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for joining us on the news hour and there's plenty more ahead on the program including the report on the hopes and aspirations of people in india a day before voting in the general election plus how the breaks it deadlock is playing out in two english towns with the same name and one of cuba's veteran baseball players hit saddam president trumps decision to shut his country men out of the major me. algeria is army chief says foreign parties are trying to undermine stability in the country guide sana has also called on people to be patient his comments come made on going protests calling for a complete overhaul of the political establishment on tuesday interim president ben salah said an election will take place in three months he says he has no political ambitions of his own and will set up an independent committee to oversee the poll.
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in sudan president omar al bashir is under increasing pressure as western nations and their voices to calls for political change on tuesday protesters held a fourth straight day of a sit in outside the army headquarters that continued into the night. report. i tens of thousands of people calling for change they gained gathered outside army headquarters in sudan's capital khartoum for a fourth day and stayed into the night i. think we need clean water and no more unfairness we've had enough on it before but we are starving under this president we have been displaced because of him. just a day earlier security force personnel opened fire on demonstrators staging a sit in but later some soldiers intervened and others expressed their support for
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the demonstrators. and this is a message to our colleagues in the armed forces the people here are brothers and have a right to speak their minds a spokesman for the military says the armed forces and security forces remain united the mold i hope but i mean what about the police national security and intelligence forces are supported by the army we needed to consider certain things before moving the enthusiastic protesters outside the area the very well prepared plan has helped us to control the situation in a peaceful way. the protest is a calling on the army to withdraw their support for the government and opposition leaders say they are seeking talks with the army to plan a transitional administration and they now have the support of the u.s. u.k. and norway the three countries said in the statement sudanese authorities must now respond and deliver a credible plan for this political transition. refusing to step down president al
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bashir recently chaired a meeting of the country's supreme commission for national dialogue has long been accused of human rights abuses and corruption was anti-government protests started last december fueled by food shortages and rising prices human rights watch says since then more than fifty people have been killed in violence for the house of in february the government brought in a state of emergency but it's failed to contain these protests the biggest challenge yet to all the shares thirty year rule. as sudan appears to be heading to a political breaking point protesters say they'll continue to take to the streets until their demands are met the ok. for him mohammed al jazeera. a jew kuka is a filmmaker and member of care if now a resistance movement helping to organize a protest in sudan he says the international community needs to help and give its support to the protesters i think the national community has been really weak
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really slow and up to now ok like it's just my out and what we're really expecting from then to have a strong statement i mean this is a matter of if you committed the genocide in darfur everybody knows the military dictatorship that i'm over here and that my people he killed so to actually just try to have a negotiation or a settlement is not enough there has to be a strong statement where change to happen and there has to be a way for him to leap out a lot of people say to me they're scared because they're scared of going to the i.c.c. or whatever so i've been a bit of national community needs to step in and give them away at a way to give power to the people without being too scared and i think right now that is needed. the u.n. security council is due to hold another emergency meeting on the fighting in libya forces loyal to warlord heidi for halftime among dozens of people killed in the past few days on the outskirts of the capital tripoli the un's envoy to maybe
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a has postponed a national we can't see action conference planned for next week al-jazeera. has more from tripoli. the situation is still a very tense in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli following it yesterday's clashes between forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar and others loyal to the baghdad government of national accord have to us forces manager to open a new front in the southern eastern outskirts of tripoli namely in a neighborhood called call that aims are and eyewitnesses that say that hundreds of families would leaving the area because of the clashes and meanwhile the government of national called accuses have to us forces of targeting civilian areas with heavy heavy weapons or random shelling have random shootings have been landing in civilian areas and also have a force has been targeting get the government to forces locations in the outskirts
