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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 80  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2019 3:32am-4:00am +03

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each he said he had previously sold four guns to the suspect in the attack but couldn't be sure if any of them we used last friday and he wouldn't be drawn into the issue of gun laws to buy differently will continue as it appears will more life but this particular guy is not of their begun to bite the government says it will buy weapons off owners in a plan things will cost up to one hundred forty million dollars some have already started handing this back to the police but with no gun register in new zealand it's not known how many are out there tell me the last week or so a lot of people been buying up lots but i mean. the don't have to look at themselves of the hard stuff and they are and relentless on that simple i think it's a step on the right direction something must change spaced on the last experience i know some people could see this as a reaction. across reaction because of one person the consequences when what we've
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seen is this terrible and something must change the prime minister says the new laws are just the beginning she says one stop passed will be a broader review of regulations to try to ensure new zealand never sees another mass killing wayne hay al jazeera christchurch brazil's former president michel to mare has been arrested in connection with the country's largest corruption scandal to mary's repeatedly denied any wrongdoing here is a restless part of a non-trained best occasion into corruption and racketeering is led to the detention of several politicians and business leaders daniel shawn now has more. so dramatic scenes outside the house of former president michelle temari ansel powell where a special task force is part of the wider operation carwash. arrested him in the early hours of the morning they since flown him to rio de janeiro the state of rio de janeiro which is at the center of the investigation accusations that bribes were paid in relation to the building of
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a new killer power plant the angra three in rio de janeiro state two former ministers who served in michel temperament time as government his former chief of staff and a former energy and mines minister also also lost to be arrested and several other people linked to the case michel time all along has denied any wrongdoing in this case or previous accusations made against him while he served as president of brazil from the middle of two thousand and sixteen to the end of two thousand and eighteen he said there was a campaign against him and managed to escape those accusations enjoying presidential immunity that has now gone since he left office at the end of last year was this a part of a much wider investigation the operation call was operation has been going on now for five years hundreds of politicians from all parties business people implicated including the former president in the through the silver michelle time as president
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rousseff or she was in peached on corruption charges so this is something that's current president promised that he would fight political corruption that now seems to be the case that this operation is ongoing and more and more information likely to emerge in the next few hours and days the albanian government is launching a large scale construction project on the coast in a bid to develop tourism but ethnic greek landowners say the state is forcibly taking away then leaving them without any recourse to justice johnson reports from him inside the knobby india. edmee only billy goat was barely seven when she witnessed the deaths of six greek soldiers fighting fascist forces in world war two they are buried on her farmstead now she feels she is fighting a similar author of terrorism and the fight is once again over her land but he owns beachfront property in the bay of humor albania's most valued resort area but the
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government refuses to recognize her title to it it has marked all the beach front property in this valley state owned and plans to hand it over to developers. or perhaps. i have the title deeds this land was bought in one nine hundred thirty three my father offered a different piece of land in exchange for him because his land was small and he also paid eighty nine gold pieces of papers are all signed now the authorities tell me i'm not the owner i've submitted the papers to court they're just holding on to them these people are. legal is one of hundreds of ethnic greeks who stand to lose one hundred thirty seven hector's of beachfront property stretching down the southern albanian coast the government claims the land last november in a cabinet decision that wasn't ratified by parliament or signed by the president the greek minority omonia party wishes to challenge the cabinet decision in court but it can't because albania's court system is crippled by a major shake down that has seen most supreme court and constitutional court
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justices dismissed for corruption this hiatus in the judiciary could last for years but development is carrying on the government is expropriating greek property at a rate which it has ordained of two and a half dollars per square meter money which the greeks aren't even bothering to claim deutsche bank has value that same property at between sixty and one hundred twenty dollars per square meter putting the total value of land under expropriation at between eight hundred million and one and a half billion dollars. the government is able to offer such a low rate because it has given developers negotiating leverage what we have is a government that is plotting on a daily nightly basis to take away private and public property and then give it to a handful of only guards which are effectively predatory chronos of the government . who are taking these properties and developing them in shady deals
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the government says it is trying to generate growth for the economy our main challenge remains the development of tories we are rather taken a big reform for the property title single payer. which can guarantee the investors the foreign investors that the land they would like to invest their farms he is. completely in line with the low. the greeks who died here. was first victory against fascism pushing forces back through albania but in a country without a functioning judiciary and an insufficient balance of power the justice may outlive.
