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danger is that you you have a minority movement that has the support of the majority so how do you reconcile that that's the biggest challenge because not everybody among the universe want the same thing some people talk about spending power the increase in the income or axes and so on and others talk about. democracy my cross is that we keep protests of damage the economy and france's image but grow up listening is fellow yellow vests say they won't give up their battle until the government improves the lives of people in the countryside like them who feel abandoned natasha al-jazeera on france a man accused of attacking two mosques in new zealand has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment to see if he's fit to stand trial australia and britain terence made his second court appearance in christ church on friday he's been charged with fifty counts of murder and thirty nine charges of attempted murder
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since the attacks new zealand's prime minister has banned the sale of assault rifles and semi automatic weapons australia has passed tough new laws that threaten to send social media company executives to jail if they don't act quickly enough to take down violent content and it's in response to the attacks in new zealand which were live strained by the killer and her thomas reports from sydney. the crushed church killer broadcast his murders longleat online facebook hosted his video for seventeen minutes before cutting the feet australia's government is the first in the world to pass laws as a result explicitly targeting social media companies. just sliding against the weaponization of social media we are introducing a tough regime against the misuse and abuse of online platforms the rules and norms that apply in the physical world should also apply in the online world the new laws
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cover audiovisual material that the government considers abhorrent and violent that's defined as acts of terrorism murder attempted murder torture rape and kidnapping the new laws that say social media companies should remove such material expeditiously basically fast but it doesn't define expeditiously how fast is fast enough that's for the police to decide when it comes to pursuing a prosecution and for a jury when deciding guilt. guilt could mean three years in prison for individuals or a fine of one and a half million dollars corporations are too slow to remove the torrent violent material would face fines of seven and a half million dollars or more big corporations could be fined ten percent of their annual turnover the opposition labor party backs the new laws but says australia acting alone won't help there is little point in australia taking unilateral actions that do not mesh properly with existing regulatory frameworks around the world this concern to the little also been passed in
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a rush squeezed through parliament before any session for a national election campaign legislation was only introduced late on wednesday this an exciting moment although they are. clearly kerry was how the new law is passed parliament on thursday some politicians think rushed laws could be bad laws potentially criminalizing some journalism or pushing social media companies to stop operating in australia entirely we've got a very significant bill that is being rushed through before this parliament rises. and libraries going along with it now that should not occur that now australian politicians we want you to see if other countries leaders follow their lead after thomas al-jazeera sydney. evidence suggests that a poor diet is more deadly than smoking a report at the medical journal the lancet found that in nearly all of the one
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hundred ninety five countries surveyed people are eating badly and it's contributing to one in five deaths globally the report says that on average we consume eighty six percent more sugar sweetened drinks than is considered safe of the eleven million diet related deaths globally ten million of them were caused by cardiovascular disease with salt being the biggest culprit and the other problem is that we're not eating enough vegetables fruit nuts seeds and whole grain israel france spain and japan had the lowest rates of food related deaths while is back to stand afghanistan in the marshall islands had the highest. option is an assistant professor of health metrics at the university of washington and the lead author of this report he says more needs to be done globally to ensure people get the right amount of nutrition. previous efforts in estimating that help fix the under industry and over the then obesity but there has not been
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a systematic effort to estimate the health effects. school quality. and this study is try to answer this question or nothing major challenges the lack of i believe sufficient food and vegetable in all countries. or during takeoff and grain probably too much processing grain majority grain that are consuming this current in the form of free find great. depending on the day to be a factor there are different better country to their consumption and one of the perhaps common problems is also. the friend three practice across different countries and leading the country there are some mississippi foods that are currently unfortunately nitpicked that you think for example whole grain and not these are not far off. in many countries
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actually for not eating meat in many countries is very close to zero and you suggest that basically in addition to improving the consumption we need to basically intervention and help the only. people across the whole.
