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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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on al-jazeera. this is. hello i'm the star and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes addressing the nation france's president vows to rebuild. and lays out an ambitious timetable. fighting increases around the libyan capital as the united nations calls for an end to the violence. a longtime ally of algeria's ousted president resigns we'll look at what it means for protesters who want all every other guard gone. and egypt's parliament moves to extend the president's term
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and give more political power to the military. france's figuring out how to rebuild its iconic parisian cathedral a day after a massive fire and golfed the not trigger on two thirds of its roof have collapsed and donations have reached nearly one billion dollars french president emanuel is hopeful the not true don could be repaired within five years al-jazeera is but at smith reports. it was a hellish scene inside one of christianity's most important cathedrals. burning cinders rained down on the center of the cathedral such was the danger from falling debris that a robot firefighter was. legendary overflowed espousals of liters of water was pumped into the flame. eight. hundred years of
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history but taken just eight hours to go up in flames the altar what's left of it is now exposed to the heavens. such as the importance of not to the french that the president addressed the nation. what we saw last night in paris is this ability to mobilize and unite and when doing our history we've built cities ports churches many have been burned all have been destroyed by wars revolutions by our own fault each time we rebuilt them the fire of our lady reminds us that our history never stops and that we will always have tests to overcome. had been undergoing renovation when it became engulfed in flames more than two hundred thousand kilos of lead and thousands of mediæval open beams in the roof court fight easily and fast. four hundred year old paintings hanging high in the cathedral have been damaged but firefighters and staff formed
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a human chain to save other artifacts. thrones golden candelabras gem incrusted crucifixes and other relics will be transferred to the louvre museum for storage but this united nations world heritage site will need to go through a careful lengthy and expensive restoration process it's really a site that it is here to unload all the reasons but it's the whole of france but also the whole of humanity because it's a symbol for not only for the christian god it's a symbol for the unit. of it is accurate tactile language is so unique in the world there's only one. before the fire broke out the catholic church was asking for around one hundred seventy million dollars to fund restoration work the state offered about forty five million dollars now money is being pledge from across the world but it will cost many hundreds of millions of dollars more to restore not
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a down to its former glory twenty four hours after the fire and there is still a sense of shock it's a bit of what you did when you were i felt it out of emotions last night with my children as we were watching t.v. so here i am now. and sad but at the same time there he happy to see the french people united we needed that. i'm a catholic but even if you're not it's part of your life it's unimaginable it disfigures paris. as people prayed and marched through the streets. messages of support came from other faiths france's chief rabbi offered friendship and support the french counsel of the muslim faith called for donations to help restore what it called the heart of the history of france bernard smith al-jazeera paris. well over its eight hundred fifty year history the not saddam cathedral has amassed dozens of ancient artifacts and historical treasures many have been
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salvaged from the building but some are feared to have been lost forever perhaps one of the most famous things saved is the relic of the crown of thorns which is believed to have been placed on the head of jesus christ at his crucifixion not saddam was also home to what is said to be a fragment of the true cross upon which jesus was crucified and an original nail that was used both of them are safe the tunic of st louis has also been saved it's a thirteenth century linen garment said to have been said to have belonged to king louis the only french king to have become a saint notre dame's eight thousand pipe organ has been damaged but not destroyed originally built in fourteen zero three it's one of the largest organs in the world and there are conflicting reports about how damaged the cathedral's rose windows are its fear that the high temperatures could have melted the lead that holds the panes in place so what will it take to rebuild a gothic masterpiece like not that has that part of the story. the french
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presidency man or mark or is saying that he would like to see not rebuilt in five years well that seems something of an ambitious target because many building experts are saying that it would take maybe ten fifteen years or even longer because it's such an enormous challenge there has been so much damage done in any case any rebuilding that has to happen will take place over several stages first of all there has to be an assessment inside not to down because the firefighters are trying to make sure that it's structurally safe for engineers and architects to even be able to go in and then of course how do you rebuild do you do something different and creative would you try and restore it to its former glory those are some of the questions which will lead to be honest no matter what they were it does seem that the idea of rebuilding the. so the jewel. monument in the heart of a chord with people around the world because the donations have been flooding in
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hundreds of millions of dollars pledged by private individuals. french companies the general public people even coming forward and offering to donate their skills craftsman carpenter. masons builders people saying. there is a sense of unity of not in many respects as many people in paris and around the world together. now we're getting reports of increased fighting around the libyan capital tripoli al jazeera. joins us live on the phone with the latest just how heavy is the shelling we're seeing now oh it's just it's probably. around one hour ago we heard huge explosions and that random rockets landed and hit it eventually period and landed it killing and wondering is civilians including women and children that's according to minutes
