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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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there's one good aspect to this if there is one good aspect to this and is this algeria is not in the orbit of the united states in as much as if it was in the arab world if it was israel if it was iran the us would be piling into this it definitely do do the us is what should incur for the obviously but one because of a the war or the threat of. its economic interests in the south of country country or talk about oil and gas but the main loser of these would be friends there watching very very carefully because so many french companies were killed in algeria they were given contracts because of the support of the different government has been good giving good for the company impossible to predict of course but given given the traction that algeria has with you mention france there clearly on their economic reasons fiscal reasons for that what do you think the
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most likely of the more likely direction of travel for these processes what think these protesters are taking it one step. would flicker is gone no they want to bring down these what they called the three b.'s so once they do that that would be a step forward so if if the law is gone if the do is government is gone if there is going to be president of the constitutional council that the next the would be looking for a head of state or a group of people to run the country so but at the end of the day it's what's good about it it has been civil they know what they're doing they have achieved few things and they would be achieve even more but how to move from this. kind of government to a more open transparent government is used to be done and professor as ever thank you don't know if you're in algeria we'd like you to help us tell this story get in touch with us on whatsapp or on telegram especially if you're attending
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a protest or if you want to share a video comment the number plus one seven four five zero one triple one four nine. still to come here on al-jazeera life after the rwandan genocide we hear from survivors twenty five years on. and the international criminal court's chief prosecutor is blocked from entering the united states we'll tell you why when we come back. how i once again welcome to the look of the international full costume fight we still got some wet weather in the forecast for all the middle east that maze iran will see some showers some long spells of rain adding to the flooding concerns here loss of cloud coming out says syria spinning down across iraq it's all making its way through the west was we are going to see some more wet weather coming in here as we go on through the next day hevia showers to sas day going to be across
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northern parts of iraq was a caucus is some showers that are just around the southern end of the caspian sea a lot of clouds as you can see through much of iran it will not just wave a swiss process guys come back in behind the western parts still stay one of two showers as we go on through sunday some showers still in place there to southern turkey northern parts of syria i would also let's it will warm up it'll brighten up twenty one celsius four bedroom warming up to across the part of the regular punished him in doha will touch thirty celsius on saturday could get a thirty two in abu dhabi then a bit of cloud across southern parts is still a few showers in the forecast we see the cloud you can always catch your spot of right well the saudi for example on sunday could see some wet weather but warm in riyadh at thirty six degrees and whether it's into the eastern side all south africa more lively showers coming through here over the next couple of days.
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using his friendship with. and race. a trio of chiefs trying to gather. in the upcoming israeli elections. in your headlines the chief says he's leaving libya with talks with rival forces.
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the leaders of eastern forces who are in the capital tripoli but the government is based. just. surrendered to forces allied to the us government. hundreds of thousands of algerians are out on the streets of the protesting for more change the president. earlier this week. the european council president proposing a flexible twelve month. however the u.k. prime minister has asked the e.u. for a three month extension until the end of june. of the e.u. in a week unless they can find a solution in london and in brussels the latest from london. the thinking in brussels seems to be that they want to avoid britain coming back repeatedly and
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asking for more extensions that so i don't know to ask is recommending to the twenty seven e.u. leaders version they offer britain a one year breaks it's extension but they're stressing that that would be flexible if a withdrawal agreement or any kind of deal could pass parliament here before then then britain could leave before march twenty twenty prime minister to resume a has written to donald tusk a letter which he will then hand out to those leaders before the summit in brussels next wednesday in which she asks for an extension simply to the end of june and in that letter she says that she believes it's in neither side's interest that the u.k. take part in the european elections next month but they might have to do so and that they're getting ready for that foreign secretary jeremy hunt has also conceded that although he doesn't want a long extension that might have to happen if no deal can get through parliament
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any time soon and we're not sure if it will because although the government and the opposition labor party have been in talks now for a couple of days those talks are now basically over the phone at the moment there's very little detail coming out one contentious issue is whether the u.k. in the future will be in a sort of customs union with the european union the other is whether to put any deal to a public vote some in the labor party say that they have to to one of their previous commitments others say that it would be deeply unpopular and undemocratic so lots of argument there whatever happens there's sure to be more drama here in parliament and in brussels in the days to come. israeli forces have injured dozens of gazan protests as the protests known as the great march of return began in march of last year the demanding an end to the blocking and the right. returned to israeli occupied territories. saudi arabia is reported to have detained eight people including two jewel us saudi citizens in
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a new round of arrests of activists the associated press and the reuters news agency both saying the jewel citizens are related to yousef she's the woman standing trial over her campaigning for women's rights sources all those arrested were targeted for having ties to jailed activists or supporting women's activism in the kingdom. the united states has revoked the entry visa for the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court for two bensouda pending requests to investigate allegations of war crimes by u.s. forces in afghanistan the us secretary of state might pompei o has said the us which is not a member of the i.c.c. would withdraw or deny visas to i.c.c. start investigating such allegations alan fischer from washington. this is all been brewing since late twenty seventeen when i said that she wanted to investigate the potential of war crimes being committed in afghanistan not just by u.s. forces but also by the taliban and the haqqani network she was keen to concentrate
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on the period between two thousand and three and two thousand and four and not just things that happened in afghanistan but also so-called black sites were u.s. military u.s. intelligence called high profile targets for interrogation know some detainees were suggesting that they had experienced torture they had experienced rape and experienced sexual violence as far as the i.c.c. was concerned that was enough for them to begin the process of investigating the u.s. was very much against this idea saying that any investigation by the i.c.c. would impending on u.s. sovereignty they were also saying that they would stop anyone coming into the country hence the revoking of the entry visa and they also talked about the potential of economic sanctions if that was not enough to damp down these investigations have had u.n.
