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the united nations high commissioner on human rights michel is in mexico city with a challenge for the national government rein in widespread violence and security while also guaranteeing the human rights of citizens now through a signed agreement the united nations plans to provide technical assistance in the training of mexico's next generation police force the so-called. or national guard to ensure that human rights are being respected now the high commissioner spoke at a press conference on a wide variety of topics ranging from the humanitarian crisis in venezuela to the plight of central american refugees that are seeking asylum in mexico the high commissioner also vowed to a system in the investigation of forty three students who went missing from mexico in two thousand and fourteen calling their case emblematic take a listen to what she had to say earlier at that press conference. the agassi case revealed to the world
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a major problem in mexico that of more than forty thousand missing people that the official number one quarter of them a woman there an estimated twenty six thousand unidentified bodies catalogued by the state and since twenty sixteen more than eight hundred mass graves although we believe there are many more these numbers a terrifying even more worrisome is the fact that forced disappearances continue to occur. installations featuring the portraits of the forty three students like the one that we're at now in downtown mexico city is evidence that the subject is still very much on the minds of people here and we have to keep in mind mexico is coming off of the most violent year in its history so an announcement that the united nations is partnering with the mexican government to to increase security is a welcome denouncement but it may not be enough to convince critics who warn that human rights could still be violated through the further militarization of the country's national police. russian president vladimir putin has asked the
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international community to help develop a northern sea shipping route it connects the far east of the arctic to the west and is usually frozen most of the year but because of global warming it's now becoming more accessible set by us and has our report from moscow. nowhere else is the impact of global warming felt as strongly as in the arctic ice is melting at a fast pace the effects of climate change are calculated to be at least twice the rate of anywhere else on the planet and while it is seen as a reason for huge concern some see it as a business. navigating through the northern sea route between east asia and europe has now become a possibility reducing travelling time significantly compared to the southern route through the suez canal and developing the arctic route has become one of president putin smain policies he wants to see
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a ten fold increase in cargo in the next five years. only ten or fifteen years ago this number seems totally unreachable now it's a realistic calculated and concrete task to accomplish last year the amount of cargo on the northern sea route reached twenty million tons which is three times the soviet record from one thousand nine hundred seventy one. to one now most of the ships use in the northern route our oil and gas tank us but to help commercial cargo ships maneuver through the arctic russia is building three nuclear powered icebreakers and aims to produce thirty more by twenty twenty five this park will be . at least three so if they speak well photons quotation you just scientists have raised serious doubts about put in supplants this estimation. are all just wrong some people rich president. look to. go
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through or so-called pink glasses. they expect the arctic is even the climate is. gentle and what a pleasure global warming it's not it's something like that santa clock that therefore this number looks like impossible now put into the feldman of the arctic and the northern three ruled as an opportunity for konami growth but neighboring countries in the region have other concerns they say they want to protect what they call the vulnerable part of the planet and whole global warming instead of exploiting it. the heads of states of finland norway and iceland and sweden are all of the form until petersburg when he came to have their forces hurt you know the warming and its effect on the arctic. it may not only lead to. an ecological disaster but. they are
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a security threat of global proportions russia has downplayed concerns of a possible military buildup in the arctic but with gas and still the arctic is no longer an undisturbed isolated planet it is rapidly becoming a geo political. the out. the out
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time for sports has andy thank you so much folly while tottenham will take a one goal advantage and see the second leg of their champions league talent manchester city but the quarter final win coming at a cost for their caps and harry kane city missing a penalty in the first off in london surgery aquarist spoke excited by he got a race twelve minutes from scientology south korean star sun hume in school the only goal of the game england caps encounter leaving the stadium on crutches after injuring his ankle is spurs manager fears the striker could be out for the rest of the season so be full but. well we're going to know soon bush will know only to look look forward and try this not a big issue and try to recall earlier soon as possible but the saluki. put liverpool beating ports out soon now in the first leg of tuesday's of a quarter final nobby kates and rebirths are from a no with the goals for last season's runners up. now
