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and draws all sorts of other problems of european economies as well and jeopardize the peace process on the island of ireland as well are you actually prepared to do that and i think the problem with all of it is that they have so little trust so little faith in her because all she seems to do is stonewall people all that saleem that whatever she says in response to that question they don't they won't really know what to make of it and so then they going to have to have another conversation with outside the room as to what they try to do if she does lose the vote whether they shun folds and go for a long extension know what else but they are i think just bit wills it's that she seems to be driving this process without any support whatsoever insider and all of them honestly in brussels with the nicest thank you. i'll have more from london is later but right now it's over to die hard i'm come on let me thank you for listening and here's what's coming up on the news hour accused of violating the use competition rules again google is now hit with a one point six billion dollar fine. after the tragedy
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a diplomatic war of words between turkey and australia and sport more n.b.a. history for james harden of the houston rockets and he will have that a little later on. algeria's foreign ministers calling for dialogue with members of the opposition. has been saying president i believe these but if think it will hand over the presidency to whoever is elected after a new constitution is agreed upon. ok then and when she and her work the solution lies in dialogue the algerian state is fully ready for dialogue moreover it is fully ready to welcome the representative of the opposition and civil society as members a new government that is being formed now and a constructive dialogue is the only way capable of finding successful solutions that meet people's expectations in the states responsibilities algerian media is
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also reporting the president's party the national liberation front now fully supports the ongoing protests calling for political change the party's early decision to nominate president bush to flee to for a fifth term has now been described as a mistake also the second largest party in power has expressed its support for the protests turned shia. east's to run the presidential race for a fifth term in his current physical condition is nothing short of lack of common sense on our part we have not had any of courage to express all what is in our minds we were not among those convinced with the notion of running for a fifth term in his current physical condition and with us once again i am a little bit her who is a research fellow at the school for advanced studies in social sciences in algiers on skype for us so how do you view this this sort of change in tone from not just the ruling party but also the second largest party now saying where would the
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protesters. well there could be a first streaming our first understanding of the events that everyone now is with the revolution even the people who have been tweeting to put the stars to end up with another iraq and syria now with the revolution even people who are accurately counting revolutionaries and their and treating get totally killed syrians who are joining to magnetise the demonstrations i have with we believe she's out so there may be a first in standing that he says they forced us. to to giant durable ocean that mary had to think that's new but i do not believe that this is only debt we have here with my own that with the sacrifice of a cut. she now demands silence that she can have not say regulation is not to vote you are certain the bath so there is
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a tap to you to pollution to see you my presence there through the boxes so two hundred at the exit that i'm trying to. be reaction rated has old guy really old and didn't even read all the way from his you know to parties well yet has the jewels on the kitchen the foreign minister is saying there needs to be dialogue with the opposition and that president bush to make a will hand over power once there is a new constitution agreed and what strikes me is that and maybe you can correct me there's no real timeline on this it will happen at some point in the meantime but if we can stays in power which is not what the people want. look it's absolutely else that there's a total disconnection between what the people who want the want the absolute the care about would feel how the museum or the party is. the ruling elite but that's something that we should understand there is now
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a growing cancer it's knowledge to know that there is going to be a transition the little known state plan in place has such some data going to be a transition and there's a. panic among the initiative to try to license place itself within this transition so there's a huge risk allocation of resources because that's what is the most important way how are we going to preserve our national economy cantrip within this framework of transition to cut so that's really how we should understand all this moves that the whole of these so if it's true just to get some international support and second to come to the people debt issuance be part of the transition to come up there and you really do you know the one thing that is. pushing there is forward and to worst report. is not only their willingness to press them to control the
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transmission and maintain their wages and their access to crystal's imo because joining us from algiers as ever thank you for your time. let's go to new zealand now where the first funerals have been held for the victims of last week's attacks for example a father and son who fled the war in syria were laid to rest in christ church where fifty people were shot dead during friday prayers thirty bodies have now been released to the families when i. it's five days since worship his was shot dead in two christchurch mosques and the bodies of the victims are being released for burial here a father and his son khaled moustapha and his teenage son hamza were refugees from syria they and their family arrived in new zealand last year among the mourners holmes's younger brother who was shot and wounded in the attack on the el nor mosque hamza had attended kashmir high school in christchurch along with another of the victims it was there that the prime minister was welcomed on wednesday with