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experts human rights experts have said the improper infringement of the what of the i.c.c. the u.s. says that all they're doing is simply protecting american citizens who are doing what they were asked to do to protect the united states when the prosecutor had her entry visa revoked that does not impact on the work that she does with the u.n. she can still apply as a diplomat to go to the u.n. to brief the security council as she's done in the past and she will do so again we are told by her office but it's also important to note that the united states is not a member of the i.c.c. now there are other big countries such as russia and china. it's been twenty five years since the genocide in rwanda but the scars remain and the healing goes on this weekend rwanda will pause to commemorate the most violent
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period in its history sunday marks the day when the hutu militia began an ethnic genocide against the tootsie minority simmons' visits the area of your martyr where some of the worst atrocities took place a warning some of the images in his report could be disturbing. prepares to commemorate twenty five years since the start of his genocide the same images of horror dominate it is a low carb dissolve. and questions remain who shot down the aircraft killing rwanda's president from the hutu majority an act that started one hundred days of killing on a scale rarely seen in modern history around three quarters of the minority tutsi population were murdered. questions of why the international community didn't immediately respond still exist how many lives could have been saved or why didn't the united nations at least take early action against
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a highly organized campaign of hatred and incitement by the hutus. underground in one of the mass graves there is only one answer and that's to forgive. despite her extraordinary loss she shows some of the seemingly endless lines of coffins containing the dried out bones of whole families. in this casket are the remains of her mother father two sisters and three brothers i vividly remember the death of my parents and my siblings i hear their voices in my heart i'm sad but i forgive. in a separate attack alice was hacked all over her body one of her hands was amputated with a machete she nearly died yet she forgives the man who did this as well above her you see the tops of these modern day too they contain the remains of more than forty five thousand people killed in this district alone
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a family died in the church just here this is one of so many churches where people tried in vain to seek sanctuary but moment when files and people died here mostly women and children their clothes now spread out over the pews above shrapnel rained down upon this place and below here now you see coffins filled with the remains bones of victims twenty five years on what happened here still defies understanding. as alice continues with her visits here the man who attacked her is now free living with his family he served eight years in jail and completed community service aside from killing in a group he's murdered twenty one people in cold blood would you say you feel nucky that you didn't get a life sentence or you did even you for serving a life sentence to be ok because it will be punishment for my cranes being alive is
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not lucky i kneel in front of those i have had and beg forgiveness this form of reconciliation is one of many initiatives aimed at trying to ensure peace can be permanent. but not everyone is as forgiving as alice andrew simmons al-jazeera in rwanda the french president emanuel mccraw has appointed a panel of experts to investigate france's actions during rwanda's genocide mr mccraw has also met representatives of the survivors group in paris france and rwanda have had to screen relationships since the killings in one thousand nine hundred four but i should butler has more now from paris well what the french president or man or mark or is doing is promising to try and shed light on france's role during the rwandan genocide in one thousand nine hundred ninety four and in the years leading up to it and that is because the role of france has been a real bone of contention between both garley and paris for twenty five years because he has repeatedly accused france of being complicit in the massacres
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now back then the french government was very close to the hutu regime french troops were deployed to try and keep the peace but some say that they simply didn't do enough to stop the killing so what eman or marco is doing is setting up a new commission to investigate exactly what france's role was they will have access to the state archives that have been really locked away for all these years they were opened in twenty fifty by fossil ond but successive historians have said they've been very difficult to gain access to and all this isn't very much in keeping with the man or my cause or style in terms of in his frog's his relationship with africa because he says that in order for frogs to have a better relationship with his african allies it must face its past last year for example eman or mark or talked about the way that the french troops had used torture in algeria it was a very rare admission for
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a french president. thousands of government employees in argentina are protesting against austerity measures the state cut the salaries of civil servants last year and reduced its spending demonstrators marched to the congress building in born as i rose to go and president crees policies. south koreans are using their smartphones to tap into the world's first nationwide five g. internet service on weapons day the country became the first two world out complete superfast mobile coverage bright with more. events like this one have ensured there is maximum hype for the launch of five g. and south korea becomes the first country to offer nationwide coverage as one of the most digitally connected places on the planet it would be strange if south korea was not first with five g. this event by one of the service providers is in conjunction with samsung that at the moment is the only hand phone maker in south korea that offers a device fast enough to handle the incredible speeds of five g.
