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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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major redeployment of forces loyal to libyan. militias multi-billion dollar corruption scandal the former prime minister najib razak takes to the stand. and in the sports news russell westbrook produces a game winning and history making performance in the n.b.a. . the nato secretary general u.n. stoltenberg is due to address the u.s. congress in the next few minutes a speech comes as the security lines marks its seventieth anniversary russia relations terrorism and the sharing of resources are on the agenda that's the scene live now at the u.s. congress now on tuesday mr stoltenberg met the u.s. president on from mr trump again pressured nato countries to increase their defense spending joining us live as our diplomatic editor james bays james hi there what do we think the key takeaways going to be. well seventy years ago
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nato was founded seventy years on thursday you actually have a summit taking place here to mark that but it's actually foreign ministers not the heads of government and heads of state of nato and i think that shows you one of the biggest problems that nato faces and that biggest problem is president trump himself i think it's fair to say having spoken to a number of different diplomats from nato countries that they decided not to have a big summit with all the leaders here because that would have involved president trump being at the table and every time he's attended a nato gathering he's caused problems he's called destruction he's even questioned privately the value of nato so you have a very important historical meeting and yet they're trying to keep things away from president trump who as i say privately has questioned the nato alliance a very publicly has castigated other nato allies and you just look at the spending
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figures germany is actually cutting its military spending right now things going in the wrong direction and other challenges facing nato right now for example turkey looks like it's going to buy a missile system from russia although i'm always a nice little bit careful with moments when you actually have countries negotiating because it may be a negotiating gambit because there's also a counteroffer from the united states for a patriot system and you have italy who is. who's been doing deals with china on its beltran road initial initiative so difficult times for yemen stoltenberg first time we had a nato secretary general addressing a joint meeting like this he's just started speaking here we'll be listening peter to everything he has to say and bring you later on our desire and i hope in the coming hours to be sitting down with the secretary general to ok james we'll come back to you just as soon as we can hold ok let's talk to eva he's. the president of
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the chicago council and global affairs and as the u.s. ambassador to nato he joins us from the city of chicago even bolder as far as donald trump is concerned would he like nato to basically jettison that idea of one for all and all for one because surely that would save money well it would save money if the united states no longer was willing to defend its allies but i think in the and only in the short term the reality is that this alliance which is now seventy years old has helped keep the peace in europe a europe that for centuries has only seen armed conflict and war but since the founding of nato since the end of world war two since the american commitment to europe and the european commitment to each other there has been no war that's been a monumental achievement it's one of the things that and anybody who ended in one thousand nine hundred five what were two thought which was an impossible what nato
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achieved that and that's something that is far cheaper for the long term then a return to war conflict was the biggest stress test years some people who tend to look back backwards are saying well it's russia other people who are looking forwards to the next ten years saying actually it's probably cyber security. well that's probably both i mean russia has returned quite clearly as a major challenge to the security in europe it has invaded ukraine and next crimea it is in other parts of europe involved militarily as well as through cyber and other means and it's still trying to undermine the stability of countries throughout europe and indeed it interfered in the elections in two thousand and sixteen here in the united states cyber is one means of that of that effort by the russians and of course other countries including the chinese iran north korea and
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others are using cyber weapons as a means to interfere in the stability of europe of the united states and nato is a good instrument to try to counter that does that mean that critical services on which we all rely need to be protected in a different way perhaps not even by nato i mean i'm thinking here of you know the questions being asked in the states over the chinese giant way being involved in five g. being involved in electronics and the internet and putting that together and hard wiring that kind of technology into things like air traffic control roads railways because a cyber criminal we're being told a decade from now could stage something very very damaging. well indeed it's the cooperation you need among the nato countries and deal with others to make sure that the cyber space in which we are operating day to day in
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a civilian capacity in economic capacity and indeed in a military capacity that the that cyber space to secure one way to to undermine that security is to rely on technologies and capabilities that are sold by and in some ways controlled by a potentially hostile power that's the debate about who way and the five g. network it's a debate in which the united states has made clear that it does not want to rely on chinese systems it's trying to convince its allies that it shouldn't rely on the chinese systems and indeed there are european alternatives for this this technology but it is an alliance that you need in which those kinds of conversations can take place and in which there is an ability for the countries to work together to deal with the threat not only of today but of tomorrow and the day after does need to do need to leaders therefore as well over the coming decade have to convince presidents and prime ministers around the world that old fashioned old fashioned
