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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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so swat does not use the purges the next who. do it so who called the muslim school east. was only finitely many mocking muskoka owner is here with me in sydney was stupid can't get me. got a little on a screen. didn't is quite as good as anglican just by her means i could be stuck with it he shuffled off me was the answer is one of the first schools to be integrated in a compulsory directive across the country. was that there's a device in the disease vulnerability to solve us and i passed it myself obvious vessel but i asked him yeah look. i was . a little bit. maybe thinking my view is what.
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i hear just once caught and by the night i sure it's us on the phone with. me only. six so that it's a yes but then me so do you think you said you just enable insoles. you know it's new as i could find out that i said to solve the scene sourcing. seatle to go through the evening. and i'm going to get this like did this late date by a train vested interest and yes. i have both flossy. in my time i take it down.
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to peter king for that it's supplying. haitian blossoms. but i'm still dreams of having his own farm. sort of civet the cleanest the book whisky or a book can do what a good. and fun to offer as a slam at the luck with that i'll go for the real from the luckiest but he has a lock i don't know whom is made it's what you off the so called the storm. one of the local look below. the book of the. new one will. be in. the competition though it is
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a complete the scene i live in you missed a very good. at seven we found him busy living with her grandmother in soweto in a squatter camp. a bloody power struggle had devastated the area. to gold now. who will be. on g.w. engine. from a long line. with an empty line up the level of my. mind think. of we're going. back. to embassy there was living with
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a grandmother because her mother was working six days a week in a fast food restaurant in the city. for looking on the money to pick among all marketable my mclellan wasn't a bit more personal than the. plan and again our own money in my mortgage. we must work. on my son and obama. but i am not a boy i'm going to be alone. at fourteen tempus year was still you running for a happy family. memento my term and your with him was all my mom number one member. memory learned michelle in london. in one thousand
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nine hundred nine she had returned to see where to off to some years living with family and rural cars and in the tell. she was living in a true toss and going to school and. at first she felt uneasy about the area. being on a train a run through why why i. saw my knee. so i meant poorly such a line cuts as a long. way and i was. sure. that everyone was. very. far off. the idea of getting those seven that's really bad weather no use when i need him
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what the was own risk. how unusual lonnie told us all those who have means just. so they play nice so when asked the most i could have called on telling telent dad being in the loop then off with. me to come back from blue million money back. lucia dance no middle no no. i couldn't call my own people. a twenty one temper see lives on the next street in a similar house. she had employment in a restaurant for a year or to close down with one and three women unemployed it's very difficult to find work. so she takes care of her aunt's baby and keeps house. her mother is still the only person in the family that is permanently important so money is tight
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. like a pillow and now. i had to. do with it was a school but they don't give us. the math is a little pull now when i want to. see. if there was any right answer and. having to live in a middle class some of the day. there's a. bomb squad you see. i was. going to miles good to see the nuns in my well. limited to says i'm not in and going to see the self when. i'm going to the exam you know full well ok as it is i when i recall who i am leads or it's interesting malarkey like these i don't know so even things that would mean that no one biggest i would spank would. and also
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really it's only just met a man using a. bambi often in. movies or so. libyans are told and that we can sort of mess up that for. the married and maybe have a lot when i don't care. and. i want my good. speech a lot watch. so. many levels will pull. out you know what will not come along and won't even less south african one you.
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know. coming up to. get. one too long. but i think if people can look. we could. put on. a mandela and remember. activities was like killers and then our psyche but there. is of course that. we too are grieving and i wonder. if we have an avatar.
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you know they're coming on and realize that they're rationed our. time and qaeda now with washington i. recently saw an insanely outstanding you know enjoy. these jets are one you've been able. and there is another latish. now clearly that's why you have a major way to daytona stuff now there was a series. you called out yes there is a trail of them and i'll look to fill in only when you look at i want. longer was an exceptional seven year old he lived with his mother in
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a black township and spoke perfect english with an accent from merican television. when he phoned him his grandmother had just died. what do you think happens people when they die there's nothing. the reason. they always became more. at fourteen rent to find him longer was in hospital. with. head or eccentricity with me.