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a but they won't be the only ones for along all the other tablet and handphone makers playing catch up given the anticipated demand for five g. and it's not hard to see why the super fast internet speeds many times faster than current four g. speeds will offer all kinds of possibilities in terms of streaming content a virtual reality or mentored reality the gaming applications and so on for consumers here in south korea for consumers anywhere in the world what is there not to like watching young at and i'm expecting to use a high quality videos video phone calls and virtual reality and so much faster speed. with south korea providing the quickest telecom service in the world i have high expectations. i watch a lot of videos so i think it's going to be good for netflix and you tube there are of course the wider implications of five g. force a society in the way we live our lives the ability to move vast amounts of data
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with almost no delay is reckoned will have a transformative impact on things like robotics driverless vehicles even drug use to deliver things for korea companies there are of course security concerns about having so much more data and access points to it you just have to look at the controversy over chinese manufacturing while away and concerns about it controlling infrastructure for five g. in places like the u.s. and elsewhere but certainly here in south korea. the government believes that five g.'s essential for the country to keep its economic competitiveness and as far as the consumers are concerned they believe they need five g. and they need it now. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the head of the u.n. says he's leaving libya with a heavy heart after talks with rival forces and met the leaders of eastern forces
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were advancing on the capital tripoli where the un backed government is based i still hope would be possible to avoid a lot of the oil from stationed in and around tripoli. and the united nations remain. available facilitate any political solution able to unify the libyan institutions. and whatever happens. the u.n. will remain could meet and i will remain committed to support the libyan people. libyans these are these security prosperity and the respect of their human rights well meanwhile just outside tripoli at least one hundred forty five fighters loyal to after have surrendered to forces allied to the u.n. backed government hundreds of thousands of algerians are outs on the streets of the
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capital the protesting to demand more change that comes after reports that the intelligence chief was sacked early on friday the president abdelaziz bouteflika resigned earlier this week the european council president is proposing a flexible twelve month brix it delayed but the british prime minister to resign may has asked the european union for a three month extension until the end of june the u.k. is due to crush the trading block in a week unless a solution can be found. the united states has revoked the entry visa for the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court she's far too bensouda and she has a pending request to investigate allegations of war crimes by american forces operating in afghanistan the us secretary of state's mike pompei you said the us which is not a member of the international criminal court would withdraw or deny visas to i.c.c. stuff investigating such allegations has been sued his office insists this will not affect her work with the u.n.
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which is based in new york up next it's inside story after that we're back live from doha and london with the news out. there are fears of a full blown battle in tripoli. forces march towards the libyan capital the war has promised an end to the country's turmoil but can he deliver or is libya on the brink of another round of civil war this is inside story.
