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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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well turkey's local elections have seen the opposition make major gains at the expense of president. and the ruling ak party the vote has been widely seen as a referendum on their near two decade dominance of texas politics the opposition has won control of the capital ankara meanwhile in istanbul it's still a tight race that still considered too close to call sin and costello has more from ankara. since coming to power seventeen years ago presenter egypt. has won every single ballots contested but sunday's vote wasn't all good news for the ruling party it lost the mayor ship in the capital longer are assigned dr chee months made by air drawn in the past no longer outweigh the misgivings some terms have about him and his party today however uncertain as to remains over istanbul the city where dawn began his political career as its mayor with the majority of
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the votes in the result appears to be too close to call but both candidates have already declared victory. as. i said loud and clear i know we won however i cannot announced it is because of my conscious my sense of ethics my political stance and my understanding of statement. completed with more than thirty one thousand ballot boxes according to our official results according to these results we won the election in istanbul. over although it was the fourteenth time ever donahue's belise contested a nationwide poor and. the kurdish d p that supported the opposition candidates in the western cities preserve this position and turkey's southeast going head to head with their party. turkey has a history of how voter turnout and even though there have been seven the elections in five years participation in so. it was more than eighty percent high on the mind
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of many voters was the economy challenges facing the country. and a slowdown in growth the ruling party and its nationalist party preferred to focus on issues surrounding to country's security but close on. every victory and every loss is the will of our nation and we have to accept this fact as a necessity of democracy we will admit that we want people's hearts in cities we won but we were not successful enough in cities we lost and we will act accordingly despite their fears that presidents are taught how to cope so they had to return it was clear that the voters' passage can't be compared especially in turkey speak at six am because so little else is iraq not. whether it's next still ahead on al-jazeera a t.v. comedian with no political experience is a step closer to becoming ukraine's president. and the colombian doctor and showing
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a dignified burial to venezuelans dying destitute away from home. hello once again welcome to the look at the international forecast we've got severe weather severe storms moving away from the eastern seaboard of the u.s. process guys coming back in behind it how do they think massacre have still some really heavy rains and significant snowfall to just around the eastern side of canada with the brightest guys as we go on through monday as that moves through there we will see some wet weather coming into the western side of the u.s. could parts of washington and oregon seeing some very heavy rain for a time that will make its way inland turning to snow more than possible for your sustaining some wet weather by this state that is in the panhandle some really wet weather here could see some localized flooding just around georgia just around the
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impasse of florida and a mix of rain and snow there just moving in across the midwest a fair bit of snow to just into central parts of kansas all making their way further east with so we know quite done with winter just yet meanwhile into the caribbean we've got a few showers around here right chad was a cold so be the chador into jamaica so the parts of cuba maybe into his spine yolo jamaica should dry up as we go through choose day the showers fewer and further between fair amount of fair weather cloud meanwhile just around the eastern side of the caribbean should be largely dry we might see want to show us in the other side of the region for costa rica. rewarding to continue. to care bring your people back to life. with. his documentary. film.
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revisiting. we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition. the only reward. hello again i'm. reminded of the news this hour algeria's president has announced a caretaker government to be headed by prime minister nuri. the decision comes after weeks of protests against eighty two year old abdul aziz. a woman accused of murdering the hoff brother of north korea's leader kim jong un has admitted to
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causing prosecutors in malaysia agreed to the lesser charge against. the poisoning of kuala lumpur airport two years ago. and israel has lifted a recently imposed ban on fishing in gaza and expanded the fishing zone to fifteen miles the decision as part of a cease fire deal mediated by egypt between israel and hamas. exit polls in ukraine show comedian of resume of the lenski has won the first round of the presidential election and cumberland petro poroshenko is currently running in second place showing how has more from kiev on what to expect from the runoff next month. the logic. of victory is not unexpected the polls have been tipping it for weeks but it is a pretty unlikely political victory this man has no political background or experience he played the part of a president in a t.v. series but that's really all anybody knows about him they don't know what he stands for they don't know who backs him importantly they don't know who may influence him
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in the future and in what direction but above all of that this was a protest vote by a sizeable proportion of the population angry angry and frustrated with politics mainstream politics as they have been this has been a rejection of those politics of those leaders and the old ways in ukraine. election night at the zelinsky campaign headquarters it's a has a lot of fair a long way from the stuffy formality of the more established parties which is little surprise a lot of the near certain winner of the first round of ukraine's presidential election is a comedian turned actor whose only experience of politics is playing the part of president in a popular television series he may soon be playing the part for real that's. great . legs and always a. new life begins
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a normal life life without the option without bribes without anything like this life in a new country a country have much. dylan's he will go into the second round runoff in april against incumbent president the confectionery business owner petro poroshenko who seems to have lost public trust over his broken promises to end the separatist war in the east and wipe away the stain of official corruption of the city because you know before the war not caring very good for the soviet union you know for the russian empire and verified so it was for ukraine the chocolate billionaire versus the comedy king. in russia we've been watching the second round closely as will the european union ukraine is stuck in the middle geographically divided by conflict its economy in the doldrums and anticorruption reforms failing to take hold neither candidate has ready answers. back at zelinsky h.q.
