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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 91  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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cartels can deal with smaller shipments instead of smuggling fifty kilos of heroin with the risk of getting caught dealers would only need to smuggle one kilo of fence will instead to receive the same street value and a financial return and while most of it is transported into the us through legal ports of entry or even by post trump has repeatedly cited the opioids including fence not one of his reasons for building a border wall with mexico i'd also like to have you take a look at the event and all that's coming out of china and mexico and whatever you can do from a legal standpoint whether it's litigation lawsuits of people in companies. in china you have some pretty big companies sending their garbage and killing our people it's almost a form of warfare and i'd like to do whatever you can do legally to stop it from china and from mexico and if you could look into that and appreciate china it's disputed u.s. claims that it is responsible for the fence no crisis move all of the fear of arts
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and the accusations from the us like evidence that contrary to the facts the chinese government has always been committed to n.t. drug principles and has implemented its international anti-drug obligations in a manner befitting a responsible large country the us itself is the main factor in the country's problem of internal abuse and the biggest legal fence or producer in china has actually welcomed the come down but insists it has nothing to do with the drugs that end up in the u.s. in fact it's blaming it on illegal produces in the meantime via spencer epidemic has prompted police to carry a lifesaving antidote just in case. china's president has a new zealand not to discriminate against chinese companies doing prime minister just and our burns visit to beijing paying spoke of the importance of mutual trust after new zealand rejected a bed by a chinese telecom giant on our way to build the country's five network is a china correspondent adrian brown. the international profile of new zealand's
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prime minister has risen since the christ church mosque killings just over two weeks ago. just cinderalla dearness said the fact she'd come to beijing so soon after that was a reflection of the importance she places on her country's relationship with china there are strains in that relationship though especially over the chinese telecoms company while away which is been stopped from supplying five g. equipment to new zealand's mobile phone network on national security grounds that has upset china's leaders who regard weiwei as a symbol of all that this country has achieved in the past thirty years and if a place like new zealand refuses to purchase and employ a technology this is going to become a big problem not just in terms of business but in terms of the self image of the chinese leadership it's going to be a big fail before the cameras on monday premier league didn't mention while away by name but said he wanted improved relations with new zealand added later insisted
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there'd be no final decision on war way there is a view for instance that power has been banned it's simply not true so it is an opportunity i think to sit out what has happened and the way that ticks i would say new zealand generally china is new zealand's most important trading partner but new zealand is also an ally of the united states and analysts argue that for new zealand's government juggling the relationship between the two superpowers is becoming increasingly difficult. the way for me. dearne promise to raise another sensitive issue in beijing the mass detention of chinese muslims in the western province of shin jan human rights groups say more than a million people are being held in reeducation camps china's leaders dispute that figure calling these facilities vocational training centers in the aftermath of the christ church attacks are durn strong defense of muslim rights in her own country
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impress many there's now pressure on her to be vocal in her defense of muslim and minority rights abroad it is not clear where the human rights in shin jang came up in her brief meeting with president xi jinping before this visit she said new zealand's relations with china were mature and resilient a resilience that's now being tested adrian brown al jazeera beijing. venezuela's political and economic turmoil has forsworn three million people to look for a better life abroad a million of them were unable colombia but for some it was their final journey us on the ramp yet they reports from the city of leon one woman is ensuring the dead are given a proper burial. sagna been moved this is bearing the body of. who fled venezuela but passed away just days after arriving in colombia. she's
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a retired forensic doctor with a lifelong mission caring for the destitute dead in this area of northern colombia saving them from a communal grave. i think this is god's purpose for my life we're all the same when we die and we all deserve a decent burial. granddaughter says they had left been in search of medicine to treat her grandmother's diabetes the drugs she needed have become hard to find at home they didn't have money to pay for a place to sleep let alone foot the five hundred dollars bill needed once the worst happened but i came out when. i was just hoping my grandmother could live a few more years but it didn't work out that way. sonia started bearing people illegally two decades ago in this unused plot owned by the city in two thousand and seven she convinced the tory to recognise it as an official cemetery called people like us for many years most of the bodies sonya recovered were victims of
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colombia's fifty year long internal civil conflict but that it's changed since two thousand and seventeen since then practically all the people barrie is here have been poor venezuelan migrants. given the hardship they suffer more and more arrive looking for a better life many are sick when they get here i just help them when they're gone sonja does most of the work on her own paying out of her own pocket and goes from town to town in a pickup truck wherever there's a body to recover. other times relatives bring the caskets to the cemetery like me. whose son didn't survive childbirth she will look at us and i'm very grateful to give you for. i don't know what we would have done without her then settle says she needs help with her mission but she will continue regardless
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so when it bowling is with this humanitarian crisis underway i feel great satisfaction being able to help it brings me inner peace sometimes we forget that human beings are happier giving than receiving whatever the cost and what she gives is a lasting memory of those who died in some peace of mind for those who are left behind .