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however and i'm welcome to inside story i'm come all santamaria we are talking libya today a country which hasn't had a stable government since he was forced from power back in two thousand and eleven in fact it's got two governments in different parts of the country and right now the powerful warlord behind one of them seems to be making a play for complete control has sent his forces west on what he calls a victorious march to the capital tripoli in response the internationally recognized government van has deployed its troops raising fears of a major showdown the united nations is called for calm in fact secretary general antonio terrorists has gone to libya himself but after eight years of instability and so many other countries playing influential roles libya's future looks as uncertain as ever so here's how it all plays out on the map in the west in the capital tripoli there is a united nations backed government led by
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a prime minister. in the east the government of to book is backed by the u.a.e. egypt fronts and russia it is the center. of power four hundred one hafta and it's from there he began launching campaigns to take important oil fields and the key port cities of been and ruslan move now after is ordered this large number of his troops to move further west to take control of tripoli but the un backed government quickly called its fighters to reinforce the capital and to fight to protect it but the focus really is on one man right now he was an army general on the mormon gadhafi but defected to the u.s. in the late one nine hundred eighty s. he returned to libya in two thousand and eleven and began gathering support among tribes and businessmen by twenty four tane he'd allied himself with that government into brooke he launched something called operation dignity saying he would fight what he called terrorist militias that included as we said advancing on the strategic oil fields and port cities and quickly taking control of large parts of
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the country have to has presented himself as the only solution for libya's instability telling his fighters to use force only if necessary. so we've got a panel to talk about this today let me introduce them in tripoli first of all salah. is a political analyst and a senior advisor to the negotiating team of the high council of state this is an advisory body which came out of the peace talks in twenty fifteen and better to have gotten out of them out there who is director of the tripoli based subject institute and then benghazi a month sort of a professor of politics from the university of texas at san antonio it's lovely to see all three of you gentlemen thank you for joining us i like to start our discussions with one question for the three of you just to get your views on this one initial question so i'm going to start with in tripoli and the question is simple can khalifa haftar be successful in taking tripoli are his forces strong
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enough do they have the momentum right now do you think. absolutely not he never did and he never well and it's already a puritan aground his forces are retreat west of tripoli his forces. in the mountain have been surrounded at least a few kilometers away from where yet and where he first entered there's a great momentum great excitement among the troops that are working for the. government of national accord a bun till last night three o'clock early this morning they took over the. so-called kilometer twenty seven bridge and route that have to forces and took many prisoners so i think the tide is turning and i expect that khalid to have to
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has to go to his plan b. or leave it will talk about a plan b. later let's go down i saw him at the in beirut what do you think is funny for half the on the right track for himself at least here. well i think it's the purpose of this was to increase the pressure on the international when it was timed wasn't an editor as was in libya militarily speaking i think his strategy and his add in a the libyan national forces is not so much a collection of just armed groups it's a belief system it's a narrative and any he really kind of goes into different cities trying to co-opt different groups trying to negotiate with them and he offers them not only financial and military support but he offers in this narrative you become the army and all of your opponents your local opponents that you may have fought against for resources or for local power they become the fact that terrorists so it's really the kind of the power of half there is a narrative and i think that is really facing a massive massive problem and and a struggle not to the cool and western libya because many of those forces came into
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existence based on the belief that they had an ideological conflict with help with gadhafi and doesn't love and they did not want to see military will persist in two thousand level in thousand light seen they still have that major red line that i want to see the country return to move to rule whether it's piece by piece as the enemy is trying to achieve or whether it's half there coming at the helm of a need peaceful government has been delivered of this national conference in a couple of weeks either way that is a red line for many of those groups and i think those groups are providing the massive massive obstacle which would also be conscious of the fact that two thirds of libya's population are based in western libya many of those groups disagree with one another they have different views they have different political positions but they agree to this general consensus that they want to see pluralism in whatever state they want to to build next they want to see a civilian state not an interest that and so i think there's going to struggle militarily or even this negotiation or co-opting tactic that is trying to trying to pursue in western libya so i think is going to struggle
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a lot because already explained he arrived at twenty seven he lost one hundred twenty eight troops late last night early this morning and they lost a significant amount of military and i mean issues and and heavy artillery with them interesting and i'll come back to you in a bit to talk about the timing as i think you raised an interesting point there. in benghazi what do you think. you know you hate to lose the balls but i disagree i think i think this is just the beginning this is this is unfortunately a war and have to is very very careful not to use x. is to kill people here's a never in the never done that and in any of the areas even when it's really your judgment from from beirut as well as might be that it will go up to individuals but to push comes to shove you would use but i mean he's fighting against militias and he will beat them i mean by the time they can produce a war to come through continue were claimed to be well on the right there in the