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nuts and bolts security defense still matters and it's got to be funded. yes i think that's the fundamental purpose of nato i think that's what the secretary general is saying as we speak at the on capitol hill the message needs to be clear we are still threatened in a whole variety of ways both by traditional and longstanding threats like russia but also new ones that are that include cyber security includes terrorism and includes pandemic diseases and climate change and that we as an alliance need to stand together in order not only to cooperate to deal with those threats but to for right the means necessary for dealing with those threats and that means spending on security defense hardware is one part of it better in cyber security is another part of it and greater cooperation is the third element of it but it costs money
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security doesn't come for free as you're talking to us so we're looking at pictures of mr stoltenberg addressing the u.s. congress the behind closed doors do you get the sense that needs to leaders particularly the military commanders because they're all at the top of their game clearly they wouldn't be there if they weren't do they feel a sense of annoyance perhaps that they don't feel the love anymore coming at them from washington or is their line well you know we've lived in survived beyond other presidents prime ministers anyone that had a problem with nato and we will survive donald trump with his i mean he's reheating this call to talk about the funding of the alliance. well i think there is a a dual attitude on the one hand nato is taking very real steps to improve deterrence and defense capabilities specifically with regard to russia it's deploying troops into eastern europe into the baltic sea states it's hansing its
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air and naval presence in the black and baltic sea us is even deploying marines again back up in northern norway and i think military commanders are looking at that and seen the sense of decisions that happen made over the past five years as way in ways to strengthen nato and they're they're happy with that at the same time it's this political uncertainty about the nature of particularly american leadership and the president's commitment to nato that is leaving not only our allies but military leaders uncertain about what the capability of the alliance if and when it actually gets challenge will the united states politically being gauge in this alliance if and when the necessity is there that question has never been asked. to the extent that it's being asked today and that is a big change even though it's great to get your insight because you're so well connected with what's what the thinking is need to talk to you thank you my pleasure algeria's constitutional council has been meeting to decide the next steps
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after the president's abdelaziz bouteflika resigned the chairman of the opera house of parliament is expected to run the country for up to ninety days until the elections are held or the news hour is what matters. hours after president douglas he's beautifully here had his twenty years in power and the surge for algeria's new leader has begun. the constitution says this man how dukkha that have been silent the speaker of the parliament is eligible to be caretaker president for up to ninety days during which an election for a new president is expected and some critics say that people won't accept a bean salad as a template of leadership because he's a long time and beautiful ally in a slogan where very clear they were calling. war of the departure of as well. don't want the transition to be led by any member who was close to the boat
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a plan and i hope so i don't think that they will be acceptable. protests turned to celebrations at the news of both the free his resignation weeks of demonstrations as well as growing pressure on him to step down from the head of the army and other commanders who once supported him forced the eighty two year old to reverse his announcement to stand for the fifth time as president bush has made few public appearances since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's been a front man for military and business leaders who really run the country protesters are demanding they also need to go in a clean sweep among the ruling elite but some say the military has a crucial role in the political leadership and sherry do i. shouted leave i am happy and my congratulations to the great people of algeria and the national popular army the people took to the streets in their millions and the army
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took the side of the people this is led the president to resign. some ology and celebrated all night not just in the capital on jews but other cities too in the light of day they'll be wondering how many of the now former president's allies will remain in power rob matheson al-jazeera. ok let's bring in clue teevan she's a research on north africa the european council on foreign relations she joins us from paris welcome to al-jazeera is this the start of a one hundred percent democratic change process here. that's that's a complex question but i would say that it would require quite a bit more to ensure a one hundred percent democratic process i believe that for a lot of the protesters. does not represent the sort of change
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that they would hope to see in the sort of person that they would like to see overseeing this transition process. it's it's it's for many people it's seen as being too short a period to organize free and fair democratic elections and i believe that we will see on friday again quite a lot of people taking to the streets in order to make that point the protesters are ideally in their minds looking for root and branch reforms given the military's proof oil in the country today and in the history of the country how likely is that . what what seems to have taken place is very much the military is trying to ensure a controlled transition which would allow them to clear out certain of the the most
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hated figures within the regime would put to keep the fundamentals of the regime in place. and it's very clear from a lot of the plans that have been put forward from opposition party from civil society and from a large number of the youth movements that have been holding me say and informal gatherings all over the country in universities and public gardens. that there is a desire for something much more much yes for more to much more deep rooted change the critics of the regime say they've spent the best part of what the dithering as they were beginning to to process to realize what has now come to pass if they had did that less could this process of happened earlier and with less pain
