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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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was described by the united nations human rights council as successive now the cyber crime prevention act of two thousand and twelve has been added to it penalties for criminal libel have been increased with offenders facing up to eight years in prison many see this as a move towards a further eroding press freedom making it even more difficult for journalists to do their job the media also has another obstacle to overcome apathy from the general public many filipinos are on the aware of the work that journalists do in holding government to account and that an attack on press freedom is an attack on whatever remains of democracy. dogon al jazeera mandela while the weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera dramatic rescue attempts as fire and gulps the tower block and bangladesh's capital. and thirty five nations are displaying their paintings as an art fair and hong kong but it's one country in particular that's
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really sculpting the art scene. we've got something of a law in the weather across the middle east at the moment so we have got some dry weather coming into iran but if it is iran of course but on friday there was showers a long spells of rain in the forecast exhibit a cloud over towards pakistan towards afghanistan this next day every cloud just store around at least the side of iraq then another weather system which will make its way into that eastern side of the med pushing across the levant as we go through friday snow with all the flank of that so-called says he still see some wintry weather is a clear weather there for much of around toronto sixteen celsius we go on into saturday the cloud will increase temperatures to pick up
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a tarantula eighteen celsius he says that it is generally dry but to the west of that we've got more heavy rain possibility of some localized flooding pushing into parts of lebanon easing across into syria that will gradually make its way into iran as we go into the early part of next week and it will bring further flooding i fear across the web information or it's generally dry little bits and pieces of cloud around here that travel thicken up over towards the gulf as we go on through us as day for a few spots of right possible about it might even catch your show here in doha. a prominent saudi journalist committed to freedom of expression silenced in taki by his own government and the most horrific way. al-jazeera wound investigates the death and jamal. which resonates to the highest levels of the saudi government with
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startling evidence about the disposal of his body. jim i'm special chief the silencing of a journalist on al-jazeera. hello again i'm. reminded of the news this hour three female activists have been temporarily released in saudi arabia to spending ten months in prison they've been freed after the second hearing of their trial which is still going on there among eleven women arrested almost a year ago for the human rights watch. and united nations investigation is calling
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for the eleven suspects in the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi to be tried in public the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions on yes says the closed door hearings in saudi arabia falls short of international standards. chinese telecommunications giant huawei has reported a boost in profits despite a us campaign to blacklist the company over the security concerns weighs twenty eight thousand profits rose by twenty five percent with total sales of more than one hundred billion dollars. while the u.n. security council is meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation in mali while some contributing countries are scaling back their operations there the u.n. is calling for more resources and troops as fighting intensifies reports. in northern mali and this is a base where there are more than thirty nationalities you have canadian forces swedish el salvador bangladeshi forces just to name
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a few make no mistake this is an international effort to try to bring back peace in mali and beyond its borders but the situation is deteriorating on sunday more than a hundred villagers were killed in what appears to be a form of ethnic cleansing the international criminal court will investigate what is happening here but this is also the deadliest peacekeeping operation and for the united nations more blue helmets die here than in any of their previous missions their lifeline are the canadian forces who are in charge of many backing front line troops now they are expected to leave in july their mission ends then in an unprecedented move the united nations have asked them to stay on bamako the government and the army there are unable to control the borders of this vast country and the region here that is as big as the european union and
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a lot is at stake it's to try to disrupt the migration routes to europe the drug trafficking and human trafficking troops as well as well as bringing back peace and security in this region the u.n. security council is meeting to try to get more troops on the ground but make no mistake the u.n. alone cannot fix this at stake is the lives of millions of people not just in mali but beyond its borders who are victims of an ending conflict. at least nineteen people have died and a large fire in a talent block and bangladesh is capital dhaka firefighters along with teams from the air force and navy spent hours trying to push out the blaze here and. as crews fassel to bring the fire that engulfed this high rise building in dhaka to troll for many in the commercial area of the city it was a rare. too late. some fell trying to escape others climb down anyway they can't let me go to plano it's only army of the we notice that in the