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and this man former finance minister alexander downer look could provide the experience the candidate lacks something like an act of blind faith though isn't it to support a man with no political background or experience going to have a why should people do it. well that's a good question right is it just maybe because they trust him more than the alternatives that's it. and they you know blindly bluntly actually saying that we don't want. a continuation of foreign forces you know with what we don't want people who don't trust running the country so this is the shiny new look of politics in ukraine and younger voters in particular will surely love that many hard to like to five all of them is immense his promise to change everything even if he so far made only the vaguest suggestions about how he plans to do that will have to change fast as voters' minds become far more focused in the second round.
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so this man zelinsky is a political unknown his policies are unknown but he does seem to represent for many people hope it was just five years ago that protesters were out on the square behind me in my down square the second revolution in this country in fifteen years they protested here against corruption for a different kind of ukraine a different future moving closer to european structures the e.u. nato and so on instead what do they see they have a frozen conflict in the east corruption is still right some say goes all the way to the top so we have this rejection of mainstream politics to the extent that people are prepared to embrace. a sort of blind faith in the world to me is a linsky he's not there yet of course he's going to fight and win the second round yet and those policies of his such as they exist will come under greater and pleasure closest scrutiny in the weeks ahead. japan's just announced the name of the next imperial era reva the two japanese characters were revealed at
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a news conference re roughly translates as order come ons means peace or harmony the era is set to begin in a month when the new empress takes the train michael penn heads up she gets a news agency he says the imperial reign name is a knitting pot of modern japanese culture many japanese even today very much you know mark their lives and mark their past in the past their families using these imperial era names so when you when you've signed official documents you have to use them in japan so it's very much a living part of the culture i mean and that includes even foreign residents like myself you have to memorize the you know not only that your your in your say birthday and other information in the western calendar you have to know what it is and in the imperial calendar as well so it's you know it's something which is as i say on almost in many official documents and it's used in daily life and it sort of
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like second nature to use it so this is only the second time that there's been a new imperial name being announced in the post in the post world war two era so it's quite rare to have a day like this. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has announced a month long rationing plan for electricity while the nationwide power cuts continue the decision is unlikely to pick eight the public some of whom built a burning barricade in protest against the constant power outages protest a set of tires and tree trunks elyse along congested streets throughout the capital caracas on sunday while more than three million venezuelans have fled the country to escape the political and economic turmoil a third have moved to neighboring colombia and for some it's their final journey many of those who die away from home don't have the money to cover the cost of a burial at asunder m.p.'s he reports from the colombian city of rio hatch so in
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your move this is bearing the body of a load reese who fled venezuela but passed away just days after arriving in colombia. she's a retired forensic doctor with a lifelong mission caring for the destitute dead in the spore area of northern colombia saving them from a communal grave. i think this is god's purpose for my life we're all the same when we die and we all deserve a decent burial. granddaughter says they had left been this way alone search of medicine to treat her grandmother's diabetes the drugs she needed have become hard to find at home they didn't have money to pay for a place to sleep let alone foot the five hundred dollars bill needed once the worst happened but i came out when. i was just hoping my grandmother could live a few more years but it didn't work out that way. sonya started bearing people illegally two decades ago in this unused plot owned by the city in two thousand and
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seven she convinced the tory tees to recognize it as an official cemetery called people like us for many years most of the bodies sonya recovered were victims of colombia's fifty year long internal civil conflict but that it's changed since two thousand and seventeen since then practically all the people barry is here have been poor venezuelan migrants. given the hardship they suffer more and more arrive looking for a better life many are sick when they get here i just help them when they're gone so new does most of the work on our own paying out of our own pocket and goes from town to town in a pickup truck wherever there's a body to recover. other times relatives bring the caskets to the cemetery like me. whose son didn't survive childbirth. to look at us and
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i'm very grateful to google for those. i don't know what we would have done without their. son your says she needs help with their mission but she will continue regardless so when it bowling is with this humanitarian crisis underway i feel great satisfaction being able to help it brings me inner peace sometimes we forget that human beings are happier giving than receiving whatever the cost and what she gives is a lasting memory of those who died in some peace of mind for those who are left behind. well the u.s. president ordered reductions in direct aid to three central american countries saying they aren't doing enough to stop illegal immigration critics say the cuts to el salvador guatemala and honduras and tiny counterproductive and will only increase the flow of migrants towards the united states. well whether it's shakespeare rumi or something far more hip we all have our favorite poets and