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from councils in tripoli city center and. she says with a government of national accord say that they have been forced to have been called to. carry a. weapon. media. to flying pictures of many parts of the libyan casualties and victims. the affected neighborhoods are not far from the city simply beyond somehow the events line of the government forces many people here along doing light of the international community is not putting to shoot them half that is to stop the escalation in and around the capital
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should probably by the way did not the first time have been for some civilian areas as a parade for. launches military offensive to take control of the capital tripoli many people lied more than seventy people died in chipley including civilians. when we held that have to those forces are trying through each of the cities sympathetic from different directions but unfortunately many civilians. and the victims for as yes enough went out to watch it on the ground for us in tripoli without saying thank you love life. well the chairman of algeria's constitutional council tiber lies has quit his post anti-government protesters had been calling for his resignation saying he's part of
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a ruling elite that should be completely replaced victoria reports. celebrations on the streets of this following the resignation of time. he quit is chairman of algeria's powerful constitutional council the country's highest judicial body which oversees presidential and parliamentary elections to millions of protesters he represented an establishment that is corrupt and ineffective he was an ally of former president up to lizzie's beautifully who himself stepped down earlier this month after all jiri and demanded his twenty year rule and. was that belize's decision to quit is unlikely to quell the two month long protests algerians want to revamp of the entire political establishment there's a significant resignation but the same time i don't think it's a nuff to satisfy the demands of the protesters who really want a genuine transition and that's led by an independent figures following belize's
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resignation algeria's army chief guide salah said the military is looking at all options to find a solution to end the crisis. i'd like to reconfirm that all perspectives are available in order to overcome all the difficulties as soon as possible for the sake of the nation supreme interests regardless of personal interests. on the streets to discontent continues the same protest as he wanted beautifully out are unhappy with the appointment by parliament last week about to cut a big seller as interim president the protesters would want obviously this president of the constitution the council. in place. would the. in the person with they call them done the total to be with you which is not good but we do the prime minister and his government to go the new president will nominate
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the new prime minister and this new prime minister will follow the technocratic government. derian to conserve the old guard maybe maneuvering to maintain its influence they say that determined to continue pushing for real change victoria gate and be there. while france's jail is an associate senior researcher at the basilan a center for international affairs he explains the strength of the country's constitution during this transitional period. the full the prime minister reformist prime minister of all german wrote a very notable article in which he explained that the constitution as it stands is not capable of providing the means or the engineering for composition a government we have a prime minister who has no authority we have ministers who are basically who are nothing of the new minister of finance the former governor the central bankers being complicit with all the. financial shenanigans of the last few years and
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so the mr pointed out that you needed a different form of transition the other point about the transition is that for instance you want to revive the electoral role will gade sardar seems to think you can do this in ten days that's absolutely impossible you need a few months then you've got ramadan coming so you come possibly have an election which makes sense and which would be clean in all the east in july but something else happened today when the chief of staff gade sylar warns the former head of into security general to feel media in who was pushed out of his job three years ago at the request of president bush to flee guys he was then was warned of to stop this provocation now these are this is a battle royal between two men of seventy nine who are symbolic of the former regime and so what's going to happen in the next few days or weeks is difficult to
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say i suspect this government which the algerians called the who comment to mickey mickey mouse government and the expression is actually quite apis it will not last very long the question then is how do form a transition team which is actually credible in the eyes of the protesters who've required great legitimacy and in the new which is capable of if you will a managing the institution of government during the transition period. plenty more ahead on this news hour including sudanese crowds keep up the pressure on the military commanders who've taken power demanding civilians be put in charge. the first shipment of humanitarian aid arrives in venezuela as the u.n. estimates that more than a quarter of the population is in desperate need. and in sports i.x. of course another massive champions league upset this time knocking juventus out in
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the quarter finals. egypt's parliament has a rubber stamp constitutional amendments that could kick that could keep president . in power for another decade the parliament which is dominated by sisi supporters for to five hundred thirty one to twenty two in favor of the amendments the measures will also give the military a more formal role in the country's politics a referendum will be held to approve the changes within the next thirty days while dalia fahmy is an associate professor of political science at long island university and she joins us now on skype from new jersey zalia these constitutional amendments don't just relate to presidential term limits are they concerned about the future of the military and judicial independence. absolutely so people are focusing right now on the fact that seems to be in power for another decade or so