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it is time for sports now here's paul was thank you very much christiane aldo has lifted the champions league trophy in each of the last three seasons but he could be absent as his new club event to try to get into the semi finals the portuguese is battling to recover from a fine injury in time for next week's quarter final against i.x. love to start rinaldo is working hard and let's hope we can have him with us for the match against i.x. it's difficult but we still hope to have him he's working well every day so we are hopeful resting have won the argentine football league title for the first time in five years a one one draw us t. great for the buenos aires team was the cue for the celebrations to begin it's the eighteenth league title in the club's history. zlatan abraham of it was a major goal scoring form for the l.a. galaxy on his return from injury the thirty seven year old hadn't played since the
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start of march and went close with that partial overhead kick in this game against the portland timbers the swedish strike it did go on to score two penalties two one win the galaxy sit fifth in the western conference. and a free kick from former england captain wayne rooney helped d.c. united to a two one win over city rooney's team top east. well by the slots on andrew hughes to play for manchester united who are confident they can hold on to their current star paul pogba the french world cup winner said last week that playing for sin against the down that rail madrid would be the dream for any player pulls up here he's going to be a big big parties i've always said it that you like to build your team around him. not hasn't changed at all. manchester city's manager pep guardiola says his team need to play like a machine if they're to win a quadruple this season they've already clinched the league cup and are still in
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the hunt for the f.a. cup champions league and premier league is nothing to mind in the title is woods next would leave proper world in a machine to do we need to be in in-tray doing it one day individual going to happen the reality is that is where it is with a few mentally the people is really another horses died at santa anita taking the number to twenty three in three months at the california racetrack arms run a injured his leg during a race on sunday and was put down comes two days after the track reopened following a month long investigation into the deaths the findings haven't yet been announced australia are in top form ahead of the cricket world cup after completing a five nothing whitewash of pakistan and their one day series the tourists top four all hits half centuries in dubai set practiced on a target of three hundred twenty eight australians and french cementing his
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selection as player of the series here stan fell twenty runs short in the chase staying in the emirates the opening day of the abu dhabi desert challenge had several winners among the pacesetters frenchman cyril de prate won the dakar five times on his bike for the switch to four wheels these days he won a very windy two hundred sixty two k. yes marina circuit stage to the bikes and the stage when went to twenty seventeen. sunderland of great britain but does a challenge runs through to thursday two of california's finest went head to head in major league baseball when the san diego padres faced the san francisco giants it was a low scoring game thanks to chris product making an impressive major league debut the padres rookie pitcher striking out seven of the giants batters san diego winning three two one. in the n.h.l. the calgary flames of won their division for the first time in thirteen years and with the western conference title they were up against the san jose sharks who took
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a chunk out of calgary's hopes early on through team omega but the flames have been on a streak of seven wins in ten heading towards the stanley cup playoffs and they were too hot for san jose a five two win sealing home advantage in the western conference knockouts the sacramento kings failure to reach the n.b.a. playoffs this weekend worked out in favor of the san antonio spurs who qualified for the postseason for the twenty second year in a row a day later sacramento got the chance to take out their frustration as they came up against the spurs san antonio as motivation seeming to have deserted them as they see out the regular season the kings winning one hundred thirteen one hundred six spurs coach gregg popovich objected for protesting the referee's calls just a bit too strong now to an invention that could have come in handy in that game this robot has been developed in japan it's called q three and i enjoined designed not to miss three points though it occasionally does so you need human after all
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other minor drawbacks include an inability to dribble or jump no slam dunk ok that's all your sport and the polls thank you very much for that and that does it for this al-jazeera news hour for me it is a problem and the entire team here thank you very much for watching. israel war on truth where on live what tina's taught us is to be able to be concise being expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs
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triggering church or if you join us on sat israel is an apartheid state and of the cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join a global conversation amount of zero when the news breaks and the story below six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told people are telling us that there's no medicine there are not enough ferengi al-jazeera has teens on the ground u.s. air power alone is not enough to bring in more pain documentaries and live news on air and online. across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at all zero immigration but this is the