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wrong and they will be destroyed only michael after interesting and presumably months or if i have to i wouldn't have undertaken this unless he thought he had a chance of victory i mean the second going on further than at the split governments are going on for so long already and he's now making this final push. exactly exactly and this book which is a book of the new year in general from. the divisions in the worst so much so deep between towns and cities it will assure each other this this that this war is not a new director he knows that and he will he will do that is best time to no doubt about it is more to some of our trip and you want to answer that because he is giving us a very different narrative yeah yeah yeah. and. i'm really sorry to hear a month or say this stuff after a long period in opposing another military man has. deathy
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during thirty years of opposition. but the fact is i mean we don't have to rely on what marty or baku she's saying or anything we can just look at the reports of the panel of experts of the security council and what it says about the so-called libyan army often if you have to or is composed of tribal militias it's composed of nurse in areas from darfur and it's all appeared i mean why would an army have have a salafist. brigade why would an army have a brigade called the the blood seekers or whatever whatever these are this is a brigade composed of people whose relatives were killed in the war and present us with. an officer of the republic. styled after
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sisi who he considers a role model and he wants to establish something like what what's happening in egypt ok gentlemen let's move away from the conflict itself and i want to go back to a point. which. he made in beirut and actually i will come back to you and this is about the timing with the united nations secretary general antonio terrorists making a visit you're saying he's timing it for that visit my question is what is antonio terrace trying to achieve at the moment he is there he's going to talk to khalifa haftar and yet it is no room that the other government is the one which the u.n. backs what does the u.n. actually trying to get out of this. well i think it's a really difficult position for for it on your terms of the moment because on the one hand even the narrative even the response by the u.n. has been timid best so they were. restrained by all parties behave falling short of
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actually labeling half the labeling this or condemning or sanctioning or penalizing after the skill ation of violence and it was certainly timed to coincide with his trip because half there is betting on the fact that he has significant amounts of diplomatic and political support from a member of the p five in the security council france and and the u.a.e. which has been able to give him not only political but military support on the ground they establish an air base in two thousand and sixteen it doesn't sixteen was the year that the u.n. actually announced a peace government a peace deal in libya and it was the very same year that the that the u.a.e. ramped up its political military and financial support of have to establish an air base in all had them which is the libya they they violated the bargain as a celeb of course rightly rightly pointed out and there was at least that was the most significant year of arms embargo violations by the way in the year in the year that we were supposed to kind of deliver a peaceful solution so i think there is absolutely certain and concrete in his
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assessment that the u.n. is kind of paralyzed and immune or he is immune from kind of getting any kind of diplomatic pressure from them and that's a message to libyan factions libyan political opposition groups that have had opposed after so is affecting the tone than the u.n. can't do anything i can do this even whilst the u.n. is there and there's no way they're going to stop me and it's effectively based on a deal that was struck last month and abu dhabi where have there met with and effectively saraj holds one piece of this entire puzzle that half a dozen hold international genesee and international political legitimacy for for his government at the moment have there is effectively illegitimate he doesn't have any kind of real position in the in a unified libyan state and effectively he's trying to acquire that political currency from sort of but it's also based on the fact that when the last. government was delivered when these negotiations did take place for years by the un there was a libyan political agreement that would reconfigure the states and essentially alley all the fears of people that had said one half dozen to come in in
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a storm tripoli or take over the country militarily he wants to have an autonomous military states for himself there was an article article in the l p a that was negotiated would have effectively allowed for the military authority the military forces in the country to come under civilian rule that has been a blockage for hafter and for his political backers in the u.a.e. and france for the last two years that's why the u.n. backed government didn't actually come into effect that's why they blocked the vote in the in the have their back parliament into brooke and effectively this kind of shifted and shifted the entire article in the negotiations last month effectively half there would create a new government or he would have veto power over a new presidential council he would have full autonomy over a new security council that would mobilize military forces not only in the east which he controls but also in the west which he doesn't control that would never have come into effect and i think most libyan factions whether in the west or even the south would have disagreed with this and that's why i have there has timed this military push to intimidate pressure all of his political opponents and say if you
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take it the easy way the political way and to them it's in the national conference that they are looking for that is supposed to take place in eleven days or we do it the hard way where i intimidate amuse the threat of force and their divorce so quiet tripoli but either way this is an existential crisis and existential threats for all of those forces that whether they disagree militarily with one of those trying to do or that are the logical nature of the state that his trying to build none of those forces would accept and this is merely a tactic to try to intimidate and pressure them towards accepting it i would go back to one single point just like there is not necessarily trying to build an army in the way that others have tried to explain is effectively just giving labels to these to these groups still building a militia and building a coalition of militias under one central command that he had that he acquires. he controls but ultimately has also got the kind of the hinges and the strings attached to two foreign states in at least in the usa and one k. and it's those aaron says that i have seen those foreign states i don't want to
