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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 14  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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to the latest polls out of one hundred twenty and regardless whether it's benjamin netanyahu or his main challenger benny gantz forms a new government through a coalition the palestinian israeli party say they won't join them palestinian israelis make up almost a fifth of israel's population and they hold full israeli citizenship but have only spoken to say they face racial discrimination such as the controversial nation state bill that was passed last year which says that israel is the nation state of the jewish people and self-determination is also unique to the jewish people. are using this law and they will use it more and more in the future to make equality impossible. is a human rights activist he says this is the most right wing government in decades and little will probably change but he doesn't agree with those intending to boycott all of think that it spoils ability to welcome the election and then to say oh yeah we had the chance to you know to send his government home
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and we boycotted the polls suggest that benjamin netanyahu is best placed to core of the next government and it could be even more right wing than before stephanie decker al-jazeera northern israel. oh us family that's been celebrated for its financial contributions to the arts has become the tory this for its role in a major drug epidemic the psychos are fighting several lawsuits their company party pharma is accused of dangling the risk of addiction to opioids kristen salumi reports from new york. this sculpture is meant to call attention to an addiction crisis and those that the artist believes are responsible in just one year opioid drugs killed forty seven thousand americans the us government estimates that eighty percent of people who use heroin like artists dominic esposito brother first became addicted to prescription opioids is basically the symbol of sort of you know my mom
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would call me screaming at the top of her long as it should this is really kind of at the peak of his addiction six seven years ago and for me it's just kind of like this dark ugly truth pharmaceutical companies like produce in the family which owns it the sack lawyers stand accused of making billions of dollars by encouraging doctors to prescribe a pain killer who's highly addictive properties were downplayed. now sackler money tens of millions of dollars of which has been donated to museums all around the world is being seen by many in the arts world as tainted sparking demonstrations like these that major institutions after this one at new york's guggenheim the museum announced they'd no longer accept the family's donations after the guggenheim became the third museum to sever ties with the sackler family trust but trust announced that for the time being it would stop making donations altogether the news came on the heels of the announcement of
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a new federal lawsuit against the family in addition to several others already on the books including one filed in massachusetts and another here in new york art experts say efforts by museums to publicly distance themselves from the sackler family is. unprecedented it's very unusual it's the first time that i've ever seen anything like it usually the way that these things work if there's a sort of problem in terms of ethics and fund raising the institutions are giving out or accepting it usually ends very quietly the sackler is who are fighting some of the lawsuits and have settled others say they don't want to be a distraction for museums for do was really the grandfather of all they were the masterminds behind why we find ourselves in this epidemic right now half a million lives lost all because of corporate greed but a family once known as patrons of the arts may now be better remembered for their role in one of the worst health crises in u.s. history kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. we've got
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a sport coming up for you next to us wrestle mania heads to new york joel explore by fans take it so seriously. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the
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national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. it's time though for the sport here is to thank you for president says it would be good for asia if the cancer world cup was expanded to forty eight teams and he was speaking at the asian football congress in kuala lumpur infante he's been pushing the expansion idea for months but it's still not clear how this would be achieved
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making the tournament bigger would require cattle to share games with its neighbors a final decision is expected at the fee for congress in june in paris. ninety percent of the associations would like to move to forty eight teams in football development all over the world if we have sixteen more countries and we're looking and analyzing together with our partners in qatar and what could be sharing a few games with a few of the neighboring countries is of course an option as well now the biggest star in m.l.s. slots on abraham if it should inspire the l.a. galaxy to victory in vancouver the thirty seven year old showed no signs of the achilles injury that kept him out for a few games he scored one and set up another in the two know when last time now has four goals in three appearances. and speaking of swedish footballers thirty thousand fans will watch their women's team play a friendly in stockholm against germany later the swedes are calling for
