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tv   14 Up South Africa P1  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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left or don't want to offer me he just look in the dark and they shouted. break with me. they all. go. these are the stars. it's the here and only. then are you going to miss they go or do the it or break them my thoughts get on brighton's and i thought draw a new group in years issue where did i worship god i was the it it was shot it. the cool partially shattered you would have got the shin grab of me proper says you shouldn't. you shouldn't gain to do going to married to give birth to the room when
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we didn't search god. nirvana not the one man not a lot of i mean seven of those many of whom are. now there isn't even a sordid class the visitors with a gun on the move for is their fruit here in the audience have said bring up all you mean to them it is a. very much in a position to direct our book at the mall the night there is a lot of the most out there. but give them a dollar more at the grab out of me. next to me or whom may put he'll press a on and on a lot of authority that there is never that here and on the more information through the via the. other net the buzz that bosh.
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felt and told her mother or did they have another order jimmy do create shot if it were me it was cool breeze of say. group to problem it for them and that is the room of god that's the bosh mother grandmother of me to just. bring. up if i was a baby. after world war two yugoslavia incorporated the balkan countries of serbia bosnia single bina croatia montenegro macedonia and slovenia. cost of all was a province of serbia. like you seen yet to the only. issue with every new mutants in the study at
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a cost of both with. their public or to a hate crime scene. if only for their theory with others. also gain much autonomy in the new constitution the ninety's seventy four but kosovar albanians lost many of these rights six years later in a counter-reaction by the minority serbs of imo one issue with a. modern filter a recent. poll in the church and thirty third to thirty your. asian crossing. named bill and charlotte when you versus if all of a myth of just cut case this your daughter into name out of the just at the date of . the way the.
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ethnic tension grew during the boston wall of the ninety's order through a ship called the ship give to anyone as it done to or that he knew no studying history and daughter took a thought which occurred yesterday and oracle thought were awful for him brought to issue may feel no good took a good deal of issue many home near the top are. the result was the cost of the war in one thousand nine hundred eight ninety nine. recalled people but the escalating violence attracted the attention of the international community as the new reach a new religion. know that it. is
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to break none the rigid it took it. the sword with. an addict let's. machines for the north. don't tend to negotiate peace. talks broke down and they then intervened this false news of the cutter marcy. home in. mystic author marcy loon or i knew that if israel to be alone i had or thought not of nevitt or never use in your example. but i didn't show the thought with him bravo i think using that other than dog in the shot and don't.
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want to sit on. it would have a little of the. thank you for they mean although god had to have our. cost. a couple bucks. well.
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ok. during the conflict hundreds of thousands of own thing inspire force from kosovo or fled the violence. after the killing simply to kusa. the female. had to rescue joined the hordes. that come. along
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of me teaching. him his profit and call. it a. he said it simply says. in his thing called big. machine. it's. just.
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the competition it's me out that for me was. from an incremental nothing. but. it. one's got to feel had survived the attack on the men and the boys in the village he laid low for a while first i did commission during a period in the south with a we can both core support and good officials here in forth. you me cooper three nights out in breathing to commune the who does about north of
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shouted bravely to to net death and none to nothing learned book and none did book to another. by north of shouted crucial will gun school. ship free though thought to have more of need time to meter to permeate more to the none of. the country for near ship free. even to the bus got addicted to the ship remember that bus thirty no problem see.
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such a will it. just. give me. it . could do more. that. his that he'll. think there's a survey. amongst the. first three neighbors to know that. posted to six sisters comes to look at the us with the boom bust now promote enough of that. one to buddy up the couples that them to. get away with article came a chance to whom they have done door. lock up this caught all made video g.m. . over the ball they come i mean it's.
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all you don't want. to get. in trouble with won't be a good. thing we just skip school we're. going to school.
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computer sort of of course i don't call because the coach that we've talked. to because you do want to push. will be more helpful you know that you've been involved. cortical program. because of their shoulder the success. of him so with that approach but on top. of that young people saw one. more thing. from pillar.
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and so sometimes he spoke. first of the other to do good with i'd order to not to the bus or to hosts are beyond a thought that close on got to do with martha martha martha or dear one got to a thug. by phone to come to the to do that mr pre. you me. the earth oh oh.