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talk about and i'm going to ask months over about that as well because. as listed off a lot of these other countries that support in saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt very familiar sort of trejo what do they get out of this what is while actually two questions one what does their support actually amount to what are they giving two hundred for half that and what are they trying to get out of it well first. of all if i will believe in conspiracy theory i would tell you that this has all been to your age and indeed it in the national minutes is not you side does not want it too much about what it is doing or whether it will even need to be ordered to be and knows that and this seems to me seems to me that international community is fed up i mean this is become a fight between the french and italians what more is will show in libya and the government will lead national court which it will the government of national. or it
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is quite a feat it hasn't done any it and you can you can't deny the fact that it's dominated by militias who are horrible all wrong doing what they want to do well with the libyans economy and it goes well now i think we're forgetting that look at that people over thirty years and the old fart have to again it's not inevitable but i'm an amateur libya and i think that it is it was better than what we are having right now i don't give a damn who will support you support so that is the threat to the. saudis but it's interesting because you say that the international community has had enough of all of this and yet there are one two three you know i'm counting at least six countries which clearly do care about us and the united nations is involving itself as well claiming libya's future is of importance to others. to some to some i mean that with that because look at it the united states is out of the picture altogether it doesn't reach well it will be lipservice the russians
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once of the base libya and they have to deny them that basically who are we definitely out of the algeria the gyptian is the the emirates and the saudis and unfortunately with the saudis and the emirates and they're fighting against the companies in libya just as dead. as the other sports in the past seven to hit because it became a victim of a lot of politics that is essentially this how did the saudis that the everybody's fighting the companies and it be like we don't need them to do that efficiently by themselves but ultimately in the end you do have the capital of libya is dominated by militias that are thought you know will undercut so-called legitimate government which is which which has which has opened up and we can continue along the same route indefinitely something must break something must get and i think ultimately the only two countries not what interested what happens in libya of the attack is
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on the french it tattoos because they don't want that legal immigration coming in to do that to them and because of that that that pipeline that gas that booster them beside that nothing else they want so the surge won't do not speak out against it put more powerful voice in the dissident to see what you call the international community that is really concerned as some down to two countries the british and that would have diminished ultimately so ultimately what we have is a libyan problem and libyan problem has not been solved by the libyans right so this let's talk about sorry let me interrupt you let's talk about what the way out of it is then and i'll get your answer first month and then us. if halftone were to be successful in taking over tripoli that's one scenario that he becomes some sort of as he would like to describe it a unifying the ada. or to me the logical thing would be that there needs to be an
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election process you've had these two governments for so long you can't carry on having two governments an election would make sense but i wonder if libby is even ready for that at the moment you first month or. as i was asking the same question i asked the same question three months ago and have to sort of commit it to the bench is it is committed to me he wants to be the head of the army good of the army but the but but but strength of him will it was something wonderful look oh oh oh oh oh says that puts him under their quality of a cigarette instead of government but yet elections we won popular election we wanted action that is going to present to all men and a good representative government that takes away the delusion and after all the lot of them all but we can keep on going what we have right now isn't it is it is and us your thoughts i mean again this idea that. getting away from having this
2:41 am
government system and militias and all of this that seems to be the way out of that i mean is libya even in a position for this moment think it's a think it's an interesting question but i think the elections also are about something else elections provide electoral journalists if they provide international diplomacy i think half the strategy with elections has been if i can acquire power of of the military forces military meaning that he can have a label that announces and says i control any of these forces my forces are legitimate by but by virtue of the elections and anybody that opposes me is illegitimate and i think given what he's done so far illegitimately i would shudder to think what he may do with a letter legitimacy to someone that is being investigated for crimes by the i.c.c. in the hague for war crimes that were committed but it hasn't done over the last twenty four months so i think we have to be careful about the idea of what electorate will see is for libyans and the libyan populace at large and what it means that someone is trying to acquire political power number two i think the question about militias is not really said different many of our of those groups as
2:42 am
has already been described earlier on a tribal oriented militias are cellophane oriented militias and what they're trying to acquire is a monopoly on legitimacy and that's not very very good i mean if we're talking about militias that are trying to take rule in western libya giving them the monopoly on the gentleness and allowing them to take control of the public sector in the private sector as has been the case and is the libya many of whom are engaged in oil and in fuel smuggling and human smuggling in the east of the country in smuggling levithan has become the number one net exporter of scrap metal today which is a billion dollar industry and as a net is controlled by these militias that are caught in this awful army i think the real question has been how do you deep size an army how do you create an apolitical servant when there is the trial the oriente at m one that is serves at the behest and the respect of an appointed or elected civil government that is not the project the have there is embark upon this this notion of trying to fight terrorists and trying to fight militias is a slower it's also included the notion of a summit. it's a slur not everyone opposes huffed or is like that i think most people that today
