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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 102  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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learning. bers in the eye disease an eye color complications blurry or reduced vision or in some cases even blindness this has become a common problem for nearly twenty percent of a bonus of five is. in the eastern town of the tembo some families have been separated by the disease and survived as a doing what they can to help. no one else can take care of kids whose parents are affected by the outbreak. and able to take care of her daughter because she's suffering and contra affecting her kids so she's safe in my hands as i was cured and i can't be afflicted again some have been sharing their experience of ebola to help others stay healthy. i've decided to raise awareness so that i can save the lives of my brothers and sisters who i doubting that ebola exists throughout testimony we're telling people it's real but the disease is still not under control in fact it's spreading since last october over
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a thousand cases have been reported eighteen new cases were identified just this week and fighting between on groups in the east have hampered efforts to contain ebola the red cross says it's also affecting people's trust in the medics who can help them the level of mistrust that we're seeing in the community is an operational challenge and it can stem from longstanding conflict in the region and this is the first time this region is seeing an outbreak of ebola in a while and it's for this reason that we are putting community based approach just saving dignified burials as well as community feedback systems at the core of our response not only into your sea but as part of our parish in containment approach across south sudan rwanda uganda and working through the volunteers to really place community efforts at the core of what we do it's only by understanding the beliefs of the community that we can build trust and stop this outbreak this is the second worst outbreak since of. this was discovered in one nine hundred seventy six it's
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swept through west africa twenty fourteen spreading to the u.s. u.k. and spain killing at least eleven thousand people which is why finding a solution to reverse the latest epidemic is becoming even more critical here mohammed al jazeera. now the international criminal court has rejected a request to open an investigation into possible war crimes committed during the nearly eighteen year long conflict in afghanistan judges cited a lack of sufficient evidence and state cooperation last month the us secretary of state mike pompei o said washington would revoke or deny visas to i.c.c. staff investigating such allegations the case was to look into alleged war crimes committed by afghan security forces the taliban and u.s. forces richard dicker is a human rights lawyer and director of the international justice program at human rights watch he says this i.c.c. decision is in comprehensible. i don't believe it the failure of everything
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from my reading of the judge's decision they essentially turn justice on its head and say yes crimes were committed which in the i.c.c. s m beat it were no domestic trials addressing these alleged crimes and but nonetheless they are dismissing the prosecutor's request to me it's in concrete in civil by way of the judicial decision we've seen again and again that justice for poor crime is of mass slaughter and the use of rape as. a weapon of war bringing some justice to victims who endured those acts is essential to
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a meaningful and durable peace and that's what the i.c.c. prosecutor tempting to provide that judges in mrs since have turned her request to do so now but perhaps the ramifications extend beyond afghanistan and to the point where if you perpetrate the most horrific crimes but don't mess to situation is such that investigations may not be feasible then there will be no effort by the international criminal court whether it's in afghanistan or another country. richard dicker the police in kenya have confirmed reports the gunmen have kidnapped two keep and doctors in the northeast of the country the attackers shot a police officer dead in mandela before driving off with the pair the city is close
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to the kenyan border with somalia and ethiopia catherine soy has the latest now from nairobi. this incident happened at nine am local time about six g.m.t. and these two cuban doctors a general practitioner not and a surgeon are part of an exchange program between the kenyan and cuban government that started last year so they're heading to walk at the main government hospital in monday our town which is right at the border with somalia companied by two police officers as is procedure in areas that are considered hostile like. this gunmen intercepted the vehicle they were in to into saloon cars it came out shooting killed one of the police officers also had from the police spokesman who has said that police have recovered the vehicle the government vehicle that was carrying the cuban doctors and our entire gating the other police officer who was
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driving that vehicle of the police spokesman has also said that. the military and other security agents up assuming the kidnappers who have entered somalia and now time is of the essence because their father they go into somalia and specifically to territories that are controlled by al shabaab the more difficult it's going to be of with security agents to rescue this doctors safely and no one has claimed responsibility but we've seen in the last few years more of such attacks kidnappings assassinations of toxin buses schools who tells quarries and areas like that in areas along the border and this has increased after kenya sent its troops to somalia to fight al-shabaab with other african union forces and alongside somalia national army and you know we're talking about a border that kenya somalia border the ice porous very difficult to say to secure and we've seen
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a lot of movement in attacks that are happening in kenya for example is in many many of the attackers are able to cross through. in fact. just off the back. of the. along. was abducted and the police are still looking for ha over. the mystery continues for this.