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it's all with the what if sarah was interesting. it's hard to say at this point i think yes if if if there had been more space created for a legitimate legitimate opposition for real leaders to emerge earlier on for potential successors to beautifully to emerge at an earlier point then things may have turned out differently but that wasn't the case. how long until the people of algeria truly feel the benefits because some financial analysts are all saying the same thing this ng look the economic fundamentals are strong you've got a country with loads you've got an enthusiastic workforce and you've got eighty billion dollars in currency reserves that's presumably sitting and that's available . yes algeria
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does have certain definitely has certain strong economic fundamentals which do. a certain amount of maneuver space in terms of a potentially having a slightly longer transition and you know a lot a lot of people are suggesting that a constituent assembly or a longer process that really allows for popular participation is necessary. and there there is the possibility to do that but at the same time period does also need to make some. some economic reforms quite urgently because at that it it is burning through its reserves very quickly and those reserves have fallen from almost two hundred billion to eighty billion since the price of oil fail in two thousand and fourteen so it is quite. if if it continues at the same pace those
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reserves will be exhausted very very quickly and then algeria like many of its neighbors will be turning to the i.m.f. . and that may involve very much more painful reforms so it would be it is important that whoever is leading the economic portfolios over this transition period does begin to take certain basic steps towards economic reform even in paris thank you very much. still to come here on al-jazeera under pressure but venezuela's opposition leader remains defiant after being stripped of his parliamentary immunity. and in sports the baseball star who didn't get the warmest of perceptions from the fans of his former team.
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hello welcome saw the look at the international forecast in places like we've got some dry weather moving across iran at the moment i'm afraid come the weekend we will see yet more shower was rolling in here that we go with large the clear skies a few showers a little more clout though across turkey northern parts of syria some outbreaks of right sunny a possibility here as we go through thursday come friday rain sinks a little further south as becomes a little more expansive right across the levant lebanon jordan having a pretty wet dye possibility of some localized flooding and eventually this as we go through the weekend that will make its way a swifts some a cloud stretches this way down across the gulf so could see a few spots of right even here in concert thursday looks the best a day the clear day the bright today twenty nine celsius in similar temperature as we go when into friday because a lot of the more cloud in the full cost as we make our way through the weekend
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have seen bits and pieces of plateau say filtering across the eastern cape of south africa stretching back towards angola actually the wiseguys now starting to push in behind you must still see want to see showers just pushing in to the eastern cuyp like the skies to into southern parts of mozambique cloud and right all making its way east. april on al-jazeera blogs is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories of the world's third largest democracy heads to its presidential and legislative elections a documentary explores how the united states and the european union a turning a blind eye to egypt's violations of human rights a prime minister modi is seeking a second time with a campaign dominated by talk of a cash man pakistan will he succeed an exclusive look at the goals behind russia's
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current foreign policy explained by some of the insiders who helped shape the kremlin's ideology april on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from. these are your headlining stories the u.k. prime minister to resign may is meeting the opposition leader jeremy corbin today
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as pressure mounts on the british prime minister to break the brics it deadlock they say they hope to find a common approach to leaving the european union. right now the nato secretary general ian stoltenberg is addressing the u.s. congress that marks the seventieth anniversary of. his they're praising the u.s. for being the backbone of nato as far as nato is concerned there are questions being asked behind the scenes of nature should best channel its resources that are us as we've been discussing the past two major stress test ones one is probably in the future the relationship between nato and russia and also the very real. the reality of the potential for cyber security being breached and also to salzburg well aware that the u.s. is moving away perhaps with donald trump in the white house for from the situation of offering unquestioning guarantees and also there's this idea that they've got to convince in effect the people that hold the purse strings to the defense still
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matters and also around the world in the coming decade because that's what they're doing there in the states they're looking forward to nato as future but chris. services need protecting so that's not only things like cyber security that's things like traffic control bus simple things like traffic lights cyber attacks people being able by remote to take power supplies to large areas of enemy countries getting the latest on that from james bays james is monitoring what's going on there in washington get back to him just as soon as we can. algeria's former president has issued another statement after he stepped abdelaziz bouteflika asked for forgiveness for any mistakes he's made meanwhile the constitutional council has met to decide the next step the libyan warlord who
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has ordered his troops to move west in what looks like a show of force after his fighters posted a video online of a large number of heavily armed vehicles they say they're heading to fight what they're calling remaining terrorist groups just two weeks ago after was on a state visit to saudi arabia where king solomon reassured him of his supports let's get more now from my lord's head who is in tripoli just take us through what we think is going on this. peter a have to the forces are are now around seventy kilometers to the. east from the course to the city of that they have been deploying greece italy and the central area namely in and joe for our area and they have moved. they have advances towards the city of our which is around seventy kilometers to the east from city to