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instagram is boosting the popularity of poetry reading and london jessica baldwin explains. lonely wanderers which. was wrapped in the open mike poetry night in trendy east london. is just is this. is love is. nowhere to be seen a tweed jacket or sheaf of paper that's true and we should wish her well i carry her. yes but it's time to let go. so many poets not enough time to accommodate them all the same in a lot of talk a. little too many of the new fans have found poetry right here on their phones instagram poems designed to be read on a single screen canadian poet ruby core has three point six million followers millennial is trying to make sense of
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a mixed up fast paced world one day they said she was old enough to learn some shame she found it came quite naturally but there was a kind of safety the body finds a place to hide the cloth fans out against the skin much like the earth that follows on coffins after they put the dead men m.t.s. starkers poems are required reading part of the curriculum for any british teenager studying english literature. but i think in this world today there is so much confusion and so much noise from the world that poetry is needed more than ever and people are turning in to it more than ever for that kind of still point in an absolutely chaotic world writer ben also believes we seek meaning from poets as distrust grows for political leaders to turn to people who use language to speak to speak. to speak to a greater sense of of the possibilities of the world and of humanity. was compelled
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to write a poem about the ground felt our fire. it was like a matchbox in the sky. it was. in the sky sometimes it takes an image to wake up a nation from a secret shame if you want to see how the poor die. see the time. world changing dream. jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. hello i'm a star with the headlines on al-jazeera algeria's president has announced a caretaker government to be headed by prime minister nouri. the decision comes after weeks of protests against eighty two year old. a woman accused of murdering
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the half brother of north korea's leader kim jong un has admitted causing hurt prosecutors in malaysia agreed to the lesser charge against him for poisoning kuala lumpur airport two years ago joran theory has more from. now what's going to happen now is the judge is going to decide on her sentence so she could very well be walking away free today now those no minimum sentence for this crime and also if the judge part of the sentence of say two years while she's already been in custody in prison behind bars for two years the judge could very well decide but the time that she spent behind bars could be used to count for that sentence and she could very well be walking away free today japan's just announced the name of the next imperial era ray were the two japanese characters were revealed at a news conference re translates as order while while means peace or harmony the era
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begins in a month when the new empress takes the throwing israel has lifted a recent ban on fishing in gaza and expanded the fishing zone to fifteen nautical miles the decision as part of a cease fire deal mediated by egypt between israel and hamas it comes a day after two main border crossings into gaza were reopened and results in turkey's local elections show the main opposition party candidate taking control of and kora president. the ones at party is ahead in istanbul but it's still too close to call the municipal elections are seen as a test for the president venezuela's president nicolas maduro has announced a month long rationing plan for electricity while the nationwide power cuts continue the decision is unlikely to placate the public some of whom built a burning barricade in protest against the constant power outages protesters said tires and tree trunks alight along congested streets throughout the capital caracas
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on sunday well those are the headlines join me for more news here after a rewind do stay with us.
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on counting the cost we look at what's holding indonesia back from becoming a two trillion dollar economy as the world's biggest democracy gets ready to vote who's financing politics in india and mexico's government is axing social programs for the country's poorest. counting the cost. and welcome again to rewind back. since the launch of al-jazeera english
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back in two thousand and six we've built up a library of award winning documentary s. and here on rewind we've been delving into the vault to pull out some of the best of them today we're going back to two thousand and seven to a poor south african neighborhood just outside cape town when using honor enter edition come together in an unusual annual competition. in recent years south africa has seen huge political upheaval and corruption scandals and cape town south africa second largest city has been feeling the impact of climate change and struggling with drastic water shortages a decade ago south africa seemed to be moving towards a more inclusive post apartheid world yet in the poorest suburbs of cape town local communities still maintain their distinctive identities based in the cape flats the
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muslim community holds an annual singing competition for the sale of affairs jovi and in two thousand and seven the witness series was there to film this contest which sheds a unique light on the diversity and inequalities of modern soph africa here is the sale of effect. this is the story of a man with a dream but it plays out on the dark side. till nine hundred sixty five or thereabouts most of the town's muslims lived in the city proper this book of recounts a language that helped create and many have roots that went back centuries but when a part of derived they were forced to move our church to the parents that's outside the city it's a tough world too little money too many drugs and one of the highest murder rates on the planet but not as we shall see the place of hopelessness.