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time for the sports news we've been joined by far peter thank you so much one of the leading scorers in the english primarily carry chain can miss the rest of the season through injury tottenham boss words party cheney believes a comeback before then would be difficult forward hurt his ankle and spurs went over a man city in the champions league on shoes day the england captain has seventeen e.p.l. goals this season and is joint third in the goal scoring charts spurs are still trying to secure a champions league football next season they're currently fourth just a point ahead of arsenal. we need to assess is going to be difficult for sure. it's going to be tough. looks like see me doubt it but it's still this week we. believe. if you need to see this proof of this newsweek. the
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french national rugby team will be able to appoint a foreign coach to try to end its bad run of results comes after a referendum of amateur clubs voted down the idea the country has never had a non frenchman and charge of their national side they had hoped to bring in a big name from abroad but on friday the results came in with fifty nine percent saying no. both for ari and were saying he's put in the fastest practice times ahead of race number one thousand and formula one world champion lewis hamilton had a few troubles in first practice in china but his mercedes was still just behind leaders the past and fattal. teammate valtteri boathouse was quickest in the afternoon session. australia is bidding farewell to a wonder horse called winx known as the same bolt of course racing she's on beaten and for years and can extend her record before retiring on saturday after thomas reports from sydney. she is one of the world's greatest athletes having
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a final early morning stretch of her legs ahead of her final race winks has won her last thirty two races in a row on saturday in sydney she'll go for her thirty third heroes and trainers say after that it will be retirement they want her to go out on a high. she knows that she can do it she's got that extra. capacity extra should be extra bit of energy seventy years old winks has run forty two races and won thirty six of them the last time she failed to win was more than four years ago the prologue and the emotion. that winks at tracks you know i'm not oblivious to it and you know i feel it as well but for mine. i'm very proud to be such an integral part of what she's been able to achieve and when i get on her back at the right as she gives me confidence many in australia have fallen for the
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horse there's a miracle to her in sydney city center and dozens of journalists came along to her final practice run on thursday it takes quite a celebrity to get this many people from the media out at six in the morning winks is that horse she is say those who followed racing for years undoubtedly the best horse racing anywhere at the moment she could be the best race horse ever the times you look at the times that she's done at rice track and done track records and even now as a seven year old mare where horses aren't really supposed to be doing as much or knowing you what she's doing wink says mother was a race horse called vegas showgirl so her full was named after a famous last vegas but i think show on saturday winks will be the show the one all the watching under thomas al-jazeera sydney defending stanley cup champions the washington capitals of won their opening game of the n.h.l.
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playoff series nicklas backstrom scored twice as washington rushed into a three goal lead the hurricanes went on to pole two back but it wasn't enough the capitals ending with a four two win and one nothing lead in the series. for the eighth time morocco's russia delmore beattie has won the toughest a foot race on earth the marathon day sabs the six day race through this hour a desert is the equivalent of six regular marathons more beats and top honors in the men's league category while his brother mohammad was not far behind in second in the women's race right down to the netherlands won her category for the first time. that a long history without a head in more than a hundred years of major league baseball is still going chris davis of the baltimore orioles hoping he'd finally managed one against oakland but it wasn't to be the man who has twice led the league in home runs now fifty three at bats without a hitch. and that's all your support for now more coming up later but for now it's
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back to you peter thanks very much lots more news of course when you whether you want to own the website which is your don't call when we come back from london for the next couple of hours i'll see you on this channel from fifteen g. to all wrote above. isn't the problem for your town that they may not have a health question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark over it doesn't look good for the english village official has made it very i'm going to do it he will probably not knowing that is what it is i mean really you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.n.