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city they're saying they want to move towards the capital tripoli to take over the capital tripoli and the other western cities but they cannot go through all sort it out of misrata because they know that they would not want to engage in confrontations against forces from the city of misrata but military experts say that have to as forces are planning to come through southern in the way through a schwinn if not who are now a city that a year and then come into tripoli from its southern gate that is all in theory so far but nobody knows yet when have to his forces are advancing towards tripoli but since france has been reportedly has given has reportedly given have got a green light to move towards the worst of the country and also helped it two weeks ago he was in saudi arabia and he met with saudi officials three weeks ago he also
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was in a board lobby where he met the u.n. . is the prime minister the face of. and as you know peter emirates and saudi arabia out of the major supporters of the world. alongside egypt and france and russia peter bergen thanks very much. yes democrats are pushing for access to the full report a congressional committee voted to subpoena the justice department demanding the public release of the complete investigation into possible collusion between the trump election campaign and russia so far only a brief summary of the four hundred page document has been shit can be held joins us live from washington can believe that or does this mean you know what this is actually is a market escalation in terms of the congressional pressure on the trump white house because you have to remember till now and the reason this is come about is because
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congressional democrats have demanded that complete report not just sort of a four hundred page summary that had been redacted in some ways but in fact the complete report be made available to the u.s. congress by april second when it was clear that deadline was not going to be mad at the judiciary committee chaired by democrats said look we'll take matters into our own hands will issue subpoenas what they're trying to say and what they have now voted overwhelmingly to do in terms of issuing the subpoenas this demand of the justice department that they turn over not just the report in its entirety unredacted but also the evidence that the special counsel robert mueller and his a rusher probe used in terms of making conclusions in terms of laying charges that also they want to have testimony from some of the top trump advisers including the former political advisor steve bannon and even the white house counsel former white house counsel don mcgann can be that sounds
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a little bit like they're planning to or they might get to the stage of investigate seeing the investigates is who conducted the investigation. and that's exactly what republicans are charging they're saying look at revolve ready have this investigation for the last two years why are we dragging the american public into this instead of actually governing that's what we've called congress to do that's what we should be doing but the argument from democrats is look it we haven't seen this we know that the special counsel robert muller refused to weigh in on whether or not the president obstructed justice as a result congress has an oversight responsibility to look at this to potentially make this public because if there has been potentially criminal misconduct the public needs to know that especially in advance of the twenty twenty election when they may be casting their ballot and need this information to decide whether or not to support donald trump what we should tell you in all of this though is that just
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because this committee has decided to issue these subpoenas still doesn't mean this information could make it to congress we've seen this before with other administrations congress can demand this documentation the department of justice which is controlled by the white house could say we're not going to provide it then congress goes to a contempt of congress move and even then it can be ignored so this could be a long and lengthy process it could even head to the courts in terms of trying to get this information we should tell you the president initially said he had nothing to hide that he wanted to make this public but we have seen in the last twenty four hours him dialing back those statements now saying no matter what this department of justice applies to congress it will but never be enough in fact saying he's calling them the crazed democrats they will never be satisfied it will never be good enough it seems the president is changing his stories in terms of what he wants congress and potentially the public to see him really good still she thanks
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very much. but as well as opposition leader is remaining defiant after politicians loyal to president nicolas maduro stripped him of his immunity from prosecution this means that one could now be charged with violating the constitution after declaring himself interim president in america doesn't see a new man with more from caracas. venezuela one country with two rival assemblies delegates to the controversial constituent assembly which is loyal to president nicolas maduro needed no convincing voted overwhelmingly to strip opposition leader of his legislative immunity. that the next step is for the supreme court to begin a trial that can be accompanied by an arrest warrant or other precautionary measures why do is accused of public office the trial of the nation taking money that belongs to the venezuelan state and much more the constitutional lawyer says the trial will likely start immediately but clearing the way for why those arrest
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is a risky proposition the white house has warned of more than once that is why the president or harmed in any way there would be a quote significant response from the united states this is just hours earlier in the same legislative palace why they all had overseen a session of the opposition controlled national assembly which in january proclaimed him interim president of the country neither he nor the elected legislature exercises real power but they are recognized as venezuela's legitimate parliament and president by more than sixty countries we asked why dog about the implications of losing his immunity and ending up with what they have no legal rights to lift my immunity or anything else let's call things by their name this is political persecution in venezuela harassment and today it is and we will continue working towards the reconstruction of venezuela. in