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a unified approach to addressing gender inequality in football specially when it comes to money last month the u.s. women's team found a lawsuit over gender discrimination despite drawing big crowds across europe female players a paid a fraction of what their male counterparts are they going to yeah you can't compare it to tool i know that if i played in the german bundesliga for six years i wouldn't have any financial worries if i'm going to compare my club back with a club in the men's been to sleep it would be maybe buy in munich or dortmund in terms of percentages you can't really compare what they maybe make in an hour i make in the year or something like that this has been a week to go before the masters and augusta national is hosting its first ever competitive round of women's golf this is a huge shift when you consider the history of the world's most famous course founded in one thousand nine hundred thirty three at staged eighty two masters tournament the prestigious green jacket has catapulted many players to stardom including tiger woods but all of them fan mail it wasn't until two thousand and
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twelve that august to admit its first female members including former u.s. secretary of state condoleezza rice there are now four in total and later on saturday hosts the final round of the augusta national women's amateur championship the players had a practice round on friday. every single hole had something special and we were joking or group like i was twelve to you and i was shaking like a practice round oh you're shaking and i mean just the amount of history that is out here. it's amazing and we're just really lucky to be out here. it's a big week for the parties to us the an inspiration the first major of the game seven years after missing a one foot putt to win it south korea's. leads by three strikes in the hawkeye state in california. well few sports will generate as much hype as wrestle mania in new york on sunday many say it's not a proper sport but he has more than a billion social media followers and despite being scripted the fans take it very
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seriously as al jazeera says how much it found out. it doesn't get bigger than this in the world of professional wrestling thousands of hysterical founds and the biggest names in the business it can only be wrestle mania kurt angle is a legend in world wrestling entertainment and then the olympic champion he's in one of the headline matches that this year's spectacle which happens at the eighty thousand seater metlife stadium just outside new york it's our super bowl. it's our world championship if you will. so this is the most important year to put on the performance so you can the best you can. make it a very memorable match this mare wrestle mania is just as important to the finals is broadcast in more than one hundred eighty countries and wrestling lovers of come from across the world to be part of the action congress maniacs that's the fun of
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it handed to me because i'm sitting here and have a go it's going to be a friend to say friends they might be going to tell me you know lucky you got in your role models and now leave them at her and yeah it's an amazing it's an absolutely needs a mysterious crave meat progress and it is of course staged entertainment. the results of pre-determined yet many followers take it as seriously as mainstream sports with the fights having storylines and feuds to proceed them you have to really paint a picture that they can feel and get behind and it takes a lot more than just what you can do in the ring. often likes to blur the lines between fiction and reality. that's been the case with this year's main event in which. women will close wrestling's biggest show for the first time ever ronda rousey who is a huge star in mixed martial arts has been mocking one of her opponents thank you lynch for not being
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a real fighter and to having big moves i think that's what that's what has made it so much what it is because it gets you thinking why. it's so good like me and what's real what's what's not real that did she mean like you really want to see these girls go at it the debate goes on over what's real and what's not and why it matters what isn't in dispute is that being part of bristol mania is giving these fans a genuine feeling of joy so he'll malik al-jazeera new york. all right that is a as well for now at will feel like a ford said thanks very much joe now rising prices in pakistan are placing pressure on everyone inflation has reached its highest level in five year and it's a particular problem for farmers who have to take a second job comeau hider reports it's morning in the religion of kerala and there we'd been stick around green this is god's fair old dean takes his goats
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out to graze this place less than thirty kilometers from islamabad has been evolved for more than seventy years but do you think it has fielded big enough to sustain its family and a few years ago it turned the buildings gordon was on hold. to make extra money but now he didn't electricity and fuel prices that has to change well in my paternal gum grabbed me and i used to be able to work but now i'm too old i've already trained my sons and now it's time for them to carry the burden as i take care of my goat there's a problem being ferried around pakistan especially in poorer communities like. the government under prime minister imran khan say previous governments are to blame for all the boring and leaving the country in day. but under an agreement with the i.m.f. for a bailout package easy agreed to devalue the rupee and that's led to rising inflation the effects of inflation are being ferried even in rural areas close to
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that capital islamabad although to be buried grow their own crop they don't have been out for land and said that the spiraling costs of living means they have to find or turn a day of employment not far away his sons are busy on a construction project to make extra money you do need to within a year the new government promised to lower prices but instead they have increased we also have to pay more for harvesting our wheat because of rising electricity and fuel prices we have to work extra hours to cope with this farmer says things that have never been this bad. for it you're not a buzzer god has been kind in giving us land if it rains we get something but if it doesn't we get nothing the rising cost of essential commodities makes it even tougher we can only hope the government will do something more for the poor most