2:43 am
have a binary choice they either believe in a pluralistic civilian regime or they believe in a military regime it doesn't it doesn't want to go on this regime after certainly once that it does make me wonder though what sort of us popularity or support if i can call it that that have to has a month's libyan people we have in this discussion talked a lot about the militias and the and the international community and other countries which support him or don't support him what about as months or say as the libyan people themselves well i think a good measure an acid test of that has been the fact that the moment after took over bill huzzy he made it illegal to. pull demonstrations and and popular protests and i think that's often wants a kind of reflection of how thin skinned tough there is and how he wants to mobilize support and moment for a war that may seem popular and that's the danger of the propaganda of those employed it's not just dangerous to label your opponents it's a missile terrorists or or foreign militias it's
2:44 am
a dangerous if you believe that and then you start to continue a war based on those things if you remove all the civil liberties in the liber is that they've been set for over for many many years and their ability to question your authority and happier can you be and i guess the second question is that if elections were take place given the after is taken control of swaths of the east and the south who would be able to run against him you know be able to run up a little can see i guess have to i think it's it's dangerous to infer that there is a imagine popularity that after enjoys popularity is a very is an imagined currency we know that through free and fair elections we can have those things yeah but i would question this one thing given i get i'm finally unavailable for four years sorry to interrupt there on us yes go ahead i get it. can i get a final thought from months or just as well starting to run down the clock your final thoughts on i guess where we're going in the immediate future we've looked a lot at the. at the long term future what about the next day's wake's. i mean. we are we are we are in the unknown actors and must be got is not very nice is the
2:45 am
take i don't get is why i do all that this is going to say that this is this ok but we have to come up with this illusion we can't just keep on saying that they're not as deep as that i'm going to do nothing those militias them true pretty ok i have to hand it to them to pay the full one person interest really they don't and then you have you have you have a huge problem that the faces in the country yes somebody had to have a breaking point somewhere maybe we have one five to get to fighting is that we will get down but we have to stop this slide at some point ok that knows that is not what happens in tripoli today you know you free to do anything except really if you do it just tell me i mean it's ok to stock up with us but at least new to the job will lead you to use our poll as a libya's as people to say no we will not have it. shipped we did the west indies we have to push that to those of the population we don't effect you.
2:46 am
office months so i'll tell you where joining us from bennett cause they also come out the in beirut thank you to both of you and also to who she joined us earlier from tripoli and thank you for watching you can see this program again any time you like you can head to al-jazeera dot com for that you can head to our facebook page as well facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story join the conversation on twitter as well at a.j. inside story i'm at come out a.j. and they and the rest of the inside story say thanks for joining us i'll see you can say.
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institutions. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.n. secretary general says he's leaving libya with a heavy heart as eastern forces advance on the capital tripoli. hundreds of
2:49 am
thousands in the algerian capital demand more change after the president. resigned earlier this week. with the top stories from europe including u.k. prime minister to resign may also the e.u. . will agree. and order in england footballers says he can't wait to quit the game danny rose made the comments after several high profile incidents involving. the u.n. secretary general and his leaving libya after holding talks with rival forces. to diffuse a tense military standoff eastern forces led by the warlord after advancing on the
2:50 am
capital tripoli with a un backed government is based regular mohamed as more. the prime minister of libya's a un backed government fires out saraj meeting troops thirty kilometers west of tripoli i was earlier fighters loyal to warlord khalifa haftar attempted to take the city but eventually surrendered dozens of their vehicles was seized a setback for halftime who has ordered his troops to in his words liberate tripoli it's raising fears of a major confrontation with the un recognized government oh you are. our courageous heroes the time has come to advance towards tripoli go forward confidently those who want peace will not be harmed as we don't come as conquerors only use force on those that fire on you those that stay home are safe and those that raise the white flags will also be safe the united nations secretary general and tunica terrorism right in tripoli this week he flew to eastern libya to me toughed are in an attempt
2:51 am
to ease tensions he also visit to brooke home to libya's parallel government which is backed by have to are i still hope it will be possible. and tripoli. and united nations remain. available to facilitate any political solution able to uni fight the libyan institutions. libyan officials say the capital remains calm for now no doubt the main if you didn't promise the situation is normal and there is no form of fighting prime minister fayyad serai has given orders to the air defense to stand up to any possible threat to the lives of civilians libya has been in turmoil since the nato backed removal of its longtime ruler mama gadhafi in twenty eleven and since twenty fourteen it's had two competing governments have to dominates the east of libya
2:52 am