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beginning there was fire on one floor only in floor six or seven it was possible to stop the fire on the floor of steps were taken quickly with a guy jumping off a maybe a like the seven of the eight or eight ninth floor there was like a lot of smoke and i was probably suffocating them so he literally just jumped off watching from the pack streets below crowds gathered desperate for news of those trapped inside a smoke rose to each of the towers nineteen close and connecting building. the bangladeshi navy and air force join the rescue effort and lifting some who managed to make it to the rooftop that present if it was more than fighting equipment we can rage opcodes but it was started building but. beyond that we come aboard. more than eighteen million people live in dhaka it's one of the world's most densely populated cities the city has struggled to enforce fire safety codes
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especially in older buildings. last month more than seventy people were killed in a fire in an old neighborhood of dhaka and nine years ago another cry of killed more than one hundred people due to an illegal chemicals warehouse near a residential area now as emergency crews searched the wreckage of the latest fire they say it's still a rescue operation until everyone is accounted for him hommage al jazeera. well let's go to tom vitale who's on the scene for us in dhaka all the as al is often the base began to firefighters still believe they could find survivors. so far we know the confront that toll is sixteen and over seventy four people injured among them were four firefighters many of these angels are critically. burned there's a possibility that that toll might go up as you can see the salvage operation is
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still going on it just never stop we were here to last midnight and there were still firefighters inside that building there will also assess whether this building is any longer safe to operate the adjoining building where also a fact that they're going to inspect those as well now the firefighters are concerned of the safety of the buildings next to it as well because those were affected by the fire there was cafes many offices as well a personal story of tragedy there's one couple with the wife died inside the building burned to death while on husband fell off while trying to escape there was a sri lankan citizen who tried to skate by climbing to a wire he fell to is that this was a person of straw to the green day in bangladesh despite all the effort by the firefighters it was a difficult challenge because tens of thousand people blog the road for rescue operation and ambulances this was
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a major complaint by the fire department now time to time to tell us about the building have been so many criticisms of lack safety standards and before but this was in an up market pasta town. as a reporter in europe but this is a mega city with a lot of new development a lot of new buildings coming up but many of these buildings are at least two decades old they do not have fire safety stairwell they do not have external fire exit this particular building f.r. tower now this has only permission for sixteen story it build another four storey above it without authorization from the building development authority plus the. several years ago this same particular building had a major fire incident in the basement imagine that they would actually take all the precaution and just a block away another high rise. fire incident just to give you a context within the last three decades there's been. increasing fire incident
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making it about five. fire incidents a day and making it one of the most dangerous country with fire incident and safety hazard in the country. across that ongoing rescue operation for us thank you. on new zealand's prime minister has led a status in christ church to remember the fifty people who died in the last attacks out of there is andrew thomas was that. what words to the prime minister can adequately express the pain and suffering of new zealand's darkest day what words captured the anguish of muslim communities targeted by hatred and violence what words expressed the grief of the city of christchurch and when she found them. peace be upon you they were words just done said she'd heard repeatedly over the last fourteen days but even the ugliest of viruses can exist in places they are not
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welcome. racism exists but it is not welcome here this service exactly two weeks after the and linwood mosques were targeted by white extremist gunman was broadcast on big screens around the country representatives from more than fifty countries came to hear islamic welcomes and prayers. and then the slow recital of the names of those killed all fifty of them. among them was her made her husband survived on stage he spoke of forgiveness i don't support in the wrong action but at the same time i can not deny the fact that he is my human brother the daughter of another victim spoke to about her father he was a really nice man. thank you i work with
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the work performances to from a local singers i was and the use of islam cat stevens who sung about peace. twenty two people remain in hospital following march the fifteenth attack for them recovery will be slow for new zealand. this national remembrance has had a theme that came up again and again in the speeches on the stage and that theme was unity where the government tried to devalue to see people rally in opposition on the talk of the program to him out. we all one hundred thomas al-jazeera cross-check. while the pressure on algeria as president to step down as increasing some members of the opposition say they want more than. resignation they're
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demanding the removal of the entire regime and that includes the army chief he suggested a constitutional measure could remove the president on medical grounds his proposal was backed up by the ruling f.l.n. party on wednesday has more from neighboring chinnis here. president abdelaziz bouteflika is practically left alone the mother of the presidential palace has been abandoned by the army by his own party the national liberation front by some heavy tea our allies like the former prime minister ahmed here by a big trade union and more key figures are now think it's about time to remove the president and appoint a replacement however the opposition and the protestors are of the view that trigger triggering article one hundred two won't solve the problems of algeria and that one needs to be done is to find someone else they are now talking about