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people in this area war did for enron correspondence john terry ken soft or justice party they say that's because their promise to bring people out of poetry and get pakistan's economy back on track now they say they can only wait to see if things will get better or go from bad to worse come on hi there al-jazeera on the outskirts of islamabad. that wraps up this news server to stay with us i'll just. the latest after the shop. class. i made it to every weekly news cycle going to see any simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts janel ace that's right out of a law script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were told on the stories that matter the most embarrassed
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a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. april on al-jazeera blogs back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories it's the world's third largest democracy heads to its presidential and legislative elections a documentary explores how the united states and the european union a turning a blind eye to egypt's violations of human rights prime minister modi is seeking a second time with a campaign dominated by talk of a cash man pakistan will he succeed an exclusive look at the goals behind russia's current foreign policy explained by some of the insiders who helped shape the kremlin's ideology april on al-jazeera. they join one of the world's most notorious ahmed groups. but found
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a way out rebuild their lives and now help us. a tale of course for crew and child soldiers and the have the fifth exploitation of women and daughters of al shabab part of the radicalized soon it's on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. global pressure builds on the libyan warlords and his fighters as the battle for paris which is the outskirts of the capital tripoli.
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on how long he had seen this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. algerians are promising another round of protests despite their longtime president's resignation earlier this week. security and trades on the agenda as iraq's prime minister begins a sea day visit to iran. and they may be glorified as kashmir's state mascots but these boil stags the protection. of the libyan government's air force has launched air strikes against fighters loyal to warlord carli for hafta you have advanced into the southern outskirts of the capital tripoli there have been a fierce battle some thirty kilometers from the center of tripoli mainly arrange
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the former international airports which was destroyed in the fighting back in twenty fourteen forces loyal to the u.n. by government say at least one hundred and forty five of us fighters have surrendered in zawiya to the west of tripoli g. seven foreign ministers meeting in france have issued a statement strongly opposing the violence in libya they are backing united nations efforts to stop the escalation in fighting but we'll go live to tripoli and just a moment but first victoria gate wraps up all the developments on the grounds. answering to defend tripoli soldiers from misrata arrive in the capital to help push back i have to ask. forces have to suffer to set back on friday when at least one hundred forty five of his fighters were captured during battles near tripoli's old international airport in an audio recording have to had urged his forces to in
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his words liberate the city. those who lay down arms will be safe those who remain home a safe those who holds the white flag are safe. violence has gripped libya the country has seen kayo since the twenty eleven uprising that deposed leader muammar gaddafi and since twenty fourteen it's had two competing governments forces loyal to libya's internationally recognized government in tripoli they have tossed trying to wreck any chance of a political settlement whatever. libya will be nothing but a civil state built on institutions of the peaceful rotation of power we condemn the u.n. commission for their silence towards these gross violations. following a meeting with have to are on friday the u.n. secretary general antonio the terrorist said he was leaving libya with a heavy heart and deeply concerned the u.n. security council fears the fighting could threaten talks to rebuild libya's
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practised political system forward and i think i like to emphasize that the u.n. secretary general was surprised at the recent escalation during his first visit to libya by all the parties that the organization stands as a clear and a military confrontation and resume the political process the same message was relayed to all the parties he met with in the open and closed meetings have to those forces are now advancing on the southern outskirts of tripoli and there are fears of a major escalation in fighting the u.n. says finding a political agreement is the only way forward but would have to on willing to work with the tripoli based government that looks more a move unlikely victoria gate and be algis there. let's go live now to al jazeera as mahmoud other one heard who is in tripoli for mahmud what can walking its alice about there the fighting that's raging on particularly these reports of airstrikes . will have military sources at the
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government to say that the government craft aircraft along should. strikes that targeted look asians are of the forces loyal to the world of load honey for have to in two different locations the first one was in your area that's around sixty five kilometers to the south from tripoli and north of the city of the yen which have to his forces have taken have already taken control of and the second strike targeted positions of have to his forces which is thought to be an ammunition depart north of what a u.n. city namely in the town of ms down south of the u.n. but have to his forces on the other hand threaten the have announced the western area a no fly zone for any other crafts other than there is and they threaten
