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decades former bashir stroller also marked by conflict and claims that allegations of human rights abuses are you confident that justice will be served that is one of the most important condition and that is more of the important review quickly for a viewing transition to democracy we need to have justice we need to you know the talent the perpetrator of all these crimes to we can start fresh and we can stop and but if we don't address that that is a problem that we as we are going to encourage others to commit more laps and we have many other things we need because listen to the need for the country the government the step you used to fight and who all of which is dividing sudan is up . for the do fly you know and that is you've been killing sudanese in never had a one war against an enemy outside to that the killing the spanish people and that
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has to stop and we have to deal with the issue of i.d.p.'s at that if you give up on what four million in debt for the mountain that are refugees or i.d.p.'s that have to be addressed it would just advantage at the best if we really want a doing and transition to democracy and respect for human rights and that is what we people have to push on and we will never stop we never rest until we've got that in place the right road map to achieve a doing transitional democracy and respect for human rights and civil rights all right thank you very much for your lies. well it's also had an al-jazeera including . farmers in lebanon want syria to lower trade towers which are putting a squeeze on my livelihoods.
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and i was been raining in it silly pricing for about two days now the slow circulation it's census somewhere around the adriatic in the central med and started rain to italy croatia across ukraine in the court a sharp relief through turkey and running into greece as well now these areas going to carry on seeing the rain the feeding wind the sort of enhancing some degrees not a very warm and giving only seven degrees in berlin and only eighteen london but the sun is out for the most part here the warmth resides in a rather quieter spain and portugal and you beat. now here's the circulation overnight which is cold enough and to give a bit more snow over the alps but we're seeing a slow rise in temperature not in london eleven in berlin but the rain is still there and still focusing on italy croatia greece and now it's more of turkey or mania and ukraine than most of this is over land there's some showers for the south
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of the crete and the central med the certain amount of cloud and a prevailing breeze i think will make tunisia feel a little bit disappointing at least in the north in tunis probably overcast twenty now has more in the way of sunshine rather warmer in robot and this is typical of the far north of africa as you can see all the way towards egypt. it was sponsored by. but i'm a traditional every weekly news anchor going to see recent breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the clouds channelise that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the story that matter the most in bad news a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. you're
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watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now the head of sudan's military transitional council to step down has now been replaced by another general the fact that. the military removed president on one of bashir on thursday many on the streets of welcome the move protests in sudan appeared to be quieting down for now people who are staging a sit outside the military porters have begun to disperse. hundreds of thousands of algerians of rabid nationwide calling for the removal of the ruling elite there but more than one hundred people were arrested in the capital after confrontations with security forces. let's go back to our top story on so that. is
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a member of good if not resistance movement that's helping organize the protests there he wants the army to hold direct talks with the sudanese professional association which is spearheading the protest movement. organized and there are the freedom and change tickler regime so we're all working under that umbrella so that amorello needs to take over and the leaders of them are s.p. eight the city needs professional association so we want army to sit with the. professional association and hand over power to band and then we have our own agreed upon way path to democracy that we have already. decided that we expect them to talk to us first before coming out with a statement we do not want to hear another statement and you not want to hear about state of emergency we don't want to hear about their solutions or what they want
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before we want them to become institution like in any democracy or the army just be an institution that protects the people not not that rules the people we do not want to military rule we do not want to have as a leader we don't want him as a president or when. hundreds of thousands of algerians have rallied nationwide for an eighth week calling for the removal of the ruling elites more than one hundred people were arrested in the capital on friday obstacle foundations with security forces police say eighty officers were injured rob matheson reports. the british clad in traditional role as this woman cries out to crowds of young protesters. the my children are the algerian you feel just like flowers in the spring you are the future i'm with you algeria will be flourishing. in response the crowd cheers moves on to the demonstrations again on all jarius streets despite