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a traditional mahdi haka. was one of the messages that i want to hear to our gang people in particular he said kate a grave is i came to ask for help even if you were directly effected these things these images that people are saying they are really really difficult to proceed some injured in the attack of now left christchurch hospital after treatment but many remain some in critical condition the medical staff say that tired but proud of the way they've responded to what was an unprecedented number of gunshot wounds gunshot injuries aren't uncommon for us we normally see went to a month and we normally see one to two critically injured gunshot i should say year so about six in the last three years but to get forty x. in one day is exceptional hoping to be exceptional for any hospital in the world actually the mosques where the attacks took place are still under police guard but people are hoping they'll reopen in time for friday prayers most of the focus now
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is on cleaning and reconstruction of the mosques worshippers want to be able to return for what would be difficult emotional and poignant friday prayers but they also don't want any physical reminders of what happens the prime minister has announced that friday's call to prayer will be broadcast on television and radio around new zealand and then two minute silence will be held to honor those who were killed wayne hay al jazeera christ church. twenty seven in the morning in christchurch new zealand he's under thomas with us now andrew let's talk about the new zealand prime minister first of all just who you did speak to. yeah which is i mean prime minister full not even a year and a half and not particularly well known outside of this part of the world to be absolutely blunt new zealand is not a major player in the world stage but all the world's focus has been on her country and her over the last week and she's been saying generally as having led from the
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front on all aspects of this horrific story she was here in christchurch just hours after the attacks happened last friday she's been shuttling back and forth between here and wellington ever since and not just sending thoughts and prayers but actually i'm now saying the government is taking action full most she's been talking to the victims and about the victims at a press conference yesterday i asked her about those first funerals that you saw in one in his package that she just said how devastating it was to her how just seeing words to have to be the prime minister of a country that have given refuge to see people fleeing war in syria only to meet their deaths in a brutal way just months later in one of her cities well disinter i sat down with al jazeera to talk in more depth about the events of the last week here's part of her interview. since last friday's attack the always of the world to be the new
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zealand and its prime minister. has only been in the job seventeen months and never expected the horror of what happened last friday speaking to al-jazeera she says she appreciates the sympathy the country's received we feel all of the support and condolences that of being shared with us from around the world and particularly. from the global muslim community and i think on behalf of new zealand and perhaps of the new zealand muslim community i say thank you for that support we have we have found it very strongly our dances she's all too aware how people at prayer with the targets of last week's attack so confronting to us this new zealanders that it happened in that place of peace the worship where you know that our muslim community would have been in a place of deep contemplation when it was so clearly targeted at the him and talk to attack at the same while they were shipping there i find deeply confronting the
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prime minister says the government was motivated by hate and ideology and that makes him a terrorist for me the case for using the word terrorists is a fairly clear this was a terrorist act this was a direct tech very directed take a deliberate attempt on new zealand's muslim community we should call that what it is all done except racist of the geology exists in the country absolutely acknowledges even though this terrorist act was committed by someone who was not a new zealander we cannot ignore that as many nations do that there are those in new zealand albeit small who will share the ideology of this attack a and we must root that out she says social media needs to be better poll. least globally and she'll give details of the proposals to tighten down laws later this
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week it's my belief that when we come to announce the decisions that have been made by us as a government i actually believe that new zealanders who currently hold guns for legitimate use that they will be with us that they will absolutely see the need for the reform that we are proposing and why it is being proposed you don't have a terrorist act like this happen on your soil and not ask yourself the question did our gun laws contribute to the if they did let's change the prime minister says to mark the passing of a week since the attack a two minute silence will be held mentioned wide on friday along with the broadcast of the muslim cool to prayer the message that i'm sharing is actually just a message on behalf of the new zealand people we are an inclusive peaceful nation we are a people and grieving alongside our muslim community and that is who we are and that is simply what i am communicating and through thursday morning when you are in