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a new project in gaza is giving palestinian amputees you want to carry on playing football over the last year one hundred and thirty six people have lost limbs after being wounded in border violence mohammed ripples. in a place where hope always seems in short supply these football players are showcasing nothing but determination a life a clinic and everywhere i go i like to prove myself these radio patient believes i've become disabled and then i'm useless but i am not disabled i am useful i can now do things that i couldn't even do when i had two legs. bassam up or a bit tells us that like many here his leg was amputated after he was shot by an israeli sniper while attending one of the weekly great march of return border protests last year he is one of dozens of amputee football players from gaza happy to be taking part in this new program organized by the international committee of
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the red cross or i.c.r.c. schools have got better simon baker founder of the irish amputee football association and also an amputee has traveled here in order to both train and inspire he's all odd by the resilience he sees all around him they don't want sympathy though we want pity they want to be self-sufficient and they want to get into their i would say and i don't mean to tell them what to do they want me to helpful suppose a little go at it and that's all we had to do that's the other players say that so far the plan is working. ok if i've got that enough see it made me develop myself to be a real football player and not to think about my amputated leg when i come here to play and i forget about it completely and of insemination at the end of the practice may be tough but spirits are high according to the i.c.r.c. this is the first such program of its kind here in gaza and over the course of the next several days sixty players fifteen coaches and twelve referees will receive
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training despite the smiles on this. way organizers are keenly aware how tough it is to survive in gaza you need to find work you need to you know like a lot of effort just to get by every single day the fed that all of them they left whatever they had to do on this particular day and they came here to play sports just shows how important this program really is. for now though it's camaraderie and competition a decision to revel in the fun of football no matter how many difficulties life has thrown their way. and gaza now magic johnson has resigned as the presidency of the los angeles lakers the basketball legend played a key role in bringing le bron james to the franchise but for a six straight season same have missed out on the playoffs you know we're halfway there with le bron coming i think this summer with another star coming in who i was going to bring him in i think this team is going to be in position to really
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continue for the championship with the growth of the young players tiger woods says he's confident his major winning days all behind him woods heading insert thursday's masters appeal guster national course in georgia without a win at one of the four major championships since two thousand and eight the full time masters winner has had multiple back operations in recent years but has recovered and moved up to number twelve in the world rankings. i just feel like i've improved a lot. of twelve fourteen months but more they think i just proved to myself that i can play at this level i worked my way back to. you know the players and the. the united states has ended an agreement to made it easier for cuban baseball players to sign up for american teams the deal how many players no longer had to defect in order to join major league baseball and the gallagher
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reports from miami. when president obama visited cuba in two thousand and sixteen it was hailed as a new era in u.s. cuba relations a so-called normalization process began to thought decades of animosity and part of that sore intense negotiations over of all things a sport both countries love baseball the two countries eventually agreed on a baseball player transfer deal it enabled cubans to play major league baseball in the u.s. without being forced to politically defect and then suffer being banned from ever returning to their home island but president trump has now scrapped the agreement saying it violates u.s. trade laws that's because player transfers involved a payment to the cuban government's baseball federation something orlando gutierrez who broadcast radio programs to cuba says is a clear violation of the sixty year old u.s. embargo on cuba the idea that he will be for federation has an identity different and this thing from the common is totally false so payments were would have been
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made to the cuban government to the custody in order to buy these these players are slaves in havana the trumpet ministrations decision is being viewed as a loss for cuba but i will tell you how this month says talented players will never realize their full potential and yet all semantic there yet another says it's broken the future for young players and this is you playing baseball here to play ball in cuba in the beach santa maria beach the four year old gonzalo not i hope played in the major leagues his career in the u.s. began in the one nine hundred fifty s. during the cuban revolution the former pittsburgh pirates player says politics has no place in sport but we are in the middle of the whole stuff to bob how we call model that in the best way we can recall where got no wrong calling through where you're one. play baseball the cuban baseball federation say the decision only harms athletes and their families trumpet ministration says when cuba is a democracy things will change in all more than thirty cuban players would you to
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transfer to major league baseball under the old bomber agreement but their fate now seems to have been sealed like many others seeking a better life in the united states their only option is to defect in a statement major league baseball said they stood by the goals of the agreement to ensure and trafficking from cuba to gallacher al-jazeera miami florida ok that is high schools looking for an andy thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera that do stay with us we've got plenty more news coming up after the break we're back and. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on.