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but the critical thing is that the military would be and i quote there to preserve the constitution and the democracy and to maintain the basic pillars of the state and civilian nature what that means is that the new tell you will have power over the state now this is the first time in egypt's modern history where the military has the formal power over the state and over the government and over the constitution. aside from that the lower house that exists today would be reduced significantly by sisi and there would be the creation of an upper house an upper house that a third of which would be appointed by the president so you would have a legislative body that was not just not just a rubber stamp but is really in the way he wants to shape it to preserve his power now the third part is that she would be in charge of the judiciary essentially appointing judges and the public prosecutor and she would be in charge of the role of judges in society and so that you we used to look at the judiciary as
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a last vestige of some semblance of independence some kind of check on the power of the executive with these constitutional amendments do is put the executive branch or the president above the parliament and the judiciary with the military solidifying power around that now when we think about what constitutions are supposed to be for constitutions are essentially the contract between the state and society where essentially the constitution is it a protect the rights of civilians with this constitution is now designed to protect is the c.c. regime which is very different and essentially the constitution is all about it also removes a lot of procedural protections and checks on contracts and bidding and military role in the economy it actually removes all of those checks and so essentially this constitution is not just not in keeping with democracy and human rights and the root of the arab spring it actually does solidify military authoritarian rule in
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egypt that they mention the arab spring how does this compare with the palace that mubarak's regime held before the revolution. this is unprecedented in egypt's history this is far beyond mubarak's power and i think the unintended consequence of what the extent of this is going to do is that we're starting to see the elements of public grievance rise to the surface there is several movements on the ground today and it's and cyberspace there is a grassroots movement called. void in english which has reached over three hundred thousand egyptian voices saying a constant no to the constitution as a result the regime has had to shut down the website over seven times and to end just on monday according to net blocks which monitors now activity thirty four thousand websites were such shut down by the regime because they don't want people voting in this online poll against the constitution now essentially what this shows
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is that there is a groundswell of frustration among egyptians that if we brought down mubarak. and his office area terrorism and now we have a constitution there is going to solidify any new kind of military dictatorship in egypt well then people will are spined and the one silver lining in cc's overreach is that it could be this moment that returns the spirit of the revolution of january twenty fifth that you're talking about this pushback from from various different critics of stacie and that and the corresponding crackdown well last year when they won by a landslide there were criticisms then of how that vote was conducted their concerns about whether this referendum that's coming up will be free and fair. c.c. has not allowed any independent oversight of this referendum usually elections have independent election monitors he has refused to allow independent election
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monitoring of this referendum and so we know it will be rigged just like the last election he won by ninety seven percent of the vote but what this online poll is demonstrating is that there's another groundswell saying no and so even if this referendum vote is rigged or goes far in his favor more so than people expect there is this other online saddle poll that says something different and for the first time since january twenty fifth we might see a response that he's really overreached this is unprecedented in egypt's modern history and it's not just his power it is the rule of the military in every day life is the role of the military in the economy it's the choking of the system and he's really now bringing his two sons in to kind of solidify this power of the c.c. and his family in rule for a very long time tell you let me ask you you are in the united states and speaking to us from new jersey and president trying to just hosted since the last week how
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is all of this being viewed over there. so president cc's trip to the united states last week was because he really wanted that pat on the back from president trump as he received the last time he was here in saying that you are a great guy you're doing a great job in lieu of everything you have to face and president trump delivered absolutely on that she gave sisi legitimacy he wanted on the international stage but if we take a wider look at the international arena in january when everyone was celebrating president french president micron's critique. of egypt's human rights record that very same night there were many economic agreements signed between egypt and france france today for example is the largest seller of arms to egypt the united states has reinstituted all one point three billion dollars of aid most of it military to egypt and so the international community has taken a very large step back from the conversations about human rights and democracy president trumps
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a visit with sisi last week included no conversations of human rights and democracy and secretary of state pump a was a visit earlier this year again no conversation on human rights and democracy and so at that signals is that not just the international community but primarily the nice states is not really committed to this conversation on global democracy promotion as we did in the ninety's in the eighty's dahlia funny from long island university thank you for your insights on outta there. well egypt's president has called the head of saddam's transitional military council and offered help. says he supports security and stability in a statement the egyptian president says he agrees with the will and choices of the sudanese people saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have also offered support to the transitional military council well sudan's military council has sacked the prosecutor general and two of his aides a key demand of protest leaders demonstrations have continued in the capital
