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tv   Indonesias Football Fever  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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you know we say i mean to tell the truth as you noticed something but ok you get was it did i mean that you can't imagine the president this whole. cory's next to the favelas used to spew dust into the atmosphere and the spike many protests one is still active. in supermax such prison the buck passing thinking is that if i were going to be a woman that. for a walk around a complex of vail is that even bigger than the alamo this is just one deadly
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neglected park for over half a million residents and don't want kids kenny park. shell shocked in mock the. mall when he got a visit to the local fish kill a lot if. you wish to optimise. the six here. that i put. them in florida last week id have been sealed off each time but so far for much of one year to crush this it feels a. little blown off the rust. belt in the mud is something known here
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a vegetable garden it's run by volunteers to prove the environment and to provide people with an alternative to junk food it's a good. idea she thought it could be put on would be a good thing to the family about you washing and full time to the body president mahmoud darwish bookish this was a plane sitting at. a manger be. tied to. don't be a comic i think what they're saying is evil but are moderate if you feel to fall apart out. on their. own thing don't fucking last stands as a side you people died you can see the same me and chief now if you close my sure
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that you. would you could he. does evolve in that need done quite. risky you can follow me sick you will. put on. the sea. the sea. being. it's a nice clear ice dancer up on time again are your key on the cd it's on to move scene i feel you could do it in the. times i need to do this and to convince me to look. for all movie playing out of digital music is it did i would i enjoy my full. process of things to the people because i was soon seen should do that once. they
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can. they can appoint a safavi i need. that as it will be the last but. they soon do that she. came on the key is no advantage means. just the main sides. which i would yank you're right here in the icici but. you live on. view out to you can you see that i wanted you.
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in. the last life. where you wouldn't speculate you of all kind of the markets are. going to follow that cash. in represent a. big enough for the poor world of the real challenges involved. more by you eating too that you can. just go to the. superior god and i can achieve that and i know. full well he must into the. only. she.
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is so you can't you. see it green on. the green. after briefing them on all the projects decides to focus on the community vegetable garden. on a farm bill of them by the education system or. i want to know if you can. only kind of vision thing going to the complex. younger guy who put this in could even. be sure i will issue will issue a. we should say here but we thought the defense almost actually should think sums up on. the damage possible jumping i saw my ship of the city college you do five yeah we did it to the moon people but on the census. yeah. they got my divine but i got my genes in the age of five
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don't see all week see trivial issue to have my your is that one single question why are you even if you don't. prefer to work with the sca to see the city please god forbid which best film which one. will see. this is bush in japan finally finished perfect so i just kind of blown past they can come back you can bullshit us like i was of the country just become a shit if you come i can get it to you but ink on the on the milk look at you. i mean yes i live on the smoke you very bluntly. put a q. who has said we are going to talk amass a lot of the kind of. question an economy that shit on the shit out of us the current padding their visual it because the show look at it that it got us in the neck and you couldn't use logic will get told to divorce the problem when in doubt
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you can. win national team with someone. i don't know. kind of a weak point but in the future more to one of the committee. the discussion continues into the evening until they reach a consensus. on it but. the plan is to design a mobile phone gang that allows people to plant and grow virtual seeds and for every virtual seed. there'll be a real one planted in the community garden. if you wish was she going to die some. fish probably should use a no saw i walk to my design to watch it i'm being triggered british model community going to be. rushed as is evolving this back i. don't want you already for dissolution yes is
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a huge new value to produce so you can move. for a living and i did not deny it is a man that you don't know what. to do in u.t. develop the app it's an ambitious idea. which. tomorrow they're going back to the matter fossella to explain how the app would work.
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and evolve who has heard of this project has been chosen so appeared to slice up but will bear this idea be what it involved who really needs. facts. whether he's for sale if they can prove the severe diet. that's obvious also just as they age is this thing always. applicative usually gets a c. out. ok to say that one lies even a limited so even though it's only at cons. stage through end u.t. explain how their app plant and harvest would work. first you must register. after that you get to know about the social projects listed on a new screen named meeting the project's. most a project is picked a screen opens and more information is seen along with
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a short video after donating to the project you can choose seeds from a list of several different vegetables and fruit these could now be planted and you can follow their growth. on the last screen the harvest can be delivered to you or you can give it to a family in the community. if you decide to donate the harvest you receive the equivalent seats back so that you can keep on planting and playing. the part of the so long it took at you. but of course washes up the car to pull people back to care more for you to carry the know they are going to be near my spare truck and if you don't have the money it was said before if you don't even
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a man now you you cope with their hallmark the easter break you should be after he may be your father what you. really are don't bother about. the of it as if it is the vision i did in the end of the wall kid will sing it will do with me and it will sing at the schaller hour deal with islam it was a full thing selling. author of all of the old. ok we'll look. for a. decision used to measure. this isn't going to boost homage but article which was a niche care the prosecutor used the city toward the surest push ups which we do we just don't use it's a cessna just by the by dipping the. press or some of the news out in the fog to
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put it in the past of the so stamp was now put out but of the opportunities. for a thirst for iraq are not the main thing here if it's back into what i bought it up for us with our spinning vicki helmet from one of the this is a. classical form that all of us use a sad loss of the truth of course if you. push them to these deposits. of water then publish trash for me that personally that seems to give us some meat back on the us one with just a push to the. us always them with posy choosing to see sixty how many of you to say hello. to you strange freshens the builder will continue to develop the blunt and harvest up whatever the technical challenges. he's created a new network and the green forest the great concrete he's shown the nodaway mobile phones can help build a sustainable future with another life after. india
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is in the midst of a high tech revolution with over one billion it's. not yet in a country where one in four called legal drugs how can this technological boom be harnessed for the common good. life apps challenges a digital entrepreneur to devise an easy to use for a struggling fox. county find a way to bring the two worlds together fly fast smoke harvest on al-jazeera. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests.
