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and his unique artistic work. the french oriented list on al-jazeera. it is. a global icon burns by the french president promises it will rise again. because. we will rebuild this cathedral together and it was on glee part of the french destiny. hello and welcome to al-jazeera on live from my headquarters in doha with the mayor as a product also ahead protesters in sudan refuse to back down from their demand for a civilian government fear and despair groups thousands of libyans displaced by the fierce fighting for control of the capital tripoli and
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a call to action hundreds of londoners block traffic to raise awareness on climate change. the world has watched one of its most famous and treasured monuments go up in flames the centuries old not your dog food and powers was engulfed by a massive fire on monday evening president and has promised to rebuild the city of paris and french culture natasha back to reports from paris. an unimaginable sight not for time because the ravaged by flames a symbol of paris and french history collapsing in smoke it was seven o'clock in the evening local time when the fire broke out hundreds of firefighters and emergency service workers with their within minutes as thick smoke rose above the city people watched in shock and disbelief what a loser. we saw the spire collapse was shocked it's eight hundred fifty years of
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history it's hard working with cellphone. chaotic scenes as police try to evacuate the area. does not sound good legal. ground no paramount and. learning center started raining to the ground and that is why police here are trying to put everybody back well there is a payoff for what they're worried about is more of that roof collapsing they're worried about the smoke being toxic little worried the people safety as night fell firefighters fear that the twelve sentry gothic cathedral would collapse completely after working tirelessly for hours they managed to control the fire. the french president visited the site and promised to rebuild not to damage the cathedral he said that was cherished by so many similar to this well not to derm is our history our literature or imagination the place where we have lived all our great moments
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our epidemics our wars our liberation it is the epicenter of our lives it is the standard from which distances start and from which we can measure ourselves from paris it is full of books of paintings it is a cathedral that belongs to all frenchmen and women even to those who have never come here. firefighters say the fire could be linked to renovation work in paris as prosecutor has opened an inquiry whatever the cause the sight of a cathedral the distant majestically in paris for centuries crumbling in hours has deeply saddened people across the city and the world. al-jazeera parents. of the eight hundred fifty year old cathedral is one of the finest examples of french gothic architecture constructed during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries said to be built over a pagan roman city called the t.c. here where the last time the cathedral suffered major damage was during the french revolution the main towers a sixty nine meters high and they were the tallest structures in paris until the
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eiffel tower was completed in one thousand nine hundred nine nearly thirteen million people visit the cathedral every year it has been in dire need of restoration. louis cohen is a professor of architectural history at new york university and he says that all is not lost. emotionally everyone is devastated in stroke but let's be clear that the main stone structure of the cathedral is extending the stone vaults have been sometimes the local lead to muddiest what has burned essentially the roof structure two thirds of the roof which is basically wooden carpentry extremely important historically because it was still the original woodwork so this seems to be largely gone together with the spire which found them so spectacularly. then which was reconstruction of the nineteenth century you need self
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a great piece of work but but by no means a medieval object so would say that the cathedral as long lost its hat but it is still standing and is perfectly rebuild of all apparently what happened was a fire and it's very often because of cyrus of such historical buildings an accident on the building site for the restoration of part of the structure so it what fire was brought from the exterior scaffoldings into the church and i would say that slurry is often a problem but also one shouldn't forget that in many far more damage is created by water is generated by immense our poor ace of water than by the fire itself so we know with a pure becomes another another curse that pictures of the initial smoke from the
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cathedral overfocused of. media. have more of the online reaction. it's been a huge story on line with an outpour of sadness and even shock not just in france but from around the world now most of the top trending worldwide hashtags like these. have been on this story with plenty of witnesses sharing their videos and photos live from the scene and when it was all unfolding now this heat about to show you here shows the media social media engagement in this story and it's an explosion of online traffic that you see that peaks from about six pm local time on winds but by far the moment that quote the most attention has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times online was actually this of when the iconic spike collapsed you can even hagar in shock from people there this was taken from a boat on the river sent by kelli weymouth she's a student in paris the last time the gothic cathedral suffered major damage was the
