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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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meaningful here though is that there is a new group of leadership in these protests these sudanese professionals association that has led so many of these protests and some of the women's groups that have been so prominent and important in these protests and so i think part of the question now is whether leadership is going to emerge from those groups it's possible leadership will emerge from some of the political parties and some of the longstanding opposition leaders but frankly i think the sunni population are going to have less faith in some of those politicians and it's clear that right now it seems the demonstration and the demonstrators are focused on the here and now obviously which is this transitional government at some point do you think that their attention will turn to what they want to happen with omar al bashir. absolutely that is not going to be forgotten there's the question is what happens to bashir and the questions of larger accountability he is responsible for egregious crimes but he's not the only one who has a very large system of people who are responsible for brutal killings over decades
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and so if and when this moves to an accountability conversation that's going to be an extremely deep emotional difficult conversation amongst the nation but one that is essential all right gentlemen thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it thank you south sudan's former rebel leader says he doesn't believe a national unity government can be formed before him a deadline told the orators the news agency that he's spoken with president salva care about the extension which is needed to iron out details of a lasting agreement he says defense forces need to be unified the capital must be militarized political prisoners must be released before a government can be formed. place in algeria say they have arrested one hundred eight people when i want to write protestors that is in the capital they are demanding the resignation of the enron president who replaced abdelaziz bouteflika
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they want everyone linked to better flickers to decade role removed from government matheson has more. clout in traditional robes this woman cries out to crowds of young protesters. said you my children are the algerian you just something like flowers in the spring you are the future i'm with you will be. in response the crowd cheers long live all the demonstrations again and all jarius streets despite increasing efforts by security forces to reduce the size of the crowds there was a road blocking there was. that impeded people from joining the capital. years there was also the use of what a cannon against a student a few days ago there was also the use of sound cannon so i think this is also the
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military is sending signals that the message is we heard you indeed we gave you a few concessions about do not ask for too much it's been ten days since he's beautifully has stepped down after two decades as president following weeks of public demands for him to go but the protesters say everyone linked to both of leaders government needs to be removed that includes ben sana a long time beautifully ally and the man appointed under the constitution to act as interim leader and who's in presidential elections for july the fourth protesters are also calling on some of the military's top leaders to resign including general are going to whom protesters accuse of not doing enough to rid the country of what they call. or the power a group which they say has been secretly running algeria in the shadow of former president bush to flicker jones if you go to judge algeria has its men algeria
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doesn't need you there are plenty of people that can rule geria we want them all to leave. all the garden they all need to go we want to tell guy they need to know that the people have empowered us to get rid of the gangs you are nuts to jab be it's not needed speaking it's forty million algerians women men old people young people are on the streets all of these people are asking you in the name of everything that's holy to leave the country alone to leave its people be algeria is a great nation it's greater than any of. the interim government maybe hoping that electing a new president will be enough to satisfy the protesters but the economy is struggling unemployment is high and demonstrators like these say they'll stay on the streets until all those they blame it all gee whiz problems are forced to go rob matheson. a symbol has taken part in the protests in the algerian
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capital he says the hardening stance of the military or not try protestors off the street. the gains are still raw jibed but they do not think that we people wonder well you know abandon the fight it is very similar to the sudanese scenario of the sudanese situation because on one bashir would keep tory in the war where the jury in leaders who you know did everything to him probably populations but culturally and economically so go both you know can trees. protesters in country and sudan are fighting for the same thing for dignity for freedom for for a new vision of their respective countries so i do really do not think that these arrests or this poll these violence will discourage people people if it had the