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a day of dealing. resolution's the national assembly passed a motion accusing me of promoting state terrorism. this was in response to the increasing use of heavily armed civilian groups to repress opponents and intimidate protesters. with venezuela embroiled in a number precedented political and economic crisis made dramatically worse by weeks of widespread power and water shortages appears to be fighting back with everything at his disposal just how and when the international community will respond is the big question. see in human eye just got access. nearly a million people in mozambique being vaccinated against cholera last month cyclon the vaccination program a sense of in-city of better which was the hardest hit two people have died in more than one thousand four hundred cases of cholera been recorded more than one hundred thousand survivors of the cycle in the still living in the space camps with lexis to clean water or sanitation for me the miller joins us live from vienna in
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mozambique for me to just walk us through explain to us what you've been seeing and hearing there today. so we are out to one of those displacement camps the. camp in barrow where people behind us lining up for what for many of them is their only meal of the day this is now home for at least one thousand eight hundred people who have nowhere else to go many of them from tuesday this is where they can get food british war to as well as medicine and this is also one of the camps where those color of vaccines are being at minister oh the medical stuff here say they're seeing about one hundred fifty people and this is day one of the program which will extend for the next five days in bare out but also includes the number ten does what has gone down these are areas that were hardest hit by it's like
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a new guy as well as the flooding that followed now the concern really is the outbreak of disease specifically cholera we know that at least one thousand four hundred cases have been reports of the confirmed though if that so that may be a low estimate and there's also worry around an outbreak of me though as watch as well as malaria we know that hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes have been thin to bear out to help contain the spread of malaria and that the vaccinations are being given for the coming days to you how health workers feel because cholera outbreak the people who've made it to safety in the displacement camps are meta what kind of stories are they bringing with them and from how far away did they travel. peter i wasn't able to hear you clearly you but i only looked talking to the people here one of the the people we've spoken to has come from as far as tuesday and he
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said he's been here for about a week and tuesday was one of those areas hardest hit his family is still there he's managed to have contact with them once there was communication with reestablished keith is there in a school in a situation quite similar to his so we've seen families torn apart nany children and women at this camp in particular and they also say they don't know what they'll do next a lot of the people here before survived on the farming the land that they had allocated to them crops have been washed away in areas where much of mozambique rely is on subsistence farming no longer exists and people have to wait for the next harvest to to to to try and make a living and feed themselves so for now many of them are reliant on what aid agencies are distributing as well as donors and in this case the truck was sent out by a local restaurant to feed as many people as possible so for now this is home for many
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under they have very little if anything a tool to go back to for me did you get the feeling there where you are that the aid agencies can keep this going because usually in this kind of situation the stage one which is the injections get people fed get them cleaned get them draw you get them looked after and then there's another stage once they get into that second stage can those aid agencies keep going through that. well of this point the world health organization is saying that it's offering for forty million dollars to how try and deal with the situation in mozambique specifically around disease and containing the spread they're looking at working in this area for at least three months we don't know if that will be extended we also don't know if that is long enough given just how desperate the situation here is people don't have anything to go back to looking at the outbreak of cholera
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specifically they really is a need around awareness getting people to come to camp to get vaccinated but also dealing with dealing with the outbreak so far in terms of the medicine and the capacity that they did by these aid organizations when we were in barrow about ten days ago just after the cyclon strike and we saw back in men's flooding they really was concerned around what happens next and also reposing so the immediate concern health but also a major concern for people here is just what happens next and how they re both the city and the surrounding areas so just to be clear if a meter on that particular point of color that the medics and the doctors nurses etc they're worried that there's not just going to be an outbreak of cholera or reports of cases of cholera inside the displacement camps they're worried about people who they haven't identified yet and they don't really know where they are anyway. and peter that's also the concern
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around the number of hits that were reported off to the psych and so far we know it's about eight hundred people but the concern is that they are still floodwaters but more to is receding and he can say and they in fact did bodies will continue to be found and also acts as well the survival as to how the city's so far about nine temporary camps have been set up there are about five hundred beds available for those suffering from cholera but we know that number of people who need assistance is about three times that so there is a lot of work ahead for the aid organizations here thank you. with all of the received an unexpected response from his own being racially abused by rivals.