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one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. algeria's sailing president says he'll step down by the end of his term april the twenty eighth. hello there i'm felicity podge of watching al-jazeera live from london also coming
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up british m.p.'s prepare to vote again or whether they want a customs union with the e.u. another referendum or a no deal breaks it. a blow for turkey's president as his party loses ground in key cities in the country's local elections. on ten days before india goes to the polls facebook removes hundreds of fake accounts linked to the main two parties and pakistan's military. algeria's president abdelaziz bouteflika has bowed to weeks of mass protests and all me pressure announcing he'll step down before the end of his term this month the president's office has put out a statement saying the ailing eighty two year old will resign before the twenty eighth of april but it's unclear if that will satisfy protesters who was a new generation of leaders to replace the ruling elites their cues of being
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corrupt secretive and out of touch. shoes shares a journalist based in algiers she says the resignation won't be enough for the millions of people who've been else on the streets. of the president's call for the continuity was to institutions and it's not i would just say that it's against what the people have been asking for because you know the continuity means that the country will go in smoothly and you know we need to end this transitional period and i think anybody can be against that what people are against is the regime and what we mean by the regime in that is not only the president but everybody around the presidency and everybody connected to the president and sold the resignation of the president that we're expecting any time now so i can plant a quarter saying that tomorrow could be the day but we don't know but anyway he will resign before the twenty eighth of april but that is not enough their resignation is not nearly enough to appease the anger of the people who are
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speaking out al-jazeera iran can his reporting from neighboring tunisia and emira tell us more about how significant this announcement is what does it really make. it was an incredibly significant announcement abdulaziz has been ruling the country with an iron fist for twenty years the fact that he's now decided to step down as a result of people pressure is very significant however it's not going to be enough you had to guess that talking from algiers that the protest movement will see it as a step in the right direction but not something that will appease the movement enough to stop them from getting out on to the streets now throughout this crisis which has lost it for about six weeks now the government have tried measures to try and take the wind out of the cells of this protest movement in the first weeks they were saying that we're going to look at everything we're going to listen to your demands that wasn't enough and then they changed the prime minister that wasn't
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enough and now overnight we had this huge cabinet reshuffle twenty two members changed overnight however the hardcore of the beautifully supporters remain in their positions and that includes the army chief saleh now given everything that we're seeing on social media and speaking to analysts and. it's likely that the focus now that president is going to resign will go on to the army chief called solly and he will come under tremendous amount of pressure from the protesters because he's seen as somebody that will want the continuity of the government which many protest leaders are suggesting that means that it's just the old guard in a new form so expect his name to be bandied around over the next few days or so certainly on friday where the big protests happen i'm sure you'll see placards with his name on them you know i mean i'm on the process is obviously wants to see the
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end of all the so-called old guards in the cabinet but what realistically all of a hoping they're going to achieve over the next couple of weeks because we're going to have to see some sort of a a transition all the way from the beautifully caray into the next one. well there's a constitutional provision for that now what happens is there is something called all cycle one or two and also one or two is waltz allowing the president to resign he had two options within that he could resign which is the option he's clearly chosen or he could be removed by parliament on the grounds of ill health as long as it was possible the two thirds majority in the parliament now law school one or two then does once the president resigns is triggers a transitional period about forty five days they'll be a interim government probably led by ben other. one of the senior members of the upper house of his ball and went about a loss of about forty five days and then they'll call for a period where they'll announce elections and then political parties can form the
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big question that people are all over the protest movement as you've said you want a radical overhaul you want rid of the old guard but who do you want to put in place and that is a little complicated there isn't really any names being bandied around by the protest movement as potential leaders potential prime ministers potential presidents within the government i think because this is a new thought. because it's been ruled by beautifully go for so long is no authority tearing regime a lot of this will come in the coming days the coming months it's not going to be a quick transformative process it might come china's force thank you. now m.p.'s in the u.k. are currently voting once again on alternatives to prime minister to resign may's bracks a deal which has been rejected by parliament three times alternative proposals were also rejected by parliament last week but four of them are being put to m.p.'s
