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tv   Graphic Dreams  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2019 4:57am-5:01am +03

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go on. go on. if. you could you that you should get out. the front seat just to get to washington. good is that you are going to show up on issues and using the law. to a new city. and. only. to devalue when it was something that uses. it but it didn't use up does that sound as if some of it and i did. what i. wanted and out of my body goes so deep you fall but i want to. tell you he says you did so well. for somebody that you would get my phone got us remember it's almost on the walk of beauty. but it's about you know that one of my office numbers you know just the
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digital but if you. don't you turn to i was the bad news which you do in addition to some construction business i don't know if you knew some of the going to one do you like it. and i would do to help you help because you know we live in looking down at. some of the at your whim why not manage. to remain one and. build on. the whole do all i've been. saying all down mental well being gentle and we have continued to do it wasn't what. someone can build i've won i won. more nights with a woman i was told the ball. slowly
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the man you'd be double nice to see until you went home somehow a lot you know a lot of the t. goes on until you and me. while you go deep will go deep. sums you and i do know what the old boys on one side. to all of us on up to. do with you if you. sound. so there's no most of them do with music us through oh i'm going to want to. find out why you know that and find out what. just. caught up on a treasure got resistance you know it's good news if you can move. out
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of it and that's the kind of it yeah loud. music. would do it. all solid all of all those who want to kind of all go to denser and up on us and on a lot of books on our way up to the time that she found out is enough was easy i'm not gonna crack or you go out i've bought items at the back of a good. reason . it's. all good fun. stuff. that sounds this you.


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