundred planes in that
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backlog right now that is how popular this plane is that is how concerning it is that there have been two crashes in five month slips check in with john hendren he's in chicago for us john early trading in the united states monday morning how's boeing fairing the. not well at all come on stocks were down about ten percent this was the one major stock that is really weighed down on what otherwise is a rising day in the dow jones industrial average boeing is a major driver of the u.s. economy i'm sitting here in chicago where the company is based so all of those jitters around the world of reverberated throughout the u.s. they have definitely hit wall street here in chicago but also all around the world where passengers are phoning their airline saying i don't want to travel on that plane and as you've mentioned some of those airlines around the world have canceled the flights but here in the u.s. two major airlines that use that boeing seven thirty seven max eight that is
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southwest airlines and american airlines have both told passengers they stand by the plane they have absolute confidence and they're not letting people change their flights for free but they are getting a flood and you can see some of this on twitter a flood of complaints from passengers who are saying they want to switch their flights so for many of those passengers they're going to have to pay to do that themselves the other thing we have to remember i guess and this is more on a sort of business the angle john but company like boeing and airbus in europe there is a very important because airplane order is a huge they are with billions of dollars they make a huge difference to not just the company but the local economy. that's right the united states government has a big investment in boeing because the u.s. economy is largely affected by it all of those planes you were talking about earlier they get sold all around the world boeing and airbus are of course great
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competitors in the u.s. has a major stake in boeing's fortunes so u.s. aviation authorities haven't immediately jumped in here and made the call they tend to be slow to action but if they thought that there was a serious flaw in that plane you can bet that they would ground it so far we have not reached that point but you're absolutely right that boeing has a major effect on the u.s. economy it's one of the companies that presidents talk about when they're talking about u.s. exports and how the u.s. economy is doing boeing has a network of suppliers all of them would be affected by this best selling plane if something were to happen in the production so boeing is going to be anxious to find out exactly what the problem is here because they're going to want to put that problem to bed whether that means going back in to each and every one of these planes and fixing something that is wrong with it or whether that simply means letting the public know about a problem that in their minds might be completely unrelated to the manufacture of
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that plane but right now they want to get down to the bottom of it and those boxes that you were talking about that have been discovered will be key to finding that out ok good to talk to you john hendren in chicago for us to send us in your thoughts as well once you hash tag you're getting plenty of. comments and on facebook not all of them ones i would actually read out just remember this is a very serious situation the one hundred fifty seven people have died so sensitivity is in order has to grid at i.j.a. english on twitter and facebook comes out as there are for that live stream and then this number plus one seven four five one triple one four nine which will cover you on whatsapp and telegram if you want to keep in touch with us there. venezuela we're going to look at now where the effect of that massive blackout on thursday and friday is actually still being felt this new week.


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