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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 14  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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it's been two months since ari's death and while the league has recommenced its very survival remains on tenterhooks. with two games remaining barley united is preparing for a jack mania invasion. dutch important band of building isn't expecting any trouble. in bali you don't need a lot of police because one of the most relaxing forces there are there are. only about the football game and the thing else and the lots. at denpasar airport ariz family have just arrived as guests of jack mania. like up on the downs they can battle ali you need not be asked. something to do something i am known to do anyway i did that day and i am happy to combatting.
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you know i'm not going to come out of my ira while yes cable. cutting. edge. i. told the match is a sell out. twenty thousand fans descending on the bali style i. i was this is the my balance jack mine your friends have made it across the sea to be all of the gods the fire of bali united project carter if i lose this match to not well that's the end of this season you can feel what it is. and she.
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just. stared at me like that was thinking and like that it was laughable just milling about but what about milan. the academic paper the lack of them but they are not. in hindu bali alcohol is readily available and many are preloaded. most welcoming the tension spills over between some rival fans. i.
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call the friendly match and the indonesian stuff only this part has just broken out of the teams are meant to be much the fans are meant to be nice but as you see people trying to tell us to turn off the camera it's a sensitive issue and nothing could be shouted please please not coming out. in the wake of ari's death jack mania leaders called for calm now the death could see their beloved son who shot down in definitely. temple doesn't get up in the night the murders and the job of the. missing and i think i think. i. am i suppose i might get past the before we come out. i party that. happened but they got the most of the decline yeah you may. like that now but you.
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and i'm good that you lied about it was a long time back but i i as the game gets on the why are you spirits have box seats i was i think it was i i. was i i i see just school's first sending the jack mania fans while i i i with the minutes it's the barley united states and the real exam to live i
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guess i guess a cup it's not jubilation but watch for it and i hope i cut a rumor spread that the match has been fixed that blaming their team officials who kept the game is still. i. i. that i the match comes back on but only briefly. i i. i i i. mafia dogs i shall i do.
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i. cannot continue to cause chaos constant fireworks. not out of politeness is still going on. i finally it's full time i see jakarta to bali united while i. the bali united fames voyage except the
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result by a still living. so crews are moma holly says match fixing is right across the league i i i. i me i'm like i said i was banding on the end and we did that again if you up on it and the more didn't wasn't what i had more seen but i thought i'll spot my fixing any. but i'm. going to pull along. we put it to the league's vice president how corrupt is intonation football's support and silly as you said crops and so on. that it may have been in a football and you have to be all strict otherwise with a stunning are on and on drugs as never progress. yes yes.
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yes yes of the day it's the last day of the season. procedure to carter sit atop the title. in your life. being. held by the. airlines hardliners will join eighty thousand other supporters in a fan mania event of a peak proportions. this is what they've been trying for. how do you need now to get lance and that i. have up and get done some of us our go out of them and yet i know some of us i will. want to combine that and get that. among. the novelist's thoughts in your office
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yeah i mean do you think of of course. that was on wednesday and let's see dad half. i. i. i. i thought
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i was up to seventy eight such low this is to close that this is going to pick up the drums i think you're not serious i miss it was nothing i said i did yeah i pick up i i. i twenty minutes into the first half hour siege a carter is awarded a penalty kick i
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take the lead one knew i was the second half gets underway a siege and control the field. jack mania control the stadium. outside the police have lost control i asked him was was fortunately these fans aren't looking for trouble without tickets i just want to be part of history. i was just minutes to go procedure is hold. i second gold
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seals big try i final school to see due to the truck why. wasn't it young it's going to look nothing alike anybody who. does not like you know like me i. i i i i got it is i think i the thing i. i thing ends the flame is the
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band silverware the procedure jakarta i champion i i. i i. i i so millions of fans here in indonesia the idea of no more football is their worst nightmare i that is a distinct possibility unless the league confronts the endemic corruption and then violence. what. about all the i get up around i guess about well are the only man out on a monday and he suddenly had a press that he didn't. book on got not a melancon would get it but now he or les went right it about well in an issue of a gay man numbing gag that man and the man support us on the way how many of us have what i did out there. guess what i am so now it's time to party jack mania to
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the street. i. thought i was doing. some of the promo things. that's all been said assad's or not they're celebrating a massive victory and i want everyone to know about. the on the bus now i'm good now. belongs at. the sun i'm going to go out why not you.