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yesterday last night. with boy this was. about five to eight. i had an argument of this guy yeah and that's harder to come. in while i was talking to one of his old friends who was like behind me hit with a little. that was consciousness and when i came when i woke up i was here. in the hospital. this is going back to fourteen. remember that you'd been hit of the head with a bottle a kid i forget yeah and my sense of that was that it had to do. with jealousies that was over chick but that's fucked up it went further than that i don't include thing of that i know the guy. that day i don't know what he looks
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like. he could laugh about in the end but i guess maybe it when people in that. just it happening. in the wild before. when he was seven longer got the opportunity to go to a mostly quiet state school in the suburbs. did i think school. actually my first time or. remotely worked shot he was shy yet when i. see eat i couldn't speak. i think. everyone you know nothing at me. like thought it was going to be the only day. at. and you're scared of being one
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it amongst. like three here. parents monkeys could have gone to the kind of school system that's when they were going to school what people think. if it can happen and i mean i've never been to unpick school. i'm good wherever i go because i'm still the same guy i was that you met your fourteen. we've all grown up a new some have kids and you know a lot of things the fact that when we have the matter what language.
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it's. like. at twenty one lives in johannesburg. his views about race have always been complex. you see if you're black a new one mammy told. you. you sure that's why. or she's a white kid like the for the like you see. i wonder tell it. like you and the stand i speak. that's. so you think you interfering a white person who may be. that you. know
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he's at a university which is mostly black and a studying human resources or black economic empowerment. is on the creature i don't know what's going to be we're going to be you does i know you still. the best these are going to be what you just described there is this. has been. are you engaging with your course. at university. like. the day i will come in for an hour and i walk out of there feeling nothing i will quit and change course. so in that sense i'm more right walk and then go i needed to know that. egypt strongman is ruling within a fire and faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning
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a blind eye when even their own citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants at all zero immigration but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. well you. know somebody like. a three year investigation
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into the pro-gun lobby has been employing it was making sure it's going to really. reveal secret see what messaging out there are people out there you know. and connections some don't want to expose psni in legacy media. mass shooting. back next week night al-jazeera investigations house or sell a massacre on al-jazeera. this is. with a check on your world headlines forces loyal to libyan warlord have suffered a setback as they approach tripoli just fifty kilometers west of the capital dozens of half the fighters surrendered to u.s. government forces more than forty vehicles were seized. more from tripoli.
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around one hundred twenty eight military individuals loyal to the world a lot of the free for have to the came from the coastal cities of sort of man and was due of tripoli and they took control of the worst of the gate of tripoli of the capital tripoli last night for a few hours before and have to forces from the western city of zawiya recaptured the wish to negate of tripoli and the took have to his forces as captives the also seized dozens of military vehicles that's according to military sources loyal to the you backed government of national accord and now local televisions are announcing that the. prime minister and backed prime minister face of raj is now visiting the western the gate of tripoli which has been recaptured by forces loyal to the government of national accord algerian media reporting the
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intelligence chief todd had been fired as a retired army general who's a close ally of the former president of the losses beautifully there are scenes from the capital algiers where protesters have gathered once again activists have called for rallies targeting those overseeing the political transition and have shown loyalty to them to flee for saudi arabia is reported to have detained eight people including two do all u.s. citizens in a new round of arrests off activists the associated press and reuters says the dual citizens are related to these the use of a woman standing trial over her campaigning for women's rights a source says that all those arrested were targeted for having ties to jailed activists or supporting women's activism in the kingdom. the british prime minister of tourism a has asked the e.u. for another delay to bring it in a letter may has asked for a three month extension until the end of june. those are the headlines.
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longer lives near the center of johannesburg in an area called you. go with a. cloud as group of people anybody from everywhere from anywhere you're fine. i think all of those are always in the barbershops i well i had my account in the second one. and that one. that i got not that much from signing on that. they have a z. here people or haitian. i mean there's really people who honestly going to miss i was. and people saying sort of think they get there are you not going to happen to
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that shouldn't. and michelle coming. ok i mean you know that he should show us. i mean you know with an issue that. in two thousand and four longer spent a year in germany as an exchange student where he became very close to his host family. it was really living with a man like having a father in the house. but you see was a really really cool and what do you mean we had i lived with my mother my whole life you know when you was what is. being so first two weeks i'd wake up in the morning open the door and scout could log and
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you could get a low number still keeps in close touch with him or he. would not likely. you know. and subsystem. that's his mom an e-mail clicked. yeah this is. a friend she can have was in the forty's and i made this. up tell you about it last time i had to go. come along now and i don't want how do you define a woman that you'd be interested in to me left a lot tolerate my nonsense coolabah lots and my propensity to not call it once noah was that you. know. the little girl was your love you know. she was mean as well as you comes around the corner that's pretty much it. and
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we're going to be together. to try. to get. you either like i know everything or nothing like. if you were to describe yourself corporate first country right abductions. of nazis eccentric sometimes loud always talking never at a loss for words and this is involved women. and i lay people that's pretty well. axed me pay attention to it my friends say. to three jews. elect is the same type of music he likes and the movie is always seems to exclude says.