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french revolution but has since actually survived both world wars and then take a look at this three d. google map because it shows not before the damage you can see it sits right in the middle of the river sen which runs through the capital the spine has come down since this image was taken you see the spire in the middle there that's been destroyed as well as two thirds of the roof but luckily these are the two towers of the front the north and south ones that have been saved and just last week some of the statues on top of this cathedral were removed for restoration so those are safe it's all part of a seven million dollar renovation project and people have been gathered in paris and they watched of course on in shock. with. feeling helpless some of them started singing hymns and praying outside the
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cathedral in fact this video of bystanders seeing over in maria has been viewed more than five million times on twitter it's been widely shared as well with many referring to this scene as powerful and moving and many on social media have also been thanking the firefighters for trying to save such a night. building. this video to you has been shared online showing people per acting for the firefighters and shouting out in support as they walked past the crowds as in plenty of online reaction from was leaders of course we heard earlier from micron as well as the us president but he also tweeted as he does the suggestions of fly in water tankers puts out the fire quickly something many people of course have wondered but it has been pointed out that water from a high point would be too heavy and even damaging the mayor of london has also tweeted saying heartbreaking scenes of not should i'm cathedral in flames and he also added that london stands in sorrow with paris today in for and in friendship
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always and the president of the european council that sir donald tusk he also wrote our lady of paris is our lady of all europe we are all with power this today and here's a picture that's been so many times of the hash tag is the fictional character in victor hugo's novel the hunchback of notre dame and in this drawing by christina career he's looking very sad as he holds the cathedral in his arms. let's move on to other news now demonstrators in sudan's capital are continuing their push for an immediate transition to civilian rule the protest leaders are also calling for deposed president omar al bashir is party to be disbanded they want the head of the judiciary and the attorney general to be sacked or morgan has more from car thaw despite a military coup ousting bashir last thursday and his successor twenty four hours later the sit in and protests continue to occupy a lot more we insist on continuing with this revolution until our demands are met
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our demands are new and clear bringing down the regime completely they're angry because they feel their revolution is being stolen by the military council that overthrew bashir the council has appointed members from the military to run the country it's promised them all parties. inclusive government for the transitional period but and that the military supervision that's something those on the streets refused to accept protests that have been here in front of the army headquarters and hot zone for more than ten days and they say they're ready to stay for even longer if their demands are not met they want to dismantling of the security intelligence agency as well as accountability for there were five members of the former regime but most of all they want to civilian government in a country that has been ruled by a military leader for more death eighty years the military council says it won't use force to disperse the protesters something activists say they attempted to do on monday morning it has issued orders to reform the security agency and the judiciary and says it's arrested officials from the previous government who will be
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held to account but it insists protest groups and political parties must agree on the structure of a transitional government the second version of the guy that was if we need to agree on the basis of forming the government the ball is now in their court there was a question on the timeline for the ball is in the cultural political forces and the other bodies that i mentioned from organizations use and women if they are ready today and agree on anything we are ready to execute our michigan your thought that we have met with the military council and told them that we want a transition period of no more than one year while others wanted to be as long as four years sudanese professional association the group spearheading the protest say the way to end the sit in is clear we want the government to be handed to a civilian. body we want the media council to be council and a new council to be formed which is really in major media the media by civilians
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with some military visitation and this is no i mean the moment then we want also the transitional government we all its executive rights and to extend the transitional period to four years but as political parties and other groups negotiate the terms of the new government. so now continues under the rule of the military and the sitting continues he will morgan al-jazeera hutton and. now sudan's transitional council has confirmed its commitment to the saudi led military coalition and yemen ousted president on mile but she has sent hundreds of soldiers to the war torn country in twenty fifteen to help fight for the rebels a senior sudanese military official told local media that they will remain there until the arab alliance achieves its goals as the first major foreign policy announcement by the country's new military involvement. now the un's on war to yemen says the internationally recognized government and hope the rebels have accepted a plan to withdraw their forces from the port city of are they there the redeployment
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was part of a ceasefire agreed in december but has been repeatedly delayed both sides have said they'll pull back several kilometers and what would be the first voluntary for the truth of the conflict mike hanna has more from the united nations. the parties to the conflict have agreed to a phased withdrawal from the port city of the data that's according to special representative martin griffith who says in the past week both the yemeni government and the hutu rebels have agreed to implement the two stage withdrawal that was agreed to back in february however there's been no timeline in the stablished for the first phase to begin and while the conflict continues so too does the humanitarian crisis the council was told that some seventy percent of yemen's population already need of humanitarian relief over the last two weeks fighting nearly one hundred thousand people from. about half of other