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welcome back the former malaysian prime minister najib razak has pleaded not guilty to charges of corruption he denies being involved in the multi-billion dollar one and d.b. scandal now this is the first of several cases against naji faces more than forty charges florens louis has more a former prime minister accused of being involved in looting billions of dollars from the state not getting support here through prayer not chip is on trial for criminal preach of trust corruption and money laundering involving the alleged charts fact of more than ten million dollars into his back can't if that those
12:40 am
united is called to view. not just you i'm looking forward to it because you've got a lot to say. prosecutors say the money came from s.r.c. international a form a subsidiary of state investment fund one m d. and there are other accusations that he faces forty two charges in total most involving claims he pocketed nearly seven hundred million dollars from one and to be his due to stand trial for most of those may tenth this year. not yet says he's the victim of a political vendetta orchestrated by the current government that came into power following elections last may. and i think within the. charges that this is politically motivated but i think then that this of time and also public credibility if the evidence against him is not strong typing that one of his on the
12:41 am
prosecution in order to bring in what the he and prove their wrong green did indeed occur when malaysian police raided properties linked to not they seized had bags and cash worth more than two hundred seventy billion dollars investigators say money stolen from one m.t.d. was used to fund lavish lifestyles for not gypped his family and his associates including buying high end properties building an art collection and funding a hollywood movie one m. d.b. is being investigated in five other countries including the us the us department of justice alleges for the half billion dollars stolen from the fund this trial marks the first time a former prime minister of malaysia has been in but it's also significant because it will put on public record details of the fraud that and legibly occurred at one end and the highest offices of government how transactions were made shell companies allegedly set up to cover the money trail the connections between and
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others accused of taking part in the financial scandal lawrence al-jazeera. news his poll thank you very much a rising star of atari in football has been targeted with racist abuse during a top level league game nineteen year old maurice a can was playing field ventus when he suffered the abuse which the european racism watchdog fair has described as a tally an epidemic far is small reports. the abuse of noise they can began when you went to school would be shown you haven't. hart was and continued after he missed a chance when three on the calorie go. cans answer was to score and then run up to the a.p. using. some of calories players did attempt to reason with their own fans while cans teammate blaise maternity
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protested to the referee and threaten to walk off. the game was delayed for about three minutes while the warning was broadcast to the crowd claudette and eight different is a set as i've said and reset there is one solution there are cameras there for this reason and when these people are filmed they should be strung out of the stadium and they should not be allowed to ever into the stadium again. for me to quit probably came in celebration after scoring your ventas a second goal triggered a bit of anger as it was literally in front of our stands so it heightened the tension a bit then we had to wait for that announcement but honestly i don't think it was necessary really. european referees do have the power to halt a game and take players off the pitch but it rarely happens last year a referee actually yellow carded italian striker mario balotelli after he complained about races abuse now play manager carlo enchiladas said
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a referee repeatedly ignored requests to stop a game against inter after his player kaleta cola bali was subjected to monkey chants. can posted a picture of his celebration online with the caption the best way to respond to racism tell hope there is a wider response in football a problem that continues to blight the game. houses there are. a jury in the u.k. house fail to reach a verdict in the trial of the police officer in charge on the day of the hillsborough stadium disaster thirty years ago ninety six liverpool fans were killed in a crush at sheffield wednesday ground in one thousand nine hundred nine seventy four year old david duncan failed had denied the gross negligence manslaughter charge the crown prosecution service is seeking a retrial former sheffield wednesday club secretary graham micro was found guilty of a health and safety breach brazilian football legend pele has been admitted to hospital
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in france with a strong favor the seventy eight year old was in paris for an event with french world cup winner killian in local media reporting the condition isn't life threatening philadelphia phillies star bryce harper had the perfect response for fans of his former team the washington nationals. last month the left the nationals and signed a three hundred thirty million dollar deal with the phillies harper initially delighted the home crowd when he was struck out in his first game back in washington but he returned to have the final say hitting a home run and an eight to two victory for the phillies. russell westbrook has made some n.b.a. history the oklahoma city thunder star came just a second player ever to record twenty points twenty rebounds and twenty assists wilt chamberlain the first in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight his effort helping his team to win over the l.a. lakers the thunder in the eighth and final playoff spot in the west. mick schumacher is in his second day of formula one testing after
12:46 am
a stunning debut in bahrain the son of multiple world title win a michael outpaced current champion lewis hamilton in his ferrari. all right that's for paul thanks very much when we come back on the other side of this break we'll take a live update on all the shenanigans to do with threats that season. teach it strong man and he is ruling with an eye and faced and the silence from his allies is deafening he was perfectly happy to trade off the march for city for security while western leaders turning
12:47 am
a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera. a notorious symbol of the u.s. war on terror one said to close guantanamo bay and its detainees go in no way we have identified as a priority is the construction of a nail high value detention center i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to properties or in state sponsored torture. rendition revisited to on al-jazeera. the strength of al jazeera is that because we have to spend fifty four people with us and actually share the information with.