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that being part of a group is important so. he's played since of belonging lane which. belongs to these people. i. grew up with. so at this moment i mean do you feel like the world is a trophy. i mean yeah i guess you know. what i want. no longer what makes me happy and i enjoy doing it and i can do it in london standing up to me and doing what i want to do so i just know that since it's all about me if i don't do what i want to do i would want to blame but myself i'm just . not since it is. at its peak.
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at seven was it lived in petersburg a town in the north of the country he interviewed her with her boyfriend to need. something. to some. law. but the kick in the case. whew from home i showed my dog. who committed the car keys. in the two weeks. this is years like. that i'd love. ya. at fourteen they went to the same high school in the same town. their relationship seemed to be in trouble.
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he's live in years time. so we pump them up but. i do think things might have been resolved between you. but you together. oh not in town and. playful. seem a bit strange together your lack of practice what. i mean the enough time i got through it all. so you should think about marriage. the school thing. called the onus inside me you know twenty twenty one. i mean i'm fourteen what the heck would i want to get married for. a twenty one visit has moved to cape town at the southern tip of the country. she's married to greg and they're expecting
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a baby. that is craig quiting for me patiently while he doesn't look so passionate because i was like because i was finished and everybody else was running around trying to get finished. their off on me i arrived at seven off. i said old mary i don't know how i don't know when but i will marry you someday in the not too distant future this is the very first the very first night forty five minutes into the discussion those just something we just clicked it was just something between the two of us and she joked about it and said we'll talk about it when you bring a ring. we dated for. about three months. in the ring to see my
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parents that's right you're. very cutting it as well as. my dad he was kind of shocked because he was the only person in the hospital know what was going on and my dad just looked at him and he said well if you think you can handle it and that was pretty much a good fit if you think you can. also give me some advice that you know this is the advice was vile old twenty five need to draw more calming bolts. a plea that will get you through it was for myself. that you know history and you know it seems. strange enough to family except to me from the minute we arrived it's going to you. know that's bigger than the mother and the never grow bigger than the ones that would really mean anything if. they simply can we fly
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to. speak with. the two kind of reaching agree that to have a child so soon was it like when you both wanted them it was something we wanted but it wasn't something we want to drive no. you're just sort of a happened. it's the little ice. skating a bitch she's. always. we only found out that it happened off the cuff or was up eight weeks and you don't mind weeks until being right at least sick and i feel like i'm going to die and eventually greg says ok i'll stuff this we going to the doctor. get to the doctor he says mrs yesterday you not pregnant you very pregnant. should i say that's nice
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sir your it wasn't exactly planned as such but just that if you swallow this talk about it and let him pull. home. right now i would say off got pretty much in my opinion a perfect life i've got a great husband we've got food it not we've got pictures in the claw bat i'm bored out of my brackets at home. we can't have it we're going to dream. i've been kidnapped and. everyone's going to live in a lot of a hostile world and i know how it's my house. honey you cope with boredom
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how doc was born and i've learned to read i used to hate reading and i have learned that reading next time go by very quickly so i'm not left to read i read a lot. sleepless night get up have break first watch some television read eat some more eat some more and then some. i did cook occasionally but doesn't really want me to you wants me to stay off my feet as much as possible so that stuart risin sees the staff eat. my foot seven was so much less complicated. craigan results have bought a house in cape town. that average age in the series from about thirty on woods.