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again motion see calls on the government to negotiate a permanent customs union with the e.u. now that's the proposal that came the closest to achieving a majority in the last fight motion d. proposes common market two point zero which keeps the u.k. in the single market as well as a customs arrangement but a similar to norway's relationship with the e.u. motion calls for a public referendum on any brics it deal before it's passed by parliament but received the most support in the last votes and motions demands that the government revoke article fifty if no deal has been agreed two days before the date the u.k. is meant to leave the e.u. effectively cancelling bricks it i was there as for april and chalons is outside the bush policy for us right now and rory they're just about to begin voting all nos for motions do we have any idea any c.e.o. of what might be the most popular. well the the news to us opposed to the
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rumors and speculation coming out of parliament today is that it is the common market two point zero that seems to be the front runner and that is interesting because it is the softest of all the brics it's on offer really in these indicative votes it's way softer than to reason may's withdrawal agreements is certainly a good deal softer than the kind of brecht's the more hardline members of parliament in the conservative party would like to see and it is in the front at the moment because it now has the backing of the opposition labor party and the scottish parliamentarian's in the house of commons as well so it does seem to be gaining some considerable support whether it has a majority will have to see later on the saving when the vote comes in i can bring
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in alan wager now from king's college london who can give me his take on all of these options what do you look at these things for the speaker john boehner has put in front of m.p.'s to consider none of them if you will of a brick city persuasion seem all that bricks if you know that it will be the mother of all battles of trees and may has to take one of these options on the choice that reason they would be faced with after tonight if one of these options gets some sort of majority will be go with the flow of what parliament is suggested what the house of commons are willing to stomach all go with her own party over half of whom have said they want a no deal breaks it on the choice which reason they will be deceived with thousand commons all does she keep the leadership of the party on a cabinet on side and to really difficult to say which way should vary from the why you do these options such as the customs union common market two point zero i get the hackles of the brits it is up so much with
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a thing. that is the sort of option the softer bricks is being closer to the european union i mean we get none of the benefits of leaving the european union none of the benefits of an independent trade policy none of the benefits they said of get rid of free movement which is what a lot of who voted for the referendum so it's really a case of tradeoffs and they say they think making too many trade offs for some economic short term benefit they didn't really recognize either so ultimately this is saying that satisfies really hard to satisfy i believe is now with anything but an idea of rex and that's why we're seeing this this really difficult tussle going on in parliament is it possible for to reason to keep the. oppose factions in our party reconciled to keep the conservative party afloat really looking and increasingly difficult to know how given the makeup of the parliament as it stands that anything could get the unity of the of the conservative party back together anything that this that could feasibly get and get a majority in the house of commons and could be negotiating with the european union
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is going to split the conservative party into so she might be faced reason they might be faced during this week by the end of this week she called it a deal three parliament having to give up the country again because there's no other way given the deadlock in parliament given the way or m.p. the split on the subject with the current mandate she has she could do very much in terms of getting a solution to this great i don't wager thank you very much there so remember the survey last time there was an indicative votes of the options got a majority we'll have to see tonight's whether any of the four on offer can get a majority of m.p.'s behind it here the voting already has indeed begun now in the house of commons but don't expect results anytime soon and he could be possibly even a couple of hours before we know that westminster i.q. . now turkey's president of egypt has suffered a stunning setback as his ruling party looks on track to lose major cities in local elections with nearly all the votes counted the opposition c.h.p.
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has pulled ahead in the capital and corrupt with nearly fifty one percent of the vote it is the first time the ruling ak party has lost control of ankara since it was founded in two thousand and one or that it has vowed to challenge that result and it's an incredibly close race in istanbul with the c.h.p. barely ahead with forty eight point seven nine percent using turkey's largest city and economic capital would be devastating for the ak party which says it may push for a recount of more than three hundred thousand votes but overall coalition though as the people's alliance is still dominant it's captured around fifty one point six percent of the vote nationwide while the opposition alliance a bloc the nation alliance is trailing a just over thirty seven point five percent well turkey's dazzling economic growth once kept in power but the country is now in recession and the currency has tumbled in value many say that is what is loose.


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