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time to catch up on sports now his folly thank you very much the biggest star in gymnastics among boyle's says she will retire after the tokyo lympics next year the twenty two year old american house for olympic golds last year became the first woman to win all four really around the world titles but she says strenuous training and minor injuries have left her body feeling like it's falling apart she was asked if she'd come back to gymnastics and bossa doria world god no
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no. i feel like my life is so consumed in it maybe i have to veer away from it just for a little bit before coming back to it because i always want to try to do other things before coming back just to know that i can at least do other things. japanese baseball great hero suzuki has played his last major league game the forty five year old seattle mariners star has announced his retirement from the sport suzuki had his final spot in the eighth inning of their game against the oakland athletics is the second of a two game series being played in front of his home crowd in tokyo it's year ends a twenty eight year long professional career he also leaves as a winner as the mariners b a s five to four. caster semenya has returned to the athletics track has been left in limbo after a decision was delayed over new rules for testosterone levels in female athletes south africa's olympic champion is waiting for the course of arbitration for sport
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to decide if rules proposed by the idea legal or not that was set for march twenty sixth has been delayed to the end of april one of the potential laws states that awfully would have to take six months of medication to lower tier levels which could put so many in doubt for the world championships in september former colombian international football jhangvi author has been arrested in connection with drug trafficking via offer was detained on a us warrant after being involved in a car car accident near the city of cali the ex premier league midfielder played for colombia thirty four times he's suspected of involvement in one of the country's drugs cartels players and staff of english side leicester city are in thailand to honor their late owner of the site donna probert was killed along with four other people in a helicopter crash at the club stadium last year a seven day funeral was held in bangkok in november and his body was rested in a temple for one hundred days before being cremated on thursday. well the
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qualification campaign for the european championships in twenty twenty has become across the continent and one much has already been a case of triumph for some and disaster for others kazakstan beat scotland three nil on thursday before this much the kazakh said only one for competitive matches in ten years and a seventy seven world ranking places below the scots you haven't reached the euros since one thousand nine hundred ninety six michael schumacher son mick says he doesn't feel weighed down by comparisons with his father she market senior on the formula one championship seven times mick is working his way up the division with ferrari's drivers' academy stepping up to formula two after winning formula three last year it's pretty simple for me being compared to the best driver in f one history is the goal to have that as my model and my father's is something very
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special and if you honored to be to be compared to him the miami open tennis has a new look this week because it's being played at the miami dolphins n.f.l. stadium it shifts the tournament from its longtime home on key biscayne top players like serino williams on the roger federer that took part in the opening ceremony and my open is trying to recapture its reputation as an unofficial fifth grand slam on the world saw. women's number one naomi osaka grew up playing it close to the dolphin stadium but she returns to news that her former junior coach is suing her for two million dollars or socket didn't comment on the claims from christophe he says he's owed twenty percent of her prize money the twenty one year old shot to the top of the rankings after winning the u.s. the australian opens. oh yeah i mean it's definitely a new feeling for me just to be at the top and not really have to chase anyone down but. i think the sort of people bending me down is so it is. something that i've
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been used to these posts to try to meet so i'm just. looking forward to how it goes . basketball under the cleveland cavaliers prevented the milwaukee bucks from clinching top spot in the n.b.a. division the books went into the game in ohio without the injured star play younus on the compo he missed his second game in a row ricky cullen sexton scored twenty five points and jordan clarkson twenty three more to lead the cavs to one hundred seven two hundred two wins the books are looking to wrap up their first vision title since two thousand and one. all right that is all your sport for now for we poll thank you very much for that and that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera back to say with us we've got plenty more world news coming up we'll be taking you live to brussels in just a few minutes where e.u. leaders are expected to announce that they will grant an extension to the u.k. to leave the european union that extension expected to be now on may twenty second
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or until now we'll have more on that in our london news center in just a few minutes for me for me back to the home team in doha thank you for watching by for now. isn't the problem for your candidate that he may not have a health question mark over him but he does have a corruption question marco's really doesn't look good for the image this official has not going to do anywhere why does nothing but what are you saying the rich you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the un across the globe cease fire that is cold for