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who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. the biggest democracy in the world is going to the polls in an election process that will last for over a month and with over nine hundred million eligible to vote india is about to choose its new government how will the controversies of the citizenship bill announcing tensions with pakistan influence the vote. join us as we assess all
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phases of the election as india decides its path. india votes twenty nine t. on al-jazeera. one billion mobile phone. tree where one in full. color is to the common good. challenge is a digital to devise an easy to struggling. to find a way to bring the two worlds together. between the two main parties in israel but benyamin netanyahu has the advantage in coalition talks.
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watching al-jazeera live from doha fully backed also coming up. around sudan's military headquarters for a fourth night as western nations join the call for political transition algeria is army chief patients during the government transition and blames foreign policies for undermining stability and british prime minister theresa may is on her way to brussels for an emergency e.u. summit just forty eight hours before the u.k. is due to crash the european union. will begin in israel where benjamin netanyahu looks set for a rare fifth term as prime minister despite the party of his main rival winning as many seats in the election his likud party and the blue and white coalition of his benny gantz have both think it secured thirty five seats but now is expected to get
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the support of smaller right wing parties to form a coalition government so far benny. and says not conceded defeat and says what he achieved in tuesday's election is historic. it's a new morning we are waking up to information of final results we are waiting for real results i repeat and stress that this is a historic achievement he has never been such a big insignificant party that was formed with so many good people in such a short time the people talk to us the people want a different way and we are going to deliver it i told you that i came fourteen years this is only the first to morning there's plenty of work ahead of me of us nothing is over we are making our moves we surprised until now we'll see what the day brings. as speak to her dr hamid who is in west jerusalem for his heart and so no final results yet but we do have a clearer picture than we did last night. yes absolutely i mean as you said no
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final results yet but as you see now the picture shows that only benyamin netanyahu will be able to form a coalition and then will become again the prime minister of israel now those consultations with the president for the formation of this coalition should be starting next week the office of president rivlin has announced that actually for the first time in israel's history those full cetaceans will happen live on television for all israelis to see now the president's office say that in the sake of transparency but president really is also under a lot of pressure he's been seen as always favoring benny gantz rather than benjamin in his relations with the incumbent prime minister have been frosty times so we're going to have to we don't know exactly when that's going to start but sometime next week sunday maybe monday i think also the issue and certainly in
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the disappointed those who backed benny gantz is that fear that now with his coalition with partners benjamin netanyahu when he gets back to power will be able to legislature that will make him immune to some kind of a so it is a very complicated situation but those who are disappointed with the results of the elections do hope that the justice system will go ahead and many say that actually if he gets indicted in july then maybe. prime minister netanyahu will just be. prime minister of israel for a very short time thank you for that. in west jerusalem for the palestinian reaction nanita abraham is in ramallah in the occupied west bank how are the results and the prospect of having another term as israeli prime minister being viewed by the palestinian leadership and by palestinians in the west bank. so the
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p.l.o. secretary general saw a better part has said that israeli voters have bolted made for the continuation of the israeli occupation in the west bank and they've noted it voted no for peace let's note that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said in his election campaign that he's not willing to even talk to any israeli settler from the illegal settlements in the west bank and he is looking into expanding the israeli sovereignty over the west bank settlements now this is a move that the seen in more empowered by having the u.s. president donald trump in power i've spoken earlier to the p.l.o. committee member at hand and ashrawi and this is what she had to say i think the whole goals of the game are changing because now this clearly superimposing the date of all of historical palestine. and therefore they have totally cancelled and
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the agreements they have not only fight the two state solution they have totally gaited requirements of peace they have totally violated international law and so on so now we need a whole new strategy to deal with this. palestinians in the streets which we've spoken to before that exults came out say it doesn't really matter who leads the israeli government they believe that they mean to convey that contenders did not have the palestinian issue as a big part of their campaign they did not say how they're going to go forward with the peace process instead they were talking more about what much they can take out from the palestinian rights thank you very much for that need to abraham live for us in ramallah in the occupied west bank. is in position to secure a fifth term despite looming corruption charges he's expected to be indicted on three counts of corruption if convicted he could face ten years in prison it's now suspected of accepting expensive gifts from billionaires in exchange for favors and