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across the globe too far that is called for and that bridge doesn't build confidence a great skill to join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and take issues here on al-jazeera. al-jazeera as i would winning investigative documentary program people ask me a lot where native women going missing are being murdered what's the reason faultlines goes beyond the headlines holding the powerful to account have you heard of the story not involved in that examining the u.s. and its role in the why someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now. back with a new series that's the reality that we live in coming soon on al-jazeera he came from a wealthy background in paris and became an artist against his family's wishes he went on to bring a fresh perspective to oriental is painting falling in love with so hollande culture making his home and converting to islam. al-jazeera
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world tells the story of gnostic dean dean and his unique artistic work. the french oriented list on al-jazeera. that. we get stuff. out. we have no ambition at all to hold the reins of power. sudan's interim military leadership promises it will make way for a civilian government as skeptical demonstrates his remain on the streets of khartoum. hello i'm maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london also coming up.
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just as return to the streets of algeria calling for the removal of leaders who are part of the former president's government. at least twenty people are killed in a bomb blast at a fruit market in the pakistani city of quests. and the u.s. president says he's considering sending illegal immigrants to cities controlled by his political opponents. hello welcome to the program at sudan's military says it has no intention of staying in power a day off date removed and arrested long time president tomorrow bashir the head of the military council left hand in general a bit dean says the military is to step aside as soon as a civilian government is formed the military has also defended the coup saying it
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will ensure stability while leaving sudan's future in the hands of the people but those behind the protest movement to say they will continue their demonstrations despite a military order curfew. mohamed jim has more. one day after sudan's military deposed president. the head of the military council's political committee defended the coup at a news conference and he said the military has no plans to stay in power and promised the new transitional government would be run by civilians. no. we have not come with future solutions the solutions will be devised by those in protest and those staging sit ins you the people will provide solutions for all political economic and social issues we have come with no ideology we are the people of the armed forces we have come here to maintain order security and provide an opportunity for the people to achieve change they have been aspiring to and to
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devise their own visions for the leadership we have no ambition at all to hold the reins of power. the night before tens of thousands of protesters defied the nighttime curfew that had been announced and on friday demonstrators were on the streets again there was thank you now people from all walks of life on a. bet on this day well i think i need the. level of the. problem that he has to be there that i need groff when he got out and we have the credit now the protests began in december over a steep pike in bread prices and the deteriorating economy. since last saturday thousands have been demonstrating in front of the military headquarters and demanding bashir is resignation. according to the central committee of sudanese
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doctors dozens have been killed in violence with security forces which have repeatedly tried to disperse the sit in by force analysts say sudan's military has an important role to play in ensuring security and stability in the country roads should extend to finding a way to as soon as possible transfer power to a civilian lead that ministration and i think you're hearing plenty of voices and that is the sudanese people and they do not want to stop short of that sound mission off the. road by president bush. for the moment even though the rule of bashir has come to an end the protests look likely to continue. as does either. let's go live to sit down now and speak to a duty university professor who has taken part in the recent protests and has been arrested on a number of occasions joins us over the phone now from heart to mit's
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a very good of you to take the time to speak to us now protestors have refused to leave the street since the ousting of president tomorrow bashir is it your sense your understanding that they will continue to defy this military audit curfew. while and thank you for having me a listener protesters will never leave the street and they will keep remanding in the streets until the government is thrown out and it's part of the time that the head of the x. president was removed from from from from the thrawn let me call it it's run but he still has his supporters there even the new transitional government will look at it suspiciously at a skeptically because these are the sam species that we. that source to us have to go to the streets so we don't want we don't want them to be there with the full on drugs or government or not we want new faces will never