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khartoum for in the eleventh day they are calling for a civilian rule and want the military council to step aside and less than a week after president omar bashir was deposed they fear nothing will be done to end repression or the economic crisis hit morgan has been following developments from that capital. the military council has announced that it has dismissed the state attorney as well as his aides they're saying it's part of reforms to judicial system and part of a response to demands made by political parties and protesters on the streets political parties the protesters have been saying that the judicial system is politicized in favor of the former ruling party and they say that they will not stop protesting until they are reforms made not just to the judicial system but to the national intelligence and security services as well as handing over to power to a civilian interim government no political parties amateur council or deferring on the mandate and the role of the transitional government the council wants to be the
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one supervising that government and they want the political parties to become prime minister and members of the cabinet the political parties are saying that they cannot take a cabinet they cannot speak the prime minister if they're not sure that the that the council will not interfere in the day to day affairs of the government meanwhile hundreds of people continue to make their way to the protests to the protests in front of the army headquarters in total and they have been called for sit ins in front of army headquarters around the state by the city. professional association the body that is spearheading the protests since last december they're saying that if our is not handed over to civilian governments that is independent from the from the interactions and has nothing to do with the military council then the protest will not end so far the african union has given sudan fifteen days to form a government that was yesterday so they're now left with two weeks to form a government and there know where they are forming fat government and it's not clear yet with the difference between the men between political parties and the
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council and the amount mandate if they would meet that deadline. now the u.s. says it may consider removing sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism if there is a smooth political transition to don has been on the list since one thousand nine hundred three when bill clinton was president the designation makes sudan ineligible for debt relief and financing from the i.m.f. and the world bank there have been efforts by washington to remove sudan from the list in recent years in twenty seventeen trade and economic sanctions were lifted the government of him al bashir was accused of financing and supporting groups such as hamas and hezbollah the u.s. does it designates them as terrorist organizations was that version was the director of policy for the u.s. special envoy to sudan under president obama and he's now a nonresident fellow at the brookings institution he says washington has an opportunity to give sudan a second chance. this discussion is not new it's been part of ongoing bilateral
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negotiations with the now fallen regime in sudan the discussion is happening again inside the administration here in washington as to whether that does ignition could be lifted more quickly so should some of the demands of the protesters be met should a civilian led government be put in place should the terms of a transition be articulated right now policymakers in washington are are trying to find a way that they could lift that designation sooner in many ways it prevents debt relief and foreign assistance and other forms of cooperation but above all it's a scarlet letter that really denotes sudan as a kind of pariah state the situation is fast and fluid and folks in washington are trying to keep abreast of developments in these really critical hours and days i do think both the administration and members of congress could step forward right now and articulate that they're ready to support a transition both by lifting remaining punitive measures such as the state sponsored terrorism doesn't nation but also by putting some incentives on the table
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readiness to support debt relief or readiness to restore diplomatic relations in due course should the right steps be taken the secretary of state could make a visit to khartoum washington could indicate that it's ready to designate a new ambassador to sudan which it hasn't had since one thousand nine hundred seventy so what happens in sudan in the coming hours and days will be decided by the sudanese people but i do think that washington has an opportunity right now to help give them the best chance of success still ahead on al jazeera more on the flash floods that have claimed at least ten people and injured hundreds in afghanistan. why some mexicans sound about living in the shadow of an active. force the former head of the agency calls for a major and how drug testing is carried out.
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hello there that eight of the batch of severe weather has now cleared away from north america look at the satellite picture we can see it just spiraling around the far east and parts of canada are moving away behind it it is a little come a however we do have this area of chavis making its way across the rockies at the moment and as it does say that's going to be putting itself together so for some wednesday and thursday with another round of severe weather to deal with those heavy downpours then over the great lakes region and then that stretches all the way down towards the south and that really ramps up as we had three they say for the texas and all the way up towards chicago they could be some more severe weather there for the towards the south and generally is looking fairly quiet for us across the central americans at the moment just want to shower as dotted around but plenty of sunshine coming through in between forcing guatemala looks like it'll be fairly wet to a wednesday that should begin to clear away as we head into thursday but it was
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a south as that would be some shop showers over brazil recently in the northeast that's where we see lots of them but that also bends around towards rio has been wet again for rio those showers just not going a little bit further east with as we head into thursday so the south of that is hot in asuncion not quite as warm force in born as our east twenty four will be reasonable but with a good deal of cat around the times. in syria citizens are collecting evidence of your father dylan song of crimes committed against civilians moved out of syria and there are six hundred thousand pages so that one day they can bring the outside regime to justice put such human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a free syria witnesses for the prosecution on al-jazeera.