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of providing favorable conditions to an israeli telecom provider in return for positive coverage on a website owned by the company he is also accused of colluding with the publisher of a newspaper to hurt its rival again in return for positive coverage as bring in our senior political analyst marwan bashar and marwan now it looks like we'll secure another term but with these corruption charges hanging over his head would it be a full time depends if he is able to arrive at a special deal with his coalition partners natural partners as he calls them whereby when they sign in on the coalition they also sign on a little piece of paper that says they will support him in. bringing a new resolution to the parliament whereby no sitting prime minister will be prosecuted while doing his job and i think he might be able to get more than sixty
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votes in the knesset in support of this new stance that would give him immunity i think the other bit about it is that even now the prosecutor in israel while he needs to carry the law as it were but the idea that the majority of israelis now will give him a fifth term. it needs to be taken in consideration in some form or another meaning the israelis or for some reason my my understanding my analysis of it is netanyahu has shown the israelis that they can get away with things without much price they can get away with occupation they can get away with war they can go get away with normalizing relations with the arab world without any concessions without any price and i think they are giving him their support and we've just had reaction from the us president to the israeli election results here is what donald trump had to say. i'd like to congratulate bibi netanyahu it looks like that race has been
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won by him and maybe a little early but i'm hearing he's won it and won it in good vacuum so he's been a great ally and he's a friend like to congratulate him now is a well thought out rate like that does. donald trump also said that b.b.'s victory next now is victory is good for peace with the palestinians what do you make of that you know i think in america there's a certain way of phrasing things for example for twenty five years we lived the idea is are you with or against the peace process so peace process became synonymous with peace the american peace process became synonymous with peace when after twenty five years we've all discovered during and after that peace process is more about process than it is about peace everyone understood that peace process is one thing peace is another thing now there's an understanding that
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trumps a deal of the century is the new peace proposal the new peace process so basically president trump like his predecessor is confusing peace with america's proposals for peace could we seen as now make any sort of concession under this so-called deal of the century i think it's a concession here is quite an exaggeration because everything has already been conceded. to the israelis by the americans whether it is on that is jerusalem settlements the borders the sovereignty on source of what the israel has really gotten everything that it needs there's nothing that it can really concede to the palestinians if the word concession me is meaningful because in the end of the day the israeli is illegally occupied illegally settle a land that is not theirs so for them to give it or give it back is not really much of a concession and yet they're not even asked to do the. thank you very much for your analysis as always in other world news sudan's president is under increasing
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pressure as western nations their voices to call so political change on tuesday protesters held a fourth straight day of a city not side the army headquarters in cancun that continued into the night random ahmed has our report. i tens of thousands of people calling for change they gained gathered outside army headquarters in sudan's capital khartoum for a fourth day and stayed into the night i. think we need clean water and no more unfairness we've had enough on it before but we are starving under this president we have been displaced because of him. just a day earlier security force personnel opened fire on demonstrators staging a sit in but later some soldiers intervened and others expressed their support for the demonstrators. and this is
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a message to our colleagues in the armed forces that people here are brothers and have a right to speak their minds a spokesman for the military says the armed forces and security forces remain united the mold i hope but i mean what about the police national security and intelligence forces are supported by the army we needed to consider certain things before moving the enthusiastic protesters outside the area the very well prepared plan has helped us to control the situation in a peaceful way. the protest is a calling on the army to withdraw their support for the government and opposition leaders say they are seeking talks with the army to plan a transitional administration and they now have the support of the u.s. u.k. and norway the three countries said in the statement sudanese authorities must now respond and deliver a credible plan for this political transition. refusing to step down president al bashir recently chaired a meeting of the country's supreme commission for national dialogue has long been
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accused of human rights abuses and corruption the was anti-government protests started last the same.


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