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extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions.
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didn't. go. the east libyan warlord after orders his forces to advance on the capital tripoli. hello and welcome on peter you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also ahead. the results of this report is going to have time for us sure safety and i think she said. investigators in ethiopia say the pilots of the passenger jet that crashed last month followed procedures properly. the
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german chancellor meets the dublin for talks about bricks it she has leave iraq because saying they must plan for all possible outcomes. also heads a world first australian gets tough on social media companies after the new zealand mosque attacks. we begin this half hour in libya and the eastern warlord has ordered his forces to quote liberate to the capital tripoli the u.n. backed government in tripoli has declared a state of emergency u.n. secretary general is in libya and is calling for an urgent deescalation head has more now from tripoli. despite calls for calm from international institutions including the united nations but the evil factions on the ground in libya do not
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seem to be responding to those calls now the u. n. bag the government of national accord in tripoli has given orders to its air force to engage and launch air strikes to target what it calls any military activities that would target the capital tripoli and threaten civilian lives and state premises also the government of national accord has ordered its military units in the central area in the city of misrata to move towards the capital tripoli and reposition in the hour to skirts of tripoli to protect head and face have to us forces we understand that have the us forces have taken control of the town of the u.n. and aren't one hundred kilometers to the south from tripoli and the other now threatening to move towards the capital tripoli what is a war nic here is that despite the calls from the united nations secretary general
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until your good turkish. for all the factions to deescalate and to stop military escalation is in the area but yet rival factions are continuing to threaten to engage in military confrontations we understand that those military activities on the ground could derail the peace process namely they're doing that our national conference which is due to be held in the city of the damage on the fifteenth of this month this conference is expected to have shuffled government and to set dates for the general elections in the country to put an end to the stalemate in the country and to end the transitional phases in libya this conference is expected to. name the world latifa hefted as head of state security but hefted does not seem to be satisfied with this new position by his
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military activities in the west of the country these days it seems that he wants to impose himself as a defacto in the west of the country before the general national conference is held and of them is on the fifteenth of this month the u.s. house of representatives has approved a resolution to end u.s. support for the. war in yemen now the resolution has been approved by a vote of two hundred forty seven two hundred seventy five the bill will now go to president donald trump who already announced his plans to veto it last month she joins us now from washington so she hopes what happens next with this process does the whole thing just ping pong between the white house and congress. well we don't know whether the president will veto this but he has as you mentioned expressed his intention to do so the second veto of his presidency but we've just been hearing from various members of congress who sponsored this legislation they
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say this is just the beginning even if the president vetoes this they will continue congressional efforts to sanction saudi arabia not just for the war in yemen wish they syria's brutal of killing tens of thousands of children and men and women for that matter but also for the impunity with which they feel members of the ruling the ruling regime in saudi arabia have got away with the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi having said that this is still even with the threat of a veto hanging over it this is still significant for several reasons first of all this really is a real assertion of congressional authority over the president simply in the abstract the relationship between congress and the president has had that this is a bit of momentous historical moment for that bipartisan. majorities both in the senate and the house invoking the nine hundred seventy three war powers resolution for the first time in history saying to the president look if you want to wage war you have to get the consent of congress and of course we've had decades now of war
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seemingly being waged all around the world at the whim of the executive of the president so those supporting this legislation say this is just going to be the beginning this is congress really asserting their authority will have to see whether that actually is true but second is from saudi arabia is concerned even if there is a veto from the president which is thought to be likely we're hearing members of congress say this is just the beginning there were going to continue on various other channels to sanction saudi arabia perhaps perhaps targeting weapons sales to saudi arabia or perhaps sanctioning other picked members of the saudi the saudi regime for the killing of jamal khashoggi and in part this is happening today because of the way following on from the u.s. midterm elections the congress pivoted away from the republicans and so many democrats got into office. right but what's so interesting about this is it is these are bipartisan majorities in both chambers as been pointed out some of some of trump's closest allies in congress voted for this
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for this measure and are continuing to be very vocal in their criticism of saudi arabia so that's why there is a hope a box those who's in favor of this legislation that even if the president vetoes it that action will continue after say we have heard very much about the various other tracks of legislation there is there is a resolution that has been proposed in the senate for example on weapons sales and sanctioning members of the of the saudi royal family but we haven't heard much about that but there is that sense that with this constant conversation in the background here on capitol hill these things could become more significant as the congressional session continues when must pass bills like the national defense authorization act for example which you know appropriates money for defense and defense and other issues if members of congress are saying all right we're going to put an amendment on that saying all right we have to stop selling arms to saudi arabia that's when things will get really really tricky for the trump of this regime she had thanks very much. now in the past half hour or so e.u.