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when the brakes when people need to be high and the story needs to be told it's a good. discrimination injustice this is very little in the first century with exclusive interviews has almost equal to the lowest point in its history and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground which tends to bring you moved when documentaries are good and life. don't. hello again i'm just on a reminder of our top stories this hour the french president promises to rebuild
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the fire ravaged not true don within five years the cause of the fire that engulfed and destroyed part of the historic cathedral is being investigated and. fighting in and around libya's capital tripoli is intensifying municipal county officials say rockets landed in several residential areas killing at least four people and injuring twenty others. the chairman of algeria is constitutional council tired but law is has resigned from his post as anti-government protesters continue their calls to replace the rest of the country's entire ruling elite. while the first shipment of humanitarian aid from the red cross has arrived in venezuela president nicolas maduro on the opposition have both been accused of politicizing a delivery during their long power struggle the red cross has vowed it will not accept interference at asunder m.p.'s he has more from in colombia near the venezuelan border. the first shipment landed in caracas mean airport on tuesday
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after much armed wrestling between the venezuelan government and the opposition your rival the aid was complicated by the fact that president nicolas maduro four years the night the existence of an economic crisis in the country let alone trying to address it and this had been further complicated by the fact that the opposition forcibly tried to enter aid that was sent here on the border between colombia and venezuela by the united states in which the government of venezuela thought it was a political tool to try and push nicolas maduro out of office but now this first shipment it did indeed arrive since the worsening of the situation inside the country convinced my daughter to reach a deal with the international red cross and the off position the red cross will be responsible for the distribution of this aid and to make sure to avoid any
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possibility that this aid to will be politicized by any of the factions in the country. u.s. representative has been the subject of rightwing outrage over a reference she made to the september eleventh attacks in new york some of the harshest criticism has come from the city's local newspaper the new york post now support for one of the fast muslim women elected to congress is coming from a yemeni business association christensen amy explains. celera ellie's family has owned this neighborhood store for thirty three years selling groceries and newspapers to new yorkers of all walks of life but now the yemeni american is refusing to sell the new york post after it printed this cover featuring the burning twin towers and a quote from a muslim congresswoman he says representative omar's quote about someone doing something seemingly downplaying the attacks of september eleventh was taken out of
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context least says it's not the first time the conservative leaning publication has tried to equate his religion with terrorism they are always trying to make us look like monsters but if you're poor souls that paper it's all smoke plumes we're all the really the key to their morning omar says since president tweeted her image interspersed with shots of the attacks she's seen an increase in death threats against her ollie is not alone in his outrage as a member of the yemeni american merchants association which represents thousands of independent store owners in new york city association is calling on its members to boycott the post for thirty days unless they get an apology. the association first flexed its political muscle two years ago closing stores in protest of the president's travel ban which affected several muslim majority countries the post has defended its work in an editorial accusing omar and her allies of playing the
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victim what's out of context the editorial says she claimed that muslim civil liberties suffered as a result of the nation's reaction to nine eleven even as she completely. intentionally disregarded the grim facts of that day. the yemeni american merchants association says the post editor should resign so we've been here for a long time we've been citizens for a long time we've been contributing to american society every day new york say every day and for the post most of their newspapers would be sold through our businesses right now a couple hundred stores have committed to the boycott but they are looking to partner with other groups and keep the pressure on christian salumi al-jazeera new york and he's ten people have died and many more are missing and floods in afghanistan warnings of flash flooding have been issued across two stags of the country is there a shot at best reports from kabul. this mean heavy consistent rain in kabul for
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nearly a week in the city simply isn't suited up to deal with this this is the result rivers flooded this river rose to this level on monday and in the last twenty four hours about sixty homes have been destroyed in this immediate area police and council have started to distribute sandbags so we've got some here lining up trying to protect to the homes from destruction and children here taking the sandbags dragging them and trying to build some type of of a bag to protect the homes as this river searches and thracians of the homes in this area we talked to some residents about their homes and where they will if no one want to do with it when i had a call from the renters of my house there's a flood and i told them to get out because it was so dangerous for the children i said forget about the house we can rebuild it but get your children out my home is all also broken everyone is wondered about the safety of the. people especially
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this area people a lot of really boards. you know. there is not do good quality homes because of. the flooding isn't isolated just here in kabul it is swift through the middle portion of the country east to west there are flash flood warnings are in twenty four of thirty four provinces the worst province is herat in the far west there are hundreds of homes have been destroyed thousands of acres of farmland many people have been a peg and put into government facilities in her city there has been big flooding issues in afghanistan over the winter that had three times as much rainfall as normal and know that the ground assault in the string rains are coming through there is real fear that maybe the displacement is rains continue. while more now on our top story this week's fire para says not to don cathedral and the long haul off to its reconstruction not saddam is one of the finest examples of french gothic architecture and was home to invaluable works of art and artifacts. explains why
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it's so important to the french people. days before the devastating blaze renovations began on notre dame cathedral scaffolding went up and for the first time in more than a century statues came down a crane lowered these copper figures representing the twelve apostles and four evangelists onto a truck. for years church officials had sought funding for a much needed restoration work on the landmark the cathedral is one of the most striking examples of got the construction in the world but the last time major work had been carried out was in the eighteenth century this video from two thousand and seventeen shows some of the erosion of damage gargoyle pinnacles with broken tops fall and chunks of masonry on the inside priceless artifacts and majestic stained glass windows. for both tourists and worshippers the views were all inspiring.