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i i i. i. i i i. i. mean. a flooding into countries across asia. one o one east asks why all forces can't seem to stop the myth. on al-jazeera.
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and. one man's dream to transport. and fly them over his beloved country. in a nation reeling from decades of violence. and international team get this man's dream off the ground. on al-jazeera. the united nations tells a libyan want to stop. and
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i welcome to. my headquarters in doha with a profitable also ahead hundreds of thousands of algerians continue to protest saying they want a complete change off the old guard a new cholera outbreak in yemen kills hundreds of people and there are fears that the. illegal immigration. a warning from the mexico border donald trump says the u.s. as. the united nations security council has told a libyan war to end his offensive to seize tripoli and emergency meeting was called off those forces began advancing south of the capital the fighting has been reported around tripoli international airport after says he wants to as he puts it liberate the city but the government in tripoli has the u.n.
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support and loyal to it so they've captured one hundred of half those troops without the head has more from tripoli. the prime minister of libya as you and back to government face meeting the troops thirty kilometers west of tripoli i was in earlier fighters loyal to the warlords twenty four have to attempted to enter tripoli but eventually surrounded dozens of their vehicles you'll see used a setback for hathor who has ordered his troops in his words to liberate tripoli it's raising fears of a major confrontation with the u. and recognized the government the united nations secretary general antonio arrived in tripoli this week he flew to eastern libya to meet hafter in an attempt to ease tensions he also visited tobruk whom to libya's parallel parliament which is backed by have to i still hope it will be possible that
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a lot of station in and around tripoli. and united nations remain. available facilitate any political solution able to unify the libyan institutions here in tripoli libyan officials say the capital remains calm and the reassuring people who live here that government forces are ready to repel any attack on the city now that the very problem the situation is normal and there is no form of fighting prime minister fayyad satirized has given orders to the air defense to stand up to any possible threat to the lives of civilians. libya has been in turmoil since the need to bag the removal of its long time ruler i'm really get deaf in twenty eleven and since twenty fourteen it has had two competing governments have to do we need to the east of libya leading
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a lose alliance of factions but his repeatedly except present his intention to march on tripoli beyond his military ambitions some analysts say have to his goal is a loud voice in diplomatic efforts to secure a peaceful future for the last several years general haftar has stalled. for rio and processes in paris last year which of which is. paris would have to as a move towards tripoli and he she hated settlement to this crisis looks more difficult but the u.s. and other world leaders will apply more pressure to try to pull libya back from the brink. tripoli well the u.n. security council fears that the fighting will threaten talks to rebuild libya's fraction political system. we are very concerned about the events over the last two
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or three days in libya specifically the military activity was seen in the vans towards tripoli and we are very clear today in calling for elena to withdraw to previously held positions and to cease military activity there is no military solution in libya and we need to see everybody getting back into the political process being so expertly chaired by ghassan salama and to resume dialogue mike hanna has more from the united nations. the emergency meeting concluded and the german ambassador in his capacity as president of the council issued a short statement he said the security council was united in its call for all parties to withdraw all their forces in particular the rebel l n a he said the council called to one all parties to resume a process of dialogue the un was due to sponsor a conference of national reconciliation in libya later this month that was aimed at
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creating a road map through a political process leading to national elections that conference now in jeopardy because of this upsurge in conflict secretary general antonio good terrorists had been in libya to actually organize this conference it turned instead to a mission of shuttle diplomacy way held a series of meetings with senior figures including the prime minister in tripoli and rebel leaders in both to brooke and benghazi he held a meeting with. the warlords and sources say this did not go well after reportedly said that he was confident and defiant and the characterization of the meeting was that half to insisted he was not going to back down the smell be accounting for the bleak tone of the secretary general statement