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increasing efforts by security forces to reduce the size of the crowds there was a role the blocking there was theirs and. that impeded people from joining the capital. years there was also the use of what can and against a student a few days ago there was also the use of sound. so i think this is also the military is sending signals that the message is we heard you indeed we gave you few concessions about do not ask for too much it's been ten days since the fleet has stepped down after two decades as president following weeks of public demands for him to go but the protesters say everyone linked to both of his government needs to be removed. that includes. a long time beautifully
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ally and the man appointed under the constitution to act as interim leader and who's in presidential elections for july the fourth protesters are also calling on some of the military's top leaders to resign including general are going to whom protesters accuse are not doing enough to rid the country of what they call look for the power a group which they say has been secretly running algeria in the shadow of former president bush of flicka judges if you know the judge algeria has its men algeria doesn't need you there are plenty of people that can rule geria we want them all to leave. all the garden they all need to go we want to tell guy they need to know that the people have empowered us to get rid of the gangs. it's not needed speaking it's forty million algerians women men old people young people are on the streets all of these people are asking you in the name of everything that's holy to leave the country alone to leave its people be algeria is
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a great nation it's greater than any of. the interim government maybe hoping that electing a new president will be enough to satisfy the protesters but the economy is struggling unemployment is high and demonstrators like these say they'll stay on the streets until all those they blame it all gee whiz problems are forced to go rob matheson odyssey. there are saturday is the last day of campaigning ahead of indonesia's general election president joker widodo and his rival probably. both due to hold large rallies in the capsule more than one hundred ninety million people will vote on wednesday wednesday has more from jakarta. after six long months of campaigning this is when it all comes to an end saturday is the law. day the campaign rallies can be held and then it is a waiting game before the election itself on wednesday this is the final election
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rally for the president the organizers of this event saying that mall that more than a million people here for this event we saw similar numbers last weekend for the final big campaign rally in the capital jakarta for the challenger to joko widodo as presidency. this is the same match up that we saw in two thousand and fourteen that time joko widodo won a very tight race to become president of indonesia are expecting it to be tight again this time even though the president has enjoyed a double digit lead in most of the pre-election holding that gap has started to narrow in recent weeks this is also a historic election the first time in indonesia that the presidential election will take place on the same day as legislative elections so it's going to be a very complex possibly confusing process on wednesday and in the days after which when those results are confirmed the numbers are staggering more than one hundred
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ninety million eligible voters right around this country heading to around eight hundred thousand polling stations. ministers in lebanon are campaigning to persuade neighboring syria to reduce its trade tariffs lebanese farmers and business owners say high transit taxes on imported goods are damaging their livelihoods. holder has more from the very least in lebanon. traffic is slow at the border crossing between nothing odd syria. cross border trade has not recovered to the level before syria's war began eighty years ago high custom duties levied by the syrian government are affecting lebanese businesses. we used to pay three hundred dollars per truck now syria is charging one thousand two hundred fifty dollars per truck to transits. syria and that's only for one way thousands of people are suffering from this. syria is lebanon's only traditionally
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friendly neighbor that is why syrian roads are vital to lebanese trade instead of the high cost of air cargo or shipping by sea lebanese traders hope to benefit from the reopening of a main road that crosses into jordan a few months ago but lebanese politicians opposed to the syrian government believe a political price will have to be paid. the same. words. again and again pressures on the lebanese at the time when we witness some lebanese supporters requesting normalization of the syrian regime and this is not acceptable by all means at the start of syria's civil war eight years ago lebanon didn't cut diplomatic ties but hasn't had official links. the syrian government wants to end its isolation the west however is refusing to recognize president bashar assad's government until it implements political reforms it has also pressured its allies
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in the arab world to put on hold reintegrating syria into the arab fold. syria's decision to reopen the border crossing with jordan late last year to jordan softening its stance towards assad but it seems jordan's moves to normalize relations haven't been enough jordan's exports to syria are down by seventy percent and. the syrian jordanian technical committee reached agreements one of them is related to the fees that trucks need to pay jordan is abiding by the agreements but syria is not syria is not facilitating the entry of jordanian products syria has regained control of land crossings restoring its pre-war status as a crucial transit corridor in the region it is leverage that some believe the syrian government is. using to open the door to legitimizing its rule.