12:48 am
the brazilian economy is booming but deep divisions still exist between the haves and the have nots in a country where smartphones have become a part of everyday life technology help reach to get. the serious the challenges developers to design apps for a better world travels to real dish on native elites the young people tasked with making a different life than for vela father on al-jazeera. the u.k. prime minister series m a reaches out to the opposition leader jeremy corbett to holding a private meeting right now in hopes of breaking the deadlock. watching
12:49 am
al-jazeera life of course here in doha also coming up. we won the battle but we still have to win the war celebration on the streets of algeria after the resignation of the president of the country's political future remains uncertain. the money laundering trial of his former leader. pleads not guilty over the disappearance of millions from the state's investment. and u.s. democrats vote to demand the public release of the entire report outlining the investigation into possible russian collusion with the trump election campaign. an extraordinary meeting is underway in the houses of parliament in london right now where the u.k. prime minister is trying to break the brics it deadlocked series amaze sitting down for talks with a rival the labor party to jeremy corbin in the hope of finding a common approach to leaving the european union mr corbett has previously called
12:50 am
for closer economic ties with the e.u. parliament has failed to approve to reason means deal three times now and the clock is ticking because the u.k. is june to leave the e.u. in just nine days from now paul brennan joins us live from london so paul mrs may has been facing a storm of condemnation from within her own party for even holding these talks why has that angered so many of her back benches and indeed her cabinet colleagues. well essentially because it involves compromise and compromise has been very hard to achieve over the past two and a half years nearly three years now in the whole process and peace particularly conservative m.p.'s have put their faith in the prime minister she said more than a hundred times inside parliaments that she would be delivering directed by march twenty ninth and unable to do that now is how to ask for an extension get an extension and then end up talking with labor about
12:51 am
a compromise solution has really upset not just purists to tears but many just within the conservative party i mean some of the criticism is scathing take a very small guy who's a well known arch president said it was deeply on satisfactory that she was collaborating in his words with a known marxist and the d u p this northern irish party which to recently relies upon su prop up the minority government said she was subcontracting brecht's is someone that's called and they had that had been demonized for four years and the d u p warned that it won't end happily it had conservative members outside apartment just ordinary party members ripping up their cards and posting that on social media and yeah the conservatives are deeply unhappy about this despite the fact that the recently wrote to every single m.p. this morning to appeal for party unity she's come around to the idea clearly paul that an extension seems to be inevitable and indeed is the only way to do what she
12:52 am
wants to do but this is a risky strategy for her because the longer extension means more of a chance of a general election a leadership change in the tory party and i guess as well that the idea of a second referendum. and it is still the possibility of a no deal breck's it you know that that is not off the table just yet yeah i mean she's really teetering on the knife edge that the cabinet was split on tuesday there were talks that it was ten in favor fourteen against you know she's really trying to please all of the people and not being able to please anybody frankly yeah as far as the timetable goes it is tight april twelfth is not very far away it's just a week on friday and the presidents of the european commission john claude young because come out today and speaking to the european parliament given a warning of just how important it is to come to some sort of agreement before the
12:53 am
european commission meets next wednesday. will see twelve april is the final date for possible approval if the house of commons does not adopt a stance before that date no extension no short term extension will be possible after the twelve to be paroled we will run the risk of jeopardizing the correct running of the european elections and the correct functioning of the european union . i mean. said that he thought no deal was still a great risk and the other possibility of course is for the politically risky long extension now there's no guarantee that the european union would do that it would be deeply politically damaging to theresa may but you've got to think about it she's already announced that she's going to get the fact is that a longer extension would bind britain into joining the european parliamentary elections at the end of may they be any peace would be taking up their seats in july european commission is due to take be appointed from the autumn if it was
12:54 am
going to be a longer extension it would have to be a significantly longer extension and many people many to people believe that that would put the whole project at risk full stop full thank you. matthew goodman is a senior visiting fellow at the europe program at chatham house in london he says through some a has been forced into those talks with jeremy corcoran parliament couldn't decide on any way full it we've seen a remarkable tussle between the legislature and the executive we are seeing some of the unwritten rules in british politics being overturned them and taking back control but even then and he could not decide what they wanted so here we are with the leader of the conservative party the leader of the labor party saying that it's time to actually cross party talks to try and break that deadline of but make no mistake this will have significant effects on british politics conservative euro