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opposite effect because people are still in the streets protest and then they were not discouraged and they did not abandon their pacific claims but very strong one there ones in the same times in the same time so. next friday and i think really think that this week as well during the week days will be it will be the says that this is a for us because we need to fight and we need to stay in the streets and we need to to remind them of the importance of our demands and the nun and negotiated aspect negotiated bill aspect. of these. plenty more ahead in the news hour including me u.s. secretary of state calls on the saudi crown prince to cut ties with his top aide over his alleged role in the murder of. deadly explosion rips through a market in southwestern pakistan. and then for want to be english premier league's
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top scorers may miss the rest of the season find out why sport. media is reporting that days before libyan warlord khalifa haftar launched an offensive to seize the capital saudi arabia promised tens of millions of dollars to help pay for the operation according to the wall street journal riyadh offer tens of millions of dollars to make that happen on the ground at least five civilians have been killed during fighting on the outskirts of libya's capital pockets and shells fired torahs forces hit a residential area west of tripoli both sides say they've made strategic gains in the past twenty four hours or than fifty people have been killed in fighting over the past weekend thousands more have been displaced but we have to go ahead as the latest from tripoli. these protesters have come from all over the capital tripoli here in the main square to denounce the military offensive launch it by forces
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loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar the protesters here say that they completely reject their telly tarion and military rule by the world hell if i have to they say that have to this forces one to take over the capital tripoli in order to impose military rule in the west of the country they also say that in twenty eleven they use up against dictatorship against the telly tarion of america duffy and they also say that they are now rising up against military rule by the world to have to work planes loyal to the world load her if i have to targeted several locations in and around tripoli including the civilian airport also it targeted a location in the western coastal city of us who are injuring two people the united
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nations refugee agency has won it that around fifteen hundred fifty g.'s or migrants are trapped because of the recent conflict. people in tripoli have protested against tarr and his forces. more than a thousand people gathered in the libyan capital as explosions and gunfire can be heard in the distance fighters loyal to the internationally recognized government had been holding hostages forces a day but there is fierce fighting just outside the city. at least twenty people have been killed after an explosion ripped through a market in the southwestern pakistani city of quiet to the market his own run by members of the as are a shia minority who been targeted by sunni groups in the past to report some kharaj . the explosion is believed to be triggered by a suicide bomb on. the open fruit and vegetable market took the full force of the blogs along with the people who are serving. we were busy at
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a watermelon auction then there was a huge blast the blast happened in a potato warehouse and when we rushed over there there were bodies laying on the ground. people suspect the motivation of the killings was sectarianism. senior officers said several cheers were among the day along with people start to be working on this. and among the day or did use one pattern military officer part of a patrol group that were predicting to be put. there were other people too weak looting the house or a community and the security forces personnel who were targeted and killed we were at the crime scene and investigations are ongoing we're trying to figure out how this incident happened and what kind of explosives were used. the shears now from the house are a community they have been talking before. he bought it have been several attacks on the people here in the past this is
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a very brutal act and should be condemned i have spoken to the police chief to the health authorities and to the interior minister to expedite the search operation against the terrorists more than five hundred of them have died in attacks over the past five years and on friday many took to the streets to call for more protection of. the pakistani prime minister and the president. of the country in the fight against. karachi as president donald trump says he is considering sending emigrants in the country to so-called sanctuary cities cities include new york and san francisco where local authorities refuse to cooperate with immigration and customs enforcement president trump says the move is in part we're tallying against democrats we could fix that in so
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fast if the democrats would agree. but if they don't agree we might as well do what they always say they want we'll bring the illegal early call on the illegals like on the illegals they came across the border illegally will bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular area take care of it whether it's a state or whatever it might be. it's quite a statement and john hendren joins us now from washington d.c. so john first give us a little more context on exactly what a sanctuary city is. well these are cities across the united states where the mayor and local officials have decided that they will not carry out the federal government's job of enforcing border and customs laws and they say they're doing that because if they don't then people who are concerned if there are undocumented americans for example will not cooperate with the police will not call