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because. syria says israel has launched an air strike on a military academy which is injured at least three soldiers several buildings were destroyed in the town of mussy off in hama province local media say syrian air defenses shot down some of the missiles israel has admitted hitting iranian targets in syria in recent months is yet to comment on this one though first wavers former spy chief has been arrested in spain just weeks after the u.s. issued a warrant for him to go cover is one to buy washington for a legit cocaine trafficking he ran venezuela's military intelligence for over a decade and was a close advisor to the late president chavez in february he became the most influential military figure to declare loyalty to opposition leader one. india is marking the one hundredth anniversary of an attack considered to be one of the worst atrocities committed under british colonial rule it happened in
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a public garden in the northern city of where british soldiers opened fire on thousands of civilians they had gathered for a pro independence rally colonial era records show about four hundred people were killed but other estimates for the number closer to one thousand this week british prime minister to resign may expressed regret but stopped short of a full apology if he appears government says it's prevented attacks planned by the somali based armed group al-shabaab the attorney general says the plotters who were targeting the public have now been arrested separately here now it's fifty nine people including members of ethiopia's armed forces have been detained on suspicion of corruption is the second wave of a corruption crackdown since the prime minister to power last year. u.s. president donald trump is considering
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a plan that would punish political rivals for what he says is that in action over the mexico border he's proposing to send undocumented immigrants to cities that say they will protect them regardless of their legal status john hendren reforms from washington d.c. . president donald trump says he's considering releasing migrants detained at the border into so-called sanctuary cities across the u.s. will bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular area take care of it if it becomes a reality the controversy will plan would be aimed at mostly democratic mayors in cities where police and local authorities declined to enforce u.s. immigration laws except in cases where the federal government has specifically requested help california certainly is always saying oh we want more people and they want more people in their sanctuary cities well we'll give them more people we can give a lot we can give them an unlimited supply and let's see if they're so happy that
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the president cited california cities such as san francisco home to the speaker of the house nancy pelosi who fired back at the president just another. notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful of the challenges that we face as a country as a people to address who we are a nation of immigrants the mayor of another sanctuary city oakland california expressed outrage these are human beings families told her and to use them as political pawns in a game of then dick deafness just takes this administration to a whole new low level mayors say with the designation many undocumented immigrants declined to cooperate with police and other city officials for fear of being deported national security experts describe the idea floated by the president is clearly illegal he might be acting out of frustration he has been repeatedly
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stymied on immigration whether it's his travel ban funding for a border wall or in his case the opposition of democratic mayors his own department of homeland security described this idea is floated and rejected but it's appointed reminder that he is adept at using the considerable resources of his office to strike back at critics. trump's statement came amid an unusually early start to the twenty twenty presidential election one in which he is expected to again make immigration his signature issue john hendren al jazeera washington. let's have a look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now that of sudan's military transitional council has stepped down he's now being replaced by another general abdel fatah both hun a military removed from the shit on wednesday. oh many on the streets of welcome
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the move protests in sudan appear to be quite down for now people who are staging a sit in outside the military headquarters have begun to disperse hundreds of thousands of algerians meanwhile have rallied nationwide in their country calling for the removal of the ruling elite more than one hundred people were arrested in the capital after confrontations with security forces. saturday is the last day of campaigning ahead of indonesia's general election president djoko widowed and his rival prob or so beyond who are holding large rallies in the capital jakarta more than one hundred ninety million people are eligible to vote on wednesday. syria says israel has launched an air strike on the military academy which is injured at least three soldiers several buildings were destroyed in the town of myself and how my province local media say syrian air defenses shot down some of the missiles venezuela's former spy chief has been arrested in spain just