12:55 am
skeptics are furious today and many labor m.p.'s are very anxious about the current direction of travel so they could be very real repercussions from this i can tell you that i share all of the opinion poll results on social media and today conservatives are absolutely furious they want a new deal of course many labor voters want that remain they they want great say effectively a big turn but neither of those cats are going to be happy with what comes out of this deal and that's going to make kind of unpredictable effects there's a big fear across the political divide that wants to resume a goes she's promised that she will go into her deal is voted through the conservative party then is a threat to flee hijacked by home and you are skeptics who say hang on let's go back to w t o let's go back to no deal we don't want this off rights is what you're seeing is this attempt to get a life boats out to basically pin down the detail of the political director
12:56 am
aeration so that cannot happen but that would leave a lot of disillusion conservatives in british politics saying why am i being asked to support a bracks a deal that was cobbled together by jeremy corbett. algeria's former president has issued a statement asking for forgiveness for any mistakes he's made the eighty two year old stepped down on tuesday after weeks of protests the speaker of the upper house a beautiful ally is expected to take his place until elections are held within ninety days rob matheson reports. hours after president bush to flicka had his twenty years in power ended the search for algeria's a new leader has begun. the constitution says this matter how doha that have been silent the speaker of the parliament is eligible to be caretaker president for up to ninety days during which an election for a new president is expected some critics say that people won't accept a bean salad as a temporary leader because he's a long time and beautiful ally in
12:57 am
a slogan where bay clear they were calling. war the departure of as well so don't want the transition to be led by any member who was close to the boat a plan and i hope so i don't think that they will be acceptable. protests turn to celebrations at the news of both the free his resignation weeks of demonstrations as well as growing pressure on him to step down from the head of the army and other commanders who once supported him forced the eighty two year old to reverse his announcement to stand for the fifth time as president both of them has made few public appearances since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's been a front man for military and business leaders who really run the country protesters are demanding they also need to go in a clean sweep among the ruling elite but some say the military has
12:58 am
a crucial role in the political leadership. sorry do i. really love leave i am happy and my congratulations to the great people of algeria and the national popular army that people took to the streets in their millions and the army took the side of the people this is led the president to resign. some ology and celebrated all night not just in the capital on jews but other cities too in the light of day they'll be wondering how many of the now former president's allies will remain in power rob matheson al-jazeera. turn your attention to the states now because the nato secretary general the end stoltenberg has just finished addressing the us congress in washington another speech comes as the security alliance is celebrating its seventieth anniversary foreign ministers of the twenty nine member countries will meet to mark the events relations with russia and increasing defense spending are high on the agenda diplomatic editor
12:59 am
james bays is there for us inside the congress building james horsley been saying. while he's been celebrating the fact that nato has existed for seventy years it is the longest alliance longest military alliance in history according to the nato secretary general remember back some seventy years ago nine hundred forty nine burden or at least the west half of burden was controlled by the western allies but blockaded by the soviet union and its allies the burden there left was underway and that's when this alliance across the atlantic between the european nations and the us started seventy years ago course the u.s. is role absolutely central in this and that's the point that mr stoltenberg made to this joint meeting of congress every congress every american press
1:00 am
them it's your men and women in uniform and the people of the united states of america have been staunch supporters all nato america has been the backbone of our alliance it has been for the mental to european security and for our freedom. we would not have the peaceful and prosperous europe we see today without the sacrifice and the commitment of not the states for your enduring support i thank you today. mr stoltenberg got a standing ovation from members of the two houses here and if you look at a recent survey americans strongly support nato the one problem is that for the first time in seventy years you have a president in the white house who is skeptical of the alliance who privately has said to his advisers perhaps i should pull out of nato and that explains why it important is there a call moments seventy years since.


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