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potential candidates like former president lee i mean like. ben bate toure to lead a transitional council to draft a new constitution and then pave the ground for new parliamentary and presidential elections now local media is talking about key businessmen isolated with the president who are barred from leaving the country it could be a fine but the army is sending reassurances of the people that while it is committed to trigger article one knows what the same time is it is telling the people that anyone who has been found guilty of wrongdoing or a babbling public phones will definitely face justice in the near future but as we speak the political crisis continues to deepen and the agreements between the army on one hand the opposition and the protesters on the other hand about a new road map for algeria and if your in algeria we'd like you to help us tell this story get in touch with us on whatsapp war on telegrams especially if
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you're attending a protest for if you want to share a video comment the number is plastered nine thousand four five zero one triple one four nine. well it's the moment op lovers have been waiting for the opening of the world's largest contemporary art fair in hong kong sarah clarke has gone there to find out why a new wave of chinese artists are shifting buying power to asia. it's a fish eye casing some of the best contemporary art in the world two hundred forty two galleries from thirty five countries under one roof as well as the blue chip galleries is a growing presence of artists from southeast asia in this year's line up at basel two actually we do stand by i would say that we are the international. age. when i say that i really feel that you know the asian galleries are presenting some very very strong needs from our part of the organizers of the fish so the global lot landscape is changing with chinese paintings
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a new favorite for investors gen fund g set a record for chinese contemporary art with his painting the last supper selling for twenty three million dollars in twenty thirteen this year he's painting the rooster is grabbing attention to lamb as an industry veteran in china she says a growing number of chinese artists is being driven by a more mature market and is attracting greater investment from the west what is interesting is also the chinese are this is represented by or the international galleries the evolution of the market and of course we all know that chinese are now this is not just a regional it is an international like auction houses art fairs like this shape the global market last year total sales reached sixteen and a half billion dollars that's up six percent on the previous year the united states remains a world's largest market with nearly half of total sales by value u.k. hold second spot with twenty one percent followed closely by china this is annual
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report by at basel and u.b.s. found the millennial particularly in hong kong and singapore are the emerging big spenders it's about thirty years old they got the decay. approach like they have been told to because museum in the world was a very western culture so they understand now better in a better than even national level off to a contemporary art of art sales last year the global market to its second highest level in a dick i eat galleries will be hoping that prosperity continues this year sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. hello i missed all detail into how with the headlines on al-jazeera three female activists have been temporarily released in saudi arabia after spending ten months in prison they've been freed after the second hearing of their trial which is still going on there among eleven women arrested almost
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a year ago for the human rights work a united nations investigation is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi to be tried in public the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions on yes kalmadi says the closed door hearings in saudi arabia fall short of international standards chinese telecoms giant while way has reported a boost in profits despite a u.s. campaign to blacklist the company over security concerns while weighs twenty eight hundred profits rose by twenty five percent with total sales of more than one hundred billion dollars police in the philippines have a rest of the chief executive of the news website rappler the government says maria ressa violated laws requiring all media to be completely filipino owned rappler has been critical of president ford reader to tassie tamil and oregon has more from manila. maria ressa was arrested this morning shortly after she landed from san
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francisco where he was met by police the warrant was issued yesterday it was one of the many cases that maria and several members of rappler the local news outlets is facing in different courts across manila she is able to post bail and in a few hours she should be released already she has released a statement basically through her lawyers saying that she has no intention of invading a rests or moving to a different country to avoid prosecution she said that she will face these cases in court fairly and squarely in the hopes the truth will prevail in the end at least nineteen people have died in a large fire in a tower block in bangladesh's capital dhaka firefighters along with teams from the air force and navy spent hours trying to put out the planes the pressure on algeria's president to step down is increasing some members of the opposition say they want more than. his resignation there demanding the removal of the entire
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regime including the army chief. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera afterlife apps. i made a. series of breaking stories. as we. focus on how they report on the story. on al-jazeera. which calls texts. to help make all the lives easier. but not everyone's benefit. mobile phone apps be designed to help make a better world. series challenges app developers from around the world to visit
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communities who are missing out and then come up with an app that could help. this week life apps. but also a country where four out of ten people live on less than two dollars a day. like most of the world. small scale farmers for food. farmers. in kenya. farming is now is like.