leading a loose alliance of armed factions he's repeatedly expressed his intention to march on tripoli beyond. his ambitions some analysts say after his goal is allowed a voice in diplomatic efforts to secure a peaceful future this and now this minute this moment is just because the national conference is coming in ten days or so time i don't think you're going to see any pitched battles and he may be working the media narrative in a way that makes him appealing to some groups but then there's going to be a backlash against others who don't want to see him in tripoli with have to move toward tripoli a negotiated settlement to the crisis looks more difficult but the u.n. and world leaders will apply more pressure to try to pull libya back from the brink hammad al-jazeera. in a moment we'll speak to mike hanna who's at the u.n. in new york but first let's go to tripoli and my colleague went up there. is there a chance you think or is there a sense that after isn't going to do anything militarily speaking here because he
2:53 am
just wants to be seen to be outside the city with his forces ranged behind him. well. let me first give you the latest developments in the outskirts of tripoli because the clashes are now coming closer to tripoli international airport we're getting reports from there saying that the clashes are going on in three main areas the areas around the airport the international airport an area called the swanee and another called why did will be here it seems that the poor have the force of that goes up from the city of the who now have been achieving progress on the ground now remember those of them are the forces the big convoy that came from the east now the big convoy pro have the forces that came from the east are now positioned around seventy
2:54 am
kilometers to the south from tripoli near the city of the hand but the forces that are leading the clashes now in the outskirts of tripoli have come from the city of tire who are now and they include army officers from the full model of death as you know peter that forces loyal to the warlord have to. deal with the full amount of military officers that used to work with the forum are . the it seems that the peace process has been dealing with especially the efforts made by the u. the united nations as you know peter to that today the united nations secretary general has expressed his disappointment at the meetings in the eastern district of libya following his meeting with officials there including. that in
2:55 am
a gay general. and the speaker of the top of the base of a parliamentary. how much control do you think he has over his own forces given that what eight million hours ago no he lost more than a hundred of his people well it seems that he lost on one side of tripoli but he is advancing on another side in the western entrance of tripoli he lost one hundred forty five. military individuals they have been taken captives by government forces but on the other side of tripoli mainly in the in their in the eastern entrance of tripoli his forces coming from the city of the horn or have been achieving progress on the ground especially the forces that belong to what is so-called the seventh infantry brigade again remember
2:56 am
the seventh infantry brigade is not part of the forces that came from the east but there are the they are local local militias from the city of the who are but they have recently pledging allegiance with health or ok man one thanks very much let's get more now from mike hanna who's at the u.n. headquarters building in new york so mike this special u.n. meeting will kick off in the next hour or so they'll be discussing top of their agenda the events in libya. yes indeed it will be behind closed doors but obviously the same urgency meeting called by the united kingdom absolutely critical in terms of how the u.n. is going to attempt to deal with this eruption of violence now underlying the problems faced by the security council is that although the u.n. backs the government in tripoli there are some members who have been supporting the rebels those of after giving them military as well as financial support to members
2:57 am
such as egypt and united arab emirates so certainly the united nations while calling for an end to this conflict as a body is slightly divided in terms of what is happening in libya the security council is expected to repeat the call for an end to conflict at all so to continue to insist that some kind of political process must be put in place leading to elections and arguing that that is the way to restore peace and some semblance of unity to libya and in the run up to this conference the shuttle to what ten eleven days from now might do the optics of that change because of what's going on around tripoli right now. very much so the u.n. secretary general antonio de terrorists was in fact in tripoli when this violence broke out to specifically to organize that reconciliation conference that was due
2:58 am
to take place mid april obviously the conference itself is now in question the fact that they are armed forces in the vicinity of tripoli that this conflict is happening obviously not the right conditions for a conflict conference about reconciliation to take place about there are some diplomats here arguing that after is using the military demonstration as a way of securing his place at that particular conference and of securing influence at that particular conference if so there is a possibility that conference could go ahead but that and that's a real but it would obviously require a deescalation of the conflict possibly a withdrawal of the troops that have been deployed by have to so it's a very tall order indeed to see that that conference going ahead as had been originally shuttled mike thanks very much let's talk now to have it all go well he's a senior fellow at the foreign policy institute at johns hopkins he joins us from
2:59 am
washington mr i'll go well welcome back to the news here on al-jazeera what do you think only for half times the strategy is here. i think as others have pointed out it is to try to secure a position for himself in the political process and to pressure board the united united nation and the libyan government in tripoli into submission to his demands which is basically to be. the absolute military order he has refused over the last few years to subjugate the military to civilian rule and he has always maintained that he wants to maintain independence and to be as a sort of apparel power a libyan to you and what i think is really important to note here is that the united nation and the international community has given him more power and legitimacy yesterday and today including the fact that the u.n.
3:00 am
secretary went to meet him and give him that legitimacy the fact that if the security council does not strongly condemn him by name and followed through with its promises over the years that it will put anybody any spoilers or any anyone who uses military means to impose political solutions in libya that they will be put on sanctions i think that will strengthen him more and that will divide the country it will delay the peace process and i think it can open the country towards syria's civil war because he's not going to enter tripoli without a serious and very bloody war. and that was a risk also opening libya all over again to powers legged out which if the u.n. does if the u.n. names him or you points a finger at him.


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