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of the libyan capital meanwhile the government of national poll says that its air force has conducted civil air strikes targeting. locations around the city of again around one hundred kilometers to the to the south from the libyan capital tripoli government sources say that they have been captured sixteen. fighters and also military vehicles the situation remains very tense and it seems that despite the fact that civil international institutions have been calling for a call including the united nations and the european union but it seems that need that. one of the evil factions on the ground is listening to the international calls but generally speaking this situation is collision it seems to be dealing with the peace talks namely the general national conference which was due to be
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held on the fourteenth of this month in the city over the us. british prime minister theresa may is heading to brussels for an emergency meeting to find out whether she can get another extension on breaks it she wants to postpone the date the u.k. leaves the european union to the thirtieth of june currently the deadline is friday but with no sign of a compromise may is warning that the choice may be either to accept crushing out of the e.u. with no deal or revoking article fifty and accepting no exit at all always seeking to join a hole in london in just a moment refers to david chaytor in brussels where leaders have begun arriving for that emergency summit david it looks like she will get an extension but how long this side. that's the question you won't get to in the thirty years which is what she wants but there is an opinion here that she's going to be offered perhaps two dates december thirty first
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or march twenty twenty no these are a long extensions and they will come with conditions and that's where the german chancellor angela merkel and the french president emanuel macro playing good cop and bad cop now and the merkel has said that yes she's willing to consider a longer extension but we're getting some spin from the lease say the french are putting out several stories one that the british will lose their commission or two that they'll lose their veto and also that they won't be able to take part in the crucial european union votes on the budgets and also on who is going to replace the e.u. commissioner. now that is important because essentially it means the french and they want to hold all the u.k. membership that extended period well they'll be kick the can of breaks it down the
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road for so long they want to hobble them and keep them in a limbo if you like decrease their ability to have any decisions and take any part in what the top table is saying now that's going to be very controversial but of course anglo merkel and emmanuel mack all get together beforehand and decide exactly what the policy is going to be this is a deliberate worst case scenario that's being painted by the elisei and the french president so none of this might actually occur but nevertheless it shows very very clearly the hard line that we've been expecting from a manual macro is taking the goal is sort of line the norm and saying noise each time but perhaps he'll be persuaded by angela merkel to come over on to their side . and less rigid to control the french want on the british extension of the other thing is of course that he wants a good come and
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a good conduct force if you want to if they do become part of of the european elections take part on may twenty third and twenty six but they won't disrupt the e.u. on any of these crucial events that are going to take place in the future and are lots and awful lot now if if trees are made does have to agree to all of those conditions of those conditions are imposed on the extension then i think it's going to be a huge political problem for her and maybe her own political career if she has to take that back to westminster let's find out about those implications david chaytor thank you in brussels that's crossed over to join a whole in london jonah what will the e.u. decision mean for theresa may at home what will be the political implications of an extension long or short term. i think it in terms of the picture the david paints there the response here is likely to be one of feel recently within the conservative party few agree that
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breaks it is yet again delayed and this time by a much longer extension period theory that this country might be forced to take part in european parliamentary elections theory that it is in the process also being stripped of the ordinary privileges of membership to try and keep its behavior in line all of that said i think there are signs that this sort of outcome is already being factored in priced in if you like into the conservative party's machinery a couple of days ago the party put out a call for candidates to be elected as potential m. e p's in those bottom two elections late in may but in sense of the seventy four m. e p's to brussels they have been told by senior members of conservative party of the right hand side take a brief recess morgan others to become an obstructionist belligerent member during the course of this extension period standing in the way of e.u. business and david again alluded to that complicating the e.u. used abrasions tonight i think the real problem comes though with what that