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all and then breaks doesn't build confidence a great spoke to join me mad the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and think issues here on al-jazeera. democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals
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exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand morsi the final hours. on al-jazeera. discussed with friday leaders all requests for a short extension. but will the u.k. prime minister get delayed to bret's it will live in brussels where will deliver their verdict. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up donald trump vows to recognize israel's sovereignty over an area from syria. thousands of people remain marooned
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in mozambique and zimbabwe one week after. devastated the region. tragedy on the tigris river dozens of people are killed after a ferry carrying people celebrating the kurdish new year in iraq. and i would begin in brussels where we're expecting a uni does turn out any moment now whether they'll grant an extension to the date the u.k. is due to leave the bloc currently just over a week away e.u. has so far insisted that they won't change the brics it withdrawal deal it agreed that the u.k. prime minister and the british parliament must back it but that deal has been rejected by u.k. m.p.'s twice already to resume a has spent the day in the belgian capital appealing to european leaders to approve a longer delay this today is a matter of personal regret to me but a short extension would give parliament the time to make
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a final choice that delivers on the results of the referendum but we used to not forget that we're here is leaders of twenty eight countries discussing the global challenges that we face and i've always said that all they were leaving the european union of course we will continue to have shared interests notably among those our shared security and prosperity. and i first in brussels said orange we were hearing that the e.u. might grant the u.k. a limited extension but that may have changed now and so. yeah we had thought until just a few minutes ago lauren that it was that there was a draft saying technically attention may the twenty second before the european elections and that was going to be it there was supposed to be a news conference a full hour ago it was delayed and delayed and delayed and everybody was wondering why german but how we've been saying for hours now that the european union is so frustrated that they calm get a straight answer out of some reason may is to watch she's going to do if her deal
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fails for a third time next week what's the plan b. and she wouldn't give them an answer now based on that and her of a civil says when when she was speaking to them at the meeting itself and it now appears that they may have to be in the process of changing the offer and this is just an idea because they haven't now formalized dates but they're talking about what they're describing as a different configuration potentially yes the same technical extension if a deal passes next week but if it doesn't pass and she won't say what she's going to do in states then they're potentially raising the specter again of the u.k. having to stay in the e.u. for another nine months and take part in the european elections in order for some sorts of new idea to emerge instead that's now being worked through it's not completely finalized but it's back to these binary choice that was it was doing the
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rounds a few days ago and appeared to have been told and it's effectively the european union taking power away from to resume and saying if you won't tell us what your plan is to avoid no deal then we're going to do it for you so the choice is then facing the u.k. parliament next which would be factories amazed they'll leave in an orderly fashion with next. attention to reason may says if i look at a loose material finds no deal which is walking out of the door all parliament takes control and says no we can't do that because it's because it's catastrophic and they accept the european union's offer of a nine month extension and potentially a completely new plan and so suddenly is the european union completely putting a spanner in the works of a deal that it painfully work painstakingly worked out just to try the course of the afternoon but it's all come about it appears because theresa may wouldn't give him a straight answer as to what's going to do she loses her own deal again next week says. the suggestion that is possibly not according to the wires i've made the
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seventh or till the end of twenty nineteen which is probably is as you kind of when you talk about that but if the if it were the kind of short one made a seventh how does that. would that be is that something that there are some people who have more in favor of an in the end he might have some strings attached and the words would have to be passed next week and there are certain conditions but if it was if it's a longer delay what does that really mean terms of what the e.u. can get out of it. but if it's if it's any time at any point in may at all what is the seventh or the twenty second or whatever it is it's it is simply a technical extension that's predicated on the assumption of her deal policies and they have to get a load of legislation through the british parliament should leave under those circumstances if it if it's a longer extension it's very very very significant because to reason may is said out loud over and over again how absolutely humiliating it would be for the u.k. to have to take part in the european elections in may. while it still wants to try