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thank you very much the usa women's football team has welcomed an offer from a sponsor to compensate them for being paid less than the men the american women are three time world champions and command a huge following but of filed a lawsuit against usa soccer for paying them less than the less successful male team this week their sponsor luna bar said it would give each player selected for this summer's world cup in front more than thirty thousand dollars to make up for the shortfall in pay. it was actually like totally surreal because we're just used to like fighting against everything and having to apply every single penny that we are in every way. so it actually hurts a little bit uncomfortable what do you mean it is giving us this like we're not used i think we see the world changing around us and we see how much impact we have in how far we have come even just in the birth of our career and. that makes it all
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worth it the first professional golf tournament with men and women competing for the same prize is underway in the middle east forty professionals and warm a player at the jordan mixed open one shots off the dutch leader done hosing is england's meghan mclaren they're a ladies' european tour when a competitors vying for prime spots worth around four hundred thousand dollars. rally legend stefan petter hansel and his wife andrea clinched a historic win at the abu dhabi desert challenge they became the first husband and wife team to win a rally world cup title the pats one hundred souls had an eighteen minute lead heading into the fifth and final stage a two hundred fourteen kilometer trek towards the capital the french won by eight minutes and forty eight seconds it's another feather in stefan's cap after his record thirteen dakar rally wins. closer with the funny three and i do it with our wonderful sensor and it's really nice to be gave him because he thought the
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five. yeah really well two men's football and in the dutch league p.s.v. eindhoven went back to the top and just about managed to avoid injuring their coach in the process p.s.v. boss mark fun baumol was forced to ride a sliding tackle from his own player powerboat result. from bottles reactions still sharp after a career with barcelona ac milan and going to have an ending in twenty thirty p.s.v. beats smaller for no to go two points clear of iraq's at the summit of the airy division there's six matches to go in the race for the type buy in munich survived a big scare in the german cup a light penalty decided the quarterfinal in binds favor as they shared nine goals with a team from the second division and the richardson reports. an easy evening was the expected experience for eighteen time german cup winners behind munich in this
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quarter final against second city hiding behind. an early goal from behind gorecki fitted into that context but the game was about to get complicated for the reigning german league champions firstly how to play a sense off. then hide and homeschooled a couple of goals the put them into the lead. in danger of going out to a low division side for the first time. in fifty years is. normal service at pitt to have resumed in the second of thomas smallest goodbyes equaliser i before goals from robert levin dusky and serge canaveral gave bind some breathing space. but hide behind weren't done yet robert johnson school twice in three minutes to complete the hattrick make the school for all i. just as the unthinkable was beginning to look possible a handball from on bush provided an escape route for by an eleven dusky stepped up
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to school results in penalty behind winning five for their into the semifinals for a tenth straight season. wednesday's other quarterfinal is somewhat more predictable shall because all full form continuing in it sunil defeat against further bremen. i am the richardson al-jazeera james harden was again the star man for the houston rockets in their latest when hard and scored thirty one points and a comfortable hundred thirty five to one hundred three victory over the l.a. clippers it seems could meet again in the playoffs. now they may be bound for the n.h.l. playoffs but the calgary flames struggled against the on the hind ducks in that match up on wednesday the ducks continued their strong finish to a last season they avenge their six one the fate of the flames last week beating them three to one calgary head into the playoffs top seeds in the west wall on a home streak of six straight playoff appearances comes to an end.
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and i will have more lights are on and i get about my visit our website al-jazeera al-jazeera dot com keep it here we have much more news on the other side of the break and the first time. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to
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combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. there's no one way of telling sawyer keeping your status right and to be respectful s.r.c. is great let's get to know the person for the test. or just. put him in
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a chair victor. there was war. in. a rich and diverse cultural explored through its music istanbul songs of the city on al-jazeera. libya's backed government are deployed as warlord threatens tripoli. and forces advance on the capital the u.n. security council calls an emergency meeting.
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and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. again to stop funding the saudi war and. investigators say there was no pilot error and last month the airlines crash and the new medical study says for food choices can create more help risks and smoking. even if coming out of libya as we're moved his troops closer to the capital these are scenes in tripoli which is under a state of emergency right now it's just after two o'clock in the morning local time and forces are being deployed across the city in order to in his words liberate tripoli forces or but then about seventy kilometers of the capital overnight on wednesday they took control of the town of iran which is on the main highway south of tripoli and security council has called an emergency meeting for
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friday but it's uncertain at this point how they can stop what may turn into a major confrontation. reports a display of military strength. to the will have to give this video online which appears to show. heavy vehicles moving list to it is the capital. in an audio message have the cold on his forces to move on tripoli are you allowed our last hours our courageous heroes the time has come to advance towards tripoli go forward confidently those who want peace will not be harmed as we don't come as conquerors only use force on those that fire on you those that stay home are safe and those that raise the white flags will also be safe the un recognized the government in tripoli has issued an alert and called on all its forces to be ready have to do needs the east of libya leading a loser alliance of factions but his repeatedly expressed his intention to march on
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tripoli despite warnings and calls for calm from the united nations the libya rival factions seem to be moving towards a military confrontation and if that happens it could derail the u. and the sponsor peace talks due to be held here later this month but some analysts believe her father is trying to make sure he's included in the political process. i think that would like to force the hands of the board the u.n. and those attending. in a way that does not exclude him fearing that this conference may start a whole new path for libya in the next few years and that he may not be. included in that process the united nations secretary general antonio has arrived in libya to support the political process and he's expressed concern about