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extension period is used for because if it is used to do a deal with labor for a softer form of brics it perhaps including a customs union will then theresa may may have real problems on her hands because i think a majority of her party will find that very difficult to stomach very difficult to vote for this is already a party in which discipline has dissolved they don't vote for the government's own motions prime minister's own motions as they didn't on tuesday night and she of course prime minister with just a feeble list grasp at the moment on power and all thought open leadership contest taking place around her at the moment it is very little for the e.u. in their deliberations tonight to bangkok thank you for that trying to home life for us in london. let's get a sense south how divided brain is over. me has been to two. english towns which share the same name but want entirely different outcomes to the crisis. this elegant part of london is the epicenter of hostility to bricks its rich powerful
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people live here the entire notion of brecht's it is regarded as barmy unhinged it would economically speaking cook the u.k.'s goose the centrist liberal democrats who have only a handful of seats in parliament dominate politics here have defiantly nailed their colors to the council mast and they say get rid of bricks at once and forever kill it stone dead it will have to be revoked because there simply isn't the time to put the legislation in place for a second reference of if if revoke is going to be cleaver let's just do it it wasn't possible still of a break that i think people will understand that we just have to be honest and say what you were solves in jail in the trades the trade sixteen was a frost it was a lot to be honest it was just something which couldn't be delivered it is absolutely impossible to overstate the sheer sensible thing that people in places like this have towards brics it's their feeling of national betrayal towards those
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politicians who would take the u.k. out of the european union with no deal. becomes a vis richmond's and you're likely to get the opposite view here very many regard opposition to bracks it's as a form of treachery. this richmond is every bit as pretty as the other one that was voted the best place to live in britain yet the mood here can be venomous towards both the e.u. and the british governments they dismiss entirely the idea that bracks it is some kind of mythical creature as their opponents claim. britain they say is being led like a lamb to the slaughter democracy is dying i think the longer it goes on the more extensions the more of the power. the pave over by parliament. reminders and we will not get brecht's it is simple as that i think it's delaying tactics so
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i can reverse the decision of the people we had the people we don't need in our people we should leave on our roads and that's it it goes without saying that syriza may is now being pulled apart by both of these forces in parliament it will inevitably be her downfall abandon braxton revoke till the u.k. where to go and just leave increasingly it looks like this will be the u.k.'s choice and gareth and jeffrey can both have their way in this disunited kingdom this green and pleasant lands now so full of uncertainty and anger enormous decisions are about sue have to be made lawrence leigh al-jazeera. time now for a check of the world weather with everton fox and snow in the u.s. and yes right i'm afraid the blossom may be on the trees the baseball season in full swing but winter hasn't quite done with this you can see this next massive cloud which is just sweeping across the rockies an intense winter storm this one
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which is really brewing up this pulling across the mountain states as we speak you can see this area of low pressure just located here some severe storms pushing up across kansas and some really really horrible weather nebraska seeing some of that wintry weather to some really widespread snow coming down you can see through the remainder of whedon's we got moderate trying to push him from the south cold air talking in from the north thirty two celsius in dallas as pretty good will type that that we will before some fires that we have out there for minneapolis and also for winnipeg so something of a temperature contrast snow strips further east was towards the midwest as we go on through thursday still working the across the northern plains and see temps just falling back to twenty three and dallas we're still hovering around well five degrees celsius therefore when you pick plenty of snow in the forecast first day going on and see friday you can see the snow starts to just ease through the prayer
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is north of the border central parts of canada seeing some of that wintry weather anywhere from around says dutch won right across into quebec really heavy rain tucking in behind it could see some flooding here and still want to wintry flowers up towards the northwest on friday already have a ten thank you very much for that still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour from a galaxy far far away scientists shed light on a raft phenomenon of the universe the first images of a black hole back in sports tiger woods says the time could be right to end his decade long wait for a major title. she chipped strongman is ruling with an iron. faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have forgotten victim to his repression
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executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera. for the congolese the journey to work all aboard seems unimaginable hardship i prefer to live though because they would get the contused chance in the life of a live in a dangerous journey through the jungle left alone to the rails and nearly died. because of our children to go to school and live because of the break risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera.