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the cost of a war ended in june one thousand nine hundred ninety nine when the villages returned to loot of crucial nothing that can't them for what they found. in their lives. that they can you. can download it said. there. was a. book. first to get this. secret it was
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a. new . low felt of the first. just. south. there. was. the. odd oh god.
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god will call the. god you know. with their village and lives in ruins the women of crew show where faced with a stark choice room and. both of us a give a. prediction pretty good you can view the understood rather than in it of us who. they could accept their fate and live in abject poverty or pick up the pieces and rebuild their village their businesses their entire lives. for.
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twenty five years after independence. they too must become. defenders of. preparing for the possibility of. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. up to. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in. something i feel every time i
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get on the chair every time i interview someone. often working around the clock to make sure that we bring as i currently as possible to the view that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby has been relentlessly guarded really. revealed secret see you were. sitting out there. and connection some don't want to expose snake in legacy media. shoot. documents with al-jazeera investigation how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera.
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and although there's a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the islamic court a prayer has been broadcast across new zealand followed by two minutes of silence marking one week since a gunman shot and killed fifty people at two mosques in the city of christchurch. prime minister to send a joint thousands of people at a vigil hello was at the mosque where the killing began the murder suspect twenty eight year old australian band live streamed his rampage marking. outrage around the world. who are like. the. they believe it is only. communication and simply i
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just want one already. we need the heart of the body south as the how do you feel spying you zealand mourns with you we are one. a vigil is being held for at least a hundred people who died in iraq after their ferry capsized in the northern city of mosul was carrying families celebrating the persian new here most of the victims were women and children president donald trump says he'll recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights an area seized from syria nine hundred sixty seven israel's prime minister has praised the move by under international law the golan heights is syrian territory under israeli occupation. an explosion at a chemical factory in eastern china has killed at least forty seven pit people and injured ninety others it happened in young chang in junks who probably is a coastal area north of shanghai where people live nearby so they windows were
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smashed by the force of the blast. facebook has admitted that its employees were for years able to read the passwords of hundreds of millions of its uses all those passwords were stored in plain text instead of being scrambled or encrypted social media john says there's no evidence any workers abused their access to the data stored on internal servers last year it admitted uses data had been illegally harvested by a political consultancy firm well those are the headlines on al-jazeera but do stay with us al-jazeera world continues next thank you for watching. in the course of a village of little crew shot in march one thousand nine hundred ninety nine one hundred or more ethnic albanian men and boys were killed in an attack by sar police
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. mark on life from a neighboring village help the women escape. when they all returned from albania three months later little crucial have been devastated. that the food will be moved through. so one of our with it probably gives should look but overall. look more loyal do more of this guy not the girl so if they have these other brought governor roy the proprietor for me so if he says he would self-abnegation would have that all the food you have to everything. chillicothe all clean up the body and got all kind of those chicken mean little things are still. rather groovy.
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was the rather the charm. of the visionary draw their group of liberty for the marsh going overboard. the seattle girl john drew on live through on me at them you look at the mouth of me more from them are full of india suds are doing yet the. give us the agreed on trade trade you.