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one of the most iconic examples of architecture in france notre dame cathedral dates back to the twelfth century and is a unesco world heritage site it has survived two world wars is the seat of the archbishop of paris and a center of the catholic faith this footage from one thousand nine hundred sixty four shows notre dame as its eight hundred anniversary was celebrated a week of festivities which saw french spanish italian and german cardinals taking part at that time the church had already survived many threats no one could have imagined that a little more than half a century later much of it would be devastated by fire damage jazzier. well now let's speak to robert bolkus a professor of art history at the university of iowa by his recent extensively on french gothic architecture he joins us now live from iowa city robert where here in the cathedral is structurally sound yes thankfully.
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can you tell us a little more about how that restoration process might take place and how long it might take a manual backgrounds estimates realistic. i don't know i think it will depend a lot on how much money is made available but certainly there's going to have to be a series of processes that goes forward first it's not simply a question of money first we're going to have to understand what has happened to the building examining it carefully understanding what the fabric is like right now and then we're going to have to have a discussion about how exactly they're going to try to put it back together whether they're going to try to use modern materials in some places where they're going to insist upon reproducing things as they were immediately before the fire. i believe it should be done very carefully and very conscientiously there are a lot of decisions that will have to be made before they even start to do this work i think that the history microphones very right to try to say we should do this and
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have it done expeditiously but it shouldn't be done hastily i've heard some other estimates said that it might be the work of decades and i think that in the case of building that stating from the twelfth century you want to make sure to take the time to do it right and be careful so it will it will happen i think in a series of stages rabbit you're a specialist in it off ikaw protection tell us the more about the spying that collapsed and how bad specifically could be reconstructed. well that spire that collapsed actually dates from the nineteenth century it was the work of beauty had to do with the great restorer who helped consolidate the fabric of the cathedral in the nineteenth century and it replaces an older medieval spire that had been damaged so it actually wasn't a medieval original that fell yesterday but it was a very beautiful and very historically plausible reconstruction of a vision from the middle ages and it's an important part of the skyline of paris
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and i think that it's going to be reproduced in some fashion i think many of my colleagues i've spoken with agree that really the duke did a very good job with that design in the nineteenth century conjuring up the way it could have been a mansion in the middle ages and the way that the older spire would have looked so i'm hoping that something similar will be replaced in the coming years well that you've talked about doing it all in stages what are they going to be the biggest challenges that i guess the offices answer will be restoring the cathedral what will they face. as i said well first of all they're going to have to face the consolidation of the fabric just right now to protect it even in the course of the next i've seen twenty four to forty eight hours mentioned to examine and see what is in place what is fragile remove the pieces that are still there but that are badly damaged and just cleaned off the debris i understand where there may be
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cracks in the building and we are very lucky that the vaults most of them survive except where the spire fell through and a few other places but we need to make sure that the structure is actually safe then there's going to have to be a process of the set of decision making about what degree of exact reference to the original prototype they're doing hopefully that will be very very close and then it's just simply going to be a very big job there are workers who are engaged in restoration of gothic cathedrals all over europe all the time. and these buildings need to be maintained actively so there's a lot of expertise in europe to do this but this is going to be a very large scale job and it's going to demand a lot of manpower as well as a lot of funding so i don't think it's going to be a quick job. robert bork's speaking to us there from iowa city an ex-president french protected thanks for being with us on al-jazeera. while we have breaking news right now president donald trump has vetoed
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a resolution by congress calling for an end to u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen while rozlyn jordan is following the story for us and she joins us now live from washington d.c. rose was are we hearing from the white house. well the president has issued this veto message which was e-mailed to reporters in the last ten minutes and he is saying that he is vetoing senate joint resolution number seven this is a resolution which both senators and representatives voted on saying that they don't want the u.s. to give any support to the saudi let coalition as it tries to support the yemeni president mr hadi as he tries to regain control of his country yemen that country has been locked in a very devastating civil war for the past four years there's also been a massive humanitarian crisis the animosity on capitol hill to u.s.