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you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera our top stories benyamin netanyahu looks set for a rare fifth term as israel's prime minister despite the paucity of his main rival winning as many seats it's now is expected to get the support of smaller right wing parties to form a coalition government pressure is growing on sudan's president with the u.s. britain and norway urging authorities to deliver a plan for a political transition on tuesday people joined a fourth night of protests outside the compound housing the military headquarters in ca too. and british prime minister theresa may is heading to brussels for an emergency meeting to find out whether she can get another extension on break said she wants to postpone the date the u.k. leaves the european union to the thirtieth of june currently the deadline is friday . the family of murdered saudi journalist has denied discussing a financial settlement with saudi arabia over his killing the washington post
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writer was killed and dismembered by a team of agents inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in october in a statement the family said those involved will be brought to justice sanjay arabiya denies the operation was ordered by crown prince mohammed bin solomon and says eleven suspects are being tried in riyadh they had been earlier reports of the saudis giving money and houses to sons of. iraq fears regional stability could be damaged by donald trump's decision to designate iran's revolutionary guards as a terrorist organization iran's supreme leader is describing the decision as vicious and his vow to take action against u.s. forces base in the middle east iraq's prime minister says the u.s. president ignored warnings. most of them a minute ago we reached out to all of our friends in trying to stop the american decision i spoke to king abdullah of jordan egypt and leadership and they also
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spoke to the american administration such decisions may have negative repercussions on iraq and the region but the u.s. administration went ahead with it. now scientists have unveiled a highly anticipated first image of a black hole i never believed that this black hole was as big of people said until we saw. edson event so significant us john is released at six signal twenty as news conferences around the globe here it is the super massive black hole at the center of the giant elliptical galaxy and eight seven more than fifty three million light years away the gravitational monsters have been so far away they've been impossible to see but scientists from the event horizon project created a global network of observatories to form a virtual telescope the size of our planet and this marks the beginning of debate into whether the image supports or shatters what we know about space and physics
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including albert einstein's one hundred year old theory of general relativity joining us now is derrick pitts who is the planetarium programs director and chief astronomer at the franklin institute science museum his life from philadelphia so good to have you with us on al-jazeera so we have it the first image of a black hole what did you see that significant for you as an astronomer and does it affirm or challenge what you've always believed about the laws of physics and space . so what can be seen here that's really impressive is we can actually see the the black hole region itself the region beyond the event horizon that will not let light escape from it and the shape of it really does help us understand that the laws and principles of physics proposed by arnstein about black holes actually was true to the expectations and to the calculations that he
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made such a long time ago so we've been able to confirm not only the existence of black holes because now we have an image that shows what a black hole looks like because we can see the effect of matter falling on to the event horizon or to the accretion disk around the event horizon but we've also been able to confirm these theories of einstein's about gravitation and that's incredibly important so just explain to us there ik how they were able to get this image just how difficult was it to bring everyone together because this was a big collaboration how difficult was it to collect the information and this from a long long way away. yes fifty five million light years is quite a distance but what's really impressive here actually is the collaboration that went into creating the instrument that allowed us to gather such highly resolved data so what was done is eight radio telescopes around the world spread across the globe have their images synthesize together time wise so that we could create
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a sensually a telescope that is not only the size of the earth remember this is a synthesis zation we're taking the signals from a different telescopes and blending them together and doing this makes it seem as if the telescope was the size of the earth and then what was done was they took images as the earth rotated around the sun and as it rotated on its axis and what that does is it fills in gaps that would be in this data because there are only eight telescopes so doing this actually gives us the resolution of a much bigger instrument and putting that information together allows us to get this really really wonderful image for the very first time something that had been previously as i think of a iconically unseen right and this is you say the phrase image so can we expect more images and what will be the significance of those images. the images that will come after this will be images that provide more information
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so this isn't a ray of telescopes if more telescopes are added or more data points are taken this is going to fill in the gaps of clarity and resolution that we need to help us give us an even better image of what we see but at the same time we would also be able to turn this instrument or use this instrument to examine other black holes that maybe aren't quite so far away the really cool thing about this particular observation is that everything had to align just perfectly the position of the earth the size of the earth the location of m eighty seven the direction the jets were blasting out of the black hole all of those things together help make this discovery happen so this instrument can be used to observe other black holes and other locations and subsequent observations will provide more data that will improve the image we have already to help us to confirm even further these ideas about gravity that stein proposed so very cool and exciting thank you so much for
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shedding light on this for a static pates astronomy joining us there from philadelphia thank you for your time we appreciate it thank you. now india's election commission has postponed the release of a film about prime minister narendra modi on the eve of the general election the delays expected to remain in place until after voting ends next month activists journalists and members of the opposition complain the film was designed to entrance voters but on tuesday former civil servants in india had questioned the credibility of the election commission they accused it of ignoring prime minister modi is alleged violations of the code of conduct that kicks in once election days are announced voting in india begins on thursday al-jazeera is so here raman has been speaking to people about their hopes for the next government. to millions of indians the wheels of life don't stop turning and that includes those like bike