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when he left libya at the end of the day. to other news now and hundreds of thousands of algerians have rallied in the capital for a seventh friday the demanding more changes despite the resignation of longtime president obscenities both the flicka the intelligence chief is a close ally of the flake i was reportedly fired on friday childs traffic reports. this old year is military might be disappointed if it was hoping that the resignation of president abdulaziz beautifully would dampen enthusiasm for anti-government protests millions of people came back on the streets for a seventh friday for them beautifully because resignation earlier this week is only a first gesture all of that here we demand change these gangs to go all of them including vincent. we cannot remain silent anymore you are no longer afraid of you you have killed our children and started the whole nation from having a child because we have seen nothing from that you deem i am forty one years old
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and i can hardly make a living we are hoping for better. moves to sideline beautifully guy allies are continuing the intelligence chief bashir talked to has been fired and earlier this week eight businessmen had their passport seized as their investigated for corruption state television showed a clearly frail eighty two year old beautifully handing in his resignation on tuesday and i think what's happened now is that certain grad schools are being settled the result is that our target is no out of office and that begins to remove some of the infrastructure of the birth of the eager regime but it will only be a beginning and whether it really bligh's a change in the institutions of the state or not that i doubt very much. is now in the hands of a caretaker government but the protesters have made it clear they won't accept a new president from look prove wall that's the nickname for the trenched war
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veterans and business tycoon. but the country. what julian's wants is a civilian government they want to get rid of destructive that exist today statements by the chief of staff suggest that he will listen to the people obviously we didn't these drones issue and the god of the military will be supervising from a distance all still with it but eventually algerians would want the military to go back to its box and leave the politicians to do the business feat one in every four algerians under the age of thirty is unemployed the economy is dependent on oil and gas to flee his attempt to stand for a fifth term as president frustration of the status quo to the head now those elections will be his three months time so far no obvious successor has a. chance stop at al-jazeera. thousands of protesters in mali have condemned the
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government for failing to curb ethnic violence that marched in the capital bamako demanding the resignation of president abraham who called cake that the protest one of the biggest in recent years has been triggered by the killing of one hundred sixty villagers on the ethnic for nonnie group fighters from the rival doggone community are suspected of carrying out last month's attack the. president. is not capable of solving the country's problems we must accept the people's will which is democratic change and not again as each other they are really not cut people off solving security problems of course in morocco has upheld a rule of against leaders of mass demonstrations which took place and twenty sixteen forty two activists from the hour head back al shaab protest movement was sentenced to time to the prison of one of the principal strike demonstrations in the region the unrest was sparked by the death of
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a fisherman but later turned into protests against government. to the us now where the democrat controlled lower house of congress is sewing donald trump's government over his emergency declaration to get funds for his proposed border wall along mexico the also back to unconstitutionally the us president has visited the southern border and says his country is full of trump was there to inspect a small portion of a refurbished barrier fence this istomin school kids are going to move whether it's asylum whether it's anything you want it's illegal immigration can't take it anymore you can't take your country's rural. areas the sector is full can't take any more absurd good habits or turn around that's the way it is the last traviss of the border there were protests on the other side in mexico our correspondent was there. the reaction to president trump's visit to the u.s.
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southern border at least on the mexican side was one of a sort of collective i rule not a lot of people taking the president's threats to seriously to shut down the u.s. southern border given especially that this is now the second time the president has backed down on that threat to shut down the border there also demonstrations earlier today on the u.s. side both for and against the president's visit a lot of people coming out of their homes here in the city of mexico on the mexican side of the border peeking through the border wall wanting to catch a glimpse of the u.s. of the u.s. president but while we're on the subject of the border one of the things that president trump was out here doing was touring a section of the wall that the white house has characterized as a new section of wall but there are no new sections of wall actually under construction this contradicts the president's statements that there is quote a lot of wall being built there's reinforcement of the wall there repairs being made parts of the war being are being heightened
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a little bit given that you can see here it's not very high it's more or less easy for people to jump over in.


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