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in when crimes are occurring around them will not be witnesses when the police want to talk to them because they're concerned about being deported these are people who are in constant fear of the federal government so in these cities the local government says we are not going to enforce those laws you are safe to come to us now that doesn't mean they've refused to do the federal government's bidding the federal government has a warrant and passes it on to the city the city police will carry out that warrant but by and large they simply let it be known that people are safe in contacting the authorities that they won't be taken in and arrested for doing so and by and large these cities are run by democrats and of course president trump being a republican is irked by that that he's been bothering him for quite some time he's been speaking out about it he's often talking about how he's annoyed by these sanctuary cities and some of the biggest ones are in liberal towns like san francisco california oakland california and that was what the president was
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speaking about today so even a just objectively speaking what no political bias one side or another he is very clearly saying he is going to try to he's considering using people. minute emigrants as some sort of weapon against us political opponents that's clearly what he's saying. that's right it's often hard to tell whether the president is entirely serious when he makes some of these seemingly outrageous statements and that's what a lot of people thought over the past twenty four hours when these reports came out that he was considering having the border agents come and take these undocumented immigrants who have been caught crossing the border and then just transport and deposit them in sanctuary cities across the u.s. people thought that was perhaps a joke perhaps something that he said he wasn't entirely serious but then the department of homeland security came out with a statement saying in fact the idea was raised and it was dismissed and is no
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longer being considered well vallas until the president was asked about it himself on twitter he said he is indeed considering doing that in many came out with that statement that you just ran in which he said before television cameras that he was considering that now a lot of experts in this field say that is just clearly illegal you can't just pick people up at the border and dump them at the cities where you don't like the mayor but that is what the president was talking about and the reaction has come in fast and furious across the country nancy pelosi who is from san francisco she is the democratic speaker of the house of representatives she condemned the president for that the mayor of oakland condemn the president for that in california the governor also called it asinine among other things and serious sophomore it and illegal and the former cia director john brennan sent out a tweet that was pretty critical of the president sparing no words saying you were unfitness for office has never been more stark your lack of humanity never more
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apparent your politics never more craven and your ultimate political ignominy never more certain so the president's firing out his critics and the critics are firing back rochelle right john hendren live in washington john thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera trapped in a remote camp where the worsening conditions will help or the plight of tens of thousands of internally displaced syrians and support one of the world's fastest forces is set to race for the last time far we'll have all the details. hello again and welcome back we are crossing states we have been watching this big storm system and it has the characteristics of a winter to the north and spring to the south first of all up here towards the north where we have seen some blizzard conditions across much of the area by the
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time we get to saturday of things finally make their way towards the northeast it is going to be the canadian maritimes that are dealing with the remnants of that very snowy and cold and windy situation but down here towards the south we're going to be watching what's happening in texas very carefully because that system is going to be developing and this is going to bring some very severe weather across much of the southeast and with that we do expect to see tornadoes damaging hail as well as large hail and winds across much of the area snow will also be a problem anywhere from chicago all the way up towards toronto and that is going to cause some problems at the airport across much of the caribbean looking quite nice not a lot of rain in the forecast temperatures are going to hover into the low thirty's for the bahamas into the high twenty's for you with nasa at about twenty eight degrees there not much of a change over the next few days but rain down here across much of panama and then as we go towards rio de janeiro course we did see flooding early in the week rain is back in the forecast and by the time we get to sunday that rain could be heavier
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and a temperature of thirty degrees. al-jazeera is on board winning investigative documentary program people ask me a large irony to women going missing or being murdered what's the reason it's goes beyond the headlines holding the powerful to account have you heard of the story not involved in that examining the u.s. and its role in the bomb someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now. back with a new series that's the reality that we live in coming soon on al-jazeera. we live in a digital world where even the remotest communities have access to mobile phones. but look in this technology bring to a nomadic existence life apps travels to the media and gives the software designer the ultimate challenge design a map to help the game the tribe in their daily lives can you really be done.