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accept them because we don't want to don't want any type of garbage recycling process or repeating or to group the producer producing the same image so that is why we'll be on the street all of the university professors process ition will be on the street dining the peaceful demonstrators till the end of this protest is took to the streets and they wanted the military to take a position on this we getting obviously that has now happened the military for now are striking a very moderate and they're saying look we don't have any ambitions to hold the reins of power we simply want to guide the country forward and they say they are prepared to listen to protect the protesters. the problem is this is the same case is that they deceive us they have been deceiving us for more than mean for safety is so we never trust any word they are. sure that they will they will
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deceive us that is why we don't want anyone from from them to come out so we be the only people that you trust the association does it belong to so if they really want to hand over the. potty to the people who let them bring the people to speak on our behalf of buzz as members from from from the from the government i mean the same the same members there were so i mean will not accept them or trolls . so it's one thing for the president to be up for it it's another thing the you know the entire regime and all the kind of institutions on the pillars of power in the country to immediately disappear that does have to be some sort of interim period are you objecting to these to the people to those that are leading it do they have to go immediately or you are you calling for a
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a much shorter transitional period not two years which is what the military lash short a transitional period is acceptable we can accept it but shouldn't sit more than four to six months but we have to make sure that civilians participate in seriously and everything should be on the huns but to be i mean things to be on the government's i mean on the military hands particularly those people who are to speak on behalf of the government so these are the people you don't want to see them and there are some what they call it there are some offices that. people can accept but for those who are there will never accept them particularly this big military has supported or indeed and now the military says that they will not abide by any sort of chaos or instability do you fear what might happen and the protesters continue to stay on the streets and demonstrate. definitely.
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professor so it could be staying under street and kill all our demands are met until we make sure that. our demands are met. live the streets but we have to make sure that all the honorable members that belong to the creators of these nutrition . we have to see them on the terrible. releasing statements talking on behalf of the people then we can go by but. without the presence of these honorable men we will never go back because as i've said before you know these people have been deceiving us for thirty is everybody if you ask every small child will never trust them how could we. i don't know how can i put it but these people you know we always look at them skeptically. and they are they are
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not they are not the people that. they are the people of sudan will bring them back again and you are not going to repeat the same the same the same mistakes that you made before by accepting right well thank you for speaking to us this evening honey to do that joining us there from harvard to see done on our question salumi joins us live from the united nations in new york and we certainly got a sense of the fast pace of developments there in sudan after one of africa's longest serving presidents has been on seated what is the reaction of the international community what have you been hearing there. well the secretary general antonio good terrorism the high commissioner for human rights have all expressed their concern about the situation in sudan given this military takeover and the fact that the security council met already behind closed doors to get briefed on the situation on the ground shows according to the president of the security council just that the international community is watching the situation
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very closely that is the german ambassador christophe and he made those comments after the meeting but there's no official action from the security council at this time the europeans however have been very outspoken and calling for the protection of the rights of protesters they've also expressed concern the united kingdom in particular most forcefully that the call for a two year transition to a civilian government isn't sufficient they think that that transition should perhaps come more quickly and say that they are watching the situation very carefully sudan's charest affairs for the united nations attempted to allay some of the concerns of the international community earlier in the day speaking to the council saying that the military government is committed to a peaceful transition to a civilian government based on the will of the sudanese people then the god the him what it will be the military transitional council was responding to the
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sudanese people's aspirations for china and works to protect the lives of its citizens as well as their well being this council will be the guarantor of a civilian government to be formed and collaboration with the political forces and stakeholders no party will be excluded from the political process including the groups moreover the suspension of the constitution could be lifted at any point and the transitional period could be shortened depending on developments on the ground and agreements with stakeholders. and while the sudanese chargé d'affaires said that the support of the international community was welcome and sought by the military in sudan he stressed that this is a quote domestic affair and that the international community shouldn't get directly involved at this time protesters in sudan and many in the human rights community would disagree they point out that.


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