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new zealand what's expected to happen today. well in brief more funerals the bodies are generally with families now most of those who were killed last friday were tops isn't being done and if families are ready to receive the bodies they've got everybody in place of funerals and a lot will be happening on thursday including that of the eldest victim so being killed a seventy one year old i spent part of monday with his family his sons it's grandchildren and they were at that stage very frustrated that they weren't able to get their grandfather's body back will they have got it back now and they'll be burying him later on thursday we may hear details of these gun laws in her interview there was a mention just said that later this week she'd be announcing publicly what her cabinet had agreed in private although more likely that will come on friday possibly over the weekend another interesting development here everyone in new
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zealand is being told not to share the horrific image aires that the government put online during his attack last friday but one person who has been sharing them why the political rallies is turkey's president again and general and was asked whether she found that offensive a number of times on wednesday and she kept saying what i've done is i've sent my deputy prime minister to turkey and he'll be there he'll be arriving about now to see members of the turkish government direct she's obviously not happy she didn't set out loud on wednesday but she's obviously not happy and as i say she sent winston peters deputy prime minister to turkey to express that disquiet so diplomatically that's what's going on here on the ground it's all about the funerals and the flowers that still keep on coming thomas in christchurch thank you the u.s. secretary of state and the israeli prime minister valid to fight together against the threat posed by iran on the last leg of his middle east tour might compare said
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the u.s. will defend israel against what he called iran's regional rampage. the ayatollah has declared that the united nations destruction of israel is his primary goal with such threats a daily reality of israeli life we maintain our unparalleled commitment to israel's security and firmly support your right to defend yourself under the ten year ammo you that we signed in two thousand and sixteen we provide three point eight billion dollars annually for security assistance to israel. pompei was actually in israel to attend a summit to discuss a deal to send gas from the mediterranean to europe leaders from greece cyprus and israel to sign an agreement for a new pipeline in february a us energy giant exxon mobil announced the discovery of gas off the coast of cyprus egypt's already signed a pipeline deal with cyprus all of this be considered an alternative to gas from russia which is the largest single provider to the e.u.
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however turkey objects to the drilling because of a territorial dispute with cyprus and lebanon has one israel not to violate its maritime borders so hairy falls in with tourism there's plenty of them to discuss. regardless of middle east politics just on this energy summit. well yes the this is that the latest iteration of these talks which are being going on for some months now and the hope is by these parties that they will be officially signed. early this year that was what they said at the last meeting in december and the idea as you say is to offer europe an alternative both to russian gas and as far as israelis are concerned as well to other middle eastern states gas and make the most of the new israeli gas field which is due to come online later this year as well as in the future this cypriot one it has very much the imprimatur
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of the united states david friedman the u.s. ambassador was at the last round of talks now we have the u.s. secretary of state here as well it aligns with u.s. interests as well as israeli ones let's talk about well actually what the two gentlemen talked about the most in their news conference and that was iran bet is i guess what israel and the united states do is bring everything in the region back to the perceived iranian threat. well certainly my point here was was here both for this summit and officially to talk about the joint policy that israel and the united states is prosecuting against iran both men talking about the the pull out of the iran nuclear deal and my proposed talking about a regional rampage by iran very much buttressing the message that's been coming from benjamin netanyahu both his nationally and domestically to his audience here
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about the daily nature of the existential nature of the threat from iran and u.s. continued support towards israel in countering that threat now obviously this is both the foreign policy of both countries but it also comes in the context of what is still a very hard fought israeli election campaign being prosecuted by benjamin netanyahu and so this comes at a helpful time for him and he was able to pivot within the space of a couple of hours from talking about the mobile phone of his main opponent benny gantz the former israeli army chief which according to media reports had been hacked by iran saying that grants had to let let show everything that had been on that phone so that iran couldn't blackmail him in the future and saying that obviously he could not be trusted to deal with this important threat as a result he was able to then pivot to talking about that same issue with the second