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life facts one from nomad amount is enough. watching out at the top stories now ahead of students military it's transitional council has announced his resignation. was sworn in as the country's interim leader on thursday after the military removed president omar al bashir. and khartoum a celebrated the announcement saying his departure is a victory of the people's will but the main opposition group that's leading the protests is calling on people to keep demonstrating and placing algeria say they've
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arrested one huh. eight people in clashes in algiers hundreds of thousands of demonstrators returned to the streets of the capital to demand regime change. international criminal court has rejected a request to open an investigation into possible war crimes committed during almost eighteen years of conflict in afghanistan judges cited a lack of evidence and state cooperation last month the us secretary of state might prompt a.o. said washington would provoke or deny visas to i.c.c. staff m.-s. to gating such allegations the court was due to examine alleged war crimes committed by afghan security forces the taliban and u.s. forces which are tickers a human rights lawyer and director of the international justice program at human rights watch he says the i.c.c. decision is and comprehensible. i don't believe it the a failure of everything from my reading of the judge's decision they essentially turn justice on its head and say
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yes crimes were committed which in the i.c.c. s m beat it were no domestic trials addressing these alleged crimes and but nonetheless they are dismissing the prosecutor's request to me it's in concrete in civil by way of the judicial decision we've seen again and again that justice for poor crime is of mass slaughter in the use of rape as. a weapon of war bringing some justice to victims who endure those acts is essential to a meaningful and durable peace and that's what the i.c.c.
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prosecutor tempting to provide that judges in mrs since have turned her request to do so now but perhaps the ramifications extend beyond afghanistan and to the point where if you perpetrate these most terrific crimes but don't mess to situation is such that investigations may not be feasible then there will be no effort by the international criminal court whether it's in afghanistan or another country. their secretary of state might pompei o o's reporter to have held talks with the saudi crown prince the guardian is supporting muhammad and simon to cut ties with a close adviser linked to the murder of journalist. that a south tunney has recently been sanctioned by the u.s. for his alleged role in the killing in jordan has been following the developments
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from washington. according to the guardian newspaper the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has told the saudi crown prince that he needs to cut all ties with his close political adviser and former social media chiefs honey the remove paper says that mike pompei o told mohammad been solemn on that. ongoing presence is undermining saudi credibility when it comes to the investigation of the murder of the saudi journalist jamal the last october that goes to the fact that u.s. intelligence has said that mr han he was very likely involved in the planning and carrying out of mr household she is murder and it also has suggested that he is very much involved in ongoing efforts to or press political dissidents within the saudi kingdom so far the state department has given a no comment response to the guardian al-jazeera has also reached out for comment
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on this report about the problem pale pressure allegedly to make mr solomon give up this or all qahtani as a close political advisor. u.s. military official has said its armed forces are ready to move into venezuela admiral craig heads the u.s. southern command and whole foreign policy magazine and invention may be needed if sanctions fail to force president nicolas maduro from power are latin american or was the new man has more from porto and northern venezuela. what does the sinister star wars character darth vader and u.s. economic sanctions against venezuela have in common. everything according to u.s. national security advisor john bolton he likens the sanctions to darth vader choking his enemy's throat that he says is what we're going to do to the regime economically. and the economic crisis already existed long before the sanctions but
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the u.s. strategy is designed to provoke the total collapse of what it sees as the enemy. the u.s. treasury department has designated not just venezuela's vital oil industry but its entire banking sector as a target of u.s. sanctions and that makes the news way a lot almost untouchable for companies and banks the do business with the united states this is one of venezuela's main ports for bringing in everything from food to fertilizer to manufactured goods but as you can see there is very little activity here according to the government this is because u.s. financial sanctions are scaring off shipping companies and those who do venture to dock here are charging a premium. the sanctions are of course taking a toll on that israel is already crumbling economy and on ordinary citizens the theory being that they will provoke a painful but
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a relatively quick ouster of president nicolas maduro. recent history however disproves this theory. who are going to look at the sanctions against cuba that they remove the castro no they only hurt the lives of the q. they remove assad in syria that they take out saddam in iraq or in zimbabwe know that you get rid of all of them because you applied sanctions no. in fact in the last three months the government has been busy finding ways to circumvent the sanctions and israel is foreign minister travelling the world over closing economic cooperation deals in countries like turkey syria and south africa out of reach of u.s. sanctions. not to mention military and oil industry feels with russia. this sense of an israel or was isolated but nothing could be further from the truth we are working hard to diversify our commercial ties with all the countries there
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was much bigger than the united states and it's not the fifty countries that follow washington's order. these efforts are unlikely to reverse venezuela's profound economic crisis but could give me more room to maneuver the u.s. vols to tighten the financial news even further but if that doesn't work the united states could be tempted to resort to other more direct methods of obtaining regime change with all that they imply. you see in human eye what it took other than his way. tens of thousands of displaced syrians are waiting to leave the remote refugee camp on the border with jordan and conditions there are worsening and has led to nearly two thousand people leaving sana'a to reports. forty thousand syrians are trapped in this remote corner of syria where there is little to sustain life there is a way out of rock band camp through record door opened by the russian military it leads
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to their villages and towns which have returned to government control after years of fighting worsening conditions in the camp is why almost two thousand people left even if it meant returning to their homes without security guarantees. the situation is horrible there is no aid children have been deprived of an education we want to go back to our hometowns the campus surrounded by syrian government forces but it lies within a so-called de confliction zone agreed to by the u.s. and russia and american military bases nearby if it is close to the road between damascus and baghdad once a major supply route for iranian weapons into syria the syrian government and its allies want u.s. forces to leave the area. by.