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at its. peak. c. could do a sequel. says a. limb. limb a big kid might. need to because. we've seen a guess and. lisa
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say you were doing well and. take it to two thousand. and mickey get it. down same would be to work with him. but it don't. maybe william can find the help he needs among the bright lights of kenya's capital city. nadir of the. it's full of life it's a miracle. i knew how to put you guys want. me to one of kenya's new breed of young software developers i want
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a new career keep on occasions develop a living and they will be called a small startup in my friends called bt and consultants we create tools even i will go on to use more news challenges to design a mobile phone app to help william and millions of other small scale kenyan farmers who believe it's cool and it's not a crazy may be a sideshow it's just most people don't get the ball but. this is my favorite joints one reason because the best jazz in town on these on number two they have the best games on. the road be on his own work and go it is like that there could be so all the techies hollow tell. me. it's a good time to be moving in there i'll be on the supreme said. excite. kenya's
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take want to open your eyes like a movie you cut your teeth launch as many as five mobile phone apps a day. it's a good time to be living. on the. news always believe that mobile phone apps can help. people in the rural areas just as much as those in d.c. to most people don't know what system information services but more bells provide that blossom waits accessible it's convenient confuting your pockets then i don't see a reason way to be accessible to the gays and by the way as. you start up company has been going for just a couple of years. but their team is just had some good news on
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one of their projects to be likely to be because we've secured some funds for low pay look one of the arabs who do development is fun and gives you the chance to create you create something and you see people use it i mean. so just watch and pray from there you can't compare it to going to. the point of formation of whatever they are and no mobile phones are very cheap and therefore the. coverage more than anything else. lord will not change it's more feature it's part of a logical system which is the information services what up to the minute information services what excess people who are in trouble places. back in uganda it's the start of the long reigns for william it's time to plant.
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somebody and wouldn't be now a days or. a. key to come. sealed to. make it but. so can more new help william become the farmer he wants to be. filmmaker tony who helped come up with a life apps idea new a challenge that he contra fuse is task to create a mobile application that can help farmers like william. agreed to take seven days out of his busy schedule to crack it so you can just talk to him to just figure out
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problems out and see if you can develop a solution for him ok so down to the month you can just. look with only i'm. number twenty. five. me. ok. toss asante ok. so we're good. good for the turn it's ok phone calls all the things. you you. you you you. you you you you always researches customers needs normally in nairobi williams you gania is eight hours wakes you.
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up but. is that a given. to you and you. no you only. really believe. this but. when they claim something experienced people believe. what they're doing then see what the. new year will yield the usual. legal you'll begin to mine the moon us to work out what's stopping william making better use of his two acres. then he can design an app to help you. be a little tough to the sun and i don't think when danny range is up and up and began
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nailing s.f. enough for ice of double to double up but i love one of these sunni. invent a limit going to some balcony or to like you know no sex wednesdays and he says that the most mbanga mean a to be defined in the b. ditch he is in to be defined be he may be defined c. says that killing him in again or let me marry is equal this is. the same to me bunda and damn i'm seeing who mark idea you would be anywhere not a double minded man because. now says i keep on buying up to some busyness seem cool. nevil is internet fun aviation ok somehow become a pilot and making a scene from you seem. to not find the. name maggie says and the total inane. and i says i am doing nothing when i'm lying. and then
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he said when i talk when i'm with that one door and all of them one of them. william suffers from the same problems a small scale farmers globally he has no modern water pumps he can't afford fertilizes and without proper transport he can only still crops locally so williams joined a farmers group to try and pool knowledge and resources to kink human embryo you can do the phones will. thing and as i'm in there. again i'm again. going to be able to link here. with me with it to say as it gets into bed and you assess it and then said and then go to what he said what he said. well it will go nice and i said forget the so called science and you have to tango yet when it comes right down to live as soon. you can is that the fact that really a miserably in a group it's barely two months old it's
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a starting point because it's already brought people together so even you developing a solution to that and he's going to be a platform and you can use them one of the test groups or a focus group and also start from hearing problems from other phones as well because now we've had to both really and maybe another families facing a slightly different problem. to my. city boy will use about a taste some kenyan country cooking with william special needs is indigenous kenyan vegetables. and even quite a class going to thank the food before we take it to the sex crazed he may turn into a question that limbo king yes i mind he said but you you you you you you know you. you.


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