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will moment i'm on our other mission of rule of law to fall of a god the wise of the morning going to mother from the. thanks for all you should from those who ever will hear them. i think they're with you. as the. months for me is other than that of an me devise a part of me at least of all that. some of the women of little set up their own organisation. its main aim was to enable them to make a living and provide for their families. this by teaching them new skills. so they could do jobs that had traditionally been done
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by men. manual labor and the hard to. lose one born that's. all for when has no will continue. for. will. shit it will fail you there she is lame you huddle over the hey give me a name your vote for me i'm sure is going to know me of the summer of zero dollars bucks to choose you can see a bunch then me a mere civilian yeah martial law. to the so simple for years for this. to be controversial for. well so if you're going to be a good as a go one year all these guys who do it. besides the will of you chris or
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this is what they want to. go home i don't want to tell you anything my father based at the met me at my gym if you know how do you know your boss. if you're still on the ballot. yeah. yeah. we have going on our scene in the present. or there's someone does a body of words. when i'm locked up like by
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a brace or charters of his or not a single is the need to. get my girl the voice of it they are. the kinda semantics they're all. one of those over there is over need us to have all good subset that's why you did it short for another as they felt it goes so well when they come here asking gret me was that i was the demon edition. so just going was a door other almost enough for about it get the wise men. did movies that ever had those at the bourses as though the. barrier was only two when a father was killed her uncle is a way for her to connect with a munch never knew. about the chicken if i support that. as a matter of a need to love her i was thinking about most things you can kind of me or give me
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giving you the most they're going to misery to just when you can because it would. give me to. give a dog the best game ever met river and the majority was the best. clue yet how did you go into pushing with give me i do not look up on anyone but the board. because something new from every go i thought you're going to. get that from. me both of them is with nuclear arsenal the third started usually gives another plus a gust i think or some other till the new muck in new come young men. get go home are forced out there if they have room book room with a steam mini marquee in the. dark on the mideast to go home tonight and. bust notice to me out of the door but he's
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but we it's a shindig you know him better to. two. hundred two but. apply it to just salted. of the dead money. you didn't come.
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near the thousands of dollars for.
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the oceans of this. now does the us printed the any film in the song. there might be so that for our situation. but. this is a week you can in this you show for the first year of the set go discuss it challenge . your new washing mother sounds like not to me or to dinner but the good the free for me as though that part of the perfume me arses is the no one there for. that and performing the bully.
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the hot dog sitting for the more school on my mounting obscene phone to a small. school she lived near. us wow.
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hussein obama in the wrong are you going to over the quickly or you have requested . call market square meters. or stats. question is near a proportional aloofness because it covers kind of couple you and us cause the like of course a little gamey spine going to move the only survivor of oil which they were ruined but first i was given was common name or was misquoted. or look or to. have new chips still not said here's me cup of coffee or a cold war. or . we're going to the third one this is called. accomplishment i moved. it so that.
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you. left the theater and. saw a lot of miles up there all along and you don't or any it's me and if not to me i can use the thought an anonymous. tip that i just must mostly if it is just of a. door near. to thirty of them.
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or you mentioned or. forgot if you don't want to. know shut on it. and you knew that it just maher said no they're not. did they do that via. michonne affair that the just hit him. with and nothing. for me my son did written catch. the thing to.
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you quick nothing. to do exhaust an exam tomorrow or more no method mother. from undaunted jim. but it was just for for me was not the point not to get you can only. do it. in my killfile you. do what you're told but. to live up to but above you're from. the. religious. community. i give that much you know. but we did. a pretty show but i. told her that the stuff. we did a. montage room to go to but she wrote
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a book about. the best to put your want to. write it or a book. that of. the ticking note about. thirty barra. didn't show. for. her to respond to get until we got the editor of the other. to think the law had a lot to and you know. it's a thing with. the sun can give. you all the way it's going to put the. law at the door. the camera had failed lovie smith. along for the miles to the den. at the.
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if i know of a group of run off for the moment or up. to the guy in front of worriment there's a town or even more in. martha
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has held the women the little crow show set up an organisation called visionary women of the twenty first century. it's taken a farming movement to a much higher level to include health equality and education. a way to do wedo so the massacre of little crew shot involves. investigations into alleged war crimes by both sides in the course of a war are ongoing. traffic in the force so this. i asked my brothers i'm with you now
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though they knew my route you know if you got across all of us in the morning and you've been a fish is doing so is going to school or bar or the seventh day of this next of you when you saw a success if you haven't gone and it's like them. i've been to. the one you thought to mars i never would i ever saw was done you thought for i don't others remain at your opinions of your own look. for. your door in the authority of infants for them. all live on in their. business. letter gave them to. you there's a carriage if you get back into your shell least.
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one call. for mike chinoy and another hour in the fourth and thus make known dos mccoy writes habitable it must be a variant of the school either you were. just one per me or oh my poor woman i just annoy springtime i have a. chill. good. symptom all over the born. chill. pill or just. leave us oh. there's fear the a. who
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did our cheers. did and it is good in ma chill. chill of the adil. oh. god did. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh look good day get. it in my. head oh yeah. oh yeah and i'm singing.
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to. day.