2:45 am
military support for the saudi coalition basically stems on two points one the fact that there is no explicit use of military force given by congress for the u.s. military to be providing any support to the saudi led coalition and to the murder last fall of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi however donald trump is arguing in this veto message that to sign this resolution is essentially would handcuff him with a undermine his authority as commander in chief of the u.s. military and that it sets a dangerous precedent when it comes to military to military relations now the big question is whether congress is simply going to take this veto and then try to what's called override the veto however you would the two thirds of the members of the house of representatives and two thirds of the senators to vote to act this
2:46 am
resolution anyway it's not clear that this support is there even though there is considerable criticism from members of congress in both the republican and democratic parties for the u.s. is continue relationship with saudi arabia particularly in the like of the jamal khashoggi birder. watching developments for us in washington thank you for that update. well mexico's public has a petal volcano has been busy steering love and ash in recent weeks but the increase in activity isn't scaring the thousands of people who live in the shadow of the giant there is money or apollo reports from the city of puebla in mexico. why would anyone want to live near an active volcano. for many of the residents of some peril we need to what is a small town nestled at the foot of mexico's book at the if it will volcano it's
2:47 am
the only way of life they know. over the past few weeks however the mountain has been acting a little strange. large explosions have forced massive plumes of volcanic ash seven thousand meters into the air at night bursts of fragmented lava have lit up the sky and covered the steep slopes of the mountain in a glowing blanket of molten rock over satellite all over the whole mountain was glowing then the forest caught fire. the recent increase in moderately explosive eruptions however hasn't changed day to day life farmers still tend to their fields and children still go to school at a monitoring station that tracks seismic activity around the volcano disaster relief workers say their biggest challenge would be convincing people to evacuate from work or going to this is a volcano that people are used to living with it's a volcano there was here before people arrived and began to settle for mexico's
2:48 am
poke at their ranks among the most dangerous volcanoes in the world not because of its potential for explosive eruptions but because of how many people choose to live so close to the mountain. when he has a population of about five thousand people most of them ethnic now wanted who have made their home in the shadow of the volcano for generations book look at that but there is a now what's the word meaning smoking mountain and in recent weeks the volcano really has been living up to its namesake but even though locals here tell us that volcanic activity has been calling down authorities have yet to reduce the threat level saying everyone should be aware of the evacuation routes in the event of a truly explosive eruption that despite the warnings from authorities nobody in this town seems fazed by the threat of this very active volcano at their backs i said a lot of that we're not worried i said nothing is going to happen then again who
2:49 am
knows. the people of beluga need to what is do understand the risks with the toes their livelihoods depend on the rich for moons the volcano provides and see they would actually be more afraid if they no longer had their smoking mountain. wild turkeys ruling ak party is demanding a rerun of the mayoral election held in istanbul last month after an opposition c.h.p. candidate won by a slim margin the country's supremely actual council will decide if the request has any merit the ak party is claiming electoral irregularities president once served as istanbul's mayor in the one nine hundred ninety s. and launched his political career there so the loss is considered a symbolic defeat. still ahead in sports the defending champ a huge lead in the n.b.a. playoffs. with all the details.
2:50 am
2:51 am
on. thank you very much i aks have caused another huge upset in the champions league quarter finals after knocking out real madrid the dutch side have now i'm unaided eventis the three two aggregate win ensure and is the first time in more than twenty years that i have made it into the semifinals they will be joined in this series by barcelona at the spanish side had an early penalty shot in their match against manchester united over rules by v.a.r.