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weeks after the u.s. issued a warrant for him. liz wanted by washington for a legit cocaine trafficking he ran venezuela's military intelligence for over a decade and was a close adviser to late president over chavez in february became the most influential military figure to declare loyalty to opposition leader. if he appears government says it's prevented attacks planned by the somali based armed group. the attorney general says the plotters were targeting the public and have now been arrested separately he announced fifty nine people including members of ethiopia's armed forces been detained on suspicion of corruption north korean leader kim jong un says he's willing to meet the u.s. president the third time if washington comes to talks with quote the right attitude kim made the remarks during a speech to parliament thursday headlines the news continues after the listening
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post. and to your. question the rest of the founding of the wiki leaks website. would be about a. week later not to publish or. perish with an act which says that on top of the tricks that expose child. hello i'm richard ginsburg and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week out of the embassy and heading for the courts ecuador pulls the plug on julian assange what lies ahead for him and wiki
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leaks malaysia's one m.t.b. scandal is one of the world's biggest cases of government corruption it took a while but journalists finally got the story out and. who in khartoum after chance of a revolution go viral. when it comes to media personalities and stories about the news and journalism there are few that come bigger than julian assange and wiki leaks and this past week there have been developments after nearly seven years at the ecuadorian embassy in london a sound was dragged out of the building by british police in response to an extradition request from the united states a sand stands charged with a conspiracy to commit computer intrusion we will be speaking with the wiki leaks editor christian robson in a few moments but first some details on the charges and the timing of julian assange just arrest. this arrest was a long time coming. for years julian assange said that washington was building
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a case big. working towards his extradition to the u.s. for publishing classified defense department documents on the wars in afghanistan and iraq. and state department documents and the so-called diplomatic cables that exposed to the ugly side of american foreign policy this past week was proven wrong. however the indictment released by the u.s. department of justice does not as many predict charges under the espionage act for publishing classified information such a prosecution would have opened the door to criminal investigations of other news organizations including mainstream media outlets that published his material instead the d.o.j. has charged under the computer fraud and abuse and accusing him of pro actively
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helping his source chelsea manning log in to the defense department computers to get the documents in question. regardless of which law u.s. authorities are charging essential press freedom advocates of war the criminalize ation of what essentially does stand accused of such as the use of encrypted messages concealing a source inside and using secure drop boxes all common reporting practices could have precedent setting implications for journalism in the u.s. and beyond. let's start with the context and the question why now given that ecuador took joining us in seven years ago does the decision to expel him from the embassy and probably place him at the mercy of the u.s. justice system simply come down to the fact that the president who initially gave him asylum rafael correa is no longer in power having been replaced by the new president lenin. that's exactly what happened in the the only change that was
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as you know real. was the fact that there was a regime change in ecuador and a president came in that was willing to bow to the pressure willing to. curry favor with the trumpet ministration who had been reports that he in the new york times in december that he was willing to hand julian's arms over to the trumpet of inspiration in exchange for debt relief or favors out the i.m.f. so it didn't come as a surprise and therefore there has been increased pressure inside the it was an embassy in trying to force him out and it ended in this manner this week edward snowden was among the people who tweeted on this right away and he said images of ecuador us ambassador inviting the u.k. secret police into the embassy to drag a publisher of like it or not award winning journalism out of the building are going to end up in the history books and just critics may cheer but this is a dark moment for press freedom how do you see this president. i totally agree was
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no doubt on this it is a very dark day and it sets up presidents that is totally very dangerous for journalists and editors publishers all around the world if you can actually. journalist to also a country the united states for publishing the truth. no journalist can be secure so this must be stopped this must be resisted in or money of this it has to unify journalists around this cause whatever they may think about julian ourselves prosecutors allege that in march of two thousand and ten julian assange agreed to assist chelsea manning his source in cracking a password that would allow manning to get access to some of those classified u.s. defense department documents that would later be released through wiki leaks did that in fact happen and how problematic will that be for julian assange just a case well this communication let's communication between julian and gel jim
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bunning has been out in the open for years there is a row. frizzy or to an alleged communication between a journalist and a source and what is dragged forth there is a quote the julian signs allegedly said to chelsea manning curious eyes never run dry and that is supposed to be a proof of conspiracy it's outrageous let's not forget the fact that chelsea manning was sentenced to thirty five years in prison. served seven years of that time she is now been hold back in two into prison for refusing to testify against the julian assange and wiki leaks so this has been the escalation we have children money in prison we also have julian assange is in prison so it's coming to. in this saga where a journalist