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alternately. russia repeatedly blames the us for preventing syrians from leaving the camp and blocking aid delivery accusations the u.s. military denies russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says the solution is to end what he calls the american occupation. who are the americans unilaterally announced the creation of some kind of safe zone in the region. with a radius of fifty five kilometers it's unclear how big spying the unlawful presence there the occupation is inside the site zone the u.n. wants access to the camp to provide life saving aid many of the displaced won't leave without international security guarantees afraid of what awaits them in government held areas human rights groups have reported arbitrary arrests and forced conscription. to live under the regime the regime can't be
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trusted they want they can open the road to the north so we can leave but russia and syria are not offering safe passage to rebel held areas the u.s. and human rights groups are accusing the proto basket's alliance of using bad to force american troops out of the area that seems unlikely because there is no indication of the americans leaving what is likely is worsening humanitarian conditions for tens of thousands of syrians who many say are bargaining chips in a struggle for power. place in kenya have confirmed reports that gunmen kidnapped two cuban doctors and the north east attack police officer dead before driving off with the two city is close to kenya's border with somalia and ethiopia katherine has the latest from nairobi. this incident happened at nine am local time about six g.m.t. and these two cuban doctors a general practitioner not and a surgeon are part of an exchange program between the kenyan and cuban government
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that started last year so they're heading to walk at the main government hospital in midair our town which is right at the border with somalia companied by two police officers as is procedure in areas that are considered hostile like. this gunmen intercepted the vehicle they were in to into saloon cars they came out shooting killed one of the police officers and we've also had from the police spokesman who has said that police have recovered the vehicle the government vehicle that was carrying the cuban doctors and our entire gating the other police officer who was driving that vehicle of the police spokesman has also said that. the military and other security agents up assuming the kidnappers who have entered somalia and now time is of the essence because their father they go into somalia and specifically to territories that are controlled by al shabaab the more
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difficult it's going to be of security agents to rescue this doctors safely and no one has claimed responsibility but we've seen in the last few years more of such attacks kidnappings assassinations of toxin buses schools who tells quarries and areas like that in areas along the border and this has increased after kenya sent its troops to somalia to fight al-shabaab with other african union forces and alongside some national army and you know we're talking about a border the kenya somalia border that is porous very difficult to say to secure and we've seen a lot of movement in attacks that are happening in kenya for example seen many many of the attackers are able to cross through. from somalia to kenya with relative ease and in fact this particular incident comes just off the back of another abduction in another part of the country in solving kenya to be specific but still
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along the border when last. italian humanitarian worker was abducted and the police are still looking for her. the world health organization says an ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo does not constitute a public health emergency of international concern this despite reports seven hundred people have died including forty three in just the last four days mohammad has the latest. health workers the setup clinics the nascent democratic republic of congo to treat hundreds of ebola patients doctors in beni a working to identify the symptoms as soon as they can we're examining the patients earlier than we've seen them previously and so. these patients may not have developed disease yet so it's something that they need to be followed long term to ensure that they don't develop complications or inflammation and i think we're all still learning from.


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