2:52 am
but that was quickly forgotten as a little messy turned on the magic scoring twice in the space of four minutes the four nil aggregate loss leaves united now fighting to finish in the top four of the premier league to ensure they play champions league football next season it'll be a battered line up for tottenham and wins a second leg quarter final against manchester city midfielder adelie ali will have to pass a last minute fitness test on his broken hand spurs will also be without harry cane and harry winks but they take a crucial one nil advantage into the game but we believe in the faith that we can be a stronger and we are going to fight that is the most important in football and then . to hope and wish to have thought that it would performance. and then good. for a little bit lucky because you need in the competition of the game. important moment of the game and of course be ready to receive sense but of course that tomorrow is
2:53 am
going to be. a machine challenge and fight i am so motivated i'm so excited. to play tomorrow after the first game it was. obviously one that we didn't want to come away with. but i think there's still everything to play for everything. any of us have one goal and then we go from there and i think that's how. we approached the game and it's still so close meanwhile liverpool are favorites to advance to the semifinals over porto they got into their match with a strong two nil lead after the first like the defending n.b.a. champions have let a big lead in the playoffs slip right through their fingers paul reese has more on golden state's historic loss probably steph curry is much more used to breaking records than having the made against him and that first he was off and running against the l.a. clippers away up in the second quarter pathetic the two time m.v.p.
2:54 am
and three time championship when. another three points at just before half time came as the warriors built a seemingly unassailable thirty one point lead. but it's no one's perfect and the clippers got some help from curry himself. to l.a. getting within twelve points of the defending n.b.a. champions in the fourth quarter the clippers hope to own stalls lee williams tying the game of one hundred twenty eight each on his way to thirty four points and then something no one at the oracle arena could have foreseen. the visitors going ahead for the first time actually took the cockroach shot jewish world wasn't even curry couldn't get the warriors out of this one missing a chance to add to his twenty nine points and save the game who. took his win one
2:55 am
hundred thirty five to one hundred thirty one over golden state the biggest comeback in playoff history pull reese al-jazeera. french rugby side to lose but wear special jerseys that pay tribute to the fire ravaged not saddam cathedral and their european champions cup semi final on sunday to lose are the only french side in the last for the auction the jerseys following the game against irish side lengths are with all. money raised being donated to reconstructing the cathedral. the fallout from homophobic comments posted on social media by australian rugby union star israel folau has led to one of his international rivals being given a warning england players believe the nepal was formally warned by the country's rugby chiefs for showing support for the comments by fellow but apolo has apologised but a repeat of any similar messages could threaten his world cup chances for laus been
2:56 am
sacked from the australian team for saying that homosexuals must repent or go to help both players are of tongan heritage with ultra conservative christian views. the former head of the world anti-doping agency says he cannot guarantee that this year's world athletics championship in qatar will be doping free event david howman who had now chairs the athletics integrity unit thinks that detection technology needs major scientific improvements we're going to see you do that we can walk through. what. we're going to think. is more time to if you don't me we still were doing something that was one of the one hundred seventy s. family between all the warmish that's what we were doing in the north. and we're going to phone record novak djokovic has battled through a tough opening match at the monte carlo masters the world number one needed more
2:57 am
than two and a half hours to beat germany's philip culture i ber in three sets his frustration showed though in the second set when his serve was broken four times joke of it eventually needing five match points to seal the win. i serve to russ the first round in first match and clay season for me and. kind of expect that you know this this surface is completely different from anything else is just very demanding putting a lot of hours in the practice courts with still you know doesn't this early mean that you're going to feel comfortable when the match starts obviously nerves kick in and all but it was it was a great match well that's all your support for me will have more for you later and that's it for me to. this news hour but i'll be back in just a few minutes with another full round up of the day's news do you stay with us.
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twenty one n.h. to assert your individuality it's ok to argue with people and it's ok to disagree with people but also a period when childhood dreams can clash with reality it's compromising i don't think i'm pretty good at compromise in two thousand and six south africa up revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and like their country much has changed over the past fourteen years. twenty one up south africa announces a. pick.
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technology. leading the way in the digital revolution. making a difference in the unlikeliest of places. this week tackling sexual health in south africa and the engineering social change in london inspiring young people. may still be using. the final episode of life. that. we're.
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here in our. president donald trump vetoes a congressional resolution to end the u.s. involvement in the war in vietnam. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up addressing the nation from says president vows to rebuild. and lays out an ambitious timetable . fighting increases around the libyan capital as the united nations calls for an end to the violence. and polls are open for indonesian elections with president jocko would order hoping to best his rival proposed to be up to.


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