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and good economic growth for the house of the forty fifth are. very very good friendly kind neighbors are always there to linda hand and then all of what you do for fun. fun fun fun fun guy across the road that's not a fun tends not to be very interesting sometimes you learn new things. i mean the movie you drink like a very you get. to kind of thing too you know a lot of things that you normally wouldn't know. that i was. right down to no it's just sometimes our conversations really go very deep. for some reason sometimes we'll start a conversation it'll just really get you thinking you'd be lucky to see but well.
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that's what we do for fun and i read for fun. we have. our own sign about. as rare as snow in africa the twenty one is something of a special case. it's. the marchers that now know that. when he was seven he went to private school for boys. his dad was a football superstar and wanted the best for us. i really had my mind i just think he's such a good person. he's gone from no ages living in the streets as
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a way to just playing soccer. just on the streets to all the way just living. with every start in life. was expecting more is always going to medically for us quite a bit for me to go to school good school not just any school so he's always kind of a no like to sort of remind me about it you know it's now and then when i step out of line is like hey remember i did this for you so come on at least return the favor and some sort of way. carter has dropped out of university and instead is working at a joinery company the basically the guy sort of off the rails kind of image aside if it's really just here i thought oh everyone has best friend from school is matthew the boss is. it was the most expensive school in johannesburg and was steeped in european culture like
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saying which is to use to. sit but i don't want. it you know in the space of. close family time. i always speak english that's why i don't need the money. and i wish for a police car do you feel about that. right. with the move from so where it's cut their home made a new set of white school friends. at twenty one it's this circle of friends that is screwed and has given here that you can follow my lead. yeah you know i've been around a lot and i have. been i would leave it i don't say i was there with it and i didn't write. the.
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damn. journey or pretty much the same core friends that i've had since i think started seven. probably of my closest friends who i trusted as often as possible. and all these people that were at school but all of them pretty much from school. i mean even math i went to school with matthew and just kind of brought stuart to know the guys that i don't know you know but i still got back into that we're still in the cool always pete probably my best friend that it was hotter. oh really well me and. do you have a girlfriend and would you like to have fun to me. that you.
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don't have a go for at the moment so those are that's what you're asking. yeah that's that's it three that is the story george you get married when you grow up. say now can't spot up a. well. for the rest of my life shame the sad. little half and. all sort of why didn't i. just to be short. this short go fish craze thing you know i know that's a first in a puff and to mine it just seems us ishall columnist well. with or without a degree his prospects have soared under black economic empowerment a drive that propels black people into management if you think that.
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my dad is to be a representative and in this but at the mall and every day is. just a name. to be able to do that my dad has no use i'll be moderating and then they want to deal with that. it's not a business deal but. didn't really do anything for the first month didn't know what i was supposed to do. but not part of project management really. helping on production so it's very cool. it's very weird young guy not really knowing the industry and having to go in and start telling them what to do because this needs to be done and that needs to be done. so it's very weird into his heart to talk to them because you know whole respect elders thing. says not what i say to them but high say it.
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is having sort of authority and for i'd like to think so yeah i like to think so it's already. got great. reviews from. the from the marketing department. they sort of altered it in my factory to get to the head of the department very very cold to hide. what do you think the difference is between one wife. then a cop the same skin. think that's all that good stuff. but. now before i.
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think there's a value in the next. oh definitely it's all about networking actually you know i mean so me always you have gotten to the wall and just go be corporate leaders or whatever or just whatever sort of the feel that they do they usually excel through that just network with their own os the rest the world so stephanie what about networking. have you nobody factory where. you can have friends when ever you want by being jast what you are done by them but the brother who begs you just to laugh and and you know led me to meet. still trying to find my place trying to see where i fit in the whole picture. we just come back from the site and. i
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kept a. look at. it like yeah but i mean. it was really if you do so then they were there you were inside you know when you should tell me this morning are we going to do it. you're going to get a disability. tell me your your loss what are you going to find your office. since he is how many months you've been here so you're. eight months it is eight months x. the big. guys about the last say. science and that's first and spear. and you know crist we're sharing a disk at the moment because he's supposed to read designing office and he's hasn't done it yet i'm running the service in production so there is one set up for the past because very cool very relaxed live with laptops are just blessing or are
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working actually i should say you know they're working work in you mr rob we work. exactly. i mean do you have a plan for your future. like to think i like to think of a plan but there's always something else this kind of sidetracks me and like oh wait hold on if you do that as like a plan to get back off and focus without rosie parents what is the. ideally for them i reckon they would love to find a really graduated already know with a degree working in muscle corporate company sort of i mean i think that's what they would like you know get your life together and like my last is getting together and you know a card to. me this is hard work done. let's just leave it and it's not like i'm saying you know screw university or whatever i still plan to get my degree stall
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i'm going to get my degree and i just i'm a own time. you know the most just accept that i have so make an effort to kind of do things the way that they would like and at the same time i'm kind of having fun longer way of doing it and. just sort of the journey it's all about the journey kind of a boring change you really have to make a fun. show. to write. maybe. brought me out that way and i just don't think any of that is exactly like. dragon just trying to continue. i went out with a few new people i liked and i just had the time dad died but i don't know exactly
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you. twenty one and age to assert your individuality it's ok to argue with people and it's ok to disagree of people but also a period when childhood dreams can clash with reality it's compromising i don't think i'm pretty good at compromise in two thousand and six south africa are revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and like their country much has changed over the past fourteen years. or twenty one up south africa and i'll just say.