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this is a place called love it's in the middle of the cape flats and i'm staying here for the past thirty years everybody knows and those with a c. because of one thing only because of the. even i could go but they basically said yes in two thousand and five touchy and two friends decided to enter and try to win the annual capital a quiet competition an extravaganza that involves fifty rival teams to custom changes five different song forms and massive amounts of money it was an insanely optimistic move considering the competition they were facing. this is haji bugs israel name is mohammed same benjamin but he owns several businesses and
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visits mecca regularly some hundred bucks into his. living. six. six six six feet. he calls his team the starlights and as far as he's concerned nobody can touch them yes there's a lot that doesn't like me in the film but they said he quoth because they both from the from the medias knows are governed by only first place. was the box has been organizing choirs since he made his first fortune his funds are inexhaustible his dominance of type with a culture almost complete so it was a david and goliath situation really an underdog versus the establishment a house painter versus haji bucks. are you interest for us in
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the five in school. music but i'm a person that can lead something very quickly this new a music is good. but i always knew that i had seventeen in me that i could actually do which incineration it can benefit other people too the cut you couldn't do it alone of course mr muhammad stoffel it's a much more brother homage to his friends you see with f.m.s. he plays and they settle for me looking at the life with you know is it enough. these are the we friends who know. the truth of it and we can they will stay away from me said i need somebody that i can to this. you. and i just continue with leading. you. to the quiet when he goes to the meeting see that everything is in place i put up with. really no weights if you like the chances are you can sing so good that he
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said to ask if you seen something that means that things look from the end of the pin you got their meaning. and. we different. the new team was called the continentals and this is the third member of the trio that founded it what he does it plays guitar bass and badger sings like an angel and dresses flash when he's in the money which wasn't the case until today i'm happy as a citizen this started. but my wife was the only but it was everybody was with them . on the events and every day this close just for food because even depp's of the time that the. in case you're wondering i'm the watcher with a guitar i'm actually right to touch needed help and i was on it to be honest.
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we were playing with different poison release it to me told. him to eat it we are going to. put on this school to do something that is. and hope by of what was ricky was. when or what i was away in a mean. as if. no one had. to endure for five o'clock it was a show. they got me at the what i'm told if you only. get. the business men love the show but are brought in on the a tiny fraction of what the continentals need in months to come there will be more fundraising events karaoke from the like the progress is slower and some
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continental is a better name just a few of them since. i did this in the dead. and see that they put out that even at a cover that those pick it up and you know they're in a cell of the just so you one o'clock one day. donald of true and lives in a caravan whose parents guard him with his family he's just come out of prison and he's struggling to make ends meet sinjar see that. so i think it is let go of it in a cellar of it in the it's so it's to sort of you know you can see only for truth it's nothing. in my heart must. know. meanwhile on the far side of the tracks the starlights of burden are brighter than ever. you know i call
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eats like the the c.e.o. before god you know me me me just go slow will be asleep i can never feel good and . i i i i the champion think everybody is that i've got to see what they see. and know. you got none now ask. prosing just don't open your mouth and sing the first thing the simplest if you have the support of the state's young one that we are the of the. the the conscious neighborhood on the other hand
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drugs are everywhere and discipline can be a problem but what i saw tonight it was pretty disappointing so. we don't tell you guys no to do whatever you want to do that is up to you but those who would win the teams and we don't need people to buy those item with their money now how did mine know what county club if you speak any clubs or not. so if for half a day when the canola that you for non no he laughed at you he said. and the constitution but see what they can oversee it to thank those that use and will take its course no mental with us that is trying to live we don't talk about it anymore the believe is coming out of delft community so it is known through its conniving that stuxnet what we trying to do is get given the way from the get into the pic to see since it didn't teach him discipline so that it doesn't go into that only ninety percent of it was loaded with the confines. with one
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and just keep him will keep finding that. in the five dollars the guys up into the box and the practice the clock ticking at one o'clock but him out the fantasy feet. back on sunday to since he's been on. this. board says a lot sometimes he complains he does actually. but that's not the sports but. that's what's really good.


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