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to leave the european union and effectively if it raises the question from the european union side as to whether or not the u.k. would either leave it all i mean certainly not under trees and i used terms potentially a much much softer breck's it. in a different configuration from the british parliament that. the labor policy and other policies would have to figure out a way of doing in the meantime but it puts pressure on the u.k. poll of us to either but all or figure out something else to do in some ways you could actually see is the european union empowering the british parliament and saying to them look if you vote down so he's amazed you don't have to leave with no deal you could basically say we're just going to stay for a lot longer and figure something else out instead and say thank you very much indeed ten will come out you'll get that news conference and then a whole is also with us he said not at westminster as a journey to resume had made
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a great hit last night that she doesn't want anything longer than a delay beyond the end of june so does that leave the door open for someone else to take charge if they do come up with this deal which is a longer extension as it's just in the nine months. i mean you know where are we in all of this speculating as it seems there would be potentially three ways through. on the one hand if she's strong armed into having to accept the choice of accepting a long deal of long extension she as you've said has said that is sweetly unacceptable as prime minister she will not stand by and allow this country to take part in your european parliamentary elections at that was read into by a lot of people here that repeated statements she made over last forty eight hours or so those have basically saying i'll do that over my dead premiership so on the
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one hand the idea of a long extension is one that potentially leads to theresa may resigning on the other hand she's an issue to present so with the prospect of an existential crisis in her own party and the debate over whether to resume a's motivated more by country or by party a lot of people think she's close so wedded to party in the country. and along those lines the thinking goes that she may already have decided that if a deal fails the second best option is no deal in the interests of preserving the unity of their own party exceeding essentially to the hard right of her party and in those circumstances you have the possibility that the theresa may simply says thanks but no thanks to the european union and you have the image of a so this is a horror story image of a prime minister run away prime minister heading for the cliff edge dragging the country behind and at that point a desperate scramble in the house of commons behind me to try and prevent it now
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there's already talk of an amendment being tabled on monday the so so called cooper led to an bowles amendment now being tabled in the name of hilary benn which would overturn the business of parliament so that m.p.'s could take back control of the entire process arguably at that point able to actually table legislation that changes the exit date from march the twenty ninth to some future date staving off the possibility of no deal of possibly stopping the promise to attract i mean where do we go with this who knows is the short answer pretty general thank you very much . yes president donald trump says it's time the united states fully recognized israel's sovereignty over the golan heights in a tweet trump said the golan heights is a critical strategic area for the security of israel and for regional stability in the region was captured by israel during the six day war in one nine hundred sixty
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seven from the syrian israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu thanks trump for what he called a bold move apologies for the lack of sound on the boundary netanyahu that says how we can hear and see james basic life rest at the u.n. headquarters in new york james what's the significance of this move. well president trump on twitter has now appended what was the international consensus once again on middle east peace we had got some suggestion that announcement might be coming on the golan it's come a few days earlier than was being suggested the timing of this i think is not a coincidence it is a pact coming up in just a few days time that is the most important conference of american israeli interests that takes place every year in washington d.c.
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and the guest of honor coming in person this year is the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he'll also be visiting the white house so i think this is a personal gift from president trump to the israeli prime minister it's also an israeli election campaign right now so it's a political gift to now i've been around the corridors of the united nations and it's this news came out spoken to a number of diplomats including a number of senior members of the u.n. security council they were not aware this was coming they were somewhat shocked by this those that i spoke to saying oh dear oh no what has he done now because this goes against the agreed position of the security council of the u.n. general assembly of the cortex which the u.s. is also part of what they are saying though is that the resolutions of those various bodies particularly the u.n. security council their resolutions are binding international law cannot be changed
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by the united states the one ten chill difficult area going forward is the fact that in the golan heights separating the israeli side and the syrian side there is a un peacekeeping force and there perhaps the trumpet ministration does have a little bit of leverage because that peacekeeping force has a mandate and till june and to renew that mandate requires a vote of the security council and of course in the security council the united states has a veto as one of the permanent five members so it could block things if it wanted to thank you very much until a trail of death damage and flooding is continued to devastate south africa when we come to site and you die barreled.


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