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state of the united states and he has been playing up his relationship with donald trump jury in this election campaign and just to put the cherry on it the united states shows the same time to announce that he would be hosted twice by donald trump in washington next week once in the oval office and again the following night shoes day at a formal dinner the question now is whether he'll get what he the other thing that he wants the other thing he was talking about which was international recognition of israel's occupation of the golan heights. the lobbying for that for u.s. recognition of least of that has been very intense question is whether donald trump will give him that present as well just before the election on the ninth of april. i reports that in west jerusalem that thank you and also reiterated the need for unity among gulf nations during the first leg of his tour in kuwait he thanked kuwaiti the kuwaiti leadership for its role in trying to find a solution to the blockade of cutter saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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egypt and bahrain. still ahead of you on the a well known brand of killer is the likely cause of cancer and that's according to the jury in san francisco the battle to improve the country's negative image saudi arabia is a p.r. firm to raise the public city surrounding journalist jamal khashoggi and in sport the title of hopefuls in need of help at the cape epic ranks in south africa. hello again it's good to have you back well here cross lavonne things are not looking too bad over the next few days now we did have some clouds here across the caspian those will continue over the next few days for back who it's going to be a mostly cloudy day and cool for you at nine degrees over here towards tehran though that is where any weather we do expect to see in terms of precipitation we
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do expect to see a mix of rain and maybe some snow along the coast with a temperature of about eleven degrees here on thursday and as we go towards friday things clear out most of the weather makes its way towards kabul we're going to be seeing some clouds forming for you over the next few days and into the weekend there about a temperature of twelve degrees here across the gulf things are going to be a little bit messy across much of our area here in doha twenty eight degrees so it's going to be a warm day here on thursday in the overnight hours we could even see a thunderstorm maybe a rain shower and as we go towards friday it's going to be a little bit cooler maybe some winds in the area lower visibility over towards abu dhabi we do expect to see a temperature of twenty six and of course mozambique has been on our radar of the last few days we are still going to see some heavy rain just towards the central and northern part these are the seasonal rains that we would normally see this time of year over towards madagascar we do expect see more rain in your forecast as well with a temperature there of about twenty eight degrees. for
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their forefathers fought says. twenty five years off to independence. they too must become. defenders of. preparing for the possibility of war. waiting for invasion a witness documentary on al-jazeera. in africa's technological at the center. and group over to live side by side. in its first episode life lapse challenges kenya and up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's a starting point because it's all over the board people to go live outside silicon
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savannah on al-jazeera. the news here at al-jazeera these are our top stories the international criminal court appeal by. criminal. and increased his forty year sentence to life in prison. excuse me out of his was convicted for his role in the srebrenica massacre. and emergency debate over briggs it is underway in parliament in the u.k. just hours after prime minister theresa may formally asked the european union to delay the u.k.'s exit from the block until june but the deadline just nine days
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away may well be meeting european leaders in brussels on thursday. and. first funerals for victims of the new zealand mosque attacks have been held but father and son who fled the war in syria were among those buried in christchurch where fifty people were killed two mosques during friday prayers. now we mention this little bit earlier new zealand deputy prime minister now on his way to turkey over the diplomatic route which has broken out over the christchurch shootings president reject typer one link to the crime to new zealand and australians involvement in turkey during the first world war he accused the two countries of having what he called an anti islamic agenda when their troops took part in that deliberately campaign more than a hundred years ago rob mcbride has more from sydney. this is quickly developed into a serious diplomatic spat between australia and turkey over remarks made by turkish president urged one that brought this response from his australian counterpart remarks of been made by the turkish president or the one that i
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consider highly offensive to astride ians and highly reckless in this very sensitive environment he's talking about the claim made by erdogan that the alleged australian gunman in the christchurch shootings had also made threats against people in turkey he went further saying give us trade unions came to turkey to do harm they would face the same fate as australian soldiers killed in the first world war battle of the police. if you come with the same intentions you are always welcome i have no doubt we will send you back like your grandfather's murder one has already been widely criticised for making political capital out of the christ church to things by showing footage from the attacks at his rallies but the memory of the thousands of australians who died in gallipolis is revered here and people
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are offended if that's not respected. turkey's ambassador was called in to explain her two ends comments but he didn't satisfy the australian government we had a thank you exchange with the prime minister. develop and inspire the more intimate very thinking risk australia's prime minister promising to take this further i will like to see what the responses from the turkish government before taking further action but i can tell you that all options are on the title but also promising that any response will be measured so it doesn't escalate the tension rob mcbride al-jazeera sydney so that's the word from australia here is sin and cos you're not bringing us up to date with the reaction in turkey from istanbul. all march thirty first turkey is heading to the ports for local elections and to the ruling party which is headed by president our don this local election is also seen as an event that will determine the future of the ruling party mainly in big cities like