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a potential showdown. very soon. for. movements to solve. for. the escalation most military. verbal the escalation. libya has been in turmoil since the nato backed remove all of its long time duffey in two hundred eleven and since twenty fourteen it has had two competing governments. but so far if it's to negotiate a political settlement unite libya and organize national elections appears to have failed. tripoli al jazeera has spoken to libya's interior minister says half taras trying to invade tripoli at a time the president he said call. yeah i mean why use weapons in
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force to terrorize the people of libya to kill them and to force them to accept one thing only which is to be ruled by a military dictator what makes mr have to be a candidate then the other libyans if he's calling for a state with a strong army and police we are also calling for a state with a strong army and police and for the rule of law we will not be subdued by any use of force by any side or any person and if anyone is willing to use force that gives us we are ready to secure for us but we will not give up on democracy which is what we have always wanted from the beginning down to never a u.n. security council meeting on libya comes after france italy the u.k. and u.s. relation to one statement warning against military action and diplomatic editor james bass has more reaction from the nato summit in washington. libya wasn't on the formal agenda of the meeting here at the state department of nato foreign
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ministers but it clearly was discussed on the margins of this meeting because we have a statement from some key nato countries and a major regional player the statement says that they are deeply concerned about the current fighting in libya it goes on at this sensitive moment in libya's transition military posturing and threats of unilateral action only risk propelling libya back towards chaos and then there comes a warning to general haftar the statement says all governments oppose any military action in libya and will hold accountable any libyan faction that precipitates further civil conflict what's interesting is the countries that have signed this statement it is france italy the u.s. the u.k. and the u.s. you have their members of the security council you have france of the security council members the one that has been most sympathetic to general haftar also
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important the u.a.e. is signing this statement and they are the country that militarily has been backing general haftar the most so strong statements on the word from diplomats is that they are angry they are somewhat surprised that general have to made his move at a time when the u.n. secretary general was visiting libya they are concerned about the situation and the highlighting the arrogance of this move at this time answered the professor of politics at the university of texas and san antonio he says khalifa have taurus moment to play should not be seen as a surprise. the man has been saying it all the last two years it's a number of people. and he has been building his is trying to do that ultimately has the has he has the the hardware he has the will and it to use us and has communicated to his intentions
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a long time ago so why his surprise today they're going to they can make as many speeches and deliberation experience but it is a little of both i mean the timing seems to be quite right for him so this is all because he was bypassed together he was not given the important role to play in any of this he controls eighty percent of the maybe even more ninety percent of the country he controls all they're all result of a country and if you will that is getting shoved aside as one secondly you have all judy has some also that there's no will not be a platform for what you want to you move against libya tunisia it won't do with either and so who's going to do with nato going to come up with. his political will to put his temples that want to move the militias and he's going to keep it and he's one who tremendous amount of support. people will thread up all this situation will that play us assistant secretary defense lawrence korb latest crisis poses
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a serious challenge for the international community. i think the real question is what do they do if general haftar comes in and you provoke a war which unfortunately he probably would win what if what then and there you go back to the fact is it was a nato operation but they walked away too quickly i mean it's comparatively easy as the united states has found out to overthrow a government the real problem is to stay until you can get a stable government after that and i think hopefully that's the lesson that they learned it would be great if the you when the mediator can you know broker a ceasefire but the fact of the matter is you've got to back up your words with some threat of auction well obviously he has the strongest military forces but it will be a bloody battle because in addition to the government forces you also have in misrata you've got another militia and they have said they would fight with the
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government true so nobody wins if you say if you start some sort of war and the question is would you be willing to send in some peacekeeping forces to keep the parties apart so in other conflicts and in the growing calls to and u.s. support for the saudi u.a.e. led war and yemen the u.s. house of representatives has backed a resolution which had already been approved by the senate and the bill will now go to president donald trump in the last month said he would veto the measure sheraton's he has more from washington d.c. . the policy of this resolution both in the house and the senate is significant on several levels first simply as regards the relationship between congress and the executive capitol hill and the white house this is congress' reasserting its authority as to the president's war making powers offer what seems many years since nine eleven certainly of the president seemingly getting into conflicts all over the world without much scrutiny of this is congress saying you do need the consent
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all consent in order to do that and members of congress have been saying that they are going to start looking at conflicts far more closely will have to see whether that doesn't pan out but secondly as regards the relationship with saudi arabia it's a sign of just how bad that relationship has now become with congress patients has snapped since the murder of jamal khashoggi the saudi jonas in a way that other saudi actions have never seemed to seem to catalyze for example the war in yemen which began after all under president obama. has changed things on capitol hill members of congress are saying no matter what the president now does they're going to continue to scrutinize the relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia they're just not happy with it the man accused of attacking two mosques in new zealand has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment to see if he's fit to go on trial australian britain tyrant on friday made his second court appearance in christ church where he was charged with fifty counts of murder and thirty nine charges of attempted murder
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fifty people were killed last month when he opened fire during friday prayers is the prime minister has banned the sale of assault rifles and semiautomatic weapons and response. more head on al-jazeera. can complete my speech before rain still. water pouring from the ceiling to business and british parliament but there are fewer leaks from the talks with the opposition. the truth of what they really go through it's heartbreaking to hear what families are entering in their desperation to reach the united states. welcomes another look at the international full cost will soon find whether into eastern parts of china for the time being but the malaria cloud just makes.


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