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areas in which is an extremely poor water scarcity street and. three hundred thousand displaced. you know actually just a few kilometers from the main water source. if i actually damages this we could very quickly see a major catastrophe and the bleak news given to the council that the un is simply running out of money the council was told that it donor nations did not increase their contributions the u.n. will be unable to carry out military operations. to libya now where two remained locked to the battle over the capital tripoli on monday italy's prime minister met with the qatari foreign minister just have a contest and called for a ceasefire and the. there's libyan national forces from recently gained ground
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they also voiced concerns about the humanitarian situation both leaders are urged the immediate return to talks and renewed political discussions with the un as a moderator. we wish and we are working with determination to prevent the continuation of a military confrontation we wanted immediate cease fire and we wish the national liberation army the l.a. will pull back those who thought that the military option could support the stability of libya in these days in these hours were proved wrong solutions based on force look to weapons never bring solutions never bring sustainable solutions still ahead on the. toys seven afghan children killed in the mind of the threat from ana. and remembering a painful history. a final batch of documented argentina's military dictatorship.
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hello school the weather's been reported throughout pakistan particularly in the south and it's all part of this frontal system here which wraps itself around the driving head over afghanistan and so that is where the current rain or snow is likely to be the still there on tuesday some rain in pakistan some across india as well mostly up through afghanistan and beyond on the western side if you like the foothills of the himalayas most iran therefore is dry there is more cloud and rain now showing itself over turkey of syria down to lebanon as well and just hang around soon northern iraq is just gold in the rock was eighteen by dozen the sunshine or hung around the thirty mark and barriers up to seventeen degrees so there was a sunshine show when you take the cloud away you're not driving
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a cold wind and that's true for the south as well there has forecast max at thirty four abu dhabi slowly trying to catch up in land in oman we're in the middle of that he's now as you can see meccas hovering around the forty mark but not quite making it an increase in the breeze suggests rather dusty picture come wednesday the eastern sadi and possibly kuwait as well. crossing the soul has showed itself well worth it some big showers there coming back slowly in the cases zimbabwe unfortunately and central mozambique. sponsored. this was wrong to teach children away from the appearance of them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is. looked after so i don't remember the children's names. kind of
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dark secret. it's good to have you without the knowledge is there and these are our top stories the centuries old watchdog and paris has been engulfed by a massive fire firefighters have managed to save the main structure of the world famous cathedral but it's fire and have collapsed french president emanuel that has promised to rebuild and french billionaire francois on says he'll give more than one hundred million dollars to help with that process protesters and saddam's captain are continuing their push for civilian leadership after president omar al
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bashir was ousted by the military on monday the military council he said it would appoint a new chief of staff of the army and a deputy and after several delays the u.n. on water yemen says the government and what the rebels have agreed to withdraw troops from the port city of one day that both sides have said they'll pull back several kilometers. the united states has handed argentina the final batch of thousands of declassified documents relating to the years of terror under the military government human rights investigators hope they'll cast light on what happened to some of the estimated thirty thousand people who were killed or disappeared between one thousand nine hundred eighty six and nine hundred eighty three daniel reports from. it's a huge boost to those who for nearly four decades have been fighting for justice in argentina demanding information forty nine thousand previously classified documents were studied thirteen thousand delivered in the largest collection the united
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states has ever given to a foreign country. this will greatly help our search for the truth many already know many in the justice system have shown that there are many testimonies but it's different when they are helped with documents which give dates names and situations the documents cover military rule in argentina from one nine hundred seventy six to one nine hundred eighty three when an estimated thirty thousand people were killed or disappeared thousands more were tortured the cold war was still raging and the u.s. was keenly observing developments sometimes supporting and sometimes criticizing and putting pressure on the key players. this building was one of the main detention centers during the dictatorship with hundreds of prisoners tortured and killed here that period is still an open wound in our society with many questions still unanswered many secrets still untold these thousands of previously secret cia f.b.i. and u.s. embassy documents cover three u.s.