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we have had flooding recently into power why some of the flooding is also standing across into a bolivia loss of thunderheads showing up here has led to the odd landslide as well due to the a very heavy rain. spells a very heavy rain as we go on through the next day or so but then i'm hopeful that things will gradually improve you can see some really wet weather this is the bolivian low distinct area of low pressure that develops just this side of the ad is because we have a cloud and rain extends right down into power required through the remainder of friday more heavy rain then we got one in sas day and then we get started to see the quest weather just nothing a little further north was a nice with so hopefully with things slowly but surely beginning to improve more in the west sunshine coming through then but sunshine meanwhile across the east side of the caribbean. we've got some thick a cloud just around jamaica southern parts of cuba to see some other live doesn't
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look at a rather wet weekend for some guy with a heavy showers longer spells of rain through friday that is logically to some localized flooding the showers stretch their way across towards nicaragua towards guatemala. for the western side of the caribbean but fine to the east. the weather sponsored by town anyways. you're watching the news hour life from a headquarters in doha i'm dead you know coming up with the next sixty minutes more than one hundred fighters loyal to a libyan warlord have surrendered to the un backed government they have been
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ordered to advance on tripoli. algeria as intelligence chief was dismissed as activists join mass protests seeking the removal of those still loyal to former president to freak out. the british prime minister asked the e.u. for yet another brecht's delay she wants three more months life after the rwandan genocide we hear from a survivor and the man who attacked her on how they're coping twenty five years on . and in school if you will to have secured the best raechel in the n.b.a. the books and latest when ensuring home court advantage throughout the coming. hello we begin with the military standoff in libya where one hundred twenty eight fighters loyal to the warlords have surrendered to forces allied to the un backed
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government in tripoli so they were taken to the town of zawiya that's fifty kilometers west of the capital dozens of vehicles and weapons were also seen fears a for a new fighting are growing since have moved his forces from the east towards tripoli this week they've taken control of a town seventy kilometers from the capital and the u.n. secretary general and so on you get terrorists is trying to find a diplomatic solution he's due to means have to after talks with the government in tripoli led by say is. the u.n. security council has also called for an emergency meeting. following all the developments joining us from the tripoli and we're hearing reports are saying that some of half the troops a man who have surrendered what is the situation in and around tripoli where you are. well daryn first of all the troops the troops that surrendered to the anti have to the troops. this morning
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are now kept in the city of zawiya in the cost of the of the military council of the city of a zawiyah around fifty kilometers to the west from the capital tripoli and by the way have forces in the zawiya allied with the backed government of national accord the troops have to the troops surrendered this morning they came from to see this in the worst of libya through coastal cities of sobriety and sort of mine but in the west of tripoli forces from mr larger alongside forces from tripoli allied with you and backed the government of national accord are now advancing to the south of tripoli to a joy in other forces allied with the or and backed government of national accord in the area of. and that's north of the u.n. with the clashing against forces loyal to the world lord. we understand that
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you and the prime you and bad prime minister has given all of the orders to the air force to engage and there launch air strikes against it any military activities that would target the capital tripoli and we'll go there as far as a sort of political and diplomatic solution goes as has already met with phase the third as in his due to meet with khalifa haftar what can you tell us about that. we'll get to it. is determined to speak to do evil factions in the east namely the world have to himself and the speaker of the of the took to parliament. the united nations is determined to convince that evil factions in libya that the recent to military relations are not the solution or the way out of the current
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crisis because it has stressed that only the political solution is the way out of the current crisis in libya ok mom what are the odds with an update from tripoli thank you so libya has had two rival powers since twenty fourteen the u.n. bag government is based in tripoli while the parliament in the eastern city of to buka supported by the warlords felafel half that and has backing from saudi arabia u.a.e. and egypt and he ordered his fighters to advance towards the capital this week and has kept the town of a very young on the way small units and subha datta reds bannon's in town are known to be loyal to have dozens of his fighters have surrendered in zawiya and forces in misrata are sending reinforcements to tripoli let's speak to a retired military general who's joining us from beirut thanks for speaking to us on the news hour so just talk us through the military capabilities of both sides now the u.n.