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stumble on car and is fair to the ruling party and not only to them to many political parties if you lose in big cities and turkey it means that you risk your you risk your future in the national elections that is going to come up and that's why the opposition parties and the political analysts have been criticizing the ruling party and president add on for using this wildly offensive language against the people whom they see as others and also against some international actors like it happened in this latest incident and new zealand prisons are gone is not expected to take his words back that his pen that he said to the australians and new zealanders until the election campaign is over but of course time will show whether he will be apologizing to his counterparts and to his international partners for for the words that he have he has used but turkey witness these
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international tensions in previous elections as well this is mainly seen as an effort to gain the nationalist votes and turkey we're going to head back to our london news center now and felicity barlow with some more european headlines. like so much come on the biggest block in the european parliament has suspended the ruling party of the hungary and prime minister viktor orban the european people's party says the decision follows calls for the debts party to be punished for alleged violations of e.u. principles government has been criticized for anti e.u. immigration policy campaigns targeting the european commission president jiang called. and i was there is how to make join us live now from brussels so to tell us what all this actually means. well as meant for very very the head of the e.p. p.
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said it means that now defeat this party of victor or is suspended from the e.p. be that has no right to vote it has no right to field candidates and his has basically no decision no rights to be part of any decision making process now we don't know how long that suspension would be in actually after month very well we heard from victor over in himself and he said that he had actually didn't know. once that now that he's that the his party is suspended there is a committee that's been formed they call it the wise men committee that committee is in charge of monitoring any vote evaluating any changes made by victor o'brien's party and at the end of that end of that evaluation period they will write a report they will put that forward again to do. the members and at that stage they would decide where their. defeat this party would be exposed or not now manfred
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vapor made it very clear that expulsion was still on the table even though i have to say it will be a drastic move coming from the b.p. viktor orban on his side had a very much more conciliatory conciliatory tone with i say he said that for him the most important thing during this very long meeting that lasted more than three hours was that he said that they managed to keep the unity of the e p p ahead of the european elections which are due to be held in may now he said that he was quite confident that this problem wouldn't be solved before those elections or to up will have made live in brussels for the latest thinking of the european commission says it's fining the search engine giant google one point seven billion dollars for blocking a rival online advertises it is the third time in just two years that the e.u.
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has fined alphabet google zona for anti competitive behavior reports from london. google dot com is the world's most visited web site and that traffic generates hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenue every year but this case examine the way google imposed anti competitive contracts on other website companies today's decision is about how google abused its dominance to stop websites using progress other than the absence at for many web sites such as news travel sites have an embedded search function a little magnifying glass in the top corner a very often and they bring up search results but also search adverts now those adverts are placed there by ad brokers such as google's ad sense platform which competes with microsoft and yahoo and other platforms in the marketplace from two thousand and six google started using its market dominance to insist that third party web site searches would exclusively
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show google adverts that was late to change to a demand that google ads would simply get premium placement there was no reason for google to include these restrictive clauses in their contracts except to keep rivals out of the market. and this is why we concluded every tree in two thousand and six and two thousand and sixteen who was behavior was illegal and the e.u. actually trust rules google has issued a statement saying we've always agreed that healthy thriving markets are in everyone's interest we've already made a wide range of changes to our products to address the commission's concerns over the next few months who are making further updates to give more visibility to rivals in europe to twenty seventeen the european commission has fined google three times the penalties so far totaling nine point three billion dollars and there is global concern as well earlier this month news corp australia urged
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a government inquiry there to break up what it described as google's on. parallelled power but there is no quick fix these things take a long long time and so far the evolution of tech companies behavior happens faster than legislators legislate and that's been the case for at least the last twenty years and i'm sure will be the case for some time the latest one point seven billion dollars fine is barely a dent in the thirty one billion dollar profits of google's parent company alphabet but the cumulative effect is significant and it shows a growing determination to hold big tech companies to account paul brennan al-jazeera london and that is it for me and the team here in london now back to the heart of it thank you for listening now a jury in the u.s. .


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