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a prominent saudi journalist committed to freedom of expression silenced by his own government in the most horrific way. al-jazeera weld investigates the death. which resonates to the highest levels of the saudi government with startling evidence about the disposal of his body. the silencing of a journalist on al-jazeera. how i welcome to look at the international forecast over some bits and pieces of cloud on the right i mean little bit of snow to just push into parts of the middle east but things trying to quieten down except areas of cloud they're showing up nicely on the satellite picture pushing a little further eastward also the old wintry flurry there into afghanistan some rain too into northern parts of pakistan but behind that it comes the sun twenty
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celsius therefore by route twenty four in baghdad similar values as we go on through saturday i said stay just nice is that right just pushing a little further north was tech minus down is back to could see some outbreaks of bright little area cloud to into southern parts of around pushing over towards pakistan in that same area cloud well it stretches across us here around the arabian peninsula much see the old spot of rain but nothing much to to speak of as we go through the next day or so perhaps the heaviest of that rain pushing down towards the u.a.e. maybe to northern parts of mon still looking at some pockets of heavy rain into mozambique i'm afraid the showers do continue to drive away in here eastern cape also seeing one of two showers through friday go on into saturday showers trying to push a little further north of the more than half of mozambique eastern parts of zimbabwe now edging into tanzania.
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i'm a musician i'm very happy with my own i think with my music more powerful i can deliver a message but in the same terms i'm really interesting about the country but if people not myself here i have my family the way these fantastic my music me discount me i don't see any you know reason to left the country because i think today we can call from good. c. or d. from senegal because the satellite we can fly we can take the board and everything's fine a long time ago when people were thinking about africa they think we live on the tree africa jungle and i know what i'm trying to bring to the
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saying yes we have aids we have wall we have poverty but we have smiles to make this country growing really fast is make sure everybody. you know. what they call formal. education i think is very important and tell people they have their own responsibility to be one of the member of the country everything i'm doing is following my music it is from my music i did deliver a message sometimes during the song sometimes i stop everything and talk to people the thing i'm doing is behind my music music is a is along which may be the first language and we can use it to deliver a message and i'm going to keep this use language to believe the message definitely . i love this country and i think myself and my music need this country.
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israel wall street where their on line t.v.'s top out is to be able to be concise expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you joined us on sat israel is an apartheid state in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join a colobus conversation on al-jazeera. three years after the u.k. voted to leave the european union accept is yet to take form and camp written seemed three weeks divorced from its european may based call could the whole process still be revived stay with al-jazeera for the latest.
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new zealand mourns with you we are one. a week after fifty people were killed in attacks on new zealand last the country mourns at a memorial service. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up with the stroke of a tweet donald trump signals his plan to change u.s. policy on the golan heights. dozens die in iraq ferry accident most are women and children. we are now at the moment of decision in leaders agreed to give the u.k. more time to sort out its deal now attenders on what happens in britain's parliament next week.
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people all over new zealand mourned and prayed together on friday a nationwide memorial service was held where islamophobia was condemned and the lives of those killed a week ago and attacks on two mosques were in and that andrew thomas reports they came in their thousands muslims and others to the park opposite the al-noor mosque a week ago a gunman killed fifty people here and at the nearby mosque in lynnwood neither wood was ready to host friday prayers this week so a virtual mosque was created in the park instead for prayers and a sermon broadcast nationwide and attended by new zealand's prime minister. we will leave the heart of the body south as to how do you feel as prime.