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presidents ford carter and reagan they will help to uncover some of the horror reveal some of the guilty and provide answers to some of the questions still being asked by the survivors and families of the victims but no one is expecting immediate startling revelations. in general the. he was declassified documents. did not uncover any new cases but they give us more pieces towards the jigsaw which is very complicated. but the project was initiated by the then us president barack obama in two thousand and sixteen and completed by his successor donald trump to the argentine president. it's a treasure trove from the past which many hope will ease some of the pain still being felt today. zero one osiris. congressional investigators are pursuing the u.s. president's business dealings by issuing subpoenas to multiple financial institutions the house committees have subpoena daughter bank as part of the
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investigation the german bank has been trance long term lender the house intelligence and financial services committees have also demanded documents from institutions including j.p. morgan chase bank of america and citi group israel's president has begun meeting with political parties to decide who will form the next government riven revenant met first with benjamin netanyahu is look at a party which won the most seats in the april nine vote netanyahu intends to build a coalition with the far right and ultra orthodox jewish parties rather than later held talks with the blower blue and white alliance which came a close second. fairness have been held for seven children killed in afghanistan when a mortar that they were playing with exploded ten others were wounded in the blast and instead at logon province reports now on how children are the most vulnerable to unexploded munitions scattered around the country during nearly two decades of
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war. in this small village of lanky doe in eastern afghanistan hundreds of men gather to pray for seventeen young boys. their perception through the symmetry is because of a single mortar as a sunset on sunday the boys found it and played with it it exploded. into this community is on the front lines of the war in an area by the taliban its elders say fighting has peaked in the last year or couldn't so one of the mourners filmed for us recording on his screens grapple with losing the son just. ten boys were wounded in the blast most were brought here to loveman hospital they tell us how they were all of history fishing when they found the water it was thirty metres from an army base. who were so good in fact that we threw the mortar in the potato field the other boys came and threw it in the stream we were there
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because we wanted to catch fish. because some children put the mortar in a potato field then in the evening other boys came and they wanted to buy the rocket or scrap metal they were fetching it and we ran away and then they threw it in the stream and it exploded. these boys avoided serious injuries and amputation saved by the distance to the explosion last year and nearly fifteen hundred civilians were either killed or hurt by land mines and unexploded munitions that number has tripled since twenty twelve and it's children who are hurt the most of those killed by. unexploded bombs or rockets eighty percent of children think they are playing with a toy. they're not and this is the result parents warning their children the un started a mine clearing program thirty years ago and in that time has removed eighteen million unexploded munitions for the boys of blank door took just one to in seven
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young lives charlotte dallas al-jazeera kabul. to nigeria and l. the country is africa's biggest economy and the continent's largest oil producer bob that wealth hasn't trickled down for more than half the population living in extreme poverty the president promised to diversify the economy and his recent election campaign barters how do we toss our reports from state nigeria is even struggling to grow its own food. first is cleaned the machine also peels off the skin removing any soil live from the plant. in its ground into a sticky pulp the water is squeezed out after a few more processes but becomes a flower a staple food for nigerians the government's trying to increase food production for local consumption as well as to sell a broad it says agriculture could help reduce nigeria's dependence on crude oil.