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to target any military activities belonging to the government of national accord on the ground have to his forces according to the government sources have pulled out of the tripoli international airport and sources at the government of national accord say that they they now have recaptured the tripoli international airport but yet the clashes are still going on in that three neighborhoods around the airport which is around thirty kilometers away to the south was from tripoli is a city center on the other hand. sources from the city of misrata say that muscles forces that is the force of that forward or defeated eisel incident into a new sixteen are now what mobilizing that advancing towards the capital tripoli to join the government forces to as they say defend the capital tripoli
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against have to his forces. we were hearing international calls for restraint from the u.n. from the g seven foreign minister what difference if any is this making on the grains. well as you know all of several international institutions including the united nations the g. seven group are and also today in egypt the egyptian foreign minister the russian foreign minister they have called on have to to stop the military escalation in the worst of the country but yet people here civilians are very angry at the international community they say that the international community regional and international powers can to stop have to can force have to deescalate to it or
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stop the is collation around tripoli but they they're not they're not stopping have to from escalating their military activities around the capital tripoli also. the united nations especially at a presented here today in a presser has just confirmed that the working on stopping there is collation around tripoli and he's also confirm it that the peace talks which are due to be held later this month are going to be held on time. but have to leave it there but thank you very much that solves a serious mom with the one hundred bring us all the very latest there from tripoli . affairs is a protesters in sudan have marched the army's headquarters in the capital khartoum is the first time they've reached the building since on to government demonstrations began in december protest has blamed president omar al bashir for a struggling economy and rising prices machine dissolved the government in february
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and expanded police powers. millions of algeria and severally to gain dissatisfying with the resignation of president would think there no demanding his allies follow his lead stratford reports. this year is military might be disappointed if it was hoping that the resignation of president abdulla's ease beautifully would dampen infuse yes and for anti-government protests millions of people came back on the streets for a seventh friday for them beautifully because resignation earlier this week is only a first gesture all of that here we demand change these gangs to go all of them including inside. that we cannot remain silent anymore you are no longer afraid of you you have killed our children and started the whole nation the majority we have seen nothing from day james i am forty one years old and i can
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hardly make a living we are hoping for a better. moves to sideline beautifully can allies are continuing the intelligence chief bashir talked to has been fired and earlier this week eight businessmen had their passport seized as they're investigated for corruption state television showed a clearly frail eighty two year old beautifully kept handing in his resignation on tuesday and i think what's happened now is that certain grad schools are being settled the result is that tartaglia is now out of office and that begins to remove some of the infrastructure of the boot of the eager regime but it only me a beginning and whether reading lies a change in the institutions of a state or not that i doubt very much. it is now in the hands of a caretaker government but the protesters have made it clear they won't accept a new president from the prove why that's the nickname for the trench the war veterans and business tycoons of the country. and what
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julian wants is a civilian government they want to get a little destructive but exist to date statements by the chief of staff suggest that he will listen to the people obviously we didn't these funds issue and the goal of the military will be supervising in from a distance all still with it but eventually would want to be deployed to go back to its box and leave the politicians to do the business. one in every four algerians under the age of thirty is on employed the economy is dependent on oil and gas who flickers attempt to stand for a fifth term as president frustration with the status quo to head now those elections will be in three months time so far no obvious successor has emerged cho strafford al jazeera. iraq's prime minister has begun his first official visit to
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iran. comes just a month after a visit by iranian president hassan rouhani to baghdad's relations between the two countries continue to develop despite efforts by washington to curb iran's influence in the region. we wish to see our well developed relations bilateral relations to be an example to follow and also to be a precursor to similar ones with all the regional countries iraq not only aspires to maintain such healthy relations with iran but we are willing to develop widen and deepen our bilateral relations similarly with kuwait saudi arabia egypt qatar and the united arab emirates we wish the region to enjoy stability and peace and to put an end to wars. he has more now from baghdad. the iraqi prime minister arrived into iran where he was greeted by iranian president hassan rouhani at south that's
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a bad palace in the capital there to help meetings and then a press conference where they stated the intention for the countries the two countries to develop stronger to.


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