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a publisher and an editor is going to face prison time for doing what journalists are supposed to be doing the charges in the u.s. carry a maximum jail time of five years first of all do you take the u.s. justice department at its word on that no i mean there are two things to consider here first this is. there's a reference to hacking here and being reported in media conspiracy or hacking which is very strange depiction of this but secondly. this is only a the tip of the iceberg because we are absolutely certain that this is only one of the charges that will be brought on sounds and they will be added on more charges when he arrives if you arrives in the united states in chains. it's it's specifically presented in his manner in our opinion to increase the likelihood that he will be extradited because people say well it's only five years
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so many news outlets published material furnished to them by wiki leaks over your busiest period there were the afghan war logs the iraq war logs the u.s. diplomatic cables there was a feeding frenzy among mainstream media news organizations with that material the new york times for instance published wiki leaks material commodified it turned it into clicks profited from it and published an editorial yesterday in which it kind of sat on the fence whereas the guardian in the u.k. said extraditing sanchez is wrong the new york times sat on the fence and were a very carefully worded editorial on that what do you make of the way news outlets have covered this story this week. well they have been trying to play it very safe and it seems to me that the new york times or rather the tauriel. seem to be content to to fall on that plot to say that well this is not charges for
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publication this is not charging for journalism but something totally different they are falling into buying the narrative of the trump administration which i think is just disgraceful we all know what this is about it's about the idea of revelations of war crimes in iraq and afghanistan and that is what it's about the guardian changed it to and we have we have been very critical guardian and we have to take them to court for a libelous and fabricated story that printed on november twenty seventh which was. dangerous one the one on the allegation that. poor man a ford had somehow secretly had a meeting in the ecuadorian embassy on three occasion which is everybody knows is a total fabrication they will not reject it written by luke harding written by look harding and on call ins of the with the help of a third party from ecuador actually so the guardian changed the tone and came to the right conclusion on this issue do you think julian assange can get
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a fair trial in the us do you think get a fair extradition hearing in the u.k. which is more likely in your view. well if i would take into account the snarky comments by the judge last week about him being a narcissistic personality and what have you with that was totally outrageous so you don't have high hopes i had don't know what to do not have high hopes in the u.k. a court system with. trial in the united states it's totally impossible to have a fair trial is that if you consider the harsh words from the high of officials throughout the years and now from members of the trump administration there is no chance that he was going to a fair trial there jeremy corbyn the british opposition leader has come out and said flat out that the extradition of julian assange to the us for exposing evidence of atrocities in iraq and afghanistan should be opposed by the british government can u.k. politicians make a difference or is it too late for that. of course they can make
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a difference and thank you for the report for politicians to his cause and of they they have an effect of full on public opinion they might be even be in office when . this comes to. in the courts here of course they make a difference just in the same manner that outrageous comments by politicians in the united states make it totally impossible for a fair trial there this case is about more than julian assange it's about the president and the children and they said amongst other news organizations i'm wondering how effective wiki leaks can be with julian assange behind bars even with that even with the organization for ten years you're now an editor are you going to continue to publish information at the rate that you have been we have been of course restrained by the situation that julian has been in for years but we have tried to work around it and we've had the ways and means to do that in the weeks
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and months would julian has been without any ability to communicate with the outside world except through lawyers and a couple of colleagues that go in so we believe we are able to work around it and we can leave we'll continue this work christian her absence thank you very much for joining us here at the listening post today thanks. last week malaysia's former prime minister najib razak went on trial over one of the biggest corruption scandals the world has ever seen the media shorthand for the case is one m.t.b. it involves a sovereign wealth fund by the same name that najib set up it lost billions almost seven hundred million dollars of which is alleged to have ended up in his own back account the malaysian media are all over the story but it wasn't always that way.


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