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exports imports. export to. nigeria is the largest producer of casaba in the world to encourage more farmers to grow the crop commercially the government says it will improve access to finance and will try to attract more private investment in the sector nigeria imports a lot of it which is the fourth using money earned from selling its oil now farmers will be encouraged to grow. and over has some progress if there are not enough to feed the country. cooking with has been a way of life for generations but much of it is to systems farming not commercial these women grow just enough for their families the little left over is sold for a few dollars. sitter does everything by hand she can afford machines to grind into
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flour she says she barely makes enough to feed her six children. you know. our. children. don't need to you don't need to mourn the life you have to. leave the. economists say diversifying nigeria's economy after decades of lying maybe an oil won't be easy it needs more political will and more input from locals but there are signs some people are starting to see farming as a viable business one delivery at a time. al-jazeera ogun state nigeria. now to his journalists who've been jailed in myanmar have won a pulitzer prize for the very story that they have been punished for. and choice or
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who have won the prestigious on or for an investigative report about the massacre of ten men by security forces they were arrested on december twenty seven tane are serving a seven year sentence for violating the country's official secrets act war says it is proud of their work but will only celebrate when the journalists are free. now thousands of protesters blocked some of london's busiest areas on monday demanding action on climate change but it smith was among the protesters and the british capital. this will perhaps be the generation that really notices the effects of climate change their parents' frustration of the lack of action on the environment is they say what's forced them to take part in peaceful civil disobedience even in the cause as we go past the gang leaflets and you know so many will look at it and they don't like it makes them angry that it really there were others agree and others are worried about climate change and they see what we're doing and we're like the eye of the storm and are getting sucked in across central
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london thousands of protesters moved to block traffic they've set up camp sites and waterloo bridge was one of five locations turned into a car free picnic site the government aren't talking about this crisis as if it is emergency they are mobilizing all of our systems in order to turn. just this crisis and it's not just the government immediate same at the center as the biggest emergency we're facing and neither do teachers because that enables it is not within the curriculum with traffic diverted a major shopping streets empty of vehicles this was oxford circus not everyone was persuaded by the protests from the truck so i put it off to the trying to make everybody who was looking for like the day i shouted out the offer to consume me i was in the illusion extinction rebellion says these protests will be repeated in more than eighty cities across the globe here in london a plan to keep roads blocked day and night. for protesters of mannish bring much of central london to a standstill in what they're saying is
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a new form of civil disobedience to force people worldwide to pay attention to climate change they say they're going to be doing this for the next two weeks. hello again i'm elizabeth brown i'm in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera one of the world's most famous and treasured monuments has been devastated by a massive fire the blaze quickly spread through the centuries old cathedral in paris firefighters did manage to save the main structure of the gothic monument but this fire and roof have totally collapsed the thirteenth century monument was undergoing major renovation work and some firefighters say that may have been the cause president a man who has promised to rebuild the symbol of paris and french culture that has the latest from paris. well french prisons or men or mark or has spoken about the
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drama that has unfolded in paris with those with a fire that spread throughout the not to die because the jewel neck he has said that that fire has now been stabilized he has said that the worst has been averted and what he means is the firefighters are saying that their fear is earlier that this building would collapse of in fact been averted it's no longer the case they have managed to stabilize and control that blaze and what they're doing now is firing water jets at the building to try and cool it down to avoid any further parts collapsing but the flames continue the fire hasn't been extinguished protesters in sudan's capital are continuing their push for civilian leadership after toppling president or model but she'd demonstrators held a certain outside the defense ministry compound in khartoum the ruling military council said it will appoint a new chief of staff of the army. after several delays the u.n. envoy to yemen says the internationally recognized government and hope the rebels have agreed to withdraw troops from the port city of her data both sides have said
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they'll pull back several kilometers catherine and italy have called for new talks as libya's two viable sides remain locked in a military confrontation of the capital tripoli prime minister has called for a cease fire to reuters journalists who've been jailed in myanmar have won a pulitzer prize winner and choice have won the prestigious on a for an investigative report about the massacre of ten for him to men by myanmar security forces they were arrested in december twenty seventh teen and are serving a seven year sentence for violating the country's official secrets act. i'll have another news bulletin for you in just under thirty minutes coming up next is the stream thank you for watching. on counting the cost big on symbolism big on rational rate but what has brazil's president got to show for a country struggling to recover from a recession and his india's prime minister seeks another term where i actually kept
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his election promises counting the cost on al-jazeera. and i really could be loud and here in the stream today in india at the polls where look at three issues surrounding the world's biggest exercise in democracy we want to hear what you have to say about the indian elections what outcome are you hoping for what is the no in our live chat or on twitter. mario talker i'm a reporter record india and you are in the stream. a general election is underway in india and for the next five weeks nine hundred million indians will be eligible to cost ballots for members of parliament who will ultimately choose the next prime minister today will discuss the potential reelection of prime minister narendra modi.


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