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route work atop one course from the state of west bengal in the east of the country he's been a rickshaw rider in new delhi for twenty years with few job opportunities moving to the big city was the only way to support his family. it would be wonderful if my son and daughter get an education that's my only wish and nothing else as a responsible rule water i go to great lengths to cast my vote but the politicians take my vote and then disappear where is the promised help millions of workers have converged on india's major cities to find ways to survive economic pressures back home they're relying on politicians to keep their election promises to them while the. millions of indians voted for the bharatiya janata party b j p led by right wing populist leader the red remote in twenty fourteen he promised a lot to the electorate especially the young and. if we want the country to progress then we need to develop these skills that's my mission this is my promise
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to develop skill india where the promises were made that where there really is skill india training with something called a start so hope was the. early rising but in forty years nothing happened you know ninety five wasn't fair i don't see any indian a start up making up even for years those who knew it the capital new delhi aspiring fashion designers are close to graduating and many in this class like books and the leisure of first time voters because i was and will give my promise that i would want a government who keeps their promises does not for the sakes sake of getting what in the next election is but to be dead for the people as being a graduate out of court is the first thing which we will look at. and that's what we want these are just some of the estimated fifteen million graduates that will join the job market each year the government forecasts that manufacturing will increase by eight percent so that's good news to the students. and go she is not
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the first to look for work in the big city and he won't be the last but he'll be heading back to his village to vote hoping his choice of candidates will keep his election promises so al-jazeera new delhi. a fire has broken out a bangkok central well complex shopping mall reports sometime agency said this is suggest one person has died and two others have been injured hundreds of people way vacua aged from the mall which also houses the whole town and office. colombia's president has refused to meet indigenous leaders because of a dispute over his security yvonne dukie had been due to meet committee members after protesters cleared the pan-american highway that they blocked for nearly a month that blockade ended after the government agreed to invest in social projects in indigenous areas and is on the run kitty has more from what. the situation remains tense between indigenous communities and the government and on
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tuesday a delegation traveled to the capital. to participate in a rally during the national day for the victims of colombia's internal conflict. the rally comes after the government negotiated the land for twenty seven day long located in the south of the country that paralyzed commerce causing sudden gasoline shortages a police officer and a protester died during the clashes last saturday the government agreed to invest more than two hundred fifty million u.s. dollars in core in the jewish communities to end the blockade on tuesday president it was expected to meet indigenous leadership in the region but that meeting was cancelled over differences on the location of the encounter the government says that it had information of a possible attack on the president on part of armed groups operating in the region
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they know just a joke at us but she became if we don't continue protesting our rights will become invisible get in we need the government to listen once and for all colombians indigenous community have a long series of grievances and a long history of agreements that successful governments have failed to comply with to the question is if this failed meeting now will mean a return of the blockade and of more violent confrontations in mexico the newly formed national guard is getting help. from the united nations to improve human rights and combat what it calls terrifying levels of crime the un's human rights commissioner michel bash me and president under his money a lopez obrador signed a training india aimed at reducing violations including torture and extrajudicial killings critics fear the new national guard will further inflame the war between illegal drugs gangs money arapaho has more from mexico city. the united nations
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high commissioner on human rights michel is in mexico city with a challenge for the national government rein in widespread violence and security while also guaranteeing the human rights of citizens now through a signed agreement the united nations plans to provide technical assistance in the training of mexico's next generation police force the so-called of the industrial or national guard to ensure that human rights are being respected now the high commissioner spoke at a press conference on a wide variety of topics ranging from the humanitarian crisis in venezuela to the plight of central american refugees that are seeking asylum in mexico the high commissioner also vowed to a cyst in the investigation of forty three students who went missing from mexico in two thousand and fourteen calling their case emblematic take a listen to what she had to say earlier at that press conference. the agassi case revealed to the world a major problem in mexico that of more than forty thousand missing people that's
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the official number one quarter of them a woman there estimated twenty six thousand unidentified bodies catalogued by the state and since twenty sixteen more than eight hundred mass graves although we believe there are many more these numbers a terrifying even more worrisome is the fact that forced disappearances continue to occur. installations featuring the portraits of the forty three students like the one that we're at now in downtown mexico city is evidence that the subject is still very much on the minds of people here and we have to keep in mind mexico is coming off of the most violent year in its history so an announcement that the united nations is partnering with the mexican government to to increase security is a welcome denouncement but it may not be enough to convince critics who warn that human rights could still be violated through the further militarization of the country's national police force. russian president vladimir putin has asked the
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international community to help develop a northern sea shipping boat it connects the far east of the arctic to the west and is usually for.


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