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museum and mourns with you we are one. at one thirty two exactly a week after the shooting began but hawk fell silent. for two minutes they stood. and then the prayers begin. they were followed by a servant. thanks to the people of new zealand for the tears for the flowers and for the love and compassion too he thanked the prime minister for her response to the slaughter and then he can text a law as to what happened here the attack he said did not come overnight you know where it was the result of anti islamic and anti muslim rhetoric used by some politicians some media agencies and others will have sane came from australia for the event last friday two of his relatives were killed for touched by what would be a monastery and i think he was saying the right words. but not
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everyone in the park had a personal connection to a victim or even share their faith for many hearts most of those who came here these will have been the first friday prayers they've ever attended became not because they're muslim but to show solidarity with the victims of last friday's attacks and islamic community of new zealand generally many not muslim women were a headscarf as an added mark of respect i just want to express. just how terrible made clear by the mass burial held on friday funerals for twenty six people in a single afternoon after thomas al jazeera cross church. russia's foreign ministry says any change in the status of the golan heights would violate united nations agreements and follows us president donald trump saying it's time his country recognized israel's sovereignty over the area which had captured from syria
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more than fifty years ago it's estimated that twenty thousand israelis live there and about that he settlements as well as twenty thousand syrians who are mostly part of the druze sect israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu thanks trump for what he described as a historic move out of there as mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . the closeness of the israeli u.s. relationship and the trumpet ministration emphasized the u.s. secretary of state becomes the most senior u.s. diplomat to accompany an israeli leader toward jews call the western wall flanking the reef one of islam's holiest sites my pump is state department signaling what was to come by referring to israeli control of the golan heights rather than israeli occupation and more than half a century of u.s. policy reversed by one presidential tweet after fifty two years it is time for the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights says
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president trump which is of critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel and regional stability review please grateful for the. unbelievable and unmatchable support for security in our right to defend ourselves we will redouble our efforts to make sure that we protect all the this important of it is important it is wrong it is important to america and indeed all that is important to the world some though see this as a dangerous u.s. move in a deeply sensitive region this from a former state department spokesman for crowley who concludes he's not advancing the peace process he's killing it president trance day for mental health international or underpinned by a un charter which specifically states that any territory forcibly occupied can't be met. that is a principle argued by the u.s. and the u.n.
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with regard to the russian invasion of crimea the contradiction apparently ignored by president trump but welcome by the israeli prime minister who's standing has just received a major boost ahead of next month's elections in israel mike hanna al-jazeera or shinton. a vigil is been held to at least one hundred people who have died in iraq after the ferry they were traveling in capsized in the northern city of mosul it was carrying family is celebrating a ruse the persian new year most of the victims were women and children and going to aim has more from baghdad. hundreds of iraqis were celebrating the no ruse holiday at an amusement park in mosul when tragedy struck first. images on social media reveal a distressing sea after a ferry carrying an estimated two hundred people capsized
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a distraught husband and father begs the police to take him to the banks of the tigris river and now i don't know if they might have my family through the water right now my wife and my daughter and i'm asking the police to be to go to the other side but they will give me one. of the other fellow bystanders were screaming some were jumping into the river to try to rescue people and some passengers could be seen swimming furiously against the swift current. in the immediate hours after the ferry capsized the death toll kept rising the ministry of interior noted that many of the dozens of victims were women and children the iraqi prime minister has called for an immediate investigation into the cause of the accident however iraqi civil defense says it appears it was due to the ferry carrying more passengers than the maximum capacity recommended this ferry accident
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appears to be unprecedented in iraq it's also yet another misery to be endured for the people of war ravaged mosul who have already lost so much natasha going to aim of baghdad. an explosion at a chemical factory in eastern china has killed at least forty seven people and injured scores of others as happened in one chiang province a coastal area north of shanghai brown has more from beijing. it was a thunderous detonation heard more than forty kilometers away the fireball engulfing the fertilizer plant. state television didn't hold back as it often has in the past the scale of china's latest chemical explosion was becoming clear. hospitals were inundated many of the injured have severe cuts and burns but on up to thoughts like when i was told
3:59 pm
about the blast i called my brother who works in the factory but he didn't pick up the phone we were pretty nervous then a doctor called back to say my brother was in the u. mergence he ruled the fire burned all night but emergency workers managed to prevent the flames spreading to the rest of the industrial park by friday morning the worst of it had been extinguished but the toxic pull has forced the evacuation of those living nearby smoldering fires from industrial accidents in china have become a common sight in august two thousand and fifteen one hundred sixty five people were killed after an explosion at a chemical storage facility in northeast china lacks safety standards well one reason it happened as could be again in this latest accident state media is reporting that the plant's owners were found guilty of violating rules governing
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air pollution and waste management two years ago one of them is among the injured adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. weather is. why a new study is describing the deadly. wave. when. three eastern zimbabwe many people was sleeping. and i'll tell you why this is one of the worst i think today.


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