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leaders have been warning that a disorderly breaks it is becoming increasingly likely the german chancellor angela merkel is in dublin the irish capital to hold talks with the irish she should leave her accompanies the prime minister the u.k. is due to crash of the european union on april the twelfth unless a solution can be found paul brennan joins us now from our bureau in london so paul as far as dublin's concerned that talking about the irish border that's that's one of the big key crucial issues here. yes the visit of the german chancellor to dublin is seen i think as a gesture of solidarity given the concerns that there are were in europe about the way that britain is still to come up with a credible coherent solution an alternative to present to the emergency summits of the european council that's the heads of states that are going to meet next wednesday wednesday of next week there are moves ongoing you've got the prime
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minister theresa may and the labor leader jeremy corbyn who've had two rounds of talks so far they hope to have more talks again on friday but so far they haven't come up with a joint plan a jointly agreed plan that they would then have to get through parliament before wednesday's summit so the visits of angle are met code to dublin to meet with. was seen as a very important propping up exercise and some of the quotes coming out from mates in the last hour show how concerned they are they have right because saying that we've noted the rejection of no deal by the british parliament but the problem is we negotiate government to government departments is not really the the arbiter on this one is that he said that there is very little time left and we have to prepare ourselves for outcomes now angle a macro strike a slightly more optimistic turn when she said we hope the discussion in london will lead to something that can be tabled for the summit next week we will do everything
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in order to avoid a no deal bracket but we have to do this together with britain and then she said where there's a will there's a way so that hoping that there's no guarantee as far as those discussions are concerned between to resume a journey called an onion budgies for lunch during a working lunch we're being told as well any positive things coming out of those discussions because we've got got to do this in days otherwise they've got to stage the european elections. indeed there has been no positive inclinations or no positive sort or hints that have been released to star secure star or the labor shadow breck's it secretary emerged from the cabinet office with a very very brief statement literally one sentence saying we've had talks we hope to have more no indication of whether they were getting closer whether they were having agreement whether the two sides were moving in the same direction even albeit in parallel to each other nothing it almost reminds me you know the twenty
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ten coalition discussions between the conservatives and the lib dems which went on for a number of days everybody playing their cards very close to their chest until the deal was actually done it's like i'd say some of the indications yesterday were a bit pessimistic but to resume in jeremy corbin coming from such honest polar opposites of the political spectrum could come together in such a short space of time and as you say the time scale is really what's putting the pressure on all of this just looking at the bigger picture for a second paul do you get the sense that the anger amongst conservative m.p.'s has gone away because for so many of them they seem to be signaling very clearly albeit behind the scenes to number ten look what you've done you've kind of signed our political death warrant because at some point we've got to go back to the country and say please vote for me again as a conservative m.p. and people just are not going to trust them or invest any faith in them. it's a broad spectrum and the problem with the two main political parties here in the u.k.
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is that each of them is not just labor each of them are divided into tribes and they are each pushing their own version of brecht's if you like the many of the labor m.p.'s that i think you're referring to are kind of leave m.p.'s who are whose constituencies voted to leave and some of them quite strongly however labor members the actual party members who sign up and pay their subscriptions seem to be broadly in favor of remain so jeremy coburn has a problem there and the other thing is the conservatives have their own hardline contingents within the main part of the european research group european research group jacob riis mark mark francois people like that they are purists they want to see bret's it delivered even if it's a no deal bracks and they have been mown the fact to lament the fact that the prime minister feels that she's had to go to labor in order to try to get any bracks it through a negotiated bracks and taken no deal effectively off the table so yeah there's i'm
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just on both sides shall i say and the prime minister and the labor leader are almost cutting quite lonely figures in politics at the moment paul thanks so much. ethiopian government has released its initial reports into last month's fatal plane crash one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew died when the ethiopian airlines flight went down six minutes after takeoff from israel a moment it's been almost a month since the boeing seven three seven took off from ethiopia's capital at this bound for nairobi it crashed six minutes later near the town of be sure to killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board if you happiest transport minister has now released the first official findings of the investigation into the crash which says the pile.


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