9:54 pm
backed government forces seem to be seem to have competing militias whereas have to runs his troops like a proper army with the support of some outside countries like egypt and the united arab emirates so who has the upper hand militarily in your opinion. so far of the east west region has dispute in libya as live whatever was the cover here and there now we have the national accord government which is. which is by the united nations and most of the international committee and they represent libya and the arab summit and the united nations and the other one as. the bottom end of to block. after. the current offensive that. general after launched against three poorly. comes after a few days of his meeting with saudi arabia king man
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and before weeks from promised. confidence for the balance between all parties concerned in libya to reach a political settlement so. general have is aiming at the achieving dramatic and decisive victory over tripoli and i don't think that that will work because in tripoli and its surrounding and what happened exactly this morning in zawiya of resisting the. troops and surrendering. to the to the that we have forces which are loyal to the face. government it means that there are many obstacles that will.
9:56 pm
make that militarily also mr without a hard i'm not terribly militarily what challenges do either side's face right now as there is this race suppose and race going on for tripoli and hell if i have to that is saying that his forces must quote unquote liberate the city. the balance of power. and then of equipment and manning. and favor of general haftar but there is a will to fight in the other side and the other side started as government and its army and its allies in. other places they are backed by other forces as well. as not backed by egypt saudi arabia and united arab emirates and the other side is backed by turkey qatar and perhaps some some
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countries in the european union you were mentioning just a moment ago you were mentioning a moment ago the forces that have now surrendered one hundred forty five loyal to a half status. so in the grand scheme of things to what extent is this a setback for hell if i have to. this is an indication that the plan of general have to will not be. successful at least. in the coming days. that there is an absence complete absence for the air force from both sides which means that both sides rely on the tribes and it will be as the european union communique said a new civil war maybe a street world in some places. so i think that the diplomacy led by mr gutierrez the u.n.
9:58 pm
secretary general which is supposed to be the general have to date plus the actions of the international community for. many sides will force general haftar to slow down or to stop his offensive not so i think. but to what extent though will a military gains on the grounds play a factor on the political scene that you speak of for example what happens at the national conference a due to be held in libya later this month if indeed it does go ahead. yes this offensive has broken the confidence that was built between both sides by the u.n. envoy and the united nations so i think that. we need more time in order to get a fair and then you stage of battle between both sides because.
9:59 pm
unless mr have to generate half that it will stop is offensive and pull back his forces to. the east there will be no response for any. political dialogue from the international court of government ok and yes for hearts we thank you for speaking to us from beirut. algerian media are reporting the intelligence chief petard had been fired as a retired army general who's a close ally of the former president. flick up bernard smith reports. of jerry's military might be disappointed if he was hoping that the resignation of president abilities beautifully would dampen enthusiasm for antigovernment protests hundreds of thousands of people are back on the streets nationwide for a seventh friday for them beautifully his resignation earlier this week is only
10:00 pm
a first gesture all of that here we demand change we need these games to go all of them included and so. we cannot remain silent anymore you are no longer afraid of you you have killed our children and started the whole nation. we have seen nothing from there you deem i am forty one years old and i can hardly make a living we are hoping for better. moves to sideline beautifully because allies are continuing intelligence chief bashir ta-ta has been fired at earlier this week eight businessmen had their passport seized as their investigated for corruption the state television showed a clearly frail eighty two year old beautifully handing in his resignation on choose day and i think what's happened now is that certain good schools are being settled the.


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